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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Beatrice, Nebraska Pig f two Beatrice Baily up Beatrice Ife sunday March 19, 1039 Reich defends czech action i a Orp of a Birn a or Tho i and 5 Nam Moravia for Hon his Nev nazi Ltd As report s Gary for sub the Ras they Mel null Eucha r eco non s of Cion Secreta and Pri an off said the Weig hoc Man rep Berlin which a Kemnec sorption his wet this state i Wes Terr nations ideas after germ to fore ii Ribb it feb. Tee to Over caviar deem Uty d a nil heft and n i Rath named h. President of in Lect Counci i minister a Lector of the seven Hants of Bohemia a Hitler left Vienna r a three Day tour of men in Berlin Brand non semen foreign Hitler had put him Mia next on his list it non his March to kid w to r still gel King iry c me rial b however dil that w i head of noon. It of the condemnations h course by acting state Sumner Welles minister Chamberlain spokesman in Berlin to cry syllable must be fore and official Ger Fra for vet it Lem the int if stat a to be in pit it. Ber i spit Ings lion Nak pact n v or b into the Anci Man Roe oct it of to it Hill it who play rope Loc i Ess. Heedless shoes i Lorn i min t despite legislator i uis March is up a r unhealthy As claiming Missouri legislators id h it i t is shoes prob pre in the Simi i today a Survey .0 per cent of women s Cie this Spring by the 84 in the St Louis area it nit Heel less. / legislator and iter the models in summer a to ii and Beauty of it but the Bill ter Day because it Ute revision or i the ablation the As consider. Chamberlain colourful school operetta alls Al net Youthful la for sat. Session triers do a Good Job on a difficult Gounod Moliere show to St continued from Page i p special Cabinet meeting Fol-1 an unusual session of the me ministers and tomorrow French Cabinet will hold a a1 meeting which was under i to have been called to con j Sider what kind of support France and Britain could give to the rumanian minister to Lon lion. In a conference last night with foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax. Was reported to have voiced Rumania s concern Over possible get Man aggression and to have rejected any idea of his country nazi economic propos Victal comment on Chain Birmingham speech in he prime minister con Germany s Quot Wanton Quot a of Czechoslovakia said ? lacked objectivity comment declared such ends from statesmen of n Powers gave the Small of Southeast Europe false it of the roles they could play he Munich Accord extended n Power to the Southeast. Veto Powers Neurath. Who gave Way As i minister to Joachim von strop in a Cabinet reshuffle. 1938, will have Teague As Ocial residence As Reichs pro see smallest Corn acreage i apartment expects reduced acreage to help suite surplus problem Washington March 18 up a agriculture department officials looked today to reduced acreages in wheat and Corn to help solve the crop surplus problem. The smallest Corn acreage in 40 years and an area sown to wheat 18 percent below that of last year were estimated yesterday by the Federal crop reporting Board. Acreage to be sown to Corn was estimated at 92,062,000. Compared with the agriculture administration s goal of 96,000.000. The wheat acreage was estimated at 65,650.000, compared with the crop control program goal of 55.000,Coo the l Oard said that if its december estimate of 20 to 25 peril Quot t abandonment of Winter wheat were fulfilled and Spring wheat harvesting covered no More than 16 700,000 acres the total wheat acreage for Harvest would be 52. 700.000. The average for the 1927- 36 period was 55.325.000. With the exception of Kansas All states in the com Belt showed acreage decreases in Kansas the acreage is expected to be about. 35 i percent above last year s Low acre age but Sld 42 percent below the i state s 10-year average. Bodies of victims Oll Isla in crash found Juneau. Alaska. March is an old time prospector claimed a one thousand Dollar Reward today As the bodies of six persons who died in one of Alaska s worst commercial airline accidents were brought to Juneau from isolated Island on which the plane crashed last february 12 these proposals were described by a rumanian legation spokes Man As being virtually of ultimatum character. Prime minister Chamberlain arrived from Birmingham at no. To Downing St rent without his Quot appeasement a umbrella 15 minutes to fore the Cabinet went into sea-1 Sion. Across Downing Street the for-1 eign office was illuminated for the first saturday since the rep Tom Ber crisis Over German demands on Czechoslovakia for the