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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Beatrice, Nebraska 4 Beatrice daily Sun Beatrice nebr., sat., pct. To 1970 teach your toddler How to Tell time is advice of time expert to parents if All the toddlers in the world could be taught How to Tell time we would never have to worry about anyone being late again. A but Many children do not learn How to master telling time until they Are eight or nine years old a says time expert Michael d. Roman. A so punctuality is a concept they Connot quite grasp. Actually the real problem is that the majority of adults Are unable to get the theory across to or. Roman has devised a a time teaching plan for parents to be used As a pre school introductory course or in conjunction with what is Learned in the classroom. What time tells us the first step in helping your child to understand time is to define its purpose. Explain that time tells us when it is morning or night when to Wake up or go to sleet when to eat when to play Etc. Motivate him to talk about the types of clocks he is familiar with. Alarm clocks electric clocks clock radios Wall clocks. Discuss what would happen if there were no clocks. How would he know when to Wake up How would he know when to go to school How would Mother know when to get dinner ready How would dad know when to leave work to come Home what clock numbers mean providing your child can count to twelve the next step is to Point out the numbers on the clock. Do so on a hand made Model easily put together by a youngster with a paper plate two strips of coloured paper and a paper Fastener. Have him make one Marker conspicuously longer than the other then attach them loosely to the Center of the plate so that they move around easily. Print the numbers on the rim of the plate first putting 12 on top and 6 on the Bottom to emphasize the hour and half hour then fill in the rest of the numbers. The hours. Relate the numbers on the clock face to activities your youngster understands. I.e., waking up at 7 00, eating lunch at 12 00, watching cartoons at 3 00, and arguing about going to bed at 7 00. As you discuss these daily events show him to place the hands of the clock on the Correct numbers. Indicate that the Long hand Points to 12 on the exact hour and the Short Marker Points to the number that tells the hour. And the minutes once the numbers become meaningful explain that there Are 60 minutes in an hour 30 minutes in a half hour. Point out that although the Long and Short hands move at the same time. The Long one moves faster and tells the minutes. Here again stimulate your child to become minute conscious by asking pertinent questions. How Long does it take to comb his hair or Brush his Teeth How Many minutes did it take to gulp Down his milk pretty soon he will be timing All sorts of things. Tell time. Fun time the simplest Way of teaching your youngster to Tell time is by making it fun to learn. Put the hours in the Day to music and sing along with him. Create time games for him and his friends. He will not Only look Forward to a a playing his lessons he will remember them Well. A in no time at All and with a minimum of practice a concludes or. Roman a the Little timekeeper will have the entire family running on Bridge notes the Beatrice 77 Bridge club played a Howell movement monday october 5th with the following winners first Janev Anderson and Phyllis Beachie Fairbury. Second Dan Umphenour and Laverne Brandt. Third mrs. Laverne Brandt and mrs. Raymond Lichtenwald ter. For Bridge buffs there is a sectional tournament in Lincoln at the villager Motel on october 16, 17, and 18th also an other sectional on the same dates in Salina Kan. The Beatrice club will gives amp a Green stamp certificates to first place winners any monday on which there Are seven or More tables in play. Game time 7 30 . At the Beatrice elks club. Burn accidents easy to prevent the highest individual series in the 1970 Abc Booster division was a 693 by John Talbot by Joy Stilley a new feature writer a of All the accidents the Burn Accident is the easiest to prevent just by doing two things setting up a Safe environment and practising safety procedures a declares safety expert or. Irmagene Nevins Holloway. A unfortunately it usually takes a tragedy to make people safety conscious to focus on the need for doing something a adds the first woman to get a . In safety education from new York University. A the key to the whole thing is prevention. Recognize a Hazard know what to do about it and then do or. Holloway formerly with the department of health education and welfare now devotes most of her time to fire prevention. She lectures and writes extensively on the subject and is consumer consultant on fire safety for Owens Corning fiberglas corp. A a everyone a for safety but most people think the Accident is going to happen to somebody else a says or. Holloway. A i think every woman would do everything humanly possible to protect her family. But she does no to realize How easily fires can Start and she does no to know what to do to prevent or. Holloway considers creating a Safe environment elemental. This Means using fire retardant fabrics especially drapes and curtains and Leav ing Clear traffic lanes through the House for Quick exit. In addition she advocates that every family develop its own fire safety plan and actually hold drills that involve learning two escape routes from each