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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bathurst, New South Wales A Al a Sinfin an a a in forgot. Table Makoa it the Pii Bleo of men. On 8 woman a of . It of Claya con Tetra in Tyrl Vic Carlosa of of. ? jwp8�r$\tarythlnirln o Nowa Woy that can. To. Of a Radical and Vitur difference from Tho Ronulo thru i is country Chato Moho it Evju j unmistakable la taken to Readi not out of sympathy con a quaintly it la n big Iii a so Lio 1 my i a i a i to 0 t peav1b, Central studios .181 a St. Not by. Webb & co rms re a i the modern studio of the we8t Dull weather makes no difference Wotli our modern equipments in fact to like Dull Days Best the Light is Milch Aofter and bettor. Proofs Given with every silting no matter How Finnall Tho Ordor. W6 aim to please everybody which brings a further business. Enlargements from copies etching and colouring specialised. Open All Day 8aturday8 the Central studi08 Bathurst l. 1 l Bures funeral director 131 William Street Bathurst tel. No. 126, Day or night. The cheapest and most up to Date funeral establishment in the District. Motor and horse hearses As desired what was my 8howg�et 1 hop into the Haymarket hotel wid try a drop of Toohey s by Ecol brew and you will always Call Tot a wee drop More of the grand Una ale. Boarders taken who will receive the Bestol accommodation & attention 80/ a week this hotel a strictly under new management w. S. Hodge 5.uneral furnished. ?7 Koppel Street. Telephone 42. Day and Elgit motor bar void if db8,t,d. Tel. 361 w. A Medliott dental Sildeon . Bib Leixo nouns of i. Council clamber. A 1111 8 late aug Trilla army dental con a Winter Coats a i ? 1 Doz Only ladies heavy Tweed Over Coats 45/. Worth 65/ samples. Ladies heavy Tweed Winter capes 42/ Worth 05/-. Woollen sports Coats 24/c, 2s/g, 35/-. 42/-, 60/-. Childrens All Wool sports Coats 18/6 and 22/g. Childrens Winter bonnets All shades Worth 10/g to Clear 6/6. Good Black sateen under skirts 6/0 7/11, 9/6, to 14/6. Mons gabardine Coats 42/ to 70/ Only 6 of these Coats samples. Mons smart Mac s with military Bolt 39/6, b0/ 55/-. Boys macs 27/fl 30/ 35/ 39/6. Mens Lucette pyjamas 16/6. Worth 25/ 2 dozen Only. Boots and shoos to suit anyone at Moderato prices Martin lipi1 49 William Street. Try me printed and published by John Whitehead Percival 204 Russell Street for Tho National advocate newspaper printing and publishing company Ltd., at Thor chamber Russell Street. Bathurst. F ? new8 and notes. Ewa i heavy Frost Yos Torday morning. Not Likely to do much harm owing to Tho mild weather and showers Dur ing Tho Day. Bathurst still maintains its reputation As Tho Healthiest town in Tho West. For Tho past six months Only five Iii ild cases of infectious disease have been reported whilst during Tho past month Tho City has presented an absolutely clean health Bill. Whilst other Western towns May he healthy they cannot come up to Bath urst. At a meeting of the nationalist party it was decided to continue Tho Volley of fully conserving the Wel fare of nerf Myrv producers and countr. _ to f to .?.u, ? a Sio ? Servi a a it beat. If Jet i i. ? 3ts Inoa. A Prou Uci in rot i ail Way Ipek. to to thousands out or me Iaru Ieie Nuiji in which ministers Are involved and de Altos with Foldier settlers then Jiei National go verment Jill Yoe hard to beat. Hut whether the primary producers Delro a continuance of the policy is another matter. The nutshells Man does not imagine that the farm ers arc As anxious for such a policy As the nationalists appear to be to continue it. Here s a secret out. Our or. Hughes is not the big hit with the Prince of Wales or the people of new South Wales As he imagined lie was. Since lie changed his hat so Many times in the Hoyal procession on Fri Day or. Hughes Lias been conspicuous by his absence at Many of the unctions. To did t even go to Canberra on monday but perhaps he would have had to answer too Many awkward questions As to Why lie Lias turned his Back on the state that gave Liim so much and is now so anxious to Al Low the capital to remain in Mel Bourne. ? clean Sheet at the fall most police court yesterday. Great interest is being manifested in the Jie Bourne to Bathurst flight. Amongst those present at the fun eral of the late mrs. Fagan at Man Durania yesterday was or. M. Meagher of Bathurst. Many mushroom Hunters were out yesterday and several returned with Good samples. Tho Wellington times is rather rough on Dubbo. Here is what that paper says a Dubbo is now known As tiie club of the West because it is always clubbing and crying about something. It cannot get the refresh ment rooms nor yet the engine