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Bathurst Times Newspaper Archives Jun 8 1912, Page 3

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Bathurst Times (Newspaper) - June 8, 1912, Bathurst, New South Wales I the Best paddocks i Hilll Vita ill a Jaq Ejima i butchers and station produce. I i 3 a Flemington. Al Selling agents Only. ? Sydney. J magnificent stores. A to ? a ? # grand prix to Gold Elliis a Gold h the highest 0m/ a�1 031 web w exhibition Ufi suits abstainers & non abstainers i i j-ii-&4�iil-y by 9. I moderates the intoxicating effects of alcoholic Mill it j3j liquors the flatulent effects of aerated drinks i a pling of a a v and acts As a corrective for drinking water. T 5l swi Doc or a c s Anc a Penza i a or exr to Wal a /0$/wmwl promotes body warmth necessary to Ward off i s ? j Mew it a colds Chi is. And try . With hot ii i \ a \ ? ? v \ a of of water quinine cordial or whisky. He a of a a substitute for alcohol a w of i 4&\m i Jyh after alcoholic excess . Restores vitality 11 a a sep Yvo i few appetite and nerve while satisfying the craving ii if my win St beneficial for ladies is if Mil of f really excellent for ladies when needing a stimulant a relieves indigestion Colic Etc. 1 \ i a subs a in a wow True 2est be prevents indigestion flatulence b \ v a t u n ? z. ? ,7 my and full feeling after meals. Ii \ no Oiler drink in them a i \ / to id has belter guar v j ii a tees for purity and \ the warm flavour of . Is derived from a r certain fruits highly esteemed in tropical a 3 Loo Ancess. Countries for Safe guarding health. I Iii obtainable at hotels and Stem. J Iii j for baby s Sake 1l_ of behind each tin of Robinson s ii Patent groats is the secret of a ii a Happy la Gwng child vigorous Jav Al and Strong. Jav a the children love it for a its deliciousness the mothers if for its health giving a u goodness. 1 Jfe of = Ujj \ Hobin Soh s % Gil m Al a $ Patent Josp i 1 31 Sabs wats a psf m is jul ask left positive he jail i a l inf i indigestion Hsia Oppl. V a i a i plus dyspepsia h a a purely la i \3 0 a Jim rheumatism a la vegetable wf%8�v40-fym8�g8 Nurt Del y and blood purifier. Fits Over uri6 Agio. Or the cafe remedy for ladle. Of Folb 8 @ m Fifie m is & fim Victoria markets j b pv4prii1t0r. V a a Oeorqe-St., 5ydrbt. / results. Go Pastol i naive i Lithgow Iron. The minister of Public works . Has removed the embargo or partly so which was placed by his department on the Iron made at Lithgow by messes. G. And c. Hoskins unrated. The department last week issued the following statement a now that the Uit Ngow works Are again in operation a Large Quantity of Iron and steel manufactured by g. And c. Hoskins is upon the Sydney Market and the minister lor works has had to decide whether or not in View of what has happened m connection with the government con tract he proposes to bar government contractors from using this material. After considering the matter carefully in All its aspects or. Griffith has decided that although the department can have no dealings with the firm in question it would not be just to penal ise messes. Hoskins by prohibiting the use of the firm s material by govern ment contractors. Lie has therefore authorised its use subject to the pro Viso that All Iron and steel manufactured at Lithgow shall be subjected to the most stringent tests to ensure its being in accordance with the latest Standard requirements arranged by the Iron and steel conference. In this connection it might be mentioned that the government has lately brought from great Britain or. B. J. Smart a Quali fied testing expert who is now in charge of the testing office at Lithgow and the minister has expressed the opinion that with the appliances provided in that office there should be no possibility of inferior material reaching any of the government contractors Why the product of this firm should be subjected to a most stringent test i hardly understandable seeing that in accordance with specifications the Iron must be of proper Quality. If it is proposed that the Iron is to stand a test which is both unreasonable and unfair and More stringent than the tests applied to other makes it would pro Bably have been better not to have with drawn the embargo. The Iron must stand a certain test and that is All about it if it is intended to Strain a Point and endeavour to get More of the Lithgow Iron than the imported article an injustice will result. All that should be necessary under any Circum stances is to subject the Iron to the same test As other similar material and As or. Griffith himself has said that the office at Lithgow is fitted with proper appliances there should be no difficulty in finding inferior material. A mining Standard one million seven Hundred thousand pounds is to be the Cost of the new City Hall and grounds in san fran Cisco. The building of this new Hall which will be of extraordinary mag Nril canc is to be begun at once upon