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Beardstown Illinoian Star Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Beardstown Illonian Star (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Beardstown, Illinois Or stage Ioffe % vac sea it Ltd Ltd a amp. A Yoe a it it a a a a. .�?~.s. To newspaper a a a voomp�pw>i./, a. A -3c?. J i daily raves is. Beardstown Illinois sturday March la 1961 a run _ in or i Aida in into Tsuu pm Volty. Of -7 Rwy a a kits a a a posse Tai Ohio so Luai tel Gary Gearhart Mcclellan a Fafa a a . Ciao in 7 madams a a Totaj Fatutta aver. I a the highest Oil Taake. \ in i of Hunter congolese incensed at troop moves Jno verdict yet i but rumours say Morgan will die $240. It Bow Lencs i Ibur National up a Doblas. Left his House a s Job. And end i keep it i Nitro father of a a ii in on a the mid dip e in Svetly turned i men Bureau of Espeto me be transferred the Beimel Reserve Bank in san pre Ieti a a i thought about keeping of a tit Jet amour when asked if he bad Tow tempted not Tell anyone shout his find. A w sober do a than when i suited oat Fluin he added. By Wilbur g. Londrey United press International Leopold Ville the Congo up a the United nations decision Send More than 4,000 Indian troops the Congo threatened today disrupt negotiations for the return of two strategic congolese bases the u. N command maintenance i be Neydt an a bout $85 a week j Vruth his wife Lex sighted the g. He topped and Aback of his Sta considering a dec won m whether Johnson win get a Reward far his honesty a a made by the Brink head office by Chicago. The congolese government and the u n command had been reported close an agreement on a the return of the ports of banana and Matadi which were captured 1 last weekend by congolese soldiers who routed the u n garrisons by Henry Raymont United Presa International Havana up a the defense at Tomey for William m. Morgan Toledo Ohio who fought fan Fidel Castro said today no verdict had been reached yet in his treason trial although the government controlled press and radio said he had been sentenced die a spokesman for the military tribunal which tried Morgan said a sentence would not be officially announced before 4 although there was no explanation of the new development it was Learned in Washington that the state department had sent the cuban government a Appeal from Morgan s Mother asking Cie men by cop killed 4 injured local Brink a officials declined Cerumen on Bow the door of the armoured car happened open. Loss of the sack was do covered when the Driver. Robert Downs. To. Rotund Mirror that a via ghraat4u i of Noser had tum yen door of a i air mind Tes aft-11 at the i jilted it Bank spokes not Lenall Zed or the rear door we open. A Quick Che of waa Loed 1�a-Money, a i packages of $10 and pm a was i missing Johnson had turned the Money Over Fri agents within a half hour was this she first time Johnson had Ever found Money but congolese leaders attending an important conference in tananarive malagasy Republic became incensed at the news of the new a troop movement the leaders headed by Katanga i president mouse Tshombe and Central congolese president Jo-1 sept Kas Mvubu sent a Cable j the United nations saying it would be a responsible for the aggravation of tension Between us civilian and military and the congolese i found a la Hill one time. Said he Herbert 94, Dies ome in Arenzville i special William Herbert 94, who was bom for Germany and spent most of his life in a i at his Home at i 30 a m Friday Vul taken . The 94th birthday on february 5 he ii Home in in was bom february 5. 1887 in Oer Jared lot by a. My Many he married Franciska gob f the Horn. It on september 4. 1890 j a 8hat i a i. The y were parents of eight j this aft. A i in children the following children All it Fay tim. Prior survive Anna and Carl at Home i Rosery will be a it mrs Louisa Shannon a my mrs. Quot Julia Mclain also of Arenzville and Benhardt Herbert of Long Grove Iowa there Are 8 grandchildren and la great grandchild run his wife and three children. Other Congo Eye developments j a the us Navy bypassed the two seized ports of banana and Matadi and the transport Abb general plunge prepared Dock at Pointe Noire the main port in the neighbouring former french1 Congo today with Joo tons of food for u n forces a Rajeswar Dayal of India special u n representative the Congo stopped off in London in route the u n general Assembly