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Beardstown Illinoian Star Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Beardstown Illonian Star (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Beardstown, Illinois Made. , february 25, Imi a ass tons had been trailers concen a fifth wards changed to Prats in the area 15th streets St and the tracks and on the area of the la Diamond As her courts Are finance Mobile is revised trailers commission announced at the outset of in last night in the City Hall. That some eng location of Mobile Homes had been posed ordinance since its publication in Man the Illinoisan Star. Id be approved a Ding the area a trailer court a half Block in Ould be licensed Val the owner and no add by charged Trall g trailers in or courts would annual trailer i the City and vision to remain unum of eight a a persons crowded in at the City express pros and the proposed or trailers aroused. Those with Trail being told where the trailers and Anent Homes of trailers located i their property late the value of to blushed there chairman of a he twined that the designed to give Petty owners and e in in tire Eon not designed to i anyone. But to it the majority of h objected to the a fees being too Ved plans for an id he had built a Home at Green Rock hi., Only to have a junk Yard locate on one Side and a dog Kennel on the other he moved. He questioned the commission concerning enforcement procedures. Salary for the building commissioner. Qualifications far such a Job Holder and cited the need for a building code inspector Goldsmith said he had lived in Moline. Freeport Colchester but had returned to Beardstown twice he now owns a Home Here Milton Mcclure attorney tor the commission told How the plan commission had prepared a comprehensive Long rang plan for the City. And recommended a sub division ordinance which the Council had approved. The same members who served on the plan commission were appointed to the zone commission which was completing work on their proposed ordinance to be submitted to the Council March 7 should be made to the proposed ordinance each person told name and address before stating complaint or inquiry to the commission. There was s tan Ding room Only in the crowded courtroom and interest in the proceedings continued until everyone had been heard in the 2-hour and 10-minute session. Howard Graham of the Illinois Bell Telephone company requested that items recommended by firm be included in the proposed ordinance and Goodell said inquiry had been filed and would be considered. Goodell assured Graham that the recommendations would be followed a practically mov. Upon request the letter was read at the Public hearing requests were concerning height of buildings location of com telephones for the transit Public and that parking space regulations on new construction be based on number of employees rather than floor space. It Viv i a it Mcclure pointed oat that the City coaids apply for Federal funds at the rate of $2 Federal funds to match $1 local funds for clearance of blight areas. He said he thought that local funds already spent in the past 30 months for school construction Street improvements and other Community projects could count As the local share of responsibility if the application la filed soon. He said the City Woald ask the Federal government to match the local funds already spent on a 2 to i basis for an Urban renewal program Here. Goodell pointed out that the commission has beep working on this project the past three years and is just now pointing up their recommendations for Council consideration he was assisted in conducting the meeting by commission members George Weber and Carl Leb Kuecher they had a tape recorder to make a record of All discussion Goodell said they would review this later for consideration As to whether any additional changes it so a we a. Of. 7 n.�?T. A a a a a a i w&0 a a Quot Why can to we vote on the ordinance a asked one resident. Mcclure said that a vote was not required by Law. And of vote was taken it would not be binding on the Council. He pointed out that the ordinance. After adoption could always j be revised by the Council in the same method that they Amend other City ordinances. I the plan commission will com i plete their study next week and 1 submit a zoning ordinance to the 4 Council As they were requested to do. Approval of the ordinance will1 be up to the City Council. Two readings Are required with the first Reading scheduled for March 7 if approved then the second1 a no final Reading would be an March 14. Convertim2 one of the most interesting features of the Chicago Auto show is this Aro Polcar made by industries worke Karlsruhe in West Germany and shown doing its stuff in Lake Michigan. Its a convertible convertible from top up to top Down and convertible from land to water. It la do y on land. To knot on water. January