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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 3

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Beatrice, Nebraska Want ads i Cash hates of word firm int ton and Thalf cent h word for each a us Suqueng Toa artion. Minimum rate one Lux Ortlon i Fie minimum rate two insertion ----25c to a i in 6 is 18 Elk. Pritzl huh. Room Houtho find 2 Iota fit Ltd Street owner Quot Osa knit Halk of Tea of Corner lot in Cava Ted 2 x Oft. Enough second to lid Hunt r to la lid 5 or 0 room House. Jurf Vav Iii Tonko Dodge cat on Trade idiom 660x. / Oudin Anco an Ned Liiamaa levying a on Tam lot parts of mid rial cd ate in i net no mile r Nim in la paving District no min r Nim to a enl tax in ordained by tin in. Or and coun Iota Lamia Iii of tin City of ii attire a Primka i Pavling i h i lion i that tin Coal of a Cav la in lug All of Tho atm to in be paving in Lim pity of Jii thin Thi Nebraska to Cav Jiri i number nine wanted a a anted paper banging and painting. Twombley. Call he pm a of wanted dry. Two Gurla Kimball latin of wanted Hui automobiles any Model abut or year High Mark to Price paid in hear Sci Nebraska Auto wrecking co., to i court . I hone im4 Yio Kok Bakk Mali led to Filiti i and 0 i old 1250 Ilia Ach. Ii. A Coble if reel 24 Ber nine ii of a id City of beaten exclusive of intersections of Sud streets and spaces opposite alleys. I be ordained by the mayor and i con lid i of the pity of Beatrice Hleb Raa k Kok Bakk hound Oak base Burner. So a a r to Liavine adjudge d. Used two so As tis find cast Range Iii j vermin d and established by the Good condition also two Bleu Ira and my to of said City sitting As a Board sanitary Couch All ii bum Mil by of equalization that the several lots 24 parts of lots lands and real estate Here a a a a a a a Jln after referred to have pm ii been up Koh Kilt a Ita i in two Good farms in in la my benefited to the full amount tire lending agricultural county in Colo i in levied against each of said lots nolo la beat oilman in the world for parts of lots lands and real entail re 9 in said City of est of repaving All of i he j Beatrice exclusive of tin inters Loris in said in paving District num Jef paid streets and spin s pm let to Leys in repaving District number Nim Market a a a a a a a a a a a 4 4 health one farm 310 Fores 9 j amounting in repaving dirt Riel number line 9 to Hie rum of la v 519.28, a and Tho san hereby Levi <1 find assessed against tin ads parts of lots lands and real a Date Accord lug to the frontage of jots parts of lots lond and real estate along Fie mild improve mint arid a or ing to tin special benefits received by reason of saut improvement in said ii i in or District number Nim on the following described lots Jart of lowlands and real estate As follows town the frontage of a �T�44 444 Karmas City cd nil Grain i. A City a ii Fie 22. Birn unchanged and 2e off no. 2 a a la $1.85 yellow i 82 mixed 11 if fim i six Ell Cly by reason of Tho repaving level land Lfeo acres in cultivation in of the streets in repaving distal 1 amount levied against proved and Good water 9 Miles from number Nim 9 Iii that a ii of heat j property being to the Riel. Nebraska a town. The other farm Hoo acres untie Provell in i raw slate Good land j shallow to water subject to irrigation to i Miles to two Good towns. Will Eon Sider income properly or Good residence property. Address to i Bell ., fit Howe j try evenings. 