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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Beatrice, Nebraska Temperatures High attic Low yesterday. W-3 High and Low a year ago 22 a i precipitation this month. I precipitation this year is precis. This Date Tost year is Beatrice daily Sun weather generally fair and mild today High in mid . 60 no. 174 of to a lout in ii la tin of it didst hop pm. Beatrice Nebraska sunday february 4, 1962 member associated . Loc per cop a by Dos of farm program by Peter Edson Washington Nea a the most arresting statement in president Kennedy a omnibus message to Congress is that a in spite of a 65-million increase in population by 1980, our farms will oversupply and bring them into line with what is needed and what can be consumed. A the conservation goal is to achieve a More efficient use of land resources. Grain production would be Cut and More acreage be Able to produce All we need diverted into tree farming grass with 50 million fewer acres than we have in cropland this assumes that the american technological advances in agriculture will continue for the next 20 years at the same rates As in the last 20 years. Lands Hunting fishing and recreation Green belts around metropolitan areas. Loans would be Given to Farmers to convert their land for enjoyment of the people. A the a a development in the program Means the development the conclusions drawn from this of human resources in farm fam a by a s of president Kenned in Seal above. It appears on program in text charts. Re 50 sell surplus to keep debt ceiling Down Byrd proposes receipts used to balance budget Washington a san. Her by f. Byrd d-va., proposed saturday that Congress direct president Kennedy to sell $3.4 billion in stockpiled strategic materials and use the receipts to balance the budget. A a if we could get Money from this excessive accumulation of materials flowing into the Treasury we might be Able to balance the budget and keep from increasing the debt limit a Byrd said in an interview. Clear the Road Byrd disclosed he has agreed to Clear the Road tor an investigation by a special committee headed by sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., of what Kennedy called the excessive stockpiling of $7.7 billion in War emergency items. The Senate is expected to be asked to approve a $30,000 outlay for a staff to inquire into the situation before the group begins hearings in about a month. Senate Republican leaders had Assumption Are that the existing i Hies through better education and a billion is Orth of farm surpluses will have to be reduced to reasonable year to year carry overs and that land in cultivation will have to be reduced in acreage so that it produces no More than can be consumed. This is what the new administration farm plan proposes to accomplish by drastic measures. The nature of the reforms proposed is indicated by the goal of increasing farm income by 25 per cent within the next five years without increasing subsidies to Farmers or prices charged consumer. It will be a neat trick if they can do it. With United states population increasing the Way it is there is no Promise that department of agriculture appropriations will decrease. But it is implied that tax dollars will be channelled into More productive uses than paying storage costs on surpluses agriculture Secretary Orville l. Freeman will be out beating the Bushes to sell his program to the Farmers during most of february and As Long thereafter As Neces by bringing new industries into marginal farm land areas to pro vide better incomes for farm people instead of driving them into cities. The specifies of these programs Are too Long and Complex to present Here in any detail. In summary they Call for new wheat feed Grain and Dairy programs to be approved or rejected by Farmers through voting in National referendums. Cotton and sugar programs will come in separate legislate proposals within a month or so. And the president also promises another message Ai land resource utilization. The Dairy program would become effective As soon As it can be enacted and ratified. Others would be made effective for the Croos harvested in 1963. These programs will be criticized As unrealistic visionary. A i Cal revolutionary and As imposing the most stringent controls Ever proposed for american agriculture. But if they can achieve Only a up the presidents message is a petitions out for. Fulton considering try for mayor or state senator petitions started circulating last week to put the name of George f. Fulton retired Beatrice businessman and former state senator on the City ballot As a candidate for mayor. Fulton said yesterday he was aware of the petitions but did not initiate them and has not As yet decided whether or not he will make the City race. He said he is considering running again for the legislature. Undecided a i probably will file either for mayor or the legislature a Fulton said a a but could not say for certain right