sudetenland. Complete repudiation the British government acting in on Ort with France directed its ambassadors in Berlin to deliver a formal note to the German government saying the invasion of Czecho Slovakia represented Quot a Complete repudiation of the Munich the British foreign office announced Law that the note which ambassador sir Nevile Henderson was instructed to present would state that a his majesty s government regarded As without Legal basis the changes effected by Germany a military action in the French government announced in Paris that a similar note would be presented by the French ambassador in Berlin. The British announcement outlining the nature if the note to be presented said that Quot recent events in Central Europe represent a Complete repudiation of the Munich agreement and the undertakings of peaceful cooperation exchanged at that time by the Par ties to the announcement added that j Quot the British government further regard As without Legal basis the changes effected by German military action in Czecho Slovakia. Meanwhile foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax consulted the american. French and soviet russian ambassadors. German ambassador Herbert von Dirksen also called giving Rise applause was Long and frequent for the High achoo colourful operetta Quot the frantic physician Quot presented to a Large audience in Junior High school auditorium Friday evening composed by the noted musician Gounod who adapted it front a play by an equally famous French playwright Moliere the operetta was the most ambitious attempted by the school glee club in Many years. Able performances by the Youthful singers proved it was a Wise selection. Actual plot of the show had to do with a play within a play. Following the overture by the school orchestra directed by j. H. Rennick. The curtains opened to reveal the King and Queen with their court the chorus who had assembled to witness a play on a smaller stage erected on the auditorium platform. The inner play which gave occasion for solos duets sex tettes etc., dealt with efforts of the frantic physician who was no physician to cure the heroine who Wasny to dumb at All a dumbness she pretended for the reason that her father would t let her marry the Man she loved because he was too poor although he had a wealthy Uncle anxiously expected to die. Tho frantic physician achieves his end and for a Happy ending the Rich Uncle thoughtfully Dies just before the final curtain. Tho choral numbers expertly performed were worked in As comments of the Quot audience Quot on the program of the play. Miss Mary Lobo who directed the piece is to be complimented for her skillful handling of her Young performers As is miss Bernyce Vve ekes who made tile for the cast. Costumes for the chorus were made at. Fairbury As part of a by a project. Deserving special mention too Are Donna Marie Washington and Adelaide Reynolds the accompanists who did an excellent Job with a difficult score. Notable also was the patience of the boys in the cast and chorus who let their hair grow for Over two months and submitted to the tortures of Curling Irons to appear As the ringlet head lads of the period. Miss quoth Quot Brown who assisted miss Lebow entertained the East after the performance. 17-year-old Butch takes his Licking a was doming to me Jimmy i disturbed when mentioned in anti Trust action costly com Lor zoo zebras the Glenwood j czech crisis notes project club Washington. March 18 up a James Roosevelt son of the president apparently was unperturbed today at being named defendant in a Justice department anti Trust suit against the motion picture Industry. At Hollywood where Quot Jimmy is a Board member of United artists his Only comment was Quot i believe i have been named in the place of James Mulvey whose place i took on the United artists Board. Tim name of the presidents son and former Secretary was mentioned by the Justice department yesterday a substitute for Mulkev along with several other new motion picture company officials whose employers were named in a monopoly suit filed several months ago in the Federal District of new York. The suit charged several major producers with controlling the distribution and exhibition of pictures in violation of Federal anti Trust Laws. Invites prisoners Back now thai jail is warm t. ,. Sallisaw. Okla. March 18 <.?� to speculation that he might Haxe. The it Sequoyah county jail is been ordered to return to Berlin n warm again so sheriff Charley retaliation for in am Ca Ling Hutchens invited 14 former in Home of ambassador Henderson 3 Rotum and Complete miso report."