room in Case one is blocked. There should also be an assigned place for the family to meet to avoid tragedy of someone losing his life going Back into a building to Rescue a person who is actually already out. A make a game out of it for the Small children a she advises. A they wont be frightened if they realize they will know just what to do. While parents done to want youngsters to be neurotically afraid of fire they must make them aware of the hazards. A in some cases a she adds a ifs better to spank a child a aliens Iii the Wash Cycle by Laura Conradt in mall for Economy when it comes to managing the family budget. But i do draw the line on washing disposable tissues. Never the less on the average of once a month an overlooked wad of tissue does manage to go through the entire Wash Cycle of my machine. Its an experience not easily forgotten. Some tissues Are More durable than others but the average ones disintegrate. And disintegrate. And disintegrate How they continue to elude me i never will know. I Check pockets before putting things into the machine. This sounds absolutely fool proof. Consequently ifs an unnerving experience when in spite of All this preliminary checking one opens the machine lid onto bits and scraps of White Green or yellow scattered about and clinging parasitic fashion to an otherwise clean and spun dry Wash Load. A tissue went through the Washer again a i say to the three. A empty your pockets Good next a we always do a they return in unison. A i know a i say really sympathizing. After All in be just been through the process myself. While in Mon the subject of a foreigners in the Wash i must Tell you about another experience i once had. A Good Deal More bizarre than the discovery of chopped in tissues but a Washer episode All the same. I had taken a notion to Wash All the girls doll clothes while they were at school. Having been instructed to never put tiny items Loose into my particular machine i dutifully used the oldest Pillow slip i could find to contain them. Gathering up Barbie clothes from every Nook and cranny i stuffed them All inside the Pillow Case and then pinned it securely shut. The pin r e in a i n e d clasped throughout. But the Pillow slip was considerably More a gone than i had realized. I will never forget the sight that met my eyes when i opened the lid of that Washer. My Pillow Case had literally exploded and from amid the tangled Heap of spun dry doll clothes a silly wizened pathetic shrunken face leered up at me. Completely Zany with a Long puff of White Silky substance trailing upward from what was presumably its Scalp. For an instant there i doubted my sanity. I Hadnot washed a Pillow with feathers inside that i knew. When my senses returned i sat Down and laughed until tears came. It seems i had inadvertently gathered up a troll doll along with the clothes. He or she had survived the washing and the spinning a and came out the cleanest troll doll in the entire neighbourhood. Betty Canary publishes Book available by mail Betty Canary whose warm wonderful wit has made her columns Reader favourites is now Between hard covers. Her Book a surviving As a woman a is just out and is More of the kind of material readers have been enjoying in her regular columns. By special arrangement with the publisher Henry r. Regnery co., Chicago readers May order the Book by mail. Send Check or Money order for $5.95 to Betty Canary Book. Box 489, radio City station new York . 10019. Allow three weeks for delivery. Class of 1924 from Clatonia reunited the class of 1924 from Clatonia High school enjoyed a 6 of clock dinner at Hap a Steak House on saturday. Mrs. Lydia Henke and mrs. Marion Heigler Cut and served the birthday cake which had been baked in their Honor by mrs. Naomi Williams. Present were or. And mrs. Harry Heigler and mrs. Vernia London Fairbury or. And mrs. Albert Henke and mrs. Grace Burh Olheide Lincoln or. And mrs. Clarence Heller Clatonia and or. And mrs. Henry Williams mrs. Grace Germer and mrs. Wollenburg All of Beatrice. Following the dinner visiting was enjoyed at the Williams Home. Little Bottom than have his clothes catch on fire. Better to have him emotionally scarred Han physically scarred. If he a physically scarred he a emotionally scarred she thinks Consumers should demand flame retardant clothing from manufacturers especially for the most bum prone age groups under 5 and Over 65. A tile youngsters Are curious and done to realize the danger. The elderly Are getting forgetful and taking things for granted a she notes. A a they be been doing this sort of thing and getting by with it for 50 years but they re not As Quick As they once or. Holloway also offers advice on what to do if clothing should catch on fire a play Down and Roll. If possible take a heavy Rug or coat not Nylon wrap around the body beginning at the neck. Under no circumstances run. As this fans the flames and causes deeper some other tips on fire safety when striking matches close Box and strike away from body. Never toss a lighted match away. Use Large noncombustible ashtrays never plastic ones. When emptying make sure All tobacco and matches Are out and Sprinkle with water. Never smoke in bed. You might fall asleep. Remember toxic gases May asphyxiated you before the heat wakes you up. In putting out a fire the water or extinguisher at the base of the fire where flames Start. It is material rather than flames that should be smothered and drenched. In