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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Beatrice, Nebraska Tue temperatures 3 p. In. Is \ cute lax s High. 88 today slam. 55 rainfall at High i oar Glt who Low Lear ago. 03 Beatrice daily Sun the weather Nebraska Ano Kansas partly Cloudy scattered showers tonight thursday a if you did t see it in the Sun it did no to happen member of the associated press volume Xiv Beatrice Nebraska wednesday evening september 19, 1945 single copy 5c no. 63 opa ready to limit building Price dont rids i Ink i i Kou food in Tokyo retailer cos Man fight add i Hor Frlion surplus Gaius i Hie Des is Kiele 0 i i associated press opa ready to tighten building Price controls. Retailers lose fight against Cost absorption. One Man control to Spur War surplus sales. By Sterling f. Green Washington. Sept 19 up a the government set up some peace time barriers against inflation today. After knocking Down some wartime barriers to a free Economy. Opa prepared to limit rigidly the costs entering into new Home building which Ooens up october to although it cannot put a Ceil j ing on the final Price of the House. These developments marked the further March of reconversion in business and government i. Opa told retailers finally and definitely that wartime in creases in manufacturing costs Are j not to he passed on to the Public in Tho form of higher prices for new washers refrigerators and similar Long awaited products. Oks killed off to Speed the Sale of vast War surpluses president Truman signed i a Bill creating a single Adra Nistra Tor of the surplus property Board. 3. Another War Agency the office of economic stabilization was killed off. 4. The Brookings institution held that a a powerful movement for higher wage rates is the greatest i potential inflation Force. 5 builders estimated that 500,000 new Homes would be i started next year with building climbing to 1,000,000 houses annually by 1948. Price administrator Chester Bowles reportedly was labor Leader Larries out his Promise new lengthy War criminal list on w a lord Haw Haw of German radio to hang i or treason gels bight Square in Middle i Detroit s trouble situation. Lap source predict imminent purge of reactionary element in aloud. Delegates new chief 19 up a does not elaborate japanese civilians line up for meager ration in Tokyo where food has been rationed since Early tile War. Rise once plentiful now is a rare commodity. Nears vote on jobless Aid Reents baptized 1.637 in i ears in Hanover Clum h administration \ p p e treated i or double feat in Senate. A r la Washington. Sept. 19 up president Truman a supporters in the Senate fought today to save two links in his peacetime program. They argued in favor of More dollars a week for tile unemployed and against immediate return of the u. S. Employment service to the states. Those were the major Points up for decision As the Senate s debate Over unemployment pay moved toward a Climax. There seemed a Strong Chance that the Truman forces would he Defeated in Senate voting on both questions. The House Hasni to de ready to hated the unemployment pay Bill announce stricter Price controls on j yet. Lumber hardware plumbing and j aside from unemployment con doing the 44 years of service Rev. J. B Reents gave the Hanover lutheran Church he baptized 1,637, confirmed 1.068. Married 123 couples and conducted 413 burials. Only a few of the 36 members Are now living that were present when he began his ministry. The congregation today numbers nearly 200. The Filley lutheran congregation the Adams lutheran congregation and the Emmanuel lutheran were started by the Hanover Zion lutheran. Rev. Reents gave his Farewell Sermon sunday with a a god to with us As his theme Rev. Efken did not accept the congregations Call As minister Rev. Reents successor will he named later. Ellis praises Constitution Speaks to serving Kin anime univ Ersary of of signing f document. Judge a. Ellis spoke to i anians this noon at their program observing the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United states. Sept. 17. 