the site of the old Hall destroyed by the earthquake. The Hall itself will Cost , and another ,�0,00,000 is to be expended in the Purchase of land in the neighbourhood. Things to remember. If you convince yourself Tiit you arc doomed to 11 life of drug Jofery misery my want Liat or who can Hul you determine never to do this. Accustom yourself in All that you do to act and speak quietly and gently and you will see that in a Short time you will completely control that abrupt St. Francis do sales. Believe always that every other life has been More tempted More tried than your own believe that the lives higher and better than your own arc so not through More ease but More effect that the lives lower than yours Are so through less Opportunity More trial. There Are those in heaven who Bear the Martyr s Palm although their blood was never shed they have won it by to blood of the soul poured like wine the roots of quiet Homes a tie Ward sign that warfare of the. I. It which to Many a Christian Catholic Mother Only ends with life. Envy is rather a dangerous disease for sometimes it develops into a secret feeling of Rancour. Why give so much homage to wealth Power influence and luxuries they arc nothing com pared with tranquil hours and a Sweet Little Home furnished with Harmony Ana Joy. Moreover envy gets you nothing but misery of which nearly everyone has a sufficient Supply. Give me the Friend who has the same love for me always. Who is ready to speak up for me in the midst of enemies and repeat what he or she con siders my Virtues As an off set to the failings that May be rehearsed one who will hold fast to Faith in my truth and Well doing in spite of defamation. Such friends May be scarce but when found Are priceless treasures. I be Muir and Lomeii no Torget god in their struggling inane careless Money seeking dancing Laugi Iliia weeping cursing or Fame seeking Days forget the Best thing that is in them a for human endeavours Are limited and human sympathy fails and human Joys vanish and human ills persist so forget that great comforting confidant a such people miss a wonderful peace. Nothing is More Beautiful or Christ like in the character of the Young than a kind and gentle regard for the old. They whose railing Steps Are slowly descending the sunless slope of age have but one Consolation As the years Speed by them and that is the tenderness and consideration of those on whose lives the beauties of the Mornini Are break ing. Age is a season of physical infirmity of mental retrospection or shattered dreams and earthly Alsaid ointments. No More for the old is there a Glamour in the rolling stars no More a freshness in the Spring no More a Triumph in the years. The thousand melodies of the present sound tar off to their aged ears and its charms arc blurred in the dim cd eyes whose tears fall on the Graves of old affections. Treat them gently youth and Maiden for by their Travail and their sacrifice arc be the possessors not Only of existence in the world in whose splendours be exult but also of the pro Sci Ity and happiness be thoughtlessly enjoy. Never mind if she and he be old and feeble and of Humble garb they look to you in their helpless years to Aid with gentle Courtesy their Tot terms Steps. God s Blessing will Reward you if you do. I ought to be Kinder. I ought to be Kinder always for the Light of his kindly eyes i ought to be Wiser always because he s so just and Wise and gentler in All my bearing and braver in All my daring for the patience that in him lies. I must be True As the heaven while he is As True As Day nor balance the gift with the Elveu ? for he liveth to me alway. And i must be firm and steady for my love he is that already and 1 follow him As i May. England kills and devours More than one million solid tons weight of fish every year not counting shells and she spends More than a to too too on the Purchase of it. In Olden times a Bonfire was kindled in honour of the god Thor a procession was formed and a huge log was drawn to the spot and thrown upon the fire this was the origin of our Yule log. Australians and new sealanders arc the greatest meat eaters in the world. The former cat 2621b of meat a year each and the latter 221b, while the British Only eat Iosub and americans Isab. The Cost of the Durbar to the Indian Treasury including the Cost of the Royal tour amounting to 4s,, is estimated at �560,000. The military Cost was ,�207,060, As against the Esti mate of �333,000. Two Paris policemen who attempted to arrest six men for throwing rubbish into the Seine were surprised when the six produced cards showing that they themselves were policemen. They were throwing into the River fifteen Miles of cinematograph films which had been condemned As improper for Public exhibition. A weird Diamond. Did it sink the titanic ? Hope i m s lurid career. How Many people would have gone aboard the titanic if they had known that that dazzling., chunk of ill Luck known As the Hope Diamond was being ferried across the Ocean it is the worst Gem in the world a the Bui girl of tie lewd family. It is now believed the Hope Diamond actually was aboard the ill fated ship and lived up to All the dread traditions of its name by casting the titanic to tie Bottom o i the sea. It is a truly fantastic tale but it will certainly find wide credence if by any Chance the fact ultimately established that the Hope Diamond was really aboard. Paid .