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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 2

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Beatrice, Nebraska 2 Beatrice Dally Sun Beatrice Nebr., sat sept. 26, lf7# Nixon leaves sunday on tour of Europe communist Yugoslavia. Spend Only a few hours in eng widely separated sections of the a. Despite the distaste of leaders j e p0� wiil visit National the presidential party will Fly j land flying in mid afternoon to City. Most of the autos were de-1 0f both houses for S.C. a meet Washington apr Presil Fly to Belgrade a the first visit i at heaths country estate Dent Nixon who leaves sunday by an american president to the presidential party for a nine Day trip to five european countries will meet in Ireland with . Representatives to the Paris peace talks. The White House announced thursday the president will discuss the Vietnam peace talks i gasoline was poured on the will cars parked along streets in possibility of Lam Duck Congress by William f. Arbogast Washington a the project of the first a flame Duck session of Congress in 20 years looms after election Day two Day excursion for sheriff1s posse forty two members of the Lincoln sheriffs posse will begin a two Day ride today which will end at the Freeman school area West of the Homestead National Monument sunday. The group will leave the Crete Junction today camping along soviets steam in of alerted sixth Wake Fleet by John Lengel with the 6th Fleet a the Way tonight and arriving a a the . 6th Fleet with its Jet Here about 2 . Sunday. After visiting the Freeman school to Spain oct. 2 where Nixon will j Shannon Ireland for a motor St roved police reported. Be welcomed by Gen. Francisco Cade to Kil Frush House. J anti Nixon rallies started two Franco his wife and High Span j while Nixon discusses the fun nights ago with a March and ish officials. Lure of the Paris peace talks anti Nixon pickets in downtown the Spanish foreign ministry mrs. Nixon will tour county Rome. With Quot chief negotiator David announced today that Nixon will Mayo to sightseer and look fori a mass rally with some of i to . Bruce at Kil Frush House. 12 Miles West of tiper Rary. Mrs. Nixon will accompany the president through most of the trip but will stay in Rome monday while he and Secretary Confer with Franco in Al Prad. Kin bearing her Maiden name of j Lvi Stop communists As speak from Naples the Nixon will Palace. Accompanying the Spanish Leader will be Prince Juan Carlos de Bourbon. Francois eventual successor As King Ryan. Ers is scheduled saturday. Nix she and the president will i on is to leave the United states tour county Kildare on monday j sunday for a nine Day trip to and drive to Dublin where they i five european countries. Italy is will have lunch with Ireland a of state William p. Rogers visit the Spanish vice president Luis i president earn on de Valera. Ships of the 6th Fleet in the Carrero Blanco and Mediterranean. Minister Lopez Bravo. Mrs. Nixon plans to visit boys the Nixon will be enter town in Rome and inspect an i trained at a dinner in the Royal adult literacy program. She will j Palace and leave for England rejoin her husband in Naples the following morning. Presi wednesday where he will meet Dent Nixon will have lunch with with natos Southern european j Queen Elizabeth and British commanders. Foreign the party plans to return to Washington the night of oct. 5. The first Stop. The presidents visit to Italy in february 1969 touched off rioting in which one student was killed and More than too persons were injured 85 of them afire on the streets of Rome during the night As leftists pre pared protests for president prime minister Edward Heath Nixon a visit Here next week. Rome apr thirteen autos with . License plates were set j police. Nixon a itinerary next week my. Not All of them have abandoned Hope for adjournment before the nov. 3 elections in which All seats in the House and one third in the Senate will be filled. But House speaker John w. Mccormack d-mass., has said Congress cannot finish its we Ork before election Day without junking some major legislation. Already 24 members of the present Congress will not be Back for the new session Start Monument. Later sunday the posse will return to Lincoln by cars and horse trailers. Clear conscience Detroit apr thirty years ago Orel Lingle received what he says was his first and Only. Speeding ticket. This week Lingle sent a $201 Bill to the Detroit traffic court with a letter that read a this is the Only obligation that i have failed to meet. So in order for me to have a Clear ing in january. They have i cons Cju nce j am sending you ther announced their retire the payment. That was the first communists pushed from key areas aha