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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Beatrice, Nebraska Temperatures High and Low saturday 43, 14 High and Low year ago 18, -3 precipitation. Precipitation this month. 1.17 precipitation this year. 1.17 56 a Beatrice daily Sun weather Clear to partly Cloudy today High 32-42. A Elf you did no to see it in the Sun it did no to happen member of associated press Beatrice Nebraska sunday january 26, 1958 10c per copy no. In personal interest in defense setup is taken by president Washington re a president president at this time is taking Eisenhower took a personal hand a personal interest in the rear saturday in moves to reorganize a Quot Iza tip in of the of Ltd on As he indicated he would do in his the defense department. He paid state of the Union an unusual visit to the Pentagon a i Hope he takes a close look and conferred with top civilian at the extraordinary number of and military leaders. Assistant secretaries of defense there was immediate bipartisan and assistants to the assistants applause from members of con who Are cluttering up the Penta egress for the president s dramatic gon a Manfield said. Action to Speed a promised Over i sen. Knowland of California the haul of the nation s military set Senate a Quot Republican Leader said up to meet the Challenge of rus Eisenhower a action confirms ear Sian sputnik and missiles. Lier statements that the president Eisenhower conferred for More s 8 a a no b s attention to changes than two hours with Secretary of and wed have Concrete recon defense Mcelroy and 14 other men Dater it is to make to Congress. Civilian and military officials. Without reference to Eisenhowe Bijj Eros Pentagon visit Knowland and these a Quot eluded reorganization s Brid . Vij advisers whom Mcelroy named Omus sjtj0�?z to act a sgt recently. There was no announce commander Over the armed meat whether any decision had f. H forthcoming re Organ. Been reached. Of Iza Tion. Among those sitting in on the \0 convinced conference were Gen. Nathan f. Knowland said in an interview Twining chairman of the joint he is a a not convinced that a single chiefs of staff and two previous chief of staff is the answer to the Long Range redistricting plan left and More flexible proposal. A a a a a a a a a a a Long Range goal Breaks Gage into 4 school lists. Pcs chairmen adm. Arthur w. Radford and Gen. Omar Bradley. A personal interest White House press Secretary problem of speeding up the development of missiles and satellites. Bridges chairman of the Senate James c. Hagerty was asked Why cop policy committee said in a Eisenhower had gone to the pen statement he is a a opposed to con Wagon instead of having Mcelroy Cen rating the military strength come to the White House. Of our country in the hands of a the president said he was one churl during final a lies Lur or. And mrs. Dean ii Liam it and three of their children who lost going to take a personal interest Eisenhower Vears ago Advocatt Weir in is in toe to Agre shootings of , january 22 Sun photo. In this so he w ent Over there red the single command idea in final rites two Large and three Small casket stand before the altar of the first Christiano by Wendall Burns maps showing possibilities of i school redistricting for All of Gage county were presented to school redistricting for All of in the North part of the county at a meeting last week. The Stu by g. Milton Kelly i Robert f. Kennedy the commit do was made by staff members a acute Rizw Imp a Naninni ctr a teens counsel said Mccarty has trom the University of Nebraska 1 1. Told him he was tortured for a top teachers College and the state torture in an Elevon slowly Mot Posig the operation of Loca 54, department of education. It was unionists torture to feature investigation services Are held for five in family shooting tragedy Hagerty said. A it was his testimony before Congress but and Dover May feature the Union in As authorized by the Gage county Hagerty said this was just one later dropped it in favor of com Senate Racket s a r by officials installed by reorganization committee As of a series of conferences Eisen Promise. Tuition to of the 0peratmg end the unions International president set up by the legislature and was gingers Union ifs the Story of Theodore me lower will have with Mcelroy Strong support has developed in president William e. Maloney. Kennedy said he expected my completed last year. The plan which the study com there was a minimum of the curious at the funeral for five yesterday morning. A it is not for us to explain the confusion of human tragedy Quot said Rev. Hubert Sias. Who officiated at the first Christian Church in Beatrice and interment services at the Blue Springs cemetery for Sherman Williams 39. Dorothy Williams 38, Cathy Williams. 5. Mary Williams. 