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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1983, Page 4

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Baytown, Texas 4a the baytow1n Sun february 1983 editorial irs restaurant tips Law Doest seem fair if internal Revenue service rules on reporting in Small restaurants employees in those establishments May wind up paying income taxes on tips they didst that is the opinion of a Lubbock doughnut shop owner whose argument against the new rules appears to be if his interpretation is the new rules Are unfair to Small restaurants and should be re examined by irs the Lubbock restaurant operator has banned tipping to protect his employees from what he fears will be a fantastic tax he said the new irs Law is you and i Are paying Why waiters and waitresses he the new irs which make employers responsible for reporting employees make no allowance for restaurants where tipping is but Only in Small under the new if employees report tips totalling less than eight percent of the restaurants Gross the employer must allocate to tipped employees the Dif Ference Between eight percent of his receipts and the amount of tips the employee voluntarily the Lubbock Man claims his doughnut shop customer leave Small usually less than 25 he said that makes his employees tips fall below the eight percent of the restaurants Gross this Means employees will pay taxes on tips they do not to avoid the problem he decided to pay his employees the minimum he posted a sign on his show which reads due to new irs no tipping we agree restaurant like other should pay income but there must be a simpler Way of arriving at what these employees should it seems unfair to or even expect restaurant owners to report employee in other it is the responsibility of employees to report income to in our this makes the Law discriminatory because it does not apply to All it also seems unfair to require that restaurant owners allocate to employees the difference Between eight per cent of the restaurants Gross receipts and the amount of tips voluntarily reported by we submit there is no reliable method of collecting in come tax on Cash gifts or payments because no verifiable record is but even if irs lost taxes due from Small restaurant the amount would be Small com pared to losses from other kinds of Golden fleece to Proxmire the originator of the Golden fleece awards for spendthrift Federal William has been offered his very own Golden fleece the Wall Street journal discovered that the Wisconsin senator pushed through an amendment to the appropriations Bill for the department of health and human ser vices specifying that not less than million shall be obligated to continue research on poverty conducted by the Institute for research on where is the Institute for research on poverty located by a not strange coincidence its in for Many years the Madison poverty Institute has been the recipient of generous Federal Grants to carry on its in but the Reagan administration in 1981 decided that poverty research necessarily be confined to such longtime recipients As the Institute and opened up the funds to competitive under the new the Institute for research on poverty didst fare As Well As it did it received less than in a Mere pittance compared to the million it got in the last year of the Carter other research did better than awards totalling went to researchers at the University of Harvard and the Rand officials at the department of health and human ser vices were reported pleased about the results of the new diversified Proxmire apparently was not pleased at he devised his Fleecy Bible verse heard of your i after i Faith in the lord and love unto All the cease not to give thanks for making mention of you in my ephesians Leon Fred Fred Hortmon Wondo Orton Lynn Hughes Mike Graxiola Bill Cornwall Ond publisher assistant to publisher editor Ond 1950 1974 chairman of Boord Southern inc editorial department editor associate managing editor advertising department advertising manager advertising manager entered As second class Molter of the boy Fown teos Post other 77520 us scr the act o Congress of March published Otter Mondov through Friday Andrj sundays of i 30 Terni be m he town p o boy town 77s20 suggested subscription rotes by Riner 25 per month s5i 00 nor a Rqn copy puce doily 25 cents sunday mail rotes on reruns represented notionally by coastal Public ii ions Mimril of the associated a kiss 1879 the associated press is entitled to the use Tor Republic at ton to any be otherwise credited in Poper Ond local news of spontaneous origin published her other matter Herm Are also reserved the Daylon Sun retains nationally Lri own s Art used thou Ghoul the newspaper there Ore times when these do nut unit pour Only vane letters Wilt be considered for ration names will he withhold reason please keep letters snort the Sun reserves the right to to in rights Rpp Ubiol c of tors c the signs View Poi from Sun files m who says theres no leadership in Washington Robert Walters retiring in High Cotton Washington Nea after enjoying 12 years of generous salaries and lavish expense accounts paid from a government supervised a new York businessman has retired with a Farewell present from the same the substantial retirement pay ment received by Dukes Wooters when he stepped Down As president of Cotton late last year is the most recent develop ment in the decade Long Saga of the abuse of quasi government financing by that firm and the department of a 1966 Federal Law authorized us a to establish a 20member Cotton Board devoted to Cotton promotion and product to finance those of the Law also required All of the nations Cotton growers to pay a special assessment for each 480 Pound Bale of Cotton the Cotton Board delegated virtually All of its responsibilities and funds to Cotton a new Yor based corporation which received More than million in direct Federal payments during the throughout the past various members of Congress have accused Cotton of squandering much of that Money on office travel junkets and Wooters salary and expense when Cotton moved into new offices in new York in the Early it spent almost million including for a private for cabinetry and Woodwork and for Wall and win Dow a three year Cotton con tract with Wooters in the mid 1970s called for him to receive a salary peaking at annually and fringe benefits including a suitable furnished apart ment1 and a suitable with the vehicles operation and maintenance expenses fully paid by the payment of All entertainment and other business sex including travel expenses for his wife whenever you decide to have her accompany membership fees and other charges at the Harvard club of new the new Ca country club and any other clubs where your membership would facilitate your work for the a life insurance policy As Well As a full package of disability and other insurance when Congress Learned of these arrangements in it ordered that the final million in direct Federal