session on the Congo and so he would remain there Unhul tuesday for talks with Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and other Commonwealth leaders the Appeal from mrs Loretta r Morgan. Toledo was sent Friday the Swiss government which has handled diplomatic business in Cuba for the United stated since relations were broken Between the u 8 and Cuba the Appeal was a personal one from mrs Morgan and not a state department request but off cars said they were glad Ald the Mother As much As they could. The United boat of has no leg i responsibility for Morgan who ban his citizenship when he joined Castro s army. Peoria mayor takes strike Issue court greets tunisian envoy a president Kennedy welcomes Habib Bourguiba or. Newly appointed ambassador the u. S. From Tunis. He is the son of the president of Tunis and told or. Kennedy As he presented his credentials that he is Quot the first ambassador son of s president visit the presidential of an president Kennedy s father Joseph p. Kennedy is former u 8. Ambassador Britain. Searchers Wade Waist High snowdrifts no race of boy s a a is Winthrop Iowa. Ufir volunteers troops the Everett Franck farm today Snake one lat a is raft old Jimmy Franck missing since Iowa a worn snowstorm of the Winter struck tuesday. Authorities had planned give the Stone a truck. Southeastern Missouri. The third a Nan. Hunted by police. March planes and dogs was still it Large. The apprehended men gave up without a struggle police Bald Sammy a. Tucker 27, a captured after being spotted by a search plane and As a team of police aided by dogs closed the a Bim. He had suffered three Bullet wounds in an Exchange of gunfire with police. The second Calvin Willis Johnson. 22. Was arrested at a service station near Jackson . Atter police received a tip from an employee at the station police said Ute three desperadoes escaped jail at ban Luis Obispo. Calif., feb. 27 and robbed and car stole their Way Misso Nithe still hunted we identified As Douglas Wayne Thompson a. Oft of Coudre amp few olt Fly try give up the abase when one Jar the fleeing bandits shot out a tire on his thess showed a Al Marquand a. White they Tofts whipped a Fanner own Gray of Gle Naumi ma., awl Stele Hie car. 7 son we a Bambary a const Ess. End had bragged he. Be taken Dan Owentee a a i a a. A a a we held tat a talk own Ai. Up the Hunt Friday after a Desper ate Appeal the supernatural failed but workers at a Waterloo Iowa farm machine factory offered join the Hunt and sheriff s officers returned direct them about 200 volunteers waded a through Waist High Snow drifts in j three Miles a foot by foot search of farm farmhouse when the tto Ltd Day of searching turned up no Trace of the boy. His parents telephoned a mental telepathy is in the Netherlands and asked his help. Orford Crozet. Who claims extra sensory Poven. Instructed marchers look for Jimmy near a clump of Trees Southwest of the a str the i a. The Iris wha Hee started their rampage nearly Cape g Barde a Friday night when they a Towd fire in police officer Herbert g Ess la and of Crittenden we a togged them in How it at tempted burglary. Peoria Iii. Upit state labor r Hector Robert Johnston Hoei of a. New choked 1 Val a is 1 a a a Iun Teers swarmed the area rat Elty Myrn is a or Olla ars a Houm i tamped Down 4he snowed prod 8unday nil remain Loyd i monday Flea will be Beld i at by kid s in Arm. U umm. In is wire Ana Taree in Wuhu North Cit. Com Kathy John and an infant son. M cd la Brit. A his William preceded him in death the last detachment of moroccan soldiers return from the Congo operations arrived today in i Casablanca the 1.600 soldiers travelled aboard the american troop Carrier Richard Blatchford congolese official also demand de the suspension of the u n se-1 Clinty Council s feb 21 re Solu Hon which demanded the disarms ment of congolese troops the removal of foreign technicians and i the author Alton of the in command use Force of necessary restore peso in the Congo is killed by train children watch Gene letter has offered objections letter said the courts Are the proper place solve the dispute the City has filed in Peoria county circuit court asking for a declaratory judgment declare the strike illegal. The workers walked off the Job monday claiming the City had not oven considered their requests for pay raises. The Jimmy was list san a few Dot a the deepest drifts. They found hours after the lad