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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Beatrice, Nebraska Temperatures High Low yesterday. 50-37 High Low year ago. 77-36 precipitation this month. 2.74 precipitation this year. 3.26 Beatrice daily Sun weather sunday considerable cloudiness with occasional rain High mid 30s.�?olf you did no to sop it in the Sun it did t happen member of the associated press vol. 55 Beatrice Nebraska sunday March 31, 1957 10c per copy no. 223 of mayor defends Council record curb Gutter Aid has not upped taxes an editorial what about this sewer use fee ? sewer use budget has been Cut nearly $30,000 in 3 years if Oters Are confused on the charge coming to a vote on tuesday it is no wonder. How does one pick the thread of fact from the tangle of accusations in the first place it should be apparent by now that Beatrice must have a sewage disposal system. For years the Kansas Board of health has complained about Nebraska s a and specifically Beatrice s a pollution of the Stream from tor Means just what it seems to in this election sometimes voting on a referendum proposition can be confusing. Because in some cases the vote which Marysville draws its drinking water. Noth is on an ordinance to repeal ordinance which Means Aasne that if you Are in favor of the finally in 1956, the United states Congress original ordinance you would vote passed a Law making it possible for one state to and vice versa. Fores towns in another state to cease polluting mayor Allen Davison yesterday i but that is not the Case in the inter state streams. Still Kansas working through flatly denied implications made by vote on the sewer use rental pro the Nebraska Board of health for a while the taxpayers organization a that position tuesday. The proposition patiently tried Friendly persuasion. And still Bettie a share of the Cost the ballot is the original Ordin i curb Gutter and gravel districts Ance. Ihas increased or will increase on tuesday a vote a a for is a at Long last its patience exhausted Kansas property taxes. Vote for the sewer use charge decided to make use of the Legal recourse open under a policy adopted by the and a vote a a against is against to it. Under Public Law 660, a certain series of Council the has been picking the charge. Up the Tab on costs in these Dis i a 17 teachers not returning resignation rate much less than it was last year seventeen Beatrice Public school hearings must take place As prelude to prosecution by the United states attorney general. The first of these has been set for May 3 Here a joint meeting of the United states Public health service and the boards of health of Nebraska and Kansas. The Legal machinery has been set in motion and unless Beatrice acts voluntarily it is probably Only a matter of Little Over a year before it will have to act under court order. To let the matter go that far would be a shameful disgrace. But that is beside the Point. The fact is we must cease polluting the Blue River and soon whether we like or not. Under the same Law. Congress has made available Federal funds to help cities pay the Cost of sewage disposal plants. Allocated to Nebraska this year is $661,000 for this purpose. No May get More than 30 per cent of the Cost of its disposal Plant a and at the option of the state tricks above the is per front foot assessed to adjacent property. A the Money is coming from two sources a the mayor said. A one is our Gas tax Money which we Are using and intend to use for several years for this purpose. The other is the regular Street fund Money. It costs about 75 per cent less to maintain a Street with curb and Gutter than one totally unimproved. These savings we Are using for the curb and Gutter improvements. Long Range savings teachers have urine twin resign in maintenance Cost will be great. Tl0ns t0 Date supt. William Star the mayor also declared that pc Ted today. Figures refute charges of the of is a in a be of a a. Extravagance. Rage for this time of year he we have reduced the budget d far below last Vear for three successive years. Dan or near ono.,Hird. Of it May be less. 50nunn 8, be of Hui it he teaching staff resigned is nearly $30,000 less than i i budget during the last Vear under of no a it in the old form of government. I a a there May be a few More res think we have made a lot of in ignitions but i think this repro prove ments for the betterment of sents most of them a Staerkel said the . And the people of beat marriage new jobs plans to reprice Are paying less in proper turn to school and family moves to taxes than they have in five account for most of the tons. Those who have resigned the 1953-54 budget was $299,780 Are a High Point. For the current year Marian Urbach elementary to ending in july it