�?. J Demeanour sentences. All 14 com there were before a Chamberlain p be the bodies of Pilot Alonzo Cope widespread demands for National judge Enloe v. Vernor had or Powers in Merit he and min t his Nob to of Pon the conscription to parallel the in dered the prisoners released last me Nae British rearmament pro week after electricity Gas and Wagram. Ter were Cut off because of unpaid in the forefront of discussion Bills were suggestions that former for-1 county commissioners paid up eign Secretary Anthony Eden and yesterday. Lump of Trees a few Hundred Winston Churchill leading critics a ins Ore on grand Island was of Germany might join the cab Voung Popi Fps Kori m and his five passengers aboard a Marine airways plane which disappeared in a storm Enro Ute to Fairbanks were landed Here by the coast guard Cutter Haida. Discovery of the wrecked plane in a feet wide difference Between what Farmer in zoo pays for Grain. Washington. March 18 Ufir the difference Between the Price the Farmer gets for his Grain and the Price the government pays for the same Grain to use in feeding zebras in the Washington zoo shows the necessity for lower transport at Ion and distribution costs according to representative Karl Stefan in neb. During appropriations subcommittee hearings recently Stefan questioned the director of the zoo about the Price paid for feed for the animals and Birdp. He Learned bran was coating the zoo $1.15 to $1.30 per hundredweight cracked Corn $1.35 shelled com. Is 50 and Oats $1.30. Quot at the same time Quot Stefan said Quot quotations published in a daily paper in the third Nebraska District my Home District showed Farmers were getting 38 cents a Bushel for com. Quot High transportation and distribution charges Are making it impossible for the Farmer to get the Cost of production. Quot we must have some kind of remedial legislation to give the Farmer the same kind of Purchase i ing Power As that which is enjoyed in Industry a no Scarlet fever Rise defy in schools close Columbus neb. March 18 i Pic they called him Quot Butch Quot and maybe it was because he was Tough. He was Only 17 years old but that did t prevent authorities Here from giving him a 15-Dsy county jail sentence for entering a Platte Center Home and taking a ring and cigarette Case. In jail Butcha conscience caught up with him and he sent this letter to the Columbus newspaper with a request it be printed Quot i am taking a 15-Day sentence. Which was coming to me i know that when t come Back t will be looked upon As a no Good boy. I promised to my Mother and promised others i will go As straight As t can. I made a clean breast of everything and feel one Hundred percent better. Quot i want to think the people of Platte Center and also father Teves who has helped me in this Case and in the past. May god bless you All and help you. And i Hope this Case of mine will teach other boys and girls. Quot it has finally dawned on me that t am in the wrong and should have taken my mothers father s and teachers advice instead of getting servant girl who shot Lover acquit Ted Hillsville a. March 18 acquitted of a charge of murder comely Angeline Maravola took up again today the household duties interrupted when a pistol in her hand shattered her Romance and killed 23-year-old Michael Rich jr., Here last feb. 3. The 22-year-old girl who served As housemaid in the Rich Home collapsed last night in the arms of a jail Matron us the verdict was read and jabbed Quot i m so Happy so the jury of seven men and five women deliberated nearly nine hours. Angeline father Michael and her brother John rushed her from the court room to the modest Maravola cottage Here where thy said Angeline would care for her Mother who is ill. Spectators in the crowded courtroom cheered the verdict. The dark eyed servant girl testified she and the Ann of her Well to do employer in this Western Pennsylvania Village had quarrelled because Young Rich refused to keep a Promise of marriage. She said she shot him four times after he struck and threatened her. The Commonwealth charged she shot him in the Back As he stood telephoning. Lincoln. March 18 it or p. H. Bartholomew state health director said today there was nothing to indicate an unusual increase of Scarlet fever cases in the state although he had Learned the mrs. Nelson Beckwith will re school Board at Dewitt ordered the made by Charles Ashby Veteran inet. Northland prospector four Days there was some talk also in pol ago. He was delayed on his re Lotical quarters that chamberlains a. ,.,. A a ,. It a by St. No month a that in 1.0 acknowledged a a her it. D0?1 for a we to and