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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - March 29, 1904, Bathurst, New South Wales Sure a Are the debilitating effects of a warm climate and exposure to All kinds of i weather Are sure to bring on disorders. Of the blood and weaken the system. ? or. Charloa Geddon of it. Malcolm tends us his photograph and tells of a Sura Cuto for Obeso conditions. I Eor some landlord of the Royal hotel in Trio it. Margaret Aist Recti eighty a lilacs from Tho nearest Bave sold a great Deal of Ayer s ?. 8ar8aj-Arllla, it gives the most Universal satisfaction. When miners prospectors and others Ocomo run Down by Lack of arc of vegetables and fruits and from exposure to All a kinds of weather their blood become ? a Ory impure and the whole system greatly weakened but a a. T. Is if ways a inti secure i have known Iii frs. To Send Hundred Miles for it such is their laity in it t. Thuro Are Many imitation Sarsaparilla. ? .1 a Suro you get Ayers a will greatly Aid Tho action of Luv. . Thoy. Are All vegetable i old sugar cited and easy to take.? prep Redby or. J c. Ayer co., Lowell maaa., j. S. A. Sirj a Sojki wait r. Morris a Isad and Loving memory of our dear Niece May Morris who died on the 29th of March 1903. So Eoff Jestis have mercy on her soul ? j m. in Morris. Australia for australians. P tuesday margh29, 1904. Harvest festival concert. A Harvest thanksgiving concert was riven in the William Street Metho Diat Church last evening when there was a Good . A. Large and varied programme of sacred music was contributed and the venous item were relished by the audience. In the anthems the choir showed to advantage and the Cut Inductor or g Ross Thomas i had the singers Well in hand their efforts meeting with the appreciation of the Large number present. Miss Julia White or h Pascoe and or t h Massey who acted As Acom pianists rendered. A liable assistance Solo items by or w a Deveson and or j Kenny misses Ward Hammond and Trevitt and a recitation by or Hunt Ley were very Well ? received Audibe instrumental items Al of met with approval. ? the following was the programme Organ Solo chorus of Angels or h Peacoe Anthem unto thee 0 god choir Solo Armye Brave in or j Kenny piano and Organ duet Mose in Egitto miss Connery and or the Massey recitation not Ono to spare or r 0 Huntley Solo the True Shep Herd or w g Deveson violin Solo. Romanz miss Edna Dowse Solo abide with me miss a Ward on them what Are these choir Quartetti god is a spirit ? miss Taylor mrs Laws ii or e l Jones or r Thomas j Solo consider the lilies or j Kenny violin duet ? Berceuse miss Pedrotta and or mating Solo Tho Promise of life miss Grace Trevitt Organ and piano duet andante Capriccioso miss Elsie White and met h Massey Solo Sun of my soul miss Ham mond Anthem Tho lord is my Shepherd choir violin Solo tra Merei or j v Maling Solo the heavenly message bar .1 Kenny Solo Jerusalem or w g a Eveson Anthem 0 taste Rind see choir jttis6lonat we eff j . 3, o Reilly c.m., president of st. Stanislaus College left Bathurst 1 by the mail train on saturday morning for Forbes where he will conduct a week s missions he. Rev. Gentleman is a very Fine speaker and the catholics of Forbes ? will Hava a intellect or treat in hearing his ssi Hions. A ? weather forecast ? ?. The5 forecast issued fro the Observatory is As follows moderate to heavy rain Burthe coast and Highlands some flood foils possible. Light rain on Western slopes. South to oat winds and still squally along the coast with rough seas. V to ? amh0- .vtt92raph. C0 f./. ? easter monday evening next Bathurst amusement lovers will receive a visit from ? Tsira Alice Hardie s american Vita graph boy said to of the most unique entertainments of its kind on the Road. The Coy. Who. to us with excellent credentials from metropolitan theatres Bas received the unanimous approval of All who have seen their performances ? sup porting the Vita graph Are several vaudeville artists of great ability principal of which Are or. Harry Langdon comedian. Miss Lita Bradford Claude Elliott baritone i miss Agnes Hammond and others. Popu Lar prices will by charged. The Box plan is at blades., ,. The Federal capital visit of members. A to the Bathurst site. The party of members of the Federal parliament whose object is to inspect to edited for the Federal capital arrived i Butth Urilt yesterday by the. Second dive r 6sof, the mail train from Sydney. I r visitors included sir William Lyn Exminster for customs or. Liddell messes. A