is $271,688. Both Caj supervisor who plans to prefigures cover levies for operating turn to school to work on her expenses and for principal and master s degree interest payments on general of senior High Suzanne Enyeart ligation Bonds. Arb getting married mrs. Lois Many people do not realize that Fairchild speech and dramatics their property taxes for support Quitt Itig teaching Ester Kreifels of the have been going Down homemaking to teach in califor cont of the Tota Cost it t0 spread the Money and Davison said because their total Njma Ruth Marsh librarian plans satisfy More towns wanting the funds. If we pass tax Bill has gone up. A they do not indefinite mrs. Alice Windsor in up this Chance to get about $200,000 in Federal Aid. Stop to think that the total tax Bill Bam commercial retiring. We May have to be satisfied the a lesser amount includes school county and state Jun or High mrs. Paricia kit of help later on a and risk getting none. Nasser charges . Is trying to starved Egypt despite this pressure to $ keep control soviet Union is aiming to help us Israel is barred by Tom Masterson Cairo Eft a president Nasser charged s a t u r d a y the United states is trying a to starve but despite this . Pressure he said Egypt alone will run the Suez canal and will not let israeli ships use it. Nasser spoke to visiting american editors As the first ship convoys in five months transited the newly reopened waterway paying tolls to Egypt on Egypt a terms. In one of the most stinging at a tacks he has Ever made months. This ordinance is a part of our application. By petition this ordinance is being brought to a referendum vote on tuesday. We believe that most of the people who signed those petitions thought at the time that the still had a completely free Choice on whether or not it would build a disposal Plant and that the objection was less to method of payment than to the Plant itself. For it was not until some Days later that the head of the state sanitation department called the full urgency of the a situation to Public attention. If the sewer use charge fails at the polls tuesday our present application for Federal help will be void. It is practically impossible for other Means of financing a Plant to be prepared and passed in the ensuing 30 Days. And by the time we reach the May 3 Public health service hearing there would not be time left to prepare and process a new application by june 30, anyway. A virtually assured $200,000 would have gone Down the Drain. No ordinance has been passed authorizing preparation of plans and specifications or calling for bids for a disposal Plant and at this Point in the procedure none is called for. So far our application for Federal funds has not been fully processed and approved. But anyone who has followed however Cas a a a a a Lucks be Mas Ever made on the Ualle the course of events leading to the passage Schrunk posts bail Terry Schrunk. Mayor of Portland United states Nasser asserted of the sewer use ordinance should know that i a re right faces an unidentified Deputy sheriff while posting s1000 j a the United states is aiming to 1, r a a Abail Atter being arrested on two county grand jury indictments. In i starve us while the Chi iof Ceas no need for such a charge and no such it to Center is capt. Howard Keila of the sheriffs office to whom i a am Jpn heir. Ordinance would have been introduced let alone j Schrunk surrendered. The mayor is charged with perjury and a a a Neid us. Passed except for the purpose of building a Dis i accepting a bribe. Nea telephoto Pohnl Plant. A policy Resolution later passed by the Council merely re stated what should have been clearly apparent. Why then All of the confusion the ordinance reads in substance that Money from the sewer use charge would go into a special fund. Payments May be made from that fund for a sewage disposal Plant and on the exist spreading factory strikes hit London aiming to help us. A we like to be Friendly to the United states but not As a result of pressure. As Long As we have wheat and bread we will continue to resist pressure. A we wont Nasser said Egypt will keep israelis ships from using either the these two provisions Are separate and distinct. Action to Force a to Abate pollution carries with it no Promise of Federal Aid. Of the funds available to Nebraska cities to Check Stream pollution during this fiscal year which runs out june 30. First priority is being held at the moment for Beatrice and two other cities considered the worst offenders. Beatrice is in line to get its Legal maximum a nearly $200,000. If we a elect not to use it. The Money will be allocated to other cities. Funds also will be available next year. But the clamor for this Money from towns All Over the state eager to build disposal