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Bathurst Times Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1924, Page 4

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Bathurst Times (Newspaper) - December 9, 1924, Bathurst, New South Wales The heart of Diana i. Copyright i ? by Dorothy m. A Krak. 1 author of Iris Roger Northcott s wife the spider a Webb ? Etc., Etc. B Pein Cipani characters. Hana Forrest daughter of the widow h de Lily Forrest married Early in h t Hestory to Uptain Derek Moore an explorer a lately Home from East Africa Lias h just inherited a big Fortune. Hafford Allerdyce Avill known novelist hand Dill Clantz. To had an interlude a of love with Diana. M Heddy Farquar a relative h of the for refits with n penchant for h smoothing out tangles. In love with Bella Mackenzie daughter of Michael Fly Mackenzie of c oar Lodge in the he dressier Diana s maid a a schemer he for self interest and a peace he wrecker. H Ohap Tek vhf. H continued Jand unexpectedly As lie stood look it Down other a Lump came into his croat tears tears such Asho had not bed since As a Small boy he had been hot firs to boarding school came Burn to in his eyes. How he loved Diana Harrover she had treated him. h cd her surely if Only Sho were bared to him something might to hide out of the rest of . In turned quickly away As he head he door open behind him. To court Bear anyone to see his face. H i expect it la take about in hour he doctor s Raj ing voice Camo to by. If you la go Back Down to thi1 hating room you shall hear the Resuli he soon As it s possible. Ave Are going h take her straight to the operating Boom nov. Without another glance at the still Ture on the bed Derek wont Quick by of the room. His face Ives com Hood now but he knew he could nol bust Pihis of. He caught a hurried Rpse of other nurses two White hated men carrying a Stretcher. Sovino who found his Way gain Down to tin Whiting room Sheila a my Freddy looke i h at him with anxious eyes. Then Hin to had told them Toni Little Trio to his to Tell they waited. He every Minuto seemed an eternity. The to Young people talked occasionally h whispers. Derek walked up and Down he room and stood looking out of the endow. A the time to prayed pcs namely in his heart that Diana might b�,. At last the hour went by Tor. A nuts a Twenty minutes More. Then. Most unexpectedly so it had come of hem the door opened mid a Nur. Hie in. Sho addressed herself directly of Al air line wishes to to i Fonn a 0 a to the operation has been quite a Chi us she said in quiet business i Honc. The pressure on the brain he was there As he anticipated has h4 removed and the patient s general he lion is As favourable As can be of a Hhlen instant As she turned away bulb poke. And thru suddenly Sheila a he to cry loudly hysterically och by Farquar s shoulder. He by no late that night before Sheila by arc full motored Back to Conr Hack was to stay at Morpeth As hit hot b s condition was still Little scotch doctor told him any Hync within the next twelve hours it has possible her heart might give out. by the next morning Sho Wii Hych improved. Youth and a Good Constitution were beginning to assert them selves. Almost against th0 Grain so it is emed or. Macfarline was obliged to show a Shinall amount of satisfaction. Half grudgingly too he told Dorok that he might Sec her for five minutes. But mind you no hugging or kissing or any of that sort of other. He seemed to Delight in probing people in their most Likely susceptibilities. Your wife following on a. Groat Shock to her nervous system a Well As bodily injuries has had a serious operation. Even if sir James so and so or sir John thin Gummy As no doubt you d have preferred his voice grew More sarcastic still had done it it would have been just As noxious. Land she s got to be kept quiet and. Not. Worried about anything or i la not answer the1 consequences. I know what you foolish Young husbands Are Derek did not answer. Then swiftly thai thought came to him did the doctor like All Tho rest of the world know that things were not As they should to Between him and his wife. Ava Ahe just peering at him did he in his own heart believe that he Dorek did not care if Diana lived or die-13 but he did Caro. ? the Rome Branco of that hour when to Hod not known whole or it would to life or death still seared his memory. Whatever