Sydney Smith a c. Watson w. Johnson w. Webster a Lonsdale Jee g. W. Fuller t. Brown a. B. . J. Gibbs Pic messes j Hutchinson a. L Batchelor. A. Poynton a senator give no and messes a Fuslier and cd Mew Donald a. Mahon Cie Fraser and w Carpenter . The Moin Bers remained in their cars at the station until about 6 a.m., Ati which Lime they Vreine. Dub to Start for the inspection of the mount pleasant or no 2 site. The local Federal capital Sites committee was represented by s Tho mayor Alderman a. E. Ennis drs Schattie and Hurst and or cd e. Toovey the party were driven in messes Donnelly Bros cd ashes to it pleas anti via. The Orange Road., from the Monument Hill a magnificent View of the territory was obtained. The visitors returned to the City by Way of Esrom and breakfasted at the Ixo Yal Hote j and left for Lyndhurst at 9,30 some of the members found time to pay a ha3ty visit to the tech Nical College. The Hon John Meag her , Mac. E. Toovey. And or g. S. White accompanied the visitors on their trip to Lyndhurst. 1. At Lyndhurst. Carcoar monday. The Federal parliamentary party arrive Dat Carcoar at 11.30,., . For the purpose of inspecting the.pr6pbsed ? Federal capital site at. L Ynch Urs. A special train a charge of or. G. A Roberts District superintendent of railways Orange and inspector fair Hall Sydney was run for the convenience of the party from Bathurst to j Lyndhurst. Or. Lindon Biddulph promoter of the Lyndhurst. Federal ? capital site and the Rev. A m Currao f.g.s., joined the party at ? Carcoar the Hon. John Meagher i , or. C. Toovey and mr.1 Gloster White All from Bathurst also accompanied the party. Maud Rama was ? reached of.11 45 a.m., and members detained at that station Jure a Large number of vehicles were awaiting them. A drive a past Sydenham to Rockville along the Neville Road was. First negotiated and j a return made by same route to Mab drama where a Good lunch for 50 persons was provided by Host Owens of the commercial hotel. After lunch too the party was con ducted by or. Biddulph to. Sunny Ridge the re3idetice of or. John a Fagan where a grand View was obtained of the Northern part of the City site Etc. After partaking of the hospitality of the sunny Ridge a Start was made -. the property of that gent Lomax Whereon. The Best pare of the City site lies. Members were much Deligh Teil with the Beautiful and expansive views they saw and expressed great admiration for i the rolling surface contour of the site and its Park like appearance frequent remarks be if passed by members such As Tumut is not in the same Street you can get a. Cricket pitch Here Buo not. At Tuc bub Sites 1 Don c know Why Ever Tumut was included in the list ? this country can be negotiated but Tumut can to this is proper undulating suitable land and Many other a a remarks of a similar nature. It is evident from the foregoing statements that Lyndhurst has made a very favourable impression upon this party at an rate though previous parties have never had time allowed them to properly see the site in its entirety. It was a pity indeed that the party i i Nowc see the District from the ton of mount. Macquarie especially the Neville and Barry tableland a but it was suggested by or Biddulph that the train should pull up at Millthorpe to see the country from the top of Mill Thorpe Hill. This advice was acted upon. The party then proceeded to the Marangella school Hill where the final and most impressive View was obtained. Member Here remarked Why there is room for a dozen cities Here and or. Watson was. Enabled to Point out Tho weddin mountains from Here on the Boundary of his electorate. A Start was next Roade for the re turn journey along the main Southern Road and Lyndhurst. Railway station was reached at 335 pm where 1 members joined their special train awaiting them. Carcoar was reached at 4 and me Niborg took a run Down the town for a refresher and left for Orange about d pm the Hon Sydney Smith was greatly pleased with Tho result of the visit and Lis is confident that a much larger vote Wilf be cast in favor of Lyndhurst Whon the Bill is again submitted to the House. The greatest credit is due to this gentleman and also to or t Brown for their untiring efforts in organising Tho present party for inspection of the Lyndhurst site. I after to Day s visit Lyndhurst stocks have gone up 100 per sent Andi Lynd Hurst is now tipped to win in a Canter. Geological formation. Regarding the geological formation of the selected site the soil varies in color and character As