1787. The judge made Clear his unwavering respect for the Constitution and the importance of preserving it and the liberties it guarantees. Washington. Sept labor Secretary Lewis b. Schwei Lenbach. Armed with new authority carried out today his Promise to a get right Square in the Middle of Detroit a troubled labor situation. He delegated his newly appointed chief of the u. S. Conciliation service Edgar l. Warren to study the Detroit strikes to deter-1 mine whether government intervention is required. Warren who flew to Washington from Chicago last night also considered calling principals in the Michigan City s str ikes and threatened work Stop-1 pages to a labor management con a Ference. Schwellenbac became the governments Quot labor Bossy under the departments reorganization. He held a presidential Grant of Broad new authority although few new Powers to Deal with i Industrial disputes. President Truman shifted the War labor Board the u. S. End i ploy ment service and the War manpower commission to the labor department. By that action he conferred All the authority inherent in those agencies on Secretary Schwellenbac. Had presented plan Schwellenbac had Tokyo. Sept. 19 of general Macarthur Headquarters announced today it would Issue soon a new and lengthy list of suspected japanese War criminals while reliable japanese sources predicted an imminent purge of reactionary elements in the Cabinet of Premier Higashi Kuni. Does not elaborate Premier Prince Higashi Kuni yesterday told Allied correspondents that his government intended to determine responsibility for starting the War and try its own accused provided general Macarthur approved. There was no word from Macarthur Headquarters. Demonstrating its resolve to keep a firm grip on the conquered japanese Headquarters suspended for one Day a second Tokyo newspaper the English language Nippon times. The paper was ordered 30 minutes before press time to withhold publication of its thursday morning edition not because of objectionable material but because its editors had failed to submit for american censorship a printers proof of an editorial on the recent change of foreign ministers. Halt publication London sept 19 up William Joyce lord Haw Haw of the German radio was convicted of treason in old Bailey today and sentenced to hang. A jury of to men and two women required less than 25 minutes to arrive at a verdict after Justice Tucker had ruled that Haw Haw had left this country in 1939 Quot wrapped up in the Union Jack in order to carry on German propaganda. Joyce will make an immediate Appeal his lawyers announced. Burton voted unanimously for judge Job Robert p. Patterson. W. Stuart Shillington nominated for jobs. Is Ohio Republican boosters Boom four Dav fair band. Souvenir and Candy attract Good crowds in 22 county towns. Court with the Drew he cited the recent examples of appointed Edgar l. Warren chair nations and Peoples who bartered away their liberties for the pro the sources who spoke of Ini presented pending Cabinet resignations said his reorganization plan to or. Tru vice Premier Prince Fumi Maro Man Augustio. 5 Ester Day s White Konoye probably would Lead the House action was attributed to list. He is a minister without port the labor storms which appeared Folio. Two other Cabinet members to be gathering last weekend Over without portfolio who May step Detroit a automobile Industry and Down at the same time Are it. Gen elsewhere. Toshihiro Okabata and take Ora the Cabinet officer immediately Agata. The latter who also is chief Cabinet Secretary was named by Macarthur on a list of Mem other building materials. See Low Cost building his plan is to impose dollars and cents ceilings which would be uniform in every City just As Are do a s ceilings on grocery store items. Contractors charges for roof laying and other building services also would be tightened up. For people who want to buy new houses this leaves two notable gaps in Price controls the Price of the lot and the Price of the completed dwelling. However construction of Quot an unprecedented number of Low Cost dwellings for Low income families was predicted by Joseph e. Merri on president of the National association of Home builders. J Gross busied itself with these sub j Chest Kickoff dinner oct. 8 j jets looks for lawyer i. Demobilization the uproar continued. I 2. Pearl Harbor. The committee to investigate the 1941 disaster was looking for a lawyer today. The group held its first meeting yesterday and elected senator Barkley 1 div As chairman. 3. Hirohito. A proposal by senator Russell a a that the Jap anese emperor be arrested and tried As a War criminal was re cover with some Reserve in the Senate. 