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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Beatrice, Nebraska Kcf four of attune partly Sun Beatrice nebr., sunday March 19, 193 0 Beatrice daily Sun o a Maith in u Mai vim Fonn Flor in Bushel published morning nil a a re wee amt a a min but except Christmas Tbs nth Al Rani my jail 4, at a North Rufth Street entered it Post office Beattie is Bra ass second Clees Matt Lull 1sk�?~� under act of Concrete May bid. 9. Me my in or associated puss the associated it ii to Euclyn Shireiy entitled to the Are of rep one ,.ae of re Newt it Ratchet credited to it to of for otherwise credited to this paper. A rights of pm Clatl a of special dispatches Beilein Are Aiea reserved. St Sci option Kates by mall. Per year in Advance filet Lone 3,50. Beyond first soae boo. By Carrier per week 18c member of the audit Bureau of . Volume Xxxvii no. 210 / a fish \ bldg. T Chancellor Boucher presentation of the University s Case to the legislature has receive favourable comment from newspaper editors the Ghoul the state. Putting it up to the legislature to decide How much Money the taxpayer can afford to spend upon the school with the Assurance that the Chancellor and regents will it t the most they can for the Money expended has made a hit with Moat observers. The situation has been clearly presented and there is general agreement that this is the first step toward solving a difficult problem. The University head pointed out that they could use ten percent More Money than they have had in the current two year period and they Tell Why they could use it. However they do not insist that the amount be appropriated but Tell what they must do if a smaller amount of of Money is available. Quot there Are three things the legislature can do a says the grand Island Independent a and the regents pointed out what must be done by the University in each Carse. If the budget they request is approved the University can take care of the increased enrolment without any to amps in efficiency or curtailment of curriculum or facilities. If the budget is made the same As for the present biennium and the enrolment continues to grow there must be curtailment if there is to be no curtailment some limit must be placed on enrolment. If the budget is Neft smaller than for the present two years Thor must be a curtailment of both enrolment acid even the most Ardesd advocate of retrenchment would find this problem difficult. It is one thing to sound off for lowering taxes Aud another to advocate reduce expenditures the Only Means of reducing taxes it is one thing to embrace retrenchment a a general proposition and another to put a Finger upon the specific items to be parked. We May a assume that every advocate of Economy is sincere and still sympathizes with those who have the responsibility of doing the cutting. Tho students who spend time and incur expense any attending the University without taking or Nerving much says the grand Inland editor ale always a problem and always will be in a alai#1 of restitution Quot they do not flunk if they did the ablution would be easy. But they manage to a get by and at. The end of their four years they receive n diploma which states they have received an education. In truth they had As much real education when they left High school As when they left College. They achieved a Little gloss some knowledge that they will promptly forget and the mate has been a heavy expense for no particular purpose of state universities were Able to have selective enrolments they could do very Well with r much smaller appropriation. But their being state universities makes this impossible. A that is a rather doleful conclusion. Coming St this particular time when we Are beginning to accept Relief As a permanent proposition it is depressing to think that the listless student is another Burden from which a tax supported institution cannot escape. The Norfolk news studies and approves the proposal that a higher education at Public expense be limited both in extent and in kind to those who Are capable of pursuing it profitably a. The editor adds a in Short t Chancellor proposes More finishing course a in High school and Junior College thus relieving the University of the Burden of enrolling students to the lower classes and leaving it a to perform its two chief functions teaching and research much More effectively than at present with but few additions in Plant arid equipment and with slight if any increase in annual operating costs the Falls City journal see the Choice to be Between maintaining standards or lowering them and providing wider educational facilities adding Quot we fee that Pride in our High educational stand a which we cannot afford Here in Nebraska until such a time As our income again makes it possible to indulge in this and similar there Are a int of pros and cons and with All the help the school administrators Van give by an attitude of concern for taxpayer interests the legislators still have a knotty problem. A oui own r,7? we i finding in