Sho had done to loved her As much v As Ever. He had sworn then to himself that if she lived he would fight his hardest to keep her from Allerdyce to win her for himself. If she indeed did not love allo Dyco now if As Freddy had tried to convince him it was a thing of the past Over and done with then to still had a Chance. His thoughts flew on while Tho doctor was. Speaking. A few minutes later a nurse came to him to Tell him that he might go upstairs. Again he walked along the spotless White painted corridor with its cleanly smell of disinfectants mingled with the faintly Subtle odour of anaesthetics. To Day although the shutters were still half drawn the room was much lighter than Thad. Boon the morning before. Diana was lying on her Side almost in the same position her head still swathed in bandages. But her eyes Iverc wide open As the nurse in Chargo of Ippoldo sympathetically away Sho tinned them towards him. Derek her voice came faintly to Nim As if from a distance there was a look almost of Appeal in the Grey eyes looking into his. Diana to Knelt Down beside her taking her hand in his. The childish weakness of her voice the pathetic a peal in her eyes touched every string of chivalry in his nature. ? am i going to die unexpectedly the question came from her Pale lips. They won t Tell me the truth or what has happened ? but i know you will Dorok. And i d like to know going to die of course not to was thankful he could honestly re assure her. You were Protty badly knocked about in Tho Accident but you re better he is better to Day. The doctor has just told to so. Has he i just wondered her Gazo wandered a Little from his. But i m so tired. I fool As if i could sleep for Over. So i though perhaps i was dying Ond they would t Tell inc. I m so sleepy now i can hardly keep my Oyes open to to continued Hal the Xmas spirit is in the air and soon you will be at your \ i Mil s end to know what to give. Our Stock presents a wide Chi Range of fancy goods including everything from the Small Obi trinket Box to the fitted leather Case As Well As photo Chi frames soaps perfumes Bushware Etc., and j a hosts of other things that solve the problem of inexpensive c j Hal a / ? make your select Iota Early. J staff fat 04 William Street. I 8 Hsi b. A. Via Iii i Telephone 107. A Santa Clatys s depot i 1 a a ii ? a cop for supper a Juls j a Nice and hot of Ltd and then to bed of Fly i i ,11 Cal a h a j essence ? Santa Jive Coupon for jwlj4blg pres gig islam s holy City anarchy looming. Scarcity of food. Mecca the holy City of islam is in danger of being captured by Tho armies of Sultan Ibn Saud the warlike and fanatical chieftain of Nojd which is practically Tho great control arabian plateau. King Hussein of the a Djaz in whose territory Mecca is situated has abandoned Tho City and with his court ministry harem and Royal treasures has fled to Tho bed sea port of Jeddo. Mecca itself is declared to be in a most deplorable condition. Scarcity of food is beginning to be seriously Felt. Deserted by its military commander Lowa Rushdy Pasha and evacuated by most of King Hussein s troops Mecca is so abandoned that order can no lon Ger be maintained and. Anarchy is to ginning to raise its head. Wahabi ? agents a Ibn Saud s men a Aro said to have Stolon into Tho City to stir up trouble. Robbery and violence Aro increasing. The inhabitants Are naturally in a state of terror and the exodus is re ported to to beginning in Earnest. Travellers from Jeddah declare that Ibn Saud s Advance guards Are waiting on the High ground along the caravan routes from Mecca ready to descend on Tho sacred. City when the Sultan gives the word. There is no doubt that the. Sultan can March into the City whenever he likes. Iljin Saud is doubtless having pres sure applied to him by the moslem authorities not to occupy Mucci a and he May be waiting to know what inducements May be forthcoming should he Absi Triin. Warship at Jeddah. . Clematis is at Jeddah to. Protect British interests there. Both sides have been warned to Safe guard the lives and property of any British moslem subjects in the area. King Hussein a the ruler of Tho Hejaz kingdom comprising a Broad strip of territory along the Eastern coast of the red sea. Ibn Saud a capital is Riad 400 Miles further Inland than Mecca and there is no direct Road Between Only vast Rocky Hills impassable