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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Beatrice, Nebraska The temperatures his ii i Kou As 21 Low year ago saturday. 33 Beatrice daily Sun Tite weather Nebraska and Hanna fair ult pricing Yon did no to see it in Tho Sun it did no trapped member of the associated press volume xxxv Ibeatrice Nebraska sunday March 19, 1939 no. 216 inspire youth of methodist state group conference Drew ski Nebraska methodists Chan cellar Speaks. Glee cur pleases session of the Nebraska conference of methodist youth held Friday and saturday in Centenary Church came to a clog it last evening. The conference registration was 325. Or. James 8 Chubb of Baker University. Baldwin. A. Delivered the address at. The closing session his subject a youth Quot. Quot this is a Day of unparalleled opportunities for youth he said Quot if he has the spirit of the Pioneer and his Hardihood. Modern machinery and the Fields of psychology and religion Are standing invitations to Progress and meetings were conducted for Young people of different aces and interests. The High school group discussed such subjects As religious living for times like these enlarging the Christian youth Wel lows hip. Choosing a life work. Facing Community problems for those of Post High school and College groups there were talks on organising for Christian living on the campuses of the state. A a Al Belton opportunities youth s i it in building a Christiane it order. Those engaged in teaching in various departments of the Church school had special topics for discussion. Music was sprinkled through the program the High spot my s. Ally being the concert Given by the Nebraska Wesleyan University glee club yesterday afternoon Chancellor Speaks Chancellor Schwartz of Nebraska Wesleyan interpreted the conference theme. A Christ in thinking in a confused world at the dinner meeting Friday evening. Ile compared conditions in the world today with those of 1917 when he was a College student while the nation was Drifting into War the american people be i in pc i that the possibility of their becoming involved was very Remote. He quoted a statement made to Hun by Bishop Mcdowell in 1917, who i that the a Young people of today a re going to have to n Ake greater decisions than any other generation has Ever made Quot. Or. Schwartz declared this observation is again True. There is encourage r ent or Schwartz said in the fact that in this Day Young people have greater resources and oppo Tui Dies than had the youth of the earlier period to survive he said it is necessary to out think. Out live and out die our contemporaries he a Vised the Young people to be r get shame i to make decisions in an atmosphere of prayer to make de Sions with the thought that they Are part of a great United youth movement. Not to forget that it was bad religion that crucified Jesus extensive youth movements Tom Bendell executive Secretary of the National Council of methodist youth spoke of the St Ope of that organization and of the More inclusive Christian youth Council of North America embracing 3k protestant denominations. A world conference is to be held in Amsterdam this summer with the methodist Church sending 38 delegates. One being from Nebraska Wesleyan miss Janey Bray miss Clarice Bowman of Chicago. Chairman of the National department of Young people s work recalled that 200th anniversary celebrated last year the unification of All Methow is bodies being accomplished i year and the 50th anniversary of the Epworth league. 4 expect gent in 1 i Gas tax Deal to go through for agrees to tip off the senators pressure on Rumania appears allocation of full Lent to assistance fund w ill lie passed. Report a team work Deal. Ii w hich president Vav ill consult supporters. France ruled a is ump Wier Al r e View get Eyen Bre a k Adolf Hitler May have ruined a trip to America for this pretty Maiden. She was to have been a miss Czechoslovakia at the new York world s fair but How can she represent a nation that no longer exists by Cliff Sandahl Lincoln March 18 a if legislative events of the week just ended Are any criterion. Nebraskans can expect these results from their lawmaking representatives 1. Allocation of a full cent of the state gasoline lax for the aged Blind and dependent children. 2. Opposition to any Era Bent regulatory legislation 3. No increase in Public salaries. 4 a Quot hands off Quot policy on local action u taken. Government control. The senators tipped their hands on All four in extended discussions. Definite action was taken on three a full cent assistance Hill being advanced to select file the next to last step and measures to boost Lancaster county District bailiffs and to prevent municipalities from levying occupation taters on outside wholesale paddlers being killed. The Assembly was All set to repeal the 1937 automobile dealers a Tittle Era Quot Law by amending a Bill seeking to strengthen the act. But deemed the Best procedure from a constitutional standpoint in View of the fact the repeal. Idea never had been subjected to a Public hearing. Washington. March 18 is a democratic senators reported today that president Roosevelt had agreed to a a team work propos Al by administration supporters in i the Senate. Under it the chief executive is j supposed they said to