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Bathurst Times Newspaper Archives Nov 22 1916, Page 2

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Bathurst Times (Newspaper) - November 22, 1916, Bathurst, New South Wales Ghir e at stjocje3ss in of the ten Days sle ?. A at Choice French fabrics at nb-6urdly Low prices. Almost Ivory mail brings advices of constantly increasing prices so size this Opportunity of buying seasonable dresses chop or than you Ever will again. No. 1-a lot of Choice dress materials marked in Tho Ordinary Way from 1/11 to 3/0 now nil one Price 1/0 no. 2�? about 100 Kobe lengths of seasonable summer dresses to go of Cost at 1/. No. 3�? a further Range of bettor class goods to to cleared it 1/11. So dial values in Good Quality Blackm coloured crepe de Cheng it 5/11 Aud 6/g Othor prices from a. We Edgley s can undoubtedly give you Tho Best values in Jap. Silks Tus sores Fuji and Assam Silks also to 20 x 40 Inch Taffetta and Tho biggest and Best Rango to select from. Honest comparison will prove a scarce line Oriental washing trimming for children s dresses a Lino assortment at lid 2d2id, 3d, 3u1. 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Hand bags in All sizes bags for Tho buggy car or Waggon. Verandah bags for Tho Homo Havo proved themselves to be a Boon to House copers. Hay Forks machine oils and All your sundry requirements Aro sup plied at lowest rates by ? e. Webb & co. Bathurst. ? wednesday november 22, 1916. The women at the present moment there Are but two classes of men in Australia Between Tho Ages of 21 and 45. To the one class belong the men who Aro in Khaki or intend getting into Khaki and to the other class belong the men who have no intention of Don Ning that honorable uniform. Lib Gow Mercury says in considering Tho Triko that Tho minors Patriot ism is shown by the number of thei. Reprise natives in the firing line Othor papers Havo Mado parallel state ments at various times when discuss ing different sections of the Community. Woll Tho Day for that class of stuff has Long since passed even in it were ewer Here which is doubtful. The Miner that has t gone and does t intend to go because he is Busy striking in t in titled to the slightest atom of credit because a Fel Low Workman saw his duty and did it. The same applies to the Carpenter Tho bricklayer and to All and sundry. There in t a calling in Australia that has t gone through this milk and water patriotic cry. The Friendly society Man who stays at Homo Points with Pride to the number of men his Lodge sent. The society for the dissemination of non intoxicating whisky counts Heads and gleefully tells the papers next morning that Sixton or eighteen or some other number of their party arc in Camp. And then the stay at Home chaps belonging to the society for the dissemination of non intoxicating whisky strut around town with More conceit than do the sixteen or eighteen or whatever num Ber of members there Are who have thrown in their lot with the men who have made up their minds to see this thing through. ? ? ? it is Timo the country got on an even keel and decided to discard every shred of show patriotism so that it might gain some Idoa of just where it stands. Feed me on facts said Carlyle. Australia goods a course of the same diet and needs it badly. There has been in the past too much Balderdash and smoothing Down the Back and there is too much of it going on to Day. This paper May be wrong but it is not Able to Sec that Tom Smith is entitled to the least bit of kudos because Bill Brown is Light ing in France not even though Tom Smith did work in the same mine or at the same Bench As Bill Brown and the proposition holds Good even though Tom Smith is married to Bill Brown s sister or had borrowed half a Crown from Bill Brown Bosforo that worthy left for the front. Whatever credit is coining to Bill Brown belongs to him alone and to no one else and Tho sooner Australia Winkos up and says so the better for Australia. This brings us Back to our starting Point where we stated that Tuhcic Aie Only two kinds of men in Tho Community. It also brings us to the conclusion that the one kind cannot be Over patriotic Whon. To is prepared to hold up the affairs of the county in the face of the knowledge that his act is calculated to endanger the lives of the men at the front. When the referendum was boing fought Trio country was in undated with a dodger in Uio form of Doggy cd verses entitled the blood vote the country is faced with a bloodier reality than that vote could Ever have brought about Aud Tho Mon who no responsible for in Siro not in titled to be called patriots no matter what the Lithgow Mer Cury May