Gorges and Tony deserts. The Sultan s subjects Are mainly Wabasis one of the most extraordinary races of the varied realm of Moham med. To was their Rise to Power about a Century and a half ago which brought the turks As conquerors into Arabia. They Aro Stern unbending puritans of islam. Their Creed forbids smoking music the wearing of silk and ornaments and the use of opium. They do not1 celebrate Mohammed a birth nor admit the Prophet is an intercessor with Allah. Believes in holy War. They May not visit Tho Graves of Tho dead they do not offer prayers to the Prophet or the saints they condemn minarets tombstones the tombs of saints and places of martyrdom. The Only luxury they allows. Strangely enough perfume. Instead of praying beads they use their Knuckles. Most important of All they believe in the jihad or that a holy War against unbelievers is still a duty imposed on the faithful. When Tho great War broke out the Sultan Ibn Saud was battling against Tho turks. To was peaceful for awhile when re a living the Aritis Sud suly Dut when that was withdrawn last october to began preparing for War against his hated rivals King Hussein and that Monarch s two sons the rulers respectively of Iraq and Tran Jordania. Some months ago to raided Tho Wes Tern Frontier of Iraq but his forces wore repelled by British aeroplanes. At the Ond of Juno to organised an expedition at Jaluf or Al of North West of Hail the chief town in Tho North of Nojd and though Moro than 40 Days wore occupied in covering 300 Miles Between that place and the fron tier of Tran Jordania the Wahabi Forchi took Tho Frontier villages by sur prise slaughtered Many people and nearly reached Amman Tho capital of Tran Jordania on Tho Hejaz railway South of Damascus in Syria. Hero again the Dahabia Scro driven Back by British tanks and Aero planes. Prominent islamic., authorities Aro bringing pressure to Bear on both sides to cease the War and come to an agree ment. Edison a Labouring Man Eye on sap bucket. Or. Edison insists on regarding himself As a Labouring Man and re fuses to Knock off work Between Mon Day morning and saturday noon says the new York times thus it was a saturday afternoon before he gut away from h s Laboratory to visit the elect Cal show. Whon he arrived however he made up for lost time. A reporter who went around with him says he did t Overlook a thing. People who saw the recent photo graph of president and mrs. Coolidge or. Ford or. Firestone and or. Edi Sou and the famous sap bucket have remarked on the studious frown on or. Edison s face. The rest of the Folk in the group were laughing but or. Edison was looking t see How that sap bucket was put together. A Dran game i a England v. Australian i the match Between England and the australian i resulted in a drawn game. Scores. Australia first innings ? 52c second innings. Hendry Lbw told Cilcy ? 26 o Connor b How Ell ? 40 a. Richardson St Strudwick b Chapman ?.83 Kippax not out. ? 82 Thompson c Bryan b Chapman. 12 Taafe not out ? 10 sundries ? 4 Rye wickets for ? 257 England. First innings ? 421 the first test ? a ?. Name the Winner. Times prize Competition the Bathurst times will award two prizes of �1 is each in connection with the first test match Between England and Australia which is scheduled to commence on the Syd Ney Cricket ground on Decem Ber 19. One prize will in to the Reader mho names the winning team and How the match was won by so Many wickets or 90 Many runs or the nearest approach to Tho exact number. The other prize will to awarded to the Reader who names the batsman making Tho highest score and his score Cut this Ott. Competition Coupon no. 1 ? 0 ? Winnins team won by. ? ? runs or wickets / name and address of sender in the match or the nearest approach to it and the Bowler who gets Tho most wickets Tho number of wickets to to St no Dor th0 closest to the number. Tho competitions will cloak at noon on december 18. And the coupons copies of which Are published below must be addressed to editor Bathurst times William Street Bathurst Bathurst times employees Are excluded from the Competition. Cut this out. ? Competition Coupon no. 2 highest scorer and score ? Best Lowlor with wickets stated. Name and address of sender. . Wilhelmo Breaks silence continued from Page 1. Loil Pasha Tho egyptian revolutionist and Premier written by Anthony Tyno the Well