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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Beatrice, Nebraska Alleged burglars arrested at St. Joe Charles Hart and Geo. Davis heu for Blue strings k robbery sheriff goes after them Van Schlegel. The District attorney Aid or in i ended to one Attoh Minn Anderson about Bubsey Anent events. A we have asked miss Anderson to come As soon As she can Quot raid or Swan a to see if a a a it Mil not Aid the anti Orilie by diving i fornia Nob on wimp Points upon which they ate at work a if Ali dad that he idol not a it i opt Nom mid Ndeki nil As one meal. Leave even Palmer tops St. Joe Market with porkers Ismay Palmer who hipped a Carload of Boas to St. Joseph sunday night topped the Market there monday. The Price a $1�?o�.2 5, the porker were finished with a ration of it non hot ter hey Wert a Al fifty two thousand carloads till earn loading ten pet cent above Capa City it. Is estimated that Kansas have Borrower sixty five million dollars to finance the movement of last year s drop and that almost one fourth of the crop remain to by moved before All the to am can be is crr a of to pfc Kim hmm 1v i Hadow of in pied n. A a homers in Long race Indiana Phi id. To get 2 legion drubs packers i in one sided show Hundred Carri a p. I Here in the annual ant Quot without License number their the Eric in i Ltd Hall club in Banut a n a 1 a a a a goods Pound ill car the twirl by i. To put a a hot Der to a in la t Vii or in it 5. The f la and germ taken up. The Ere Bunch. Banks i. Strained a a i breaking Point now it. A re Pang of t or i Hanking is my at o n. Get 22. Two a i. Mir heir took tin Ait a vast of Merna t Mih rare Toj experience Thor in t was in if a i Vav cd he dil of almost Accel it u a it to Kau to i him. S Efu Irmi v is dollars to doughnuts a no Man Ever smoked a better x o to _ undoing identified. Packer in a t the be arc of in i o 5. Gilding into St. Joseph monday in i,.am tart i in to their Ford without a License number a a j Andrj look d like was the undoing of two Young men in Tver a the oldies giving the names of Charles Hart rubber seven time in end George Davis who were Arn r took All la a a Pep nut Eti by the police of that City. Win n a it in a t i or a a taken in custody by the Bluecoat inc after that. The officers were not aware that tin j a Leat unit i the car was loaded with silk Good. Home run in h in a ii. T search revealed a number of nit double play one by Rhimon. Rid cases filled with costly Silks and another by Robinson to to other varieties of goods and the ,., u. Men were booked for invest ignition., up. Ore by innit it h f identifies property legion Oil 07 it s 3 the police had been Furm Ben gift amp co. Too on to 6 7 with a description of articles i a batteries legion Grant Dicker from f. E. Rice s. Tole at glue j a. A. A. It to Brett Springs saturday night and he Wasj Youker and Rector snick out. By notified of the menus Aire s. Conk i by Grant 3. By Dickerson or. Rice in company with town 2. Base on Ball. Off Garrett i Oft a Swift foil Ion i Inners. It the fifth it 111 a i r opine g do id v. Eon racing Chih would in i a Pear Lim it cd la Den Carided by one it the a Foertch 0 Poi a tpi1 h 1 re try the stat in socialist party. The american great rain and i become serious i ult it my v fill i it i Wilson mined that the to be 22. In surgeon w As 1 Wilson it de j Michel and or planks in die Day evening form adult it pm a i v. Bet All expo t a at i v had a <1 i quite uni Mutt f i been coif for 1 face and log Ltd b in Volby a. Moo Cut a a Quot a it cigarette at any Price s Quality and their expert blend lieu turkish and Choice a. Tobacco hand you a cigarette that will sat j 7 of iffy every smoke desire you Ever expressed. A a 3von we in few this Camel blend to either \ Ujj v01 ch.,m ill a dental and m r. A kind smoked straight a a is >11 of reds it aim tory drop Dei Dik. Annex Region o i martial Miller went to St. To Mph and wore not Long in identifying the Trade Marks on or. Rico a goods. They re to rued to Blue Spring 3 ter Day morning and later in the Day county attorney a by swore out a complaint