rating foreign movies has been planned to keep him in the nov. 3 elections May Dou ments sought other offices or and ast raffle ticket j have lost in the primaries. Casualties Ever receive j a away from crowds As much As possible. In Rome and in Naples he will be taken from one meeting place to another by helicopter. His Only motorcade through Rome probably will be from the Quirinale Palace to Vatican City j to see Pope Paul i on monday by George Esper Saigon apr government North vietnamese troops in Cambodia and Laos Cong Force had fled by Gene Handsaker Hollywood apr the were unable to say where the american humane association and Viet plans to Start rating foreign. Have captured key areas of their countries from communist led forces with support from american warplanes officers said today. In Cambodia a Large Force carrying out the first major government offensive of the cambodian War seized the Village of Taing Kauk driving out an enemy Force that had the aim of the cambodian offensive is to reopen route 6 All the Way to Kampong Thorn but a spokesman said he was Uncer i Tain when the operation would begin moving northward again. Wheeler reported that the feeling in phenom penh was that it would be Many Days or weeks until any new Effort to move North was begun if at All be about 175 attend witness Mission about 175 persons Are attending the three Day Lay witness Mission this weekend at the acceptable or i Centenary United methodist next month de blocked its Progress for two cause of possible enemy am Bushes. The cambodian task Force had up to 20 battalions or per weeks. Hill seized in Laos government forces seized a Hill position called i haps 6,000 troops in the final As Xieng Dat overlooking the pro Sault against Tiang Kauk after Vinci Al capital of Atto Peu. Atte-1 originally trying to take the Vil Peu is on the Bol ovens plateau i Lage with a far smaller Force. In Southern Laos near the Northern Border of Cambodia. Both Battle Sites Are on North vietnamese River and land infiltration corridors that have been under daily . Bombing attacks aimed at curbing the flow of enemy troops and War materials southward into Cambodia were reports that this decision in the face of the new and overwhelming Odds the North vietnamese who numbered Only three battalions apparently decided to pull out. Newsmen barred newsmen were still barred from the Battle zone. There and South Vietnam. Taing Kauk along route 6 Between phenom penh and the provincial capital of Kampong Thom 80 Miles to the North was captured by the cambodians Friday. Associated press correspondent John t. Wheeler reported from phenom penh that outnumbered North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops apparently had evacuated nearly All their was prompted by Washington a concern Over reports that . Jets were flying close air support for cambodian troops. American bombers have been pounding route 6 from Taing Kauk to Kampong Thom in efforts to destroy North vietnamese Overland Supply routes. Xieng Dat. A 2,5 moot High Mountain outpost had been held by the North vietnamese and communist Patchet lao for five made movies a unacceptable pending on whether animals in them have been treated cruelly. A particular target is the so called running a used to trip a galloping horse into a spectacular fall Harold Melniker director of the associations Hollywood office said thursday. Invisible wires linking a horses legs and an off camera stake Send him head Over heels and sometimes he gets a broken leg or neck said Melniker. A the practice was quite common until 1940 when the american humane association came to Hollywood and worked out an agreement with producers to supervise animal action a he added. A one of the conditions was absolute prohibition of the running w. A now its being used in some pictures produced in the last year or so in Spain Italy and Yugoslavia. On the screen its Church. A breakfast for committee chairmen and Lay witnesses was held this morning followed by several Coffee hours held in various Homes. At noon a picnic for Junior High age youth was held and tonight will feature a youth and adult program at the Church. The sunday morning worship service and Church school is also included in the program. Lay members from Kansas Iowa Missouri Oklahoma and Texas As Well As Nebraska Are participating in the event. Brush fires from Page one lands 5,000. The Redlands fire was contained. Hie the number of lame ducks. A major objection to sessions after election Day is that too Many Defeated members Are looking for new jobs and Are willing to do some legislative log rolling to get them. House leaders have agreed informally to a recess starting about oct. 15 and ending the week after the election. The recess May Start even sooner since