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Bathurst Times Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 4

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Bathurst Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bathurst, New South Wales Rings of love 1 by Guy Thorne Ihor of Wien it was dark a Lade in his image Mantrap 9 Manor the Arrow that a Alioth Black Honey k a &.c, a. He the last c1iaptisr continued his after Clay Trio Long four wheeled Bli upon which she Lay did from Fth she would never Rise the Long by with its rubber tired wheels h pushed out into the Sun by sin at Jant nurse i the villagers knew that this Kheu Jwo Inan who Lay so patiently to would never set foot to the band again would never mount up in i hair any More. They knew that she h the famous hits Wentni Oroian h at one time had bade fair to beat h sir John Holland in. The Conquest brie skies. And Many of them Woulla a per to each other that this was a nation of god upon a woman Clai Hso greatly but Tough they All pm in Awe of her they blessed her a Many Kinky charities that she Hob stowed upon Eliom without stint he Vita a Sweet sympathetic grave m Tho Little. Children used to walk. She Side of the Couch As the nurse hed it round the Village Green. Specs came to her for sympathy in age of trouble Slio was beloved of if them and or. Vyvyan the Ren he has her very i constant Friend. Hid now a louder noise was heard Hytho group of people was swelled Esthers who Camo hurrying out old Rey Granite cottages. He three Church Bells he Sui to ring h a Elm Low Lin Lan Lonc. The clergy h in his surplice Anco Mulmed by Wilkins was seen coming through Havica Iago Garden. The noise grew Butr and louder cowing in. The Dir Mil of Pon Zanecc and soon round h great rocking Stone of Granite i hid the curve of the Moorland a from View two motors Worth approaching slowed do Sivji Hacop slope to the Church town Hydrew up in front or the Church a stopped. Out of the first stepped Trohn Holland Tali Debonair and hut with a Bunch of Cornish Heath he Button Hole of Hia Grey i Roek h with him was another her Man whom none of the Klag he ice. A do Willie raised Hie hat and i hut piping voice led a chorus of of created Hearty cheers. Sir John h d Zwilli pleasure and stood there a moment in the sunlight with his Al smiling and bowing. By Jove Philip old Chap mrs. Leila heard him say it is a h kind of these people. I am glad h Back in Cornwall. I found the Hof my life in Cornwall i Ain Hing her Back to the country i she lived so Long Blip. Duncan nodded. Cuite so Hran he said. Look hero i am her of Cere Ionics now. You have Hje obey your Best Man Conio into much Quick Muriel and miss Hel Jarvill be hero in two seconds and Knust to there to receive them of women entered the Church h which now came Tho Sweet Mur of Tho Little Organ in the voice hire thed o or Eden Riel Moore mass Roland and a Shanklin came out of Tho second h Aad followed by All Tho villagers my the Church the Boka Censed there was a silence not a soul ? seen upon the sunlit Village a rather larger House than the binding cottages just by Tho it Over the Trout Stream a woman Hying close to an open window cent Frum the Ros is which cover r front of Tho House came sweetly bras so Lay there and Tho deep by music of Tho bees that shoulder sir Way among the blooms Jvana Hily sound she heard. I Bells had Sto Podl sir John and k were taking each other Foi i or for worse. Past of pain i crossed Tho Lovely by face settled into lines of suffer but Lovely stick Vas lovelier than Ever indeed he something had Como into it h had never been there before aha Noble sadness a steadfast h woman murmured a prayer i h prayer of Blessing. It for me Sho said not for hut for Here the Nobi Ost go nolo live god bless them both. She a thy of him As i sinful unil Hias i am could never be. May h o Happy in their Truo love and hives Long. I am Groat by blessed. Has spoken to me and i am for h. They have forgiven me also. Hid is peace and some Oday i shall hem again after this life is Over. Bus in god s mercy i May be Bjk to Welcome them upon a or Shore of my her face changed and grew Brant. She heard Tho noise of bal the sound of a triumphant Hien Light footsteps upon Tho Jyh outside the