4. Appointments. Speedy Senate approval was expected for three major appointments by president i Truman Robert Patterson As Secretary of War. Senator Harold Burton a Ohio for the supreme court and Vav. Stuart Symington As the one Man surplus property Boss. 5. Peacetime Navy. The House naval committee met to hear Navy leaders justify their plans for a postwar Fleet of 1,079 combat ships and 558,000 men. Quot no padding in service 0 president Truman suns one will be held no a inv i Oiler Nan n Ece Sarv. Drive for will i Al i or six Daw Summit to to w a fund. 11 huh school boys May graduate before dealt the for and Beatrices six Day concerted i Community Hest drive will get under Way oct. 8 with the kick a off dinner that night following the i i first Day s activity f w. Hitch. General chairman said today. The Campaign to raise 830,863 will close saturday night oct. 13 the quota is divided into 821.863 for t h a a a �1 it i a act a a t my share of the county National War fund quota. Pledge cards Are already in the hands of Dave chairman and captains. Kitch reported every i fort has been made to avoid duplication of solicitations. The 1945 quota is higher than Trinity Chest due to additions to Washington. Sept. 19 of from now on most High school boys will not have to enter military service until they have been graduated. The conditions required for postponement of induction Are these i. A Hoy must have entered High school or a similar institution before lie became 18. His course of instruction must be pursued Quot continuously and Batts f if he meets the two conditions he May ask for a draft Board postponement until he had been graduated or until he reaches his 20th birthday whichever is sooner. Selective service also announced last night that College or University students who enrolled before Tion delayed in order to Complete reaching 18 May have their Induc Wash Acton. Sept. 19 ply a president Truman declared today that there will he Quot no padding in our armed forces and that Quot no one is going to be held in the service a Day longer than is the president said in a statement that no once can accurately forecast at this time the future military needs and noted that general Douglas Macarthur had revised his own estimates of number of troops necessary the occupation of Japan Korea. Macarthur first estimated that he required a Force of 500,000, but Cut this to 400.000 and then to 200,000. Discharge rate will Rise Quot the army a plans Call for the return to their Homes of More than 2,000,000 soldiers Between a a Day and Christmas 1945,�?� the presidents statement said. Quot Between now and Christmas the discharge rate will steadily Rise from the present daily figure of 15,200 to not less than 22,000 per Day and by january 1916, to More than 25,000 per meanwhile press Secretary Charles g. Ross told reporters they would have to put their own interpretation on president Truman a news conference remarks yesterday on Macarthur occupation Force statement. Mise of a greater measure of a j trial things but received Only misery concentration Camps an i a r. He pointed out the pitiful unpreparedness of America for War either spiritually or materially i then reminded Kiwan ians of the amazing record of americans War Effort in three and a half years our Rise to the position of the most powerful nation in the world. Quot How shall we explain these miracles of the Battle Field the factory and the farm a judge Elds asked. Quot i think the answer lies in the Constitution of the United i Man of the Chicago regional War labor Board to head the u. S. Conciliation service. Schwellenbac plans to strengthen and enlarge this adjunct of his department. Warren arrived in Washington by plane last night and turned his first attention to the Detroit strikes and threatened work stoppages to see whether government intervention is required. Warren at the same time considered the possibility of calling a labor manage ment conference among the principals in the Detroit situation. Along with his news conference announcement of the labor department revamping or. Truman also disclosed that he is folding up the office of economic stabilization states those intangible traits of and turning Over director William mind and character those latent Powers which enabled us As a nation to do the impossible had their source in that venerable document which to some has Only an historical significance and constitutes Only any annoying obstacle to their plans for a benevolent and governmental de recce files suit against i. S. Dalbey Alma defreeze of crab Orchard has filed suit against Dwight s. Dalbey in District court asking $5,601.75 in damages incurred it is charged in a collision six or seven Miles East of Beatrice on Highway 3 last March 4th. Mrs defreeze was Riding with her husband Clifton defreeze who was driving East. The de Froese car collided with the dal Bey ear. Which was going West when Dalbey swung Over on the Defreece a Side of the Road to avoid a car parked in the Road the petition charges adding that Dalbey failed to Dun his lights and was driving at an excessive rate of Speed. 