payments to Cotton be withheld unless Wooters salary was out almost in half to the amount then paid to members of the presidents Wooters ostensibly made what Cotton called a personal sacrifice and accepted a drastic pay Cut but at the time he entered into a secret arrange ment with the Boswell a los Angeles firm which is the nations largest Cotton to receive annually As a that amount was virtually identical to Wooters supposed pay Boswell reportedly received an average of about annually from the federally supervised Cotton pro motion and research fund during the years Wooters was on its the contract Between Wooters and Boswell was signed in late but Only a few senior officials of Cotton were aware of the arrangement which later was interpreted by critics As an Effort to circumvent Federal the full Cotton Board did not even learn of the Deal until two years later in the midst of a Federal it was asked to approve the arrange ment sex Post when Wooters retired at age he was being paid an annual salary of in he received an Lump sum pension payment and representing the Cash value of life insurance policies purchased for each of his five daughters by cot ton the Cotton which is sup posed to supervise the work of Cotton is satisfied with that which is supposed to supervise the work of the Cotton also has no Obas a result the quasi government operation apparently determined to give profligacy a bad name continues to Mccormick was tops in 63 from the Bay town Sun this is the Way it was 40 and 30 and 20 years ago 1943 shoe repair business reaches new peaks in Tri cities shops after the freeze order on new shoe the biggest increase in orders is shown by Roarks shoe shop in Goose operated by and Bill the new Gander track Delmar is plenty he rented a House on his first Day Victor Dias leaves this week to join the army air after be ing accepted As a the former Gander athletic Star is an employee at humbles Baytown 1953 manager of the retail merchants is elected president of the 5th District associated credit bureaus of a Fatherson banquet for two boy scout troops sponsored by the knights of Columbus will be held at the k of c master of ceremonies will be Doize and speaker will be District scout among East Harris District officials at tending will be Frank Frank Haas and Baytown Junior High twirlers win first division ratings in a con test in they Are Marlene Glena Maxine Anderson and Margaret and Peterson Are feted with a Farewell party in the Home of and lit the Petersons Are mov ing to 1963 John Mccormick 15year old Sophomore who watches a physics program on to at 6 every wins the first an Nual scientist of the year award at the Baytown science fair at Robert Lee High although John does not take physics at he entered the physics division with his fluid analysis to electrical Cir other first place winners in the senior High division at the science fair Are Malcolm Barclay in biology Mike chemistry John math John special Barbers Hill High school sewed up the District basketball championship last night by beating High scorers for Barbers Hill Are Randy Mccollum and Randy Busch with 12 Points Butch Whitner and Bill Kilgore each scored eight Points while Brent Ray racked up Jack Anderson Oviet slave labor n of All Hylmer of thuem ukr Good Ond sufficient Washington the Reagan administration is about to release an official report which will indict the soviet Union for widespread use of slave the report is the result of months of study by experts from the White the the Pentagon and the state and labor their findings will come As no Surprise to anyone who has slowed through Alex Ander Solzhenitsyn gulag a but their report will give the governments imprimatur to disclosures of political and religious persecution throughout soviet the study was made in response to an inquiry by William he wanted to know if forced labor was being used to build the natural Gas pipeline from Siberia to Western As it the intelligence on that specific project was and the experts disagreed Over exactly what constituted work on the sources told my associate Lucette so the inter Agency group decided to expand its study to include All soviet slave labor and put the whole Issue on the the experts estimate that there Are about four million slave labourers in the workers a huge drop from the 20 million historians figure were enslaved by although superficial changes have been made in the past 30 forced labor is still an important Factor in the soviet and it is still used As a weapon against political and religious the report illustrates the lawyerly techniques used by the authorities to deny civil rights supposedly guaranteed to All soviet free for is obliterated by a Law making it a crime to Libei the soviet system a Blanket term that includes any form of outspoken a particularly useful catch22 is the charge of which is used when a dissident is prevented by the authorities from holding a Job and then is arrested for not the inter Agency report documents individual cases of soviet dissenters railroaded into the labor Camps on questionable Here Are a few cited in the report Ilya Zviagin was charged with disseminating two documents that allegedly lib eled the soviet he was convicted and sentenced to two years forced labor even though the documents in question we rent presented As evidence in Herbert an estonian was convicted for do ing Church work among Young he was released after a year at forced but was soon rearrested for failure to pay Alimony a failure that was due directly to his inability to hold a Job because the authorities repeatedly had him he was eventually convicted of Georgiy Mikhailov was an Amateur Art collector sentenced to four years for engaging in a prohibited he was accused of Selling Art slides to but his real crime was patronizing artists the authorities disapproved he was convicted even though the prosecutions expert witness refused to testify that Mikhailov had engaged in prohibited Ida who was both vociferous and persistent in her criticism of the recently completed a fou year sentence in but she is for Bidden return to her Home in and is forced to wander around the country looking for places to a Fate that has befallen other political dissidents who manage to survive their stay in the Alexander Paritskiy was an Ocean Logist sentenced to three years forced labor on charges of slanderous his real of sense was trying to emigrate to watch on waste on the last Day of the fiscal year the Navy base at bought officials denied that it was done to avoid having to turn Back unspent funds to the they told sceptical auditors from the general accounting office that the Purchase was actually a at 09 per softball instead of the usual in a three Page report justifying the yearned softball the Navy said it was not sex with almost officers and enlisted a spokesman Norfolk really needed the 400 dozen Berrys world i want to be like Jim Henson and president Reagan and create a fantasy

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