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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Beatrice, Nebraska Weekend edition temperatures i pfc Low yesterday 45 32 High Low a year ago 82 47 precipitation this month 1.59 precipitation to Date 25.81 precis. To Date a year ago 25.32 Beatrice daily Sun weather partly Cloudy through sunday Low tonight 30-36 High tomorrow in mid 50s, a if you did no to see it in the Sun it did no to happen 68th year no. 81 Beatrice Nebraska saturday sunday october Roll 1970 zip code 68310 10c per copy Jeanette Fossler 1970 Homecoming Queen of bus. Soviets missile deny Sites associated press the soviet Union has Dis Jeanette Fossler daughter of Tina Maurstad 5 year old or. And mrs. John Fossler was daughter of or. And mrs. Ing named 1970 Homecoming Queen Maurstad served As Flower girl a missed As a a sheer fabrication a yesterday at Beatrice High while six year old Rob Pinker y a school. Tony the a on re an it rss build and Man missile Sites on a senior Jeanette has belong George Pinkerton acted As the egyptian Side of the Suez de to the zip club for three Crown bearer. Cana cease fire zone. Years and has been both a re following the Coronation in the rebuttal Friday came a serve and varsity cheerleader the High school gym the crowd few hours after . Secretary in her Sophomore year she moved outdoors for the annual of state William p. Rogers Campaign of slander in the was a member of the safety Homecoming Parade which Tea made the accusation in Wash american press a instigated by a tured a total of ten floats. In ton and charged Moscow Washington a a which says that the winning prize of ten Dol with using a a strident cold War the soviet Union has allegedly Lars which was announced Dur rhetoric. Violated some a commitments ing half time of last nights a fabrication involved in the cease fire in the game went to a float titled tass the official soviet news Suez canal a Rescue an orangemen vie building Manning along Suez canal Agency said the a so called violations blamed on the soviet in share that it is Hel inc i m such As the appearance of ground to air missile Sites manned by soviet personnel in the Suez canal area Are a sheer it said there is an a anti soviet club and was a member of l. And the youth Center in her Sophomore and Junior years. Jeannette is a member of Emmanuel lutheran Church is treasurer of her Luther league and is a substitute sunday school teacher. A there Are not any grounds for accusing the soviet Union of violating the terms of agreement a tass said a because As it is known the soviet Union took no part in drafting any cease fire terms and is not a party to any such the United states initiated the Mideast peace plan that produced a 90-Day cease fire beginning aug. 7 Between Israel Jordan and Egypt. Indirect peace talks at the United nations collapsed sept. 6 when Israel walked out on grounds of an egyptian missile buildup. Conclusive evidence Rogers backing up an israeli assertion earlier in the Day told a news conference that America has conclusive evidence of egyptian violations in the canal truce zone. A we Are convinced beyond a doubt a he added a that soviet personnel Are there to assist in the construction and Manning of those antiaircraft missile Rogers said the United states the first place entry was ri7ppow Cihat a sponsored by homeroom 214, Ounn Jwo Kirk a la. Second place award of five her escort was Chuck Jones 220, and 221. Son of or. And mrs. Willis Jones. A three year Letterman in. Tto football he is currently serving Dollare went a a homeroom 81, As co Captain of the team and 37, and 203 for the float a the is president of the a a by club. Orangemen on the Road to Vic other entrants were Cheryl the third place prize of Brolhorst daughter of or. And $5 went to the float a pull up mrs. Marvin Brolhorst Judy an orangemen Victory sponsor Dell daughter of or. And mrs. A a a a of. Ray Dell him Noakes Daugh a by homeroom 6, 86, and 109. Ter of or. And mrs. Don Noak judges for the Parade were is and Barb Smethers Daugh mrs. James Brashears Rev. Jeanette Fossler wears the Royal Crown after being named ter of or it and mrs Ernest Don Beekman w. J. Mosiman 1970 Homecoming Queen at Beatrice High school. Jeanette is the daughter of or. And mrs. John Fossler. Sun photo Smethers. And Dennis Byars. A Rescue a Victory was the theme of the winning float in yesterday s Homecoming Parade at Beatrice High school. A total of ten floats were entered in the Parade. Sun photo Beatrice hosting Pat gathering humanities class has things going fort Madison Iowa apr a a fort Madison Community High school humanities class that did a rain ceremony really Quality education at Jap despite dip in enrolment prosperous agriculture and Lull employment George a a Bill Burrows first Burrows warned that a freeze District congressional candidate of prices and wages would set As his goal a full employment mean servitude for the Farmer and prosperous agriculture and lower paid labor speaking Friday at a meet the controls should be placed on candidate luncheon. The most powerful corporations High interest and tight Money and labor organizations first he policies of the administration Ward. Are the most important issues. Burrows pledged to Back Nix inflation and unemployment ones economic Reform if the keep rising Burrows said. President adopts a realistic re the Adams Farmer running form. On the democratic ticket spoke the education and health of at a a meet the candidate Lun the people should have the Cheon at the defenders town highest priority Burrows said Houst. Pollution a the luncheon series is sponsor asked what Congress could do de