11 Davis duties to reconversion director John w. Snyder. Davis himself had proposed this step but was taken by Surprise at the timing. Or. Truman and Schwellenbac both indicated to newsmen that a statement recently attributed to Davis had pm harassed the administration. Issues no Public denial Davis had been quoted As saying the government was behind a program to increase wages 50 per cent while sitting on prices. Davis took the position privately that the remark attributed to him was a misinterpretation of what he had said at a news seminar but in issued no Publ denial. Although he collects Little new Power under the reorganization. Schwellenbac gains in prestige As the governments spokesman in future labor management Contention. Berg of the Quot Black dragon a society but it was understood american authorities had taken no action against him in order to give the japanese government time to prove its Contention that he was not a member. Ide Gap evicts the japanese predicting the Cabinet resignations said a Quot wide Gap existed Between Premier Prince Higashi Kuni and the three they expected to leave the government. They described Higashi Kuni As personally interested in the gradual democratization of Japan both As a Reform step and in compliance with Tho wishes of general Macarthur. And said Konoye and the others had opposed Tho premieres attempts to smooth relations Between the japanese and american governments. The Sim s own service with boosters. Sept. 19-More than 40 Beatrice business men this afternoon were stumping northeastern and Northern Gage county completing their tour of 22 towns to Boom the Gage county fair starting in Beatrice next tuesday through Friday. Accompanied by the Street sissies band and Candy and souvenirs for youngsters the boosters Good crowds All along the route. The entire school 155 pupils turned out at Lewiston to Greet the boosters and the town Board furnished doughnuts and Coffee for the boosters. They lunched at Wymore at the Lions club building the methodist ladies serving. Earlier at Odell they were greeted officially by mayor Koch list of boosters when it was discovered that the souvenir Canos were labelled Quot made in Japan the Job of removing the tags was completed in a hurry. Those making the trip were John Bauer. Jack Quackenbush. Wilber Zigler j. Christenson Sam Brehm Ray Umphenour Ken Reed George Fulton. V. A. Norton e. M. Marvin. De Damrow William Weigel Jim Davison h. L. Gayer Harlan Guida. Washington sept. 19 up a the Senate today unanimously confirmed the appointment of senator Harold h. Burton Ohio re publican to be a supreme court i Justice on the motion of chairman Mecan and Nev of the judiciary i committee the Senate suspended its rules to approve the Nomina lion less than 24 hours after it was sent to the Senate. President Truman sent three major nominations to the Senate. They Are 1. Senator Harold Burton Ohio j Republican As associate Justice of j the supreme court. He succeeds Republican Owen j. Roberts resigned. Patterson nominated 2. Robert p. Patterson present undersecretary As Secretary of War. He succeeds Henry l. Stimson resigned. 3. W. Stuart Symington As surplus property administrator. He takes Over from a three Man Board which he formerly headed. Congressional republicans and democrats alike got a lift out of or. Truman a unexpected Choice of Burton for the supreme court but for slightly different reasons. Republicans listed the selection of their 57-year-old Senate colleague because they regard him As a highly qualified lawyer and be because he is one of them. Democrats chuckled at the political strategy of the president j some said he was influenced in his Choice by Robert e. Hannegan democratic National chairman. Would Cut a go pm Burton a exit from the Senate will give gov. Frank j. Lausche of Ohio. A Democrat a Chance to appoint one of his party members in that doubtful state. That would up the democrats in the Senate to 56. Cut the i republicans to 39, with one progressive. Or. Truman a Choice of the 54-year-old Patterson As Secretary of War brought Praise and criticism from Botn sides. Some democrats grumbled that he is a Republican. J. Douthitt. De. Podtburg Paul Henderson Ray Middlekauff. Some republicans replied that he Isnit in their fold. Large postwar Fleet erased j. D. Lockwood. Mike Steen. Henry Brandt. Charles