2. And Richard w Wiliams who would have been nine last Fridev. Contributors continue to fewer farm give generously to fund Isales a lg57 a flood of dollars brought the checks should he made out to Quot the Trust fund being raised for Sher i Sherman a Butch Williams Man a a Butch Williams to $1,459.76 Friday Clarence a. Mack s con yesterday and there were no signs Tributino was listed erroneously that the tide would Abate. It should have been $3. To noon saturday 210 contrib recent contributions cons bad been received most of or. And mrs. Robert Hazebrook Rev Sias a Iso spoke of a mom Rhem in amounts of $5 or less. Omaha so. Lueila s. Niemei Ereni anly irrationality. Though there were several Large <3 or and mrs Ben w Holm during the hour before the ser contributions. Beck $10. Friend $5. Beatrice sen n. I mortgage vice when the bodies Lay in state the faculty of Beatrice High or High faculty ski. Patrons of it dress continued to increase in the Church Narthex Many pass. School where a a Butch is a Sopho Beatrice sales Pavilion cafe $16.01 i 1 Oora Ald Quot f of silently past the caskets to pay More contributed $100 to the Flora Wellington $1. Friend is. 1 j n j Hawley Kegler their respects. During this hour fund. Mrs. W. A. Wickerham $5. Or. A to i b the caskets of the Mother and contributions Mav be brought or and mrs. F red w. Miller $2. The re Hawley states in making three children were open that of mailed to either Beatrice Bank the Chud Levy a $5, Friend $5. Friend a j a Quot a or. Williams dosed. Dai in Sun or station wbk. The i continued on pane col i dfbtednes5 Quot creased j,94,410 and _ n r City mortgage indebtedness following the Beatrice service a a the cortege As is customary was farm and City indebtedness up and less releases there were fewer property transactions in Gage county in tax primer expense accounts what the ruling on the new line 6 a Means to you. Story is on Page in rail tycoon takes own life escorted by a the youngsters invited to the City limits from whence it to Cha jct Box social proceeded at a 20--Arvhour the y by m invited a a the Pace in a 60--an-hour zone to Young people of Beatrice and the City limits of Blue Springs Holmesville to a Box social to where police halted other traffic he held in the Christian Church to make Way for the three hearses basement on wednesday january and the cars decently spaced for do at 7 of p in almost a . The girls will bring the boxes Many autos and trucks filled with snacks for two. These preaching the cortege on Busy i. Will be auctioned off at about 9 00 s. Highway 77 stopped respectful after two Lively hours of games in until the Long line had passed and fun continuing traffic did not Cut in and out. People had places to g but. In deference to the dead prior to the presidents decision Congress for reshaping the duties a a on defense reorganization. Of the joint chiefs of staff who Carty of Clementon who Carty to testify monday when the Brittee states May be considered i sen. Mansfield of Montana the now Are charged with operating will Tell it to the special Senate committee resumes its Public a a Long Range goal Breaks the assistant democratic Leader said individual services As Well As with group investigating evils in the bearings on the unions affairs ent re county Down into four Dis he was a Happy to note that the Over All military planning. Labor management Field. Jtb local 542 under the spot tricks map at left above the Light. Quot North District would be for those chosen officers areas now served by Adams Cla with the exception of four j a on a Sod Cortland. Hallam and years. 1948-52, when it had its own Pickryl May also want to be elected officers the local has been included in this District run since 1933 by men chosen by j a second District would include the unions Hierarchy. Among its areas now served by Filley an appointed Bosses has been the con Virginia and would extend East i Robert r. Young evicted labor extortionist and rack Ward nt0 Pawnee county. The a steer. Joey Fay of new York. Fay study states a Holmesville May in i a executive is on Caj for questioning later in choose to join with any one of to note no motive the week possibly tuesday or three proposed districts or it May Hiu Uve wednesday. Choose to Divide its present Dis Palm Beach. Fla. T a rail Kennedy said Mccarty a strap strict among two or More of Road executive Robert Young of Ping figure of a Man broke Down these new districts the new York Centra committed and wept for shame when he had another District would be the suicide in a top floor billiard to admit to committee i Vestiga area now served for High school room of his Palm Beach Home tors that he had been beaten by purposes by Beatrice High and saturday by shooting himself with goons hired by someone in the. Mav or tray nor include All or a double barrelled Shotgun. Union. Holmesville District. A you know it was a Kennedy said the. Story is my be fourth District would include it. Fred Mead of the Palm Beach car tvs a to Tell in full but that the Aras hich now Divide High police department told a report Man was a trapped in an elevator a