24 ii,.,in of Hie Suppo and property and me b Picc if Light and he we r a lug to tier fore for tin purpose of paying pm. , 0f by description of property Tho Cost of said repaving on Tho streets he follows Kuh Sai a a three first class Stock i ranches one 1100 acres one Iso Seres one 400 acres. Well improved in every Way Good buildings Good fences and. I Good never falling water the year i a. Quot around. Located Only 35 mibs from be Iii in i Tonii. girl for general j Ai rec the a. Snaps $00 to $75 till Iii to Iii i Iii to re. Call c02m a Barge a will Lite a girls Over 18 years in but mad a k Eft. Apply in person. To Tang dept in weft of co., to. 3rd . Of per acre on Good terms of wanted. For further information Sec Alex Anderson Beatrice neb. Of wanted Sot. More just out preferred. J. Ii. Tubbs. 23 wanted Sal Smen. Solicitors agents demonstrator Jeu in make $ 15 to $9q per Day Rikis from the Start. Get in touch with a. once. I want men with cars hmm Batel All Over Nebraska to sell our nationally advertised Avalon farm hog tone and other is ranted Stock a medias to Farmers. I. La lib v a our business thorough Iti. T111 inv a a District manager inv Hill conch my in Tim Field so jail showed Start for yourself you will fined by in Tim work from every pos i Birn ply Pine that Toek Iliad to a Lii Farmers for sixty Days file a Lope v a prospective buy r is lira he j j tag regarding. A a Ltd hot pays our dealer who via elusive agony y for our rained Leaf dissatisfied a merely returns the la Heil from Tim bottles and does coat him a. Avalon farm remedies prs in Illy i themselves. Von will . no work twelve Moilis a year your pm a Rno will in limited Only by the nit of Effort you put Forth writ once today done to put 1 off get marked making Money n a 1 address a a i. Jones Nebraska stat manager. 35 Hanford hotel Omaha. 22 Koh balk of 4-room House barn in other outbuildings and of acres of Good land 2 Miles to Post office. Bees. Swarms owner will take a Small residence prop arty in part payment. A. L Green a son. Of for balk Dodge touring car in perfect condition. Can be seen 417 n. I 8th by. Nit Ween 12 and i of clock or of i ter 6 o clock. Phone 871 j. $ of j Stop look listen would you like to invest a Little in land where pays a Cash rent of from $25 to $60 per acre any of this land g pays from of to 30 per cent on the investment Kinest kind of climate warm Days and Cool nights. Land can lie bought from $35 to $200 per acre. I also have some Fine ranch land from ,$12 to $20 per acre. Pan sell this in adj on easy terms to suit the buyer. Ain talking from experience on this land in a Kilt invest gome go with Iii to Scottsbluff and by Smith original town of Beatrice i Edith j. Hauser 25 of 2edith p. Liam a w 140 of ii and n 25 of w 140 of 2neilan Cheo Canoe club e soft ii 25 of 2 and o soft of 3city of Beatrice to ii 12waybill j. Miller 4 5 6event j. Call 7 8 9. Ilmington 8 Kub Cit of Beatrice i and s 140 Ltd to 3 y spencers Jhio add City of Beatrice 1 2 3 4 5 6 i Harrington 8 sub la in v blowers s too Felt get i3 a a Arrie l. Urn honour e 69 35 ii 20 of goo. I less w 69.35 n 207 of i. I wll. Urn honour lot 2w. La urn honour e 40 w 115.1 ii 135 of 3w. B. Urn Pill Hou i Vav 43.1 n 90 3 Vav. B. Urn honour s 45 Vav 75.1 ii i 135 of 3lottie ii. Confer n 135 w 40.1 e 95.1 of lot 3 Lott la. Confer h 72 w 155 2 of 3 a Eugene boy Larimore o 55 of 33block 43 43 43 69 69 front 142 5 141 65 142 .5 141.77 2 32 Vav 75.1 ii 90 Lottie Krouse of lot 3h of go Hka in Jot 4i bbl m. Bumph 87.5 n 120 of i i Samuel k. Beam n 88.9 a 138.9 i 87.5 of lot Samuel k ii 1 in n 68.9 a 118.9 w 75 of lot ii a or go Krolick Vav 75 n 140 of i. Anim Stanley s 50 of i40.67 of 240.67 a 81.31 of 2 81.30 of of 2morrill county neb., and buy an Zirri Ora Mueth r. E 50 w gated farm the trip w. La cat my , Nve Ltd a a w 3l nothing. If interested write or Fri upon Foj 0 Polk ali81 3 of 3me the a Atrie hotel . In. Bryson. Vav 813 of 3 Tho Square Deal Man. Of quote a a John k. Van Buskirk i Kou Bale a Chevrolet touring car in ,.