Dedrich de Grote John Juene Ryan. J. Frank Summers Bob Johnson h. Mosiman Charles Redmond Olin Blake. Paul Staehs George Woodworth John Burns Bob Lang John Crone. Gib Switzer. Ray Salisbury Ray Johnson Wilke baking representative. Ben Willard Doc sea l in col. Senator Taft of Ohio. Chairman of the minority steering committee said the administration need not claim it is continuing the bipartisan flavor president Roosevelt tried to introduce by adding Stimson and the late Frank Knox to his Cabinet. The republicans done to regard Patterson As a Republican Taft told a reporter. Patterson former circuit court of appeals judge was registered in Putnam county new Frank Kinney joined the group at York As a Republican until 1939. Liberty 4c a it a it v t of ii i 4�?T v of b o Iii i a Liru ing it v Hacks he registered then without stating his party affiliation. A i m Mesial. Veterans coming Home the Sun own service new York sept. 19 pct Stanley j. Via Alc of Beatrice and pee. George j. Moser of Marysville. Kans., were scheduled to arrive aboard the Thomas Barry at new York yesterday Cpl. Dean a. Shranburg of Fairbury was ached the Kemp Battle in. Used to arrive it at Boston Yesti programs of some of the activities the current Hoot quartet chairman of the Industrial drive Kiester. Is c. M. Reed Homer Grimes commercial and mrs e. W. Fellers i Side t it i captains Are John Crone de Damrow. Wayne Decker and Ernest Mulligan. Survivor arrives or be named county physic Ian or. Francis Elias of Wymore was appointed Gage county physician by the Board of supervisors yesterday. The Post has been vacant during the War. Washington up among survivors of the u. S s. Houston who arrived in Washington tuesday with fresh evidence of Jap brutality to american prisoners of War was signalman 3-c Richard Schultz Fremont neb. Al ssi in in Isis. A Germany three b-29s on nonstop flight from Japan to Washington d. Washington sept 19 of Japan and the Pacific behind the three giant b-29 Bond roared eastward Over Alaska to a Luth. -minn., sept. 19 Pic two of Hie b-29 super fortresses fixing nonstop Japan to Washington passed Oxer the Duluth Airport at 1 3.5 p. Iii cwt today. Two of the b fits Hie expected to land at Detroit because of the Gas shortage. He expected to land in Washington at 6 p. In. A can see nothing from Here that will Stop us a he said. Quot May have to squeeze out a couple of Gas cells Hanks to make Giles added that the three Lay on a nonstop 6,500-mile flight to Washington. J the super fortresses which took it of from the japanese Mainland it ginning at 3 01 p. In. Cwt yesterday passed Over Fairbanks Maura at 5 in a. In. Cwt. Thee Cere about 550 Miles from White horse Canada hallway Point. J it. Gen. Barney m. Giles rom1 Carder of the flight r Adio d w Shin ton sept. 19 up �?th1 Bombardier xxx to drop Pisl the atomic bomb on Nagasaki u one of the Crew members of the three b-29s fixing non Stop from Japan to Washington today. The army air Force identified Bim As Captain Kermit to. Benham Houston tex., planes flew individually from Japan to Nome but met for their first rendezvous there at one minute intervals. The flight is scheduled to enter the United states near Duluth in ii it Nimet Elum lieu Ute route vol my Tun. Lows a course near Green Bay i wis Lansing and Detroit Mich Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The giant bombers were stripped of armament and Armor to lighten them for the terrific Gas Load and also to provide for the slightly oversized Crews. Each plane had 12 men a boat d to pet Mit a rotation of duties during the Long flight the army apparently was not attempting an official nonstop air line distance record. Aviation records list As the Long Cost airline distance flight a two plane British hop of 7 158 Miles from Ismail a Egypt to Darwin Australia in november 1938 a b-29 previously had flown nonstop from two Lima to Spokane 5,490 Miles in 23 hours and 33 minutes twice the big bombers have covered nonstop the 4 875 Miles from Hawaii to Wash Washington. Sept. 19 i postwar control of the seas with a Navy capable of Quot delivering atomic bomb attacks was urged today by Navy Secretary James v. For Restal before the House naval committee. Testifying on legislation to determine tile size of the peacetime Navy Forrest a i said the key to future Victory and to the Freedom of this country Quot will be in the control of the seas and of the skies above specifically he recommended an Active Fleet ready for Battle consisting of approximately 300 modern major combatant vessels including la battleships 15 Airlift carriers including three 45,-000-tonners, 21 escort carriers 20 heavy and Large cruisers 29 Light cruisers 176 destroyers. 