did not arrive until yesterday failure of his appeasement policy with his hands blistered from Row a fax cd a mole Ria i n Sai tast night Church at 6 30 this evening. Glen a fever now than were reported for however that he hoped for a Quot few More years Quot Iii which to serve the nation. Duane choir to is nil Here Friday evening by Mary Ellen Chase at the meet-1 avoid an epidemic Bartholomew pointed out Are fewer cases of Scarlet allure of his appeasement policy 7/ a 4. A v. I t my roamed Tho is of to. Might Quot a of the Union \ dung people s or. A Fri in favor of Viscount Hall a fun Quot a Quot. Of Quot St Christian there the Haida went to the scene immediately and removed the bodies from the wreckage. Offices of the Cutter said tile bodies were found in a Heap with arms raised. Indicating Cope had warned ins passengers of an impending crash and they had raised their Arm to project themselves Ashi St they could. Dine Berry will be the Leader. Refuses Ohio i. Tost it hot to wow convention today confessed killing two Chica a l. Leigh head Camp officer to women within the last 18 a i Anent Smith Delegate will months and admitted about 50 at represent Beatrice at the head tacks or attempted attacks on oth it amp convention of the Woodmen or women. Columbus of. March 18 Cru Harry Caton chairman of Hie Ohio state University Board of trustees indicated today or Arthur Compton of Chicago. Nobel _ t7 i in to to prize Winner had decided he could c hic ago Malch u be de not accept the presidency of the Teetie Sergt Bernard Riley said a 19-year-old youth. Sam Hryciuk Oil the on i esses to i to killings. Many attacks the same time last year. The total up to March i was 365 cases while 142 Scarlet fever signs were Hung out for the first two months in 1938. The Doane College Crete a Cappella choir under the direction of prof. Charles i. Sager will present a concert in the first Christian a Hurch Friday evening at 8 o clock. The choir of 50 experienced voices has a varied repertory of sacred and secular music. The program will include numbers by male choir women s chorus and by selections by the Madrigal club. This latter group consists of 15 picked voices which sings English madrigals in the traditional manner As Well As contemporary part songs. Travelling in two chartered buses members of the choir All members of the College Are spending their Spring vacation on a tour of three states. Enjoyable program Given birthday party talks on Southern it hurry a note. Odell the Glenwood project club March meeting was held at the Home of or. Pospichal. Hie Leader or. Krueger and Wilma shall had a very interesting lesson company dinner and perfect hostesses. They also showed How to make favor and place card during the social hour refreshment were served. Plan were made to have an All Day meeting at the Home of or. Walter Hailer on March 23. Improvement club the Home improvement club had their March meeting at the Home of or. Mile Beran with ten member and two visitors or. Anton wit and i Agne Vitosh present. After a Short business meeting the lesson on company dinners was give by the leaders which a very interesting. A lunch of ice Cream cake and Coffee was served by mrs. William Roseman and or. Frank reran the next meeting is to be wednesday March 22, with or. Ernest Beran. Birthday party a party was held at the Albert Scheld Eier Home sunday evening in Honor of or. Scheideler s birthday. Pinochle was played during the evening and at a late hour a delicious lunch was served being married out in St Patrick s design. Those present were or. And mrs How Ard Lin Ville or. And or Ixonia Vejraska and family or and mrs Herman Schmidt and family of Odell or. And mrs Herbert Scheideler and family mrs Anto Scheideler and Ruth of Wymore. Or. Salt a mrs. Let. L Benshoff of Marysville Kus were Odell visitors thursday. Or n. W. Boughten spent sunday at the William Wahl Home in Lincoln. He was accompanied Home by mrs Houghton and Joe Allon who had spent a be w Days visiting there r. R Thomas and l p. Engel were Omaha visitors monday. Or. And or. M f so a1 la a or. And mrs. Frank shall spent sunday with their Mother mrs Frank Shalla sr., who is visiting at the Home of her daughter mrs Edward Prebyl and family at Oketo. A. I to in gang son Leonard and daughters Doris and Helen Aper saturday afternoon in Beatrice and visited with or. And mrs Dean Cullison and daughter Tell of Southern school Rev. Long of the Southern Chris Tian Institute for negro students at Edwards miss., was at the Odell Christian Church wednesday afternoon and g Ive a splendid report and picture of this Fine school and