anxious members want to get Home to Campaign. Senate democratic Mike Mansfield of Montana says Congress can wrap up its business by oct. 15. But with a filibuster developing Over a proposed constitutional bombers and marines is steaming 150 Miles from the troubled Middle East with the potent soviet Mediterranean Squadron following determinedly but politely in its Wake. . Ships Are moving in step with soviet vessels wherever they May be in the Mediterranean. A you could say we share a common interest in what the other Guy is doing a says rear adm. Roger Spreen. The 6th Fleet was put on Alert after Arab guerrillas hijacked four jetliners two weeks ago and held their passengers hostage. The Nixon administration ordered the Fleet to stand by in Case help is needed in evacuating americans from War torn Jordan. At least one of six soviet ships in the area is in sight of the carriers Independence and Sarato Lingle gave no return address but his envelope was Post a at All times marked at St. Charles 111. The Light Amber sides of Kashin antiaircraft missile destroyer serving As observer for a soviet surface to surface missile Cruiser Over the horizon was spotted by the Independence thursday. Sometimes the big russian cruisers show up with their Crews rolling out missiles or training their gun turrets. A you can to Tell if they re doing that for training or to show us something a said one officer on the Independence. On paper the two fleets Are roughly matched with about 50 ships each including submarines. The third . Carriers the John f. Kennedy a and the helicopter assault Carrier Guam have yet to arrive. Although the soviets have two helicopter carriers none is in the Mediterranean. Four other soviet destroyers and one Cruiser have been cleared for passage through the bosporus from the Black sea. But Here is no Way of telling import quota legislation dangerous wave of . Economic isolationism by Gregg Herrington Washington apr the pending import quota Bill is part of a dangerous wave of . Leader economic isolationism that could Hurt american shippers manufacturers and Consumers sen. Walter Mondale said today As Senate opposition to the and shoe industries by limiting j Trade negotiations imports of those items a goes far beyond any concept of a fair Protection a Mondale said in a speech for the Senate. A it is a Pandora a Box of protectionism which openly invites higher prices to the american consumer and serious retail Amend measure began to jell. Malt to elect the president by the Bill designed largely to i Attal economic protect the american textile and a serious setback to world he charged. Sens. Mark o. Hatfield r-ore., and Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., also have indicated opposition to tile Bill in the past two Days. Mondale and several colleagues urged chairman Russell Long d-la., of the finance whether they will join the Mediterranean Force. Seven . Admirals from various command Levels have visited the carriers for coordination and a first hand assessment of the situation. The carriers Are launching routine training surveillance and armed fighter defense patrols. But there is no deck of fully armed Droop nosed f4 phantoms or a4 sky Hawks ready to attack even though planes could be rigged quickly with bombs and rockets of Alert Levels were raised. The Independence and Saratoga Are positioned roughly South of Cyprus and North of Egypt a a 100-mile-Long, 100-mile-wide rectangle in which the Fleet has operated Many times before. The Marine amphibious group already Here with its reinforced battalion of 1,500 men is positioned Well to the West in the Vicinity of Crete. Fleet intelligence officers View the jordanian crisis As a Battle burning out but with every potential of heating up again. But Spreen and his staff regard their strike Force As merely an instrument. The mechanics of deployment must by spelled out in Washington. Direct popular vote the Senate would have to abandon Many major measures to hit its adjournment target. House leaders unofficially have relegated to a postelection session some major Bills including a reciprocal Trade measure and an Industrial safety proposal. They would like to pass before the recess an ant crime Bill and immature judgement by opponent the Malibu fir burned onto a a a a. i a p it. Ute Ai uni to Quot a a Quot a a a a i Ciunci Mcaa it Nice i in lab obvious. Some producers have a Quot 0t Kea it it an s a acre ranch tie 1 up have Een financed on a rates May be lowered although Lincoln a gov. Nor Bert Tiemann Friday labelled As a immature judgement on governmental affairs the state the $69 billion defense a proper ment by his opponent Democrat action Bill and re pass the j. J. Exon that the state Board toed $19 billion Independent of of