�52,000 for it. Its owner was mrs. Edward is. Mclean wife of the american millionaire and Mother of the �20,000,000 Flauy. Mrs. M lean induced her husband about a year ago to buy the Hope Dia mond. He prudently contracted to pay �52,000 for it provided no misfortune happened in his family within six months after he came into its posses Sion. No sooner had they got the Dia mond than Illic a broke in the fam ily and for a time the millionaire hesitated to Complete the Purchase. But his wife urged him not to credit silly old wives tales of the curse that the Diamond is supposed to carry. The re sult was that the Purchase was completed and at a grand dinner Given at Washington to the russian ambassador mrs. M can s jewel outshone All others and was the outstanding feature of the proceeding s. Then came the news that baby m lean was seriously ill. Was the baneful Diamond at work again. Having it re set. Mrs. M lean had worn the jewel in Defiance of the fates wore it too in a costly setting composed of a magnificent circlet of pearls. Now every woman knows that even pearls Are linked with a tradition of tears. Many women Are so superstitious on this Point As to refuse to Wear engagement or dress rings containing pearls and shudder As much Over pearls As others do at a gift of opals. Anyway the setting was sufficient to emphasise rather thin weaken the legend of the unlucky Dia mond and rather than Challenge the evil potentialities of the jewel a second time so the Story goes mrs. M lean resolved to have her historic Diamond re set. For this purpose the Hope was recently sent to Amsterdam for expert handling. Rumor says that the Hope Diamond was being secretly taken Back to America in the care of a passenger on the titanic. Inquiries have so far failed to confirm this and for the pre sent it is a mystery whether the unlucky jewel was or was not really among the Many costly gems which were certainly being carried by the titanic. A series of tragedies. So far As is known the first Western owner of the Hope Diamond was the traveller Tavernier who brought the jewel from India. He sold the jewel among others to Louis Xiv. Taver Nier s son involved his father in such unfortunate speculations that he was compelled to sell his estate to pay his debts and at the age of is to Start on a fresh journey t othe East but he was attacked by fever and died. This forms tragedy number one in the history of the Pope Diamond. When it became part of the Crown jewels Madame do Monte Span was in monopoly of the King s affections and he yielded to her request to Wear the famous Blue Dia mond. But by a curious coincidence her influence Over the King declined from about this time and Madame de Maintenon took her place. Nicholas Fouquet superintendent general Des finances borrowed the Diamond from Louis Xiv. For one of those costly fetes which he gave and which appear to have roused the jealousy of the King. He kept it for some time he fell into disgrace was imprisoned and subsequently died of apoplexy. The Diamond Lay for a Long series of years during the Regency with the other French Crown jewels until Marie Antoinette became Queen of France. She heard of its extraordinary Beauty and by the com Mand of Louis Xvi. It was Given to her. She wore it we Are told about her Throat at a great Ball at the Tuil erics. Princess de Ramballe her bosom Friend occasionally borrowed and wore the Blue Diamond. Queen Mare Antoin Ette was beheaded and the Princess de Lam balls was done to death by a Paris mob. Owner of Diamond starved to death. For Over forty years the Diamond remained hidden from the Public View. Its actual history in that interval will pro Bably never be fully told. It is said that Wilhelm fals an Amsterdam Dia mond Cutter had been commissioned to Cut it and that it was stolen from him by his son a the former was ruined and the latter committed suicide. The younger fals is further said to have Given it to a Frenchman Francois Beaulieu a native of Marseilles who came to London and when in the last stage of destitution and ill health sent for Daniel Eliason a London dealer and offered it for5 Sale. Eliason paid the Price asked and took the Dimond the next Day Beaulicu died of starvation. There can however be no doubt about the fact that the Diamond was purchased from Eliason about the year 1830 for �18,000, by the late Henry Thomas Hope of dec Dene. The Stone was considered by Good judges to be Worth a great Deal