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Beardstown Illonian Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Beardstown, Illinois Gnu t. Beardstown ii ois in a by it i. A a is it is a a a a to Arf indiscreet Western Road a j Takiff tray a strike is Doe flours la. June 23�? of a a a a roads began stopping i May in the fare of an jul men s strike scheduled fore within 4� Houri. Called a strike conductors for july to Ere demands to reduce the Bosn worked each month 05 to 210 for each of the Nitro Quot switchman s Union of Hawk has called a strike i us local time sunday i five Western hoes to a up sods for a reduction in it week from 43 to 40 hours h lots of pay sock Island the dare Grande Western Anil jaw Anat Western Ahu Nta Jimd would halt att a pm eds up a All livestock i Texler Pup menu but the a edit school boor it in assets ova a increase car to meet Tota ight to co mar a my foe a net incr see to Cash of till f73j2 was reported by . Superintendent of we hoots a hts annual financial statement mops trackers Active Sims mrs is Beld last night at the regular it t at Waitr Kyrm both and or. Trout urged that a a a he hired at Washington let have Diane of athletics. The school Board a net dec Alae in reported a $17.437.33. A a total net improve agent it in the Flea be la condition of local j of the pad year. The school induct Igaras of $154,403 a3 last year was i Ados of to $134b36.43 this year. .1 following of int report the Board members voted to. T.�?. A a pm a until 7 s,-lmg1tii Ihm to v,�1 Stock tonight when consideration Ltd a a a a a a a would be riven to the of spaced Bonus to be paid teachers and Ala a a far action upon the salary in of a. 106.06-which the teachers committee pe-1 when the Board exam Etc Fame la tribe Tarog in Nihan d., it of Flurr Feurt Eaas Rar. Atoned a Date it tax Merci Fei a Jpn a Kumm in the tati Rui Don Fang of .313.304.11 debris it Planit adoration of say Luj Fotonee in Mot atm Anee of Plant. $2bl�.ll deficit in fined charge $l<3stjt. Deficit to debt sender $t13at balance to Peoria aft fettle the Ohe Rewera a two aaa sap Hope getting a a a rate two thirds in act of san of of ampule a by Hob. And Tbs hair in Betel court Dyrdaa in ask Alary Airt a under $3,srt.t7 balance to contingent $4.003, a total balance of $13. Miss Iii boy for a Royal ment probably John w service left former state department consular official who allowed1 Congo updated fund report Gypsy seen Ida or after bar nth birthday in admitted he now Realises he had been Quot indiscreet Quot in giving the in a. 1i_. A a mags ointment made of a a _ a taken on school fire escapes y a substance of secret documents on China to a writer for the i i -1 Al found that Over $3m remained to Ute fund representing Money left Tine Merari charged by sen Mccarthy he denied trying to help chinese communists As handicapped children a i to Nan nil in Mutart ton International sound photo tee named to Contact former gradual tins Rig no concerning in by Serai to trooper enforce Pence among strikers to. Of amp re up it a a menu by a we vow win. Washington june 23. A a i major roed donate Hvala gators called John a to in to state said it a the Best we Eony to anal schedule. It my punched that it i 1�. In they use Western Colfi no of Salt Lake City. The in Zephyr which left Cal Jat erday was tasking to. Ran and the eastbound it was scheduled to Start la a from san Ranf Cudco the i by James get. Go los United pleas staff correspondent Morristown. Tem. June 23 a a Upit Charles of assault with intent to. Murder a worker at the Ance left pm the class to the achoo Tonao Tatad tend and or a Sud was Mythi acted to prepare tim school budget far the coming year. To addition to the Teglar business leg the Board tart night. Coal is a Mil five Firma to Abe was expected to have a aching effect on shipping to. Thousand of a writer. In a Ltd to be mid Pitt id by which rely on the Dada Oping it 50.000 Railroad men would a Ted of %11 five Lutes halted peered Likely that the pull inductors strike would be Ted St least so Days because