sales tax shows big increase in #61 Madam be Quick. I Springfield up a collections John Lenn from the states major tax source to to i in a a a totalled $64.646.923 during Jan Public hearing last night and los frenchwoman takes time to change clothes during fire Lumumba rebels Seiz Kasai capital Ileo demands action by Wiwi in Anderson. United to do so the governments own forces would in an All out fight. Brum 1er Joseph Heoy a Central Leopold Ville regime acted shortly after it had been reported Here new flood danger in Mississippi by United Prev a International showers glutted Alabama Rivers to a dire emergency stage today and authorities warned of new flood danger in Mississippi and Tornado threats in three other drenched Southern states. Spillways at Martin dam on the Tallapoosa River in Alabama wars opened when mini Waters reached overflow level at Milstead. Ala., Tallapoosa floodwater washed rout a and plated Psi inner cart Otto Hail. Than St Tail Alid a to Ned to the lengthy discussion. One Cement who objected to seme Chick Sale Type buildings on lots near House ached a Elf you can to enforce the present Ordyn continued on Page two no lit itself or stole for civic good99 Rommel International ova up the p Community a Trust co hanged stairway of an by after a Quot sub a a i turned up dem Eldon l Job ode after leaving to the Bank Axam Lelling where found authorities Kerdyk the county or said Job tied to the railing of a and stepped off i in Omaha and the insurance corp. A uti described the Stan tia but Nei Lime lately to intern involved trial Sard the Bank business As Usu-1u n Washington a red the institution said the Bank had by $8 million id Job banged e of rope Quot the size Finger Quot similar to a id about three or g b left Home about Hlin a m a thou going the body was found but it was several the news was made cals threw up a cur in the Case a Al of the Bank for ars hanged himself House once occupied i Law in addition is Job a daughter. Judy Drake University in the county seat of 00 pm six editors note Whit leads a respected Bank president to a dip in the us a How does he do it for any Long period of time without getting caught what does a major Bank Nuben Leneat mean to a Small Iowa Community _ seeking the answers to these questions the United press International assigned Tiree expert reporters to Knoxville Iowa. They Are David smothers George Brown and Larry Bummel. Here is their report. By up special reporting team Knoxville Iowa. Up Don l. Job was la to loops jumped into emptiness. President of the local this was the conclusion drawn went Home shot himself today by e. W. Morgan a nation Roune audit turned up a Al Bank examiner $54.924 shortage. Way. Drove an the county treasurer of Sioux Moines who. In a old Friend to death. J pleaded guilty in for it was Morgan who Dis a a action with another shortage. Covered that Job the name isl Nagir motives differed Morgan pronounced Johb As in the bib was sure of jobs. The Ileal character was a master thief j Morgan said had gone to As Well As the president of Knox i ct3ver excessive luaus21 and., to. Vines Community National Bank. Jor donations to civic projects three time president of the Cham designed for the betterment of Ber of Commerce past grand master of the masonic Lodge off a a in a Lana cer of the rotary club and guld Quot we had hoped tog Light of the Pine knolls Conn lion and Drejd try club. J de of anything Uke this. Mot a Gan said. Knoxville a quiet courthouse Quot Jye known since 1938. He town of 7,817 population 38 Miles was excellent banker a Southeast of Des Moines became the fourth Iowa town to less than Don Job. Wka would have two months to discover that a been h to three Days win he Community idol had feet of Clay a tried today. His dosed casket it was Only last Jan. 16. To a be taken from the Bybee an very similar Bank in a very Simi paneral hmm to Graceton tar Iowa town that mrs. Burnyce 1 cemetery. Geiger faced another Bank exam _ liner and. Throwing up her hands the services were a Innea to despair confessed she had members of family i embezzled More than $2 million Dow Bernice the two sons whom from the Sheldon National Bank be bad aet up the Hanking Iowa a state where you cant. Business Ned 1�, View president to ill liquid Len Avem so Bow Wuwei v v Juht my a it in is survived is. Buy hard liquor by the drink and the Community m up re. A to a rodent or toe where Beer taverns close Early. It Louis. Has had other sore disillusion compel men to since the confession of mrs. Geiger. At Malvern. Iowa. Two weeks after the Sheldon scandal broke. Vice president _ Iowa Sute savings Bani to which Job invested heavily last year and daughter continued on a be six by Daniel b. Bag Purt ter flooded onto the carpets Sod a ref United press inter Suomu dripped from the Selling and Walls Caw Luif an Narth of uary. A in department of Revenue Washington Utt