opening of a door Bill Radiant and Beautiful the hand bridegroom entered. Bol Helmand Bent Over Tho suffer a Bice and kissed it with a sister s off greeting. He a ? a ? by villagers had Oil trooped away lady Helland stood upon a Little dais a it to end of the tout Whilo or. Vyvyan i proposed their Haith. J Tho feast was prolonged till late in. Thu Ifica Noou but Teh Bride and bridegroom disappeared after Rio first Quarter of an hour. Up on the Moor As oven fell n great while Zero Plano was wheeled out of it m thed a Little Bird faced Man and tvo hovering round it. Prom a wooden hut came a tall Young ii in a nil a girl with a mass of dark Rod Luicir. They both wore leather Coats anal Boilon Caps. It was growing Toj cards dusk As sir John and Muriel mounted. Dating she whip cd in his ear to Trews Nice. Lot us Fly round that Grey House and then As Tho Sun is sinking Over Tho Soa bring me Homo As you did be fore. The engine roared Tho White Muriel Rose in the a and sped away like a Swallow Over the purple in o or. Wilkins stood watching1 it until it is appeared. Then he turned to frocks hum and the other Mechanic. His voice a almost Gruff. Como Alon Down to Tho Village he said Como along lads and join the dancing on the Green. Sir John s orders. There in to to nobody Here when they come Back Togo Thor Tho three men wound the or Way Down the Moorland path to wards Tho Village while Tho music of Tho festivities Camo louder and louder to their ears m the evening air. The end the Wisdom Fito Day what strikes will do. The politician lacks initiative. Removes Only when compelled. This great nation of ours owes its Power and has made its Progress through the scientist the thinker and the Busi Ness Man. And it is to these men we look for a and a plan of salvation. Much has been said about change a that we Are to have a new world. If we Are to have a new world we must scrap the old. And it is right Here opposing forces concentrate and Audi. What shall we1 retain a anything or nothing of the old system ? the bolshevik its says scrap it All labor says save Trade unionism the landlord says save rents the fat men cry make capital King the red acorns the intellectual and the thinker and busies himself to make one great the miners strike and disrupt National activity. The extor Toner and profiteer selfishly pursue his individual Bents. The Boss and Tho worker pull in opposite directions. Instead of healthy functioning the National mechanism is dislocated and out of alignment. And in order that it May function properly its motive Power must be unselfishness and its lubricant Honor and morality. It will require the combined thought and work of the world s Best men to work out a practical utilitarian sys tem which shall fully cover the needs of Mankind. There will have to be a plan of re adjustment whereby the changes May be wrought with the least inconvenience and disturbance to governmental social and Industrial activities. A Bas the. Torch and the demagogue the Campaign must be an educational one. With William Marion Reedy i agree when he save speaking of democracy it n i it the Hope of every one that in will come peacefully and not by . It will not be won by strikes. But the strikes will educate our brains to the Point Whereat we can Jee to at partnership production and not merely a prolonged armed truce is the v a to increase production and improve distribution and admit All to a a Haie in that happier life the workers de Mand As a sweeter fruit of heir toil. This will be some Day though we shall have to scrap Trade unionism to bring it about a Bert Hubbard in roycroft Pasiec and itched. Hair fell out in handfuls. My trouble started in the Scalp and took the form of lumps of Dandruff a becoming inflamed on the Crown of the head. It caused Little red pimples to come around the forehead. The pimples appeared in blotches and itched. My hair fell. Out in handfuls. Then seeing Cuti Cura soap and ointment advertised i sent for a free Sample. I bought More and in three months i was healed signed mrs. H. Lacoste 132 Union st., Erskine Ville Sydney. Cuti Cura soap daily and Cuti Cura ointment now and then As needed prevent pimples. For Sample each address r. Towns & co. Sydney n. S. A sold everywhere. 