\hke11 invest co., 2 3 a -1 condition overhauled and repaint in. I Ai cd i 4 id. Call 718w after c of clock. 25 Lido m. Sample 5 a. Koh Sale a number of Good farms Arlington Jackson e 21.1 of 8, 78 wanted hoarders and roomers Seliady Nook too i Ella . I Ltd fall sizes 3 farms close to Ohley. 3 almost joining Liberty 2 close to Ellis. 5 cog to Beatrice. And some to a i close to Holmesville Wymor and i . I wanted to Iii a few second Hall. E. I Snyder w 23.5 0 70.5 esk /.hv�?o,?Quot trn a Kin a a. A a a a a Cycle shop. A i me i a. I a a first Cihak irrigated 1 farm. The Man that has one of these farms in sure to raise a Good big crop every year. Alex l. Anderson 112 no. 6th ., Beatrice neb. Of 1lvukin<t, n 3 sub i a c 6 6 g goo. Krolick w 46,6 of 8 Atkinson sub i a Rancin v. Gilbert to e 47 s 105 Gilbert 0 of n 40 to. To. Want i to a 2 or 3 connecting rooms furnish i for Light housekeeping must but modern first floor preferred writ. X v. By 368. 23 j k. D. Tea 11 Fannie Smith 12 13 wanted Day Bun of May 4. Please bring to this office. Wanted v i n to pick cd Rah Bring of Upland is % Mil so of viaduct no children. 23 for Sale baby Sand. Call 402y. 24 i Beatrice sch. I Geo. Brandt of lot 4 trustees German s i fa.62 of i list. 41.4i Vav. Walthin Coffon s Buu 124.20 i 4 124.25 a 140.62 wanted a. Gobi. To buy about 30 pigs. In of wanted highest Price paid for rings rubber magazines Iron and metals of All kind our truck will rail to any part of the City. Nebr junk co., a court reef. Phone 119-1. J\10 wanted rent 4 or 5 room Semi modern cottage or Bungalow in totally intuited responsible couple without children stonely renters. Add la. Graham. Iou Kila . Of wanted int 2 or 3 connecting unfurnished Light housekeeping rooms must a modern first Fluor preferred. Write x v. Box 368. 23 for Sale Hay rink. Co. Farm Wagon fitted with Geo. Frolick Beatrice steel tank mfg Bap. Church w 82.83 Harrington re sub for Bale Rains. 1 4 20 a our 54 of i i Iuie Graff Vav 110 e 164 of i26 Minnie Spencer e 50 of w too of in a a a a Iman Colby Vav 50 of Plano. Call $46j. Mrs. We fro. C. Do Wall e 3 of 1323 Mary j. Reel w 60 a 123 of 13a. C. Keel e 75 Vav 141 of 13if a. Classen w 66 of is a a. M. Coon k 37 of n 94 of i Foh Salk one to room House a 6 room residence close in docs nth Erma l and Chaa require All Cash. O. K. Reedy 117 no. 8th . Of Paul Buckholts n 57 4g of Foh Sale--1917 Model 4 by Buick j Louie Graff n touring oar in first class condition write k b c. I hex 368, Beatrice 24 la. J. Buss. N 153.05 200 of i Geo. Megabit Vav 14.05 of i 50 of 5 1 clays place Harrington Joe sub Foh Sale thoroughbred do Roe str �9 of 1. A y Brood sow several 6 weeks old la 9-o&Quot of Quot . Up Law one work luny Tao a i a n site of Quot 3 vow a in &,.t,. A a r.4 o re d k f a k. Body a w 75.47 ii 258 of Carl Redden e 107.47 n 258 of 5henry j. Buss. Vav 50 n 258 of 5 Mccoler wanted to list a few More farms a a for hah. Hav some Eastern buyers. I know of a party who will Trade so acres of Good gag a a . Land for Loo heres and will pm difference Farmers Union Exchange office m. Witzenburg mgr. Blue Springs neb. 23 wanted sewing to do. Phone 1127\v wanted boys with band instruments to play in boys band. Call 1119 Elk ., evenings after 6 o clock Foulk and pit Utley. To wanted stove plate moulders steady work Good wages. The stove mfg. Co. 24 wanted lady to assist with housework in family of two elderly lady preferred f. W Bowman phone 32 or Call uis Bell . For Sale 5 room Bungalow and $ lots 1023 so. 10th . Beatrice net . Price $2,500 w rite for parti Ini s to i Henry j. Buss. 1-2 Mary Dunn. 21$ South Pickering ave., i Julia i Whittier Calif. A a 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 s sub h 280.1 Foh Sall go head of Spring pigs Frank Gerweck Plum Rural 3711. 