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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Beatrice, Nebraska Weekend edition temperatures High yesterday Low today 48 38 High Low a year ago 55 28 precipitation this month 3.68 precipitation this year 25.35 precis. To Date last year 27.95 Beatrice daily Sun 69th year no. 116 a if you did no to see it in the Sun it did no to happen Beatrice Nebraska saturday sunday november 20, 21, 1971 weather Clear to partly Cloudy into sunday with some increasing cloudiness sunday afternoon Low tonight mid 30s to lower 40s colder tomorrow High mid 40s to lower 50s. Board okays a inflationary pay increase zip code 68310 10c per copy Community Holiday service Campaign financing vote monday by Joe Hall Washington a the s. Ser a f t t Senate has broken its deadlock democrats continue to insist his tax benefits in the Bill a i a. T a a i we 0tas Over be weekend to de Over a bitterly controversial they had the votes t0 tie the the presidential Campaign i f goes Ina tors offered a lonely a a s amendment. The annual Community j a i r plan to the tax Bill which is a not Ancin plan of slush fund which could senators offered a Long adopted Friday was a change Washington apr de of Confidence across this nation thanksgiving service Span. A a a Paige Mancing key part of president Nixon a major party nominee up to Berie fit them personally and p t or show a t0t the it ? pastured proposal offered by spite opposition from its Public in or. Nixon a ability to Cope sorted by the Beatrice pan and a Rcd on monday As economic program. $20.4 million in tax funds next that speakers would be out in a ii ill 3 a be on Ren an is 1 a Buckley. R members the pay Board has with the economic crisis he has ministerial association will be the Day to vote whether to add they Defeated a Republican year. The Carn Daien a Wooin a hmm no. H ii a a except one cons., ., which trimmed a approved a pay increase for brought upon the conducted at 7 30 . Wed it to the $27 billion tax Cut Bill Effort to kill the plan on a 49-46 a it would be particularly at end of this country to the nth in accept tax break for political cont by striking Coal miners about along with the Price increase quotes d a y at the first Republican Leader Hugh Scott vote thursday. Tractive to dem of who s at set Quot tl0ns fr3m either a s10� deduct a three times higher than the the bus announced that aver presbyterian Church. Made the proposal Friday night cop senators said the week have had Money problems con flirt of interest a no fear of ti0a a s25 tax credit t0 $5� Board s own phase 2 guidelines age weekly earnings for private the Rev. Waldo Greer for a monday vote and won the end respite would give them since the 1968 election a a fall this Doe who shouts 2llh 8 ? respectively. The action Friday sparked nonfarm jobs dropped two Beatrice state Home chaplain acceptance of his Republican time to try to change enough the Money in the fund would a is to bail out a politick Narv the St he a ? t p a s Mcc Mathis immediate Cut scism front Arch cents last month to $129.11. Wal speak on the subject a to and democratic colleagues. Votes to get a Senate rejection come from taxpayer checkoff from its own my Milfs a a a a a a a announced he would n. Booth executive vice presi that figure appeared to Back have and to offerings the agreement came after a agreement also indicated re designating on a me tax re Tom a Abijay to so be made to a a a a amen a it Pas Dent of the . Chamber of up critics of the freeze who had received at the service will go lengthy am Montous session publicans wanted to get on with tums that $1 of the tax pay own funds a nj0 acc a t0i? measure at pm re Commerce who called it a Job said it would hold Down wages t0 expanding the ministry to which democratic Leader Mike the tax Bill which already is ment is to be allocated to Cam sen John o pastor n r t to Rev i a a a taxpayer to say which piously More effectively than prices residents of the Beatrice state Mansfield said a has not been behind schedule and is stalling Paten finances chs of soon or of the i a ? m to p Rev 115 checked off Dollar a if monopolistic unions Are to the labor department attrib Home. One of the Senate s finest hours other major Senate business. 