it is derived from the various Beds of Rook. There consist of to pry. Diorite and silurian Echolls and plates. The War 1 i ? ? of ? ? i Russia s attempts to raise 5 a loan. J London sunday afternoon. A a it is reported that russian agents Trieff in vain Iri Frincis Germany and England to raise a loan and that there a no alternative but forced paper bombardment of port Arthur. Little damage done. London sunday afternoon a British Mei chant has been a resident of port Arthur for three years has arrived at Shanghai. He ridicules the report pc thac Tho defenders of the fortress Are in in unfavourable position. The b3inbardments,-he sup have done Little harm and supplies Are entering freely th6 fleet1 is rapidly. Making ready to command the sea. Another attempt. 5 to Block port Arthur. Japs unsuccessful. Of London sunday afternoon. The japanese again attempted to Block port Arthur with four merchant med which were sunk by shells from the Forrea. The Channel is still on blocked. ? the russian account. How the merchantmen were sunk. Russians suffer reverses. Bravery by the russians. Tonnu in Riff the russian account of the attempt to Seal port. Arthur is that six Destro yers and sixteen ships conveyed four 2000 ton merchantmen intended to be fire hips toward the Porta at 2 o clock if the morning. The guard ships and Shore batteries opened Are and the Fleet bombarded the forts. Lieutenant Krinitzky commanding the torpedo boat Silny torpedoed the Foremost merchantman in the Bow. The merchantman turned right Oyer and with two other steamers that were struck with shells from the of to stranded beside the Fairway. The four Sank near the former wreck. Seven of the Silny s seamen were killed in the fight. Lieutenant Kri Nitzki had twelve seamen wounded. The merchantmen s Crews escaped in boats. ?. A Shell damaged the Silny s engines and she stranded but was re floated. The japanese Convoy retired at four o clock but the Fleet reappeared at 5,30. The russians advanced to meet them but the japanese withdrew. Admiral Makaroff found a one Inch Hotchkiss gun aboard a merchantman which had been used against the russian torpedo boats Admiral Makar off reports that lieutenant Kedroff and Ensign Pil Lou sky Obj ded one of the steamers and the moment she stopped they Cut the electric wires and extinguished the fire intended to illuminate the Entrance to the harbour.? a floating mine waa afterwards found bearing a infernal machine. Reconnaissance by Makaroff. London sunday afternoon Admiral Makaroff reports that he left port Arthur ? on saturday with battleships cruisers and. Torpedo boats and made a reconnaissance of the adjacent islands extent of the patrol i London monday. Admiral Makaroff patrol of Satur Day extended thirty Miles to the South West of port Arthur. On sunday the japanese Drew away in two divisions in Echelon wedge shaped formation the torpedoes like feelers being ahead while the destroyers Wero on the flank. The Divi Sions showed no sign of the effects of of hard usage. Kuropatkin at Harbin. ? London sunday afternoon. General Kuropatkin has arrived at Harbin. Advance on the Yalu. B russians retire. On their entrenchments. London sunday afternoon. I a Telegram from st Petersburg states that in consequence of the and Vance of 40.000 japanese troops the russians retired upon their entrench ments on the Yalu River. The japanese Advance guards and artillery Are 40 Miles South. Ice is breaking on the Yalu. The japanese Are expected to attempt crossing the River with the assistance of their gunboats which hate already arrived. Niu Chwang under mar. Tial Law. London proclamation has been issued by Russia placing Niu Chwang under mar tial lava. Russians planting mines London monday. A neuter a message states that the russians have planted mines at the Entrance to Liao River which has now been opened. The japanese . In Force in Korea. A London. Monday. The left Wing of the japanese i is at Pakanen and the right a Advance s ing on Pangge. The Landing of a Large Force at Chin Nampho with 180 guns is completed. A russian Cruiser dam. Aged. London monday. The russian destroyer Bini st Ruck % Rock on entering Algiers ? the destroyer was extensively dam aged. The finances a reply to English critics. By the treasurer. Sydney monday. Hon. T. Wadde i speaking in regard to the Cable giving the statement of the London financial times that the new South Wales government was pandering to labor said that the statement was one of Many instances of the manner in which people on the