33? soap shaves without Mug. The Pacific Cable Board. Cables owned by creat Britain Canada Australia & new zealand. A i is. A from Australasia to United kingdom 3/ per word Ordin Ary 1/6 deferred. Canada and u.s.a., from 2/4 Ordinary 1/2 defer red. Fiji 8d. Between Australia and now zealand 4jd per word. Week end to United kingdom 20 words for 5/-, and to Canada 29 words for 1 1/8, Are Brinn Lri j i ? Init a Ninfi Limhi 11 or car ill Al k v substantial reductions in All lines at mks. Peacoe a. Very Large Stock of top Coats golfers Beautiful evening frocks. Of new South Wales head of Fence 11 Moore st., Sydney comm Idun in r. A. Warden president. W. H. O Wood h. D. Hall. Deposits deposits of one shilling and upwards received. Interest paid at so per cent on every a up to �500. Withdrawals payable at any Branch or Agency. Personal joint and Trust accounts opened. Advances advances made to Farmers and settlers on Freehold c.ps., cls., Homestead Grants Homestead selections settlement purchases settlement leases and certain other tenures. Repayable by half yearly instalments in 31 years. Write for Oxilon Story leaflet giving full particular. Local Branch Corner William and Russell Subj its. A a a first prize of �5 and \ a Fol Tif g 347 other Cash prizes Are Nam 0 being offered by the proprietors of sep is of a m / aunt Mary s % is i f baking powder \ % to those collecting the greatest numbers Elk j0 % $�0x$ Kilt lids before 30th october 1920. ? of $ a a 3% get a Handbill from your grocer. ? iils Iris a if. Aunt Mary s is strongest purest Best. In o gjjrg9 via if goes farther and gives better results being a to of Jim g to made from the finest Cream of tartar. A rms i h. A. Barraclough limited j i vice regal opticians of. G i 385 George Street Sydney will visit this town at regular intervals As advertised. J the Prince s experiences. The Prince though no doubt sadly bored with ceremony several times every Day sees the lighter and Gayer Side of life sometimes in Hig varied surroundings. He s great on danc.es., for that s where he seems to get the most real social May say he s a bit of a flirt without in any Way wishing to be Dis Loyal to the democratic future King. But How could he help being affected a Little. Bit that Way the girls All want his smiles and embraces if even Only in a ballroom and he would not doubt require at least one private Secretary to keep count of the mumber of glad eyes cast at him in a single Day. And after All he s Only a Young Man susceptible As most Young men Are to feminine Beauty and attraction. But the Prince seems just As much at Home in these Little episodes As he is in the big ceremonies attached to his High official position. He has. His fancies too like other Young men and knows How to Dodge the bores and enjoy himself with the most charming. In Canada he danced with a widow of 24, who with a. Pal try Little legacy of 80 million pounds is classed as1 one of the three wealth Iest women in the world. Her yacht put into Melbourne while he was there last week and she soon was talked of As the lady of the White i yacht a funny Story is also told to explain Why the music at a dance the Prince attended in Canada was played in a most extraordinary Way. It seemed the Prince had had an under standing with the orchestra Leader. When he struck a Lemon for a partner he frowned and the music was Cut Short without anyone know ing Why. But if he struck a peach he just winked and the orchestra pro longed the dance As Long As possible. A Exchange. ?. A race for life. A Man s life was hanging1 in the balance when Robinson Bros. Graf ton received a Telephone Call from Bellingen about 80 Miles away the other Day to Send out. A special car procure a drug that was not obtain Able nearer than Graf ton and take it to. Bellingen without delay. The drug was procured Graf ton. Steam ferry waited and once across the car was soon speeding on. Traffic stood aside on the Road and it was Given a Clear run. Another ferry had to be him la i Tunilo Lucca Iwuc mucin Ini. I a --j-.t. Veo a a a Vul p. Had Anna Ronthi a ? fit a. Skeleton identified cordial maker s lonely death. Visiting Mother s crave. Sydney. Wednesday. The Skeleton of. The Man found on saturday in a Gully near the soldiers settlement close