More. The Diamond Doe not appear to have exercised any evil influence on or. Hope who occasionally Lent it to great Public exhibitions. The deep Dene estate with its pictures and works of Art became with the Diamond the entailed property of or. Hope s grandson lord Henry Francis Hope who in 180,4 married the actress miss Yohe whom he divorced in kj02. Lord Francis Hope obtained Permis Sion to sell the Diamond ant in Moi it passed of his Possession. Assassinations and suicides. It was purchased by or. Weil the Well known London Diamond merchant and by Jinn sold almost at once to Simon a Rankel a jeweller of Alai Den Lane new Loik and Here its inn Euce continued for a Rankel could not Rind a purchaser and he fell into financial Cul a cuties. The following year it was sold to m. Colet a French broker Tor it is said �60,000. Owlet sold it to a russian Prince Kanit Otsui no Lent it to Lorens Ladue a Beautiful actress at the Folies Bergere and shot her from a Box the first night she wore it. The Prince proved the Diamond to be his property took Possession of it and was stabbed two Days afterwards by russian revolutionists. Mining. A a sunny Corner. With the exception of the sunny Cor Ner Silver mine mining matters arc at a standstill. At the sunny Corner mine much development work is being and and has been done. All the tunnels have been cleared and re timbered. Ore is being taken from no. 4 Tun Nel which is the Bottom level. In this Tunnel Tram lines have been Laid right up to the main Shaft. The Ore being won is of splendid Quality carrying n High percentage of Silver Copper Zinc and Lead. About 100 tons Are at the Tunnel Mouth ready for bagging. This Ore is being sent to Europe. It is hoped that before Long an extensive Plant will be erected to treat it locally. Old miners Here say the Ore is the Best yet taken from the mine and As there is a Large lode of it it should mean a prosperous future for the new company. At the big Hill att Nell and Smith Are Busy getting a crushing of Good looking Quartz which will be treated it the West Mitchell Battery. Cocaine Poison inc. Claim against a dentist. John gallery dental fraction or of Brunswick Street Fitzroy was sued in the county court for damages amount ing to �20/17, arising of his treat ment of Catherine o Bryan who sued through her next Friend her Mother. Defendant did not answer to his name. And was not represented by counsel. Plaintiff said that on february 20 she visited defendant s surgery to have some Teeth drawn. After waiting for an hour she sat in the dentist s chair and had 9 injections of. What she believed to be cocaine into her Gums be fore the Teeth were extracted. She fainted and before she left the chair she left weak and ill. She was advised not to go into the waiting room be cause she might frighten other patients. After leaving the surgery with a Friend she fainted in the Street and had to be taken Back to defendant s surgery. Next Day or. O Sullivan found her to be suffering from cocaine poisoning and loss of blood the Gums having pled All night. Judgment was entered for plaintiff for �24/17 with costs. Germany and England. Supremacy question. Germany s resolve to Challenge great Britain in naval supremacy is being placed beyond All possibility Olmis Conception. British statesmen have been very slow to Realise this purpose of policy and have allowed themselves to be be fooled by misleading Assur ances. 1 hey have shown themselves unwilling to face the danger which threatens the Security of the Empire. ? unless great Britain can command the seas she is at the mercy of any foreign enemy or hostile combination which has the superiority sufficient to control the Trade Routs and prevent the influx of supplies which Are necessary to existence. It is no use meeting the Posi Tion with whining. I his problem of the future must be faced and faced in a bold and determined spirit. Great Britain cannot afford to decline the Challenge in naval construction which Germany has thrown Down. Any in crease in German naval strength must Call for corresponding Effort so that the relative proportion of vessels must be kept up. First lord of the admiralty or. Winston Churchill has Learned to Realise the importance of adequate precaution. The concentration of British naval strength in Home Waters has now beens acknowledged As a prime necessity. The importance of the assistance which the outlying do minions can furnish is also being recognised. The policy of the future As declared by or. Church ill is a True division of labor the motherland main Taining supremacy to the decisive Point while the Daug liter states guard and patrol the rest of the Empire in this Way the principle of an australian Navy originally received with coolness and sarcasm hits been decisively affirmed. A Exchange. Russia supplies great Britain with the greater proportion of her poultry and e sgt. ? k. ? /.3lnicht s horrid place. I you know what it is