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Bathurst Times Newspaper Archives Apr 8 1921, Page 1

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Bathurst Times (Newspaper) - April 8, 1921, Bathurst, New South Wales Up. Cego sous 1 limited ? Millers. Hid Grain Mer Lia Staio on Sale the Well known brands Federal Mills now town Diamond roller flour. National Mills Bathurst Snowdrift flour bran Pollard wheaten meal breakfast meal Etc. J ? i if f pal Bomi b ramp Tyvi i Ivy i v i 7 ? j rheumatism cured by one of the most exl Dkl ended chemists in till f Commonwealth. Everybody is talking i about it. Cures rheumatism Lum Bago sciatica backache soul and All affections of the kid Neys arising from excess of uric it also acts like a Charm on the i in bottles -5/6.All chemist6.- wholesale and retail distributor a i or. F. Blomfield 1 chemist Bathurst. I Assurance co., Ltd. Jim established 1871. To til assets exceed. £a9.mio.u��. To Elma paid exc cd. £7u,Uon, fire Accident employers liability. Personal Glass t Blic risk. Burglary. Fidelity guarantee. Prospectus May be obtained on implication to a Tremain 8ro8. been to Lor in Thurott. Y Saku Serfli a i Reid brio fsr la j Sydney Xith the firm that inn n a ask a i j and acts rightly w by its cons items. Ftp Ejbl persons to every toil e Cash puff is / of is classes of abides Tainow the go Obj i to a Ami i tallow Fie Hange ? after 40 years by old Bathurst an no. 187. So 8roa,t wag the excitement in Syd Ney ovo the Fler Trand Kinder Case that the Caxton printing. Office which so Tor a directly opposite theoc Nool of arts in pin 1 ,. ? ? Sautbi put non de in Book form the account of the Quost and trial verbatim with photographs of or. And mrs. Bertrand and j or. And mrs. Kinder. They sold like hot Cross buns on Good Friday i morning at eighteen Pence. No doubt there Are dome of the books still in i existence bus the Only account of the. Trial in my Possession a a contained in i he Lapuc newspaper which was founded by the Laic sir Home Parkes and afterwards became incorporated i with the evening news and the extracts i am giving is from the hear ing a Jhc police court. At the a a. Quest the jury be turned a verdict that the Bank clerk Kinder had commuted so icicle. At the police Couri Ujj Vitrand s assistant deposed that he during the life of Kinder taken two letters one containing a Diamond r no to mrs. Kinder which he was cautioned to deliver secretly. He had eco mrs. Kinder with her arms round Bertrand s neck in the surgery. Ber Rand he raid had told him that he a ? fond of mrs. Kinder and she was i fend of him. Bertrand told him that k ? under would commit suicide and Rubab y be found dead in his bed. J 1 to witness detailed How he and Ber 1 i find had made a Midnight excursion in a boat to the North Shore while bar land Goto Doug a one of the win Dow s of kind i s House. At another time Bertrand disguised Asi a woman went with witness to a shop where they Purcha de a of pistols. Nex. Morning Bertrand Oid Rcd him to go and buy a sheep s head and when i As got Bertrand loaded the pistols and fired Sescial times at it saying it was his object to find out in what part of the Skull a Bullet would enter easiest. The next thing witness heard was thai Kinder had shot him self. Bertrand s , a mrs. Kerr gave staggering evidence. She was on a visit from Melbourne and stayed a i ii strand i House. She said ilex spoke to me about mrs. Kinder arid said that he wished to get a divorce from his wife and1 marry mrs. Kinder. I 1 said i was very much surprised of j to r the letters he had written to me i stating How happily he lived with hip i wife. They had been married three i years. I reasoned with him and said i he ought to think of better thing s than that. He recurred to the subject five or six Days afterwards when he asked me if i had read in the papers the account of the death of or. Kinder. To referred to the Coroner s jury having returned a verdict that or. Kinder had Spiot himself. He paused for a Little and then said or. Kinder did not shoot himself i shot him i replied you must be mad to say such a thing As. That he said no., i am not mad. I Itell you i did shoot him i said of How cruel of you to do so and put my hands up to my face. He pulled my hands Down again. I was crying and he said Don t cry i Don t re pent what i have done tie said Kinder was. In his Way and Liat he would do the same thing t o any Man that was in his Way. He warned me not to Tell his wife. He said that he was jealous of or. Kinder and that he loved mrs. Kinder. He said that he put the pistol to Kinder is head and after he shot him put. A pistol in to his hand and a pipe into his Mouth he said it waa so Well planned that if it came before the Public they would not believe it. He said we planned it a3 if there were More t Han himself engaged in the affair i Hud another conversation some Timic afterwards in the dining room. Mrs. Bertrand was present but she waa asleep on the sofa. She used to sleep a great Deal and i used to