by the Beatrice chamber of about pollution Burrows blamed Commerce. Next Friday noon Campaign politics which he Cali Charlie Thone Republican can a a disgrace to the dilate for Congress will speak this country has the techno in ins talk Burrows accused 0gyt and action should be Tak the Jidy ims trat a of sin8lmg he Burrows said he urged tighter controls on Industrial pollution and said some help could be Given to the factories. Concerning agricultural Poilu St is no a a a Quot a he said the most harmful i g the p be support f com chemical could be eliminated and the moderate chemicals controlled. Burrows said he preferred the popular vote Over the electoral College but said it was not necessary for Good government. The key to Good government is to regulate the Cost of campaigns and suggested the free use of news Media time. Politicians should not be indebted to vested interests because they need the Money to finance their campaigns he said. Social Security Burrows said that social Security should be at least a $100 minimum. This could be accomplished by broadening the tax base rather he out the Farmer the least organized segment of the Economy for Price cuts and pushing the Farmer Down a step further. He also attacked the and Ging the Price support modifies in the world Market. Basing farm commodity Price on what is paid by the underdeveloped nations will mean poverty for the Farmer and businessman in Rural America Burrows said. Parity the key parity is the key to the solution of Many of Nebraska a problems he said. Tile american Farmer is receiving $600,000,000 less than parity annually. Farmers Are forced off the farm and into the cities where there is unemployment and overcrowded conditions. In terms of strictly dollars and cents Burrows said a it is cheaper to keep the people on the farm than in the a he said a fair Price paid the tha Quot increasing the rates Farmer would pay the Farmer said candidate Bill Burrows for his labor and provide a return on his investment at a similar rate paid other segments of the Economy. The agricultural Price Struc the District Vista Confer ence will be held thursday of hollow logs and Reeds for noise Tober 22, at Stoddard school makers then worked from 7 to to . The Confer own ceremony Complete with ence theme will be a the learn chanting a primitive band and ing scene in the All artists. Pershing College will continue the Pershing faculty and staff thought it had something going t0 operas As in the past by of prior to the trustee meeting had the class studying primitive ferin8 the hi8hest Quality Edu voted unanimously to support the tue a. Compete la inadequate Man gathered rocks Sticks cation despite somewhat Digap College administration in every Burrows said and it would be pointing figures on the to Way possible. Out its Tanum or of students enrolled. Although student enrolment this announcement was made at Pershing is Down the num by the per shag Board of trus Ber of female students is up. Tees Friday when official student girl enrolment has reached 111, asked about Law and order Burrows said he believed the 5.5 per cent unemployment rate today was a major cause of the disorder. The highly urbanized big City life with unemployment sometimes running 20 or 30 per cent was another Factor he said. Burrows said he became interested in running for con Pat members and other interested persons Are encouraged to attend. Mrs. Kermitt Schanno director District i will preside. A assessments of the Nebraska Ptah is the title of mrs. Harold h. Thompsons message. Mrs. Thompson Lincoln is president of the Nebraska Pat. Mrs. J a me s w. Kirkman North Platte first vice president Nebraska Pat will discuss Quality living and emphasize that absence of it often leads to drug abuse. At the invitation of the state department of education mrs. Kirkman spent four weeks in san Francisco in intensive training concerning this problem. The a Quality in learning session will include a panel on the National Pat project Rise a that night it started to rain a said . Fahey the teacher a and it came Down like crazy for 24 the next Day it was still rain enrolment figures As of now were placed at 390 students. Better than one for three on the number of males at 279. This is ing and the class began to heart grumbles from football coach trustee president the a although the number of Stu quire a contrast with the first dents is not what we hoped for a said James Brashears Pershing High Jim Youel and band director standards of education and ser students from this area. Stu Larrv Miller who were prepare vices at Pershing must bed its Froni Nebraska total 120. Ing for a game. So the class went through a Stop the rain ceremony and sure enough the rain stopped that evening. he noted that Sev a a re one York. 64 from new Jersey 42 from eral private colleges through the country Are facing enrol an error for the Federal government to pull out of the farm program and turn it Over to big business. The Law of the Jungle is not Kress when he was in washing the american Way Burrows ton two and a half years ago said. The Federal government lobbying for the farm Bill. He should act As a referee Between said he was concerned with the year when the ratio was about the powerful organizations and Lack of understanding on farm one girl for every to boys. The people. Legislation. Another interesting trend is the Economy in the unit Burrows said he checked the the growing proportion of de states is being controlled by voting records of the represent fewer and fewer groups. Natives and found they had Vot today 60 per cent of the . De with the vested interest and Economy is controlled by 200 not the