school pupils among Barneston or. By overpowering numbers and As Blue Springs. Liberty Odell and Mead said friends reported the the elevator kept going up and this study was com 60-year-old Young had appeared descending was subjected to tor plated before the plan was an in Moscow Calls for icbms ban Khrushchev says ready to discuss plan with the . Creased $349,482 during the year the 167 mortgages filed in an _ a a _ _ t a a. A a amount of $1.465.1,88.57 were just London pm soviet communist despondent lately although there Tures some of which he termed bounced tor building the new Oder two less than were filed in 1956 Par it Boss Nikita Khrushchev was was no information on the cause unspeakable he declined to say High school and the Bond passed for about the same amount but reported he Moscow radio Satur 0f his depression. Where the beating occurred. Not n8 d pm an the number of farm releases drop Dav Niht to be ready to discuss the body was discovered about a a a second plan map at right oed from 137 in 1956 to 103 in a ban on intercontinental ballistic noon by an unidentified provide for a larger num 1957 and amounts to $242,379 less m seder As part a Genera Dis 0f the family who went in search 11 or a Clov s districts and the study paid off in 1957 than was paid ornament agreement. 0f him. He and his wife had a fees several possibilities for join off the previous the broadcast said he stipulated social appointment with friends a f Iti til no Dlf Illuv dlr -ct5 in rhe Southern pair or the Register of deeds comp that the West must first agree to saturday afternoon. W cd 111 it i y the county. In both plans it was is a report each year comparing a ban on nuclear weapons an end v a it to to accompanied v. A it an stated Thev Aie Onk suggestions. Concerts in fall Campaign mid september tentative Date instead of Spring homesteader Community concert trends in mortgages and indent to nuclear tests and the Liquida with the Shotgun Between his Assn. Will have a fall Campaign Edness. He stated. A a during the lion of overseas military bases. I it nees it a double barrelled gun of Young was found in a chair and fun bring All your friends for Tho 1958.59 concert season i ten Vear Pend from 1940 t0 195� the West has acknowledged that the Type used has two triggers rce. In Ami come to this main social even rectors decided at meeting Tri farm mortgage indebtedness was the soviet Union is the Only Power which can be pulled simultaneous a i no o of South week. Dav n pi1 reduced each Vear. But in each of at present capable of firing inter in Vve a a a Al. 1. It .,.__i__ Chr up n Lentz motors taking on the rambler line Fred and Alwin Lentz announced in the past campaigns have a1 the past seven years new indent Continental ballistic missiles pos ways come in the Spring usually Edness has More than the Sibly with a Hydrogen bomb War March. Tentative Date for this amount released. Head. Years Campaign is mid septem City mortgages Khrushchev charged president 1 a 1 Ber. The number of City mortgages Eisenhower s recent proposals for afm Bohlk Godl Dinv a switch to fall directors and releases filed was about 25 an International agreement on the yesterday that their firm. Lentz thought. Would give the Organiza percent less than in the previous use of outer space was a one sided Tion a boost since the Sale of Mem Vear and a the smallest number proposition. Be ships then would come shortly lied in the past ten years. The before the concert season begins Arr it out of City mortgages file when anticipation would be higher and released hit a High Point in Ziack and a hit also. Thev observed the Early part 1955 when -l2 million dollars in will of the Vear is overloaded with mortgage indebtedness was filed snows de no re and v,2 million dollars in Mort Beatrice will be site of both a District and the All state waited their while to do it. People in Blue Springs came onto their porches and paused along the streets the men removing their hats and Caps As the procession slowly went by. I he Flag which draped or. We motors has completed no gotta hams coffin was duly folded by dons for the Saie of rambler cars two members of the american be in this territory. They will con Gion who presented it to the sur Jnue also with the Buick and Pon living son a thank he Tiac Auto and International truck said quietly accepting it. Franchises. A this conic Udes the service a american motors sales corp 9fund-raising campaigns having As said Rev. Sias. Manufactures and Sells the ram Volunteer workers Many of the say a was released and has d uru cd some sobbing. B a is. American motors came into woman who work in the concert Cit ased Nai a n be an 0vv�?T 3 a a i indebtedness was filed and $967. Assn made site selections at a office Lincoln will talk on the soil i Mon bold tson beat Rice is Nice dents to ride for More than 0 Opportunity to hear Gage county Farmers will have two opportunities to hear explanations of the farm Bank and Over All farm policy