disappeared. I nothing. Sullivan and Paar debate Money Issue Mon. School Bill pass without funds for parochial schools by Jerry Landane. United pres International Washington Upit do Moc Ratie leaders took on new Hope Toda that they might be Able aet Congress approve president Kennedy Aid education Bill without including funds for parochial schools the measure was caught in in an Exchange of gunfire Goss was killed instantly. Crittenden was seriously wounded in the a Domen but managed fir several shots hitting Tucker three times. Their Trail of violence continued when they shot and wounded sheriff Tamer Chatman at Lues Vullo. My. Chatman slightly wounded in the Side was forced police said the car abandon by the gunmen we fall of loot and pocked with Quot Bullet Hoke. Parking stub tickets indicated Jfe three were in. By. Louis Lek week pickup eke vehicle i Field cd police or were the Bunn a att .,ridiri$�lat1e�a pm a this scat tra state,.gii rushed aute 111 Lloldi in w looked by old per leg Quot. A Aea be upset tar fewer payments Une More sales indicate picket. It my a _ so Smyk a n Quick action of firemen averts. Our. Ppm i Niche in 1 nor amp a the flight Al More pm. He. _ their Cheek ind a Mommy a ,. A bother con a fad g0ir a fad creak. -1 a a j Dan her t., in a the school Board members seek re election Liz Taylor rallies after Brief setback a Arn 1 Buvit Patna a a la left the014 be right a a fated in a a k u1. A weak Aas a a Twigt u j pm so the a. And a Oscar Trodt Secretary of the Beardstown Community unit no 15 Board of education and or r a Spencer Board member Are candidates for re election end have petitions in circulation. The school election will be on saturday. April 8, when two Board members from Beardstown will be elected the 7- Board. Final Date for filing is March 18 Quot a in land up a eur both Taylor suffered a Brief Fatback Early today but rallied so quickly a spokesman said she again was a Back on the Road recovery a spokesman told the �0� was caused by mechanical Dlf i Multi est a possible malfunction of her artificial breathing apparatus bul did not elaborate. A doctor emphasized nor ?. Had occurred had that she still was off the danger list in her i Battle against double pneumonia United Presa International new York Jupi a by Sullivan agreed today appear on Jack Paar s show debate about their feud on the Assurance that the studio audience will not be rigged in poor s favor. Sullivan s acceptance followed a few hour after Paar made a special statement on his own program promising that he would not pack the audience with Pageboy and sponsors if Sullivan appeared the great debate a Toich apparently will follow the lines of the Kennedy Nixon presidential debate. Will be held monday. Sullivan a said and the major Issue will be Money or be More exact How much Money should Paar and Sullivan pay their guest performers on their rival shews. A tug of War Between jewish and protestant spokesmen on one end and the roman Catholic Church on the other sen. Wayne Morse. A orc. Field. General for the president s $22 Rafn billion school Ald Bill. Was resist Iii c Trig stoutly any proposals add gtd re guts of wind carried a loan program for private and Romju sch fire at 701 parochial schools a 1 a Tracei. Swept through a Gar sen. Clark backtrack threatened a Awe an indication that at the Emmett ice Nogle Home. 915 succeed came when sen Joseph Walter Cornell 8 Cha in tissue a cd track Isder ooze. 7th St., but somewhat on the Issue .1, a Ottoa by the Beardstown Clark had said he was senses averted any an amendment adding $305 Mil Vetter Dav afternoon. Lion Worth of Low interest Loans damage yet Ternay aim noon. To private non profit schools but it it in ther minutes both now he say he save his would have been afire a amendment for another Bill a mrs la Google today but theand informal poll of Morse s sub j Al renin had the fire out Sec committee showed that Clark by Vav Hub a j. Eaton. United a. Washington up the first Monte and gain in retail Gale in viewed As indications that a a they by Lavau ing a the labor department said Fri stay night that 3,, persons Drew unemployment chock in Tho week ending feb. Is. That we 13,500 in than were Given jobless benefits the previous week. It was the first drop la the nun Ber of person drawing unemployment benefits since figures began soaring october. And Alto for the first time since october nationwide retail a ale showed a