Peoples interest corporations compared to 1,000 the United states is the great corporations in 1940, he said. Est nation but Burrows said Large buyers of farm commo there was a lot he wanted to see Pennsylvania and 36 from Illinois. Altogether 25 states Are Exon claims West is being sold out Alliance apr a. J. Exon democratic candidate for governor says Western Nebraska is being sold out by the administration of gov. Norbert tie Mann his Republican opponent especially in Road building programs. In a speech Here Friday Exon said Tiemann Hasni to held a Highway commission outside of Lincoln since he was elected. Exon also charged that Tiemann wants to dictate where roads will be built. Exon made the comments at a Stop on a democratic caravan through the 3rd congressional District. Exon said the interstate 80 Highway system was a the greatest thing that shit but he said towns like Alliance Chadron Norfolk and others Are at a disadvantage. Exon promised to push for expressways which would Lead into the interstate. Lieutenant governor candidate Ronald Reagon exons running mate accompanied Exon Friday on the caravan with stops in Alliance Hemingford Crawford Chadron Hay Springs and Rushville. Saturday stops include Ainsworth Bassett Atkinson of Neill Albion Fullerton and Central City. Courthouse blast fifth this week Niento problems. In Nebraska represented in the total enrol cities like Chain stores and pro changed and that if he was sat no Reward saved taxpayers $130,000 Seattle a the City of Seattle will not be Able to give a $500 Reward to a Man who saved the taxpayers $130,000. Paul Stephens voluntarily Reading improvement services showed the City How to convert everywhere. Mrs. Harold w. Parking meters so they could Thompson will be the Modera take two dimes instead of one. A Tor and the panel members will watchmaker Stephens saved be or. C. T. Frerichs school the City the Cost of new meters Board member Beatrice or. The City attorney ruled the re Walter a. Schlicting superin Ward legally be paid to pendent Beatrice Public Stephens because no a previous schools and mrs. Lilian Eddy contract existed prior to his Reading specialist Beatrice pub work. Lie schools. Amendment 12, which will appear on the november ballot will be discussed by John e. Lunch Lincoln executive Secretary Nebraska state education association. Cambodian Battle phenom penh Cambodia apr cambodian and communist forces battled for 54 hours today in the Taing Kauk areas the military command said apparently an indication of a a the Gage county court House Jor counteroffensive to halt the Man of the event has announce will be closed monday in of governments biggest push of de. A we want to show our sup serval ice of Columbus Day. The War port for Clair Ash said. Columbus Day for example Hiram Scott col lege in Scottsbluff fell 200 students Short of its projection and Wesleyan University in Lincoln had another drop in the number of students enrolled. Despite the difficulties presented by a smaller than hoped for enrolment Bra amp hears said that the trustees will Back Pershing president Henry Darling and the administration in their efforts to bring the budget in line and seek out program a South Side the College which will help meet financial needs. Clair Callan Day slated october 18 Odell Clair Callan Day will be celebrated sunday october 18 in the St. Mary a Catholic Church basement in Odell. The Coffee hour will be from 2 . To 4 . A everyone is invited a mrs. Richard Wieters of Odell chair men. Censors can set the Price. Isfried he would not be running. Or. Ron Hull breakfast speaker speaker at the mayors prayer breakfast Here on thursday oct. 29, will be or. Don Hull a prominent protestant Layman in Lincoln. Merl Hesser ticket chairman for the breakfast said today that tickets Are now available from ticket sales committeemen at $2 each. In addition to chief Hesser tickets May be purchased from Bob Gates Pershing College Fred Steinkamp jr., sheriffs office Henry Johnson Henry a bowl and John Fauber first National Bank. The breakfast will be at defenders townhouse. Or. Hull is program manager of the Nebraska television network and an associate professor at the University of Nebraska. He is chairman of the Council of ministries of St. Paul United methodist Church in Lincoln. He has been associated with or. Roo Hull Nebraska educational television almost continuously since 1955 when he joined the University of Nebraska television staff As a producer director. In 1966-67 he took a one year leave of absence to s e r v e As programming production advisor to a television project in South Viet Nam and last january returned to Viet Nam briefly As an advisor on the project. Or. Hull received his Bachelor of arts degree from Dakota Wesleyan University a master of science degree from Syracuse University and a doctorate in education from the University of Nebraska. In 1967 he was selected alumnus of Che year by Dakota Wesleyan. He is married and has four children. The title of his talk at the prayer breakfast will be a men for a soft sell clothing image is adopted Huntington Woods Mich. Apr police in the Detroit suburb of Huntington Woods have dropped the traditional Blue and brass paramilitary uniform in favor of a new soft sell clothing image. Starting today two Huntington Woods officers begin patrols in Green blazers wide Green and White striped ties and cuff less Grey pants designed to make them look less threatening and More a a gentlemanly a before the Public. But underneath the Natty exterior the officers will still carry revolver Handcuffs and ammunition. Arrest costs gun Philadelphia a patrolman Joseph Daniels caught