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Beardstown Illinoian Star Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 1

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Beardstown Illonian Star (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Beardstown, Illinois Go Var stage 9.5 do amp pm Btl so my news Papet Uit a a i Irr re Ai to it it year no. 76. United no Nix a Ann wok Beardstown Illinois monday ,. June 29, 1953. Soldier killed in Accident a seem Deal a to ally special Grivois a to non to is cancel Raypon Rushville it Amu it a be Boa c. Webber. 10355 Parkside Oaklawn California. We killed mid two soldiers wow were with him were in lured when the ii rate Russia sends troops into Czechoslovakia bought strikes Southwest 2 Oam Mintmi Pilon is Center of rebellion against currency Reform Berun up we wrecked st 9 Osock Lut bight on u. 8. 34. 7 mites Northeast off Wutti birr a two mentions. Don a a int a a old tor Tael a and Joseph Drexel Security Jtj a in House m . In Culbertson has a a Czechoslovakia to meet a excess profile put a anti communist unrest Well in in. The three Tomms were Enro Ute t0t, Quot our today a a of Rineck lr0b1 Chicago to Rel Rincy. Ran-1 tone. Informants i convinced Quot a a a the ranged through a the soviet government by guard rail and into a swampy part Power of its civilian1 a Field on Ilia Paul Dessree j81, commission in Germany in farm Northeast of Rushville. I Avor of the military As a result Webber was killed instantly i of the bloody re vol of workers in the body was removed to the he is i be handled with. The tax framing 01 committee. Toe top leaders _. I-.,- a at a a pc us us we a Luann to Ane a Flea Worthington funeral heme which so a a not located at the former Oor it in the House Don the plans. Moved the past having been Eastern Germany the sources which have dose connections with the soviet High command in Germany said a i 1 ,. A. 1 vision of the dreaded Moo secur a be and Otner n a the inquest will be held at 7 Ltd troops was moved into the Pii 1 the conclusion tonight at the funeral a on area Geed to bypass us Nome by the Schuyler county Cor Friday a committee after Oneri or l. C. Sutherland toe week end and of Czechoslovakia Tost Tion he caused two arrested in m Simpson a Genibera of the ways Rump. Who told the Stuyler for Quincy to pm Rob try the czech rebellion against the recent communist currency Reform which wiped out savings. Reached it High Point in the famous Beer brewing Center of Pii sen. Two weeks ago. Workers stormed and pillaged the town Hall there hoisted the chinese hurl Back four counter attacks retain key posts. Expected to launch big defensive tonight Seoul. Korea up two chinese regiments hurled Back counter attacks by 1st division Republic of Korea soldiers today to retain their i control of four key outposts protecting the invasion corridor to Seoul. In an unusual Daylight action. A Rolf Fligr of fails to come found dead _ Arthur Murphy 84. Who had re a sided in Chandlerville his entire lifetime and who had been in ill health was found dead yesterday Morula at Little Lake Chandlerville. And it is believed that his. Death was suicide. I Cass county sheiff John an jobs Wenj called about 18 o clock yesterday morning to organise v wit Krokee but Assuras rods that True tat will in we Quot mum ii Vul us Yulip Al jul search party for the aged man.1 Panmunjom Korea Ivoti Oil who had left his Home about 7 Mirk wattage care Todar Fera % not been seen it Totcky Quot Agnf Azerof a Are it Talt a i Abd 1. Told the red it Waal pub Amman of clock and had Ainee. 1,. However when sheriff Adkins tor him. To reepture37,0ge�oap Al arrived to Chind Lervie. The body a Danu Tom Montot a Xoreta a ____________i�?o5�<todsf that the Marl at a ibe_.alii�bm_i�a6al�a a the a to chinese broke the Back tempted to drown himself in lit a a it a Indef Zajd to Storta tar of South korean counter attacks tie Lake. But changed a plan against out Oata Hak. Queen due to shallowness of the water. ? Hinnah and an unnamed Hill the he then climbed from the Lake a Quot a t a Rok 3 fell Back to their original end hanged himself Faun a tree �5l�zf defense line limb near the Lake. Officers stated r-i.,�?T. Imu a. A. I 6 Quot a a �25fi-?s�t�r�.