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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Beatrice, Nebraska Weekend edition temperatures High yesterday Low today 86 62 High Low a year ago 64 42 precipitation .03 precipitation this month 3.29 precipitation this year 7.90 precis. To Date last year 11.24 a a with family weekly Beatrice daily Sun weather partly Cloudy to Cloudy with scattered thundershowers mild temperatures through sunday. A Elf you did no to see it in the Sun it did no to happen 69th year no. 273 Beatrice Nebraska saturday sunday May 27, 28, 1972 zip code 68310 10c per copy 38 entries so far for of Parade . Jets wreck North Viet rail by George Esper major Bridge an air Force general said the knocked out four North Viet de knocked out Friday to of thirty eight entries have been Saigon apr . Jets destruction on thursday of the namese tanks assaulting the them by . Guided missiles committed so far to participate and helicopters smashed North 1,500-foot-Long Lang Giai rail provincial capital of Korntum close fighting in the Parade honouring Beatrice vietnamese tanks attacking on Road Bridge is Miles Northeast City in the Central Highlands infantrymen were reported foods Diamond Jubilee the Central and Northern fronts of Hanoi with laser guided Early today the . Command locked in close fighting in the stockholders meeting wed of South Vietnam today and bombs reduce North Viet said. Three other tanks were Northern and Southern sectors mesday june 7. Included Are . Spokesmen announced names ability to Supply its two reported destroyed by South of Korntum. Casualties on both bands floats Saddle clubs and american jets have wrecked month old offensive in the vietnamese ground forces. Sides were reported to have antique automobiles. The major Bridge on Hanoi a South. It was the second tank As soared past the 1,000 Mark. The Parade will Start at a Northeast Railroad connection american helicopters firing Sault in two Days on Korntum South vietnamese spokesmen proximately 9 15 . After the with China. Electronically guided missiles City. Twelve tanks were report claimed More than 700 North mrs. Pat Nixon presents a Mickey mouse watch to Dmitry Paramonov Back to camera the manager of a watch factory during her Friday visit to the installation. She said a i understand Mickey mouse is a favorite in your country As Well As a wire photo by Cable from Moscow Nixon Brezhnev agree to missile limitation by Gaylord Shaw Moscow apr president Nixon and soviet communist party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev leaders of the worlds two nuclear giants have signed historic accords to limit their mighty missile stockpiles and pledged to seek Complete disarmament in the years ahead. Die first step Back from the spiralling arms race that began in the ashes of Hiroshima a generation ago came 46 minutes before Midnight Friday in the glitter of a czarist Palace in the Kremlin. There Nixon and Brezhnev on the fifth Day of their Summit talks placed their signatures on a treaty limiting deployment of defensive missiles and on a five year executive agreement restricting offensive missiles. Numerical soviet Edge under the treaty which requires Senate confirmation both sides will have the same number of defensive missile Sites and launchers. Under the companion executive agreement the soviets will have a numerical Edge in Long Range land and sea based offensive missiles. With the strategic arms limitation agreements wrapped up Nixon paused in his Summit negotiations today to Fly to the Scenic former capital of Leningrad known As St. Petersburg in the Days of tile czars for eight hours of sightseeing. Such International issues As Vietnam and the Middle East still Are dangling and almost certainly wont be resolved at the Summit. But Nixon will return to an election year America on thursday with a major foreign policy Triumph on his record. Major provisions that Triumph the arms accords contains these major provisions a both nations will have wily two anti ballistic missile site with no More than too defensive missile launchers on each. One . Site will be the one under construction near grand Forks . The other will be near Washington . One soviet site will be the one in place around Moscow. The Oiher will be at least 780 Miles away from the russian capital. Neither nation will be allowed to Start construction of additional fixed land based intercontinental bal Beatrice Pool to open monday the Beatrice swimming Pool will be of n memorial Day at i . To open the swimming season at Riverside Park. Season tickets Wil be sold at the ticket office. Listic missile launchers after july i. The United states Row has 1,054 icbms launchers the soviets have 1.618. However . Officials said the two nations remain at rough parity in Over All nuclear punch. The