say to the contrary Aud no matter How Many of their class have gone to the front. Be it clearly understood that this paper docs not of Spross an opinion As to Tho Justice or otherwise of the miners claims. They May be Light or they May be wrong. But were they a thousand times right they would still be infinitely More wrong because they Are pie pared to sacrifice the nation s Best manhood for the Sake of some per Sonal gain to themselves. The striker is not a Patriot. Local and general the weather forecast. Tho official weather forecast issued last night is unsettled and sultry generally with scattered rain and thunderstorms some Hail Likely northerly winds. A or tank remanded. John we Itoman was. Char edit. Tho Bathurst Polico court yesterday Boford or. J. A Walker ., with being drunk in Russell Street on Tho same morning. On the application of the Polico White Mari was rom nod till the 28th. Inst., us he was suffering seriously from Tho effects of drink. Mary Pickford at the City. The world s favorite Mary Pickford features to night in Tho foundling of reel famous player. The picture is a typical Mary Pickford play mud affords numberless opportunities Cor her Little tricks. There no laughs and to Aib in Plonty. One can see Tho town stealing Down her face and there will a a wet a i in1 sympathy with her in Liis feature. Order of sales. Tho following is Tho order of sales drawn for at the corporation Savoyards to Day i fat cattle 140 Clemonts and Mccarthy 30 1, Eti. Taylor Aud co. 30 2, e. Adlam 50 3, cousins and co., 30 4. Fat Shoop 350 e. U. Tay Lor and co 100 1, cousins and co. 100 2, Clements and Mccarthy 150 3. Store cattle 40 cousins and co., 30 1, Clemonts and Mccarthy 10 2. Storo Shcop cousins and co. 300. Musical wednesday last or. Thornton of the London College of music hold a practical examination at St. Josuph s Convent Kelso. Nino candidates presented Thom solves and All were Success Ful. Or. Thornton was highly gratified j at Tho Progress they had made. Roso Mckell gained Tho diploma of a.l.c.m., securing 79 Marks. She also passed in theory and Harmony. This is highly arc Diablo As Tho Young lady is Only 13 years of Ugo and Only 2 years have Olup Sod since she commenced Hor Ruidi Cal education. Other successful Candi dates Woro a senior Kathleen Nugent .3 Marks Vora Littler 77, Mary Bell 70 Daisy Saunders 74. Intermediate fran cos. Hurt Gan 90 Honor Cecilia me Mon Amin 86 honors elementary Rissio Jayo 92 honors Lily Davison 90 honors. All Tho above obtain of first class Marks in theory. Co operative insurance for Farmers. I As a result of. U discussion on Tho question of co Opo Rativo insurance for f armours Tho Farmers and settlers co operative insurance co. Was founded Over Tolvo months ago and Tho first year s operations have More than Justi fied the scheme. Tho object is to get Farmers to to their own under writers by which Means u great saving is effected on their insurance charges. Tho company is essentially co of Porutio mud Tho profits Aro distributed amongst Tho shareholders who Aro Tho policy holders. In a review of Tho first year s operations the Sydney bulletin put Tho position vory Ithily Whon it by nod that any reputable concern which goes out an this company is doing and attempts to make the Farmer a co operator deserves Well of the county messes. E. Ii. Taylor and co. Aro the Bathurst representatives of Tho com Pany and those Farmers who Desiro full information is to what insuring with their own company Means to Thorn should got into touch with Tho local a outs at once. ? Billyard Retreat allies in Pursuit the monastic Victory. Romanian Campaign. Further unfavourable news . Special London tub any a Paris communique says the Battlo which Hud been proceed ing since november 10 in Tho cd anti Eicr to Lako pc spa ended into Complete Allied Victory yesterday. To witness of Tho conclusion of a vast on vol Oping mov Mont of Tho Gorman Bui Gars defending Tho Region of Molas Tir. It was u bold serbian Advance thai forced Tho enemy to of Nucalo Tho last positions before Mon stir french1 Ca Valry enl erod Tho town on the heels of Tho enemy s rearguard. Tho Franso russian infantry followed. We pushed on North of Mon stir and Aro pursuing Tho enemy without ios a Ito. To took Over 600 prison is and considerable material. Rome reports that Tho bulgarian to Trout towards Brilca has developed in a Down Csc. The allies have occupied numbers of villages North of Monas lir and Are taking prisoners. Tho admiralty report that British sep la Nib and aeroplanes successfully bombarded Karjanis or Aviston and so sultos. Enemy losses 30,000. New German Force in Field. . Special Home. Tuesday. It is estimated that