in Justice Ellis cont emerging the Din with biking into and burglar izing the Rice tor. Warrants were issued for their or rest and Given to sheriff i Ehe k who left yesterday aft Moon f in St. Swift. Joseph to bring i to alleged thieves to Beatrice he will arrive her that morning with the nun who Are each said to be about 30 a it of age. Goods valued at $2,000 the goods taken from the Ute pm ire Are valued at about $2,000. The officers believe they Are members of a gang implicated in the robbery and that the goods were divided before the nun reached St a Joseph. A Blue Springs resident w to v a in the y yesterday stat d that Liker i off Grant i if Dick 1 London june 22. The Iki claim to have Flung across the unripe ii. I of a and to be ii i Back 1 of a re a guru Fen am Ami of til dirt it Ion Brut beast of i. My a it Olshev thu poles o Iii cast Vang them d Ovitch i re it a Kut a room. Bath. Garage club standings w. It. Us .5 2 a 1 2 Chic in a n la four mole. Dial in. Pct j will be i or a 600 i a i do n the it. Hath ill of local Bote i i cd which four it Ell inline my garage the out of was Seoul cd i. It wan Learned imbedded in to Quot re it Billith and in the followed a Lar a i Hor on 1 ally a Bove upper Teeth was 11 11 Lei t anti w As a d Iii clo i Quot a is Range fact that had never Given Traci he until quiz re nut Vlug them 1 Hie past two wee instantly. It i a usual Rase. And i hot i feeling Pic t suit of has trip Calef. Train for Lane n thine line of v the Alii of an x hat something oof of or. Midi i k a r a Quot r i camels Mellow mildness will certainly in a 4 a. I anneal to Vou. I la i by Quot is All there an i Appeal to you. Do v it by Quot hat smoothen is its n Delight i toot h Grov i n i anal balk it in i a noved y also found imbed Pality. In to these Bield n i it h or. Mice Cie any n recently and on e terrible pain til k stopped Limo 1 id to by a very in Michel returned y Good Over be to Hurter county or nil i a Quot. A amp Mim amp Mab t a tem in go the limit with camels they a ill not tire your taste. And. They leave no Uspens ant Cip Fretty aftertaste nor unpleasant Cigar Retty odor i just compare camels with any Itte in the world at any Price or ,<40 a a typhus Wiles out jews wedding at it. Joseph s 3 r Cord. F Kie j five thousand in Lilliin six Woof ii of pail Church this morning 1 int Dent Mande t a bit of typhus jul prior to the cording a a Sun r die tor of to. Pital. Place Cai Boli s of clock Church. Room is that lha father r. L. But diet will off ate Fri inn Nim at the in rid a of Mig Magdalene Schultz and Arri Springfield Bro e Render the ceremony allx inc in i i l in it a St cd i i jaw i he Groom is hic manager f the Farmers store at Holmesville and the Young couple will make limit Kiev a larg it j takes plane ride at 103 their friends will extend Congi a f to la i i Suffran this is a. Seventh time the leu Home then Tore has been burglarized sine or proprietor located at Blue Springs about forty years ago. Ten months ago thieves raided the place and carried away about the same amount of property As War taken last payt a i a it Dun urday night or morning. Up pox 5 pc of in it no a Ifft cop thir it to obtain a to it i the Rice store is the Only i Ennd final Date to ratify re Fader i mercantile establishment in bin suffrage amendment. Springs and As i Here is no night cop evildoers have their own Way. It is said that Hart and Davis Are residents of by. Joseph and thai their arrest and discovery of the goods was As much of a Surprise to the police department of St. Joseph As it was to the alleged burglars. Tes turn to Tennessee Tup us ave announcement in made by a Ciais of the National woman a party that an Effort would he made to have a special cession of the Tennessee legislature called immediately. To june 22. Josiah rears old took an ail will a up ing Fileki a tor. The centenarian Van Delight cd with Ilia journey and expressed a Lestre to go again. More plague cases Vera Cruz Jim cases of to bubonic peeled Here yet. Try. 22.�?two new plague were re Honor plainsman a memory Philadelphia Jim 22. The in in cry fit colonel Illian f. Ady Buffalo Bill Quot was perpetrated at tin hog Inland shipyard wit in the a a �?