24& Foh Sale Kitchen Cabinet press and Box Case. G. I. 1020 High. Vav i la Call 924 goo. Classen 323 i Henry j. Buss n 28.05 of 4lefco i and Albert. Milburn citizens Nokell invest. Co., w i of Laura j. Heel e 50 w 104 of if. A. Claa Aen e 40 of clothes i Geo. Frolick 2-3evans i Elnora Shackelton. 4of John in. Carrels 5-ge. O. Roberts 7baby Ellie Miller 8 a a. Frolick 9catherine Freeman to a. Larrt a Tucker 11-12susan e. Gould j3ira if. Gould Vav 20 of 14solomon m. Hershey w 20 e 21.7 of 14 . And a Floyd Smith e 1.67 of w is 1-3 of 15 of 14-15.1., Geo. C. Ode Walt e 23.50 of 15 Vav in 2-3 of 16. 15-16catherine Brenn. Vav 25mcclell Samuel w. Beam e 78.6 of 2church of god Vav 50 of 2 e 40 of 4for rent my Home 1020 High Den 4 la of Domain for Sale two heps Chicks. Phone 1219vv or to. 8u1 by. Foh sale�?210 acres within 7 Miles of Beatri Good land 145 acres under cultivation plenty of Glass pastor and Timber 5 room House stable Well David and Mill for $155 per acre. Hill a Greenwood. 25 for rent for rent furnished room in modern House close in. Phone 774x. Of . No children. G. D. Evans. 20 23&Quot wanted place to Board by Man with 3 year Obi boy with someone that can Tak arc of boy while father works j. C. Miso Nick 1202 Bell ii49j. Ca 11 23 wanted married Man Between the age of 22 and 40 to do collecting and soliciting City work. Liberal salary and com Ini is Ion to right party a let Rem required. Address daily Hun Box 368. Foh rent 2 sleeping rooms front Street. Phone la 27 Vvs. ins 24 for rent the e furnished rooms for Light housekeeping All Al 121 to High . Of Lillie m. Saits drum Werner Robert Wilson. K. A. Clauhsen Ida p. Claussen Cynthia e. Bone Anna Mccabe. Harvey Gamble. Susan in Hershey Fok rent�?4 room modern Aparton no j Lam Quot. . My inns for Light housekeeping by. Phone 1178j. 311 no. 7th 25 lost wanted girl to work thru the Day Only. Apply in person 911 no. Loth. For Sale Foh bale�?6 room residence o. K. Reedy. 117 no. 8th. Close in. Of Foh Sale still have some Good buys in City drafter y. Also have some Good Farma in 80 acres 160 and 240 close to Beatrice. Have some Good bargains in Eastern Colorado land. Have a buyer for 160 Norf Scully lease. Ii. Ii. Koenig 410 >9 court. Phone 698. Of for sale�?240 acres in Pawnee county Nebraska. This is a real bargain Well improved Good House and barn All necessary fences soil Saidy Loam. I must have the Money and Wil se11 flt $100 Cash. Done to answer in a a have the Money. Mortgage of $6,000 on place now. Farm cornering on Southwest sold for $150 rash write or Vodre mrs. H. R. Munneke 210 so. -8th ., Lincoln neb. Of Foh Sale Young chickens. Call 7 piano bargain someone in Tho i enl to of Beatrice can procure a slightly used piano in very Nice condition fully warranted a great bargain. For particulars write dept., Olney 1�?~iano co., 414 i by by. . Joseph. 30 for Sale cheap one City Block the Best location in town with All improvements. For particulars write to owner. F. Novak. P. O. Box a a. Beatrice. Neb. Pc for. Sale Lim level Igo in Lim in co. Neb Well improved All Alfa land. No better soil in the state. 85 a res Olcorn 35 wheat one third of crop 125 per acre mtg $ 16,000. O years 6 per cent. Would take Clear property in or near Beatrice for equity. W. J. Good Chariton in. Strayed five or six months Obi male calf red and White in color. Finder please phone John Mccown Pickrell. 23 lost Bay Mare. Cull 569w. 24 lost Gold bowed glasses. Kindly notify or return to j. . Craig 722 Market by. 22 j Anionic me Vickers. Edna v. Smith Vav 35 of 24 15 of 24 16 n s sub 1-2 2-3-4 4-r, 6-7 8 a 9-10 la 12 13 14-15 16-17 is 19-20 21-22 23-24 21-25-26-27 found Auto no. 01904. Owner can have same by calling office and paying for and. Of lost Crank to an Overland four. Finder please leave Sun office. 