� Post Queen with around he Man s neck. The body n6rto"jtorean. Is a v. Found jumped on the ground Jim u Aune and the reds supported their As however and officer believe that Gen. Pang Teh Hual of the Choyi 1 is it a Mand Post far Back on the mainline. Reds to Aniuk tonight Quot Korea with a Dve my a a Ranee �y9f Koonin i hoisted the american Flag and a a 006 five in drought stricken bitter will be Coil j i Tore Down and trampled pictures a a a theft uness Hea a Alofau a yes soon the roots of the Corr. Tee ways and Means Rushville special a Lawrence of Jos of a Talon and be late shown Here have been badly burned and huge cracks Are opening in i vill be acted upon i Hanley and Albert j Jarratt. Uglova c communist president kit the soothed Earth agn culture Secretary Benson has promised Toby the commit but of Quincy wets arrested by ment Ottwald 1 mediate Quot emergency assistance Quot and president Eisenhower has Deslog Schuyl county off Cam near aa-1 the rebellion in Eastern Der Western Oklahoma and Southern Texas As major disaster areas i planned to Call up torte at 2 p clock Thil to min. Many still Seething forced a International sound photo without going thru we a sol so the Doun. Hernge in soviet policy there in a a a a a a by to Cotton it Rob of re do Zjr Benson Tours Brou it area and a Quot Jap la a of Beed pc rape of r. _1 a a �?�.a.,.? _ Quot. T his refused to �a1 a total of $1300 was recovered rur Ribo troops and together to vote on from the car when the two were police Are fanning Outka arrested. East Germany with orders to Washington up so cry tax a of tie moving out to or crush the Rem Ontog traces of the agriculture Ezra Taft Benson re 2 he Erb ency credit to help tether had no Altera. Jarratt hired a taxi at Hannibal. 12-Day-cld workers revolt in the turned today from a tour of South Istock 3.i�ers keep foundation 1 aet the House rules Missouri to take them to Chicago puppet state it was reported. Western drought areas with �1 in Send the Bill to the Schuyler county officers spotted strikes and slowdowns were re Promise to Speed Federal Relief ways and Means a the taxi. In Schuyler county Fol ported in four of red Germany s the Secretary who flew to Tex allowed the car and overtook it at five despite the harsh is Friday inspected conditions on1 lower Vry de live Eisenhower even had Astoria. a Milf a a 4ft Tell a a a Kumm v on and i of of to act lower Al Lac 11v� Ost a promises to Speed a Ede rat Relief among the survivor Are a Eon of the Republic of Arthur Murphy Junior the atm Etiene t. The body was taken to the tint pfc a what officers with the 1st Rok diner funeral Home in Chandler Clark and Ehmu i vision said they expected the reds Ville Eros personal trouble shooter As to throw n Quot do or die push against i inquest will be conducted and blatant Secretary of state Walter the division tonight. Funeral arrangements will be in Robert Doc had failed earlier to United press Corres indent bounced later. Day to it Este a comp room a a Fred Painton said the Roku a. Withdrew from the four outposts on corps orders. Rok retake Lookout my the Rok 3rd division to red strategic Lookout Maun a a a pc i Butler presides at a Brish Cabinet a re by Rhes that we. . I Taranto South following a Savage five hour fight. To a Daj Vii it Tecklt. Tote let or icons swarmed to the Crest of the Greemann enable hinr.,korean cooperation. Tree warm a Kwh Road Peak and repulsed two chinese counterattacks. La la ties it rain chinese troops hit Rok 1st i Ute at butter a so a go Quot of a a Zilahi i Cooss rat 1�� will to the a to is of twi government today strengthening the belief he May become prime of a. Minister if Winston Churchill a a general fatigue a persists for Mote a herds alive \ Ision positions after the heaviest i than a month. A. J., rainfall in Korea s history had a 3 a a topped up buying program i dumped Ujj in com a on in a peal to the con ter to vote to a we Cousin of local people t corporations for six a a dec 3i killed in Kansas i1 a Joseph w mar mrs. Emma coults Johnson of a i i inthe president at a Canton Cousin of mrs Nina o Jollu Elbr Loutfy morning meeting Ham mrs. Elmer Relier and a canvass Quot indicates Jerry Henderson of this City. Was student Voles to pass killed