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Bathurst National Advocate Newspaper Archives Mar 29 1904, Page 1

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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - March 29, 1904, Bathurst, New South Wales Oui knt flu Royal mail line. The Boyol mail steamships by Ongiri to t the Orient Aid Pacific companies will be Apack daa Nuder and fortnightly thereafter London Tilbury via Naples Marseilles and 1 Sib k Al tar calling also at Freemantle Tran shipping for. A Indian ports and Suez Porte b.m.8. It3b Oom Mandor Sydney Mold. Idle. I noon i 1.80 pm l-�0r nte5 d023 Miu Omar 151far 17 t Ortona 8000 b. Iff Stolier mat 23 mar 29 mar 31 1 Orizaba 0397 Rochr april. 6 april 12 april 14-. T Ophir 061-1 w apri 20 april 26 aprons . ? Morali 8291 Symont may7 may10 May 12 Orient 6631 ? May 21 May 24 May 20 Rotava -158581 h. Collins Juno 4 june 7, Juno 9 , falling at Hobart. ? Saloon to. London single �38 to �77 return �66 to �115, third class Liberal dietary scale a fll7-j �19, �21. Return tickets available two. Years. Feb Matiie w. A Saloon �1,1 and �14. Third Loftes �6i passages can be prepaid Here for passengers 8rom-England 6r any port and vice versa. Ret pin tickets rat Saloon Between. Inter state ports Are now available for re Farn by p. And 0, mess Geries a. A Lloyd or Orient Pacific steamers having room. ? ? ? managers a. Gesn & 00.5 at Delso Anderson it 00, Church a enu London ,. David Anderson be neral manager in Australia Martin place . Loo Aii agents weight co., to a 0mt Tough. ? fion t cough v Cougot there is absolutely no remedy to lozenge r. Alone give Relief. Sure in. Action and can 6e, ? delicate. 0 & to Yliz est g a s z e a Friiss g or l die a e s so a l q-ze1t&es you cannot sleep for coughing one abating s lozenge will set you right. V. They at once Check tic e cough and remove the cause. Basil cube msl��s0i? heat Ings cp0gh lozenge. The unrivalled remedy for coughs roabsenes8. And Throat Are sold everywhere in i lib by All o e s t c o ugh Crim ios to c 0 u,.& s e a q & 8lt, 0 off go Jesu re w a Ith the r Phosai Las Kahtie. Co Ltd losses paid 26,0000 Opo annual Premium income ? exceed so. .�1,500,000 the pc Nisi-0vera �10,000,003 one tenth1 London s fire insurances. The Phenix is the largest., purely fire insurance company in tac. World the pc unix policy fori �3,474 031 on which a Premium �33,821, is annually paid is the largest policy ever.i9bued by any company a Oast Bonus. 10 per off All p mums paid to them. Their rates Aro o creater than those a j other companies. Ii Liam a Farmer manager 117 Pitt Street Sydney the main Brothers local agent Bathurst. Slif flip 8 & 9p6stl office Chambers. Pitt Street. . Sydney general commission ? agents1 and & proper to agents & value toe hotel & business brokers. Loans. Negotiated Stock & share i is orb All kinds executed invited i Mem �0se s celebrated efe lotion Bole every where. ? to Sotto theol printed the a Ropret ? i tit the Lia Buist Nationiel advocate Newi. I ape pouting Uitz pubic Ahir nip in j limited by Amhi ? Terr ii by Iford. ? no inc office in company .