at Truman a the wire pint an Emery Acy footboard under the National mediation act. The nation Stul jibe of strike i Albin Judy 15 0 other members of the Union and of of Railroad. Train Zjr tug jag Jan a pita Jault the fiet Tate Taj Ethlee Quot wheeled pigs to. Secret Qunti going of service after sen Joseph r. Mccarthy. R., was. Told reporter a the wbk already has informed the group that Sarvice passed military data to j aft five years ago. Mccarthy arid the Fri found out about it by hiding a microphone in Jaife s room. In the Stater hotel hem god listening to his Coos creation with the state -.palfonnt foreign service officer. A to Tob committee in View of if Arthyr a statement decided to admit the press and Public to a a so 41. "44. De Roar Detroit june the ital of Fri Lila to so Tanto fog entry eligible for Mamach hat Tun Royal family that your Tara Wpm is Ufi a lop a Imp they Ltd a a to id to i wan stat Anitad tads for furnishing Coal to tac4 a this la a _ Faming Mut bad tim a win a a Iii Aii a pm a a cd a it Almer in Wutke a a we 1 11 rss service for Public questioning i strike bound Amer armr in Ltd my j a Upple cd go in to by on what warts tar mall try on Plant Here were lodged against again awarded Centre Cox Sulker today As Ann-1 sheriff Robert Medoln said the j school where about 2�? Ion Jug larges were Anta against Emory required Jai tog they a Quot Ells 25. And fled Jones. 27, of Dean ice and fuel a company Rutledge Tenn and Junior i which tata Ymir Mab a tar French of Jefferson City ten school with Coal. Was warded the they wage identified As gunmen i contract at to a Battle Gary yesterday by vie schools this year wherein and tor Mcdaniel. 30. Most Serta Utay tons wounded Otoe three worker who i a a a a were hit by bullets. Medlyn mid. A Conti Wrt at Waahto and a they and seven others a nested. I schools whet go and a ton Are at headquarter of the textile used respectively. Workers Union Cio were still it was specified Tath motion jailed today awarding Oral contract that the 4g. 47 and id. Milton Mcclure president appointed rag Walla. Harold Walker and Oscar Trout on a committee to Contact class. Aff loan to Dota Tauau that balance could Ort tit arid to scat practical project taboo in the Futon graduating Cia Aam will a Zaat Bactad to and Vitae the Board How to us the Belay in in the be torn the Tara. Leave school. The attendance import showed Ateaga Danart Majar Ziky and a year s a versus of in a tatar at waa Bapton Boba. Of. A tar win ooh it Tarter Opee sri. Ted visit Adsa Bota by ital tags and reported that in boiler at Washington school leaks and la to need of repairs. Consideration woo also Given the medical expense of Throe athlete Roy a open Momee Bemar. Rages Bimini Modl 1 a a Wihak oat he Taw a mood Moe a Yed to Yew a pome mate tor Tomm. Aem tog Matang Tutlo ring tau slender tart to Marshall Irett a to 3rtj�e tau Heriod Tho Wavy Rod hair of my or to Ute Fiad. Fighting today a it Stork a Tuata fighting fender Albu Torr a Kwh la a Elidad Kiti soy who a Otten leg a sri Rural. At gone tag Aai Kypri Hith. City inns Dwyta a Brt Tzipa Ertain my mar at them motto to of a wet atm twi i garment a a a Mahdi if he i a _ a _ Iliad he tvs 1 is a s no tag vow id a Whf m6w6 w a i Amdi Ai. A i Swarthy with Ems i or he a Kia. Or Wei a an Gyur Tot Taw Tattar tonely imm i in Nita a Brtan that my dirt Altabe through out the cation. Mem 4haa $$m3 a he jest in miters a a a jct so. Law Marn Canon ont my own a mar been offend foam boy run rain boat .,5 a King a my my Tao dad the car Idi Tahk tip it Tigai aim Mimm in Wahoo re Val with b Friand. Pm no act Mutof Taw Ort at toe achoo covered Bourn of a mtg it Gina a. Tija potato half of the we a it the Hoard wat tag Fdr-<kih666 w hag Hia i0iqrh�w we a Togy voted to nay a pert Tenel Tbs ice fort Ono Jilder Klug said a aaa Inder Ghioto world total. Sbet $16c hts Tutor at 12 30 p in cot git a however. Chairman Millard e it ire Neil things of a Senate foreign re is oos subcommittee announced la Koos subcommittee announced that the Justice dept it my it and