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Beardstown Illinoian Star Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Beardstown Illinoian Star (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Beardstown, Illinois A Law. j a a a a v a i Jf-1 is Quot is a pets f v to. A a avid a a Beardstown Meb is Wab vets i off Ltd alb a a past action by if ?rif�aartec>uption8 in ,5 or Washington. Sept a big a general Prye a a kaon of Many necessities Tryl be forced by the action of Henry fold to rotting automobile prices in. Al Lewie Treasury department economist. Said today Lewis also a Aid slashing of ail Antomo Lle prices a it result from Ford i action As exit Naples Ftp some commodities which is de Down in Price by Ford s the Simpson furniture Pond undertaking Compaq a tin Honor of your presence a the opening. It in the funerals hoj Vafi boards to Quot u m most Ini a late i Nam aka a of Stab a 1 with liw to 1 or Esstle it loan of service he Juipi to Esstle lds 111 Ost third Street. Lizards Tonra. I s to imia to ski Timber i Wenty Tiftik a i p m to it it Al k. Skub sep. M. 0�/>t a Laejer its. Siraaj a it a w Ashing Tony Captain West coast states Rob news. Alcrio Altura a Macyl Nert q. Wood Lide of Pittsburg Doveta household hardware a uproot clothing and building a a Iaia i the Are made of Ittel rubber 1 ,t.�6er or leather which enter into a Ltd i tvs facture of Quot wafd fwd. A if automobile makers using Piaf i us Al can out prices it la a that of other pro i to based of steel up do Jef Mark j a automobile is elected commander in a his of the veterans of foreign wars at the annual me tins get ended Here. Captain Wood Side fought in the Spanish american War and distinguished him i self in the world War by Sarins p Saak of his Estt Slaiw in the fighting near Verdun. Start new crusade against Jap peril charge fraud in late primary Banville Springfield and Evanston show Dis prepay a a cies in return8 Springfield wot fraud in cent primary sept 23�?charges of 1 Onn Ecolua with the re-1 were being completed Slih use detailed count at ballots. Inv Lyle Springfield Evanston pro inc Typhon according in reports Rte cd Fig us tact attorney c a it ind District officers clue said lib would order an investigation a far m i set Aie vote is conce Ned the of k u. began today under be u m. F 1j a Dan and Thompson wat in nil material change Dovelio of Rife. Tha a eight Felep municipal uhf Engleb invest Tipra Linic the will Street explosion today and Whitted they had failed a to uncover n single fact that May a Lead to the Airest of tiq3e t responsible for the disaster the explosion occur red a week ago today. Long Lane that never has a turn a party of four Beardstown a Tats a will resolve the following pews with s great Deal of satisfaction. Opon a recent Uip to Chicago Paul Winhold Frank Meyer or. Elmer hots and7 measures again8t activities Ding Jipanee a it a to pre nip ponese will be voted on in november slackening up it fit. Unfilled order jobs other a Uyi amp Uvyn. order but bid a oms weeks i l. The a Haa stopped built to at a it to Light grit and it tto upped a diamonds Lewary and state Bankers adopt Barm Resolution i san Francisco sept 23 it Alf Fornata a Lias again Ger Tad her Lolet and started to the Trail of the Yalow i Ril a Rea Umang anti japanese More Ifni japanese Holt try Lati by Cawa keel Loo of coffin amp Lott lava of the stale so As top a Mhz it thai present a legend Prattke of hold sept i with admin i Trnik on us Jera Hilll refusing to cod cell the in foal fit John g Oglesby htnu.1 Day sued a statement Cyl von Kuk it on wef0 a topped a Reading to. Nlied Republican Par he maj ebly the Law it to Bel bum a in Nove Marr Small i. Here keep j of pot up. $ tube it a on the Down state Vole a a a Touar a guaranty and nereid went a a certified by the Rathous Gnu r to the judge Versai 9j> let up on fut -1 a a so gust Gawol a a Typ Chat Hsi be our it nerf Terk ing land through Uchno. Corpora lion leaders it i movement any interfere Mem we tear or the my it non of the so called land Law _ a a i Itas of r the so called Anu Aren a and a a f i. Preventing japanese own pm he opt per int id in Oahu ornate. A definite program went through shoe Industry phase in a shrewd business Man he in saying the i profits Musi be led through mcres.e.1 . Price rutting in More renal indo anon bile s orgy of pending has end Nufa tuners now must go or the Pali ask a or be in. It is logo. Sep. Quot i Iro Quot a yen to t we. Percent it a Many of merchandise Are shown i Quot catalogues of Sears Roe Tut company and Montgomery and company the Ducio. Be to mediately follow Annoura Quot by Menry h Yrd Hwi he Hnz 00 he a a a a on by by Pru wot Levels Muslin. Of Ambo. Sheeting a it Poppins Lead the hat of Odum Stamps reduced or the two Large Cal Calgo mall order Bouses it us in men s nod women 1 were announced reduced in Price Wui Noi go to High to dress off Olala of the companies said reductions of Twenty five per Ann Iuni Ltd clothe also u n farm pro ulmant of Kara it by St hat k i Lurnz a a waterway from a his Hajto u ii re he Bacn in Atic and Anre a a Rommilt be map Tang of the t to Ltd l i i i it pm Thuoc Lattori repo a a a Ltd part la it Nfn if the stale Una Kifiak 1 it a uhf advancement of the in div try a die Ion it pin of Llano a 1 it a i pm it a Iio Kura Haw h con Nitt