How much these schools Are needed to give the negro children a Chance. Over 280 pupils Are in this school and 24 4lbaoct�t�a Prest i c h a rest Rumania urgently weighs position caused by Hainan economic proposals. Report in London any Rumania rejected nazi guarantee of territorial integrity in return for economic monopoly Berlin a officials deny any German intentions beyond bringing Rumania into nazi economic orbit. London Britain thl Berlin absorption of Echo Slovakia was Quot Complete repudiation a of Munich agreement Cabinet in extraordinary Paris Fiance Sun Mons Home her ambassador to Berlin deputies vote Dander Confidence on his Bemar la for dictatorial Power to build up French military Power government join Britain in note to Berlin assailing Conquest of Czecho s Lova k la. Berlins Baron Konstantin von Neurath named remain protector of Bohemia Moravia Goering announces new air Force command for expanded nazi Eastern domains German Law for Slovakia awaits return of Hitler from triumphant tour. Prague pares reorganize a Cabinet pre of protectorates government under nazi Law. A i or Vul \ imply. Hungary a hungarian army c completes More than half of occupation of annexed Caryalho a Kraine. Rockford coconuts roamed by portuguese coconuts w Ere named by the portuguese who thought they saw a Monkey like face or Quot Cocos portuguese for a bugbear or mask at the base of the nut. This curious world by William Ferguson ref Illy the to 3 a 4 to april 3 and 4. There a v will meet with other repro f to tips from Nebraska North ind soul is Dakota. This head amp convention is one of 25 such i acting 11a1 to Over the nation. A Beard motors to Market St announces fhe opening of Desoto and Plymouth automobile Agene in Beatrice and Vicinity v u in Ite you one and All to come in. Bet acquainted. You May want to buy a new car some Day. E will be Happy to Greet you at All times. Beard molars 110 Market St. Quot a hark Kum let Low Quot 4. Zau Fri 11.,, for. In. Hryciuk first admitted that he attacked robbed and strangled to death mrs. Bertha de Meyer 67, in her Home last nov. La Sergt. Riley said. Then he confessed that on oct. 9, 1937, he accosted mrs. Caroline Schenke in an Alley struck her on the head with a milk bottle attacked her and left her dead. Hryciuk was arrested tuesday after an attack on a woman. The boy was taken to Cook county Hospital where Riley said. He was identified by mrs. Anna Burns a widow As the Man who assaulted her near her Home last sept. 19. Sergt. Riley added that mrs. Ruth Weinberg also identified Hryciuk As her attacker last june i. V Spanish Mackerel like Mann other pish that Uve in the open sea where there Are no obstacles to bump into of Ualotu it Franco to open drive on Madrid set week Ueno Aye France March 18 to Spanish nationalists reported j to my that the Long awaited of i i chm pc against Central Republican Spain would be launched Early i a it week with an army of More i than 500 thousand men. Madrid is mid be the focal Point of the attack. J dispatches from Madrid indicated that the City was quiet and said j dint col. Luis Barcelo who led the j communist revolt last week had been condemned to death. The death penalty was said to i have been commuted to life Impi j son ment for col. Emilio Bueno a1 so a participant in the uprising. As some peller sats Quot everybody talks about the weather but nobody Eyer. Does anything about it -atm�., Ca aug Edna a old re i. In Jun Nze the. Bar Winch is the Standard for a Yai i s length War cast in Bronze in London in 1844. A who Dio say it copy 19,19 by a so evict inc a South a Merica lies entirely Jee list Quot of Detroit. Answer not Mark Twain to whom it commonly is credited but to a Friend of his Charles Dudley Warner. A lass a Galway sounds Over slave of Saloon keeper Reading March 18 up a Silvery notes of a trumpet echoing across Neversink Mountain on the stroke of 12 last night proclaimed to five thousand silent listeners that once again a Gray haired Church musician had fulfilled hts half Century old graveyard pact with a Saloon keeper. Just As he has done each St. Patrick a Day for 42 years 73-year-old Alva Schaeffer stood bareheaded beside the grave of Tom Hannahoe. One time proprietor of the stars and stripes Saloon As Quot lass o Galway Quot and Quot nearer my god to thee Quot were played in keeping with Hanna Hoe s wish. As the refrains died away Schaeffer looked Down at the grave. Quot goodnight he said. The pact sealed Long ago in Hannahoe a Saloon stipulated if Hannahoe died first Schaeffer would play the Irish airs Over his grave in the closing minutes of each St. Patrick a