8 p Scott in propose his agree Scon it remark were a Gnu e Side Nev a Quot t 80 ,0 is idea a Hias to get preferential used the Cost of living increase the service will be tape a we have been dilatory we the Senate put the Campaign ment to vote late monday took baloney Quot r w r Friday Sard was gaining approval treatment by using the strike to rising prices of 1971 cars recorded and broadcast Over have been engaging in tactics financing Issue aside for today another shot at various demo a the coffers of the. A no Uhli i 8 weekend from both republicans and weapon and arrogant threats of clothing and housing that offset Kobe radio at 8 30 am on a a i i lust not Rne kepud11 at key Biscayne. May take an democrats. Coercion a Booth said a it is a Harvest time decline in food thanksgiving. Difficult to conceive How the prices vast majority of the american other action people can be expected to show in other action Friday the the restraint necessary to make pay Board decided that re froze anti if latin program Active pay increases will be work a. Permitted in cases where the against Nixon Effort freeze caused a severe Nequi three of the five Public Mem Tyr by preventing otherwise hers of the 15-member Tripar fair wage hikes Tite Board said the agreement the Board said it would allow clearly runs against the goal of retroactive pay under the Fol the presidents economic Stabi lowing circumstances the Public is invited to attend the service. Junior High thanksgiving convocation 101st airborne begins awaited phasing out a Saigon apr the . Nine full . Combat divisions Tion of their 12-month tour of 101st airborne division the and separate brigades the duty or Are being discharged captor of bloody hamburger equivalent of two More Divi Early will return to the United a thanksgiving convocation Hill it began phasing out of com Sions operating in South Viet states. Others will be trans at Beatrice Junior High school Bat today it six weeks ahead of Nam. Feared to . Units still Active ligation Effort. The other two a workers Mak n7 piss than is scheduled for tuesday in the schedule As part of an a celer pulled out in South Vietnam. Durdic Mem Herc to a a school auditorium. Tentative a d hoop pullout to Send thou the . Command said 1,585 the first units to stand Down starting time is 2 45 . Sands of gis Home from Viet troops of the 101st were pulled included the Headquarters of the Junior High a a a band Nam for Christmas. Out of combat in today a initial the division s 3rd brigade an the girls Small singing the 101st is the last remain phase and stood Down in Prepa infantry battalion the 3rd Bat statement the United mine would tag roup wiil perform. Lug . Combat division in ration to phase out of the North Talion 187th infantry and an in in. A p Mere the Public is invited to at Vietnam and its withdrawal pm Battle zone below the de artillery battalion the 2nd Bat Public members abstained from $2 an hour who were denied inviting but said they would have creases during the freeze opposed the miners pay hike. Some fringe benefits such the three opponents said in a As insurance payments that workers of America contract had been no freeze signed Only 15 minutes after the in Kuik?1 i tend tandem relationships Tio is that Sis. Zzz tend. School will be dismissed Marks a Milestone for presi militarized zone. Talion 319th Field artillery. Wage Price freeze expired at for thanksgiving vacation after Dent Nixon a Vietnam nation but some of the men wont be the . Command also an Naira she nov. Is. A. To. Pay prac the convocation. = ,&Quot study returnable _ teachers were not specific containers phase 2 guideline called for a any deluded in the decision Lincoln neb. Apr the maximum 5.5 per cent National but sprees said the Issue of Nebraska Dairy products adv ment. The program. Alien Nixon took of going Home. Only those who flounced the phaseout of four lice in january 1969, there were have completed the major por other units outside of the 101st a a division which will Cut strength new sheltered workshop Nixon appeals to labor fall All but Flat pay boards original dedication is wednesday dedication by another 695 men. These included an air defense artillery battalion and three Engineer companies. President Nixon has ordered hark Nav for o ii u Quot a a a a Tuulis Audi a a we a we us i services for the the tip top division of Faberge to c. Pait Wirtz too a a Sory Board has taken under Martin Luther Homes new of Omaha. They moved into the a Stren to Cut by 4f5�?T Riihl ?66 i a cd Fly iteration testimony from sheltered workshop Are new building located on the War Al mins chair two dairies on the use of return scheduled for to . Wed Martin