saturday in an Auto Accident five despite the harsh is Friday inspected conditions on russian martial Law under which farms and ranches near san an at least 50 persons had been executed and More than 40.000 imprisoned Kiwi Oil fair july 1-4 priv be. By m lug Imp Mima. An a Mon in. The Cabinet met Here today to Quot vim let a with Butner presiding presumably Vav wac a East coast and three inches Over to discuss the78-y ear old prime a Lull or Lannik we Stock into consumption and but thar Ole cond Ltd on som Roune prisoner Teauge agree Keiit Tonio sunday he made a similar tor i Painton Laid the chinese took matters also were slated for Dis reached Here Are to be a tray Dot a trin saturday from Lubbock 01 Storrar Ana weak just before noon and put one i Cussion. A Mcnea Ner my lot Wam it Benson said Federal Aid to Cotton seed and other forms of their companies to work in rancher and Farmers who in of emergency feed will be made mediately digging in on the nor some cases Haven t seen Normal available throughout the drought them slope of the Hill which has in inf All since 1919 0 would take area changed hands five to Spaes in the these form president Eisenhower last week past four Days. I an Appeal to the interstate declared portions of Texas and about 300 flight or bombers and Commerce commission for lower Oklahoma Quot major disaster areas Quot Light bombers came to the Aid of u 8. 54 near Liberal. Kansas. The annual Schuyler county freight rates for feed moving in so they would be eligible for fed the United nations forces Early in Orpha Dieu mrs. Johnson and her husband y air opens wednesday july i. At to the drought area. And tor cat Oral assistance Cyrus l. Johnson and or. And the Fairgrounds at Rushville and a mrs. Raymond Rohrer. All of can a Rill continue through july 4. With ton. Were Enro Ute on a vacation a free fireworks display to be Fea trip to the West it was reported tured on the fourth i their car was struck broadside by j in addition to three 4-h and even Texas gets a few of the showers in East and South 41 die by drowning the afternoon when a heavy Cloud i layer Nevi the 155-Mlles Battlefront lifted. I they dumped 330 tons of bombs on red frontline troops and Fortl i orations in their first sorties of the Day. I eleven b-29 super fortresses from eight drownings were reported Japan and Okinawa teamed to another Auto moving onto the open livestock classes at the fair dim. Wife of Thomas Highway. Or Johnson Riding on the races and horse shows will at tot sixth Street died the Side struck by the car. Was tract Many again this year i by United press Jacksonville killed instantly there will be harness racing eve showers fell from new England in Michigan plus one death of a drop to tons of bombs on com were brought to or Johnson suffered a fractured Ery afternoon at i 30 o clock i to the oui coast Early today and swimmer from a heart attack. Hew a unlit troops hear the Puk hah Home today i Arm and the other two received the Horie show will be held oven Texas got a sprin-1england reported to deaths the River cd the embattled East Cen ments will be an Guj Gerlous injuries. Leach evening at 7 30 o clock tip 0? precious rain. Midwest eight four drowned in Teal front. Besides her husband. Mrs. John free acts and the key City car meanwhile it least 41 persons n Vrklon boat Lar mfh8p Quot and there were other scattered most of than sunday the of the 41 drownings took Taufar w Toft end place ii Michigan alone along deaths reported with one death caused by a Seart probably because of lower Emper track suffer pm by a swimmer nature and Cloudy Skes i new and the Midwest re a1 though rain fell Over Mast of Pithy deaths each there or several months illness were Shepherd hoarded an arable Tew it the Westem p0110&Quot were no heat prostration casual hew at i to of clock yesterday Maraca up the a Deture was not considered Teg croon at Cline s funeral Home in heavy enough to save burning one of the wor8t Wippl tend and this City services were held. At he re to Quirt Rry is and Sara is or dents Tny a place at Hazelton. N -2-30 of clock at the table Grove r. Of with of to Ltd Dherete a mull Pai aug a shortages cd wipp. Women and a 19-year Community Church with the Rev. A r bust storms old