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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 5

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Beatrice, Nebraska Catsup Del Monte oysters stuffing a a aaa 14 of. Btl. 69c Start Here for a wonderful Victor Cove All flavors jello 4 29c Brown n serve Rolls 2 dates. Snow boy pitted my i tuner Cranberry sauce spiced grapes apples sauce apricots Ripe in ragged data him Del Monte a a of pcs whole spiced Ian a a a a rain Bow Koci Wiemes pitted Apple rings spiced apples pie filling Grapefruit dam i a Del Monte readies sliced or halves hams canned or regular makes a Lovely food gift canned hams 16 to 18 lbs. Xmas wrapped armours fully cooked hams turkeys All popular brands. . Or. A amp . Inspected swifts 3 lbs. 5 lbs. To lbs. Armours Golden Star 3 lbs. 5 lbs. Wilson i la. V/2 lbs. I la. 14 of. 15 of. Thank you Jar 303 thank you Jar Toms 20 to 24 lbs. La. 39 canned picnics Liz b. 3 lbs. 5 lbs. Belts 5 to 7 lbs in. 53c ducks Long . 49c ubic finest Nopio Frozen 4 and 5 la. Ave. Rock Cornish hens la a 79c give food baskets we will make up any size or kind from $1.50 up Premium Douglas firs All sizes 3-foot to 14 foot 75c and up wilderness Apple no. 2 cans . Sections 2 m49c . Whole unpeeled Oregon 4canj $1.00 3 a 79c 303 49c standing Ribroast-�?o-89c can apricots blueberries Boyse berries a 49c cherries a re on Al. S,�,55c hens to i him. La. 43 Mumm pork loin roast k 49 c pineapple cherries la Quot Quot Del Monte crushed chunk titbits 303 Royal Anne can 43c Bank in Rainbow Ercula Good for salads cans shrimp tuna fish10 a Victor of. Jumbo cleaned can chunk style Taylor .3 2 69c �?��?o79c cans squat cans 16 of. 30#� Glass Sweet potatoes Aninna o a e boiled unions tiny White. Pickled beets Meisst. 2 asparagus. Juice 3 Uipa Monte 46 of. A juice pineapple can 6 a 49c a of. A. Can Quot to a a a a 79c cans Lemon juice Del Monte to Roll we Kernel or or. Style Stokely Swan White we. Kernel. Tomatoes 32 of. Reale Montbl. 5 2 303 cans 59c 89c rain Bow 47c 2� 35cmushrooms Wax Beans so amp to kidney Beans n�., 2 or. Beans re sir j mix vegetables in. 4 of. Cans 49c 303 49c cans 300 cans Leq of Lamb roast Ritt 89c Purk Steak the. To. A. Min 69c oysters he. Pint $1.49 goo chs flour 5m 39c ice Cream i 61c Swift tag a. 3159c pineapple it. 3 Quot a 33c pumpkin it. 2 l 39c mix or match a. 3 �?o49c Clift and c. And h. Pure Cane 3uvmi\ powdered or Brown. 2. 27c marshmallows is 104-0. In. Size. Bag it a acc butter nut Vii a by Coffee delicious. 3 s. $2.09 i Idov Mui pineapple Grapefruit or do i i Al pm Iva breakfast treat. 46-oz. Of salad dressing so n,35e 2 i fruit cocktail . Fancy 303 Calif. Fruit. Can a Lex self service meats slab Bacon smoked by the piece lb.79c pork cutlets tenderly. Snare ribs lean meaty in 55c beef Stew cubes osfsbeeflb.59c round Steak tender .89c chopped Ham spl5t. 69c liver cheese. 69c g.#.###. Favorite Tronu a meat. In. 49c a Midberry Dicon Reg. Sliced. In. 85c pm a Baal Smokie Unco d66t Canyon. Of. Liver sausage fat a a Bologna Rio is t to of. A w rings Tov cooked hams a. Is. 75c snack pack Quot ssi. 12 of. 4a# i Mai swifts Mira Silverleaf. 