United states has a 3-1 Edge in the number of offensive missile warheads although the soviets have roughly a 3-1 Edge in total Megatons. �?. Officials said the agreements provide for no onsite inspection to verify compliance with the limits. But they expressed Confidence adequate verification is possible with spy satellites. A the United states May have no More than 710 submarine based Long Range missile launchers it now has 656�?on no More than 44 modern ballistic missile firing submarines. It now has 42 such submarines. A the soviets May have no More than 950 Long Range sub Marine based missile launchers it now has about 700�?on no More than 62 modern missile firing submarines. It now has 25 such submarines in service and another 18 under construction. A under a Complex formula . Officials say the soviets can reach their maximum allowable submarine based Force Only by giving up 210 land based intercontinental ballistic missile cutting the land based strength to 1,408. Predicts ratification the treaty curbing deployment of defensive missiles anti ballistic missiles or Abms requires Senate ratification. Presidential adviser Henry Kissinger predicted it will sail through with an overwhelming margin. But a senator with a key role in consideration of the treaty was More reserved John Stennis chairman of the armed services committee expressed the a a Hope he will be Able to support the treaty but withheld commitment until his panel examines it. Opponents were sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., sen. Strom Thurmond . Sen. James l. Buckley a new York conservative and rep. John m. Ashbrook of Ohio a Republican presidential contender. They charged the soviets got too Good a Deal leaving the United states with less relative might than it needs. Pays respects to heroes of Leningrad Leningrad a his head slightly bowed president Nixon walked slowly and silently past the mass grave of a half million russians who died in world War is 900-Day siege of Leningrad then said quietly a we Hope it is never repeated a his comment came within 12 hours after he signed in the Kremlin the first step Accord to curb the superpower nuclear arms race. The president paused in his Summit talks today to Fly on a russian Airliner to this former Imperial capital devastated in the nazi siege of 1941-44. Beneath a Leaden Gray sky and with rain drizzling lightly onto Green Mounds covering mass Graves Nixon and soviet president Nikolai Podgorny placed a red and White Wreath at the base of the Tomb of the unknown Soldier of Leningrad. The two presidents then retraced their Steps along the 200-Yard Walkway Between the Graves to the Entrance of Pis Kariyev memorial cemetery. There As an umbrella was held above his head Nixon sat to write in the cemetery a guest Book a to Tanya and All the heroines of Leningrad a followed by his signature. Special six Coath train arrives from Lincoln. The train will carry officers Board members and out stare stockholders and their husbands and wives to Beatrice. The annual stockholders meeting will Start at 10 30 . In the City auditorium. A Western style beef Barbecue will be served at 12 30 . At the Gage county Fairgrounds. Featured will be the Norman Sullivan Western combo and a Barbershop quartet from the Vig Ortone co., one of the companies owned by Beatrice foods. Consumers contest at the Barbecue 30 winners names will be drawn in the consumer contest. Many of the displays for the contest have not been received but All Are expected to be set up by wednesday. Consumers Are requested to completely fill out entry Blanks in order to be eligible for the prizes. All prizes will be on display next week in the Nebraska Public Power District area office at 6th and court. Completed entry Blanks should be returned to the Beatrice chamber of Commerce office. Only one entry per family will be allowed. Also at the Barbecue three awards will be presented to businesses in Beatrice for displaying the products of Beatrice foods co. In the most decorative and original Way. Badges balloons sorting thursday Between 4 and 8 ., several handouts will be distributed throughout t h e Community including badges balloons and bags of peanuts to promote the event. Maurice Hevelone Genera chairman of the event commented there has been a a tremendous response from the Community regarding the events a which Start with the Parade in the morning. Parade entry information should be directed to Marvin Hohbein at Box 272, Beatrice or 228-3145. Entries of bands floats Saddle clubs and antique autos May still be entered. Suggest review of professor s salary Lincoln neb. A a University of Nebraska Lincoln faculty committee concluded Friday that the academic Freedom of Bert Evans an in a agricultural economist had not been violated but said in a administrators should consider