appraise senators of his party of legislative proposals he has in mind and to i give them an Opportunity of Mak j ing protests or suggestions before 1 county Relief fund near end Road of supervisors Noti Fie congressmen actors of facts. In Gas tax test the High Point of the week was the first test of strength for and to Cates of the full cent gasoline tax for social Security As opposed to gov r. L. Cochrane a plan for three fourths cent and the present half j cent allocation. Twenty five of the 43 senators i or three More than a majority def j i finitely went on record for a full j cent by rejecting the governors proposal. In this group were 20 of j the 30 legislators Given pre elec. Tion endorsement by the Nebraska i old age pension association oaten j i Sibly organized to promote $30 a month assistance Grants for the aged through a full cent of the i gasoline tax. Eight of the remaining to How i Ever swung Over to the three fourths cent proposal. The other two did not vote the count the 20 members who hewed to i the association s endorsement were i i e. Adams j. Adams. Callan. Carl i son. Craven. Doyle Hall. Hastings Klaver. Lambert. Miller. Mueller. Murphy Neuhauer Norman Reed j Schultz Sorrell Thornton and j Tvrdik. J the eight who digressed wer Brodecky Dunn. Gan to. Howard Mischke. Rossiter. Yan Diest and Westley the two who did not vote j were Johnston and Herrick. Of the a free lancers Quot receiving i no pension endorsement five fax voted the full cent a Ashmore j Garber. Gutoski Johnson and j re Avis while four. Diers Gross Mekota. And von Heggem went for. The other plan. And four Brady j Carsten Thomas and Peterson i were either absent or failed to i vote. Today the legislators cast aside their cares and took a week end trip via Pullman cars to Ogallala layoffs at firemen shall. Called i North Platte and Hastings to View by the Beatrice workers Alliance Platte Valley and Central be representatives of various civic Hraska Itri county Public Power groups and of a workers of be irrigation District projects. At Rice and other towns have been invited to attend. Judge Leslie Noble. Capt s. O Massey of the it it of Sinif i ill is Oil j salvation army and others will speak. This democratic peace proposal was agreed to. It was said when four first term senators visited the White House last week end. The four Schwartz a Wyo Ellender a Lalee a okla and Mead any a came out announcing they were supporting the president s request for 150 million dollars of additional spa funds which Congress refused recently but now is considering again. The senators at the conference declined to be quoted regarding the president part in it. But other democrats said the quartet spoke at the for 16 democrats. Friends of the administration. Who had urged closer cooperation Between the White House and Capitol Hill. Give senators break the president was said to have promised that senators would be consulted about proposed legislation As much As his other advisors. Senators explained that part of the bitterness among some democrats toward the president had been due to his advocacy of controversial measures without previous consultation with them. During the presidential conference. It was reported there were indications that the administration hoped to see these matters win congressional approval Germany gets i his As she expands eastward this map illustrates just what Germany comparatively poor in raw materials ha3 added to her treasure in her eastward March that wiped out Che chos lox Akia from the map. Iron Ore Timber and Coal deposits were Especial boons and will enable her people to eat something beside a ersatz Quot synthetic food and not the least Are the mighty Skoda and four other munitions works in Bohemia that fall to the nazis As the Swastika spins. Gold Reserve added Are est mated at $137,500,000. Rumania would be Rich German grab great Britain to a stand firm o i new in. I j. / Lull Relief appropriation of 150 Chamberlain Calls Brit million dollars More to carry on ish Cabinet to special a while no Resolution was adopted in regard to the 150 million Dollar spa deficiency Bill before Congress. The county Board yesterday notified congressman Heinke and Nebraska a senators of an increasing Relief Load in Gage county and declared the Relief fund is nearing exhaustion. A Well notify Congress of the facts and then let our Washington representatives decide what to do Quot the supervisors stated. Who a officials have asserted a National Layoff of More than one million men will be necessary before june 30 unless the appropriation is made. About two Hundred worker would be discharged in Gage county. County Relief expenditures Skv-1 rocketed when s3 spa employees i were Laid off in december because of a shortage of spa funds and supervisors fear an additional Burden on the county will deplete the Relief Treasury. Tomorrow afternoon at 1 30 there will be a county conference on the of a deficiency Bill and on spa to july i. Railroads a legislation to Ald distressed lines and revise rate making Powers. Agriculture a an expanded farm tenancy program and Aid for Cotton wheat and com Farmers if a1 sections could agree upon legislation. Taxes revision of existing taxes provided the government s Revenue was not reduced. Fua housing expansion of the Eha mortgage insurance limit