Tho German bul Gar losses in Tho monastic Region was thirty thousand. It is reported that fleeing German Bulgari Havo reached Tho mountains Noar Prilep whore Tafoy Aro hampered by bad roads. A German official inc Sago Suys new German forces Havo Ronelie the Battlo North of Mon stir. National party s policy. Stated by Venezelos. . Special London tuesday. M. To Ncholos Tho Grook National mov Mont loader in outlining his pol icy stated that Tho National army Wishod to wipe out Tho stain placed up on Tho Grook nation by Tho disco Garfol for its serbian treaty obligations. The movement was not anti dynastic but Thoro was Como open conflict with the Crown owing to the system of despot ism set up in Athens. To Havo to added no intention of settling constitutional questions by Force of arms but when Tho War has terminated we will safeguard National interests. Tho National Dof onco move ment will see what guarantees can be obtained against the possibility of a certain number of persons around the King imposing on Tho Crown a nation Al policy which is calculated to drive Tho country to National suicide. Tho danger of civil wan will Only arise if the greek Puoplo after Tho War no Provon ted from expressing their opinions Frowly ? \ x Greece enemy ministers. To be deported. . Special London tuesday. The Athens correspondent of the daily chronicle says a ? Admiral do Fournot yesterday even ing informed the government that he had Given the German austrian Eul Garian and turkish ministers 48 hours notice to go aboard Tho ship Marienbad for. Deportation to their respective countries. A Crown Council will be hold to Day. Disorder in Athens. Peo germans on the War Patio. . Special London tuesday. Tho daily chronicle s Athens Cor respondent says that As a counter blast to Tho students pro entente demonstration a serious disturbance took place on saturday when soveral thousand reservist rowdies paraded the so roots spreading terror and compelling Tho tradesmen to shut their shops. Aii a Taeho at Tho austrian legation cheered Tho rowdies and it is noteworthy that Gounaris signified his approval from the Balcony of his Homo. Several persons wore wounded. The reservists Nie Condo avoiding of Batih Calcis by Blamo the so trios in Tho French Marine Quarto is. The romanians further retirement. Enemy s great press tire. . Special London tuesday. A russian official Moss ago says romanian attacks in Tho Region of Ici Polung Wero unsuccessful. The romanians advanced northward in the Region of Albo Hest prison ring a Hun dred of Tho enemy. Attacks South of Rotor urm pass Wero repulsed. Tho romanians Continuo to retire in Tho jiul Valloy owing to Tho pres sure of Superior for cob. Froze front severe. Conditions in West. British Progress unimpeded greatest German attack. . Special London tues div. Press despatches from Tho British Headquarters on the Western front state that three Roozing Days Havo just been experienced. The water on the roads was Frozen solid Tho surface ring ing hard. Tho whole Earth was blanketed Whito. Tho British and Canadian troops Aro responsible for Tho latest Chango in Tho front which Thoy achieved with unusually Low casual tips. Tho Only serious resistance was South of Agi Neomy where German machine guns dominated Tho sunken roads and gullies. This afforded Tho enemy temporary respite the captured positions wore of less strength than on Tho grand Cost line although the germans attempted by digging in the mud and ooze to obtain a grip on the Hillside. Tho dugouts Wero poor affairs and whole sections Woro glad to Surron Dor. The thaw Sot in at midday and Tho ugliness of the Battlefield returned with its Silino and slush and raw november fog. An Exchange nows Telegram says that Tho powerful counter attack by the germans North and South of Tho Sommo lust week resulted in Sanguin Ary do feat. Considerable forces Woro employed at a Hulnes Wood. The operations resulted in Tho absolute chock of Tho most violent efforts that has been Mado by Uio germans on the Sommo front. Russia political crisis separate peace talk. Bug plot unearthed. Developments anxiously awaited. . Special teak Grad tuesday. The newspapers contain Many Blank columns amid reports of Duma de Bates. Acute _ tension Between the government and parliament is threat ened at a critical moment. The ministers for War and Navy visited the House and gave an account of the giant increase in rus Sia s output in Aims and ammunition. Compared with january 1915, the pigs sent output of rifles is sevenfold 10-, Paris to guns ninefold output of howitzers six fold six Inch shells Sev enfold and in certain cases the in a tenses in output Trofort fold. The ministers were