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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 2

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Beatrice, Nebraska Beatrice daily Sun Beatrice neb., Sun., May 12, 1957 Bamboo curtain lifts country beset in chaos oar boarding House a with major Hoople stay a a servies Are it knocking Tco and 1�?Tav egad Soster / vacation a Tsacle Rojett to t i to ave nears Aso twang la no lotto a my Wie Fet forc co tart he it no Klosig to at the i be ass the Coom fills do with wild j i docks y int willing worker a named the National a Goodwill worker of 1957,�?� mrs. Genevieve Farris 26. Of St. Petersburg fla., flips the pages of a Telephone Book with a knobbed stick while on a visit to Washington. Stricken by polio at 22, she partially supports herself and an eight year old daughter by working As a Telephone solicitor for Goodwill industries. Using a knobbed shoe mrs. Farris dials a Telephone placed on the floor. The Honor is the highest bestowed on a handicapped worker from among the 116 Goodwill industries in the . O re John Roderick Hong Kong til a red China has lifted its Bamboo curtain and revealed a nation beset by i conflicts among the masses and paralysing bureaucracy. In a series of Frank disclosures i in the official press and Over a piping radio in recent Days the piping regime has admitted that a the threat of famine hangs Over much of the country in the Wake i of last years floods drought and the disastrous typhoon Wanda. Much of the unemployment is a i by product of last year s calamities. Thousands of peasants in i Able to eke out a living have swarmed to the cities in search of jobs. Bad personnel planning for Industry has contributed to the i growing ranks of the jobless an j official announcement says. To addition to these difficulties j the communist leadership is grappling with two problems which strike at the very heart of its con j tool of the country. Battle of socialism the first is widespread unwell i ingress of former capitalists and to my astute Panage Avert of Burke to in funds a a do need a fest to knit up those legislature to hear Hiway arguments heavy Rains halt searing Forest fires All blazes under control thru out the Northeast associated in Russi rainfall heavier and sooner than expected put a virtual halt saturday to Forest fires that have seared the Northeast for the past week. All the fires were reported out or Well under control in new end gland. New York and new Jersey. Boston had an Inch of rain Over i night. Occasional showers had been predicted but there had been doubt they would be sufficient to wipe out the fire Hazard. In new York. Gov. Averell Harriman lifted the ban on Public use of forests in All but the states Southern Section which had Only a Trace of rain. Sooner than expected conservation commissioner Sharon j. Mauhs said rain of up to an Inch Over most of the state Quot came sooner than expected and was is la 375. By sen. Bixler of har a ice an exp cited. The rain was the first in near i world tension easing Lay with ., Russia i new York of a the new York by a question whether he favored times saturday quoted Nikita another big four Summit meet Khrushchev a saying the surest ing. J Way to avoid War Between com Khrushchev said he decidedly i Niu nist and non communist a favors such a meeting but he lotions is for America and Russia listed that the responsibility for i to find some common Way to ease easing world tensions rested most i tensions. Heavily on the United states and i the soviet communist party russian a a first and Foremost on chief made the statement in an the United hour my 50 minute interview in the times dispatch from mos Moscow with times managing cow summed up the views sex editor Turner Ca Dodge who is on pressed by Khrushchev on i a tour of the newspaper s foreign 1 verse subjects As follows bureaus. Any big four Parley should be Catledge said Khrushchev a a views carefully prepared in Advance. On this Point were prompted the question of Europe As the most important provoke of tension is a a a knot that created Dis i Pules. And settlement in Europe might entail setting up a continuing body dominated by the United states and Russia to review fun Ture problems. Such a body would mean dissolution of the North Atlantic treaty organization i nato. The German problem should be left to the East and West German governments. The United nations is a useful 1 agent for peace but its present Norris blasts Consumers continued from Page i i recommended. By Odell Hanson. A a. ,. I Lincoln to to a visitors to Nerison increasing the state Gas tax. In e act urls to a Cep socialism Braskas legislature monday after from six to seven cents a gallon. Of a non n Many areas of the As a i of Trine. 