24 notice to creditors notice is a achy Given to the creditors of the estate of Ivond j. Gerdes deceased. That the county judge of Gage county Nebraska will on the 28th Day of july 1920, and o nth 28th Day of september 1920, by 9 o clock a. In., each Day the county court room in said county examine adjust and allow claims against said estate the time for presenting claims has been limited to three months from june 2$th. 1920. Claims not filed in the county court of said county within the time limited will be forever barred. This notice will be published in the Beatrice daily Sun each Issue for four weeks successively prior to the 28th Day of june. 1920. J. A. Of Keefe county judge. Hackett amp Brewster atty Jl-2-1 gee. A. Me ikes use $4 Gerhart Penner e 170mena Kaminsky w 76chaa m. Coon. E too. Ollas. W. Hoffman Vav 50 e 150 Mina e. Hoffman Vav 95louie Graff e 122.72mary Hill. Vav 90ollas. P. Les e 175 Laura Mcginnis w 71.4n. And Dell Mcintyre. C. I. John a. Odonley. Sophronia i. Odewald. E 25 of 4 Ira . Gould Vav 25 of 4i. N. Mcco Nel sub 7 Mary f. Rowan a. E. Hopper and wife Mary aah. Flannery Leah Folden a Alden Arpke a a laude Kitzmiller Anna r. Kuhl. Ira r. Gould waybill to. Miller a. Currier Chaa. L. Courrier n 35 7 8 8 8 9 9 to. To Schei l Al gun i 2-3-4 4-5-6 Myller s sub. 1-4-5 Avi l i Iai efts sub 1-2 3 4-5 6 7 8-9 10 11 i. N. Mcconnell sub James d. Milstead e 57.35 n 191.05 a Leo. Oaken Vav 57.35 i 191.05mary and Alma c. King. S 50walter Dietz e 112 n 191.05arthur l. Hutton w 68.7 n 191.05 Ernest and Vernon Torrey s 50johannes in. Penner. Beatrice Soh. Dist no. 15louise and Ada Penner e 90.35gustave la. And Alma harder Vav 90.35 Geo Frolick e 90.35john p. And Lena Timber w 90.35goo. F. Little. In a. Carre e 45.17frank and Letta Wirges Vav 45.17 e John c. A Ayham w 90.35section 2. That said special taxes levied As aforesaid on said lots. Parts lots lands and real estate shall become delinquent As follows one tenth of the total amount so levied on said lots and parts of lots lands and real estate shall become delinquent in fifty Days from the passage approval and publication of this ordinance one tenth in one year one tenth in two years one tenth in three years one tenth in four years one tenth in five years one tenth in six years one tenth in seven years one tenth in eight years one 19 19 19 18 18 is 17 15-16 14 4 13 13 12 2.3 24 24 amt $44 3,03 116.89 181.6235.0 i 739.4 2 735.63 no 3 yid $1.80 no to. 4 yell $1.81 #1,8 $1.77 a 1.78 no. Oats >4 a 2c lower $1114 114%. Wheat hard unch a off demand fair Cath slow red Tine hour a dark hard $2.8 1 no. $2.80 no. 2 dark hard $ 2.8 1 no. 4 dark hard $273 hard $2.75#2.77 no. 2 $2.73 40/2.78 no. 3 hard i 2.73 no. Hard. $2. A hard $2.58#2.05 amp hard $2.30#2.57 no. 1 $$2.7 5 no. 3 mixed $2.67 no. 2 red $2.78. I $1.81 no. Mixed a no. Of hut a Low Flat o cd up if or pm j to i amp Ric find i i for 2 7 1 2.71 197.2 2,061.05 146.6 69.j 69 3 13b 7 40 43 1 4 0 i 55 32 87.5 40.67 11.67 50 31.3 81 3 813 60 120 60 co 60 81.1 46,6 47 23.5 j 50 160 124.25 760.69 49.30 335.20 335.2a 719.70 158.58 137.31 58.45 158.9 13 4.83 265.81 101.95 71.71 326,12 98.75 62.66 301.51 63.96 2 il03 211.03 259 45 163.41 121.6 421.85 311.33 6i2.67 311.33 311.33 311.33 420.82 241.80 213.40 45.40 106.69 46.70 259.45 7 034 644.72 no. No. No. B a Tref Gre Iju fs�n1s b Black Troa i wheat. $2.fit 3 Whit Carn $1 7 0 3 Al of Corn. 9 4.tu 8 oaf $1.00 cooperative or came a co. 0 a a rot by ii Jiffy f. Ducks turkeys Cream eggs. 1% to 2 lbs. I 2 4 or 28c so. Omaha live Stock Cai a act to were stuff 41.42 214.92 of or 429.80 54 233.68 no 505.31 50 259.51 50 259.45 63 326.90 fit 262.24 75 324.66 66 285-63 44.18 126.37 111.98 200 858.24 14.05 60.29 105.51 86.82 157.47 817.1&Quot 82 425.49 75 47 391.6 i 107.47 6_ 1.65 50 2,9. To 107.47 446.68 50 207.