other Side of the world were misled by extravagant statements made Here for party purposes. A comparatively Small matter a number of men in one department having retrenched or re proved to other departments was made a pretext for assertions which would indicate some great commercial crisis. When a few years since �300,000 was saved by re trenching in All the departments nothing was said about a commercial crash but when Lebs than a third of that sum was saved it was suggested and made to appear to be the result of a great financial and in Dustral crisis. ? considering the state s losses through the drought we should be thankful that matters Are As , there was Good reason for hoping t hat matters would steadly improve. Had the recent seasons been Normal instead of receiving �7,000,000 for our Wool we should have received about �16,000,000. And had it not been for the heavy expenditure of the government during the last few years matters would have been much worse and the sufferings of the people a Hundredfold greater. Funeral obsequies. Kjof the Rev. J. T main i Dobby a tynday. The funeral of the it tie v. J. T. Main Moderator of the presbyterian Assembly till lately Tor Many years administrator at Dubbo took place this morning. The remain were brought to. Dusho by the mail train j and conveyed to st. Andrew s Church whore service was held by the Rev. J. C. Mcdonald Oriange a particular Friend of the deceased for the past thirty Yeara. He was assisted by the revs j. Kinghorn of Bathur to and Sharpe of Orangie. Thence headed by the school children the cortege moved to the presbyterian portion of the cemetery where the interment took place in the presence of a Large gather ing. The revs. J. C Mcdonald arid a Kinghorn officiated at the grave do the cortege which extended More than half a mile was composed of representatives of All classes and denominations throughout the District. References to the great Worth and labors of the dec Aeed minister made at various churches Loo Llyon sunday. Forbes items. Fok bks monday. At a special meeting of the1 Muni Cipal Ico uracil on Friday night at which All the aldermen were present it was decided that applications be called for the position of Council clerk at a salary of �250 per Sannum duties to be taken up on. The 1st july. It was also resolved that or. Mckeown be Given six months Loave of absence from that Date. Applications Are also to be called for the position of Gas Engineer. The local half company of mount i rifles left by special train Thia morn ing for the easter Encampment at Richmond. The Secretary for lands has approved of the appointment of or. A. P. Wilshire As assistant rabbi in Spector to the. Forbes pastures Protection Board. Charge of perjury. J Dubbo monday. John Lynch of Hartwood Narro. Mine waa to Day committed for Triel on two charges of perjury at Narro mine in december and january last. During the first named month a 1 Bush Firo destroyed part of Lynch f wheat which was. Insured. At Tho inquest Lynch swore that be removed no wheat from Hartwood and that two Hundred bags of wheat he sold at Narromine Vas purchased by him from one hands Peak Hill and he produced a rec it for it. Tho police allege that no Money or wheat a Send Between Tho parties hence the prosecution. Verdict of suicide. Sydney monday. An inquest was held this afternoon on the body of Robert Ernest Cooke who was found dead in an office in King Street with a Bullet wound a his headband a revolver lying a Yard away a. Verdict of suicide was re turned commercial. Hom Bush sales. Messes. Pitt son and Badgery. Advised by special wire yesterday As follows sheep�?3,300 sheep were penned the Market being one shilling Tetter. Fest Wethers made to 21s 6d, Good from j8s. Medium from 16s and of prior from 14s. Best ewes brought from 16s and inferior from 13s. were very few lambs t the Market being firm. ? cattle there were 915 cattle larded the Market being about the same. Best peps of heavy Bullocks made to �12 is Good from & 10 10b medium from �9, and inferior from �7. Best pens of cows made to �9 15% Good from �8 10s, and inferior from �61 Redfern sales. Sydney monday. At the red Orri Salas to Day there moderate Supply and business was steady. Consign by s.1 Chalk r Kirkhart Lyndhurst 2264passedellis and Coy. 100198s 5d f 169passed a Davis and company 6 241 ,. 3s7d a and is. Hayes 10667. 