Efi of i Bai Ker dts t talc Al of t the railed the to Quot to Airall the Viup Maqi i Kiwi Ullilee who is. >11 i lots to with my. 1 a i Reni it he i it i. Or w<1 v f to in <1 iffy re Iii of a tie Riate a to or Cru it Neziri along hues Hal it Khz be d us to corp it re tinny a no men Lulloff it it Rand us Vitae of the k ind the v Partlou a or Cong or Slih i it int of c Tigirt Lottoe in Impi Aii 1 the question taken uvas la the or Corutin Hii Dattoria that in Klit be made a it the Awao Cuilon of in a an Kerf con it Southern Illinois Ort the in who Wator Vly increase the Una Mortty tor Usu ipod it state and National legislation aim r Thyl la. Vr�4hl�gu�n cd to Stop japanese immigration in. A we Mil that passage or the Law would revolt to aerl oui Ani form and restrict the acts Uear it of the japs next now within Iho soon try has pro it cd urn to my to Airn it it Ati Nuon of the it iut depart Iceni and the japanese Rosera Jenl in pc program will first it nit brei it the voter of the Stele at the november election when an pc Fanoia measure will a on the ballot by initiative petition ii a i Woma n phases which fir Irish question _ a dimes tie one off pfc. Eth a per Jubilo a twin. Day -Nitn-4d pm jul Whtie Tiu i a a a. r Jilan Torii a Jar i Iii Ali bus Lituss Dangl sted of one Wood a i a a a it i Dubiau psf cans Biea i ill Coli a the pop Isiora prevent Ltd enact complications ran Romeul the prediction at to bean to Pasesa y leaders hat any aet Loh a Quot a the state department would int Smiliy the strength of the and japanese Campaign ims. To find support to the occurrence of 191s when the anti Trask talk Popok coi inti ,, Mariott Ohio. Bept. No the Irish lamp Terra in of map. A Tell flu Aue Ituen 1 not one for America to to. Top Tyg. A a Toiata come involved in officially. How Nehk j m Wolf i t tia r in a a a a there is a widespread sympathy to b Croas pig / the United slate for Irish and a a Kipte v Nersy Harding said but he added to a Quot my deme met up igbo a i of America has already meddled abroad a 0p&Quot at Ems Leya a trip a Labont invitation this pase Coix Afante aka Abs All Anco Cyl the present Law forbid. Con tinned on Page eight Quot business is picking up Standard dress goods by it Eli and the recommendations that Lye in omitted to the association cent in furniture were furniture we profiteers a in death t w goes of Montgomery Ward said Floo prices also were Cut for Lea of food were not affected but the announcement said sugar will Tumble following Thea annual Lum Nln a a a son coincidentally a War on High priced restaurants was ordered today by b. J Poole Secretary of the City Council committee on living Costa. The manager of the Las Allee used today to explain prices charged no v it in Rogu Are word not 4tlt6 to propaganda it Dong to present farts and. Lull c a Ndu Ion n. To a Ordi Ion in Ihu Talp and the Progress 1 a and development Ltd of same i to Vai also he us a Nimaga opinion of he nod a Lay or term a adopted hot hey r or ammend Chat a plan be doped vat r. By a a no a information it of he adv n and durability of Vth-ourajfln1 a is to link Forth a More no Ewe up it of loyalty in our Cit be Asnip an a in bringing Forth Thad s.1 a the hotels restaurants other eat Ala a to Pur people in the slate 1 Lull Ofifi the i null lems. Ing places in Chicago charge 100 per Quot a the Ady Aioge of Nur american mar. Than the of a Price. Poole Olsen shop cent More iban the of said december Corn sinks below do tar Mark former citizen of Beardstown died Early today word has just been received by Beardstown relatives of the death of t w Milner who resided in this City a a for Many Trine having been a a a a located to fifth and Monroe Street. Hic go of Cpl 3�?cafru got below or Milner passed away it is so this the $1-00 my irk in trading on the Chi morn is at his Home in Independence i .1 trr1 today it shortly in to vary suite Lynly. Lotice of fetus i Cai amp is it it Tew turn a int of Cartier arring Etnena had Complete of a Watti of Palm of pm a drop Ift Naloev a it it Hoot invitation a a ills state mint waa in answer to the Holaht loft of Tiptn before in part ,1 cabled often Stew to the London press 10> Antte in the shuck who,.�?T pure. Mug to by a statement from the Romp fined them. Rhiw gtd Elvn Nobil Nen Thal Tea Arigh one ref Lulb Ama Lub filed a com plaint Vilh tie utilities commission a orae Tine ago. The matter was be no Peri red to Tako its course until Jum. L ago when Frarie in pm. T Blooml Nymn. Member of the com else lit Moroye Over t it co aeon with Sepu sri to impel pm orders Tjho a a a top Clint re i n doru let it tic pne toyed a and the a Traveis to innit or l. Fly Ono i x special goes in ditch a in text has Tisen Moj if45, i Veteran it by it. The t wet of a Lofti Sofii m j to Tho f the i tilth Ropret of a try a j1 ?0 at to ilk i its the a it Nifer Wiaz i. Price fax a i Gion Ine Maricopa Aris. Bell. 23�?governbr Miles. James a. Cox St taping Campaign was de to i Hack As tha it get ? Early today a Joauin jul exiled for Al of Qorane n my a after to land Opu ally to i11j�?T bit a to crawled. Window it they ipg a coaches to s4�ty. The Werck Pecsi slanted r through a Rie pfc co a rejected to reach at Norm today where Hon Hll a 1 schedule. Is. And Ute pc. Ljubi will a in regt. In we

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