-lb6 item Tri Bathurst 1 the e finest in the Market. I i flinch a in 26 Firrito prizes at the Royal Agrio thural show. Ift ? cd mfr -8. Corn fed and mild . i. Up and Quality Are equal to the Etnah ? it having Ooma to tie knowledge i. Codallo company limited that certain Perl .a. ? ?. Sons Are Well Ftp Ohee a under ? &0 Namo Rof Jodalla i a. Reward �20 will to Given for information which will Leaf to the Sonvi Stiop and person to Send Iii. ? a ? ouf Browd 13 on every a Onule Dowdall whoa aria 0om Pany ud., 229 s Tom Stroot ? i psf a ? very much the reused in sell incr sewing machines else Jarrate dealers would not Bro anxious to use the Naf. A Good name Means a Good rep ution and the. Singer reputation1 is on 6uporior, r ? excellence product and fair dealing for up ? wards aft years. ? a st ii Cebu i,oodf7tfteir ? a Vellers and offices everywhere g head office Western District t Street Bathurst. The most attentive agents Lor Stock Wool. Produce ? a Are ? Pitt son & a Ltd or by far the largest fat Stock Only. Ijuot-ijoee.,s mite its Iwais first wheat wheat wheat free storage. Harrison s Jones and Devlin la Sydney Are now prepared to receive the new season s wheat and to. Enable Farmers to obtain the Best sible Reed lip Effe. Car use storage for three months. We act As Selling brokers Only. T i procure highest Mai Icet rates ?. A i ? Stoi. Ivy Foi \ Thrisi Monjir Sov rend i account sales prompt i act Marcos on consignments ? Supply bags at lowest rates. A ? Palub re wheat Maize and other cer Calb held daily. I. A. A facilities for ship plug to Home and Continental markets under Liberal advances Yff j j. 1 10duh8, Ooi a i tl., a Boffl. Inonu Alffa j a8th oos8cmitw5 a. Tue famous ii cml by. Kahne s Limonc Alltis Tirie jut to largest Sale any Chi a to Medicine cd ? Australia. ? 12 be us agony stressing ? i suffocating duty cough entirely removed by five doses. No Osiier treatment. Co told liven East ? it. A a sir. A my wife Wnm for Welti yearn a sufferer from Tii Ost -liatr6iug dry co Jigli could hot bad i Nio Tod or even ciri�1 by airy Roi Nuil doctor in a Patent Midi Tita having Tien tried it i a Tuppy to a Tat a to limit the cough pain in till j Shust unil difficulty Worthin Sec. Vrej entirely removed by the i gift i Rose . Your Umi Ichita cure a i roman air you Sidio it ? a in Jiam Crockett 4 h Baker s swamp . Via drip tone a five ? Cju rep it witlk.1 or. A g re Kin by Send min i latib Boule Nur Broi Cliitis ouse i non Wor thu Lea Ruil on4erfuuwedipfl.,. Lis Zomalt Bogue cd rid no Little girls \ su0mgov fl-9 pc Rawti �6r or a r it Fri Isar biwiu�6uiit.-ri.wmaiii, you Voss it fury. T agn is -f-lcu2fnblit,u u Beth Victor jew i a child Jbv univ oaths j a sufferer from Brira cured by a Rotelli itt Rne s bronc rothls quite or. We Cut Sif a kindly fori rail my a 1 Jamau bottle Gurs As soon As to Stiblo / t i i Cauuet , Vine to a cold. ,1 had a Bottlo Fiona your before for by liitle girl Rhea Iii was Iva n to Jotun old. To had been suffering from bronchitis rom her birth and now Slie is three fear old umut has i loud a Tel uni it Anil i. It in a pm did med qut or bronchitis or colds any Tortor \r4nauyoaw to Lily i mrs Brumage. _ Violet Toro Veteria. ? prepared Only and Eold wholesale and retail by the proprietor o. Oheanio r Cheri Tatj Geelong Victoria ii Mil Bize 2 12/0 Large 4/0. Sold Medicine a endows. by Post. To any add Taa a life Jyh Owai Inabu locally. Y _ 1 v. Cd i / t. 1 j t 1 the fashions ?. A i Ahthony horde has famous Low prices. Once More we have the Honor to an ounce the completion our ? half yearly fashion portfolio and we shall be pleased to Forward 1 the Book containing ?. autumn and Winter fashions Post free to any Addi Rees ? it is often remarked that Cou Witry residents pay. Through the nose for every thing. This we take it refers Only to the members the always decreasing division who not Send their orders to Anthony Hobde in s it is the Pride and privilege Anthony Hordern and sons to be Inis position to i let their country friends share to the. Full ithe admitted i benefits Derivable from indulgence in t Anthony Hordern s famous Low prices. In Liony Marti & Sis ?1 Only uni Yewl providers Haymark Niyo ? a.,1 t. a i ii i 1i. -1 la Jaq. ,1 a Vij i i i to i t i \ h i a s Al t. J t ? i i 1 h j 1 & j 1 -01u 0 i i ? 