3s 9d Ellis and Coy., Orange 31g i. 2s 2d Mcdermott 1485 pass a and oaten by3s-6d Wilson 10746passed Cruick Shank Kelso 35512s 6d Adams Dubbo 97762s 8d Matthews Eulo Mogo 933s 9d. Oats Hoad Lyndhurst 4067. Passed Martin Blayney 48i3parsed. Straw Pratley Kelso 4715passed.l.uceme�? Geo. Marks uni gee 2292s 9d. Bathurst sales. At the corporation Sale Yards yesterday j the following business was transacted a cattle 52 head of cattle were carded 1 and 42 sold. Prices were slightly in and Vance of last week s rates. Best Bullocks brought from .�8 1 is o �9 13s medium �8 inferior �7 5s. Store cows �4 7s to & 5 17s heifers �2 16s to �3 18s calves. £2. Sheep 305 sheep were carded and 275 sold. Store Wethers brought 14s 10d. There were no fat sheep sold. Clements and Mccarthy report having said yesterday a consignment of 30 Bullocks from Bourke to �9 13s, averaging �8 10s lid. A a. Foakes and co., report having sold of account of h. Bolton esq., his grazing estate known As Offley near Rydal con Taining 11260 acres of Freehold and secured land. And improvements Stock and Plant at a very satisfactory Price for Cash. Or. J. To Burgoyne of Sydney being the Pur Chaser. ? Elijah keeping quiet. A remarkable cablegram. Adelaide monday. All the meetings arranged for yester Day by or. Dowie were abandoned but the customary afternoon service of Zion followers was held in the Federal Hall and was largely Atten ded. Or. Dowie and his staff were not present. So far As Cau be ascertained or. Dowie left the York hotel which had been Hia Headquarters in the City on of Friday evening. For mount lofty arid has not been seen since in Adelaide. When communicated with by Tele phone this evening or. Dowie replied that he had no statements to make. He will probably remain with his friends at mount lefty until april 7, where he will take his departure with Hia staff in the . Mongolia for India. A cablegram from or. Dowie. Has been published in the new York Sun of february 18 reporting that he is being listened to by throngs of people in Australia and declaring that Hia meetings Hove been attended with great Success. The Cable is As follows ? enthusiastic receptions at auck land and Sydney. Ten thousand in at Tendance to Day at City Hall and Sydney deeply stirred. Austral a awake every where. A glory to god alone. Overseer Jane Dowie is Well. 1 am informed that she addressed crowded intelligent audiences at Ade Laide in City Hall this afternoon Many Are going to Zion City from Australia this year see Zacharias x. Love to air Zion. Or Jim for us a Dowie 1 health of sir John see. Another trip to new zealand. Sydney monday. The Shock Coria sequent upon lady see s death and the Strain and excite ment of the obsequies ha8 greatly militated against sir John see s re covery. On medical advice the pre Mier proceeds to new zealand again and leaves on monday by the Sierra probably being accompanied by. Miss see and his second son or. H. See. J it is Likely that sir John will be away j for a month or six weeks. ? i the Cabinet meets to Morrow when arrangements for carrying on the government in the absence of sir John see will be completed it is probable that or. Wise will continue As acting Premier and that or. Perry will administer the colonial Secretary s department. In the event of sir John not improving in health a very considerable probability he will on return retire from ministerial life. Wreck of the lady mus grave. All hands saved. Bal Ina monday shortly after 6 o clock yesterday morning the Steamer lady Musgrave if Brisbane Becam a a total wreck on the outer bar. As a result of the chef officer s i efforts the passengers we re safely got on the breakwater in u Basket. There were in Ell 15 or 20 passengers and Crew All of whom were saved by this Means. -. The vessel is Outi roly submerged and is regarded As a total wreck. A. Considerable Quantity of cargo has been washed on the Beach. All the per Sonal Efi Kotb of the passengers and Crew were lost. The next state Premier. I Crick or Wise members assemble every Day at parliament House some to attend caucus meetings others to write letters and others again to gossip on the political situation and the prospects of the coming election maps of the new electorates Are in every room the divisions Are criticised and the chances of Tom Dick and und Harry discussed. The fairness of the commiss mrs is generally a Knowledg a but All the old political conditions Are completely up set particularly in the country. Imagine 2� electorates wiped out 1 the electorates of Polar goal friends Aro commune i in Many instances and it is a Case of brother sat brother. ? on the. Government aide there is another question