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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Beatrice, Nebraska Weekend edition temperatures High Low yesterday 84 55 High Low a year ago 76 50 precipitation this month 5.15 precipitation to Date 22.92 precis. To Date a year ago 25.30 Beatrice daily Sun weather partly Cloudy through sunday continued mild tonight Low Soss High tomorrow 85-90. A if you did no to see it in the Sun it did no to happen 68th year no. 63 Beatrice Nebraska saturday sunday september 19-20, 1970 zip code 68310 10c per copy mansion offered to Community this is the a old Hepperlen mansion at 1300 s 9th St., which the Good Samaritan society is offering to give to the City or some civic group that will move it to another site and use it for Community purposes possibly a museum. The mansion which was the original Good Samaritan facility Here is occupied by 20 of the nursing Homes residents. Nearly too others Are living in new buildings constructed specifically for a nursing Home. Sometime within the next year and a half after the old mansion is moved or Tom Down it a the Good Samaritan society will beg n construction of yet another Wing which will be located on the site of the a Hepperlen Sun photo cease fire Effort collapses fighting rages into third Day by Michael Goldsmith pulsed the a main attack 5,000 combatants and civilians for the third straight Day. The guerrillas said today they associated press writer at a town 30 Miles North of am have been killed or wounded a tanks and Field artillery Are had successfully repelled Day Beirut Lebanon apr Man in the heart of what the since the fighting began Early intensively shelling the town Long attacks Friday by Jorda radio Cairo said King Hussein commandos have declared a thursday. And guerrilla strongholds there Nian armoured brigades in Irbid agreed today to an egyptian a liberated assault launched but our forces Are standing their and in Ramatha to Miles East of proposal for a 24-hour cease fire in other parts of the country a guerrilla communique ground a the communique said. Irbid on the main Road leading in Jordan but a surrender Multi the appeared to be gain broadcast by Baghdad and a there was no immediate Bat to the syrian Border Datum from the jordanian Mili ing the upper hand. Mascus radio said the tie report from the government although both Syria and Iraq tary government to palestinian palestinian reinforcements opened the assault at Dawn with Side. Promised to Aid the com guerrillas seemed to indicate were reporting streaming into an intensive artillery barrage guerrilla broadcasts from a the Effort had collapsed. Jordan from Syria to Back the on the town of Ajlouny and Ger Mascus the capital of Syria Mancl its was no move by guerrilla spokesmen in Beirut guerrillas. The reinforcements Rilla positions surrounding it. Warned commandos to prepare the 12,000 iraqi forces stationed said before the ultimatum that included units of the Long Idle the barrage was followed by an for a massive tank assault at near Irbid to take a role in the there was virtually no Chance of Palestine liberation armoured Advance. Dawn against Irbid 50 Miles fighting and syrian forces re acceptance of the egyptian pro which crossed the Border with the guerrillas said the North of Amman. Guerrillas Maine Well behind the Border postal by the guerrilla Leader soviet made heavy weapons. Also resumed its heavy bom took Over the City the nations Israel has said it will not ship. The Semi official Cairo news bar dment of the town of Zara second largest earlier this a stand by idly if Syria and into third Day paper Al ashram said at least 25 Miles Northeast of Amman week. Iraq intervene in Jordan. Fighting in Jordan was re ported raging for the third straight Day. Egypt a Middle East news Agency said the cease fire proposal was sent to Hussein by president Gamal Abdel Nasser. It quoted Nasser As telling Hussein through an emissary that a cease fire for at least 24 hours could a prevent the International plot which is evident in suspicious movements of the american 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean Spence shift bigger Load to sales and income taxes Farmers were willing to pay their fair share of the income tax he said but said it was unfair to tax Farmers for a cow which did no to produce a calf and also tax him for the feed and silage. Asked by a Beatrice business adult classes underway at school letter from Hanoi says daddy s alive san