slight increase. Ands after their arrival. Both. ,. U . Wuu by Loci Lea a amendment could Muster three. Gar amp get were a asked up but not department economist said the decrease unemployment figures was too Small be into rated a a sign that the recession a reached a miming Point. Or at most four of the nine vote sri damaged a bulletin issued by Suzanne Cardoza her press Secretary said 99-Vear-old movie Star had resumed her illness that brought her close we under a a h Tauy said. Trap door next i St Louis. To. Upit the dug rid i out tavern recently connected a of a a d burglar alarms its doors White pb.0,1�?T.11 1 a a Lff a a is and roof in., started j thieves broke through a trap a a St As the Tram door in the floor wednesday and looted four vending machines. A cd Tom Bod it a us before the engine 1 Hai gtd he luncheon 1hlcktn and notice a veterinary so will be Here at 7 pm. Monday. Mar 13. In the quarters at the rear of the City Hall vaccinate dogs against rabies. Chief of police. A. I it Kiser advertisement the setback announced earlier today caused doctors cancel plans remove a breathing tube Reardom said it now seems Likely that the great Hans tube flu removed sometime today or sunday _ Burr quits running gets 90-Day sentence so hrs we . He z ass per cent Chance. Rushville it special i a Quot in a tired of George Burr told Schuyler county sheriffs office As he called in from Astoria and asked them come get him when arraigned yesterday. Burr pleaded guilty charges of wife beating and was sentenced the state farm at Vandalia tor a a Day term. He was Token it Vandalia by Schuyler Deputy sheriff Wayne Young Burr s wife is the former Vera Bradbury of Rushville mail running heavy congressional mall on the Aid private school Issue was running heavy following testimony Friday that Loans build Chure operated schools would provoke a bitter reaction Tram other religious groups mrs Bob Talbert was burning paper in a Container at the Alley Back of her Home 701 Wall stat 3 pm Friday when the wind blew Bito of flaming paper from the Container Over a Fence and set a Garden spot afire she pm a mediately called the fire depart Ali m a a a a a Iii and Italoa Buji ass groups lieu him a Wwlma or a a they will. When aroused fight ment. Firemen arrived just As Che such a program the last ounce flames were leaping the two of their strength a said the Rev j Gara is Auto Manraj a in Tbs eke i1a. Quot but it somewhat hopeful that Tho total is not going said Robert c Good win. Director of the Bureau of unemployment so curly Start a tar a a Tiothy. A amp a dts ctr a jew. Fit the in Nowd Tofor mum cart Raj tory aft Quot Jok fwd. Ort Raj Motel a Arm it Tod the coo�ttejf�.1"�?� St fat 55 so ass Ssiss Iraq x f Stanley c Lowell a methodist minister speaking for the protestants and other americans United for separation of Church and state the 300doo member american jewish Congress said a program of Loans parochial schools would bring great pressure on Federal officials who would decide How distribute them. Car fire fire caused from a cig Aret burned upholstery in the front seat of the Ford owned by Glen Bellomy of Frederick a when the car a Beardstown this morning. The Beardstown fire department a called 2d and Lafayette Street at am. Today and used a Small extinguisher put out the car fire another expert said the Idle rate among the 45 million workers covered by the jobless insurance system a remained a 8-4 per cent for the past three weeks. He said till was because the previous two increases and the decrease reported Friday night were too a mail change the tote by even one tenth of one per Erat. Same period pm a my Law year. I attention Moose dance adults Bat by Quot the yachtsmen a la. He said the rate also Brid steady at about 3-4 per cent the tour weeks of april 1963, which was regarded As the Low Point of the 1966 recession. A United Baring Bond i your investment la the future. Buy a Bood today other expert a Ald the decline was a tiny Quot and believed the Depths of the present recession were still come. Over Allun employee rat hit a new postwar High of 5.706.000 february and labor secretory Arthur j. Old Berg has warned it climb again this month. With tora am a today River my. Few. A it. To kure. A la temp. A. A a temp. A bad a Cen. Joe sur mls Aud Esfi Roath. A a a a a bar Josd .-r.-Rir. My. Aft Jymm with. A Rihr and , High Al i or

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