-2 63.93 108.67 r.4 2 to 20 50 259.45 40 .207.57 105 511 83 do 259.4 5 too 51 v89 57 295.77 57 295.7 57 295.77 57 295.77 83.4 432 75 417 216.38 20 to 3.7 8 20 103.78 20 103.78 40.17 208.13 25 129.72 78.6 326.2 8 54 221.16 96 398.50 too 415.11 5 2i. Too 415.11 50 207.56 50 207.56 50 207.56 too 415.11 in 415.1 i 50 207.56 too 415.11 i of 415.11 85 a 331.27 165 639.29 55.78 216.12 Ito 658.67 to 294.46 too 387.45 50 193.73 95 368.08 122 72 4 75.48 of 348.71 175 67802 71.4 276.64 149 577.30 61.4 254,88 so. Omaha Dun receipt 3,00. Steers sold a by hint Good being stead1. 15s higher although Plains were lit tie More than steady. Cow a need i 01 2 be on the Hefter Grad j stockers arid feeders continued Dull i and weak Thame quotation. In yesterday. Hog a receipts i 0.600. Trad Tive 25/ 50e Advance the being j shown on practically All clo Only a few mall Bunch a gtd in. R even Money. Bilk of Sale. A from $24.00#15.00 with top of $15 15. Kansas cite live Stock Kansas City june 22. Cattle receipts 1 1,500 beef steer and Butcher Stock to Strong top steers $17.00 bulk of better Glade i $16.00 of 16.50 canners weak Hulk $4 00# 4.50 All other. Das a a n orally steady. Hogs receipts 9,000 25f& Loc higher top $15.70 he k heavy. $15.20#15.60 bulk Light $14.90 fit 15.25. Notices to creditor notice is hereby give n to the creditor. Of the a Tato of Elizabeth la Gorge. Dee fills cd that the county judge of Gage county Nebraska will on tit 20th Flay of August i \ and on the 20th Day of october 1920. 9 of clock a in. Tach Day Tho county court room in paid county examine adjust and allow claims against said stat. The Tim fore presenting claims has in Ltd limited to thro in nibs from july i20th. 1920. Maims not Fil d in the county court of said county within the time limited will be forever Barr this notice will be publish i in the Beatrice daily Bun each Issue for four we is Success Ivady prior to the 20th Day of july 1920. L. A j. A of Keefe. County judge. Haslett Jack amp Laughlin att Joe Jolo 125 125 co 80 so to 50 too 50 67.4 140.7 57.35 57.35 112 6,s.7 180.7 361.4 90.35 90.35 90.35 90.35 45.17 45.17 90.35 518.89 518.89 207.56 332.09 332.09 415.11 207.56 415.1 i 207.56 279.78 439.9 1 77.96 27.26 206.21 206.21 32.00 402.70 217.02 50.41 700.12 1.400.2 i 350.06 350.09 350.06 350.06 193.73 187.51 187.51 375.02 notice to creditors notice is Byre by Given to tie Cregut ors of the estate of ii emd r ii Zimmerman deceased that the county judge of Gage county Nebraska., will on the 12th Day of october. 192&Quot, Juu on the 12th Day of january. 192 1. 9 of clock a. In. Each Day a the county court room in said county. Examine. I adjust and allow claims against raid estate. The time for presenting claims has been limit d to Siy months from August 12th, 1920. Maims not fib i in the county court of said county within the time limited will be for or hared my has notice will be published in the Beatrice daily Sun each Issue for four weeks successively prior to the 12th Day of August 1920. L. A j. A. O Keefe. County Justig Haslett Jack amp Laughlin. Attys. Iy2 Notick notice is hereby Given that the annual meeting of the Stockhold is of tile Farmers co operative Union association. Of Humeston. Gage county Nebraska the articles of incorporation of said association weft amended As follows article the amount of the capital Stock authorize d by this company shall a on Hundred thousand &$10luk�0.i0 dollars. Divided into one thousand i.