Diego. Calif. Apas Golda Meir casts Shadow on Middle East peace talks Washington apr israe would not take mrs. Meir a her Mother reread the letter ii prime minister Golda Meir a a not for an answer. Diplomatic firing squads As mutineers from Hanoi 7-year-old Linda has inflicted a heavy blow on prodding will continue on sever tile Beatrice Public school bums questioned a daddy do american Hopes that the Middle a1 fronts officials said adult education courses for the 1 really and truly have a dad f ast peace talks could be resumed in the near future. Urged anew to a rectify the Vio Active. Mrs. Meir told president Nix lations which has been inter he stressed that the ultimatum state legislature candidate Robin Spence said Friday that Nebraska a tax Structure was the most important Issue in the Campaign. Spence an Angus Raiser living East of Beatrice spoke before a ii Aiso quoted the president As gathering at a luncheon Friday saving a an immediate cease in the defender s townhouse at Man Why Farmers be fire is necessary because our in a second of a series of a meet taxed like other businessmen formation about casualties is he candidate luncheons. Spence explained that he did no to frightening a next Friday noon j. J. Exon think businessmen should pay a Cairo newspaper had re candidate for Nebraska govern taxes on items intended for re ported earlier that the number or Quot i1 speak Spe Quot be is re nine a e Ether. 1jt of persons killed or wounded in for the legislature seat from an income tax would be paid Jordan had soared past 5 too Pawnee county and the Western on the profit when the item was radio Amman broadcast the two thirds of Gage county. Sold. He said the income tax is now a More Spence advocated following fair Standard of the ability to North Dakota a example and pay taxes than the property tax eliminating All personal proper he said. To taxes. Unless the income tax is Rais favors annual change de an the property tax reduced in answering questions Spence Spence predicted that a lot of said he favored the annual leg maj Ali a announcement made Nebraska Farmers would go out Isla tive sessions called for in Moscow and Cairo will be no mention of the egyptian Init business. Amendment 15 on the november surrender ultimatum by Field marshal Habis maj Ali Jordan a military governor who gave the guerrillas three hours to surrender or be executed by fall semester Are now under by a Way. A a he a alive my daddy a a total of 85 students Are Tak Steve 9, chimed in sex ing the sewing courses with Cit edly mrs. Gary Nickels. It. Cmdr. John d. Bums 35, the first advocates tax raise ballot. It would make budgeting Spence recommended a three More accurate if it could be per cent increase in the state done yearly he said and with income tax and a half per cent annual sessions of the Legisla increase in the sales tax. Ture would be More in touch these two increases would with what was going on. On there can be no peace talks pretend As removal of their mis was imposed under the martial until Egypt removes the mis Siles deployed in the Suez Cana Law decreed by Hussein at the silos Israel claims were in zone contrary to provisions of Start of the fighting on thurs meeting of t h e had been shot Down Over Viet planted along the Suez canal in the standstill cease fire agree Day. Toe aaa one i on a trusts wills and is Nam More than five years ago. Violation of a military standstill a ent and new efforts will be the egyptian Effort and a Raff about 535,, More he Spence said be believed Bea Tate planning will be held Mon until the letter arrived thurs agreement. Made to persuade mrs. Meir to Jalius ultimatum came in the said and su88ested that t h e Rice needed a four Lane Highway Day night. The course will in Day the family had heard Noth Nixon and Secretary of state end her Boycott of the talks. Third Day of fighting. Casualties add�?