Chat is causing the deepest concern and that is tie prob Able retirement of sir John see. The Premier his followers Siy is one of the Whites in who Ever put on a coat but in put too Greit a Strain upon Rii iture and nature eau not be mastered. Hia health has Given Way and con to Ruance in party warfare is regarded As qui e out of the question. Besides he has got All most men desire his political ambitious 1 have been fully gratified. He has been in years on a at Etc a Haa held the re Nier ship three y irs has been knighted and is very wealthy. What Man could ask f i Morel As far As Public duty goes he is entitled to a rest. In politics there is no occasion for martyrdom. If Aman does not like office there is nothing easier for him than to give it up. If he does not like politics he can retire from parliament. Of course sir John owes a certain allegiance to his party and members have no doubt that he will not be found wanting in that respect. If they think it desirable that he should hold office for a few months longer no doubt he will if his health permits. But who is to be his Succes or 7 that is what is worrying members. Somewhat to our amazement we find a deep distrust almost amounting to dislike for or Wise in quarters where we looked for Confidence. We imagined for instance that the members of the party would Hail him As sir John s Suo Cossor if Only because of his i reputation for brilliancy. That he is Clever they admit. That he is an Able debater no one will deny. That he would be a picturesque head Iaac. Knowledge. But they add what is the use when you cannot Trust him when he cannot Trust himself 7 be sides they urge he has no seat in Tho House. We pointed oat that it was not lib y i parliament would meet again that they admitted. V we urged that Wie Nat like others could take Bis Chance st tic elections but they Bel Avo he has to Chance. We asked if be could not get in for sir John s a at Brit they said ? what has Macfarlane done he a Loyal party Man and see a and Macfar Isle s Seato have been thrown into one w p Crick is the Man the Pirty want. If Crick. Would Only car that is the phrase on the lips of every member to Whon we spoke one Man 8&id, i aug. Not very Friendly with Crick. I Tell you candidly i have strongly disliked him and thro a one aide of even Tow that does not Appeal to me i mean Bis domineering manner but his Good qualities Over balance Bis defects. I a Avereen men frothing under his lash in the Horise and ten minutes afterwards Iri Friendly Converse with him and wilting 1 to do anything for him. Why because his heart is alright and they believe in his absolute honesty and stright . He in unquestionably the greatest Man in the House. When the Gover. I ment Are in difficult ii who seep ? Henri through he i3 the one a j Quoin All prob Ems Are referred and who in master a situation while other Meri Are putting on their spectacles. Be Etc Way be Puta by is through it a marvellous. He can be As Sweet and c Axin g As be is. Domineering undoubtedly Crick has a big follow ing in parliament. The it to has a Bigge following than any other member no one denies. Bat in the country 7 they urge that his land aut has made Bim a Power an that Bis reputation for honesty would weigh with All classes. What members fear however is that he is indifferent that he lacks ambition and you can do nothing with a Man who has not ambition. They say he has returned from new zealand in excellent heal in but very few of the members have met him. In the event of or. Crick declining the responsibility or. Waddell is mentioned As a Likely Leader As treasurer he Bas displayed unsuspected Powers and every one respects hint. If he bad some of Crick s audacity his Leims to leadership would be readily and cordially acknowledged. Of coarse nothing will be done until a meeting of the party has been hold. Tha meeting will probably take place Eom time next week when sir John be will make known Bis intentions. By the Way sir John s Cabinet hos been unique in Thia Way they have never had a quarrel. They have stuck loyally to one another end see they say has been. The most Loyal of them All last Cabinet led a cat add dog life Byne Wab a disturbing element in the Dibbs ministry and in the Lyne mini try the re was Little panne. V but there was not one inharmonious unto in the Cabinet of sir . Culioli press using a room for betting Sruti by Mandelberg was to Day fined �50 at the Central Polico court for a sprig Arona in Castlereagh. Street for batting purposes. Latest sporting