at this moment. There Are friends who have been urging me to run for mayor and others who want me to run again Tion by a Senate armed services. For legislature. I probably farm program a expressed Page Booklet explaining the urged Byrd a conservative critic of Many administration policies to undertake the inquiry through the joint committee on reduction of nonessential Federal expenditures which he Heads. For a time it appeared possible that there might be collateral hearings by both the Symington and Byrd groups but Byrd made it Clear saturday his committee will not play a direct role in the inquiry. Calls for probe Kennedy called for an i Vestiga subcommittee on stockpiling which Symington Heads. Subsequently the White House said it was up to the Senate to decide which committee should do the Job. Byrd said his committee which does not have authority to sponsor legislation will continue to assemble and publish reports about the stockpile holdings. He has asked Kennedy to lift the secret classification which cover to Brit $6 billion of the materials Ai hand. A a we intend to make All the information we have available to sen. Symington s committee a Bvrd said. Byrd said it is his understanding that Kennedy has authority to sell nonagricultural products in the strategic stockpile. But he said he thinks Congress ought to direct the Sale of the $3.4 billion in sup might at least wipe out Tome of 50-Page Booklet of text the a a Foj Quot a labelled a food and agriculture e n a program for the 60s a it ,0n uncorrected the i the cover is a Flat Diamond f ave removal of All con shaped Seal for the program Label Irons would probably bring farm plies Kennedy said have accursed a a agriculture a its four Quad Price Breaks and ruin for Many lated above National defense ters illustrate the a by Dos of the jfanrn___1 needs _ plan. There is a Horn of plenty for i its doomsday. Abundance a scale for balance a couple of Pine Trees for conservation a Power line for development. A the idea behind the Quot abundance part of the program is that More is being produced by efficient american agriculture than can be consumed. New legislation is therefore recommended to enable the United states to share its abundance with needy foreign countries through liberalized sales and Grants and with the needy at Home through expanded school lunch and stamp plans. A the a a balance part of the program is intended to Cut production of commodities now in serious some astrologers beginning to hedge will make up my mind some time during the coming a should Fulton file for mayor. It would assure at least a three Way race. Mayor Chris e. Blaser has announced he will run for re election and City councilman Henry Wallman also has announced he will be a candidate. One candidate so far has filed far the legislature from the 21st District Gage county George Pinkerton Farmer and farm manager living South of Beatrice. A not a candidate state senator Willard Waldo of Dewitt who has run some tight races with Fulton for the legislature. Announced yesterday that he would not be a candidate for reelection and it is possible that this might have an effect on Fulton s decision. In the 195r, Fulton and Waldo j ran a near tie race for the legislature. With Waldo coming out ahead on the original count. But on a recount. Fulton served one term. In the i960 election Waldo Defeated Fulton regaining h i s seat in the statehouse. Walker gubernatorial race in Texas Austin. Tex. Apr Edwin a. Walker the controversial former army general and gov. Price Daniel who wants to be Texas first four term chief executive dived into a hot gubernatorial Rae Friday. Both became candidates for nomination in a May 5 democratic primary election that promises to be bitterly contested. Walker 52, resigned As a a by Henry s. Bradsher new Delhi India a doomsday arrived quietly saturday and an increasing number of stargazers began to find mitigating influences in the planet grouping in the heavens which had been seen As the Omen of evil. Some said the prayer meetings gang on All Over the hindu countries of India and Nepal had propitiated the gods. One holy Man said the Moon had taken a favourable shift. Still worrying nevertheless millions of superstitious hindus still worried since the time of danger forecast by the astrologers continues through monday. The astrologers had predicted great natural calamities and manmade disasters for the period of the conjunction of planets eight by the hindu count including Sun and Moon and an imaginary one of a representation of the swallowing of the Moon by a Serpent. Mercury Venus. Mars Jupiter and Saturn Are All lined up comparatively close together with the Jor general last Vear after the ,. _ army relieved him of command a Quot mom a a pc of the 24th division in Germany 1 t on of the and reprimanded him for a troop indoctrination program. He since has aligned himself with extreme rightist groups. Also bidding for the democratic nomination Are John b. Connally. 