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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Bathurst, New South Wales A u i ? riffles cabaret restaurant wednesday a a a a a Sli. Mass Mosic while you Dine. ?. Served. ?Cabaret 9 ,booking phone 321 pc goes a co. Autralia Sij Best in a nutshell news and views a he and weal ice there will be 10 races at the Bah i. St incest Iii it Kennerson Park to Morrow unsigned note poked in a ballot i Xot the Young town Hall on saturday in America they have Bob Hope in Australia to have Hob Menzies. And no b a Hope. People should not rot the idea that the Board is Jindia the Nattini. We will Sive them very Tanee to Al it but that is Al said chairman f. C. Rowlands last Wisk uhen the car Coar . Board was Ulscas Sam the matter of Relief to flood victim. Now in t this a in exc elms Over in the country party has entered into a pact with the labor party in order to Onni about the de feat of the Hollway Liberal govern ment. Yet during the recent state election Campaign country party campaigners described the labor candidates As common Dis loyalists wreckers and c mylar . ,. ? ? Orange cynic has lodged a protest to group x against a Athirst Charles tons for allegedly playing an unregistered player in a match at National Park on May 28. The protest will of a Caid by group x judiciary com Mittee at Bathurst on sunday after noon. Cyms is protesting against k. Aitken. Who allegedly played in Char Leston s team against the Orange Side. Charleston beat cyms 5-3 in the game Over which the protest has been the visit Liq British Rugby league footballers continue their growl and Gorge tactics they will leave Australia with the reputation of having Lei the most unpopular sporting body to Ever visit these shores. Further they will not be Able to secure accommodation in any hotel in Australia it is reported that at Towi Siville in one of the visiting britishers Ord i three eggs three sausages Antl la. Bacon rashers for his break a a. Wonder the chef remarked 1 Wii Lirow in a pig s head thus the political writer m the Young witness i Haven t Siven any bouquets to the Libs today but then. Not even their True glue supporters can either. It s hard to think of any thing to the credit of an opposition that can t decisively defeat a govern ment nine Yoars m office. Pm Don t . Dear Reader. Cicero has nut vacated his Fence for the Camp. I la continue to attack Wron and Praise no it like uie knights of Yore wherever i Ste Lii in. The one eyed Biassed to Nitro newspaper told the world that of Muny communists were thrown out a . Menzies Sydney town Hall meeting for disorderly conduct. It. Now transpires that one us t Host ejected was the daughter of a new South Wales senator who jumped tip to protest against the action of one in the disrupter at the meeting. Which All gives you some indication what a i a happen if the communist Bill in its present form becomes Law. The Federal government is becom ing most m us action As tiny goes by. Tin latest instance . Ward i labor was suspended for a hours for making in unparliamentary remark to . Gullett the latter had already made u i equally unparliamentary remark to Ward but was allowed to get away with it. Now if the president of the Senate adopt cd the same la ii. What a howl there would be from Ali Menzles and the party press a Man said in the Goulburn combat after his suitcase Liml been stolen Frow to railway station on Widnes a he had seen her Man it i Oane Street wearing clothes belong ing to him. The Man was Frederick William Bannard petrol pump fitter of Wattle Street Punchbowl. John Wilson France. 35. Pleaded guilty to a charge of having stolen two suit cases clothing and Carpenter s tools valued at�15, the property of ban raid he was fined�15, and failed to pay did t want time and went to gaol for 30 Days. The Lithgow Mercury is sad is Lithgow s younger set Lettier Down Tho great tradition of hospitality for which this City is renowned a 20 Vear old English migrant reached Litwinow on tuesday of lust week after n 13.000 Miles trip to n Strank a Aon set univ Liviu h l011 i v nn#1 Iee to visit the usual saturday Nln it dance to try and make some Fri Cills on twelve separate occasions he a Keri different girls to dance with him Ati l was rebuffed coldly eleven times and saw the girls get up with oth a partners. In England that is not Only bad manners but a calculated attempt to cold shoulder n member of the opposite sex particularly if the Young Man is sooner and presentable As in the present Case. Hollway s bitter speech ? ? Vic. No Confidence motion memo Lttie. The i leave the Treasury with i ii Ope dignity Ani .,.�,.r, and with no regret.