himself a likeness to the great Napoleon is Standard equipment in a modern dictator. Ruthless and unscrupulous action is a Mark of a Man of destiny for Rule of conduct which Ordinary men must observe do not apply to one who is marked for greatness. Napoleon s native land Corsica had Long but in non French territory Hitler was born in Austria a state which a been in Alliance with and in and lances against Germany no pole n a it to Power because to precarious position of revolutionary France ailed for a Strong Mam his conquests prospered for a Long time hut ended when Furo Peon Peoples stirred by a patriotism they crush him Napolz any d to Genius w e a form la Conquest victories were fruitless Solo g As Britain stood out against him and that one Power held out from the Start to the finish. Whether like stubborn determination animates t e Island people is something history has yet to Tell. The upper room when an Arlt it advocate of sorghum brought me s Sample of Pancake flour Mindr from the Grain of soon a a i a., nod a give it a trial and report on results. Next morning i mixed a Batch of Batter according to the prescription my Friend gave me and made a Briark of cakes. They were the Mcm pancakes i have Ever met. Flore a Good Many Farmers have become sceptical about Corn As the leading crop for this area More and More acres Hie devoted to raising different varieties of sorghum. There is a sorghum enthusiasm in the Rural air which i fear May carry us too far of enthusiasms often do a i Warp our judgment and result in piling up a surplus of Sty that is unsaleable. _ however the experts endorse the sorghum and i have nothing to offer in opposition except my prejudice. And my prejudice is based upon the fearsome Supi Ion that there must be something sinful in planting crops which Are wire to grow in Good seasons it has always seemed to me that a Farmer would cease being a real Farmer if he eliminated the uncertainties of his occupation and dealt in sure things. Perhaps my fear of farming getting to be too easy is gound less. Ver known before took up arms to he ended his Days at St. Helena n had great military ability whether r of the present Day has military not Tell for none of them has met antagonist. Ambition for glory in came Ai obsession with the great military strategist and he is thought to have been touched with madness. On How Many prints docs a Yno Dern Man of Dost v on Icie a lug illustrious pattern ? the an or to 5 n must await in re Cripi in Evi Dirac. Napoli u knew that his land out at Franklin Nebraska recently the county agent had a lot of sooner Milo made into coarse flour suitable for making muffins and pancakes. A Large crowd of people attracted to the meeting of stockmen were fed on sooner Milo cakes with pork which had been fattened upon the Milo Grain. Next time they should have a Supply of sorghum syrup for the cakes and still further glorify this Plant which answers to the drouth stricken Farmer s prayer. If a Cook a inexpert As myself can produce Pancake of such delectable Quality from materials As cheap As this Home made flour of a Humble Gram Why does t somebody connected with Relief distribution Start a school of instruction to show people How to prepare a very inexpensive food this question occurred to me while mowing away my Milo cake with a. Fork. T venture to say that a Bushel of sorghum Grain would provide the meal basis for All the cakes and muffins i crowd of people could consume in Days of eating. Perhaps those of us who have s it me of the Best ideas on wholesome and inexpensive feeding should give s demonstration for the Benefit of those whose Relief budgets Are designed for them by sorial workers without regard to practical Economy ideas. Be. M. With the scissors railway age journal of the rail transportation Industry says that the roads have reached the Prosperity Peak in taxes. A Way Back in 1890,�?� continues the railway age Quot the tax Bdl of the railways per mile of line averaged $182. With a fairly slow but inexorable upward movement this figure passed the $20o Mark in 1894. The $300 Mark in 1906. The $400 Mark in 1910 and the $500 Mark in 1914. The Tempo then quickened the $600 level was topped in 1916, the $700 and $800 Levels were topped at. One jump in 1917, the $900 level was topped in 1918, and the $1,000 and $1,100 Levels were both topped in 1920. The continued. Annual railway taxes per mile of line first exceeded $1,200 in 1922, $1,300 in 1923, $1,400 in 1925, $1,500 in 1926, and finally exceeded $1,600 in 1929. Quot then came a downward trend. With depression reduced Gross and net earnings there was an automatic reduction in railway taxes based on those ear cos. Rail taxes per mile of line dropped steadily from 1929 through 1935, falling below $1,000 in the latter year. Then came the rebound. From $996 in 1935, railway taxes per mile of line jumped to $1,353 in 1936. To $1,388 in 1937, and to $1,463 in 1938. From 1935 to 1938 the increase was 47 percent. The tax Bills of the railways present some interesting comparisons. Rail mileage today is most closely matched by the mileage in existence of 1909. Yet. With approximately the same mileage Railroad taxes were Une 260 million dollars greater in 1938 than in 1909.