Case of an electric or Gas fire turn off source of heat then smother flame with baking soda. Which should always be kept Handy for use. Never smoke when spraying the hair or using polish or polish remover. Be sure All appliances carry a underwriters Laboratory Seal of approval. Done to put cords under carpets or around nails. Have an adequate number of outlets. Or. Holloway a native of Kansas who now lives in Arlington va., became interested in safety education while she was head of the department of health and physical education Tor women at Kansas state College Pittsburg. She was seriously injured in an automobile Accident an event she says a made me realize that people have to be taught How to keep from being . Seminar on lineage for Public the state membership commission of Nebraska announces a genealogical lineage research seminar open to the Public. It will be held on monday and tuesday october 26 and 27, at the Radisson hotel Cor Husker Lincoln. Hours 9 30 . To 12 30 . And 1 30 . To 3 30 . The seminar will be conducted by mrs Thielens Phillips of Chicago 111., National vice chairman of lineage research . D.a.r., a highly recommended genealogist trained in the United states and Europe. This will be a Brief concise simple explanation of the proper procedure for researching family data How to discover prove evaluate and record important information. The fee includes a kit with text Book charts pertinent material and a bibliography. There is a luncheon each Day. All Are Welcome. Those interested should Register before october 23, with mrs. Guy m. Harris 3232 South 28th Street Lincoln neb. 68502 Telephone 423-9752. When machines crack whip the Darker uppermost surface of a flounder is the left Side and not the Back of the fish. By Betty Canary a very Wise somebody once said that we Are in danger of becoming tools of our tools. Its easy to see he made a Good Assumption. Any housewife knows what this Means. She is in constant danger of becoming a slave to her automatic washing machine for example. She does laundry every single Day now that its so with a steam Iron ironing is easy so she does that every Day too. However the classic example of reversing roles that is Man serving machine instead of machine serving Man is the automobile As master Over its owner. I done to have accurate statistics on this but id be willing to bet the average family spends More dollars annually on its car than it does on health care. And have you Ever checked the amount you spend on recreation against your car payments id even go so far As to suggest the average automobile is better fed and better housed than its owner. Recently a Man i know walked at spending $1,500 for straightening his daughters Teeth but willing a to know How it is Between by spent twice that amount you and the Road a pretty Coy building a heated garage for his and this was a the ride the feel new car it Isnit news that Many of us j have stopped seeing our car As j merely a Means of transport j ing us from one place to Anoth-1 or. You mean you done to know i anybody who has endowed his car with a name or Given it a female identity never heard anyone say As he fondly patted the fender of his Sedan a she still runs like a top a or a this old girl really starts on a cold morning a How far is this going to go anyway frankly i did no to have a worry about it until today when i read an automobile advertisement that said a you spend a lot of time on the that a True i thought a a barrelling Over it. Not communicating with that was putting it rather bluntly but still True a with the right car a spirited Well disciplined machine you and the Road can have a steady dialogue with each other a the and went on. A dialogue with the Road the handling is a matter of touch a gut now i knew highways stopped being tools when they started arbitrarily splitting neighbor hoods wiping out Parks and rolling without a qualm Over historically important houses but i certainly did no to think id Ever be expected to communicate with one. But i suppose this is the logical next step. After All i live in Michigan and its common knowledge that someday we expect to nominate a station Wagon for governor. The state of Franklin was organized but never admitted to the Union. The territory is now part of Tennessee. Now open for business meet our staff from left to right Marda Koch Alyce Young Barb Burroughs Janet Traua Macht amp Debbie Andrew. Open 8 00 am to 6 00 pm Mon. Tues. Wed. Fri. Sat thursday to a. M. To 8 p. M. Opening special nationally advertised permanent Waves Reg. $17.50 $14150 amp 15.00 now i in style setting $1qo0 a this month Only new $2.50 Josephs Salon 118 so. Kab. Pm. 223-2336 be some body in the Bra of permanent non cling sleek Aires by be some body in the Slee Kaire Bra. Be sure your dress Isnit going to dip in and Ripple out where you w ant to be a smooth Young curve. Permanently non cling be Cool and fresh this new Nylon Tricot Quot really breathes and stays cleaner longer too. Be Good to yourself and your figure in sleek Aires. We have lingerie to match. Softie. Smooth natural. 32-38 by. $4 contour. Soft shaping. 32-36 a 32-38 a c.84.50 plus. Lightly padded. 32-36 a b$5 a in White Millers pint of the wok special prices effective sunday monday amp tuesday october 11-12 amp 13 Beatrice s lowest food prices pork cutlets or in in a w 59 c la sliced Csc Large Bologna 99 la. J Small buns. 8 for 27c

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