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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Beatrice, Nebraska Temperatures High and Low saturday. 56-50 Highland Low year ago. 99-69 precipitation .03 precipitation this month 76 precipitation this year. 7.36 vol. 55 a Beatrice daily Sun weather considerable cloudiness with to sible showers today. A if you did no to see it in the Sun it did no to happen member of file associated press Norris scores a Ppd a stand blast Effort to break City s Morris pact Beatrice Nebraska sunday. Mav 12, 3957 10c per copy no. 253 of bus wins track title Beatrice High school is the 1957 class a track Champion and Larry Fisher set a new state High school shot put record. For the second year running the orangemen copped the Crown. And for the second consecutive year Scottsbluff was the runner up. In the meet held in Lincoln Friday and saturday Beatrice nosed out second place Scottsbluff 30>/2 to 28. Full details on the sports Page. Consumers has t any monopoly on the Beatrice Load Norris Rural Public Power Dis j strict yesterday issued a caustic reply to Consumers Public Power districts charges that Norris was improperly a a raiding Consumers Load when it succeeded in getting a wholesale electric contract with the City of Beatrice. Nebraska Law a does not give you a monopoly on the business of the City of Norris manager Lester trussed wrote to Consumers general manager Ray l. J Schacht Columbus. Trusses letter was touched off by a letter Schacht had written april 29 to David a. Hamil Rea administrator in Washington d c., condemning what he called a a raiding of existing Consumers loads by Rural districts and citing the Norris contract with the City of Beatrice As an example. Berlin it a communist East in his letter to Schacht trussed j Germany was reported saturday deplored Consumers a apparent of cracking Down on 122 rebellious fort to encourage the City of beat College students with a demand Rice to abrogate its contract with hat they swear loyalty oaths or the Norris District. Face permanent expulsion. East German students rebel staging biggest open strike since uprising in 1953 two billion Dollar slash in budget is nailed Down further cuts Beck afoul on mail fraud a possibility handling of Trust for widow May be a downfall by John Chadwick Washington a pm san. Mcclellan d Ark said saturday that i teamsters Union president Dave Beck May Haye run afoul of the Federal mail fraud Law in his handling of a widows Trust fund. A the treatment he accorded the widow of his Dearest Friend is typical it seems of his dominating characteristic of greed and Mcclellan told news men in reviewing the latest testimony about Beck. Takes a Shine to governor s Appeal for tax increase Little Rock. Ark. Jul a 10-year-old girl in fort Smith ark., apparently was impressed by gov. Orval Faubush a Appeal for a 16-million-Dollar increase in the state sales tax. She sent the governor a letter saying she had shined her father s shoes charged him to cents plus a cent tax. She enclosed the Penny. Are in sight says Bridges top Republican Calls for minimum Cut of 3 billion Grin trussed said in his letter entire third year class of the a at the disclosure that your Dis a veterinary College of East Ber strict a a proposal to the City of beat links Humboldt University were Rice contained higher Power rates described Here As staging this than either of the proposals of the week the biggest open strike Norris District or Nebraska pub against East Germany a red relic powder system. However this Gime since the workers uprising situation does not justify you. In of 1953. An Effort to save face in seeking usually reliable underground to involve the National adm Nistra sources said All were temporarily Tion in this episode or in making ousted from the Rolls of that school a Center of anti comm costume acquisition n a dress of about 1900 Vintage number of articles of clothing and Mary Drishaus in a pre world Jagy include lace dresses plumes Mitten questions will be recalled dating Back to the turn of the War i costume including a motor ,. F. A a. Rent nov in he in Rte Wiah a a i eve hatpins fur pieces. Later in the week a r o b a b i y by Jack Bell Washington it to sen. Bridges for no said saturday administration concessions already have sealed a two billion Cut in president Eisenhower a budget requests and More reductions Are in sight. Bridges who Heads the Senate Republican policy committee said government agencies have agreed not to press for Senate restoration of 546 million dollars Cut from their new Money proposals by the House. I when this is combined with the Houston. Tex. It a Secretary j $1,858,000,000 in requests a mostly Mcclellan is chairman of the