�?�&&& shares of the Par value of if Hundred $100.00 dollars each the corporation however shall be authorized to commence business when fifty five 55 shares of its capital Stock shall but subscribed and paid for. The remaining nine Hundred 945 shares of capital Stock shall by Issue d such times and in such amounts and upon such terms anti conditions As May bed ter mined by the stockholders and no certificates Quot of Stock shall be issued until fully paid for. And shall he non assessable. The Stock of this corporation Hall be transferable Only on the books of the corporation. Abt tule tax the affairs of this corporation shall be conducted by a Board of seven 7 directors. The members of the Hoard a directors shall be elected by the stockholders from among their own number the annual meeting. the annual meeting of the corporation in january. A. D. 1920. Two 2 of the directors shall be elected for a term of one year i or two 2 for a term of two years a 2 yrs and three 3 for a term three years 3yrs.and thereafter the time of expiration of their respective term of office they shall be elected for a term of three 3 years and shall hold their office until their successors Are duly elected and qualified in witness whereof the president and Secretary of said corporation have Hereunto signed their names and affixed the Seal of said corporation As authorized by unanimous vote of the stockholders present said annual meeting. Attest Frank a lick a l. G Brownawell president. Seal Secretary. Hackettsr. Brewster. Attys. 22 29 g 13 2 notice to creditors notice is hereby Given to the creditors of the estate of Nancy Hayes Cue deceased that the county judge of Gage county. Nebraska will on the 20th Day of August 1920, and on the 20th Day of october 1920, 9 of clock a. In. Each Day the county court room in said county examine adjust and allow claims against said estate. The time for presenting claims has been limited to three months from july 20th. 1920. Claims not filed in the county court of. A a in said county within Tho to Insp limited tent or in inn years after Levy and leu ill be forever barred. This not in will be published in the Beatrice daily Bun each Issue for four week successively prior to the 20th Day of july 1920. I. A j. A. Of Keefe. County judge. Haslett Jack amp Laughlin Attys. Jolo Jug Iron the pass m a approval and publication of this 1 Dina me. Each of said instalments except the first Shalt draw interest the rate of not to exceed six and one half per cent per annul from the time of the Levy aforesaid until the same shall become delinquent and after the same Lins become Dilir Quant the same shall draw ten per cent interest per annul until the same shall be paid. Section 3�?that the entire amount of taxes so levied and assessed on any of said lots parts of lots. Lands and real estate May be paid by the owner or owners of said lots parts of lots. Lands and real estate or the equal prorate proportion of said tax on any of said lots parts of lots lands and real estate May be paid by any person within fifty Days of said Levy and thereupon such lots parts of lots lands and real state shall be exempt from any Lien or charge therefore for Tho amount of such Levy so paid. Section 4�?that this ordinance shall take Effort and be in Force from and after its passage approval and publication according to Law. Passed and approved june 8, 1920. Attest Leonidas be Thorn. Cite clerk. A c. Farlow. Mayor pm jilt i Serviou n try rend ii ii y i in or severe Racine fabric tires i Lave the xxi in rested Quality that More rules to you tire Economy. Extra tested for to i Al guar Hus the extra tests in Racine country Road far m i in co re i ii res. I liar in Racine Anson Shock strip welding tread and n added insurance of comforts Economy. Perfectly i i Lei cd City �1 to Mig Cass extra be sure the name Racine re Pai r com fan y is on every tire Jot buy. Tucker amp Mclanahan props. % re is a us Aik. S \ or fitly a . Cut la i Zzz. V a a -2. J a. I is or or r / a i. V i a % Yak a s., 3 Iii a amp of Rev a a a a a j j ii i. ./1 i Rutt a tits physician Plain a says Public ought to know Are taking practical advice on what to do to build up your strength Power end endurance and increase the red blood corpuscles. F.