to Campbelltown has been identified As that of Nathaniel Thompson of Landers Street red Fern who was Well known to the Southern suburbs. The dead Man who was about 60 years of age be came mentally affected about eight months ago through receiving news of the death of a was a cordial maker and when he wandered away from Home about seven months ago he took with him several bottles of cordial essences and these were found by the body. At the time of his disappearance the police were notified and also told that he had the bottles with him. He waa keen on fishing and his family thought that probably he had made for one of the easily accessible fishing resorts along the coast. The discovery of the body on the Southern line however gives belief to the. Theory that or. Thompson was making for Liverpool to visit his Mother s Grae and lost his Way and wandered across the soldiers settlement where he fell Over a Bank and dislocated his ankle and apparently Lay by the Creek until death Supervene. The Assumption put Forward by the police that the body was that of a tramp who had stolen the bottle of essences has been dispelled by the identification of the Skeleton by Mem Bers of or. Thompson s family who recognised the bottles and also portions of his clothing. Swallowed�20 so a remarkable transaction ? Melbourne wednesday. I am a �20 Commonwealth note Rind i want to to cashed was tie strange remark of a new so Ith Wales returned Soldier who to Contle presen Ted himself Commonwealth Treasury. In Melbourne and remark Able to Polato to was Soutor stated that while at Pleura id in Franco to swallowed a �20 Commonwealth note after memory 1 Ising th0 number a his capture by the germans Gec mod sorta in. Tho Treasury found that on August 4-, 3914, a Noto bearing Tho number Given had Boon issued and was Tho Cost sin the country Basic wage inquiry. Farmers As philanthropists Sydney. Wednesday. The Board of Trade or. Justice Edmunds chairman took further Evi Dence As to the Basic wage to be paid in Rural industries. A. K. Trethowan m.l.c., president of the Farmers and settlers association said he was largely inter ested in wheat growing. He submitted statements showing the area cultivated and the value of the wheat yield from igi6 to the last Harvest. At present he said he did not think there were 50,000 bags of wheat in sold in the state. ? ? witness said wages had not varied much during the last three years but the Cost of feeding men and horses had doubled. The Low rates received and the Low average yield had been responsible for the decrease in the area put under wheat. Small holders had continued wheat growing but those who have Large areas had gone into Stock raising. This has had a serious effect on the towns in the wheat districts for the reason that Stock raising does not employ so much labor and town property has depreciated i consequence and business people generally were. Having a. Bad time. Another reason was that the Best class of farm labourers had enlisted. They were very proud of the number which went away which was go per cent of those engaged in the Industry but this left the Farmers without the class of labor they required. The Farmers. Of this state were feed ing the Community at rates 100 per cent below those ruling in other parts of the world and therefore the Public should stand behind the far mers so As to enable them to carry on without loss. There had never been a wages Board award in Rural Indus tries yet the increases in farm labor ers pay had been greater during the last 10 Yeara than in any of the organised industries. For instance to years ago the rates of pay were a for Ordinary season a i a week and keep and for harvesting. 30s to 35s a week. At present the rates were 30s and keep a week for Ordinary sea son and from ? 