44. A close saturday associate of vice president Lyn too late Don b. Johnson who resigned As some worried about a great Secretary of the Navy to make the prayer meeting scheduled for the Sun monday visible in Borneo and out at sea in the Pacific. The eclipse will not be visible in the United states. There was slightly less traffic than usual on new Delhi streets hindus likewise were asked to at motorists reminded of 28th deadline a notice from the Gage county treasurer office reminds motor Mara solons still at loggerheads Case says time for showdown in censorship by g. Milton Kelly Washington a sen. Francis Case r-s.d., said saturday congressional self respect requires a showdown in a Row Between Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara and a Senate investigating subcommittee. Mcnamara and the subcommittee were reported still at loggerheads Over the Secretary a refusal to Tell its members which Pentagon censors had altered the texts of specific anti communist speeches prepared for delivery by military officers. Full responsibility Hie Secretary said he would shoulder full responsibility rather than let subordinates face possible criticism for having obeyed his directives. He explained he Felt it would injure department morale to expose subordinates. Mcnamara has disclosed the censors names but not what specific censoring they did. Subcommittee members. Case among them have been talking of possible contempt of Congress citations to Back their demands for the information. Mcnamara has indicated belief that if anyone is to be cited for contempt it should be he and not and censor who might refuse on his orders to answer questions. A peace conference Between Mcnamara and a delegation from the subcommittee ended Friday with both S.D. is described As giving no sign of budging. They Are to meet again this week. In Receda the inquiry is in recess. Case told a reporter a the subcommittee in self respect will have to assert the right of Congress to ask questions of members of the executive Branch of the government. In my he said that if the officials done to want to answer they could then claim a executive privilege a which Mcnamara has said he does not want done a a and the subcommittee then should determine whether the claim was properly Case said refusal to accept such a claim and a continued deadlock could bring contempt action by Congress. He said he in not disturbed because a contempt citation if voted by Congress would go to the presidents brother. Atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy for determination whether it merited grand jury consideration. A that is one of the entanglements that comes from that Case said a shut i am not ready to assume the attorney general would fail to do his duty just because his brother happens to be Mcnamara reportedly was warned in his unsuccessful peace talks with sen. John Stennis a miss. The subcommittee chairman and sen. Strom Thurmond d s c., that it would reflect on Kennedy . Slaps ban on All imports from Cuba Here with Tome of Tho american magazines destined for overseas Art from Tho left Virgil Simmons and Jako Bowers chairmen of Tho Odd Fellows committo helping to raise Money for postage and miss Opal shunt chairman and miss Mildred Bussell member of Tho boat Rico business and professional women s club s International relations committee. Sun photo dinner to finance Friendship magazines a dinner sponsored jointly by the business and professional women a club and the Odd Fellows Lodge will be held feb. 9, to finance the shipment of More than a ton of magazines around the world to extend the american message to other Peoples. The Row Auh began battering the a magazines for Friendship a and packaging them in 26-Pound boxes for shipment. They have sent a i boxes and have 31 More packed with about 50 More boxes yet to be packed. The Cost of sending one Box overseas is $3 75. The club Hopes its that feb. 28 is the deadline n t t w</u1u tend special fair hour prayer ses for renewing your License plates of h pc teary stuck to has up Sions lasting until monday night 3,050 plates have been re by. F Asp said he Doug s but reputable chinese astrology new a which is very Good acers in Hong Kong dismissed the j cording to Bill Kleman. A g e hindu predictions As a sheer non j county treasurer. However head Tsai Pai i refugee As Tro Loger from communist China said the congregation of planets actually will bring further Prosperity to Mankind. Japanese soothsayers and astronomers also brushed aside As a a unthinkable the predictions by the hindu astrology its. Western Europe showed no undue fears of worse crises than usual. Mcnamara would have taken hts position without prior consultation with the White House. Vises that people renew their plats As soon As possible to avoid the usual last minute Rush joint Winter meet there is still time to renew # r. A. Your plates by mail if you chose tor legion auxiliary to do this remember to enclose the