<4 to fact irn is say he n f with exc in film to Bare in let by Ortr Quot three million people Art the Uganda of Deb a be Taus run Down no i. And that 50 Many physicians Are pre f a who need just such a preparation a Arri my As a tonic strength and by gtd i but do not know what to take. There builder in weak nervous run Nown Condi fore i have urgently suggested the wide ticks has led to an investigation _ its spread publication of the sworn statement merits by designated physicians and others of Toje composition of its formula so that whose reports should be of great importance the Public May know what they Are taking to the p Jhc generally. An no these to.ie Jas formula is now to be Dun v in r to Quot ii. A. A statement made by or. James. In newspapers throughout the country. Van Quot to y n j a is c ,.dit y of organic try Quoit. Outdoor i in a or _ a a Tje of Vanl of pc donate of a special a pc Ivan formerly of an Westchester county Hospital who 3>s. Cd Fly Standard and glycerol is plates who i. Is a a when enc patient after another began Aik a a q the bl0rt costly tonic Ingre Lien ins my opinion of nut amp Ted Iron i Feso Ivea my try opinion 01 fax amp Ira ,cn5 known to the credit of the manufacture to go tic Croix Only the a sect and find that Tuccy use the m04t rut for myself whether or not possessed a a div f of Iron p locate we Rea the re Sivi Luer med by is other mikes they could and attested to ty,t3 be in every i the a me Quantity of actual Iron in the pit tic s is sex y \ u 5.ble-s is than one fourth the coat Ani "ng tetanic1 Iron they could . A to Ary product whatsoever. Ii an a the Cost to less than one twelfth. But c e is worthies we practitioner ought to by thus cheapening the produce they Woulf he the first to know of and if is Effi undoubtedly have impaired its therapeutic Cacici be Are in duty bound to recommend of Mcacy. N opinion a careful a Atoian a or the a far of our patients. A Stony to n this formula by any physician of of Tho composition of the Lux ated Iron pharmacist should convince him tz. Aux ice Mil so impressed me with the the rape the j Iron j3 t0 be placed among toe very tit Efficacy of the product that i hisher1 class and most strictly ethic to prep Diatel f cd n in to in Uther of obstinate Amati ans known to medical science sex Case b i quickly did to increase the strcng.-. C .j4 any bin a have Ever used far building Cher v end a Durance of the parents Tom vhf a Lem Anco increasing the red woo j was Terre time j Rpu Scles thereby enriching and fortify a u if Tea of kit age. Clouet. My i is. A imm Ami of a a a Ait so can a biome shoe polish m 1 a a1�?&Quot Black White oxblood Brov a always x Trai Ltd 6ojtens a a Tif. A serves. A w a a a a a Iii ill i leather in keep your stomach Sweet today and Ward or the indigestion of tomorrow try the new Aid to digestion. As pleasant Anc As Safe to take As Candy. M pm by Scott amp Sowle makers of Scotti emulsion a Quot h ? work guaranteed or Money refunded to let us convince you thai our. Cleaning repairing repairing and clothes pressing service is Are you willing Dohrse a cleaning works phone 60. 118 North 6th

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