enthusiastically cheered members Rushing from their scats to congratulate them., separate peace plot. Ministers implicated. . Special London tuesday. The daily chronicle s cores on Dent it Petrograd says that the rus Sian political crisis is explained by the speech of the Leader of the constitutional democratic Paity which has been suppressed though copies Ai c now circulating in Moscow and pc Trogni. This speech revealed a plot by the pro German members of the court to Advance the idea of a separate Pence with Grimany. Many ministers to declared Ocie implicated in this plot. The effect of the speech in the Duma was Extin Ordinary. Ministers did not dare to face the party Leader s attack Only the War and Navy minis ters remaining in the House. The new minister for the Interior is the Leader of the Pio Gotman party. The bureaucrats fear that Tho crush ing of Prussia will mean the end of Buican Iacy in Russia. The bureaucrats Are recruits from Tho Baltic pro Vinces and Are More Allied to Prussia than to Russia. The War and Navy ministers arc openly dissociating themselves from their colleagues. The War minister Lias indicated that generals Alexieff Russky and Brusiloff hold the same View in opposition to a separate peace and says that four million bayonets Are behind the progressive Block in the Duma. ? further political developments Are awaited with anxiety. The Arabia assailant s Periscope hit. German reports denied. . Special London tuesday. Passengers on the Arabia assert that when the submarine discharged its Tor Pedo gunners hit the Periscope. Tho submarine dived Ami Rose again and fired a second torpedo. The Central news am Storzum Cor respondent says that Tho German Admi Ralty reaffirms the sinking of a trans port of 12,000 tons on november 5, in Tho Mediterranean. To forming to this the British Admir Alty has made the stut Mont that Tho Arabia was Tho Only vessel sunk in Tho Mediterranean on november Tho Gor Mujib declare that two separate cases were concerned and assert that the Arabia was armed with .11 Centi metre guns and was conveying hundreds of War labourers towards France. They Duiho state that Whon to Brit ish permitted passengers to travel on the Arabia Thoy Wero Impe Rilling Tho lives of non combatants. Tho British admiralty to Day com ments that no ship was sunk in Tho Mediterranean.? Dar Outlook the miners ballot not to be gone on with. Hostility of the strikers. Paralysis on Industry. A gloomy night in the City. Sydney tuesday. Tho Outlook on Tho Coal crisis is for Tho Nisi not hopeless. The miners in most Centros have declined to entertain the proposal for Tho taking of a ballot 011 the question of a resumption of work and according to the miners pu1 Sid out the vote will not be proceeded with. Mon Whilo industries no being aus bonded in nil directions. Some definite action by Tho Sunlo or Federal authorities is now expected. The restrictions placed on Tho Uso of electricity Niu l Gas will it is Boli Ovod to aug outed by Federal proclamation. Tho clip to night pros onto a dismal appear Taco. The fish fruit confection Ory and such shops Wero All illuminated by lamp or Candle Light Whilo a number of places displayed chinese la Lorns. Tho Fow places ? fortunate enough to Havo their own Gas Sori us appeared Brilliant in comparison. Small crowds Aro at every Street Cor nor discussing Tho question. A big crowd had gathered in front of Hor my Josly s by 8.30, but Hud to go away disappointed Tho company boing Unn Blo to show. Other amusement places end Rod on by their own locally generated men out. Sydney tuesday. A thousand ii onion Aud Congino drive ors throughout the stale Havo been thrown out of work is a result of Tho Coal strike. Building construction suspended. -. Sydney tuesday. Owing to the cutting off of Power building operations throughout Tho City Camo to an abrupt standstill to Day Thuro being Iio Means of haul go. Ballot not being taken. Statement by miners. President. ,.Newcastle tuesday. Thuro is gooral disappointment it Ilia attitude of Iho miners towards the o proposed ballot on Tho question of a of work. The greatest sur prise of All is Tho Losli Lity of Tho men towards their leaders Thoin selves. Tho lenders have not been permitted to slate the enso at the various moorings. Or. Bud Doley president of Tho min ers 1 federation slated to Day that Thuro had Boon no developments and to could not say that Thoro would be any. Tho ballot As proposed was not boing Gono on with in View of Tho in Lonso hostility displayed by Tho men. The men in the.Newcastle District had shown clearly that they Woro against any ballot and that they wore deter mined to Havo Tho eight hours from Bank to Bank. That