to six billion dollars and an increase in the slum clearance Low rental housing authorization of 800 million dollars. Labory delay in any Wagner act amendments until rival Cio Al forces unite. Defense the 500 million Dollar National defense program now before Congress. Small business a some system of additional credits. Europe at a glance saturday session. St Hye a Little to a Madison. Wis., March is up governor Julius p. Heil today signed a Bill withdrawing financial support from the Wisconsin development authority the state s a Tittle Tya a which was set up by the progressive administration of Philip e la Follette. London March 18 a the British Cabinet tonight considered a new a stand firm Quot policy in the Light of Germany s absorption of Czechoslovakia with the danger of a nazi thrust at Rumania believed to be the chief subject of discussion. The emergency session for which prime minister Chamberlain hastened a. It from Birmingham lasted two hours and 25 minutes. It was the first saturday session of the Cabinet since the september crisis which led to the first dismemberment of Czechoslovakia no immediate statement was issued but it was understood the Cabinet studied the organization of a european balance of Power against Adolf Hitler s new imperialism. Both Britain and France already had directed their ambassadors in Berlin to deliver formal notes to the German government describing Quot Germany s military action in Czecho Slovakia Quot As a without Legal basis Quot and a a Complete repudiation of the Munich continued on Page two King Amoc lated Presa London a Britain France bitterly denounce Czecho slovak seizure seek soviet Russia s Aid in wooing German threat to Rumania British French ambassadors called Home from Berlin Quot to Carol considers Germany s latest demands Are economic. Berlin a nazis reject Paris London denunciations As lacking a every political Legal and moral basis recalls London ambassador for consultations. Paris chamber votes Dander government unprecedented dictatorial Power Senate concurrence tomorrow foregone conclusion sunday emergency Cabinet session called to approve defense measures. Paris March 18 up a France and Britain sources close to the foreign office said tonight Are trying to persuade soviet Russia to join them in aiding Rumania resist the economic pressure of the expanding German state. These sources said King Carol had informed Paris and London he was willing to resist Adolf Hitler drive to the East if France and Britain could provide markets for Rumania s exports. Decree if France Britain ask soviet Aid for resistance German pressure on Rumania economic France i pm Jirar dictatorship. R e it Yee i r ass ador Paris March is of a the chamber of deputies tonight voted the Daladier government unprecedented dictatorial Powers to Rule France by decree until nov. 30 As informed quarters disclosed a British French move to enlist soviet Russia in efforts to bolster Rumania against German economic pressure. These sources said King Carol had informed Paris and London he was willing to resist Adolf hitlers drive to the East if France and Britain could provide markets for rumanian a exports. Earlier France summoned her ambassador to Berlin Back to Paris for consultation and dispatched a note to the nazi government saying she did not recognize the German occupation of czechs Slovakia As legitimate. Both moves paralleled action of great Britain. The British government yesterday ordered its ambassador Home from Berlin and today sent a note similar to Frances. These move came As Premier Daladier won a vote of Confidence in the chamber of deputies during debate on his demand for dictatorial Powers. The ambassador to Berlin. Robert Colondre was instructed to present the French note to Germany at once. In answer to the summons to return to Paris it was expected the envoy would arrive Here monday report on the situation. Washington a u. S orders extra 25 percent Tariff on Many products Germany sends America Pittman proposes neutrality Law revision. Bucharest March 18 up a King Carol meeting with the Crown Council and general staff in a lengthy session during the night discussed Rumania s relations with prepare for air raids Berun. March 18 up a Field marshal Goering announced today formation of a new air Force command for Germany a new Eastern domains a move officially described As a a tremendous strengthening a a Firrman air for it my it of the German air Force. In official quarters it was said this step meant a exceeding All j ii plans hitherto made for building Germany from both Trade and Mil up. The Reich a already powerful Eon tract medical care Beatrice. Wymore no a sewing centers Busy spa sewing centers at Beatrice and Wymore Are completing 250 garments weekly for the needy Relief director a. N. Thomsen reported to the county assistance Board late Friday. Six old age assistant Grants were cancelled four by reason of death one because relatives were Able to support and the sixth because the individual had sufficient resources to support himself. Sidney amt grocer at 427 West court Street and Julius Lucks grocer at 225 West court Street appeared before the Board to urge apportionment of More Relief grocery orders among suburban stores. Members of the Board said a More equitable apportionment would bt1 effected