news the Turp. Latest scratchings. Sydney monday. Seaport has been scratched for the Sydney Dup and Bega for the Firat hurdle race. Parkes races r Peakes monday. One ii Owma weigh 8 Nave Deen declared for three. Principal --vent8 in with the Eister Mee ing new Morhet hand cup 6 furlongs Altyne 10.1, Tapster 8.10, Zerda 8.9, Vevee Mcgregor 7,10, ddn Uro 7.6, de voted 6,10. Intent 6 7. Town plate 1 Miles Altone 9.8, b be flame 8.10, Mej Orsi 8.9, Tapster 8.2. Lady Maude 8.0, Loredano 7.11, amalgam 7.8, Albania 7.3, Carca no 7.0, Dunure and Clarrie 6 11. A . Handicap la mib a Altone 9.6, Blue flame 8.8, t,12, Loredano 7.9, amalgam 7.6 car do 6.12, Dun ure and Clarrie 6.9 Molong races. Moisono monday. The following a re the nominations and weights allotted for the two principal events to be run on thurs Day 31st March a Larras Lake Handicap is Fui Longs a Zenta 9,7. Blue Fly me and Gold bust 9.5coleman 8.7posh and the gom 8.4osc ulant 8 2., Security 8., Bel Abula 7.9., Viscount 7.6bellona 7.5., souvenir and Clifford. 6.7. \ nand Illyan Handicap 1 mile and a Furlong a Blue flame 9.b, Clarrie 8-5, Coleman 8.4, push and the Geu a 8.1, Alloy 8., Security 7.11. Bel Abula 7.7, Indi 7.6, Viscount 7,3, Bellona 7.2, souvenir 6.7. Forbes v. Bathurst.,. Fobbs monday a match was p Ayed on saturday Between probable and pm sible team to give the selection committee an Opportunity of selecting the i Besic combination to represent Forbes in tha match with Bathurst on Good Friday. The probables in their first innings made 164. To this c. Gaggin Ori Ibri buted 44. And j j Walsh 87. S far Rand for the bowlers got 5 wickets for 37. The possibles had 3 wickets Down for 87 when stumps were drawn s Forrand 45 not out arid l Raymond 31 being to highest scores. V v the selection committee subset. Quentlyn , and. The following Tea i was picked to. Represent a in the match against Bathurst pc Gaggin f Gaggin s Farrand t w Cohen h c Delohery a Green j g a Hunt of Elliott h read c Vallance h Walker. Emergencies a Bolton and e Dickenson emergency wicket keeper f Elliott. Tortured by rheumatism for seven years. Mrs. Wood 8 Pearson Street summer Hill tells of the magic effect of in. Morse poll. People that have been great sufferers from any complaint arid after trying Many doctors and Many remedies with out receiving any Benefit when they do. Find the remedy that relieves them of years of agony Are ready to publish abroad the fact that they have been cured so that others who Buffer As they have Call take advantage of their experience and receive like Benefit. Such a one is mrs Wood of summer Hill whose cases can Best be described in her own words i am very glad to be Able to give Thia te8tim-Nial As to the Benefit i have derived from or. Mise s Indian ? Root pills. I suffered for seven years Isrom rheumatism to tried All sorts of remedies and consulted Doo Torp but with no Avail. I was persuaded to try Indian Root pills and to effect. Waa magical i Felt. Instant Relief arid o ont irined to improve until i was perfectly cured. I am indeed thankful for a had Given up All Hopo of Over being cured but i am now Able to give this Posi Ivy statement Tusit in Dian Root pills have certainly cured me and i Hopie arid Trust that this testimony May have the effect of in during people to try this wonderful Medicine for i am con Vinced that a perfect preventative against this terrible trouble you May use this state rent in any Way you think fit. I rheumatism is Cau pod by Rio acid in the blood. Or. Morse s Indian Root pills Are a perfect blood purifier driving out Urio acid Poison and All biliary poisons. They make the blood Rich and red. They Ore a positive cure for bilious Ness constipation and All disorders that arise from a disorders stomach and torpid liver. Packed in Amber bottles and so d throughout Australasia. I j Hearne s bronchitis cure is Gold by Phee Avaian cd Mist William Street Bathurst at wholesale and retail prices Large 4s cd Small 2s 6d,. Cricket. Orton Park v. All Sains. The second innings of the above match waa forfeited by All Saint the a leaving Orton Park to wino the first innings by 86 runs Orton Park compiled 181�? c. Kable 49, j. Fish 31, g. Kable 29 a ca8hmari 21, s. Cooke 22, and f. Cunningham 11, All saints made 95�? Crago 84, Browa 2-7, for the winners c. Kable got i wickets for 25, of. Cunningham 1 for 27, Hewitt 1 for 12, g Kable 3 for 12, i. Kable 1 for. 9. Crago Smith and Barton secured the wickets for the losers
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