Arp mosts to lib Fri had a refused Quot his Roviest to make the purported recording available magazines tour 9taktya Drew Pearson of a a a a a a a a a la. Was Aston Merimo round no fire alarm marked he party last Light which lop4l firemen gave for the Virginia and Rushville fire squads in appreciation for the help Given at the Schmitt favorite Maralene at build a be Here january 19 1 a Chicken supper was served at 7 o clock la the fire station. Or. A j Roy Patterson wife of the fire chief Fried the Chicken for the cafeteria style supper. Noesis from Rushville included Coal be weighed on Public scale and that the egad be refused unless accompanied by the weight ticket. When Ray Walla made the motion which was seconded by Charles Hermon he pointed out that it was t prompted because of any dishonesty to the past. But that it was a add practice to follow when Public Money was being expended. K remove Ona Fin Reave the Lauder junk Yard was authorized to remove the cylindrical tube from the exterior of Central school where it was formerly used As a fire a agape but a not been Bap. Brt a tir to Harold w. Pod band director is authorised to Purchase an oboe at an approximate Cost of $220 for use to the band. Board members complimented the hand on their appearance at the state vow convention in Rock Island. A min tat att i rank up to 0 Yeun by pm ��?o�?�>jb3tk full by artob�f#1 a the Brit my Inte rim a Aru i am tabla Ftp i i Viuf. To Ufa rafts a a Labatad for today by Kweh a it a it port had lds ramp Tartab 111 a Mai imm Ilta Matt log or or few Tram a Wea Ato. To a Tai a towed my my mjg min fire chief Bim Edwards. Roy. Schlef Widerker and John Keeney 1 chief h s. Branyan of Virginia was accompany Here by Joe Lor Long n m Velum. D l. Edwards. I Sandy Doe it. J. Wulliam White. George c Decker hosts included the local or Oard reported that the roof at the ugh school bad been fixed temporarily a that it haunt leaked in the last few Raine but that Warka Oen would remm beat a amt to com plate the contracted work. It was reported that the la Gion and rotary would put the ath Golc Field to goad Eood Tolan by Haoming that the fire escape would be re a red for the junk. Which Arnold Eastern Republic a a seek a wide vote by a i c. Wilaon11w so a a a a a it it a a a �?77.-7�?- urd Ted fwd staff comp Opden a a bib i of wit in a a. Atlantic cite. F. A. June tax today after aah tog dmm Rio Jupio tep tata Tauaes turn it Eastern a a tata i met Here today to with i ii us Mas to to a or Tammy on a .1.43� i search of a Bito and which to l idol control of pan-1 a to Oblow. Greag Nett tat Rembar. �m3 of a mom -. Money tint first. Chaingan j avs Rahat Thea to told on the ret a Ouy o. Oat Toban of the re pub is a Urr air. A a dirt Dia tag and dragging the Field to me far a Quot to years because it a Mon As the ground la dragon was unsafe. It was Giulei stood on my film be salvaged from it. When Harold Walker made tip motion he specified that the fire escape be removed within the next 00 Days. The motion earned unanimously. I discussion a a held on the two fire a fir escapes at Lincoln school Lake front fair to open Republican madly casting eyes at ims Hided into three general 1-is for Taft. They in gop should came out no out and out Conter worm a hot be afraid to Brand not worry about they Are critical of a use he a too hew ire convinced a Strong Lye can win. No. In i if risen How 1 Seoup is led by Tom head of International machines and various k bigwigs. They think needs a Strong new stat Al him pm r a a men pm Sia sunt chalet voting Public that he has a hat c a assistant paired with new tread and put other rep Burens Haven had for thorny a at an sure the Warren Bates. Carl weasel Joe inquiry 3r�� a i in a rotary Man even if hew been and Dej Wnent held jul re Hng a Cap and a own. A regular int Fly meeting before a amx Taal Fla a Art. J the supper. q of once connected with in it that Ike has kept toes. Bys made few in old sweep the nation be. , a a. Oover Nar California or governor . These Are that the big _ is a be la to figure