at meetings tomorrow. One will be in Beatrice the Price. Beverly Bower Soprano and Are not rigid but a starting appeared in concert at the beat Point for planning. In both plans Rice municipal auditorium last provisions would be made for Tak ing in parts of districts extending have Only been in this City. Into adjoining counties where de three or four hours a she told a1 sizable. Sun reporter a but in that time White areas in the map at the we have found very Nice people right shows the nucleus for those whomever we have met. Districts. The shaded areas Are a there is warmth and Hospital districts which Are More 1 Ite As to mergers. It is believed she spoke from experience school patrons in shaded areas of their current tour includes 15 adjoining counties May find it and appearances. Van Ageous to come into such a or was asked a we have cover reorganization setup de your concert and opera exper any High school should have a fences and your planned program minimum of 13 or 14 teachers is there some according to the study. School the mourners trekked off across the Snow under existence in 1954 through the Mer the somber january sky. T her a of the Nash Kelvin tor co. Ann other at Odell. The Beatrice meeting will be at for bus Avenir 7 30 p. In at the Friendship room else we should have brought Board members were told at the Black of first National Bank. Glen urn out a meeting last week that traffic Berger assistant director of the Beverly Bower announce specialists could work out bus the Nebraska Holstein Friesen soil Bank division of the state asked it have a wonderful seven routes that would not require stir a possible switch from the cite Hudson motors. Nash and Hudson auditorium to Quot a Junior a his Udo 1371 90 was released on City pro meeting in Lincoln last week. A. Bank. Or. Everett Peterson. Agri but i can hardly wait to get Back minutes to or from school. The n no r. I nes Vivere drowned and american a. .1 Ioco so Perth d Vance Oscar Wiebe and Rich cultural economist University of t0 Bim pall bearers were m. G. Winne. A its Weie dropped and american onus for the 1958-59 season was a a a it a or affair r�9. J Long bus rides and not per Pup i costs is often the strongest of a Section to reorganizations it was wins Dar award i stated. Bill Heikes. Loren Bell. Harold motors is turning out Only the eco discussed and president William Zihere were 798 deeds led in no tvs Proffe cd the a a Ai be on thesus Voortman. Kolh Roberts. Lloyd i nominal Ramblers produced in i Rist Nill appoint a committee to 1 comp quoted to 918 in 1956. Nee b d Seward and Central c by eci. Which Way next in farm Wright Ralph Schroeder Robert body and eight a hinder models meet with the school Board to see j 0 rep0it Rea sales l ri5 in in 1 a a a. Lang. Elbert Briggs John Zahm last year the Lentzis said. Ram of that can be arranged. Which the re it Ster of deeds Mak state even. The Odell meeting will begin at or. Lou Grosshans Emil Lang Bier sales climbed phenomenally. Performers for the Homestead is t0 j10 stat tax commission Lyle Schmidt Harry make he. 1956 a a a Sedej. A Quot ors would play to a pretty Well Era Quot Flosi Deramion plods a Quot show on saturday. May 1.1 county Aso committee or the As Quot a state contest it was announced in committee who worked on the Bort Lang John Borzekofski. Gene it tin. Inc Pistoni Inucci an autos packed House at Junior High. W i e i Pauj. Iri r an Are Leslie f. Chisho in pro Whitney Kenneth Collin. Dean Quot Ere Las sold in Beatrice by the larger Civ auditorium there so Quot is Quot a a a a Quot in Bea Rio j Quot my. 8 5 ? t Omaha saturday Kathy wrote an 0�?z Pool Fisher. Ralph Barnard. Bernard Mer Hubka. Who discontinued Busi Are Man empty seats. Vol in j1.5m.565 transactions in to Quot rounds. Lain policy. R 0 Kathy Weston a Beatrice High study committee the District show Here will 2 p. In. At the Odd Fellows Hall school senior won the Nebraska Bra of members of the University deeds be on Friday Mav 2. And the1 with a member from the Gage d a Good citizenship essay of Nebraska redistricting study ecu it tee who worked on the per ors would play to a pretty Well snowing a consideration paid a a Quot 1 shows transactions in Beatrice in i s Olving $1,394,565 transactions in King Madison Randall. R a i p h Ness to 19m. And the Hudson by souse Quot makes fog m5ie enjoyable am us of $269 077 a 0, a it ties _ other District be Ai the meetings Are sponsored by the contest alter winning the evening for both performers and spectators. Benefit card party 150 Calls essay Here on Jan. 18 to enter Inland towns in the county and Scottsbluff Central City and a the Gage county agricultural sex county Competition. As state win room for More at $1,140,632 in farm land transact in ton tension service. Ner she will receive a $100 Bond. Lions. 