Luther Home grounds their approval along with the plan or powerful House Able Piastre containers. Mesday followed by an open on november la. Five labor members said 4 per ays. And Meas committee the Board has been Given the House. Since Spring of 1970 cent of the increase goes to e democrats Juja Power to set minimum Basic officiating at the ribbon workshop had been located in hot costs for various Dairy prod cutting ceremony will be mayor average wage increase. The five management members of the Board who voted make the unions welfare fund noon men Over the next two months to an authorized ceiling of 139,000 by the end of january. A Quot moved up the 101st was not scheduled preserve a lajoe _ tonal convention solvent and lib per cent remains Springs. Ark. That the Nixon nets. Robert Sargent,1 or exacted in a leased buildit1s in downtown to begin phasing out until Early for salaries. They said that was had stifled eco information on the containers attend Are representatives of the b e a t r i c e. Because needed next year but its schedule was a permissible catch up wage Jio Mic growth and Cost the a was Given by Goodrich Dairy of governors office and the state production was necessary to moved up Aber Nixon an hike there was no immediate explanation of the differing figures Given by the two sides. U m w a president w. A. A Tony Boyle called on his no a a is of d0l ars in l0s�?~ 2?.ia.a"d fai�0"t goods of and governmental agencies fulfil the contract with tip Quot a acre Fate which made construction of the top it was necessary to build Hloi its a lev to a new facility. 2 by Neil Gilbride the presidents bid for re elec Miami Beach Fla. A Tion. President Nixon a Blunt pledge a the did no twin any friends to press wage Price controls Here but in a afraid its going to whether organized labor likes it have a big effect in the a or not has met with brusque Tion a another Al Cio official dismissal by a hostile Al Cio said of Nixon a face to face convention. The confrontation showdown with labor critics apparently signals a major Nixon said whether he gets presidential Campaign clash in cooperation from labor and oth-1972_ or groups or not a it is my Obi mixed views gation As president of the labor sources expressed United states to make this promised views Over who came off Gram of stopping the Rise in the Best politically in the rare pub Cost of living lie clash Between Nixon and polite applause president George Meany of the the audience at Best gave Al Cio at the federations scattered polite applause and convention Friday. Laughed when Nixon contended a Nixon was speaking to a a that Bis 90-Day wage Price tonal audience a said Peter t. Freeze was a remarkable Suc Schoemann a member of the Cess and at a if you done to specie Sis Al Cion so powerful 35-Man sex think 501 a a Home and ask ecu tive Board that earlier won a Quot res who go to the grocery convention approval to refuse store a cooperation with Federal wage Meany and most other labor controls. Leaders Are waiting Only for the a White House aide said Nix democrats to Settle on a presi on came Here against the adder Quot Ial nominee before throw vice of All his advisers. The a a a a11 their a Uppa it that Way. Are we tired of Backtalk own Here for Hussars by. Turn _4f v i fighting Back a citizen stages a one Man aide pictured the convention democratic presidential con production. Beatrice. H quoth Kansas put Democrat who Goodrich Cost accountant d. Building possible. 4 psst Candida Fei cd fit to jul isl isl 22? a Quot 2�r a a. Mcgovern said a xon s record on the less than paper containers and Beatrice striking miners to a return to eco Nomy was one of promises similar data was presented by employed work without the min and not performance. Fairmont Are residents of the Square feet of floor space. Plans Christmas and new years Hob i a used t0 expressions of pub state Home Are Ane to increase the number of at the workshop conveyor belts and the number ers had remained on strike to await the pay boards review of their new contract. Living costs up the government meanwhile announced that the nations Cost of living crept up again last month despite the Price freeze. The Bureau of labor statistics said the consumer Price Index Rose 0.2 per cent in october which it halved to 0.1 per cent to compensate for the fact that prices usually Rise a Little at this time of year. President Nixon hailed the increase As a the lowest in four years and said it made the freeze