of defense Charles e. Wilson said for use in future years with special Senate rackets invest saturday he is against anyone drawn by Eisenhower last month gating committee which will re trying to Cut the defense budget Bridges said total reductions now i sume monday afternoon Public a with a meat a no matter Wyeth stand at $2,334,000,000. Hearings in which Beck has been or it is the United states Cham needs bearing Down pictured As using Union funds for Ber of Commerce or any other a i believe that Well Over one it in enrichment of himself and group of billion dollars More can be acc members of his family. The outspoken defense chief mutated in savings by bearing Hie 62-year-old teamsters Boss who Only last week had criticized Down a Little More heavily than who already has invoked the fifth his a a Rich friends in the Cham the president did in his voluntary amendment Protection against Ber of Commerce on the same reductions in Mutual Security possible self Wilson hits meat axes peril Point plan should t be Cut says Secretary j i use a a i a a r. Aan. A a. I w.->5iujc a. Incrimination 150 Issue took out after them again i Public works and defense a Brid a we can understand your Cha the students making up the Nuber of Articie a j i urns Givin by in limes a refusing t0 answer com 1 a a m Kir in Hoe Onlin i Sloce a t inn Century to the Beatrice lighting veil. Standing Are Frances air it. A a a school dramatic department Ward Penner and Jane Spence in turn be dramatics department . Cd _ _ a. Robe. Of the Century dresses and Doro recently was Given a Large collect some of the garments Are Model thy Shum. In a hot number dating Tion of dancing costumes by Ina do Here. Seated Are Janet Paul from the roaring �?T20�?Ts. Harding. Sun photo nist agitation during the Hungar Ike pledges Aid to diem an unseemly attack on Norris District. Calls for apology Ian rebellion last fall. A an apology is due from you these informants said the Stu to or. Hamil National Rea and dents were ordered to affirm their mini Strator because of your of allegiance to the red regime with fort to involve him in what is permanent expulsion and police purely a local Issue. Action As the alternative. A a disastrous Power shortage in the 122 struck in protest against Nebraska was averted by the time communist persecution of their by Loans made by Rea to the be Dean. Prof. Gunter Schuetzler. Braska Public Power system and to Centra Nebraska Public Power and irrigation District. In averting this Power shortage. Consumers to follow the example of students lace of mounting District has benefited As much As in the polish and hungarian up sure in Southeast Asia. Any Public Power District in the risings. In a joint statement Eisenhowe . Backs free Viet Nam with a Promise of Cash by Spencer Davis Washington a president in an address prepared for the Ges said. Junior chamber of Commerce. In a statement the new Ham Wilson a former president of Shire senator attributed these say general motors corp., said a no n8s to what he said is an a Sun $80,000 fund raised Lone enjoys paying taxes. I have abated Public pressure for econ the widow Mcclellan referred thought my taxes were too High Omi. The statement was issued to is Ray Leheney whose for 25 years but i Haven to while Bridges was in Atlantic City husband was an official of the old squawked about it. J a speech in which he said Al. Beck was trustee of an $80, could join chorus a at 1 savings he Conte 000 fund raised for her from in a Ltd could i0jn 1c meat a boys f s de out a modest inn m p m h p r after t Phon pvt Coria join no meat a oops tax Cut is in order next Jan. Ion members after Leheney who want to chop Down the de As top Republican on the sen a toc fans 1 ddn know ,0 ate appropriations o in in 111 e Edom f Hedlund. A Seattle much about it. In my opinion it is Bridges has called. W. Mortgage banker testified fro a peril Point budget and should mum. Cut of $3300,000000 in the Dav that to and Beck shared an not be Cut. $73,300,000,000 Eisenhower asked Jim postmaster j the prosecution of inc who $11,585 profit from investing this we son said that this year s Congress to make available in general Summerfield said Satur Trade on Hopes of the desperately Money for . Leheney. Hedlund a rather austere defense program new Money. Quackery b y mail at its highest level Washington Day that a sure cure medical 11,1 ofl3n cannot be successfully described Leheney As Becky a we have scheduled is being sem a a lord r m $ prosecuted because the patients a Best and closest verely criticized and p o i i t i a i quackery by mail has reached who Are the chief a via Nesses die j placed in evidence v a the highest level in Summerfield said that so far court. 