equalization should have fires Money measure. Both. Been called into special session would have to Clear the Senate i earlier to lower the states in eight of the 13 annual approx j come or sales tax rate privation Bills which finance the in news conference comments government still Are far from a few hours before a scheduled enactment. Since july i. When meeting of the Board Tiemann the new fiscal year started the once again said a it appears departments whose Money is either the sales or income tax troops and casualties from dug months. Earlier efforts by lao in bunkers before the final assault on the Village. The final drive came from the West after a North vietnamese Strong Point in the towns High school was destroyed by air and artillery strikes. Nan government troops and intensive american bombing strikes had failed to dislodge the enemy Force. Atto Peu itself is still held by the North vietnamese and Patchet lao. Elsewhere in Cambodia a the cambodian troops who spokesman in phenom penh recaptured the Village reported finding four enemy soldiers said quite frankly they did it because they Felt there was Little Chance of injury to the involved said Melniker Are foreign producers and a few americans a when they get outside the United states outside our in several pictures made outside the United states animals were killed. Melniker added. A we cannot tolerate actually killing animals for the Sake of he said. A we say an animals life is entitled to Melniker said lists of accept where he raises horses. Reagan spokesmen said he donned work clothes and went to the ranch for nearly two hours in the afternoon while firemen kept the Brush fire about a mile from the ranch House. Declared emergency he returned to his coastal Pacific Palisades Home near los Angeles and declared a state of temporary basis. The most recent temporary act expires oct. 15. The last time Congress held a Post election session was in 1950. It recessed that year from sept. 23 to nov. 27 and finally adjourned on Jan. 2, 1951, after passing a tax Bill and some Money measures. There wer More than 40 emergency throughout los an Jat no a ducks in that Post election Geles county the Valley fire swept through the Spahn movie ranch onetime residence of Charles Manson who is on trial with three of his meeting. Deaths Bush Laura e. Bush 84, Tecumseh Able and unacceptable films will j hippie style clan members in j be issued periodically from the saym8s of actress Sharon associations Denver head Quad Tae Antl six a is. Ters and Hollywood office hut firemen said the flames dam-1 passed away Friday. She was at0 he declined to specify which rate How much. Tiemann said a should rejoice with All nebraskans about a tax Cut. A it makes no difference whether the Board meets july i or new years eve a said Tiemann a the tax rate is set for next year and can to take effect until the governor said the Choice of the meeting Date was a a immaterial and not politically motivated to announce a tax Cut six weeks before the election. Tiemann said a tax Cut would be possible through it administrations a business like approach dead and a Small Quantity of arms and ammunition. Casualties Light a spokesman for the cambodian military command refused to disclose the government casualty figures in the Battle but indicated they were Light. Local commanders had reported thursday that More than 200 cambodian troops had been killed or seriously wounded in the two week Effort to take Taing Kauk. Enemy losses were not known. Ported that the Only Road be the program tween the capital and the West-1 _ Era and Northwestern sectors of the country remained closed for a third Day As the result of fighting on Highway 5, 48 Miles Northwest of phenom penh. South vietnamese forces clashed four times with North vietnamese troops near route i the phenom penh to Saigon Highway. The fighting took place just inside Cambodia in the parrots beak Section. 50 to 75 Miles Northwest of Saigon. South vietnamese Headquarters said 64 North vietnamese a we Hope the abuses overseas i several of the abandoned will Stop so we can discontinue movie set buildings where a family Quot cafeteria menus at Beatrice High menus at the Beatrice his school cafeteria for the coming week monday Vum Yum on Bun Dill slices Green Beans fruit cake milk. Tuesday Ham and potato casserole. Tossed salad Peanut but ter Sandwich Cherry milk. Some of Manson a members still live. Firemen said flames destroyed several outdoor sets at member of the first Baptist Church of Tecumseh Rebekah Lodge and Oes. She is survived by several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held a fall Money appropriated does no to have to be spent a Tiemann explained a and the department Heads Are tax conscious and Dollar concerning