a Worth but democratic National chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien said the Cost Rise was a continued evidence of the total Lack optimistic of new foreign Aid Bill Washington a House Senate conferees trying to put together an acceptable foreign Aid Bill say they Are optimistic they can do the Job but they wont get Down to specifics until the House returns from a 10-Day thanksgiving recess nov. 29. Rep. Thomas e. Doc Morgan a a chairman of the House foreign affairs committee said after the first confines session Friday a eau we did was ferret out the major differences. I think we can work out a Bill a but it is going to be a the toughest every of foreign Aid conferences. Sen. . Fulbright d-ark., morgans counterpart in the Senate reportedly complained about the houses revival of its $3.4 billion Aid Bill killed by the Senate. He wanted the House to consider the Senate a separate economic and military Aid measures totalling $2.67 billion. Morgan said the Senate ski a s on of the Aid program and its six month end the War deadline probably will be the most d ficut problems and the last to be resolved. Before the recess. Congress extended foreign Aid and other major unfunded programs until dec. 8 to prevent them from lapsing while new legislation is being worked out. Fido finds a Home studied of South Dako a got a com Days. By outrage on a larger scale. Many labor leaders viewed Parati Vety warm Welcome in a u a t t i ,. The latest available summary by anyone does no to get the Nixon a speech before some 2, backing labors pay de packaging hair accessories for of employees in die near future. 0j s strength. As of message in this Case they can too delegates alternates and mands. He suggested that Nix nov. La. Lists 188,300 american read it Nea telephoto guests As the Odening Mhz in on a phased out of the troops in Vietnam. A new sum guests As the opening Sally in on Quot a sed out a White House next year. Door to door Honey sales this people will be Selling Likely would be Early next year Honey door to it minor sunday to before the entire 15,000-Man i raise Money for the Martin vis on completes the move. Luther Home sheltered the Start of the pullout of the workshop and the Oregon Trail 101st comes at a time when Assn. For retarded children there is a reported buildup in Mary will be issued monday. . Strength is expected to drop below the 184,000 ceiling Nixon set for the end of this month. Sources said that while the 101st has begun phasing out it Many of the labor leaders Here talked More favourably about a democratic ticket headed by sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with possibly sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts As Jackson a running mate. A while some of you May be against me politically and Laughlin air Force some of you May be against base Tex. Apr Sherri my party i know from sex Sherri one of the family the a Shau Valle near the c a spa ask red Honey Watkins is 19, Sangle and the penance Over the last three t Antian who s North unday sales will be from i to Only woman airman living at years that when the chips Are a the jul. 3 30 pm volunteers will be this air Force base with 4,000 Down organized labor is for of the Valley a vast Region that guests at a Chili feed afterwards men. A 15 for the division once patrolled 10-Day Battle the 10-Day Battle for hamburger Hill on the Western Edge of the a Shau Valley in May 1969 Cost the 101st division heavy casualties and stirred a controversy in the . Con St St. John lutheran Church. Mariner 9 shows Mars Oval shaped Pasadena Calif. A America a Nixon said in one of a a it Sall right a she says a but numerous appeals that fell All i miss a Wel you know a but Flat. Haying other girls to talk with. Al Cio officials refused to a my social life has been introduce Nixon Over their pretty full though a she adds. Loudspeaker refused to permit Sherri is a was or member live television coverage of his of women in the air Force. Speech and sent their musicians a we re just like one big out of the Hall so they Cress the assault on re a Hill c7 v a j jul it Mey eau Ion c was spearheaded by he 3rd Ita e reported family Here. A she says. A i kind play the trait Opal presidential that radio tracking of Mariner wish there were some other greeting of a Hail to the chief. Battalion 187th infantry the battalion which stood Down today. Because of the Public juror. Hamburger Hill was the last 9 shows Mars has an Quot