�?� rippling rhymes then years ago Thomas hit Side of Casper Wyo Ai Rived in Beatrice to attend the funeral of his sister in Law mrs. Harry Whiteside. Mrs. Katherine Pothast went to Loveland. Colo., to visit her daughter. Mrs. A. 9�?T. Moi 1 is and family. Sarah Chittenden of Gurnee 111., died at the age of 92 years. She was the Mother of Vav. F. Chittenden of Clatonia chairman of the Gage county Board of supervisors about 40 friends and neighbors of or. And mrs. Glenn Price of Kinney gave them a Surprise party the other evening. The prices were about to move from the Community. Ten Vrain in or. And mrs p. J. Rite who had Bren living at Graf the past two years moved Hack to Beatrice. Or. Cdr had been clerking in a grocery store at Graf. Or. And mrs. Lames Allen of Thayer visited at Virginia with old friends they were on their Way to see their daughter Mary mrs Vav i. Norcross and mrs John Lepo Alcvin went to Denver to attend the funeral of the former s sister mrs. I. J. Frantz who used to live near Beatrice. New Fra Ord Low Bemidji Minn. March 18 vib a new Low March temperature record was established in this Northern Minnesota City today when the Mercury dropped to 32 degrees below Zero. Park rapids had s minimum temperature of -31. And Minneapolis and St. Rani recorded i. Rising temperatures were forecast. Irwin service Scottsbluff. Neb March 18 ut1 Mineral services for District judge George f. Irwin Gering will he held Here sunday with additional services and burial at Creighton neb., monday. Judge Irwin died of pneumonia thursday phosphorus accidentally discovered phosphorus was accidentally discovered by in alchemist seeking a Means to transmute base metals into Gold. Coe in by i Brevier. My t m to. U a Pat or the Strong weakling jvs5 fair enough by Pegler 1 were conjured up by Boulder City j concessionaires to Block the state Park. The surprised Senate Public lands committee heard jokes re by Westbrook tag err j Tomasso Pendergast of Kansas i p0rt and ordered hearings put new York recent advices City tin Box Tom in icy Charles Ting Pittman at the head of them. Inform your correspondent some of them with than a Tram of anger that general in Sheridan was an irishman and that his services to this country therefore must be regarded As a contribution by the Emerald Isle. General if p Bullard and general Hugh drum Are similarly claimed in the upper Register of a Long list of distinguished individuals which includes John l. Sullivan Gene Tunney James j. Corbett and Gabby Hartnett. The names and careers of the persons cited sum up to a f. Murphy James j. Walker. Jimmy Hines. John Mccooey and those twin guardian of Honor de a it. Would ukes wrote Quot thai As a result of the recent j cleanup of anti social conditions in Coz. F it yen .h0_ld the i yet Angeles a number. Of gamblers who formerly flourish de there have retaken themselves to vegas. It is rumoured that j they have set about to monopolize j first Ward of Chicago Kinky Dink Kenna and Bathhouse John Coughlin the latter no known Kin however to still another distinguished contributor to the peace and dem j the gambling concerns Otthat cite i Cratie tolerance of this nation Rtia further moored that the the Rev. Charles e. Coughlin of a heartily in support of tins i state Park because they want to All these and Many others he extend their enterprises so As to Long to Ireland by the same Rule of be a he to reach out for the tour Contention that claim general who visit Boulder dam and i very impressive total in the life of Sheridan born in Albany and oth bake mad. This country and their subtraction or honoured natives of the u. S. A. A it Gnu d Ned the first time from the score of american and anyone who claims individuals hat persons with ulterior motives achievement and Honor would j for Uhland has no right to break imposed upon a representative or leave the United states much the j 1e package and choose Only a poorer and Ireland much the gain j few. Of Ireland claims scr or j Idan she must take Dick Croker and Frank Hague is Irish if Hugh drum is. A simpler and a re honest and sporting Way would be to yield to this nation All of one kind or another of All her Citi \ ight warblers i see the neighbors rooting along the Garden Wall they Are intent on shooting All cat the Large and Small. Quot Why All their feud so deadly Quot i ask the a wiling Jake Quot cats sending up a Modi that keeps us All awake a they think they Are ringers for that Caruso Guy who was the Prince of singers until he chose to die. They have us a their mercy when they Start in to sing to ii show hew Calli curd can make the Welkin a g we wish to spend in slumbers the night h hrs Sweet and Bland but cats in countless num on Ere squalling through the land. Each night 1 a he pc their chorus and doubtless strive to in nut they can Only bore us. So we proceed to Arm. And some of us have rifles and