think her Bleep was not natural. He used to treat his wife most cruelly and when to spoke to1 me about a divorce i said How wrong his conduct was. Be hah attempted mrs. Sci Trand t. Life two1 or three Timofi since i have been living in the House and treated her every Way that was had. He told me that he must marry mrs. Kinder and said 1 Don t want to kill Jane if 1 can gel a divorce i a Skacel him Why he did not give up the thoughts of that woman. ? he said that he could t give her up and1 i said she in Init lie h. Bad Wurtman to be cognisant of the death of her Hus Sand and she would t make you a Good Wile to in Iid that he was aware of that but he would make a second Lucretia of her. He icon after a pause leaned Over to me and whispered Kinder did Mot die by the shot we poisoned him and she Point ing to his wife on the sofa gave him t he poison.1 he said the. Poison could never be discovered and that he had enough poi6on in the House to kill half the peo ple in Sydney. He Aid it was very Likely that before i went to Brisbane that i would see his lies funeral. Bertrand attempted to murder his wife one night. He 7 been out and came Home very late. Mrs. Burtn and was very fright ened of him. On the occasion i re Fer to Bertrand and his wife a a a talking upon gome subject and she dared to argue with him. He got up excitedly saying that her time had come and she must die. Fl0 took up a life preserver and caught hold of her to strike her with it. Sho said Henry Don t kill me you promised Giitl o run. Re it. _ 1 1 a Vul us ovum 01 Nonon that you would not kill me he then raised the life preserver to strike her i Miler Force and pleaded with him for her life and then he desisted and nut the weapon Down. I Aniced him for ins mothers Sake and nil or , a a Icsis. He told to not to look at him or to speak to him. 1-1 0 said to out of the room or i la brain you and 1 went out in fear and trembling i thought he would murder his wife he shut the door after i Eft the a. 1 managed 1,0 crawl t0 the i of of the Kitchen stairs. I could not walk and i called the servant who Loam up and to whom i said of Bridget there s something dreadful happening As i 5, be the handle 01 the door was turned �,7, t ,.�?z ? to the first Landing of the stars and sat Down on the first step above i Hoard Bertrand say now Jane i want you to go to the she said what for he sad l you to we on this piece of paper thai you Aio tired of your life and hat you have poisoned yourself by ? u n Ana she. Said no shall not he said i la make von �-h0 said you May pour the Poison Down my Throat but i la not any thing i must mention that Ber Trand had previously poured me out some Brandy and water which i did nos drink. It was in the room and Bertrand raid to Hig wife drink tha up pointing to tiie Brandy and water he had poured out for me. She drank h and came upstairs to bed meeting Ine in. The. . ,mr3._j3eriid a Down in a chair she seemed very exhausted and to my astonishment Tell was at it to a minutes after she drank the Brand and water. On two other occasion he attempted her life. N after i had had the conversation with Bertrand mrs. Bertrand asked my what i was looking 60 Pale Fot. I said that 1 had been told something by Henry that i could scarcely believe. She said what did a say of you ? i said he told me that he had shot i. Kinder is that true.? she id. Ivna. Rsm Trana said you a nov that or. And mrs. Kinder and Henry and i were constantly visiting she said that Henry had often threatened to kill or. Kinder and that she had warned mrs. Kinder that Henry had often threatened to kill or. Kinder and that mrs. Kinder had told her to Tell Kinder herself. She said no if it was my husband that was Coiner to be shot 1 would Tell him m a Nunu a and 1 think you have a right to Tell him mrs. Bertrand said tha Henry was in voc with mrs. Kinder and that she was to be divorced from Kinder in consequence. She told me 1 that on the morning of Kinder s death Tiwana desired her to go Over to the North Shore and take the baby and the nurse girl. She did not Wili to go because it was raining but Bertrand said she must go and she did go. She said she noticed when by strand came to the House he was mom serious than Fie had been for some time and seemed More kind to or. Kinder. Bertrand was walking up and Down the loom very fast with his gloves on and keeping one hand. In his Porkat. Shortly afterwards Bertrand and Kinder were talking about business affairs and mrs. Kin Der and herself were standing at the window looking out when she heard the report of a pistol. She him cd round saw or. Kinder sitting in a chair and the pistol Dror Tom my hand. As she looked Bertrand put a pipe in his Mouth. He took the pipe off the table. Mrs. Kinder ran out of the room and by strand followed her with a loaded pistol threaten ing what he would do if did not i a Iii. In.0 the room and Bertrand took hold of mrs. Bertrand s aim and made her face or. Kinder lie pinched her aim t o Haid that jigs fing Cis Caily met and she had