-., Ungross in country party Leader a. Mcdonald who has gained office As a shameful deliberate political trick said the Premier . Holl Way in Purlin mint to in. . Hollway was speaking on a no Confidence motion presented by Mcdonald which is expected to Onni about the downfall of the Holl Way government today. The motion followed an Alliance Between the country and labor Par ties to enable . Mcdonald to form a new ministry. When debate on the no Confidence motion was resumed today. . Holl Way described it As a masterly piece of strategy planned in Canberra by . Calwell. To Embarrass . Men ifs and . Fadden the move is going to fall he said. 11 t a to is not joing to be any dredge Between the country party and tin Liberal party in the Federal Par ? tit of the Alliance Between the country and labor parties he said a Dos Randi Ted and Defeated party is now linking up with its opponents to Des Troy an anti Socin Lisl government. It wiil doubtless take office under the direction of the socialist party Mcdonald said . Hollway had Lonni inc country party at the re cent elections giving it no chive Bun fight Bank. He claimed that a country Par a government supported by labor could give Victoria stable government. The Leader of the opposition . Chin said that labor would vote to remove the government from office to the interests of the state. It was not interested in portfolios jobs he said and would get Noth ing out of the government s removal a Ber than an Assurance of stable government. There was no conditional agreement with the country party said . Cain. The Only conditions is far As labor was concerned was that it wanted certain things done attack on . Officials Geraghty hits out Sydney. Thursday an attack on some . Executives was made to Day by the inde indent member for North Sydney . J. Geraghty. He speaking at the declaration of the North Sdney poll which he won with 11,119 votes from . B. J. Hal Worsen . 8539, and . R. S. Maher , 3817. . Gerahty refused . Endorsement for the seat by the . Executive of the . . Geraghty said he realised that . Maher was at a disadvantage for no one candidate should be expected to carry top weight during the fight there was a Campaign of personal abuse against me. But for that i Don t blame . Maher he said. Some say i am going to take advantage of my position in Parlia ment. I say that a vote by Jim Ger an hey will never put labor out of Power. The movement is in the hands of Young irresponsible men who know nothing of our great movement either industrially politically. Since my election and in View of the Peculiar state of the parties in the House there has been a lot of conjecture As to my attitude. The secret six of the trades Hall Junt i who tried to drive me from Public life failed so badly that they have suggested that i will use my Posi Tion for personal pain. I say to them that i did not enter politics for personal rain to million flood losses total damage in . Sydney. Thursday. Scoki Rains this year have taken a toll of 12 lives and he f by and a nu8e Bill for dam no and lost production. Experts find it impossible in Many cases to estimate in i funds what the rain has Cost primary production and Industry but a it viral Survey shows that it must run into Many millions a probably in excess of�10,000,000. Rain had Cost tin forestry Industry�0.000,000 super feel of Timber. Flooded Claypits used in Brick and rile production. Destroyed hundreds of Miles of fencing on country properties. Caused a serious loss of Dairy pro Ciu Colon. Almost wrecked the state Road sys tem and slowed Down tilt Fly generally destroyed standing crops and ruined the chances of future tops of cereals and vegetables. Caused pounds Worth of damage to Homes and Othor build Ings in areas hit by hoods. Created shortages of materials which have slowed Down Industry generally ruined Plust a. Wali Painer. Gutter info. And to in furniture in hundreds o City Homes. Swept by the rain. in All phases of primary production and secondary Industry today Drew this picture of the after math of the Rains chief executive officer of the build ing Industry Congress . D. Stew Art Frasz said that rain had flooded Many Clay pits c i Tising the loss of millions of bricks and tiles Hava slowed Down the production of Gyp sum for plaster and had halted log hauling in the forests depriving the state of 50,000.000 super feet of Tim Ber this year. Weather had halted work on Homes in All stages but the most serious los ses were those of materials for build ers to us Secretary of the local government association and the Shires association . A. Maynerd 6ald that restoration of roads damaged by floods would inevitably run into hundreds of thousands of pounds and maybe millions he said that every Road in the state must be in need of attention. Com plete reconstruction of some parts would be unavoidable. Dairy Farmers have lost heavily be cause of Rains which prevented them getting their milk to Market and their Cream to the butter and cheese fact ories which have also lost Money. Now the milk Board is trying to organise Road lifts and divert milk by rail to Sydney but at present sup plies Are not even sufficient to ease the present milk rationing. Destruction of fodder has also caused dairymen heavy losses. Land value test Case decision reserved Sydney thursday the state full court today reserved judg ment on a test Case to decide whether the . Government can resume land for Soldier Settle ment at the 1942 valuation. The government would incur additional expenditure of hundreds of thousands of pounds if the court ruled that payment had to be made at present rates. The chief judge in ? equity. . Justice Roper referred the Caie to the pull court when two graziers in the gun Nedah District. R. A. And. J. Pye. Applied Lor a injun tic ? to restrain the state government from resuming 20,000 acres at the 1942 valuation of e6/1/0 per acre. They claimed that their land was Virth almost double the 1942 Valun Tion. New flying Saucer ? a i in ? 