some ii. Forks and Spades and any one who trifles with us will feel those Blades. For we Are tired of pleading and saying things polite when we hear cats proceeding to spoil the tranquil night. Of of though i am jaded i d say no bitter thug if Rcv could be persuaded that they can t really sine Walt Mason. U rvs a by us Matthew Adam strive. Recorded information has it. However that general Sheridan was Horn in Albany n. Y., Aud that generals Bullard and drum Are natives general drum being indeed the son of an american officer who was killed in action in the american War against Spain. Sullivan Tunney Corbett and Hartnett also were born and Raused in this land and the feats for which they were famous barring a few strictly social victories by or. Sullivan in London were performed in the nation of their birth and allegiance. The claim advanced by Irish correspondents also by an Irish newspaper published in new York is one of great delicacy As your correspondent Learned last year when he awarded to Italy full credit for the lives and works of a Long Roll of famous if not exactly honoured individuals who Rose to Eminence in tile criminal Branch of american Endeavor. The italian Duce a press at the time was berating the United states As a gangster nation but rather oddly when the deeds of these missionaries were credited to Italy a generous gesture one would have thought there was much indignation against the aspersion on italian blood and culture. They were it appeared americans and victims of the corrupt environment of a barbarian country including even those who joined us in full maturity and hewed in More than a figurative sense a place in american hearts Nowr with regard to general Sheridan and the others cited by irishmen As Irish contributors to the greatness of the United states the Contention is reversed. They were or Are is the Case May be one is heatedly informed irishmen though born Here and their careers belong among the treasures of that great nation. So be it then but if it be so the list of noted Irish among us must be opened to others who Are plainly eligible on the same ground starting at random with the late Boss Dick Croker of new York. Or. Broker s career was in its Peculiar Way highly successful but his contribution to the political morals and Public welfare of the United states is one which Ireland May not be Alert to claim. Frank Hague the mayor of Jersey City a millionaire by dint of saving on a modest salary Ami his precocious son lately appointed to the highest court in now Jersey though not Long out of Law school arc two More who belong to Erm a Honor Roll by this argument. To Ireland also must go credit for the contributions to Good government and Public morals which have honoured the names of the o Connell Brothers of Albany and to Ireland also such glory As she May find in the lives and work of James m Gurley of Bosto Maurice b. Connolly of Queens senator this burned Pittman up by persuading him to Ofer a Bdl that would create an objectionable i special privilege without divulge ing to Hun their ulterior i suspects Tekoa slap Back he pointed out that 160 acres Quot i zeus. The United states should privately owned land in the Park receive the credit along with the punishment. Copyright id Washington Day Book by Preston Grover Washington a intramural squabble no. I at present goes on Between Secretary hit Mem Harold Tekoa and stately senator key Pittman of Nevada chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee. It is Over boat and picnic concessions on Boulder dam Reservoir on the Colorado. The Only thing the two important Public officials have in common is a hatred of they express often and forcefully. Next to Hitler it would seem they dislike each other most. The affair Over Lake Mead which is Boulder dam Reservoir is their second Battle of the Marne. The first was Over the confirmation of Ebert k. Burlew a a undersecretary of Interior. Ickes wanted him. He had had Long experience in the department. Pittman denounced him As unsuitable for such a Post. They fought that out. In Public lands committee and in the Senate. Ickes won. The second Battle began when Pittman proposed to Annex part of the Public Domain about Lake Mead As a recreation ground for Nevada. Boulder dam backs up water in precipitous Colorado Canyon for too Miles. A few Miles Back of the dam one Arm of this Lake reaches out into Nevada along the vegas Wash within 19 Miles of desert bound i As vegas to thousand population in southernmost Nevada there Are 2,610 Square mile of federally owned Public Domain around the Reservoir. Pittman introduced a Bill setting aside 12 Miles of it As a state Park his 12 Railes included the out reaching Arm of the Lake in vegas Wash. A a amblers interested the idea was for the state to set up a resort on the Lake Shore attract patrons from far and near As Well As make an Outing spot where Las vegans could sail boats fish and picnic. I As vegans endorsed the plan. So did the state legislature. Bitterly opposed was diminutive Boulder City created by the six