40 destroyer escorts and 90 submarines in addition to supporting Craft be All no exx ships All the Batt cruisers destroy tines would be tved since 1940 a Laid or Reship 9 is Crete voters approve Hospital. Airport Shirley Temple to Crete neb sept in up a Crete voters at a special election yesterday approved Bond issues for a $65,000 municipal Hospital and a $22,000 municipal Airport. The Hospital proposal was favored in All wards. Hie total vote about 4 Tot for the project. The Airport lost by a narrow margin in the second Ward but carried in the total vote by a 104 vote margin. It has not been decided when projects will begin. Be harried tonight work on the former Beal Zirian. Creamery Man. Dies ins and hips earners. Summa compleat of 1940, Cruis lest i i to Craft Quot a or pc Arri it of id 19 in it is Nee it carriers ii heavy i i ii h 4 cruisers 19 �7 destroyer escorts Les and supporting Frank Hollebrandt former manage of the Beatrice Creamery company a Beatrice Plant died suddenly monday at his Home in Joplin to. He left Beatrice a couple of years ago to manage the company a Plant at Parson Kas. He later purchased a it Ream by at Joplin. Surviving Are his wife daughters. Mis Warren Eichman of Everest Wash and Jean at Home. Services will be held at St. Paul. Minn. Hollywood sept 19 up a Shirley Temple the Quot Little miss Marker of yesteryear today becomes the grown up Bride of tall Blond and handsome sgt. John Agar 24 of the u. S. Air forces. The ceremony in the Wilshire methodist Church tonight will be the culmination of a Friendship which began two years ago at a House party Given by miss Temple s neighbor Zasu Pitts. When the 17-year-old actress first announced her engagement last april her Mother added that there would be no wedding for several years. Then sgt. Agar received word he was to be shipped overseas soon and plans were changed. But they re not going to make a circus out of my wedding Quot Shirley insisted As she made arrangements for a simple wedding attended Only by close friends of the family. Brother. Jack. Will be and his wife. Miriam is of Honor. Bridesmaids the bridegroom s sister six of miss temples Shirley a St Man a he maid ill include a ice and sgt. Than Aga at r by Lake Forest is Arny Iii the son of mrs. Cd the late John Hills calif., and ready Reserve Quot of too additional n see i too Vini Lii 4.000 first neb 1st rat pared begin Icola student Ernest e ska Thi up a proximal Are expected for t at the University year. First Day it Lay was i 076 co a year ago cd of three Brothers wait patiently for death Thuri associated press bulletins \ Sii i Nguon sept. 19 k i a one of Hie three sup Erfurt reuse attempting a nonstop flight from Japan to Washington Xxiii land at Minneapolis to refuel at 3 15 p. Foreign commissar v. M. Molotov has indicated russians interest in Tripoli Tania referred to territorial disputes entering around Trieste la spoke in support of Romania Bulgaria and it Titi a to c and said dodecanese islands could nut be considered an italian Possession. In cwt today. I on Dox sept. 19 1 up a the governments of Britain the i listed states and France issued a joint statement today expressing the a firm opinion that elections for a pro visionary Assembly in 4, recce should lie la id As soon As possible Salisbury. N. C., sept. 19 <.41 the three Pinion Brothers the eldest 19, wait with patience and fortitude for the death they know will not be Long in coming the Brothers ate victims of muscular dystrophy a rare disease nearly always fatal. Doctors Haw pronounced their Asea hopeless none it an w Alk David the oldest has suffered with the disease the longest for la years. Hilly is 15. Lloyd 12 none has been Able to walk Ainee he was to years old. Physicians do not expect David to live mole than a year longer. The youths spend most of i his their time in a Small room in the Home of their widowed Mother mrs. D. E. Pinion. They Uke to read comic books and listen to their radio. Examined it Duke the family a Only income is in funds provided by welfare liar table organizations welfare workers say. For years the county welfare department has sought to find an institution where the three Brothers could receive treatment for their rare disease but without Success. Recently a1 three wore examined by doctors at the Duke University in Durham. Nothing could be done the doctors agreed. .

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