immediately. Three Beatrice girls injured Dorothy Brockman suffers spinal injury Telephone i in Nile hit i Ivar. I or a proximal popular Reader in special lenten service mrs. Bess Gerhardt Morrison Well known and popular Lincoln Reader who has appeared before Beatrice audiences a number of times will give a program at the Vesper service of Centenary methodist episcopal Church this afternoon at four of clock. Mrs. Morrison will read a the wife of Pontius Pilate Quot by Alice Sligh Turnbull. This is the Story of Claudia and the crucifixion and is appropriate for the lenten season. Everyone is invited to hear mrs. Morrison. There is no admission charge. Three Beatrice girls Are in local hospitals following an automobile collision four and one Quarter Miles South of town on Highway 77 about 1 30 a. In. Saturday. Seven other occupants of the two cars escaped with Only minor injuries. The injured Are Dorothy Brock a Man. 18, spinal injury and bruises i june Boyden. 16, severe lacerations and Ruth Brockman 15, i cuts and bruises. Lutheran and mennonite Hospital attendants said their condition was not critical. The three girls were Riding in a northbound car driven by Robert Winslow Beatrice which sideswiped a southbound machine driven by Gene Stanosheck formerly of Odell but now a resident of California according to sheriff Ben Goble. Also occupants of the Winslow Auto were Ida Engler. Dick Rade Macher and Clara win Lowall of Beatrice. Riding with Stanosheck we Ere Genevieve grabber Wymore Maxine Lund Lincoln and a. W. Headland address unknown. A Telephone pole was struck nine feet above Hie ground by the Winslow Auto which overturned several times and was completely wrecked. Sheriff Goble said Stanosheck s car was not extensively damaged. County Board members said saturday negotiations would be resumed with the Gage county medical society tuesday on the proposed contract for care of the in a digest. The society has offered to pro-1 vide surgical obstetrical to pro ical care for an amount equal to the sum paid the three appointed tans the past year approximately 26 Hundred dollars. Proponents Point out that service under the contract would Cost no More and would permit the patient to choose his own physician. . States raises duties on imports Reich Treasury department s ays a action Speaks for itself 25 p or cent raise Tiv ador car a Tho Ukraine a hungarian troops Complete occupation of Eastern car Patho a Kraine Block roads to halt traffic to Rumania. Moscow Russia keeps close watch on German Advance but withholds official comment. Washington March 18 on certain goods imported by the Treasury department Annc unc this country from Germany under cd today the imposition of coun so called barter arrangements Terv ailing duties on dutiable Ger i administration supporters in the Man imports. J Senate backed up the state depart this action a Treasury depart i ment s condemnation of Germany sment official said was taken with March into Czecho Slovakia with Bucharest a Rumania in Trade negotiations with Reich army officials Confer on future i course. Army recruits in plane pilots 595 Gage Farmers sign for i. S. Corn Loans with the deadline two weeks off Nelson a. Walker of the county loan committee reported yesterday 596 Gage county Farmers had secured Federal Corn Loans of $225.-965.10 on 396,430 bushels of Grain. Walker urged Farmers to make application this week pointing out that in event of a last minute Rush some late applications May not be completed by the March 31 deadline. Commission suspends he Lellinger License the Nebraska liquor commission saturday suspended the retail Beer License of Ray c. Heffelfinger proprietor of the Beatrice hotel for the remainder of the License year beginning at Midnight last night for alleged illegal sales. Fined in county court recently j for the alleged illegal sales. He i Welfinger has appealed to District court. The knowledge of the state department. The Treasury official refused to comment when asked whether the action related to Germany seizure of Czecho slovakian provinces. The immediate effect of the action. It was stated is to impose a 25 per cent countervailing duty in addition to regular duties. The Treasury official asserted that the action a Speaks for the Treasury a decision it was stated affects hundreds of products. Leading German imports to this country have been chemicals toys Medicine paper and China. In 1938. Imports from Germany totalled $64,537,000. In 1937 imports from Germany totalled $92,-468.000. Substantial part the Treasury official said the department could not immediately state the amount of dutiable goods which would be affected. It was said however that a a substantial part Quot of Germany a total exports to the United states were dutiable under this country s Laws. The Treasury made Public a decision of attorney general Frank Murphy. Murphy a opinion said it was the a duty Quot of the Secretary of the Treasury to impose countervailing duties under tile 1930 Tariff act proposals that the president be Given greater Freedom to Deal with the dictator nations. Back Welle they gave unqualified approval to the statement made yesterday by Sumner Welles undersecretary of state that a Wanton lawlessness Quot arum a arbitrary Force Quot were a threatening world peace and the very Structure of modern some