1 a i. V i -. 7 a inti sir Tey 9 ? write j dear sirs a. To. I Hay Etmound Koko a inst agreeable effcfcive1 Purpi Sitio a fair 1 ? i. I Bui adar Jessrie f�6b,lftpbwob6s Ahab i b Abb ? i 1 1 ? ? ?. 1. A oort Astarloa Bega to inform the it d., to limit ?8s.m aim50s tribe is Vej yep leased with their pre ration Forth he a Bovani. At Heubi j from . Princess Hohenlohe Orthe Germani amb Brador b daughter the hair is the Best pressing i know it keeps the head Cool to grow Tai and is in every Way a Biness hohenlofs1 any Porson Lorwit dons this1 Coupon with1 1 l�-21onjl--»Ostafeo-l p8tnb9, i m0 ? ? a will re ivs immediately Lor trial b j a parcel a it a la Soi co is priv Pardil Iio re3uiti 12oz. Byttlo Olto or Tho half Ali i a w pal lir r which provided it is ordered within v v Yew ? i Days from. The Oato flit has offers in no Cossor Jupt Kcf fug will More Tuliau one Tottle a for the vibe to a \ a the Flauio i a v o 1 1 to lib Coupon i h we make to ? Toffer. ,.f a trial knowing that it Ort Tea a v / / Rita \ demand Waif in once used and Liis Large bottle ? ? i. Give s it is Luis. To in we find it better to Thiis ? .1 iia Syrl practically Alvo away Tnp bottle to make a Ous. I tomertbant6spendlarg6ainoant�inndv6rtibiner. ? Nayip Sarom into Whock a Hanija Thea May make Uao-.it.j orders with coup Jna to Bliok o to la a r i c o p ask o.1 1d. A 2 Dean s place so Thev ,. Orders. in hp., fit to Iii Coupon after Espiro Tion Lato. Provid Fig to ar4 then Travi coupons and to Are not the Money will be returned. This Coupon will Job Roca Vad Ai a Daan j Piaola Sydney andt6tfly-?/- Willibe Rio olred Whert postage is not nikc4s%t. ? Plao ,�70 car ? 1b, 2s 6d Anil 4 s by per bottle. All cherijsi.9 ,. ? a. I ? truth a ? ? rile i. Id Carat Zoidis thib a Alier i die Din a King those ? Enqu Uitz by. Designed Irango. . Jiaren. Be Pine. And Good. Quality. No matter what you fancy May be. We so ouro to. Had it. Lowest a Rios lil ways. Ask Hok our Catul Nguo. ? _ we Ord it free to Al. No. F3s?l,-ls-ct. Gold a Diamond and Ruby ing �31101 no. F5si8.�? Theca Bantli Rebi four l Lamondre. 18-ct.gold, �6/10/ no. 03.�? 18-Bt. Gold Kinin 3 Fine Idi Mondt jg17/10/-. S diamonds 1 Sapphire �13/10/-. ? k to. 103,-Rlng t Tiro diamonds three sapphires or rubies 18-ot-. Gold �3/10/- �4/1 0/-. £5/10/-. F Ali Diamond to �5/5/-, �6/t0b�7/lo/-. No. 07.-ls.jt. Gold an Fine Zuiani Piid Huil. -8/10/. ? ? no. It. A 18-et. Gold Ami ii Iii Diamond Cluster. Iting �30. W 111 sep Phil Centre ,. £20.no 170a.�? a adv s or ? get a Lect i void Bani ring1, by #3 no. Its a wedding him. Is Cli clip ? ones at �1/5/-, 431/10/-, &v1 a. £2. ? no. F6�9 Trio diamonds three App hire 18-ct.gold, a. 1 1 so 1 o.f6m4,�? 18-ct.gold and Fine Pearl a Luff 1 �2/7/6 no. 2�r-l8-t. Gold one Opal �2/8/-. No. Fsc10.�? three rubles or sapphires -1 to diamonds 18-ct,j is is. A diamonds �4/16/-. No ? f8822.�? i8-t sold Rani Sav 1 diamonds �3? 1 no. Ol8.-f 18-ot. Gold and Fine Diamond ? ring �6/10/-. With Sapphire Ruby or Emerald Centre ? �5/10/ ? no. F2748.�? two j Dulani Odb three �12/10/- no c�-l8-Cfc. Old and fins diamonds Stone ring �17/10/-. Villi sap lira Centre �12 1101 no. 01.�? 18-ot. Oom two Flo Diamond �21. One ? Diamond and one Sapphire �16/10/-. No. Fine Diamond Para use re Etc �27/lw with three sapphires or babies in Centre �i8/j,0a no. 015.�? Fine Diamond Aud 18-ct. Gold ring �25. No a. Is . Gold Ruby or Sapphire Centre �2/6/-. Fine Diamond �6/10? i a Bow 0.177.�? Gold keeper. 