Gin fell from a boat and Stephen Diller a or and mrs. George r Wesse a a a a a a a a mrs Moore was the widow of big three foreign ministers to meet meanwhile it least 41 persons son is survived by one daughter. Nival shows will be added att rec drown j during the weekend i mrs Robert Dabney of Spring tons at the fair at Rushville also 1 Field i fir i remains were taker to Hinger Jame she Phi re 8, a Kunz funeral Home in Spring-1 r Illnois Public service Field file Back to i Bxs Hornier in the Alley. I main and second Quot whine on streets i 8 of clock Batur a notice _ a Union Barber shops will be a to the Beardstown a 06cti saturday. July 4 t was summoned j. Meal Lank was used to under control a Star Wani ads pay James Alan Shepherd. 8 year old son of capt. And mrs Walter j in st. Louis yesterday to his Home in Lubbock. Texas. He i services held for mrs. Letha Moore funeral services for mrs Letha Moore who died Friday morning at 8chm�?~.rt memorial Hospital aft Captain Sticks with freighter in collision off n. Coast a Apt. Cesar Freitas whore 5. Mib the made the flight from ported hint dirt reminiscent of Chicago and Clarence Ooth. 51. Elmer Moore though he maae a in ii Igni a rum f to a a we met while service in the South Pacific Dur st Louis to Lubbock alone he was the dust bowl Days of the 19m� of Minneapolis both accompanied to Lambert Field st. In a t�?~"n8 of try or 10 Mmcue the Quot George k. Mexico the Panhandle country boating of n j up a Bra win stuck with his 408-ton freighter was it first fear a m to. Quot ter off the new Jer de to be sinking hoped to take y coast guard the ship into new torte Harbor Killen nor Patna Sun searched through under her own Juwer a tugboat Decatur. Ill up William John Bend Aitz a survivors of a col was dts acted to Ald the vessel. In 3j, Decatur died sunday of sunday <1 at least one sea no injuries were reported among injuries received saturday night. The Crew of the Tanker Guirtrude. When his motorcycle and an Auto �d�a.�wj"�?~,n wh0 Teft a sch received Only. A damaged collided at the intersections Hafs a lode Quot Bow in the collision and was re routes 18 and 51 near Pana Cutter c up by p�rte<1 not in danger a and a pass in it additional Crew the freighter african Endeavor. A ported dead i which sped to the a Cene shortly a collided last night ofter Tho collision picked up 35 a a co Tanker in a of the lode Panama s Crew and r nines Southeast a reported Enro Ute to new a a lightship. York. Three other survivor we retaken to Barnegat by coast guard i vessels. A communications hindered drowned Herman Hanert 38, of. A who was killed in died their wives after off world War ii. T. M or in in George e. Mexico me War scr delts in both cases at the services yesterday mrs. Southwestern Kansas and South he women were saved by by stand Marlin. Teneau mrs. Creel. Speer. Weasel a Quot a daughter is co Orado a pm what a a the husbands nestled. Don Bailey and w c. Foster Sang Mother a. Moderately Cool weather pre Hanert drowned at Schneider. What a Friend we have in vah of the Northem part of my and Goth at Watkins. Minn. Tod a Quot under his wings Quot the country but hot. Humid air near Adair la. Five farm fam mrs. Evan Hughes was the Organ Hunt Over the South Gila lies worded to Salvage personal be accompanist. Reported 112 degrees longing s from their Homes de-1 blowers were arranged by mrs. I Molt shed saturday by a Tornado Frana Baujan. Mrs. Ann Perry. London up consultations Are under Way for a meeting of foreign ministers of the United states great Britain and France to take the place of toe postponed Bermuda conference it was announced today. The meeting of the big three president Eisenhower prime min. A Ster Winston a Churchill and French Premier Joseph Laniel would to held later when the ailing Churchill has recovered. Fireworks Bee our Complete selection at toe country Market 15th and Wall. A pen till 9 pm. Slip Skafti prof by Ron $3.98 value $3.19. I dear Shoppe subscribe por the Star cd to a Cut isl busted Ian skin. A. I Clark said the Ere had lost Tea Adviss la the civilian population Andice asst wed i the coat Aunker . Who wanted 6 go Myne after the Arm Istle would Tab a a pointed out in in Tauy that e comm nieu of aimed they had