1 a a a there a room tor More at the Benefit card party the women a j Council of the chamber of com of Merce is sponsoring at the Owca Ken-1 he said at the time that his j one million dollars of materials monday evening. Heikes and John Zahm or. Mrs. De Podtburg. Who dropped Robert Bagby was the organist franchise in 1951. And miss Floazel Arpke the soloist. Formal introduction of the ram also the sloped floor of the Jun a Bier cars Here will come some for High auditorium would make j time in March when the Lentz possible a wider of selection in car hits Bridge firm will celebrate 30 years of booking numbers. A a visual num j a in. A i business in Beatrice with an hers such As dance groups for exp Ait Al Washington top it a sen that a what this and brought elaborate display of Pontiac and ample Are pretty much out of the a motor car struck a Bridge Nedy a mass said saturday he measure was a Compromise be and supplies coming in across $0 far it 264 tickets have been m. A a ,. I d 11 re t in i i a i it a i i i. I a of Rel. I _ i g i i l i. A. A -1 a a a a it push minimum wage Law to include More for Sale carpet Gray Green bricks As Well As Ramblers. Wool. 39 Square Yards used 3 months. Cost $300 will sell or. Foreman to for $10, electric Heater $3, Alin Extrie deep in i s $2. Metal practice in Phoenix practice clarinet St american or Robert Foreman and his flyer 36-piece track Remote Jami a Werc mean f. A the recommendation of state lines in a year. Sold. But there will be room for 19-20 i1 practice As Well As made tentative Campaign plans a your Telephone nearly rang rvs no As company physician tor off the Wall. There were1 the Goodyear company and As Coll at least 150 you get base suiting surgeon at the air f orce reschedule meet because of the poor attendance last thursday at the breakfast Ark Thov Nark Anuw anal or Oreman the past several raining course tor salesmen in v a i a years has been the surgeon with the chamber of Commerce Mem stat j.? a011 Franl be the Beatrice medical group sex Jer she Campaign the meeting has Sill s. Try pm. Phone kept for several months in Arabia been rescheduled for monday mor Ca 3-5233. Where he was on the Hospital staff Juning Jan. 27. At 7 15 a. In. In a a of an Oil company Hospital. Question at the City auditorium about seven Miles East of pick will push for action this session because the Flat main floor. Red Friday night and then skid on his proposal to extend the a Kut n a a Kennedy said Many of these 375 to 400. Net proceeds of the meeting with mrs. Pauline Wall a ded int0 a ditch it was reported an hour minimum wage Law to 1 resident Eisenhower to put an persons already Are receiving $1 party will go towards Purchase of Ston. Community concerts repro to the sheriff s office. A it it six million additional per additional 2v2 million employees or More an hour so that few an Ajr conditioner for the ladies sent at Ive in the Dempster Mill Driver was Harlen h. Buhr 17. Sons. Under minimum wage Protection would Benefit from the adminis lounge. Mfg. Co. Lunch room directors Boule 2, Adams. There were two the senator said in an inter and an Al Cio proposal to extraction plan. Tickets will be on Sale at the Ould ask that the labor tend coverage to to million More his own Bdl would cover retail chamber of Commerce monday resume its work which do at least a million Ard he Owca monday night latter received a very minor in a the legislation at an Early Date. I the president recommended j dollars w Orth of business in a i the event begins at 8 of clock jury to one hand. The car was he said he would be ready to bringing under the minimum i year a definition he said would a a control switches mounted on Quot cd Fin his we okla and also discussed performers who1 passengers. Harlen Trauernicht. View he Wool Atwood. $15.00. Ca 3-2031. J aru., where he will will be available next season and la and Henrj overs l6 t h e committee n heavily damaged. I proceed with the minimum wage while crossing the Bridge the Bill As soon As a labor sub com Back end of the vehicle whipped Over and hit a Post of the Bridge. The Driver then lost control and the right rear fender was torn off. It happened about one half Mittee which he Heads completes wage Law about two million pm bring ploys of Large department stores and other retail stores As Well its report on a Bill to regulate As 500,000 workers in local transit welfare an Ltd pension plans. Seafaring Telephone hotel taxi Kennedy a minimum wage pro cab and construction industries postal was snarled in the full com retail stores covered under this in Many More employees than the Eisenhower recon i rend action. The Massachusetts senator also j proposed to remove several ex-1 emotions in the present Law. About 24 million workers Are the paddock rendezvous room Road intersection. Mile West of the Filiey Pickrell Mittee when the 1957 congestion plan would be those with too or covered by the Law and 20 Mil local Grain approximate Cash paces being paid in Beatrice area wheat is 94 Corn .93c Ai session ended. A More Empi Oyes having at least lion Are exempt

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