40 per cent available Eisenhower proposed a $71,800,-000,000 spending program for the leaders on both sides of the aisle. Before the Case is called up in placed in evidence was a letter Are talking in terms of the by year beginning july a sen. Byrd from Beck to . Leheney in Lions that can be but he a a has figured this will be r schemes a for cancer a her As a sound investment. He said that in 1953 a we were a if ibis ratio held a $3,300,000, a of in a a 1a thrifts skin trouble baldness sex Mcclellan referring to w hat he severely criticized for reducing too Cut in new appropriations by state. It comes with poor Grace students fleeing to West Berliner and visiting president. Ngo i Enders which Cut off Man Raj rejuvenator. And bust devel called Beck s a breach of Trust the defense budget by Approxi-1 Congress would be reflected in a from you at this time to seek to furnished refugee officials details Dinh diem declared that any service a 01 pr0ecatl0n m sliced Ozment in this transaction said a there is mately five billion dollars when $1,980,000,000 reduction in actual Embarrass Rea because of your of the Humboldt strike. Further pique Over loss of the Beatrice reports came from the socialist contract. Underground and other anti com a the citizens of Beatrice Are in Monist organizations. In communist aggression or Subver-1er court it b0,l\ Sion threatening the political in Summerfield said that during dependence of the infant Republic a last 2 ttys. 46 sch Raud Quot would be considered As end an orders have been 1s5ued and 106 titled to Purchase their electric the East German news Agency Gering peace and stability in the i a Thor. Persons or for nos have Are s0 d at Severa Hundred col Energy at the Best rate available. I adn distributed a statement by agreements to discontinue jars c3ch> 0ne Sach Claptrap very properly their City Council Humboldt University a Rector the statement issued by the i a 1. Weyona Cut Caprise. De de department said was invited Public Power agencies in prof. Werner Hartke which de White House at the end of three i a f than attempt to defend 1/10 ? with flashing Light bulbs Nebraska to propose lied there had been a strike or Days talks struck hard at the con 1rat�?~tensiwe ticks and buzzes. Requested by Beatrice to offer a expulsion of students. Untied military buildup of the Chi Summerfield said that on the _ contract. Trussell said under Nej however. Hartkens statement j Nese communists. Basis of reports by chief postal Braska Law and supreme court added a the students of the vet it declared piping s military 1 inspector David h. Stephens the Hail of Chough decisions Norris had no Choice but Erin Arian faculty wish to pursue activity a constitutes a continuing medical frauds of today appear ,. To comply. Their studies in an orderly Way threat to the safety of All free a to be a More lucrative than any it gc70?.1g0 ins ii to a you know that Nebraska Law Anco the University organs in Lions in other criminal and that sister Pieta , tune with the times the. A possibility the letter he w Rote we discovered that there was a spending ions or device offered Ber would come within the Feder carry Over in funds from previous Bridges listed the following re frequently described As statute Banning use of the years not needed to carry out the House reductions he said govern a a atomic or some mails to banquet farm tour upcoming for scouts n general j om Quot a a does not give you a monopoly on charge have taken the necessary the communique cited com my new ones Are springing up daily science chemistry and biology in a in an Era when wonder drugs Struc tor at St. Joseph High school Dass he courthouse Monist imperialism has been halt the business of the City of beat Steps to eliminate those elements nist China a refusal to renounce Rice. A year ago the supreme court who intend to interfere with the. The use of Force and a unwilling and great advances in surgery has been selected As a participant Ness to subscribe to the standards and legitimate Medicine have pro in the 1957 summer Institute for at military program. And he added ment departments and agencies a was recently As last year con had agreed to accept Gress insisted upon voting an and Treasury. $14,159,000 conditional 900 million dollars for the Merce $138,178,000 Independent defense program even though As j offices $260,658,700 Interior $7,554, sure by the department of de 625 state Usia $34,786,447 Gen sense that the funds were not re eral government $4,551,500 lab boy scouts members of the now he contended there or health. Education and web Lions club sponsored soil closer Are demands for unjustified cuts fare $86,855,000 total $546,743,772. Ration class have a tour of Gage re county farms and a banquet to