the election the cancer machine by John Philip Sousa san Diego Calif. Apr cancer victims soon will be treated by a revolutionary system that shoots radiation into patients by Remote control. Or. Carl f. Von Essen says he and associates at the University of California developed the system to overcome one of radiotherapy a toughest problems getting radiation to a cancerous area without destroying intervening tissue. A the instrument shoots Small beads of radioactive Cobalt into patients through thin Metal or plastic tubes a he said wednesday in an interview. A the beads isolationism committee to reject a move by Sens. Ernest Rollings d-s.c., and Strom Thurmond r-s.c., to have the House Bill attached to an otherwise popular piece of legislation S.C. As a social Security Bill before bringing it before the full Senate. A to allow precipitous action under the cover of a crowded Senate schedule and the enormous pressure for passage of social Security or welfare legislation would be most unfortunate a the senators said in the letter. Mondale stressed that american agriculture probably would lie Hurt first and most if Japan for example should retaliate against the United states for limiting its textile exports to this country. Agricultural exports alone accounted for $6.6 billion in sales and at least 700,000 american jobs last year opponents of the Bill said. Thurmond in a thursday in Are moved through the tubing. And positioned at the cancer site Terete we discounted the pos Sibil by a series of cables operated Fly a japanese Trade retail by Remote a a a they need us a lot More development of the system an a neg Ltd them a he said took three years and was done Thurmond said he still would in collaboration with atomic not discount the possibility of a Energy of Canada Ltd., said voluntary agreement Between von Essen professor of Radiolo-1 Japan and die United states by and director of the division now by see How serious of radiotherapy at the University of California san Diego medical school. We Are about talks Between japanese and . Officials aimed at reaching a the entire treatment takes a voluntary agreement were Only a few minutes a he said ended unsuccessfully last june the 20th Century Fox movie 3 ., sunday at the first Bap governor said he had a private ranch in Malibu Canyon. A ranch guard said the destruction included sets for a Utora tora tora a a $21 million epic which premiered this week. Scores of other blazes in All of Southern californians six counties left thousands More Brush and acres blackened but no a Cobbler Jar structural damage. The fires were fanned by the list Church Tecumseh. The Rev. I poll taken recently and a it looks Ralph Luker will officiate w the favourable a although he would Buna at the Tecumseh Como reveal any figures tory. Wherry funeral Home the encouraged with what Cumsey in charge of arrange we see and har across the ments i state a the governor said. A the j people Are aware of the Progress that a been he said 172 a and it can be done on an outpatient the machine covered with Lead to protect the patient and the operator has three tubes which Are inserted in body cavities S.C. As the Mouth rectum and urinary tract von Essen said. A but it can also be used in supporters of the Bill which was reported out of the House rules committee thursday under the stipulation that no amendments be added say it will not trigger an International Trade War. They maintain the american textile Industry has been particularly hard hit by competitive other areas by introducing the and should conversational German class Here a special evening conversational German class for adults will be offered by mrs. Oscar Wiebe during the fall term at Pershing College. Registration for die class will be held at 7 . Thursday oct. I in room to at Lincoln Center. The first class period will be held following registration. The class will meet from 7 to 9 . Each tuesday and thursday during the semester and May be taken for credit or May be audited. A the class is designed especially for people planning to travel a said mrs. Wiebe a and will stress conversation in German. She added that in addition to conversation some Reading writing and grammar principles will be included. The class will be accompanied by films and movies in German to bring German culture into the classroom. Mrs. Wiebe noted that German is one of the major european languages. Besides Germany the language is the National language of Switzerland and Austria and is closely related to the flemish language in Belgium and the dutch language in the Netherlands. A even in the Eastern european nations German is the second language a said mrs. Wiebe. Those wishing to enrol in the course but who Are unable to attend the first class period and