8 4, �1/1/- heavier ones at �1/5/ and t �1/101 ? a Seluria Brote Selling brokers 3 i Only Onty ? a g 7. V ofies stored p big meant qum Mem. ? i is Jim .ftnd1 prod my 8 ? fat Stock salesmen. 3 i ? ? ? 1a we i ? ? too Iii. / j car Zzz. T m to we a grows a ,. A. ? ? t it ? it ? a. R ? ? ? Iju i i ? per i ret Argenor Semmig. P ? ,5w a bal clip.1 Beiring a consolidated charge As Here Fofe includes commission Cost receiving p warehousing weighing insurance while in store v. Cataloguing a. P Tashi i gifts. Sora naerq\whh&0iai that the it idiot Tolura anything outside Liberal kit w the head 8�� the reing ,0opmetwell above rant Iona a Felici pity a iibtf9ltttv9mt0 m6f9c Al Terri Ptim by bbl l pori�1biior your Merchain Fco Tibbols ---., Sank a he Hrc Jal rate Hasile u still i. S Birn i unit just Day Niord Iti for i qbli6 to be present a neral Tulsa rec. Re Vili Tom Juniou t ? -. A arc Oiivia lib -1 Teaff Ward municipal a Cainoy psf cd Bosini the Handor to fit returning Osc sirs by ? to night. ,7 ? there is oof Likely to be-opp6sitibh4 to or. B. Up iffy for the e seat and this gentleman.8 reappearance at the. ? the blvd heal Rebii Nie Vaures again acc plague in re8p--ct vessels arriving from Brazil and i Cairns a i or Suttor commercial i Emmen Der that japanese should ? be allowed Tor study in the agricultural colleges in this state. There Are 220,000 bags wheat in the Grain shed at Darling Island. The Wool carried on the railways this year is expected to show a Short git a Lioon Olds i psf cyers. Tra Deij Brisbane and the glarondb1 and Richmond was total lost on sunday. ? Mon Taino a Fri is wept Var her at the outer bar the Richtand and she 8ettl$on Bise Ahe Cuniak beached a. I ? ? i a or o Connor the. Chiefs the him Uitti ung fit the eur and conveyed it the distressed. Steamer before shei Dis appeared. critical ton remained at i tha ?1 Gwing ert5 a could not lib Bra Tot sea arid Spray. ? the barque Cairns More which left Sydney on marohl3 for Callao with a. Cargo ?i1%ttlvnd Dpi suit by. She had Tern fic. Gal Iii and boat practically the while her sails and Ber card thou Gbo ish subsequently it Ghod Theair Pumore ,we3-wabh0d Over boards and she a Young Laai Pii a solicitor was Pobud shot a head in hib Ibro thei so a in a Street on sunday afternoon a Rei Volver was found lying close to the body. 1 8qlcide-v686 turned at the inquest. A Mari s body loaded Dot a large1 Iron bolts Wai di6v6fetiviii Darling a Rupf Este Acda a 1 direr workinoi1 th-9 �6fti6vrtiustf owing t6 the Advance 7 4 6,000 Japan est the iftiibi%etn6ii 1 their bl6ei76ot�-b y4lul -the1 Japan adyihd6 avg card and air Tillery Kre forty Niles w the southward s6r the 1 River a is is by Aldrig on he Japa Perd Are exp cd to Nia Van attempt to Toab vital two Assist&.Edf gun Sott the latter. v6 Ali is arrived 1 Admiral lmk6 iir6& reports. A Saiof left port Arthur 1 tin Salt vday with battleships cruisers and torpedo hosts. ? h e made a i he the Ign Boring islands. A British uie Chsn recently ? % Reir a Dent at. Port Arthur his avriyp3.it\ Shan Kai and ridicules Tea Eepoh thit defences of1, the fortress Oire in run Uri favourable condition. He says the Bor Abai deep i Lias Dowid very Little Bai in and Ith Fet Supply die freely entering. The Refl slir1 according to som e cant Raly making ready to regain Toroid and6fv Trio s a 7 the Rush Jui agon s Haye vainly tried to raise a 10an�?z Iii eraiic0igdr-. Many Atwil Teri gland. There a now Alt i in Tetiva but a forced paper Cir reply v ? ?. A. Jerald Lennay Dent jul Willi Tigs thet i Talt hours 9 . To . And2 till 5
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