equatorial bulge and appears to be slightly Oval shaped rather than round like the Earth. Scientists at the California in major sustained Battle that statute of technology a Jet pro americans fought in South Viet aulsion Laboratory also report cd Friday the giant dust storm sports broadcaster Bill Stem is dead Harrison A voice that has obscured much of the planet is slowly Clearing. A surface detail is beginning to come through. These Are the clearest pictures yet a said or. Was Here there was no escort com fresh out of Basic training Mittee for Nixon when he Fin Shern operates the bases shed his speech and Meany duplicating facilities a the Cut Short Nixon a Effort to Duck printers and other machines under a rope to shake hands which turn out regulations with some labor delegates orders and other military president talked publications. Nixon appeared shocked and Sherri whose Home is Al angry when Meany banged his Monte Calif., joined the air amp avel and ordered delegates Force last August a was a Back 10 their seats a we wid Challenge. I want to travel. I done to care her first assignment brought turn to Page 2, column 7 Bradford Smith of new Mexico Bill Stem whose voice was University As he viewed the lat ,. Known to millions As a radio Ert photographs from manner 9 her Heie a a one of two bases i Oil mandatory sports broadcaster died Friday As it orbits Mars 1t1 the i nit that night at his Home Here. He was scientists said it was 64. In the United states that the i i t wry air Force considers for a Unk driving important to define Mars so Remote Council Bluffs Iowa shape precisely because it a my Mother and sister think apr first time Drunken Skippy sits in tile Middle of the Richard Gates family in Kenyon minn., where the former Mascot of Gates . Army platoon in South Vietnam has found a Home. It cast Gates $200 to take Skippy Home with him after his discharge but he said leaving the dog would be just like leaving a part of himself in South Vietnam. Skippy is shown with Richard Gates and his Wile Roxie and their two daughters Angela left and Tracy. A wire photo sports fans remembered him _ re a a f _ l for has Sharp vibrant and a could give new evidence Quot about pm pretty Lucky especially driving offenders will Thor native sports announcing. The planets evolution and my Mother a Sherri said. Mandatory Jai sentence in Stem was also Well known for whether Mars is still evolving a there Are lots of civilian Ottaw Ottamie county and eight an autobiographical Book a the or died millions of years ago. Women who work on base and other Western Iowa aunties taste of ashes a describing his scientists also reported Detec there is Only one other was Begum no Jan. I recovery from narcotics Addic Tion of water vapor Over the besides me. But she is married the five judges of Hie 15th lion acquired after a 1935 Auto planets South pole. And lives in town. In a out Here judicial District agreed to make Accident in which he lost a leg. The Martian South pole was alone a with All these men a a 20-Dav sentence mandatory in his comeback to the sports one of the two areas manner she said. Addition to die Loose announcing scene was followed 9�?Ts television cameras were Sherri works with four men. Judge Paul Sulhoff Aid the closely by radio fans. A year Able to penetrate last week a they done to mind a she said. Law allows a Fine of from $300 after the Accident he was Back through the dust storm that has but an air Forte spokesman to $1,000 and or a jail sentence in front of the microphones shrouded the planet since late said Sherri wont be alone much of up to a year. A Ain. September. Longer. Joe cite j growing number in 1955, Stern collapsed while Robert Steinbacher. Project a contingent of some 50 was 0f Auto accidents involving doing a football game. Two scientist said the several mile is due Here in december. Drinking Drivers for adding the years later he was Back doing High storm May be a Blessing a 20-Day sentence. A series of sports shows. In disguise when the dust set shortly after his collapse he ties and Mariner can study the said television had done away dynamics of the disturbance Community Chest the District includes Ottaw Ottamie Mills Fremont. Donations to the 1972 Beatrice Page Montgomery Cass ?. K1ut?� n the Lara est in the planets Community Chest fund drove Shelby Aubdon and Harrison Orvul broadcasters. Recorded history. Now stand at $41,600. Counties

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