according to Phil Hall of the results of present policies speak for themselves he said. 1 a military aggression by com conservation youth Exchange to visit Henrichs farm of this state struck Down the idea studies a that any Public Power District could j b of conduct of civilized diced True medical miracles its High school science teachers set up a monopoly. In a my Chellg to idles the tone of the communique a puzzling that so Many people in Emporia. Kau. State College. Quoting the supreme court de. Pea red intended to reassure not All walks of life pay big Money chosen for their scholarship and the afternoon of May 28 at 5 30 de 0ur Economy is healthy and p. In. Under the leadership of growing with Prosperity widely it the it suns own ser ice Liberty Oil vision Trussell declared that. Out plot of conc Igig Only diem but other asian leaders for frauds a Summerfield said. Profession i an Tuch. Nearly 60 there is absolutely no reason in Bat the i United states continues a the most prominent fraudulent High school science teachers will fathers of scouts will be held at Keith Krecklow of the soil con shared. After years of chronic Vastalo International farm youth striation service a tour will be deficits the third balanced budget Exchange from Finland will Argive in Lincoln May 22, 1957. From i Lincoln he will come to Gage coun made of various farms. In a Rove Bas been submitted. The banquet which will include a or in common sense for say d Quot a famine i t s1 App a y rcc0�nitl0n activity conducted throw then a. San uni. A Man the conc usion of he toll my that the res Denis of Beatrice a Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot a it a a St i Quot a of a a a pc he Hpe,p,n8 8�e, mails today is in the Field of fake i a it part of a nation wide pro f the banquet will be announced were obligated to accept your Dis capacity with the installation of a Eisenhower and diem not do j a a Mam 94 Institute revers. T r no re prices contract at a substantially Semi automat la ready mix Plant red what Thev de the Large a Naicai cures. no or rho a . _ re of said these rackets continue Aid the Fonoria school which higher rate than was offered in Wuh a capacity of producing 80 buildup of vietnamese comm the contracts proposed by the nor cubic Yards of Concrete per hour Ris District and the Nebraska up expected to be operating by May Blic Power be Plant is designed so that contract Sanctity an automatic recording machine As to Consumers a apparent of can be installed at a later Date fort Quot to induce Beatrice to try to e will automatically record the break its contract with Norris amounts of material going into Trussell noted that a it is a Dis each Batch of Concrete. Service to the entire Public Power b in Quot by Tust acros5 the strict North Viet Nam a in seeking lib a it program of our state to suggest Outh of the present Plant at 400 Ert and their increasing hard 1 that contracts for electrical serv Scott St., the Plant s component Sheds later. Fathers May Purchase tick is ter Haug received her High Els from members of the Lions site j mennonite chorus concert is tonight. R it i a f to grow in spite of a conviction school and College reduce Ion at committee concert of the n in or. Aia Stalo is from Hau Sarui rust military forces in North Viet about 99 per cent in medi mount or. Of Chola Mea it Atchison final exams for boys of the non then s Horluk 15 Finland and is 24 years of age. To country Wal part Tio Edt he l Eaf id cases bought to to Al Quot Bere she Rea Ved her b s de class"3 who to 14-years or older he is fairly fluent in English and the Cou _ p Stephens said ree Bas laugh in schools have been taken and papers will i ch�?orcbh\?0rns which is direct Speaks swed so and German Amin Kansas Iowa and Nebraska. Be judged by Les Reid and War \ the chorus which is direct Vastalo Ives on a 227 acre farm of the National scion foundation run Fairchild. Cd but h Griffths. which 105 acres Are in crops. There. Pc Lek wins award has granted $53,200 toward Fin Anc following the banquet there will men from both the Birst and the is a sea j Herd 0f Ayrshire cattle they cited Haish suppression q is Patrick Beatrice was Ling the six week school which be-1 be a program by Lee Kohler and Beatrice. Pennoni inc is. 0n he farm. Of the revolts Ola the people 01 on j Jas no get As both the Best gins june 3rd. Scouts. Two awards will be ibis evenings program to which Joe has studied four years at the actor and announcer in the authorities in the Fields of Phy presented. The Public is invited opens with a University of Helsinki and is 1 eld. At the annual awards sics chemistry botany and zoo although scouts younger than prelude by miss Marian Urbach an agronomy student. His speedy to be the guest of or. And i . Jean Henrichs sr., of Liberty. He will be at the Henrichs Home for two weeks according to the latest information received. 