companies which built the dam and now supported in part by the boat concessions at tile dam. Ickes out West on tour inspected the Park site. Into his ear were area were reported under option 1 to the 1,0s Angeles exile in is Nevada s Liberal gambling and Saloon License Laws Ickes Intimat-1 de there could be Quot unrestricted drinking and gambling in the area Pittman suspecting that this was Ickes Way of getting even for his earlier rough handling of Burlew. Denied there a any Gambler motive he said state Laws would prohibit gambling in the entire Park area. He even proposed to Gerrymander the Igo acres right out of Tho Park thus shutting it away from Access to the Lake. But Tokes remembered that Nevada s legislature had kept that state the hell roaring est spot in the u. 5. Pittman termed such an attitude a Quot reflection on the Good name of i the state of Nevada a and predicted the Senate would pass the Bill and slap Ickes Back it g his Indian paintings and tiled bathrooms. Out of the past big Tim Sullivan comme Slatore poured talks Winch Pittman sax a old Home week Mukden by Phoebe Atwood Taylor the characters Axer Mato. Cape cod Sleuth. Weston Aveys to Colorina selectman of b lying state. Tested my Madam Meaux it is a tip s sir a Law. So prom tie to help Asty. Chapter 14 a would be burglary a sey sex a cd to find Weston a Over a t e Hall and the usual number of bystanders remembered seeing him just a few minutes before so he waited in the exposition r is where the local an que collections and the Flower and vegetable and preserve entries. Held Sway. J. Arthur Brinley came up to him. A Good evening viewing our entries a Weston tells or that Slade has left t in f r ice time be no. Brinley nodded knowingly Quot says Slade was scared out of town but Bessie and i know that you managed it. I w anted you to know that we appreciate it sir we appreciate it deeply a Quot Don t thank my a Quot a modest b it a Quot a wondered w Haas everyone says. W As sup a wha a a Era want to the night. T a r. I land. Ii it quits a have a j a theres there out h in that pm action will but will no whenever door an t quilts to to no e Asey Bat s it of Reward that d to be. me Ake. I it of the ladies they Dew a their quills for a t want to is rude a but on Hie other Hilly tight and the it a u i mean y suggestions a moral Philbuck Over said. A Tell him to and announce that the expo five minute Ion tomorrow at Well t does. Then close the in ladies can rip Down Cir hearts Content and ate if h it be Quot wonderful a Brinley said. A thank it i never thought of of to k v ten minutes later the antique quilts Btl a Trees. Log Cabins rising suns buds and a what do you keep there ledgers?1 Quot yes. Mostly in be got commute lists and plans for this week i did keep pm in the Safe but lately i be just left them out. Everyone knows Mem. I hey weren to important. Because everything in them has been copied and printed and mimeographed. Weston added lamely a i did used to keep my Ledger of vital statistic there. Just jotted things Down and copied them later. We done to have More n a couple of dozen births or deaths or a Quot did you or did you not his that Ledger Over to the Bank and put it in the vault a Asey demanded. A i did i a Aas out front this morning when they opened the Bank at eight. Wei. I Don t understand this much do you a a Only that someone wanted to peek at that Ledger. Certainly they did t want old Home week plans with the streets knee deep in pm so to speak. Well Well. An i did t even get much of a look at hat fellow Esther. He had on dark clothes and a Felt hat but he did t ump or smell of garlic or have any outstand features. Huh. You was g Una to a c a guard he at night Wasny to you in the Hall Herr a Weston Shock his head. A you know there s never been a burst Aryl j yith a town ii o i Ess Bey Hoko into summer houses or something Why a outlandish outlander a a i t d seem that you had a would i be burglar Here among your guests Asey said. We Don t to of a a fact that you re not just co pm with natives Here i a g get a g of Many outmoded i Ai Soave of pm Are Gem to a t 1 Anda a a a ii p f i left a of pie Iii want to knew a Tell pm 0 look after your a ques and exposition an All. An for the Benefit of Sivonn desire id or assistance. Billingsgate s gesture of safety for its guest. Two cops constantly on Call. Make a hit. I should t Weston was dubious a i suppose so but How can we explain thus door a a blame it on me my car key got locked up. An i broke in. Now baskets ipos wheel Rose 0f grab the phone an get a lock Sharm adult cos foot in the mud and All the Hundred and one other kinds were on the Way to their resp Homes to warm the tourist Ai d the old settlers. As to grinned and strolled upstairs ? card the town offices. A Man coming Down brushed by him hurriedly taking the Steps Down four at a time. Tasev glanced after him curiously for toe Man w re toe first dark City like clothes he had amp Een in a Long while. Then at the selectmen a offices Tasev stopped Short. The Glass topped door was open but there was