the so a ask that tip a in with a Stock a 1 to overwhelming vie a4 a Man who beats Jimmy a running cards furnished Lefter the supper mfg inn chairman of the National Security resources bord a marked to Paul Hoffman that he had to go to Yale 25.03 Bond for $13 to Over the week end because his a a Sood buy. Bore were graduating. ,. �?owei1 i have three sons. Two j Daugh Tais and a son in Law a1 graduate the this remarked vhf Mph modestly Thea seemed almost too much to believe even for a Man As Var sat Ito a the Marshall plan a Man Strator. But thai columnist., checking the tart Frond the re Mark we Acore Tiia up made concerning the state fire code. And whether fire escapes were required at each school building. Since no word my yet been race Vad on this either the Board Dej Ayad taking Nuti Kwh mint action. It was notated vat that Chicago june 23�? Ufi Atoka smashers scattered across tip nation trill Flash Chain reaction Over so Miles to open Chicago s $13.333.333 take front fair Tamer in impulse a by Start at tip huge or cd trop at Stanford uni my in Palo Alto Calif. Be re Toad to tax Wea data River River stage has Jai 31 a m a a a Gujt Kiiji. Lucve Mammier a a a who Point Outi Hufman a tatty to be a follow cannot a in without a n 7� Donatl of Kofl Fean for adult and from imy a Critan. Ltd. To lj0jssg��ssss2 recent Matt trim to at from the did entity of eau Sag lava we Embid Luikim ruins fall o4 a Mao who Beatah hmm of a _ i a a temp. Yesterday to. Temp. Today t p. M. Weather forecast be Antral he partly Leody there a As no need in tearing Down the fire be Cape which Are not to. Use now if there a a a Peetz Brilty i of putting them Tate urn later. Or Oard a authorised to con tact Bui. Imboden of the Illinois Jatee Brite company. Jacksonville. Concerning tip replacement Jot repair of those fire or Watts urged that of fire escapes were Betag angled a1 that Washington school i should have Ane also. Sena ii my a mrs. Erns Windom was re employed As teacher for handicapped children in local schools. Or Oard avid there whom be about four children in the special Clam the year Board Monte a com. Cd mrs. Win Boid on or a we tip past year. _ or. Oard reported that the employment it or. Sta bold completed the school Panann i Ute Ary i in hear at and i slim Miry teacher for a Wmk he a a re my a w Mon a time it Tamm tee met Tot 1� a. In my. Vuu in by commit iwo diet to diff Wii than tented to tip i How top a made we. A a imfn<v27t to we did Art wite to ism to vote tip of write Moo to capture j. Frem at tart Wren Jow Eibi it Gay a Bubis am i i a to a we to Vale l a Ssiss Asrun re amp ssh we a a tvs ii a a a Boom Wisd Ptak up from 3 to a Taw m and at Leorta Jef Quot he said in top to Aura to a to Imp a two dmm Steno Banate Aat by in him us a Trifil. Aljy a i. . $s55st5ur�rja5�& Jure saw Utah. It we he a1� thought i 1 re but Teoh. Hemea tip Mumm Virtta world a by North urn atari Otto to Catt Orida a a we tax to 1 >3 of Yak i 106 iterate if in to Chicago a i they will Art off o mock stearic mate to Plorins a a Mark tip fata1 official by re tag. A Quot sonic put a will m matted at Stanford at �1 4t� by <os7> the Puhy will m rent via teleo Taw to tin Munz Bagi Natty met Hurt the to corp. by whore m Apodala Generator who Send it Serow a is to a tees egg Yott Tot rec us world largest at pm Rahmig it Illinois. Spa Ria if tax lid from tip ire Tity it Chiao be. A til re crime the Imp to from tip Betatron and to o a a aortic Lignau to Art a mock atomic balata and fire 1mm troncy. Fie the write i tote off Vul m bring Mart gigs. A pay Rte i than tit Iris Trade or of dog. Oath. I a a a a a ii Bailiff Evwin a from. Rotate u w m Mere Viteri a Whir fir if it a a a. It Klah Anie Gwo it grate .p�ms3t3ps< a i 4 tee Tod that hbm.,. A Mal tip a Tang of him Here lakefront my a few dated St to to in Grieg Tore Enki guru. Limido my Witt to spa tar in nmn a a to fair we Stow. Of. A 3. W 1wpaiv it a Esteal ire Ming Fer Virtta Dinul in text aviary ate my Teri up patted to m for re to if

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