plants is so great that it is quite probable that allocations next fiscal year will be based on less than 30 per by Edwin Shanice labor minister lain Macleod Cana or the Gull of aqaba�?150 London if a spreading fac pinned his Hopes for an Early end Miles East of Suez despite threats my sewer system. It merely employs the language j tory strikes hit this teeming Man to the strikes on an Appeal to the or pressure. Israel has been Sand of the state statute authorizing such charges. A factoring capital saturday Par unions to Call off their walkout int foreign Flag ships through the accusations of some sinister purpose behind Al zing More and More of the in and leave the issues to an in p a us Southern port of Eilat the language of the ordinance Are based on Ima Dusty on which Britain lives. Partial investigation by a three 5 Quot a israel1 troops knocked out a half in Ilion men in about Man court of inquiry. A Quot t a greater London plants offi the executive Council of the 40 the red sea6 Erna c i0ul ? on scially joined saturday the million Union confederation of ship build 0a a engineering workers who ing and engineering unions. P it i the gun and the canal Are Thorf in in int a tinny in 7/ a 77,7 walked out a week ago mainly in which is masterminding both ten Ito rial Waters Nasser there is no intention to use them for any other sc0�?zand and Northern eng and. Strikes will consider the govern said Ami he of tend ,0 a a up them purpose. The Council pledges they will be used tw0 Hundred Housand Shipman. Ment Acques tuesday the Day it a or no other purpose. Ers began be third week of their before the court of inquiry opens in Davs n Advance of the Ca what will happen if the sewer use ordinance strike which has silenced 70 ship its hearings. A Nalus official reopening 14 ships in is deleted by voters tuesday Yards around Britain. Unless a settlement is reached Tuo convoys sailed the 103 Miles Gin Arion. There is no substance of fact to support them. There is no need for the funds for any purpose except a sewage disposal Plant. Certainly i. It would mean that the disposal Plant must neither Side in the wage Dis the coming week. The unions i rom Suez at its Southern end to be financed in some other Way. That could be Putes held out any Prospect of threaten to pull out by next week and on the Mediterranean. By an increase in the property tax Levy. Peace moves Over the weekend end another million factory work Argest was tons Al conceivably there May be other methods of there negotiations the past week broke ers ranging from unskilled hands �?z7pt,7n Are any better fairer methods no one has come Dovon n deadlock. To machine operators. Levies As Well As that for the cite of course we have no control Chen Hasselot. Art. Moving to Arizona Robert Nelson math and Over any budgets except our own. Ans indefinite i he mayors statement in de Reynolds vocal music. Fourn ten f in Tirol nor lense of the Council came near end of a Campaign which ends in tuesdays election. A special Issue in the election. Which is drawing keen attention. Getting married Artath Young homemaking moving with family to California. Cedar Sylvia Stutheit Grade 5, the referendum vote on the pans indefinite Christine Oakley a a sewer use charge based on percentages the Council has already applied for Federal help. As a part of its application for Federal Money a which is indeed a a our Money since it comes from taxes we pay to the . Treasury the had to show How it would finance its share of the Cost of the Plant. The Council passed an ordinance calling for of Thackeray honoured St. Joseph presents for service at to 3 act comedy Tonitte Hority now will permit ships of up to 11,000 tons to pass through. 1 in the convoys were ships Fly ing the flags of Italy Russia Greece. West Germany Romania ,. Liberia Ethiopia Panama and in the audience this evening at Finland. They paid tolls directly th2 consumption of water during the Winter direct. Liberty voters to vow Lai Alilam name own Nomi sew use charge. Trade 4. To teach in Colorado also on the ballots will be Nam Carroll Biba. Kindergan ten to is of candidates for Council Tacl in Lincoln. And school Board. Paddock Lane Dorothy Knutzen sect Catlon program three Council candidates have Grade 2a. Plans indefinite mrs. Jlane joined forces in he Campaign. Harriet Sander Grade in moving a m padd cd running under the Banner of the to Lincoln. Glenn Walden Glade. A Rhonl will he Harli Ralph at in ave full Ian a taxpayers they 1a. To teach in California. Lane school will be dedicated at Adf to lipid Sll ols Are heroic Rattien Henry Wil Stodder mrs. Ruth Saathoff a Quot unusual half hour program. Sci Micu Bow i Are Herald _ following there will be of e a ,. Wednesday last Day of dog clinic at police station a just like the Good old Days sex Forward to suggest them. Whatever Means Are employed the Money for our share of the expense will have to come out of our pockets. That cannot be escaped. 