a Youthful Holdup suspect after a Brief Chase Here Friday. But it Cost him his revolver. The weapon was stolen from his Holster by an onlooker As he struggled with the suspect. By Jeffrey d. Alderman new York apr an explosion rocked a Queens courthouse causing extensive damage today minutes after a Telephone caller warned that a bomb was about to go off and said a this is Weatherman it was the fifth bombing in the country this week claimed by underground groups. Police said the bomb blew out most of the windows in the building and caused heavy Interior damage knocking several heavy wooden doors off their hinges. No one was injured. Planted in phone Booths the bomb had been planted in a phone Booth police said. The Fri joined the investigation. President Nixon ordered the Fri Friday to find the persons responsible for three West coast bombings thursday. Those bombings and another one monday in Chicago All have been claimed by Radical groups. Today at 1 10 . An Anonymous caller told a prison guard at Long Island City jail adjacent to the courthouse a this is Weatherman calling. There is a bomb planted in the court building that will go off shortly. This is in retaliation for what Hap Pend during the week. Inform pig ten minutes later the new police commissioner of new York is Patrick v. Murphy. Ten minutes after the Call the bomb went off while two policemen investigating the warning were standing Cross the Street from the locked door of the building. A custodian in the building and 17 prisoners in the adjacent jail escaped injury. A later bomb alarm in Manhattan proved unfounded. A caller told police of an impending explosion at the Manhattan House of detention for men the tombs but a search revealed no bomb police said. The president ordered the Fri into the three West coast bombings after a group identifying itself As the a Weatherman underground claimed responsibility for an explosion that wrecked a courtroom and a rest room at the Marin county civic Center in san Rafael. Would present a a evidence of its charges to soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko when Tho two meet at the . General Assembly meeting in new York next week. In Cairo the Semi official egyptian newspaper Al ashram said today that foreign minister Mahmoud Riad would Call for sanctions against Israel at the general Assembly meeting on grounds of israelis refusal to implement the . Security Council Resolution of november 1967. The Resolution called for israeli withdrawal from territories occupied in the 1967 War Arab acknowledgement of israeli sovereignty and a just solution for palestinian refugees. . Diplomats said they expected a full scale debate on the Middle East situation in the general Assembly right after the 25th anniversary Summit session oct. 14 to 24. Reprisals Al ashram also warned that Egypt Libya and other Arab countries would take reprisals against . Economic interests in the Arab world a if the american government persists in her present anti Arab stand a in another article the newspaper urged egyptians to turn out in Force for next thursdays presidential referendum a regardless of whether you say yes or the Only candidate is interim president Anwar Sadat who took Over after Gam a1 Abdel Nasser a death sept. 28. The popular front for the liberation of Palestine issued a statement in Beirut Friday accusing Israel of going Back on a Deal under which palestinian guerrillas released hijacked airline hostages. A we shall Deal a Strong retaliatory blow to americans and israelis failure to Honor their Side of the Deal a the statement said. The front said it released the last six hostages All americans after receiving assurances through the Cross that Israel would free two algerians to lebanese soldiers and a number of guerrilla prisoners. Israel has said she would take no part in the hostage Deal. The front also reported plans to unify five guerrilla organizations in Jordan. They Are the front Al Fatah the Palestine liberation army the syrian backed Saida and the popular democratic front for the liberation of Palestine. The new move apparently does not represent a Challenge to Yasir Arafat Leader of Al Fatah and head of the Central committee of the Palestine resistance organization the political body that guides the to Foremost commando groups. It was seen in Beirut rather As a further step in the merger process of guerrilla units. Little More pleasant weather moves in a Lhoir lated the storm Center that dumped heavy wet Snow on Eastern Nebraska Friday was Well away from the area to the East saturday and a More pleasant kind of october weather settled pm the state. Forecasters said rather Cloudy skies would continue through sunday with warmer temperatures in Prospect through the weekend. Low pressure Over the Rocky mountains was the dominating Factor and a few Brief showers were possible during the Day and saturday night mostly in the Panhandle and extreme Southwest. The Mercury reached a reported state High of 56 at Imperial Friday. The overnight Low was 28 at Valentine and North Omaha. Gage farm Bureau annual meet oct. 13 the Gage county farm Bureau will hold its annual meeting tuesday night oct. 13, at 8 . In the Friendship room of the first National Bank. Business will include the election of officers reports and adoption of resolutions. There will be slide and tape presentation on proposition to the proposed amendment to the Nebraska Constitution that would permit the legislature to tax various classes of personal property at different rates. A Coffee hour will follow the meeting. Raymond Spilker president will preside

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