known British author. Simon Michelt the. Founder of the National get out the vote club has written for the Issue an important article showing Tho details of Tho millions of americans who failed to cd Eris e their right of the Frau this which presents startling array of facts. Thoro arc Complete surveys of what has occurred in Tho armies and navies of Tho world in scientific development and Book reviews As Well As a review of Tho nuances of the various countries of the world this by Francis h. Sisson. Well known financier during the past thirty addition to nil this forty five diplomatic representatives of forty Nve nations of the world in collaboration with thirteen professors of history at thir Teon representative american universities Survey the salient facts of Tho history of each of those nations in Tho Otist thirty Days it in fact constitutes an authentic encyclopaedia of world history from Tho most trustworthy sources. ? ? in you observed accustom yourself to master ii ii ovo Como things of difficulty for if you of Servo Tho left hand from want of. Practice is insignificant and nut adapted to general business yet it holds the bridle bettor than the right from constant use. A Pliny a printed and published by a cry Bayliss of 97 William Street b Bathurst for Tho Bathurst times newspaper com Pany limited at thcfcjmfi00 of the company Withiam a try a Bathurst new War coming americans warned. Europe wants guiding hand. By William h. Crawford americans according to Henry mor Genth a formerly ambassador to tur key Aro at the dividing of Tho ways. What Aro issues of the. Campaign or. Morg Oritha i asked. Thero Are several chief among which Aro our foreign affairs honesty in government and a government administered in the interest of All suppose you discuss these separately. ? what about our foreign affairs Tho handling of our foreign fairs at this critical moment is of extreme importance. It occupies a Posi Tion much More important than Tho Campaign orators and writers have As signed to it. Europe is Drifting to Ward another War. I have recently returned from abroad and every Evi Dence pointed to this fact. European countries arc finding Tho greatest difficulty in readjusting them selves without a guiding hand. It is like trying to lift oneself Iby Hig own Bootstraps. They look to America for Aid and direction. They cannot under stand Why this big and successful Mem Ber of the brotherhood of nations holds aloof. They were cowed by the War they needed peace. They wore willing to make any sacrifice to secure it but like a Man weakened by a desperate sickness they depend upon a Strong Arm to Lead them until they regain their strength and they arc ready to Flop without it. The republicans in the sonata wore obdurate at the time when Thoy first should have come to the Aid of Europe. They ref used to allow America to do the duty which nature material advantage and civilisation had placed upon us. ? so dependent economically and morally was Europe Ripon us that when the promised help from America was withdrawn it lost Hope of. Making a United front against the War and each Power returned to its old idea that might makes right. With this senti ment Rife in Europe at present wit economic discontent rampant with Dis Trust existing Between Naf Eions the possibility of Europe again Drifting into War is exceedingly Strong. Object in Watt. We went into the last War for the purpose of preventing future wars by preventing any one Power becoming overlord of the world. Ava went into it most reluctantly because we thought that it was not our War. We soon found however that to Weiffe. Mistaken. There cannot any major War that is not our War ? we found thai our entire Commerce was affected and. That Tho lives of our. Citizens were sacrificed. To found that the world was headed towards chaos and that a. Would go Douai in the grins unless we put a Stop to the War by taking a hand in separating the contend ants. We found that above All the world is so interlocked by Commerce steamships airships Tele graph and wireless that no nation can exist alone. ? this statement is still True. The Republican plea that we do not want to become involved in european affairs again and. Thus have to Send our boys of Orcas is childish. We could not during the Avold War and we cannot Iii Tho future keep out of any general War. If War comes to