1 of to j i a Day for harvesting. Sir Joseph. Carruthers said that on the Cost of living in the country he was satisfied that it was. Lower be cause rent was lower living on a less costly scale and clothing on a Ciffer ent basis. Station manager alleged wrongful Dis Missal. Claim for �1018. A dispute Between Bertie Thomas Forrest owner 0jl�vriftssrsiajl5-fir near. Baw Aboc and his late station manager Arthur Lee suitor formed inc subject of an action commenced before the chief Justice sir William Cullen and a jury. The plaintiff suitor alleged hat he had been engaged by the defendant Forrest to manage trevally station for a term of five years at a salary of �500 a year. Before tse expiration of the term he had been dismissed by the defendant a9 he declared wrongfully and without reasonable grounds. Plaintiff claimed �1018 compensation in respect of breach of agree ment. In opening the Case or. Rogeis said that at the beginning of the Latt shearing season there Vas trouble Over the rationing of the shearers. The men demanded that they should be allowed their meat at 4d a 1b, but or. Suttor wished to charge them so. The men threatened that they would not Shear unless they got their meat at 4d a la and thereupon the Plain Tiff agreed to allow them the meat at that Price. When defendant heard of. This plaintiff alleged he said what do you mean by making me out a damned Scab by this he meant said or. Rogers that by allowing the shearers to have their meat at 4d he was stabbing on the other station owners. He subsequently sent plaintiff a letter of Dis Missal alleging disobedience of or Ders and incompetence evidence was entered upon. Loan boom1 another �2,000,000 Tor . Tho treasurer or. Laiing referring to a Cable from London that now South Wales has floated another �2,000,000 0i per cent loan said in regard to the flotation the Lato government at the beginning of Tho fimm Ial year now about to close decided on a programme of Public works approximating an expenditure of �7,800,000. It was proposed that that expenditure should to financed by the flotation of two Loans of �3,000,000 each during Tho year in London and the balance locally. Tho Glrst loan of �3,000,000 Inas issued last october the rate of inter est being 5j por cent and the Issue Price �98. The issu0 of a further �3,000,00j0 was promised before Hio ond of this month and i therefore presume that Tho Cable refers to this latter amount. Tho Treasury has Roco ived no notification As yet from London As to Bathurst sewerage syst err Holder of master s diploma. Certified sanitary plumber use to p l a. T ,. Cas fitted. I prepared o take orders for connect i ii. 1 to i a l i have a for a Varju st it of i m., f -. St i. Arr iut the work and Trust that my past reputation for Gix Jyh. Wll. Poffi Idie charges will be accepted for the future. Hayhurst householders should be their work to men who have b of tvsri1 re City. or every class of work Given. Write Init up or Call and leave your instructions and i will wait on you Telephone 38. and Piper streets late sol. Green commission agents. Commissions executed on All government licensed racecourses. Starting prices obtained on All weekly events in and state. Country communications receive prompt attention. No reply no business. Sufficient address g Enge Diamond Sydney. H up hese a a air Fifiel of a is cd so 8 artistic Piaros Havo been h a a inc 1@69 and have made a a h Gore for go it tips Fps Thema Elvell i h they a a ��b&�&r3aei�dl on a a most h scientific a in guaranteed h a a by Good Isa a we by suspect. A j. Close on 50,000 have been Soli i h Lff s@cox3&mendl these i nos with i the utmost Confidence and sell i 1 them �u11f g$a&2�&nte@d. 1 a Stosl off a Al is Aso Fife a a a a a be is go i we Essl Era tits to of a a Jsam a a emos Wui Toro 1 i Roar g&i-9 Plato a part is a resp is a a sow 1 a at Bri attn Hutc Atiim. Ust Aora Otavo oat m and co. Soiling agents Bathurst. 2jm\3k a Home built with of to Fojc-., Vyff a dupa bests is proof a i Sample is Limatta and All particular from the manufacturers the dur1ui e Al the House i 1 ? of Economy. 9 Anthony Hordern for Angle lamps. Not a of few from Oral a a kerosene lamps. Seng econ Orrt duty of the Aht besides tory mean. ? of Oon Venley to. And a perfectly Satis Fao i beset he Light n0 an an9 e lamp throws the Piecul up downward where a is most useful owing to their Angle of the flame. ? i 1 2 a que .p8 Are offered at Anthony Hordern wlt5� i 1 of a ii 1 a a burners each Burner consuming one quart i file ofh�ur8 there is Elther smoke odor nor i ? 6hadow wet Angle lamps and they Are easily lighted. I n0 Fleckel As Illust rate a. In i no 302 three burners it i
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