new american legion Post your tax statement your 1961 a in Wymore win be the site of the to Mobile registration certificate legion and auxiliary joint Winter a remittance to cover both t h e meeting monday according t o tax and the License plate fee and gamed Gormely. County com-25 cents to Oover the Cost of mail Mander. The meeting will g e t ing the plates to you. Underway at 8 p m. Waldo a not a candidate1 senator won t be living in 21st District Dewitt a state sen. Willard Waldo of Dewitt announced saturday he will not be a candidate for re election this year. He said he plans to move his residence with the result he will be living outside the 21st legislative District which he now represents. Moving into 23rd or said he had been urged by friends and supporters to file again but explained a in making Long Range plans Vith my family for the operation Cut exports to Medicine and food Only Quick reaction to meeting of foreign ministers Washington a pro ident Kennedy tightened the . Era Nanic squeeze on Cuba saturday ordering a Complete ban on imports of cuban products. Hie action will Cost Cuba $35 million a year. Administration officials said that the embargo effective next wednesday will be a severe blow to die ability of prime minister Fidel Castro to Export communist subversion to other latin Ameri can countries. His Dollar income last year was under $100 million officials said so the new . Action will reduce it by one third this year. Exports Cut while clamping the embargo on imports Kennedy specifically authorized the continued Sale of . Food and Medicine to Cuba. Officials said also that airline and Telephone service to Cuba would not be affected. The Trade embargo officials said is Only one of several Steps Kennedy end Secretary of state Dean Rusk Are planning. Their aim is to fasten a kind of economic military and political stranglehold around the Island country which All other american governments now officially regard As a communist beachhead in the Western hemisphere. The . Government itself is understood to be strengthening and extending its air and sea patrols Over the International Waters around Cuba. Diplomatic efforts Waltl be undertaken next week to get Canada and other Allied countries trading with Cuba to bring their polices into line with those of the United to Send them to India and Ceylon to schools and libraries. Menu Choice the dinner your Choice of Sal Mon or Chicken will be served from 5 to 8 p. In. At the Odd Fellows Hall at 4 Levi Ella. Cook ing will be done by the Rebekah and serving will be done by the business and professional women and the Theta rho girls tickets Are is 25 for adults and states my other american gov 65 cents for children under 12. Pm Merrix. They May be purchased from any a meeting of the organization hid fellow or Bow member or of american states is set for wednesday. The United states and various other members will press then for speedy action to devise an anti subversion strategy for Protection of red menaced countries. Particularly those in the Caribbean area. The ban on imports was a major blow to the cuban Cigar manufacturing Industry at Tampa. Fla. Cuban tobacco constituted about 90 per cent of the $35 million of . Purchases from Cuba last Vear. White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger said Secretary of i a Bor Arthur j. Goldberg will provide All help possible to the �?o6.000 or 7.030 people involved in manufacturing cigars made from cuban Leaf a the embargo announcement made formally by Salinger shortly after noon declared that a on humanitarian grounds exports of certain foodstuffs medicines and medical supplies from the United states to Cuba would he excepted from this rate declines last Vear Cuba Bou Dit Abms to Ith my family for toe operation Washington Ai a i of is 515 million Worth of cards and o our farm and purebred live Dent Kennedy signed the Dupont no Sci no a from the United states. Turli ration in partnership i a Bim int0 la Lnda it a bul i�?T0 Quot Quot the and of the year it. We out Max l. Stem Moat Quot by called nation to lust Cert or a err Hll a a a declined it logical that in and i. Family live department efforts to keep con j Hui it left we and More Mfd. On our Home Claro my d to ral motors it Orp away no. An Hospital Sim lies a to mean. That or. Waldo i a a a. Of Fol a cub. By los. And i will move to a Home lust the. New Law would rut by urm included wheat bean .1 a logic Marp than half the tax which Rich. Across a it. Stockholders in e. I. Do punt de Sta e Der tent officials de 1x0 s i Nemours and . Would have to eid a the it cuban purchases in the Quot in Gage Saline county line pay if the company a headings of in led states dwindled of a it at the Beatrice production credit Assn. From Alvina Strough 122 n. 5th. Nation wide a Magazin s for Friendship is a nation wide program and is now in its 14h year. The program was begun by professor Albert croissant of Occidental College i of Angeles. Being alarmed