1000 an hour Oakland c if. Thursday. A flying Saucer on in like Thunder at Over 1000 m.ti.h., was reported Here Early. Yesterday. Three control Tower officers who Fol Lowed its course with binoculars said that a disc shaped object dived five times Over Hamilton air Force base. It no ponched Al Alti tur is a few a. 000 and s000 Leel. Shooting Blu maw Corini us Roger ? Pryor commented. ? at first i thought it. Was a falling Star. But it did t fall. It kept. To. Ing 1 head rain in North transport blocked Sydney thursday. £o1.d and unsettled weather covered most of Australia to Day and heavy ruins Are falling in Queensland and Northern new. On the far North coast of new the rain has again disrupted communications and caused further damage. The Doi-ri6o-Glenreagh railway has been blocked by a landslide. Since the week end 131 inches of rain Liau fallen it Drongo. Timber and Cane cutting Are at a standstill. Flood Waters were two Lect deep Over the Paci la Highway South of mocks Volle this evening and conditions on the Highway Are expected to grow worse. In the Hunter Valley the Hunter River is gradually falling. Sydney today had 1u first Fine Day in 13 Days. Threat to Gas supplies serious Coal shortage Sydney. Thun Day. Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide Are Short of Laslaf Conr Eoal because of the floods in . However an emergency rail link Between the mines and the loading Centre at Newcastle is bringing some Coal and tomorrow fleets of motor trucks Are expected to increase the lift. Two Colliers loaded 3,700 tons of wll at maw�n��1f� Trtanj Foht Frt rvs nov and another will pick up 500 tons to Morrow. Two interstate Colliers at new Castle Are expected to Complete Load ing at the week end. The minister for local government . Cahill tonight postponed until tomorrow the decision on whether Sydney s Nas supplies should be Cut owing to shortage Coal. Western flood position Nengan. Thursday at three o clock this note noon 45 Points of rain had been registered at Nengan. But Falls of up to an Inch have been recorded in the District. The Macquarre River at Warren showed a substantial full. On the Lachlan River at Eua Balong the flood has not reached its Peak. The height of the Elvor tonight was 22ft. 2ins. New award sought Rural workers claim Sydney. Thursday an application by the australian workers Union for a new award for Pas toral workers is being heard by Federal conciliation commissioner . J. A. Donovan. The application affects 50.000 Pas toral workers in All states except Queensland. The main claim is for a Shearer s rate of�7/10/ per 100 sheep. . W. Be de Vos for the graziers association told the commissioner that a Union offer of�5 for 100 sheep for shearers with proportionate rates for other workers has been rejected by employers . T. Doucherty . Federal Secretary said that because negotiations with employees had broken Down his Union would adhere to its original claim of�7/10/ per 100 sheep. He added that unless employers and employees reached a settlement on wages there would be chaos in the Industry the hearing of evidence will begin at 10.30 . Tomorrow. Red Dean defended Arch Kishori s statement London. Thursday the ache shop of Canterbury . Geoffrey Fisher lost nig to defended the Christian Faith of the red Dean of Canter Bury . Hewlett Johnson. Commenting on the Dean s overseas . . Fisher said that Dean John son ? despite his political views is not an Antt Chrls uan. He holds profoundly and sincerely precisely the same Christian Faith As you and i Holder Fisher who was speaking at a dinner Given by the lord mayor to ath Huhns and Bishops added you May think it Odd that i try to. Defend him ilke this. I think he is mistake he draws conclusions much of which i Dowiot accept. But i believe he is riot j in himself disloyal to his interpret j ions of the Christian Faith. ? i a a i i up Mew i tits ? iwo in i ii i a ? ? Jess a if Jalili a l/u11j Vyvy men s double breasted suits of Good \ off to try Quality double weft worsted. Expertly tailored \ Ithra special offer�7/10/0 \ i f ? m boys lumber jackets ill i ii 8 these lumber jackets Are made in a warm Strong Ijjas i Iii m Quality Tweed. A Good Range of colors. Just the f \7 ii 111 1 1 1 11 thing for the cold Days at school. Sizes 22 to 32 boys 3 Golf sox ? a pullovers ? 1 la a Wool men s High Grade Sutey pullovers in special Koth an Crew Nec 8y is excellent variety of designs. Size 36 to 44. 3 prs. 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Ilaa a a a a he ill h0 ? ? be h it m of Khz by a h h h in feb & i by she duh a my my is Sam ? v ? ? ?. He ,. B Man he hubs in a my by Jek my eve he a ? ? -. ? a v4 ?. ? of in

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