piles. I nearly drive you mad. I hard to Bear. I hard to get rid of. I but wait a minute. Yes you can too. I it s a Case of knowing How. I knowing How Means it Means get the right thing. ? i it Means get Doan s ointment. I Doan s ointment will do it. 1 All itching skin diseases disappear i under the soothing influence of Doun s j Fiat Matt i Here s proof of this a ? j or. William Bosworth Rankin Street no Orivs at mus Sib. In Iutmui Bina. Store Bathurst says some time ago i contracted a bad attack of piles. I started using various preparations Butto no purpose. I began to think i could i get no remedy which would give me ease. However i saw Doan s ointment advertised and got a pot at Evan s pharmacy and used it with splendid re sults. It gave me immediate ease. I keep it by me always As i find it immediately relieves the insufferable irritation. Or. Bosworth Mak is a second state ment As follows a i have the same Good opinion of Doan s ointment As when i made the above statement eight years ago. No one need suffer the agony of piles when they can get Doan s ointment. There is no need for you to go on suffering with piles or any other Tor Turing skin irritation for Doan s ointment is soothing and Healing and will not injure the most delicate skin. Doan s ointment is sold by All chemists ? and storekeepers at 2/0 per pot or will be posted on receipt of Price by Foster Mcclellan co., 76 Pitt Street Sydney. But be sure you get Doan s. I Royal motor Exchange \ 23 and 25 o Connell Street Sydney. Second hand cars from 6 to 70 . Prices from �60 upwards. Magnificent Renault limousines. One of the finest in the state. Price very Low. In excellent condition. Fits Daimler Talbot Humbers Darracq. Immediate attention is Given to coun try communications. Write now for Price list and full particulars. Royal motor Exchange 23 and 25 o Connoll Street Sydney. Government savings ban of new South walks. Head office Moore St., Sydney. C. S. Gillham Manacki. Bathurst Branch Howick it. Farmers and settlers Lens from -50 to 42000. He payable by int Sementi in m yearn. �23,009 or Bud terms an Freehold. A Martli Andrt. i. And a Nocis to a i., i i Low Bates or with obit limit Tif Lri a ii it Ute. Vah part Utilis a air of Izaak fms Offin Tom. Own Latafi Tofau. To Iraa Tki b�4 i. B. Aylm. To Haw. In i. Billiards. English players visiting Australia. High opinions of Gray. Cecil a Harverson and Edward Diggle Are passengers for Mel Bourne by the . Marmora from England. The players Are to open their tour in Melbourne on. Monday afternoon. Diggle is .playing1 in better i or in now than at any time in has career. In May last year he Defeated Stevenson by 12,000 Points in a four weeks match or 7000 More than the Points conceded by Stevenson. During this game he made a magnificent break of org. Both a Harverson and Diggle spoke in the highest terms of Gray. No 7 replied Diggle. In reply to a question whether Dray s form this sea son Lical been As consistent is that shown the previous year. It was not. I think perhaps he is feeling the str non of come iliac so Manv huge Breaks. I thought he looked a trifle stale Nanct in marked upon it to his father who in formed me that George was feeling quite Well yes continued Diggle i played is against the youngster on seven differ ent occasions he conceded me a thou Sand in 0000, and Defeated me in every game but one. It was while the Young Champion was engaged in a game of is. up against a Harverson that Gray compiled his world s record break of 210,6. When reminded of the fact Lla Iverson laughed heartily at the recollection of the insignificant part he had taken in that Gam. It was the easiest Way to earn Money that 1 know of he remarked. All i had to do was to sit there and watch my opponent monopolizing i v. Table. I had my last a Bot it 4 o r 0.1 the Friday afternoon and from ? time t the finish was a spec or. I. Be old gentleman offered me his cigarette Case it is a really wonderful impetus that Gray has Given to the game at Home continued Harverson. Many had now come into the game who Hul not previously any knowledge of the pastime when Fred Lindrum returned from the old country he expressed tin opinion that in m an was the leading English player. On this being brought under the notice of Harvson he Shook his head doubtfully. N of he said there is no doubt that Inman is a very Fine player but he is not Superior to Diggle Diggle Harvson Inman and Reece have put up �5 each with a View of Pur chasing a cup for the Man who makes the most Breaks of 100 and Over during any Ollie six Wicks 01 me tub Anim .1 tour. To this amount a billiard Bill j company has added �10. I to was mentioned that possibly j rum. Who will be meeting the four play i or. Would also like to enter the com. J petition in which Case it was decided to i leave the matter open. A a cup i also being presented for the i highest break. 6

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