2. It certainly would mean trading $200,000 Aith. Up Atria in it i a a. In Federal Money virtually assured this Vear for a Fri t it m n the St Joseph High scho01 s pre 10 before the canal was a Gamble on getting some later on. In All Robab panted Arthur m i tack sensation of a the curious Savage closed by the British French and Mility less. Conceivably none. Cray with a i arc comfor Abl the cast of the same play Forth Sra i invasions in october Many 3. It would have no effect whatever on the easy chair Sau Rda it a coming in Nebraska will be Thop canal Evn determination of the state of Kansas and the Quot was a Quot Ideal a a a a a a it or present Heigh they mid mils to the old Public health service to Force Beatrice to do what Thackeray of 404 North 16th St. Curtain Cal for the three act Suez canalco., that Egypt had the demands of decency and now the Force of Law who retired from the postal scr 0 no c0� be ,8 0 nationalized in july. Name own nominees the Sun s own her ice ice saturday Ater 35 years of con Osyph school Salvage Fleet has Clear tenuous service. And away All the waterway sob or. Thackeray started with he r local cast is composed obstructions except the sunken Frig postal department As a Rural car Kathleen Mahoney John Flory ate Abuzir at the Southern end Rier in South Dakota. He moved Kay Hawkins. Steve Fink bar which still prevents big ships from to Beatrice in 1945 and continued Bara Meyer Jerry Ewald Mike entering. The Abuzir is expected hams and Frank Hollingsworth. Klover. Grade 4b. Recently mar three other candidates in con ried leaving teaching. Houlf from 3�?T�� p a 500 pm tested wards Are running inde a number of those whose plans a it Hough written invitations have pen Dently. Two of them Are run Are indefinite expect to return to been mailed to parents in the pad Ning for re election Paul Kolle school next fall. Kowski and Arnold Wullschleger. The other is Donald Dillow run Ning for the seat to be vacated r out sg6k sodts ii Liberty Quot a voters her East Rural Carrier duties until sat Borzekowski Marjorie Giddings be lifted out of the Way Mon mrs ballots for Village trustees Urda a a a Zhc made a Barsc number Gail Skinner Suzanne Grote and Day. Tuesday will have to name their of for ends Durik i mal1 service Darrel Sneed the . State department on route 3 Here i Ostia Star it is being directed by sister however has advised american Bede. By Ralph Heikes. I big 3pnngs Council Leslie Warren is running Knop the Gillis own str ice posed in his Ward. Blue Springs a four Canille of candidates by Are seeking Council seats wards. Is. At Blue Springs. Jim Artz and first Ward. To e of 1 Bolender in the first Ward rated Rathjen. An j Pon 200k along with Harley second Ward Wiliams is. W Ull _. A i Trump in the second Ward. Scnlege1. A inn inc there Are four school Board can third Ward Warren Uno pos,.dilates with the voters slated to de. Fourth Ward Dillow is. Holl own nominees. In. Quot of Leigh coffin said. No one turned out for Village in addition t0 the gift from his caucus so Only three Blank lines fellow employees or. Thackeray j i appear on the portion of the was presented a certificate of ballot for trustees. J a a Jefe time service from the w. Of Vav i t two persons will be elected As s. Post office department Wash paddock Lane Pat president. A on capt my be no. Trustees for two year terms and in ton d. C. The contrary everyone is not Only ext Ai me a be Cran a on for a Vear term after wrapping up what Busi a. J u ii u1___police Headquarters saturday ,. 1 dosed Community Bui Dine Here in j l. Ii 1----- ._i----1 k however for the Board of Edu be has Here age retired gov Euniie Munji it unum tie in cation two will be elected for a Ern ment employee and his wife will tuesday election May result Dock Lane District this in no Way Means that the event is open Only to said mrs Jack Klumpp. Invited but will by most Welcome paddock Lane located at 14th and Monroe streets is the third of four new elementary school buildings in Beatrice to be Dedi police Headquarters saturday noon. He and his Pooch had waited in line More that his dog Cine and 1957 dog License. But he Wasny to alone. Between 2 30 and 5 00 p. Rn., the i a sponsored a rabies clinic handled 236 expect Large crowd for Wymore ballot own senile vote on the pro ctr sub i w More shipowners against using the canal for the time being. An egyptian canal authority spokesman denounced this advice saturday calling it a a face saving device it the expense of american shipping thar an hour Quot in Quot order three year terms candidates Are move to Richville