about or my it ton in the world he Start d sending his Good magazines to Oroian libraries schools after he had finished Reading them. The response was immediate and so favourable that he started urging others to Send their Good magazines abroad also. Tile interest in magazines from the .a. Is almost without limit in foreign lands. Because of the Many picture they usually con Tam of everyday slum s in the source of information on How we live and How we think. Dupont tax Law signed by Kennedy. To in rn., i general motors Stork Are d stub splits our farm. Gage county a in 1 muted to them As the firm con where we now live. Makes up u. Legislative i Tritt no ii. Saline supreme court in an county where we will eventually. The a do porn to a til Imi Quot a a a net rid of it born Ilion Waldo served in the w57 legit Wor he a 5-Biion Letite session he appeared to j ,. 1. J a w How this is to be done is still have berm re elected in november i ,., a a,4 Lisa hut a recount showed i Quot Quot Quot a i"1 d,5,r,George Fulton of Beatrice to he it urn _ the Winner. Waldo refrained the eat in the i in ejection. Treated released Castro has just about exhausted his foreign Money sure ply. Extensive Damace in two car collision a Park d car owned by Richard j Stanczak 1020 n. 7th. Was hit by a car driven by Willard tur Gens 312 Prairie at 5 45 saturday night. The Stanczak car was parked on the West S.D. of 6th Street near Dempster a and the Jurgins car Waldo said he was announcing after one cof wreck his present intentions Early Soj Royal a Mosiman it 820 n 10thf was travelling North and swerved others eyeing the office will Van race. Marshall Formby 51. A former Texas Highway commission chairman. Will Wilson. 49. State attorney general and a former Texas supreme court Justice. Don Yarborough 36, a Houston lawyer. Seeking the Republican nomination is businessman Jade Cox 40, of Breckenridge. He ran As a Democrat two years ago. Polling 619,834 votes against 906,992 for Daniel. Other potential candidates have until monday Midnight to file. Capital. It began in a Token Way because the special Pavilion in which it was held had to be rebuilt to conform with an auspicious formula. Most prayers and the sacrificing of 34 tons of offerings in a sacred fire began late. The question was was it too late to do any Good in Singapore buddhists and hindus were called to prayer to offset the disaster predicted by astrologers. Yellow Robed Buddhist priests led massed chanting of prayers at sri Lanka Buddhist Temple where another All night Amole time to file or give their support of another candidate. A it has of in a privilege to represent the re Opelc of Gage county m the Nebraska Ive Gisla Turc a in said he was treated at a local bos Pital and release. Or told police that or was going Oast on Summit in the ski Block i when another car Cut Over toward a the Fine cooperation and sup i h m and he up pm Over to miss it. Port i have had is deeply an erect that was a a h. d. Seated. I to do my Best in cording police. His car had hit was injured in a one car acc j across the Street hitting the Stan Dent at 2 30 yesterday afternoon jc7 car charges pending. Against Jurgens arc representing the District in Lettis a Light pole and severely a Al native studies and other duties age the from and Coffee concert this pretty sextet of Beatrice High school students is the flute soloists for the Coffee concert which will be Given by the Beatrice High school band feb. 8, at 7 30 p.m., in the Junior High school gym and auditorium. Several sections of the band will be featured in special numbers As Well As popular music and old Favorito a. The girls Are standing left to right de Lores Besack. Jackie Heinecken and Mary Claire Richmond seated. Debbie Kleppinger Jan during the balance of the current term.1 Harle and Linda Schlichting. Tickets Are now available from Junior High and senior High session is scheduled sunday night band members or they can be purchased at the dour sub photo find out hard Way several motorists have found out the hard Way that the school i Crossings in Beatrice Are being enforced. Tickets have been issued to Drivers who fail to Stop j when pedestrians Are in these Cross walks. Personal tax schedules Are due March i personal tax schedules Are due now according to e. Lloyd Jones Gage county assessor. The dead antique for . Line for filing them in March i. Toronto apr a Canadian they have been a a slow in com woman is sending to the White ing in to the assessor s off be. House a High backed victorian so less than one third of the schedule a once owned by a Cousin of is have been received and the president . Grant. Mrs. W . J time for filing is at Xit two thirds Deroche offered the sofa after gone. Learning of mrs. John Kennedy so a please help us by returning plans to refurbish the White House i the completed schedule As soon As with authentic period pieces 1 pus amp Ible a Jones requested

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