registration should Contact mrs. Oscar Wiebe so that other arrangements can be made. Masons meeting the Livingston chapter to Royal Arch masons will have its regular convocation monday september 28 at 7 30 . According to James m. Verno High priest. All companions Are Welcome he said. The spokesman said the Vil soldiers were killed in the four Lage was not heavily damaged fights. Thirteen South Viet villagers who returned after the namese troops were killed and fighting ended Friday said they 114 wounded the command said. Pittsburgh paint is Quality paint Sun proof Oil base House paint $6.97 per Fin i. Reg. $8.87 slave $1.90 s a l e Sun proof Latex House paint $6.97 per Gal Reg. $9.07 save $2.10 a Pittsburgh paint available Alberts lumber amp hardware phone 662-2541 Filley Nebr. Wednesday pizza pork and dreaded Santa Ana a Devil Beans Carrot and celery Sticks winds a which sweep through fruit cookie milk. Mountain passes from the to thursday hamburger and Tri Jave desert each fall. Flames Tater casserole hot Rolls butter. Lickin8 through winding valleys Jelly spinach or tomatoes Jel a so caused several a fire to with Whin Topping milk. Friday fish oven Fried potatoes cabbage Slaw bread and butter Lemon pudding milk. Storms in which superheated air blasts in a Tornado like swirls charring vast areas of Brush in minutes. Terrified horses dashed from the fast moving Walls of flame along with Deer and Small animals routed from the hillsides. Most of the House fires were touched off by wind blown embers and Many Homes especially those with tile roofs were spared. Colony North a subdivision invention is putting materials dotted with Palm Trees and together so As to make some Homes in the $75,000 and up thing which did not exist be Range was among the hardest fore. I hit areas in the Valley. Chief honoured Hastings a the Nebraska optometric association announced Friday that Lincoln police chief Joseph t. Carroll will receive the 1970 a eyes on Nebraska award. Lammel plumbing built in and portable models Kitch Enaid dishwashers 321 court Beatrice Nebraska Deyong mrs. Arthur Frona Deyong 2646 South 38th, Lincoln passed away Friday. She was a housewife and life time Nebraska resident. She was a member of Hope reformed Church. Survivors include her husband one son Lyle Lincoln two daughters mrs. Marvin Jane Gooding Lincoln and mrs. R. Max Margie Peterson Dayton Ohio four Brothers Gerrit and Carl Fischer both of Adams John Fischer Pickrell Arnold Fischer Lincoln three Sisters mrs. Jennie Kroese Firth mrs. Ann Kroese. Adams mrs. Coe Lucy Kroese Cook nine grandchildren two great grandchildren. Memorial has been established to Hope reformed Church. Metcalf funeral Home Lincoln in charge of arrangements. New industries which employ 17,000 persons had come into the area state since he took office three tubes into the body through surgery a he added. The Cobalt beads or pellets he said Are a about the size of a Small Pebble and Are positioned in the patients body by technicians in a radiation free discovery usually Means finding or uncovering something which has been there but has never before been observed. Sewers clogged Why pay big Money to have your front Lawn dug up when drainage lines become clogged sewer Amer and Drain opener will remove roots rags paper grease and other organic matter. Cost is Low and re suits Quick. Get some today. Best plumbing years ago. Tiemann also announced he was proclaiming sept. 30 As Nebraska women for Highway safety Day a in recognition of the Nebraska women for Highway safety and their desire to focus the attention of the citizens of this state on the problems of traffic von Essen said the machine is i not meant to replace systems now in use but was developed a to complement S.C. other forms of radiation therapy As external von Essen a machine makes its formal debut Friday. He said he expects it will be in regular use by oct. I. Election notice omitted from election notice published september 24, 1970. For clerk of the District court vote for one Dean f. Brandt Democrat Calvin h. Gullion county clerk growing newest creation jewelry amp diamonds Hamilton Vantage Bulova a Caravelle watches Radebaugh jewelry 107 n. 5th St. Beatrice Nebr. Roy a. Broadbook Crone Weston Agency office 223-2394 heme 223-5544 707 court Beatrice Nebr. That a what your Young family is doing. You should have an insurance investment that is growing too a for future educational funds Call me for the details of a plan Designe i to meet your specific needs. No obligation. Representing Woodmen Accident of Ltd life company heating with Gas makes a a cents. And dollars too. Save two out of three heating dollars with Gaal ctn oae congas a new Way to say bar vice

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