~70i Al t0 elude information on death taxes in8 about his Fate. William. Rogers tried Friday american and israeli Diplo were reported soaring past and costs probate the need for the letter was enclosed in an but failed to persuade the 72 made observers agreed that de 5�?T000 re Yal forces were to Aid the schools in the state. Personal property taxes on build it to the Kansas line. The most important thing to candidate Robin Spence. Sun photo a wiil of in Wypp or Vonh 7 j v 7 1i ,.p,7. Ine i i. A u retorted attacking the Eueril beef and Dairy cattle should be do to get the Highway is to get Brin a Ink i envelope bearing the return and year old Israel Leader that talks Sale the failure to smooth Over ally sen if Sie removed. The tax of about $3.75 Chambers of Commerce the i people a re dress of the committee for liar under United nations mediator differences mrs. Meir s Day us it ailed fedayeen in the neigh forint state Eranos interested in working for currently enrolled in the class. The Speed Reading class will Sony an an War Gre based in also have its first meeting on new York that has been in monday with 16 students already touch with the North Viet signed . Namese government. On tuesday the Couse in bus Gunnar jarring provide the Only la no talks with the president Good health and that his main san Diego. From Wilber West iness English will meet for its second session. The course is intended to help studet6 improve their Power of communication both orally and written. Six students Are now signed for the class. Art class meets on tuesday for the second Tim with i7 Stu construction on 41 dents enrolled. The course features demonstrations and individual instructions in Oil acrylic Watercolour and printmaking. Driver education meets for the second time this tuesday with a total of to students. This is a a beginning course intended to a department of roads teach adults How to drive an automobile. Typing class with 13 students meets for the second time on wednesday bookkeeping with six stud Avenue to peace. To principle mrs. Meir agreed. But she asked Why should Israel negotiate a peace the letter just six lines Long treaty with a country which Vio was written on an official North lated a lesser cease fire agree and Rogers were useful because they restored Confidence Between the two countries. North. Maj Ali a proclamation said a this is the last warning to the fedayeen. A fall guerrillas must Lay Down per cow in the neighbouring state groups interested in working for of Iowa is similar to the tax in it. . Officials reluctantly con ,.,. Their and surrender by 4 cede the safety of hostages held by palestinian guerrillas and Nebraska. This tax per cow May make the difference of whether cattle and agriculture in Nebraska increases or not gun toting air pirate diverts Airliner to Cuba.m. Anyone who resists the Spence said. Royal forces after this time limit vice Nunice form men virtually the same Day it tile chaotic jordanian situation w Ilbe trea cd As an outlaw and it said the prisoner was in agreed to observe it have Over the hoped for Kirec or arrested j am to req by president Nixon and Rogers resumption of the peace talks courts martial on a charge of concern was for the family in Are reported to have understood construction will begin september 14 on 8 Miles of be mrs. Meir a argument although they would not agree with her conclusion. American officials concede the standstill cease fire violations could not have occurred ers War were seized by customs agents wednesday in the mail new York a a packet of letters written by . Prison armed Mutiny against the authorities. A this crime is punishable by the deadline was to a.m., Edt. Maj Ali repeated earlier Assur traffic accidents take lives of three but that he wanted to see a study on what the Money would be spent before making his mind. Coria re or re he said he wanted to pay the two traffic accidents took University professors Good Sal three lives in Nebraska late Aries a but we can to keep in asked about the $200,000, 000 requested by the University _. Miami apr a gun toting it appeared to be a .22-caliber Board of resents for the next Hijacker who wame/t0 m list two years Spence said he Cairo settled for Cuba instead gun requested thought it was a Little two much saturday and took an Allegheny Baker said a stewardess airlines Jet and its eight Crew slipped one of his Mer a note re men to Havana. Questing a gun. He said a police the plane left Havana for i Many a .38-caliber service revolt Ami at 10 33 a.m., the Federal or was passed to the Stew aviation administration said. Ardess through an emergency the Young Hijacker believed exit door. To be armed with pistol Gaso a it was my understanding she line and dynamite was aboard was requesting it for the Crew without the knowledge and com. Plecity of the soviet Union. They a the mail to wives Braska Highway la from Wilber say there is no quarrel with the a Rulies of the servicemen a West according to the Nebras harsh words the israeli Leader spokesman for a delegation of used at her Friday press Confer it oun8 leftists Sav ence when she