Day. Of Schaeffer died first Hannahoe was to keep his grave Quot forever i s j m Willis will entertain inc women s club thursday March 23. Instead of the 16th. Or s Parker was hostess to the la lies Aid thursday of last v be. They Are quilting for mrs j. Hinton. In program a Large crowd enjoyed the program Given by or and mrs. Purr Pei to of Beatrice and the play by the primary room. M de in my of Beatrice was a Hup to guest at the b f Cox Home tile 12th. Ill of influenza or and mrs Milo Carpenter Dean. .1 Marjorie. Or. And mrs Vav. I girl pal a d Joyce Willi is till it George and Gail Lowery a ii and Mildred Dell Betty Roswell i v old and Darlene Packer Nha v Pone have been sick la t a flu but Are better Milo Carpi or had an operation on hts Eye also. Mar or Ray Wilson Ani a on of i a. Visited at the c r. Rossell Home sunday. Or. Pud mrs v d Jacobson and Ken eth were sunday guest at the Scott Davison Home in retire in. Marian Ledlie of Beatrice spent the week end Heie u the Home folks. .v1 a Loretta Cox and brother Franklin mrs f d. Jacobson mis. Vada Parker. Mrs ret Wil teachers 14 Roel and Harry Pope White and to coloured. Some of the j 1 e on Dollar Day. Students walk five Miles to school i l Otle Iii i Ankun drove to in All kinds of weather. Or. Long 1 i in s i a a a Moth told of the sacrifice some of the students made. The school overs 1.200 acres 500 acre of Good Timber where they saw their lumber for their buildings. They raise cattle horses mules and other livestock to pay for the school and Board the girls can Over five thousand quarts of fruits and vegetables for the table use. A easter time the Christian churches will take a. Offering of which the Edwards Institute will share in the gift. Bethel notes or. Mrs. Franklin is with her brother since or. Franklin passed away. Or. And mrs. Burroughs visited their daughter mrs. Ruth Haver land or i husband at Greenwood and other relatives in Lincoln sunday. Pope receives Ciano Rome. March 18 tip Pope Pius Xuy received count Galeazzo Ciano italian foreign minister arid son in Law of Premier Mussolini in audience today. Count Cianos audience was a formal one tile first official Contact Between the new pontiff and a member of the italian government. Birmingham England. March 18 up prime minister Chamberlain left Here today in glum mood to attend an extraordinary Cabinet session in London. When a photographer asked him for a Quot smiling pow the prime minister answered Quot there is an occasion now and again when Annot smile. This is one it them or. And mrs. Fay Richards were at Diller monday and tuesday helping her sister mrs Charles Dhooge with papering. Or. Anc mrs Dhooge moved to their farm near Diller from Wilber or. And mrs. E. S. Burroughs moved wednesday to a farm South of Beatrice. Frank Jansen moved from near Lewiston to the farm vacated by the Burroughs family. Or. And mrs. Taster Klooz of Burr visited monday at the John Aden Home or. And mrs. Reinder Zimmerman helped their daughter mrs ehme Stevens and family move from a farm near Pickrell to Dilley monday. Or. And mrs Tom Richards of Beatrice spent monday night with mrs. Minnie Richard. They have recently returned from Washington where they spent the Winter. Or. And mrs. Carl Eisenhauer of Burr spent Friday night at the John Haverkamp Home. Saturday morning or. And mrs. Eisenhauer mrs. Haverkamp and Maxine motored to Kansas City for the weekend. Clarence Bryant has moved his family to the House just vacated by tile Fred Eggert family. Mrs. Gerhardt Jansen and son Henry were at Adams monday visiting her Mother mrs. William Waltke. Or. And mrs. John Haverkamp and Maxine were at Cook monday visiting mrs. Mary a. Powell. Souvenir bottle for Railroad according to the Book. American Glass Quot one famous old bottle displays a horse drawing on rail a four wheeled cart loaded with Bales of Cotton and lumps of Coal. It signalized the completion of the Baltimore amp Ohio Railroad in 1830. The design was impressed on a panel Lengthwise of the bottle and the legend a Success to the Rad Roar a was shown on the margin of the 1939 ashes As fertilizer hard Coal ashes carry 0.1-0.15 per cent of phosphoric acid smaller amounts of Potash so their fertilizing value is negligible. Wood ashes contain 2 per cent phosphoric and 4-6 Potash. The latter has some Small fertilizing value. Mixing either into Clay is done for their sweetening effect. Easy tue cts mid i Rune. Before you b la y i see an easy a allx ral allowance for your old w Asher. $49.95 am up easy terms a. Palmer co. Gas engine Model slightly extra

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