7he other is the noon Wuh be treated to an unusual another is la 177. By sen. Cole Northeast. But officials said it in Ion e Ween the masses and sight a the senators in their seats of Jav Merriman. It started out As a Usan enough to Bleak the bureaucratic minded committee. And lobbyists at the Rostrum. Bill to tack an extra two cents a Dot. An example red China a news the rare forum is designed to gallon tax on Gas used by trucks historic Plymouth mass. A j a men held a forum in Shanghai i help the legislators pass judge licensed to carry to tons or More j a re a swept to within a few hindi of j piping radio reported today and ment on three Bills aimed at in or having a Gross loaded weight Varc so Jim soap la 1 demanded More Freedom to report creasing the Road building Revenue of 30,000 pounds. It was amended Arm a a a a too firefighters co government officials to hold news available to the state Highway de in committee however to include to Nec the flames. A conferences and permit them payment during the next two i the provision of another Bill adding. N new Tersey nearly of a 0q0r As our state supreme court has selves to be questioned and pro years three cents to the tax on diesel tents were evacuated from a the Bills themselves Are sched fuel now the same As gasoline at Florence Atwood i tested against official intimidation of. That the contract assures Norris no greatest Reluct 0f reporters. U e j to come up for floor con six cents a gallon. Diesel fuel is Ren District of fair recovery of i t s Anco Ana 5ccause your attack up the hungarian uprisings of last Side ration two Davs later a on used mostly by big trucks. Overhead costs dust Quot it a ,"0 year sprang from a similar set of i no duplication a Choice we have written this letter nor will there be duplication of Ian. Rcd Aas Jcj is contents to the facilities As intimated in the a i pc a svs a a Fps to from Here the danger of revolt the suggestion that state Engineer years Clos Schacht letter when nos , controversy Nave Dean air no a this moment exes l. N. Ross be invited to address of Many years. Us in red China. Tuberculosis sanitarium for Chil near Farmingdale when sex 17 years retiring importance is diminished by the dominant role of the United states. It is an a indisputable fact that the United states and its allies contemplate aggressive War on Russia and her red allies. Selfish people in the United states Are Quot carrying on a policy of balancing on the Brink of the people of the United states were a cleverly tricked in the election campaigns to follow warmongers. Circumstances. What apparently will amount to a a but As far As can be ascertained a debate monday began with will orc 2r�f? Over the Beatrice Load said. Trussed 7 Russell concluded with a plea t background on the department s j a a Quot the same Central station serv for harmonious relations Between reason is that red a a r an 4 Diane this is no in Csc at or 1�me in a a i in new York most state Parks Bachelor of science degree in no waste Means such As Ink Man Mao Tze Tung is demonstrate a ,. /. I aug More Friday n get. Born in Max were closed to the thousands who Home economics from the univer paper and paint on information _.,j. A. Master of science at on v creates harm. Michigan state Mufti the legislature and provide some the suns urn service Wymore a Sostenes Heman Woods fire. Khrushchev would like to visit smoke wreathed the buildings. Horence j. Atwood state Home Tho United states and have a talk firefighters checked the Blaze Extension Leader at the University with president Eisenhower but he Short of the Hospital. Of Nebraska since 1945. Will re would a not be accepted As a tour evacuate nursing Home tire june 30, it was announced Isth and has had no official invite in Middleboro mass., 35 a today. Tion. Tents were evacuated from a a native nebraskan miss at censorship is Bere to stay for it nursing Home in the path of a Wood was reared on a farm near is a a rational use of a Means at j Beaver City. She received her the disposal of society in order ice equipment owned by Nebraska i Consumers and the re a �?ort6 f a ii i Nrec dented state officials Occas �?ou1 Lunajr ji5"1�?T a Csc cd it Cut \�?