minn., where a Large turnout of voters. A receive its rabies vac Chet Viets Wes Lane Merie Sut they have purchased a summer atoll tip a. Voters will Mark concert group in membership drive final details Are being complot Insworth. Roof clothing drive the Odd Fellows committee on dogs thus pushing the two session elect two. They Are for a three the clothing drive for foreign re total of five hours to 403 dogs year term Eugene Swanson mrs. Lief today requested members to Dos collector rip Haney along ter. And Lee Borgman. Gene boy resort Cabins and All on dead ballots for officials As Weller and de Sejkora Are candidates Lake As sch�o1 Board members. Three for a two Vear term one to be candidates have been named for de for the membership Campaign named by vote she two openings on the school of the homesteader Community Bike tags on Sale Board Marian Boettcher Gene Voncort assn., which will open on realtor week Gage county real c Ivi a a Minnino for Cassie Wilson Don Colgrove and bring All wearing apparel and Vith canine owners held Mem As r j Hio us Knirr six candidates Are running for Barbara Mcdoy new a one show to the roof Hall monday fast As or. E. M. Bud Carlson a of a is a in ii n 2 boards across the a with the Rush of seeing to it that Oliver and or. G. W. Hallos dogs get their required rabies shot Only competitive Post on the monday. April 8, according to mrs. Clyde Dempster general clogs get their required rabies snot buy we v,.i.y. A a a he Irman dinner at Many boys and girls Are forgetting Council is in the first Ward whereu0je paddock that evening that Bike License tag time is Here opponents Are e. C. Craig and Ca ans and workers will wee vacancies on me i Usu member will be elected for evening Aoril v any one with a of the animal Hospital could 1,1 a Riu a a a a arts across Akam. Chief Gene Burton reports Robert Norris both being new can a which will Board John Lockwood and Lloyd Dora med r j j for j evening april i ans one Vun ,.tion in the Celebration of realtor that 1957 bicycle licenses Are now dilates. Ivan Pohlmeyer is Knop a a Wright both running for re elec a Yel a a Quot Cut and Mel and the item i be picked up a Only one More session has been week Everett Ruyle. Chairman of available at police Headquarters for posed As councilman in the Section. Mrs. James Melba Daw a a Luel a on saturday Attu 6 scheduled that being wednesday Are Board denounced today. 25-cents. Ond Ward for re election. Son. George Kil Patryk or. E. 1 j night. Apr. 3 from 7 to 8 of clock in a Hopes Rise for Kidnap Carlson and mrs. Fred Henriette Sonderegger. Kassing elected to state Dairy Board Chet Kassing. Beatrice has been elected to the Nebraska Board of directors of the american Dairy Assn victim by Bandit gang \ the evening. From All indications the hour wednesday night will hardly be enough if All dog owners visit the police station. By Parvis Rakin there has been no Contact with Tehran Iran a Hopes soar it the outlaws despite offers of uned saturday night that pretty 35 limited Ransom and iranian gov local lad student senator at University Ike won t get speeding ticket police vow nothing improper a a .0 a a a a a. Fred Swartz of Beatrice is one. Re a a Aii nans of the year old mrs. Anita Carroll would Ern ment promises the murderers of the 35 student senators who Dent Eisenhower Isnit going to get conference saturday morning. Dair meet be rescued from the desert ban and kidnappers would go free if participated in the sessions of a no ticket for hitting 70-75 Miles Sai received an Instate attended the annual �?�t1� dits who seized her six Days released mrs. Carroll in mock legislative session at the in it Ltd. 5,.Miles solicited Telephone Call from col. It pet run from april 8 to april 13. This Springs Campaign will be the 19th in which local music lovers and Hose interested in Community betterment have joined forces to bring to Beatrice and this area the great and near great of the musical and artistic world a the association is planning one of the finest series if concerts yet offered and we Are sure that everyone in this area will want to share in the cultural benefits and Musl Washington of a the police accounts of fridays incident a asked Why the newsmen Trail made it official saturday presi brought up the subject at his news i eng the president were not Given a ticket if they were violating the Cal enjoyment these concerts bring 70-75 Miles Speed Law Mcauliffe said that each year a mrs. Dempster said. I .