�11 cargo Carrier Cady named in Honor of Buffalo Bill was launched. Assemble big army chinese made first Broad it is said that the chinese were the first bread makers and they made Broad from wheat and Rice Asen cd y As i Dos la. C. Probably the first bread made from be St was baked Iti England in about i Iti. Aerated bread which rises from carbonic acid Gas injected into til dough became somewhat common it fat. Hut practically All bread bakery made or Home made owes its Leat Ming to yeast or baking powder. Ag5 brings benefits. As you grow older life is hotter As your heart expands and your yen a Withiel Widen your filet 1 is will become More Loving and sincere. Wheat expensive crop War a i of Quot a port fifty division inn h Washington. June 22. Amel Iran wheal crop w a an a a age col to to $2.1 fat a Bubel the Dei agriculture announced question Minneapolis Gire in Elwell Case a new Yolk june 22.�?district at Torney Swann announced Ioni by that he bad sent for mias Nellie Public its Cost of production urn y Hope Anderson 22. Minneapolis j 1 a. In a it of Ovd foul Repi vocalist to question her in conure-1 nonfat Ive districts of Lite win at Belt Hon with the death of John b. I in Kanner i m Niri Mil Well wealthy turf Man a id who for the drive against Poland the 1910 j Hsen consider o produced swing. Grower of a Linen Oft a Kau. An Farmer a n niacin won i d. I i Quot car i .1 Bons Hyvl a assembled mid urn net Ich military now Iii full pert who was found with a Bullet Hole through his in and at i Bonn Bere june to. In Milf to Apo in admitted that she was a d no r guest of w. Von Schlegel a no a firk tartness Man. At the Blitz Carleton hotel on the night Bingo Elwell was slain. While dining on the botel Root they met Elwell accompanied by miss Viola Kraus divorced ii of Neeton Norte and South Dakota. No Ceu is to murder a Joseph mc., june 23 x car rests have been made in the Case of 1 he murdered woman whose headless body a found in Lake cont re y. The last Twenty four hour-., after the police had seemingly useful clue to work on. Have again brought the investigation to a Stop. Hot Lorn of i hot i ii Oil i Are their troubles to i carrying them to the j Merre Konoid Ion tie Hope that the i that hands of tin wry much Irion i cd the so a ton they Are non of Era Tate com to 1 1 e very lit Ury i us wheat in Farmers will b moved before the new cop is crowding the Market. An estimate Indi a Cates that the re Arf now fifteen Mil lion Bushel of old wheat in Ken a it la estimated that sixty three millions of tile my lop will be offered for shipment Between Harvest am september i. This would make a to Tai of seventy eight million Bushel to move in the next two months 01 All in the Days work whether its Clearing tilling hauling or harvesting a your tractor is called upon to perform a Hundred different or ski in the course of a St Ason. The Speed and pureness with v it Ich it accomplishes these tasks every Day year in and year out depends largely upon the kind of lubrication it gets. Carbon friction and Vrr Are enemies of steady efficient motor or ration. You Cai minimize these by using our tractor gds. Our tractor oils maintain the right lubricating body at every temperature. Their great Fric Nate to a Large extent the danger of scored Cylinder and undue Wear of engine parts. They keep your tractor on the Job and full powered the year around. Oar expert s have made a study of the t Rector lubricating i c a Lam. They have found St Anoli and tractor Oil Best suited to a majority of tractors Polar j no extra heavy pol a r Ine Hen by and Eola Vino being recommended for quite a number. 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Why risk a Cool casing i i a cheap tube Goodyear heavy tourist tubes or St huh More than tubes of less Merit. 30 x 3j/� size in Talter a i 50 proof Bas. 1 a a it 11, Iii ii mme Wyli Edh j Lam i a Iii my v tvs i r by a Imit it we amp Emam a a a a Cwm a i Beatrice tire amp repair co. The Goodyear service station. 5th amp Ella St. M. H Guiles prop

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