wits All to could say on Tho nuo Stion. Power and lighting., severe restrictions. Sydney tuesday. In .11 statement in sued to Day the to Wor and lighting Board emphasises Tho Clauso that any person Uhing Gas for any business Purpuro during any hour of the night or Day or for Domestic pupi ses Between Tho hours of 8 . And 5 ., unions exempted will by sub Joel to a Penally if . It is not Likely hat exemption will to granted for More than 24 hours in any cube Othor than shul of serious ill Ness. State Coal miners. Opposed to resumption. ? me Bol Rojo tuesday. Tho gooral anticipation is thut-1 to majority of Tho i Iris it Tho Santo its lit Wonthaggi wil1 vote against a of work. Against any ballot. Meeting in the South. Wollongong tuesday a i aggregate mooting f minor 11 1 woo noon to Day decided unanimously id recommend that no ballot to taken on Tho question of a resumption of work. Or. Villis said that Tho duty Iho Public Hud to to see that a few Coal owners did not Rule Tho country. Fully 1500 minors attended Tho meet ing. Council Coal at Cullen Bullsn. Sydney tuesday. A ballot is it Presont boing Inkon among Tho minors at Cullen Bullen to do termino Wyeth or Thoy will Load the 2000 tons of Coal at grass Thoro for the City Council. B Rick works Ihire atoned Sydney tuesday. If the miners continue their opposition to a resumption of work the Hurstville brickwork will have to close Down on tuesday next when an additional ninety men will be thrown out of work. Walsh Island workmen paid off. Newcastle tuesday. A further Batch of men at the Walsh Island works were paid off this after noon. Many of the employees have been told that they not be.,. Required till after the christinas holidays even if the strike is ended in the mean time. Small arms factory. Coal declared Black Lithgow. Tuesday. In consequence of Coal being declared Black the men employed at the Small. Arms factory Ocie not permit ted to Day to Load ? Slack from the Mouths of the Lithgow pits., this decision is directly opposed tto the decision yesterday when full permission for the handling of Coal was granted. New zealand shipping tied up. Wellington . Tuesday. In consequence of the australian Coal strike Thoj Paloona which has just Jerri Chat Dunedin from Mel Bourne will lie tied up. The Wim Mera is expected to take the. Same course. City to i Iglitz Mary pickf8rd in the found Ling 5-Rcol famous player out of the drifts 2-Rcel drama comedies. Dramas Etc saturday Lovely Mary 5-Roci metro. Coming the mysteries of Myra 1 he William Fox serial featuring Jean Southern. In parliament government still considering Sydney tuesday. Milany questions concerning Tho Coal strike Woro asked in Iho Logis Antivo Assembly to night. Or. Any us said that Sydney was in inor Rdv. And Mouv industries Woro be ing dislocated. Before Iho Thunder storm this afternoon Ninny placet wore in darkness. To walled to know what the government was doing about Tho i Nutter. Or. Illman asked for notice of to question saying that Tho govern Nional was not yet in a position to Mako a statement. The Premier in reply to or. Mcgirr said that there was no official Iowa concerning the miners Bill but nil re pints were unfavourable. He asked for notice of a question suggesting Tho introduction of a Bill to Provido for eight hours from Bank to bunk in Tho Coal mines. Tho minister for mines Skod for no Tice of a question Aslo what had been Dono at. Tho slate Coal Mino. Or. Haynes suggested that with a View to providing Power it would to bolter to Cut off Tho trams from s . To 5 Rather than throw thou Sands of Nin cont working Puoplo into idleness by cutting off the current in commercial and Industrial Uso. Tho Pronior stated thai Tho Wlzlo question was a living close consideration. That aspect of Iho question would not to lost sight of. The Premier in reply to or. Mcgirr stated that Tho Alouso had passed n Bill combo dying Tho eight hours from Bank to Bank principle but. That Tho Masuro had not passed through the to poor House. Small arms factory resumption of work. Lithgow tues div. A he question of Slack Coal outside railway property is 0110 on which Tho railway Mon desire a decision particularly As at least one Union has had the commissioner s Assurance that 1000 tons of Coal stacked at Lithgow pit has Beon paid for but could not Boro moved oar Lior owing to Tho want of store go room. At u mooting of Tho Engino Drivers association yesterday it was decided that this Coul could to drawn provided it was loaded by Union labor. How Ever Thoy will not Load it As though it had not Boon officially declared to Boblack it was understood to to so. At 1 o clock to Day Tho Small arms factory Union sought advice