will be in it regardless of o or efforts to keep out. The Wise course therefore for us is to try a Ivory Means in our Power to prevent its recurrence. At the present time the same pre monitory systems of War c list As those that prevailed in 1911-191 1. It will develop into a world conflate Jontion con Moro awful than the last unless the steadying hand of the a incited states directed by an Able Leader with n breadth of vision and an crib Sivo acquaintance with world conditions takes the Helm. If to arc to to under the leadership of a vapid Raipe table mediocrity who will continue trying to make us an isolated nation oblivious like Tho Ostrich when his head is Cov. Rcd of. The real danger that confronts us then to can expect nothing but to Havo our boys again Cut oversea.1 Wool Market. The australian mercantile land and finance company ltd., report for the week ended december 6s a during the week buyers have been away attending a scurries of sales in Brisbane. The Market there has. Been reported As very firm tilth All Iio und general Competition and equal to the rates ruling in this Mcintre last a of with excellent clearances. ? the news rec lived irom London Anis week has Boon very i satisfactory with regard to to pro Tiess of the present Sori Sthore values boing indeed Vor a favourable j the gixt7j series in1 this Centre Wilt to hold from 8th to 18 the december be tween which dates 72,g of Bales will be offered. There will to an excellent Sulc Eriom submitted corp prising mostly wools Tho Eastern division of new South Walas. This company s Sale in this ? series will Tefoe place on 11th in Staric when we will submit a catalogue of 9,1s1 Bales. Oar offerings will in Clute some very attractive wools. On Tho conclusion t of Tho not series on the 18th a Ceiri Bor in this Centre Tho usual Christmas j recess will Boen Herod upon and1 auctions will to resumed in Tho new year on 12th january this comp any s Salo dates in that month teeing r arranged As follows january i when i Raj will offer a eat logo of 6,1 50 Bale 3. January 26, Whon we Wil loaf f r a eat r 3-Rguo of 5,585 Vales. Our country business is increasing rapidly but we Are determined to extend it. Stil if Urther. We have therefore decide that or the next three weeks w-5 will give. ?. A kill. ?. A lady s fancy wristlet watch Complete with strap guaranteed to the purchaser of every one of our ? special gentleman s Gold filled watch guaranteed for 16 years. Only �4 Only �4 Only �4 this offer will not last Ong. Get in Early. Write to a Lance the watchman n. Lance room 6, 8th Rio or Dail Telegraph building Sydney. Barrett s Arsenical lao Oline dip our leading pastoralist Are us to it and Are highly delighted with the results. Barrett s Arsenical Lanol lne dip s Tho most economical and effective dip Ever used. At a Cost of Pound per gallon for dipping purposes it requires no stirring duing operations. E. I. Taylor & co. Local agents can Supply Yov w the 7 a consignment now on hand. For private Sale cottages and allotments in All parts of Tho town. Call for our lists before purchasing. Corner Howick and William streets phone 137. Investors and Home seekers consult ? House land and estate agents 128 William Street Bathurst who have for Sale a. Brick cottages Well situated severed �300, �400, �450. Several Superior modern Brick cottages severed �850, �900, �1100/ �1150. Some Choice farms and grazing properties. Inspection invited. Est. 1885. Phone office 182. Residence 384. is 9. ? e i for i is issus la for \ i tone fells spi Price s i a �iff3f and i i quamily is pc Economy is v a e 8 a a Foj ? ? h 1 i built to last a lifetime. J i the most popular piano in Australia. I k perfect tone Rich and full in volume. A Bost piano value at its Price. T a the severest changes of climate do not affect it. J i sold on easy terms and fully guaranteed g obtain particulars to Day write or Call for caftalofluar1 and 1 in ? priv. ? Ujj slam Jujj & co., /f7i 1 i Selling agents jr�$fr?$j2-z�s ? Fok Bathurst \lrf3stfs a jul a us Songe Nusim b f ? i constipation Tufte. 8 he s right Oil and Nasty physic Are out of Date. Lanct Tejw the present Day i effective laxative a Are delicious chocolates gentle vet Quick in remedying i the stomach disorders. Good for grown ups Tooi m by tins-lj3and3/6 Blavett Xor Mab Rune a. ? ?
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