increasing Evans rank and salary. The findings were in a report vietnamese troops killed since the first assault on Kan turn thursday morning and said government losses were 101 men killed and 296 wounded. Tank led North vietnamese forces launched their fifth assault this week on South Vietnam a northernmost defense line at my Chanh above Hue Field reports said they were thrown Back into occupied Quang Tri province with heavy losses. Laser guide the air Force said a flight of f4 phantoms using 2,000-Pound bombs guided to their target by a laser beam with pinpoint accuracy dropped six of the la spans of the Lang Giai Railroad Bridge. The 18-foot-wide trestle was supported by reinforced Concrete piers and abutments. The spans were knocked from 100-foot-High piers the air Force said. . Navy planes hammered the Haiphong area for the fourth successive Day Friday in a concerted Campaign to Cut the port City off from the rest of North Vietnam and Stem the flow of War materials South. North Vietnam claimed today the . Planes Are attacking irrigation and flood control dikes and said president Nixon is a War criminal under both International and Law. Battle for Highway on the third front at an Loc 00 Miles North of Saigon bloody fighting raged into its 51st Day for control of Highway 13 and the besieged provincial capital. The . Command reported one american was killed and six were wounded in two fights near Saigon. Two jets were lost in the far Northern Quarter of South Vietnam but All four crewmen were rescued uninjured the command added. One . Soldier was killed and one was wounded when enemy troops firing Small arms attacked a South vietnamese militia command Post 23 Miles Northwest of memorial in Fairbury memorial Day visitors to Fairbury Ceme Ber 29, 1968. Or. Skultety and his wife Lucile Tery will see three 14 foot Ellipsoidal shafts visited Many cemeteries in the United states of Barre Granite erected in memory of George and South America and had chosen this Skultety a Fairbury attorney who died octo memorial before his death. Sun photo Bankers victims of extortion schemes court order gives child transfusion drives car through tavern window Lincoln neb. Apr bartender Donald Zetocka at the Keg tavern told police a would be customer who was refused service wednesday night got into his car and drove it into the tavern window. Damage was estimated at $500. Kenneth a. Clark 34, of Lincoln arrested later was arraigned in municipal and county courts thursday on charges porn one Bank executive in Cleve Omaha neb api a a after calling Home and getting it it Urt was issued Friday a Busy signal he took an Undis give a blog gtd Trank fusion to a by the academic privilege and land and another in Jackson dosed amount of Money t0 the 1 Jet. Of Lee Nuncci venture committee which con Ville i la., were victims of Sim Joe up defied by the Cal or and of i 2. Its More it ducted a three Day hearing last Ilar extortion schemes Friday Eft jts in has Ca n Der went St Joseph hopi in his month on charges levelled by involving unfounded Telephone when he returned to the Josepn i aug. 3 l Iron n n it _ it a 111 thou Mam Koffi of. I i til. Fit a ministerial Assn. Ulcers new officers of the Beatrice ministerial Assn. Left to right Dave Henderson Louis Goertz and Earl Grubb go Over plans for the coming year. Goertz president is pastor of the Beatrice mennonite Church Henderson vice president is associate pastor of the first presbyterian Church and Grubb Secretary treasurer is pastor of the first Baptist Church. Tina gives Coopie to Lincoln zoo Coopie a Roseate Spoonbill will be presented to the Lincoln children a zoo on Friday june 2. By Tina Burton the local Brownie who named the Bird. Tina daughter of or. And mrs. Jon Burton of Beatrice entered the winning name one of 28 entries. Her prize is to make the formal presentation of the Bird to the zookeeper when she and other brownies from girl scout neighbourhood 16, including Beatrice visit the zoo on Friday. Or. And mrs. Roy Kuhn were judges in the name the Bird contest. Neighbourhood 16 brownies contributed $25 to the zoo so that the Bird could be purchased. Cars carrying girls to the zoo will leave at 9 15 . From the Northeast Comer of the Indian Creek mall parking lot. Groups should decide in Advance whether they will carry sack lunches or buy their meal at the zoo. Thev May a ear their uniforms if they so desire. The presentation will be made at about la . When he a returned to Bank. Patrick discovered that his 17-year-old daughter had been Safe at Home. Authorities went to the car and found the Ransom Money gone month on charges levelled by involving unfounded Telephone Evans against College of Agri Calls that members of their culture officials that he had families had been seized been discriminated against in in each Case