-.i-Niti,. Lius Jiu acus cd Uci Mauava uru. J Lucy i a Ivascu i a. Cancun in j Huck legislative session Ai Mesa Itic Ponc can i rom uni. Present and prospective mein my at the Rouege of agriculture the $ embassy said the harmed. University of Nebraska being an hour. A p Gett it so James s. Mcauliffe superintend Quot As a matter of discretion on the i i by contacted by workers Iii l Lincoln a it. _ Shah a police Are closing in on he flatly denied reports of be sponsored by the Nebraska uni Bing Fiieda it. Ent of police in Montgomery Conn Par a 11e ,0 1c to a. Who will be under the leadership is sponsored by a two segments of the Bandit gang got nations. Varsity Council on world affairs. Lacto the police vow to \ did to md., through which lies the Macau i in Sui e was s Isicc hrs r g Marvin mrs. Wayne promote the use o air it pro in the desert of Southeast Iran. The Pakistan government Alert Twenty three legislative Bills not even observe the rest route to Gettysburg. 1 in 0 Kors a Spott a a tit Waddell and mrs. J. M. Quicken a special feature o e t doctor and a nurse were Rush cd police and armed forces to be ranging from dimming vehicle Donl s car Blat fast. And As Hagerty said Mcauliffe called to 1s no Point n pursuing e match Bush in the Colv my was the appearance o de to the area 800 Miles Southeast on the Alert for the iranian ban lights to the abolition of the Capi Aras they arc concerned the in report a in All fairness to the and further. Jars James key is chairman of can Dairy Princess Lari Evvs Tranjan Cape a 0 stand dits a foreign office spokesman Tai punishment act were consider client is closed. that the two squad in Chicago Ned h. Dearborn the area division and is organic of Dayem. Beatrice will Peti c by in Karachi announced. Cd. They did observe three press car officers who flagged Down the president of the National safety eng membership teams to work in site tor this years state daily which be embassy remained the spokesman said it was cer cars travelling hard in Eisenhowe newsmen a did not observe any Council said in a statement. Lbt. Communities surrounding be Prncess contest. Noncommittal an informed source Tam the gang has not yet crossed Veather Jroud to or s Wake it however and forced improper acts of any kind on the a highly placed government of Tarke. Mrs. Pauline Walsten of. Said a it looks quite the Frontier into Pakistan. Them to slow Down to a Legal 55 part of the president s or secret facials deserve no immunity from Chicago representative of com to Ull vacancies on the embassy said it had been earlier a u. S. Embassy spokes meet i tuesday Nile . For a time. Service enforcement of rules of the Road numbs concerts will be Here to As Barneston s Board determined the outlaw gang split Man said a witness had been a meeting of the Gage county then the press cars had to zoom a the officers did not observe they should be treated exactly Subt during Campaign week. My Sun of ii service up after the ambush in which found who reported seeing a a for weather assn., has been schedule up to too . To catch up with them violating any Law that a like other american Barneston a two members mrs. Carrolls husband and three eign lady travelling on a mule de for 8 of clock tuesday evening the four White House limousines what it Mcauliffe a asked by a newsman if this a will be elected to the Village Board other men were killed last Sun with bandits and their families in the Friendship room of t ii e reporters assigned to cover the Democrat told a reporter later. Plied to the president Dearborn Here in the election tuesday. Can Day. Near the Iran Pakistan Border. 1st National Bank. President Are supposed to keep fridays a hour time for said a that goes for the president dilates Are Jack Day Delbert Bry she was borne away by one the witness said the woman he president Bob Graff announces up with him when he is out in pub the 80-mile trip was about aver too an. Harold Edgar and Archie Pike group a perhaps in the party of saw w As not tied and was a not that it is important that All Tow n a lie and the secret service men Are age for the course when the a secret sen ice agent said Fri candidates for two openings on. The bandits womenfolk or May looking sick a adding i ship chairman be on hand. Sev aware of this. President is driving to and from Day night there was no special the school Board Are Lloyd Brown be with four gangsters who head a the blonde White faced for eral important matters Are to be presidential news Secretary Gettysburg. But it was the first reason tor fridays Speed except swell Heye Henrichs rushed in another direction. Eigner did not have any difficulty discussed and a Progress report James Hagerty obviously Dis time the press cars in the caravan that the dual Lane roads were Sci Searcey and Ernest Roberts. An embassy spokesman said and had no signs of i will be made curbed by newsmen s on the spot had been told to slow Down. Rather Clear. Local Crain approximate Cash prices being paid in Beatrice area wheat $2 09 corn$1.28

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