a a Tell a onto Canvas draped furniture reported. Dame to be Quick before the floor the department trad the figure Falls thus shouted French memo Al hand. Changed from was More than $2 million Over ambassador Herve Tho amount collected a year ago. Undaunted wife ire Alp a who it hand to her evening gown to a Street entered the Insa a cd 1,0048 and w1 the . Weather Bureau warned or Quot Ohe of two tornadoes Quot exp pee Ted to Batter 4 120-Mue-Wlde one of the biggest jumps was to embassy Friday night to change a Brough the water telling firemen the retailers occupation tax her clothes. In spite of a three where 10 place rescued paintings. Which from $36 to $37.2 alarm fire. Million mostly because of Christ a 1 Blaze broke out about 9 35 Mas buying the month before Madame Al hand. Apparently pm. Est and was extinguished other tax collections included a dismayed by the turmoil of by to 45 pm., but not before use. $1.9 million cigarette $3 Are Nae hoses dripping water flames Hod eaten through the roof minion liquor. $4 6 my Altorf to and Walling sirens walked up to where the fire apparently a tarted. Adl Puhle Ber second floor boudoir in the several firemen required treatment at hospitals for slight injury attending a formal gathering Les but All of the Sta fat the peruvian embassy. A trip North and South of a line from West Central Georgia to Southeastern North Carolina. That Soo troops feral to the Premier Sartos a taken ova Lulu Bourg. The capital of of Cal pro lip wet but firing a shot. _ 7 a ton of a taut 1,008 or. Ghanaian troop Wren kaid to have reported the aels Uze of but to have mad no Ati Unpi to Prever get a a thou a he a to mid or Road to Osaka am memo dear up this Tiu action a aisle communique Immo bar Chcon to Len Minuter Jean bomb ape. It it to Van Urmia the Voogd Taa Galvea Tho Jet hours Cron noon my. 2. T1m�ov-Eromant Orlu make in Althou to Clear up Tho St Muon to the Avant of too Etien dec May by Tho. Thu a Rimm de Duhe Len my by to in undid Bates. Mba a few. Fry a Jig. La Piwko a it a Topi is tog Between ihv.xfwmg7 to . Too Weberg in a a Tortoni info Len urbut Thanee. To. Afer ult Tosatto uni atm Ltd col my eke _ Baku. Tor fuel. $13 7 million and pull her second floor boudoir in the Utility. $4 million. Embassy to change Hor attire aft Economy to improve in 60 Days the ambassador rushed into the bonding to instruct firemen to. Protect favorite paintings and other object do Art in the showplace Structure which has been j described As a the most embassy Uke of a i of the embassies in United press International j Washington. Up a Commerce �?o1$ u fumed Al see retry Luther h. Hodges to in bad. Wal aging big in Njo As Watt Delight of Republican Mem a. A. A a escaped without difficulty. Fire company cleanup details remained past 4 am. Today mopping a up water Clearing shy debris bind tacking tar paper Over chg Hole to the roof. Al hand. Who with he wife and staff spent the night elsewhere. Sadly intoned a he left a we took such Good care of it. It is disastrous. That u All i can Beni of a House labor sub Muttee. Thinks the nations Economy is a in a Little trouble at the moment but will improve greatly to about 60 Days. A Quot you Are obviously not one of those promoting a observed rep. Edgar. W. Hiestand. A Calif after Hodges gave views to the House group Friday the House labor committee meets again in closed session monday to continue work on the Kennedy administrations proposal to raise the minimum Wane gradually from $1 to $1.25 an hour two other House committees also were studying Kennedy anti recession measures. A banking and Security subcommittee was scheduled to hear agriculture Secretary Orville l. Freeman testify monday on a Bill to Aid chronically depressed areas and the ways and Means committee was Stoi working on a final version of the Bill to extend help to needy children whose parents Are out of work yank View of taxation Montpelier. It. Up a rep s to Yon Chris taws a Dover outlined philosophy on taxation today heart sunday drive has two goals educational financial an army of volunteers will be Forward its scientific search for moving through the residential 1 new knowledge $0 treat control sections of Beardstown on heart sunday. February 26. To the fight against the heart and blood vessel diseases. The heart sunday army is composed of neighbors who Are freely giving their time and Energy to carry Forward a two part attack on these diseases a the nations number 1 health enemy which takes More Uvea each year than All other causes of death combined. The first part of the attack is to Maranal the Volunteer who visits your Home will leave a leaflet providing important facts you should know to protect your family against the heart diseases. It tells How prompt medical attention to your child a bad sore Throat can control a possible a Strep Quot infection and prevent rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease it deals with protective measures you should take of you think you have High blood pressure. It gives new Assurance that strokes arc not a hopeless and that invalid ism can be prevented a reduced through medical treat and prevent the heart diseases. And its educational and Community services to bring you and your Lainily the benefits of this research. Quot we Are proud of beards towns volunteers far their Devotion to this vital said James Crum Campaign chairman. A let us demonstrate our gratitude of giving generously for ourselves and our families on heart sunday a bowl 45c luncheon monday special Chicken and 00 Dies. Advertisement taxing people is like shearing he said a a you want to take Ament. And it tells How you can get All the Wool you can but you have to be careful of the skin you can nip a sheep every year but y air can Only skin once attention Moose dance sat. Feb. 25th. Acquits. Music by Mike hurdles orchestra. Advertisement other valuable information on the Progress medical science has made against the heart secondly vol a a Leer will present a Epe Fly i heart sunday envelop in which Yop can a eat your heart fund con trill ii lion. This gift helps the heart association Cany Bata today River stage temp. S temp. I jus Ted tto by River Stags. Temp. 8 temp. I a a 25 to a a 1.1. Is 22 heavy Rains accompanied twist a it t nliinbi8f Gatt Fco a we re ers into Georgia and alabama1 part a to Tow Udin Tsuge Arith Friday water spilled out of def. Forte m the a tag. Creeks and streams feeding three Georgia Rivers and official a Ald High water along the Alabama River was approaching a dire emergency Quot Alabama reported at least four injuries Friday in Tornado winds. Thousands homeless in Mississippi about 5,000 persons still were homeless and National guard troops began evacuating 800 residents of Shubuta on Chickara whay River a a your next trouble spot Quot a state official he. Hattiesburg. Miss., was confronted with a sanitation problem and scattered Cue of and Chicken pox among children in evacuation shelters but authorities said the City a Normal water Supply a expected to 14,000 disposable diapers to Young families washed out of their Home. The t tiny Tajia Tom Ware believed to ism nov psf 16$ to mile from a a toe Torrue to about ave Days Vam meet or Aires rough 0140�?T Bock of ofic in the Rainy aet to a. Obj rom Frere Areca pumped tor Lum Nimat pm kit. Tector a Todut i a a Kkent Arm la . Rlason at la there when mom to had been report heading a Foroe of woo Troupa on the Boudar of Orison. Greying. A Tunis or Stoa to Aba or Elul so Oriental. Quot a evacuees returned to their Homes at Bogalusa. La., a Marl River floodwater a turned a Way from the City toward the Mississippi a Tate line. Water covered roads at als Point in four Louisiana parishes but most Southeastern Louisiana traffic was reported near Normal. Unseasonal Snow flurries pelted two extreme Northern Louisiana towns. Gal or ores i in the West gales lashed Oregon with extensive property damage but no injuries reported. Texas fit >1f8yfwurt-Tntrreanfii 1 i i Hare bred a of result to or s Arete Remeau Mobutu and a Martuto. To re Quot we Edily retd rewire. X a pm j1 ?.,. I 1 a Kiel tum amp a life the plaids ared worst flood Itig Caus Revor the break a heavy snows we ire erred Ovar Ltd mixed urn and my a Ere Prfu dieted Toddjr hmm a Mouri North East Are Ohio add through Neatem mw1, remarked a hereto a Todd Moat of the North a aunt la a a tit. New York s we of m re cwt pm amp Lay was the City a wan Resat of the year and squared tire pro veda he a for the Day ret to ism. T wat vein Psi amp a a sheriff rides with and arrests. 3 for new Berlin Safe burglary weather for boat Cen. Us you partially Clearing and Cahur mtg the aught decreasing Clawd lems with it a tie Tempe ref a change a the. Sunday ism sure toe Nark. Mostly or Cento durably sunny a Nib and warmer. Lew tonight it ii a Firth. 17-22 a auth. High sunday 44s. Springfield Ufi a Sangamon county Deputy sheriff James Carto Tenzen. Former lured of the state crime lab 7m8 in unexpected passenger to the car of three accused Burg Ion thursday night. Christensen off duty Gnu drive free through the City with wife a when he recognised an Auto answering the description of that los dip the burglary tuesday of new Berlin serve be station. He pulled up alongside tire car at a Stop sign. Turned Tho a tie Lover to wife saying a to going to tide with these Felon re and then stepped into the bask seat of their ear sad placed them under arrest. A psf efik i Aire sgt offem. Toy am my to aim to Elmo threw a a a my smrt. Tem toil Aad Larry they Bead. J a _ a r 4 to to a Fri. �?�tl�-rej6�o 6<h expo told by bar ten Stolt a Quot a a a with the to a tto Tomk Obj a away try Rebres bsds re a Ever. Awr1lito�?Tym6% Jere lib some rih Reed Traski. Ladin Quot
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