4 la pail 199 Holiday treats and trimmings Pillsbury Miracle cake mix 45c a kinds 16 of. Box a bag 39c 19c White Angel Chee chips nestles. Cake decorations Vanilla extract French sub 49cj White syrup in pint 35c Coconut �2 cinnamon imperials is 2 pc mince meat none such. A a a Jar raisins seedless. .2 tag 53c fruit mix More a a a a a. Is. 49c chocolates Start cd . Brach. Cherry chocolates Mellow Creme filled Xmas mix Holiday mix mint straws Box 18 of. Pkg. In of. Brach. Bag Brach. Of. Christmas mix bag 59c 49r 39c 39c 39c Brach Sion Ltd. J9c bag krafts pint. Jar marshmallow Cream Ginger bread a a Crocker Mast la Amie Fishers nut mud 11 English Pecan. Stuffed doves Hassels pack 79c 21c 2 49c 89c pkg. Ripe olives a 5,35c Green Obj or to a a a 49e pickles a Whoie stat 43c Pulu Platte Valley quart in Wall whale Chi. Jar 33c hot Roe mix or rime Maraschino will i we radar Green Pillsbury. Box 33c 4 of. A Jan w uu4e new chop in i in Uci nuts no peanuts la la. St if Nim est a new crop Snow boy a Vav abuts fancy in. Budded by. 576 in. 59c Nomme new crop Snow boy i Wulls Large bleached paper Thell new crop Snow boy fancy budded by jew ii Klitia new crop Snow boy Drazil nuts fancy Large size. A Lemma ale new crop. Snow boy mimosas fancy soft Beulh. Ubic by smile new crop peanuts jumbo. Lbs. $110 Morton fresh Frozen pies 25c pumpkin or mince Large 20 of. Size Holiday foods . Frozen Orange juice 89c 6 of. Cans Sno Peak carrots Corn peas Limas mix veg. Cut potatoes vegetables. 3 89c a#1#.6aa# Ore. Ida shoestring crinkle Cut q a Rof Flocs Tater Tot. Pkg. Etc Georgia Golden Shore 12 of. I a peeled and cleaned a a a a bag a a Quot it 2 a 59c grape juice ga.26 39c shrimp noodles Homes Tylena a i Indian Trail Obi ill Cranberry and Orange a a is. 39c raspberries1 .2 l0p�?o,. 49c .2 49c strawberries Sally Ann Cream cheese cheese spread sour Cream Philadelphia 8 of. Pkg. 29c rain Bow Fairmont .2 to. 49c 16 of. A Carton it 3 tubes 19c tubes 35c Tbs. 49c Caromel Rolls Jsn. Tube 37c biscuits Buttermilk. Bacil Lite Pillsbury biscuits hungry Jack Margarine Good value Cara eggs 2 3 Grade a Large Dos. 98c snoopy Large size cranberries i la. Cello bag 29c Washington red delicious apples 20 apples in plastic bag $1 radishes onions. 2 Bun. 19c a or yellow Kansas a a Ellis Jersey no. Ila. To red Triumph potatoes Nebraska land sods. Reg. Csc to Pound plastic bag apples Jonathan Kansas 8 p�"b.,69c corrals Long Swet 3 cello Ltd bags Boc russet potatoes Squash Acorn Squash a onions a Calif oranges onions a yellow apples grapes a White grapes phone 223-4047. Member of Iga Steres. Free delivery 5.00 or Over under 5.00 50c Del charge. Prices effective thru dec. 24. Oranges Calif. Pound qua no. Bartov 8 Cucumber a cabbage a yellow turnips parsnips a Pean Creamer tangerines a Texas oranges garlic a red delicious a red cabbage red bananas a Grapefruit a celery a Finley a endive a Romaine cauliflower Leaf lettuce a head lettuce a tomatoes cider avocados carry tomatoes

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