accused Moscow and Cairo of bad Faith and said Eye catchers a they both Are the Nixon administration con Charlotte . Apr a Soled itself with the conclusion sign in a restaurant window Aace by title guerrilla Leader that because of the Jordan Situ says a waitress wanted will so. No Detour has been schedule action the question of resuming marry if but owner the lrac1 news a8en v said Friday raising the states 1970 creasing for Ever a he said toll to an even 300 As against a the fellow who pays the Bill the Boeing 727 on a flight from not the Hijacker a Baker said. 263 on this Date in 1969. The to should have something to say Pittsburgh to Boston and took a ordinarily i do this Over just before the plane made but she looked like a pretty 7 and ances a at guerrillas wishing to Tai was 326 at this time in about the whole the Ballou construction company of Salina Kan. Was awarded the $24,331 Dor contract for slurry Seal coating. G. D. Traudt of Lincoln is project Engineer. Surrender would not be harmed a no Chance in Beirut guerrilla spokesmen said before news came of maj Ali a ultimatum that Nasser a proposed cease fire had virtually no Chance of accept tuesday evening 1968, the record year for traffic deaths in the state. A two car Accident about six Miles Northeast of Central City caused the deaths of Myron a Jaq cud glue Tolbie Goddard 85, of Berwyn and a mrs. Lillian Jensen 56, of the Beatrice chamber of com Hastings. Merce Annua Farmers Busi the state patrol said Goddard newsmen so Barbecue will be held was in a car driven by his tuesday evening at the Gage says Quot the guerrilla spokesmen in Baghdad daughter mrs. Louis Glover 59, eve catch denounced Nasser a efforts As 0f broken Bow. The car was in ends also meets for the second time on wednesday this course cd or the project which has of political talks is hypothetical Lawrence Mcgee emphasizes Basic practices of an estimated completion Date anyway. Sittni a nothing but an Eye Patch. D. Double entry bookkeeping in of september 29. The United states however or. He s 47 and happily married. Elk collision with one driven by business and personal records. Two classes in knitting will mrs. Jensen a 68-year-old husband Laurence at the intersect meet for the second time this week. Monday night class for beginners demonstrates Basic knitting methods and has five students. The tuesday intermediate class emphasizes Independence in interpreting instructions and has 9 students. All classes have room for additional students. Anyone interested in enrolling or desiring More information should Contact Rex Luz director of the adult education department at either the High school or his Home. No such answer los Angeles apr sen. Edward Muskie appeared with democratic gubernatorial candidate Jesse Unruh at a news conference Friday and was asked if he was California democrats answer to vice president Spiro t. Agnew who campaigned Here last week for state republicans. A i done to think there is such an answer. I done to think we want such an answer a Muskie laughingly told reporters. The Maine Democrat was the 1968 democratic candidate for tile office Agnew holds. Arab nation. Cairo radio said Sadek cabled Hussein a acceptance of the cease fire proposal to Nasser. The guerrillas reply presumably was expected to emerge from Sadek a meeting with Ara Akee Glover 80, were reported awl 92. Dover and his Mother mrs. Sadek reported to Nasser that he was received by Husser Early today and the King a promised to announce the cease fire order As soon As meanwhile King Hussein a launched heavy artillery and tank assaults against Ger Mouth on Nebraska i at an in Rilla strongholds in Northern Jor ter Section West of Murray Dan As the number of dead and Cass county sheriff Fred wounded soared past 5,000. Tesch said Johnson and six the guerrillas claimed in a other persons in his car were to broadcasts they had re hospitalized. County Fairgrounds starting at personnel the Faa said. 5 30.m. This annual event in the plane sat on a runway for which the Beatrice chamber of an hour while it was being re Commerce members have As fuelled their guests the Rural business the not John Harkin said men and their wives usually Over the radio he talked the i Tion of Nebraska highways 14 is Well received in the Beatrice Jacker out of Cairo and Persuad Trade area. A Ira t0 go to Havana in All tickets must be picked Stead a said it. Robert Baker in person at the chamber chief of Airport police at Phi a office located at 414 