~1c or Quot a Public Power system will be us i a let us now forget this episode my once again he is Able to Roll pm so be a a invited t0 a. Too on nov. Is 18s9. She was a planned a weekend of outdoor sly and her cd when Norris District serves the and cooperate to the end that eve with the punch. Dress the Assembly. Member of St. Mary r Catholic recreation. An order from gov. Degree from Beatrice Load As Consumers Dis Tryone in Nebraska May enjoy the he has decreed a program of Assembly. On the Assumption that Ress will Church altar society Burlington Averell Harriman also suspended verify. U. S. Intervention in the Middle East is to be condemned. Soviet strict is now using. Under Date of advantages of an abundance of restraint mixed with firmness carry balls for hi�h-1 Veter is auxiliary and the Amer open season on Hunting and fish she began her career in Exten intervention in Hungary is a differ april 22 you received from t h e electrical Energy at Low and persuasion rather than com it xes sumo senators Sag in let Ion auxiliary a of and prohibited tenting hiking Ejon work As Dakota county Home Entz As the hungarians have an Norris District an offer to Purchase aulsion. He is maintaining his that the a other Side also she is survived by her husband and camping in the we oops. Agent in 1912. The next year she Independent state. At a fair Price the facilities that. Country s rigid posture against j Sylvester and nine children mrs you use in serving Beatrice. In memorial services be heard. Became state food and nutrition our reply of May 2 you announce by 30th at Diller transfers a rim trim a Ftp the upshot was a broadening of Yoni Robinson Las Angeles. Can if. Eighteen students on a of fatalist. During the summer of particularly from the tha inv action t0 in Ciuc represent mrs. Virginia aquifer Lincoln j. To Neon i Supe Visal the nutrition at2s uti pc of farm Rouns the truck mrs Aurora Trammell. Bossick Tielu trip to Lincoln program of the Federal emerge. To nuts kit c cd. City la. I mrs. Mary Egozcue. Al Lewiston a special Leigh ency Relief administration be. F q. Fount Iowa to Pasco. Tex mrs. Helina Case teen seventh and eighth graders a. That fall she became Asso Edward e Chittenden of Buffalo in Surv de that your District would be. Agreeable to transferring those a Diller special a memory i ii ties at a fair and reasonable Al Day exercises will be held a value to the Norris District Dier Prairie Home cemetery the ravaged areas to tighten their a the Best traditions of Public i 30 at 10 a my accor gang t0 belts Trust in communism service Are realized in the contract Arnold Lottman. Commander of the work hard to produce a bumper Taal relationship Between the City local american legion. I crop this year. As a encourage of Beatrice and the Norris Dis Rev. J. M. Hodgkins of the me ment he has ordered party Mem axes Hernandes u. S. Navy stationed a Field trip to Lincoln r i buy. Mey supervisor Lur a Civ in cum sea i a Venn f Anco Viola Roker lots strict. By reason of the diversity in Tho dist Church will give the and hers to get into the Fields and expect pts to represent the group in Virginia 25 grandchildren and visited the state capital and the Kansas Missouri and South Dak 5 a a 3 0c Yaj in j Ujj Stein Mev Power requirements from a Pool dress. The Diller band will be a Ork Stacie by Side with the farm although this still was tentative 4 great grandchildren her Mother j state historical society. Many oth Ota. In 1945 she returned to the ers 3 t0 Village of Clatonia ing of City and Rural needs the heard and prayer will be by Rev. Ers urgent Relief measures in saturday Are lobbyists Paul Hal Maria Godinez. Mexico City and or school groups were visiting a1- University As state Home Exten $1 Anco other consideration Farmers and town customers in j Paul Kuehner of St. Paul s Luth a ended to Ward Oil actual starve Jne of Nebraska motor car two Sisters in Mexico City. So. Aion Leader. J Francis p. And Wilda Coin and the five county area in which thederan Church. Graves of soldiers 10n during the lean period before assn., c. Russell