no Light in the offices beyond. He could see the Marks we Here the lock and door had been forced. A Goldilocks Smith and have him fix things up. Got one in town ainu to you get him then. Weston i d met know As i Ever saw a Man Jitter the Way you can when once you got started what a the matter with you a Quot matter it a like sitting on a powder Keg you can to Tell we hat la be the last Straw that la leave you holding the bag a Tasev a d. A get the Locksmith and Stop this foolishness i m Gem Over to the fireworks. It s most time Quot there a Weston said. A a there a the next thing the fireworks what la happen tonight when they have the tug display who la be shot tonight a Quot no a How do you know for All you know someone might shoot at you a Quot that is exactly Why a Ai by \ sey St Ood there and surveyed / a act Al a a v a the it to v i Aid 1 m Sam it up to tie Field and stand in the Middle of thirty Yean ago hunger Aoki. Who claimed to or a son of a japanese general in the War with Russia was engaged to marry Gladys Emery daughter of an episcopal Archdeacon in san Francisco but he disappeared. Somebody who did t approve of such matches probably caused i. Disappearance. Gilbert f. Cook and miss one Highland both of the Ellis Vicinity were married today at the Centenary at e. Parsonage in Beatrice. The Bride was a laughter of Frederick Highland. Mrs r h Buckman entertained a company of friends in Honor of miss Susan dumb amp ugh who was to be married March 24 to Julius a unman of this City. A Beatrice dealer was offering slightly cracked fresh eggs at 14 cents a dozen. A store had Good shoes at $2.50 a pair and $3.50 was considered a fancy Price. C a. Gale sold his farm Southeast of town to t. A. Woodward and would hold a Sale of livestock and implements. Or. Gale was a breeder of Fine driving horses. Or. And mrs. Charles Cobun of Chicago former Beatrice residents were visiting in the City with the latter s Mother mrs. J. J. Mccann. Mrs Clayton Salisbury went to Lincoln to visit a few Days with her Mother. Mrs Rice a former resident of this City. Miss Ione Hooker went to Boynton mo., to spend a few weeks visiting her sister. Miss Stella Keene there was no sense to romping i in downstairs and trying to pursue a the Man for the chances of catching him were something less than slim. If the fellow continued his original Pace he was now beyond Pursuit anyway. And in the confusion outside the Hall with dozens of cars starting and turning and departing it would be next to impossible to find anyone. Not without creating a lot More confusion. Weston appeared at the head of the stairs. Quot Brinley said you wanted me is anything the matter what a this a a a gent a Asey informed him a has been Prymk into that which done to concern him. Come on lets see the Weston nearly wept. A Kasey has someone broken in there who did you see lets go after him a a a he a not important relatively Asey said a but what he May have found or got or done or taken away matters a lot. Come nervously Weston went to work in the office. A the Hasni to touched Jeff a desk and he has it touched Brinley desk but he has been at my desk a what Are you laughing about now Asey Mayo this Isno to a a you sounded so much a Asey said a like Goldilocks and the three bears. Go on Wes. In a a the did no to touch the files. They re All right. He did no to touch the Safe thank god because in be got a Hundred times As much Cash there As usual. As far As i can see Asey he Only went to my desk and everything seems to be in the right order except my lower big teetering on my toe. Sara and Jeff and Eloise and Jane Are going to stay there and in a going to Send a cop to stay with you. In fact you re going to have a guard yourself tonight. Does that help your blues a a what use is a guard if someone a decided to kill me. Suppose i did keep out of the Way of windows and had a guard with me. Of anyone wanted to shoot Deer Ball at me All they be got to do is figure where i m sitting or sleeping and fire right through the v alls. Suppose someone does take to shooting through Walls up at aunt Sarah a for example a Quot won t get far there a Asey said. Quot that s an old House and built on the foundations of an older one still. Theres a solid four Inch thickness of Brick Between the clipboards and the wainscoting. Aunt Sara was telling me today an a about How it Cost pm a Young Fortune to have the place wired for electricity. If anyone wants 0 pop at me under the circumstances they have Ray permission. Now Call the Locksmith and ill Send up a trooper done to worry you la be taken care a but who was this Man Here a Weston said. Quot what did he break in for a Quot this is a new one a Asey told him. A this Isnit the first Quot someone else a Weston said. A what makes you think so a a the first fellow stole your keys did no the or the duplicates or skeletons. Well Why should he stoop to lock breaking ? this is two other Fellows. Weston cheer up will you in of Goodby. Ill see you continued tomorrow

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