senators contended Bow Ever the Welles declaration was puzzling in that it merely re affirmed previous government policy. Typical of these expressions was this comment by senator George id a member of the foreign relations committee a the attitude of the government already had been made Clear especially regarding Hitler. It is perplexing that the administration deemed it advisable to reiterate in general terms the position of the government which must be Well known both Here and administration men took a different View senators Barley Day and Pepper a Fla contending no nation should fail to condemn Germany a actions. Officials hoped this governments denunciation would Lead to a concert of disapproval by the launches drive for youths to train to Man 3.0 h additional planes. Itary angles. Germany is negotiating for More of Rumania s Trade but foreign minister Grigone Gafencu declared nazi economic proposals did not constitute an ultimatum. Quot virtual ultimatum a in London a spokesman of the i rumanian legation said his government had received and rejected sweeping demands by Germany for Complete economic cooperation As the Price of guarantees of Rumania s territorial integrity. I the demands were described As being virtually of ultimatum character. German spokesmen in Berlin said or. Helmuth Wohltat nazi negotiator still was in Buchar i est Rich addition Rumania Rich in Oil and wheat would be a Rich addition to Germany s economic sphere of influence. Almost half of the surface of the nation is tilled soil producing military aviation Goering As air minister announced the new command would be known As number four and would embrace Austria Bohemia Moravia and parts of the sudeten land and Silesia. Increase air Force Rome March is up a precautions against air raids Are being extended in Italy. Blue Street lamps for emergency use have been Strung up Iii certain centers of Rome. Newspaper have been publishing advice on How the Public should behave in anti air raid drills and announced a drop in the Price of Gas masks. Gas masks now Cost $3.35. Hungarians still fight Satora i a ujhely Hungary. At the Carpathian Frontier March 18 up a the hungarian army hauling heavy Artil Iet Russia. Venezuela. Iran and the Netherlands. Her mines also yield Salt Lignite Iron Copper Pyrites and Zinc and an important by product of her Oil Wells in natural Gas. Principal rumanian industries Are flour milling brew ing and Dis Washington March 18 up a the army launched an intensive nation wide recruiting Campaign today for youths to train As pilots for the More than three thousand additional warplanes Congress has authorized. Five groups of officers we Ere named to visit colleges and universities to recruit prospective june graduates for army aviation training. Youths from other sources will be enrolled in the meantime. Approximately four thousand flying cadets must be trained in government schools to provide a sufficient number of pilots for planes which will be ready for use two years hence. The w a department listed the following group of air corps and medical officers who will visit states in this territory in the re mrs dry cruising Campaign was awarded a judgment of $833 Missouri Kansas Iowa. Nebras 95 against the National benevolent a. Minnesota North and South primarily wheat Rye. Barley Oats i Lery through the Snow and and Corn. It has Rich vineyards i occasionally skirmishing with Orchards and Forest lands. Ukrainian guardsmen completed in 1937, Rumania was the Well Over half the occupation of sixth largest producer of Oil be j car Patho Ukraine Ruthenia to Hind Only the United states Sov Day. Hungarian soldiers poured into the annexed Reg on of former Czecho Slovakia and pushed the ukrainian guardsmen and remnants of the czech army into the Southeast Corner of the province. A general staff import said that detachments were moving up the y and had almost Sok pass into Poung River Vail i reached the u tilling. Rumania which already Sells land most of its exports to Germany j expeditions and buys most of its imports from j from Munkacsy had reached Dol hat Germany steadily has been loom moving eastward ing larger As an objective of German foreign policy. Mrs. Drew wins insurance Sitt society of Phoenix. Ariz., District judge Cloyde b. After Ellis Dakota Texas Oklahoma Colorado new Mexico and arizonan heard her uncontested suit on 3 Captain e. J. Kendricks medical insurance policy late Fri Lay. Corps Randolph Field. Tex., major i mrs. Drew said the defendant r. T. Groneau air corps Kelly i company had not paid the Bene Field Tex., and first lieutenant fit stated in a policy carried by democratic nations and possibly af-1 j. E. Smart air corps Randolph i her husband Purl at the time of feet Hitler s future moves. Field Tex. I his death. I almost in the geographic Center of the province. Steady Progress was being made East of Chust the car Pat to Ukraine capital and hungarians in this Region reported they had seized 18 czech air planes and a Large store of ammunition. Passenger plane tragedy Alder. \va>h., March 18 a eleven persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four motored. Is passenger air plane designed to operate through the sub stratosphere plunged to Earth near Here today during a test flight. A

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