Lockwood services will be held at to a. In. The group made the Trio by bus 1 when miss Atwood joined the Norris District operates will be i will be decorated by children substantially benefited. The rate transportation will be furnished Harvest have been set in motion. _ unless there is a bumper crop payers both country and City will boys and girls who wish to help. I this year Many Here believe Chi receive electrical Energy a at the i they Are asked to bring baskets a s ambitious industrialization lowest possible Cost consistent with and pedals and be at the legion p a Gram be in serious Trou sound business management just j Hall at 9 30 a. In George c Gorf to George c a of the Nebraska Petroleum Indus tuesday from St. Mary a Catholic Rudy Paul driving. Pupils going Extension staff in 1919 Here were Goin and Eugene Howard Goin tries committee and either Elton Church and Currry Wilt be Mon were Sandra Madison. Jimmy six Home agents in the state. Thi Brothers part of us of Onwu Sec Berck of the Nebraska Farmers Day evening at 8 p. In. At the Reierson. Charlotte Steiner Roger number had increased to 30 when Tion 4 Liberty township consist Union or Charles Marshall of the Laughlin funeral heme. Burial Bredemeier Verona Borcher Jer she became state Leader. Now j of 60 acres. $1. By Laflin Karen Batty Myrna there Are 53. Other changes she tie unemployment program has tl0n some Nebraska farm Bureau federa will be in St. Mary a Church cemetery complaints have been Catholic so Chapin lumber co. To Tegtmeier. Pat Richardson Jam has witnessed and helped bring Turpen r Albert lots i 0 3 4 is Shuey Judy Shuey. Lester Wey about Are an increase in the num Block 30 in the Vul of Barneston n \ a or a in t c it t or to r to i Hurh. Kai at u a two l it Art Cotaa Alk a in. If Quot a a a a the i made that the lineup is loaded in diesel powered sled trains Are ers Vicki Mccoy Larry Richard Ber of Home Extension clubs in,$1300 seriousness of the situation was a favor of those opposing the Rev used to bring heavy equipment in son. Joan Schultz. Darwin Hutchi the state from 1,229 to 2.193. And �?zmnhsi7eh he a suggestion that Enue measures. Former gov. To the new mining projects in son. Nancy Wagner and Stanley an crease in club membership some women now in Industry re Robert Crosby who represents the Northern Manitoba. Borcher. From 18,791 to nearly 34,000. Turn to their Homes to bring up better Nebraska assn., As front daily Sun want ads bring result. The family thus leaving room for j fighter for More Road Money is Idle men. I among those who have registered this complaint. One of the three Bills at stake drive with care. Everywhere funerals hoodlums tear up personal property saturday morning shortly after Midnight two hoodlums apparent Eden services for Etta Johanna by about 20 years old drove up to Eden will be held monday at 1 30 612 North 10th Street and knocked at the Laughlin funeral Home and at the door of mrs. John Boden at 2 p. In. From St. Johns Luth they made a disturbance evident eran Church West of Barneston. In they were drunk. They left aft Rev. Karl Weber wit officiate and or tearing Down to o mail boxes burial will be in the Church Yemc and carrying one of them away j Tery. Memorial in charge of mrs. I tampering with mail boxes May John Wegner and mrs. Tobias Auget the peace disturber into More Dreesen. Trouble than they counted on. The j Dunn funeral services for Wil postal authorities will investigate j Ham c. Dunn were held saturday younger vandals have been de from the Laughlin funeral Home. Striving property in the neighbor j Wymore with the Rev. E. E. Pow Hood of Washington Street Between Ell officiating and burial in the 8th and 10th. G. D. Neal reported Blue Springs cemetery. To the City police that on monday a Klein a funeral services for night and again on Friday night Peter Klein were held Friday boys Between to to 13 years of from the presbyterian Church with age Tore up a Garden and a Lilac the Rev. Homer hoeing official Bush piled Brush in an Alley. Or. Ing and burial in the Highland Neal said there is an organized cemetery. Pallbearers were Glenn gang of prowlers and he Hopes Vanengen. Earie Klein Johnny parents will take notice to avoid Peroglio Warren Bargman Wil serious treble. Ber Bargman Frances Barker. 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