the executive matters of pay and rank. Personally delivered Ransom the committees report Money although no member of which now goes to the Board of his family was Ever in any Dan regents and in a adminis Ger. Tractors dismissed seven of the Raymond c. Pitts president life sentences to charges brought by Evans of the Florida National Bank of including contentions he had Arlington told the Fri Friday been discriminated against in that a Man had called him at several matters involving pro work and told him to Call Home. When he did Clark pleaded innocent in Cipal court to driving with than .10 per cent alcohol blood. Trial wag set for aug. 3. Re. Z1 y a he entered no plea in county Disi net court judge James a h a mail our o been made the order after a it r it and hearing. The child s Mother a a of Jehovah a Are a unconditional Man an Telephone Booth warning him not to Call police. Quested a preliminary hearing us i j. Quot set for july 2. He was released Nesses said Ute a Tod Tram w j it of Tydd fusion would be a direct sin against the Mother mrs. Kent ship suspected cases of Ley of Omaha did not object Toa surgery that would Correct a Lodies Are reported Lincoln neb. Aila e Defo Zrnity in be child seso Lncoln neb api sentences Given Wayne Gohara Nwe ills _ a i Luln Neo. Apr and Dennis Tyndall for the 1969 i t state veterinarian n. W. Kruse rape Kidnap of a coed on the but doctors a old blood a a is said Friday his office has re swered and ordered Pitt to take it Maba in it Ilari reservation in fusions were necessary for the Cei Ved reports from practising Quot Nebraska Thurston county surgery veterinarians of several sus were imposed Union or. James dues fan a sur peeled cases of rabies in he followed instructions that Stith tonally judge Warren or a 1, the court the baby skunks and farm animals. Took him to a series of Loca of has ruled. Could not survive without the or. Krause said children tons. He was finally ordered to two Omaha indians now operation and had about a 60 should be cautioned against leave the Money in his car and inmates of the state per cent Chance if it is per playing with or handling wild walk away. Penitentiary had challenged formed. Animals particularly squirrels he returned later to find the their state court convictions be child Jason Shipley was skunks rabbits or a a Money missing. Then he and sentences As a result of bom premature. He reminded also that state set i Quot it which a spokesman for to tap ital ment Home. Doug the son of or. And mrs. David Wirth took a pair of. Handcuffs to school this week of a Cleveland Trust co. Branch judge Urbom held in Federal and handcuffed himself to hic Bank was told Over the Tele District court that As a result kindergarten teacher mrs. Phone Friday a i have taken of retrocession exclusive Juris Royal Kott. Doug thought he your daughter Donna and i diction Over All crimes except had the key to open them and want some traffic violations committed by mrs. Kott thought the cuffs Patrick were the common children a. _ variety which open with a push a monday states a of oct. 25, 1970 . Sunday june 4. Sponsored by local Veteran of the Button. Both were wrong. While Tyndall and Goham the ceremony has been and fraternal organizations the they had to go to the Wirth the daily Sun will not be had been convicted prior to prepared As a tribute to the annual services will feature Home where the key was published monday so that that Date the final judgment deceased auxiliary and aerie Peter Marchetti past depart found before they could be employees May observe and sentencing occurred after members. The general Public is ment commander of the freed. Memorial Day. Oku Date. Invited to the ceremony american legion As speaker. Fess ional development. The committee unanimously recommended administrative officers a immediately review $30000 0 a or. Evans salary with a View of providing a substantial increase Over his present $14,000 annual salary. Both were wrong fond do Lac wis. A some boys consider school a at her Iob in an insurance of Inai jurisdiction is transferred said saturday the child under of Al Dors which reached provided a Brief trip face and has Chi Dren were Safe state to the Federal went surgery Friday night and the de of four morphs at school the whole time. Government and the Reserva Lawrence Patrick manager Tion. Surgery Friday night remained in critical condition. Eagles club plans memorial service memorial Day memorial Day services Are scheduled for 10 15 . Monday in the veterans Section the annual memorial service 0 f the Evergreen Home told the Fri that Omaha indians on the Reserva at the Beatrice eagles club at cemetery. The procession will a Tion had vested in the United 111 s 8th St will begin at 3 30 begin at 10 . No Sun monday

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