from Tho miners Ono Cuativo in regard to this Coal which Tho railway authorities will allow Tho factory to use. It was officially stated that an undertaking had been Givon by Tho Austort Lavinn exec Tivo to the Primo minister that any Coal at Gruss might to used for Coaling transports and that it Tho Small arms factory this could therefore to loaded by Tho factory Union. Tho official stated that under these Circum stances they had no objection whatever to using the Coal and Tho first lorry loft at 2 o clock with Kab complement of men and implements for Tho big Coul dump at the Lithgow pit Mouth. Work will be resumed As usual at Tho factory this morning. To Iii will Rosboro employment to about 000 men at Tho Small arms factory and is Tho first result of Tho conference with the Primo mind i Tor. A ill in Victoria. Coal for National industries. Melbourne Tuow Lily. The naval department has issued Coal to Only those finns engaged in work of National importance Thoro is not Likely to to any further curtail ment of supplies until Tho result of Tho minors ballot is known. A Atho City lighting works no reported to Havo sufficient Coal to carry them to Tho Ond of Tho year at Normal con sumption. New embroideries in Lawn Cambric and Organ die muslims just opened at f to Havo a hoax Tufui assortment of hese goods ranging from 1 to 41 inc Lios wide. Prices the lowest. Com. Pare our prices and patterns. New trimmings also just to haul. All the very latest. See our new Stock of hut tons in All Sizos designs and colours. A 1% shipment of Wool just or ived. Knitters would to Well to in sport our Wool Enn do in All Plain colors and in fancy heathers. Soc our Panama hats for Little boys. They Are very smart hats which Aro so vory hard to get for Little boys. We have a Biu Stock. All prices. And co., Ltd. Busiest h0u8e in the we8t terrific Veather shipwrecks on British coast. London tuesday. Iho Hovore gales on saturday Ami sunday Havo continued with rainstorms. There Wero Severn a wrecks on Tho nor Thum Borland and Berwickshire const and some loss of life. Extraordinary weather in Franco in Tiu last 48 hours culminated in a tidal wave in Tho Gulf of Marno Alloi. Hutny vessels foundered., Thoie Wei disastrous gales on Tho South West const of Tho Atlantic. Tho fluctuations of Tho bar motor bout All records for of qty year. Snow fell heavily on Iho British front with heavy winds and Rains Paris and Othor parts of Franco. All Tho in bin on catalan Beach it mar Spillos Woro carried Nway by the High Waves. Which inundated Cord Noh Ronal. Tho storm is the worst for Twenty Yoars on Tho const. Belgian slaves. Buying exemptions. . Special Amsterdam tuesday. Tho deportations of the belgians continues. The wealthier Aro allowed to Pur Canso exemptions by n thousand Murks. Only a Fow responding to Ransom has Boon reduced to five Hun dred. The referendum final figures. No majority Over 61,000. Melbourne tuesday. Iho final Figuroa in connection with Tho a cont Rufo Rondoni Wero announced to Day. Tho figures show a majority of 01,280 for no. The liberals attitude in Federal politics. ?-.�?z.? redeeming War pledges. Melbourne tuesday. The Federal Liberal party has not yet decision is to the attitude it will take up when the House of representatives meets 011 the 2 the. The a dirty will meet in private tin previous Day. ? ? individual members have already expressed views favourable to or Hughes policy As far As the ? redemption of War pledges is concerned1-. Many Are of opinion that it will be better for the prime minister to have an ejection in the. Earlier part of next year rather than face a double dissolution later with its various possibilities. Those Labo members led by or. Tudor have not yet dec lard their policy but it is regarded As certain that a no Confidence motion of taint the Hytt hcs ministry will be tabled As soon As the House meets. Letter Carrier s theft. Sydney. Tuesday. William George Werbitt a letter Carrier pleaded guilty at the sessions to Day to a charge of stealing 10 let ters and was sentenced by judge Docker to twelve months. Open verdict recorded Sydney tuesday. In connection with the explosion on the Steamer Wir Annua in Darling har Bor on september 27, when six men were killed and a number injured the City Coroner or. Hawkins to Day returned an open verdict ? Sydney produce sales Sydney tuesday. Tho following prices Wero to corded at Tho product halos to Day t wheaten chaff a Choice 5/3 Good 4/4 to 4/10, medium 3/0 to 4/3, inferior 3/ to 3/2. Oaton chaff a Chico 4/9 to 5/-, Good 4/7. Lucerne chaff Good 5/0, medium v Lecorno Hay a Good 4/ to 4/6, Modi urn 3/5 to 3/9
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