korean captives to Joof them Elres a the not the Kerdine . Clarks letter admit Teil with Rte a rations that Tita priv been Quot released quota they Pere a released the rep and of a dub ment without tile a Wraage of. And font rank to Tow Urti Idt of. Us United Kumm cd a a mind Ptan Ned and Ite Eakon to and the re pubs of Korea nay Security guard Quot made Hitte real Effort to prevent their Clark it Terwand. A a United hat tons Anfe Unea ment skid the chief u. I tis teen of finer called for Redai Piton Quot without delay of staff level meetings to. Finish adminis Rittvo details Olathe sign Long of the Jarm is ice. In that Vav Alfred Rojtman has first on new truck dump at Mitt Kari monday morning. Alfred Hoit Mah of Frederick delivered the Bardstown Mills the first tee whist within i Load of whilst to be to loaded by to shirt re of tote Hearding the new Ruck Rece Littig facilities which have been under construction Here for several months. The new truck lift is hydraulically operated and can handle with Case the largest trucks. It takes it. N j abeam coast guard re from the a trick no 20 men Quot were ,.1 11 did not Lindl Quot men Quot eluded a a a dry Lanauy were a to Skeg aboard 9j 9.4 tse a a coast guard officers said they were in the Rescue operation by a language Barrier. The Loide Para maps apparently spoke Only portuguese weather data River stage today a River stage Yarte a a temp. Today 7 a. 1 temp. Yesterday 7 a. In temp. Today i p. M weather forecast Central ii go rahy fair tonight an tuesday. Cant i wed a win and so to Aday. Lew tonight. 71-74. High Itom-94-95. Lew tuesday night 73-74. Most retail stores open till 9 p. In. Friday night to close on july 4th As a Courtesy to Farmers who Are Busy in the Harvest Field most local merchants have arranged us remain open Friday night until 9 pm. Store will close All Day saturday in Observance of Independence Day. July. 4 since the wheat Harvest is now at its Peak. Banners Are taking advantage of every Daylight hour end remain in the Fields until dark with stores remaining open Fri-1 Day night Farmers will be Able to do their weekend buying at that time largest Sie Star. It tis that there Wilf be a Minim of delay to any truck delivering wheat onto the a grains \ thes hew truck re Meivin a cell lies Ara part of the considerable program ureter Way at the Beardstown id company. The local mph the Rakib z diary of the Colorado Mhz 8 John water Guy Waters Gerald position on toe lift. Hydraulically i elevator company Denver. Colo Hammond Marlin Reneau and operated tire stops Rise behind redo which operates m flour Mills George Stef i each tour wheel and the platform with st regate Dally capacity of j interment was in toe family tot k��8 to it the struck to the 49,500 cwt of flour a formula j in the Harris cemetery near to proper Angle. It was pointed out feed toll and 149 elevator and it mrs. Marlon Taylor. Mrs. Anna a Niy it seconds to Riser to the Mccuen. Mrs. Aimed Moore and highest Point although this is mrs Muriel Logsdon. Necessary Only with urge sell a pallbearers were Harry Hughes. To Der units. When a truck is in new 1,909 a Babel Peg Bour elevator has been v of net cod by Grove. Fred Mathis of no formal Celebration is planned a i. To i Here for the fourth but children Browning it i fro have been laying in their Stock of need Mathis of Browning a ,. A am View fireworks in preparation for the charged Wito Hurt pow occasion. A Hydraulic lift is the safest is mined a garage available for it is impossible capacltypfwvwr30999,900busitels, that Type for a failure in the equipment to drop toe truck too rapidly. The total length of toe lift platform la 45 feet and toe Hydraulic pump forrh.7mayot at Hanry of cml Harvel it of into w. Stew tic. A �3, fort to to juror of a Frei was it Day night on City streets. He a n Lect la a a tors. _. A a a a. fined 8unday Ruthg fallowing at Holtmann a wheat a unloaded kilted sate vday Wrhen i Airt Aal family picnics and outings will hearing before Justice of the peace Toto the new pit and elevated Iso another car collided Al Tel to 4�7 be the order of toe Day. 1 Albert Caldwell. A i feet High to the top of bins by the near Crig re k in a a a in Jyi

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