17th parallel As the result of a peace conference in Geneva in _ 1954. Assumed in recent ire present Plant a Man Nas y 5 economic Aid to Viet Nam a on april 19, after your own been in operation since the firm a. By pfc running at the rate of engineers had studied the three started business ten years ago is 200 million dollars a year. Iii contracts offered to the City of being Moi to Hastings venere it tary and has been substantial Beatrice and in the face of the will be used in a new Concrete a th0ugh figures have not been an contrary finding by the i depend Block Plant now under construe bounced. Ent engineers that had been pm Tion. A played by the City you announce the company has a Plant at that after All you believed that Kearney twelve trucks at beat acte represented your contract proposal contained i Rice and to of Hastings and rear i Quot it the lowest rate. Ney Are exchanged Back and Forth at let Allt. Gathering a ten Days later in the letter As demand requires. Advices from California Are that to Hamil a you argue that t h e Everett Jones of the Beatrice Beatrice was Well represented in Norris District quoted the lowest Concrete ., said the new layout rate Only a by virtue of improper not Only takes care of increased use of 2 per cent Federal Money demand to Date but will handle 5 in Bixby Park. Long Beach. Calif. Or by not charging their fair share expected future increases. Among the former Beatric ians of overhead present were or. And . Roy with reference to these charges. Ruyle to be named Rossiter . Maggie Combs or Trussell said a you had been Tolda a Ril and . Harold Kettering or. That the Norris District was not 10 lilt ally Vounell and Laurence Gould or. Using Rea loan Money for its be mayor Allenda Ison nil appoint and Virs. Oily Weber or. And Atrice contract f Urther you had Everett Rule local realtor to the . Gene Richardson and family been told and your engineers knew City Council monday evening to Johnson or. And . Arlie Bell from an examination of the nor j succeed Louis Bates 2nd Ward or. And . Leonard Langdale Ris contract that advantage was councilman who resigned since he i miss Helen Grunewald or. And not taken of the interest credit a1 is moving out of that Ward. Mrs. Guy Heckathorn or. And Kkt at Lowed to Rural districts in Stab the appointment is one of the . W alter Buss and Shirley or. Orchestra with s Lishing the rate in the Norris con items of business listed on the of j and . Ray Mccown Loren Jim the Gage county Section of the annual Nebraska picnic held May its. J Tion. Using funds contributed by special feature will be a num voluntary sources. No government Ber a the lord will deliver a by Money is used. Arrangements the menus quartet Louie Esau were made for the Host family in Frank Penner John Wiebe and Gage county through the Gage Robert Claassen. Rev. Harold bul-1 county Extension service in Ler will read a scripture lesson i operation with the state Agricula the sacred program includes re Tural College. Gigious classics As Well As several familiar spirituals such As a go roil Mckeever wins Down and Quot steal away. Quot scholarship tin a Una own service Wymore a Ron Mckeever of Wymore High is among the list of students in Nebraska receive it the sons own scr ire it eng a $300 Federal land Bank of Jansen a interest is increasing 0maha scholarship Here regarding the upcoming trip the scholarship will be applied to the polls for residents of Jan during his freshman year at the sen University of Nebraska. Tuesday Jansen voters will de a i i cide whether or not the villages j Ltd a a a a a a liquor by drink vote at Jansen prepare for .ncert�?. Florence kit i taverns will serve liquor by to h e drink. A leaflet addressed to a citizens of Jansen has been circular tract with Beatrice and further facial Agenda for the monday coun Merson Ham Sackett or. And at 8 o lock in the Junior Iii Haud continued on Page 2, col. I cil meeting. I mr., and . Harry Langdale. A burkes As Well As the elementary a director of the Beatrice elementary school in tuesday night. Left to right a �?~ a in it Are Jim Cook Cornet soloist . Kit Jana rec Jones oboe soloist and Maria Louise Wieber. 0 Vav e benefits that the concert mistress. It just so happens that All three go to Stoddard school. Tuesday evenings concert. Cozens a gtd the Village would a it orium Viil feature the Junior High band directed by l. A. I erne it the vote favors Buquor by orchestra. Sun photo. The Grain approximate Cash prices being paid in Beatrice area wheat .$1.98 Corn .$1.23 it

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