Ella Street Delphia. Jensen was not the office will be open 8 30 John Balderama one of the a To 12 noon and from i.m. Passengers released by the gun to 5.m. Monday and tuesday Mant said the hijackers de ter distribution of tickets. Scribed As a tall thin Young highlights of the Barbecue will negro a grabbed one of the vision with a car driven by be the announcement and pre stewardesses by the neck and James j. Johnson of Platts sensation of the outstanding took her to the front of the Farmer award by president of pane just before it landed at the chamber Herb Schneider. Philadelphia. Guest speaker wll be Emmett Butler from Newton Iowa. Music will be presented by Eileen Katz. A scheduled Stop at Philadelphia competent girl a he said. International Airport Federal a unit of police Sharp shoot aviation administration offi ers approached the plane while vials said. It was being refuelled in a futile passengers released attempt to get a Clear shot at he allowed 90 passengers to the Hijacker or Board the plane leave but kept aboard three the aircraft left Philadelphia flight crewmen three Stewar for Cuba at 1 46 a.m., Edt and Desses and two men believed to landed at Havana a Jose Marti be Faa inspectors or airlines Airport at 4 32 a m., the Faa said. In Good condition at a Central City Hospital hospitalized. Norbert l. Kruse 68, of new Hawk died when the pickup truck he was driving was in col local Dar hosting District gathering visiting state officers of the daughters of american revolution were entertained Friday by Board members of the Beatrice chapter. Pictured left mrs. Henrietta Johnson state registrar from broken Bow mrs. G. R. Pinkerton Elizabeth Montague chapter Regent Beatrice mrs. B. C. Mclean state Regent Lincoln mrs. Ray Hunter state vice Regent Superior mrs. Gage Vohland slate recording Secretary Gibbon. Sun photo Board members of the beat or Robert Sargent and reports Rice District in Elizabeth Mon from the various chapters were Tague chapter of the daughters Given followed by a round to of the american revolution in Hie discussion by the visiting pertained visiting state officers state officers and chairmen. Of the Dar Friday evening at the noon luncheon featured the Home of mrs. Norm Stev special entertainment by Rev. Ens. And mrs. Dean Waychoff and the District in Dar Confer Rev. And mrs. George Camp ence began this morning with Bell. Registration from 9 to to a Speaking at the afternoon ses at the Steeple House. Greetings were extended by Beatrice May and tyranny also speaking during the afternoon is mrs. B. C. Mclean state Regent. Chapters involved in the Dis blow the whole strict in conference Are Debo a Young female passenger Rah Avery chapter Lincoln who declined to give her name Elizabeth Montague chapter said the Man sat about two Pawnee native gets chemistry award Pawnee City a a Pawnee City native Nellie g. Fletcher has won a $1,000 american chemical soc Ety James Bryan Conant award for High school chemistry teaching. She is a 1925 graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University and now lives in Greybull Wyo. She is one sex teachers across the nation to receive the award sponsored by the e. I. Dupont de Nemours and co., a . The announcement was passengers said the Hijacker made at the my a. Then told another stewardess to tonal meeting in Chicago bring him a Small canvass bag bom on a farm in Pawnee county in 1903, she was one of the first teachers in Wyoming to Institute a second year course in chemistry. She teaches chemistry i and la algebra ii calculus and biology in the Gray stowed under his seat. A passenger who helped the stewardess get the bag said it held a butane Gas Container with a White plastic bottle taped to it. The Hijacker set the bag in Bull High school. Front of him and announced a a in be got something Here to continuous Alert Washington apr with american forces in the Mediterranean bolstered pres Dent Nix Beatrice Lewis Clarke Chap seats behind her and that she pm kept continuous watch today ter Fremont Otoe chapter be saw him take a Small pistol on the crisis Iii embattled Jor speaking at the afternoon ses Braska City Reavis Ashley from a canvass bag he had in Dan with american lives and the Sion is senator f. W. Carstens chapter Falls City and St. Be Der the seat. Survival of King Hussein a gov whose topic is a when Law ends Ger Cowley chapter Lincoln an Allegheny spokesman said err nent his prep by concern i

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