the. Mark Toi three week. He said now look at him Well. I wis h you always to be Nim before you after to was shot she they Mado her nurse and at tend on him and while Isle was doing All she could to remedy Thio mischief her husband had done. Bei strand and mrs. Kinder Ocie walking up and Down the Verandah wit i tit air arms round each other s Waist a. She said snot was 11 red Rise Sawi sonic thing Aga not the Wainscot and pick ing it up she found it. Was a1-Ull-h, flattened. Bertrand ran to Hor and taking it out of Hen hand said that is just what 1 wanted Kye put1 the Bullet in Hia Waistcoat packet. She said she was attending upon. Kinder or two or to ree Days an to seemed to get better and that Bertrand had decided that he could not let kind i live that he must be Poi honed. She i Aid that mrs. Kinder had gone to Hei husband and said. Of Henry Why were you so cruel Why did Yogi shoot yourself and that Kinder. A evid i did not shoo myself then she said that Bertrand forced her mrs. Bertrand to mix the Poi on f to be continued at the show advertising displays the advertising displays add con a adorably to inc contents of tin Pav Ilion la the main halt Pul Brooks have a Fine collection of saddlery limb a ecu Are arranged to full advantage. In Trio other Corner palings Aro present with the last word in Pii players vocations and other Mii Cal lib mmunts the Melody from which is a distinct addition to the whole proceedings. ? messes. Jolln a Nii f represented by a flue arrange ment of Liams Honey sauces Ana hip Liko in the agricultural Hall. The molars Are prominent in Uio in incl Pavilion. A stripped Huumo Viiu Jib Xian a to jct stay its Many and Van and improvements. Also aus Lillian sex a announced As a ii ofor with i australian co Slit Ilion ? a so the object of much attention. Tones Bros arc dispel tying ,. Model of Tho Lutot i or Sou farm Ami Rouchl tractor. Additional awards artisans and students work Rhost geometrical Dia Winier. Engineers any ago Eric Forrest a a fit i 1 bearings. J. Lynon. Up Colin Boc children in div 2 Riek Tonkin 1. May Collins 2 under 1� years Jack gunning 1, Hilton Budge 2. Long Long wait land for soldiers Gulong Friday. In 1.now Over twelve months Binic four returned soldiers applied Lor four blocks which constitute the Spring Redfie no. 2 estate. Atom Fri to months went by and two of the applicants became so tired of waiting that Ile yith Dren _ their., i heir places Werc soon filled by two other. When the four applicants applied for the land they waited round and lost their time but they were hopeful that a Little More than a few would see them in Possession of their holding a. Las j year was a one for in four soldiers to make Good but the Harvest had Almont been garnered be fore the department son t a Valuer up to Rop Oit on the proposal. The tune floods prevented the work being car ried out then but it was not until september 2 that the inspection Actu ally took place. The applicants Are still waiting for tie land and unless,1 they arc on their blocks very soon it looks As if they will be prevented from getting a crop in Tina year. This estate is considered to be an excellent one. Delays Are sometimes unavoidable and in the pie sent car,0 Tome time had elapsed before the Vendor and the or Par tent could agree to the Price but it is considered that the department cannot be exonerated from the change of having been unreasonably sow in bringing matters to a head. Mishap to engine l1ti-Igovv, Friday. Inc main Shaft of one of the two engine which drives the. 27m Mill at the ironworks broke. It is doubtful whether the film will 1-c Able to Pio curo a Shaft to replace the broken one and if not one will have to be cast at the works. About .20 men have been temporarily put off As a result. The Mill is being driven by one engine which considerably reduces the out put. It has been persistently rumoured in Lithgow that the firm contemplates a drastic reduction of hands on account of a reduction of orders. Or. Sid Llo skins however denies in is and states that at present he has no intention of Dif charging any men. A reliable to tie it Ide remedy for colds inf us Irav bronchitis a the treatment of a Hui. Run chills colds. Influenza and ouro throats Calls Foi Comet Lilii that will Rie Sirny disease to inns from the Throat and bronchial tubes soothe and heal into Mcd mucous membrane loosen phlegm and Lone up the a in Rii system. For this Imp us Iii nay Rounot buy a better Medicine hum that which anyone May prepare in their own Portius in a few Bromon a by adding Reenzo Regii tiered mine fat Lea ii s Esso nou 10 sweeten i water As per a supplied a big Money Sujint is to. Liis any Anc Tho curative Giro Mim if die Monifi Randi re Sonzo Init non la re Sll hot a a. T.irn-1 visitors to the show should inspect the Large and Beautiful display of jewellery and silverware a1. W. Willman & son All marked in Plain figures at Money saving prices lodd3s Signet Geidl a Beni Pori a no design of solid Gold brooch soil l Gold band 2s/0 ? is 2/ i 15/6, 20/ each i 10/6, 12/6, 17/0 to 1 1 Puki b male Soli 1 cold n Hie sunt bin la 10/-. 4s/-. .10/ nil in Ciicle beautifully hatched 5 r ? pure Din Niones Blue White dim kids Ciu hut Diamond Kin Jinq site Diamond wonder fid value rns ? �15 �12 /6 �9/17/0 �26 74-76 William st. Bathurst phone 336 cheap line High class ewes 2�� priced ewes 4l 6 and a few a tooth to a audition. Also Al. l.3yn a go. Auctioneers. Bathurst. Now is the time for you to inspect this estate and seethe grow nor peas potatoes apples artichokes pigs and running water then secure your Block for he coming plan in season. F. 1 Reid & Miller Kirkconnel sunny Corner. Australian. F xxx ase. Draught i ? lace Al p1l8ehek Mem if dinner ale in b0ttl i select Stock ale pm Stout All h0tels i resch9s ales lagers & Stout \ 1 pm reword by australians Fop australians and stand easily first. Brewery. I Redfern Sydney. I f a rail w you take no risks with ii is m / a your health or your 7/ a ? \ cooking when you use w / int Mary s baking powder. / ? ii d rect product of the grape to. ? from pure Cream of tartar it Job Wice As far Al inferior. Pop. Prcz Levi Only baking powder ? save the lids will Mraz a prize rhe Bull s cye a 1 1 and some outer ? the rain it Raineth. But despite the unfavourable weather there wore 3,000 people at the show yesterday. Urang a will surely be in Luck for it can t Well rain if fac through to their fixture. The. Side shows and the tent companies up the town suffered heavily through the continuous rain. Some at least of the tent people could nor play last night. Music lovers should make a Point of hearing the player piano recitals at the school of arts by messes w h paling and co. In the life it jul 1-e late she i Piff 1 Cople Are Apt to forget that it is Fri Day because of the upset in the week. Bathurst must forget the setback of the 1921 show and get in Early for the show of .1922. The i2.,months,w0l pass quickly so no time should be lost in. Making preparations for a big Success. The fruit growers association Are deserving of special credit for the Fine they made. Under More favourable conditions the exhibit in question would have then a glorious advertisement for the Bath urst District. What Price a Competition Between Orange and Bathurst in the fruit Sec. T on at the Orange and Bathurst shows 1922? pos Bly some of the Success or. John Miller met with at the pig Sec show is due to the fact ? that in irs parliamentary career he was brought into close touch with. Many Swine. Up to present the City has not been stirred with reports of robberies. As a matter of fact the show period has been singularly free from reports of crime. Even the Jovial drunk Hasi been noticeable because of his. Almost in Tiro Asp nip the ladies who ran the luncheon Booth for the committee at Gunda Gai show write to the Gundagai Independent to say that the paper s Story of the strike among the waitresses and the pot boiler for a i a Day was a Dud they assert that there was no strike at All. On the contrary Many gave the Cir services for fuming seeing part of the proceeds of the show were for repatriation purposes. If they had to pay �1 a Day they add they would have made no profit at All. William George Hammond was a recent visitor to Goulburn from Ney and Goulb Urix found that it could very Well have done without Lus pc rence. He caused the. A Nairn. Of in amount of extra work and Eliza an Nie Cummings at whose Boardinghouse he put up considerable loss and worry. In her bedroom mrs. Cummings had a is in Gold in a child s sox and nine �5 notes and a few ones in a card Board Box Tho whole being inept in Side a tin Hatbox. When Hammond who called him self Dan Robert left he gave her a Cheque for �5, from which she took Avo weeks Board and �3 16s. 3d i Aii i. Ine enc que afterwards turned out to be valueless. Mrs cum mings also missed the tin Hatbox which she found in Hammond s bed room with Tho it wrenched open and All the Money gone except two .�5 note., and a �1 note. £60 was tie amount missing. Hammond was caught at Mittagong within a few hours of the loss a being reported to the police and brought Back to Goulburn. A statement was produced it the police court in which accused admitted taking tie Money and going to Mittagong by car. Tho fair Cost him is and he spent a few besides �47 3t i0d was found on him when he arrested. 1 or Pas my the valueless Cheque he was sentenced to Thiro months gaol and was of mixed Foi Tual on the change of the Monck the police rated that their Ocie about 50 similar chairs against Hammond in Sydney he was a ship s Cook and Durins Tho suit had evidently wished to m not Sci Way of making a living a Dubbo citizen who has just in turned from a visit to Coon Amble Dis not ,.us that the whole of the coun try i covered i h a Dente growth of Tho be to for autumn for Many Jeab. Stock ate All in Excel Cut condition. He sa5s there is no setter Pam Tuic lands m the common wealth Uia those of the Coon Amble District
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