Sheds for Many years to come and it is doubtful if it will see the terminus of the Molong railway until such time As All the present agitators Are Long Laid aside and forgotten. It cannot get Wellington s Rich alluvial Flats nor yet its splendid water Supply. However ill years to come it might possibly get Wellington shifted off tiie map but not just yet. It is now clubbing Over the fact that the Prince is not coming its Way. Truly the club of the West 1ms sul Lucient to contend with and it has the sympathy of All other Western towns. Keep on clubbing. Dubbo. And you might possibly get his majesty King Geotge to make a special trip out to see your town an endurance Waltzing Competition was held ill a Northern town the other evening and four couples made a Doad neat of it after going Strong for live hours and live minutes. A four teen year old girl had the piano to Lier Solf during the Renit perion Baucu and therefore shared in the honors the trouble with tile people who Liuvao taking ways is that they Don t Al ways have bringing Back ways. Mrs. Mary Ann Sinclair who passed away at Coon Winble last week had reached the great age of 96 years. A serious and somewhat unusual burning Accident occurred at Hartley recently the victim being Kenneth the seven year old son of or. Dan Kelly. Or. Kelly was falling Trees when one. In coming Down brushed the lad into a lire which was burning in tiie dry bed of Tho Creek. The boy s eldest brother aged 13 saw the Accident and bravely rushed into the Haines and succeeded in bringing the unfortunate lad into safety. Both lads Wero badly Burnt but Kenneth extensively and severely. Forecasters aver there will be Sulli client wheat in the Wellington District next Harvest to fill the six big silos at the railway station. It is to be hoped Uliey Are right. So far not a Grain of wheat Lias been put into these silo at near Wellington tiie three year old son of or. And mrs. Cox went As close to being drowned As it is possible to be. The child was found floating apparently dead by his Mother in a deep dam. That was at about 2 o Elo a a. In the afternoon and it was not until nearly Midnight that respiration was restored. One Accident followed another. Whilst or. Cox was driving nurse Meurant to her Home after attending the child the horse treading on soft ground caused by the late rain i lost foothold and fell throwing the i occupants on to the Roadway. Fortunately neither was Hurt. I mrs. Bridget by Annlynn Smith an fld resident of Barry passed away f last wok at Tho Ros Donco of her Bon Honry with whom oho lived. Tho old lady who had reached Tho ago of so years was Otronto and Active until Tho last and Only took to her t of a Day prior to Hor death a wok Teoforo Sho was seized with a cold a Lilli grow Worso and finally affected Tho Hoart. Georgo Wakefield arrived in to Long and engaged bods for himself and a Man named Bell at the free Mason s hotel. Wak Flold subsequently complained of feeling unwell and was ordered to Tho Hospital where to was shaken in a motor. On arrival at Tho Hospital it was found that the Man was dead. De Eusea was a stranger to Molong but papers in ills Possession show that to was a member of Tho a.w., he was a Man of about 45 years. Orange newspapers refer to Trio action of Tho Wellington Hospital com Mittee in raising the nurses salaries and providing a Tennis court for them and asks what is Orange doing for its nurses. Wellington is betting a Good example to other towns. A Wei Lington times a Little girl named Heather Moore of Bobin Manning River was holding a cel old doll in front of lire Whon the doll burst into flames and set. Firo to the child s clothes. She was badly burned about the face but the fire was extinguished before serious injuries were inflicted. Harold Robertson 27. A returned Soldier of arc Lite was found on the Steps of her majesty s hotel in Market Street with a Bullet wound in his Chest and a revolver beside him. He was taken to the Sydney Hospital in a serious condition. When asked at Tho winding up meeting of the Bathurst Relief society if any of the Loans to poor fam Ilies had been paid tiie treasurer replied in the negative. Further questioned when t key were Likely to be repaid or. Meagher smilingly re plied to will get it when we get the electric Light the answer seemed to leave no doubt in tiie mind of tiie questioner or h. Paul. When question of a vote o thanks to the Many who had rendered assistance to the Relief committee. Into town Hall last night or. Meagher said t ii it they should Send letters of t tanks to those whose wives according Ito the Rev or. Stewart Hud attended the cases of distress its Winter not Only throughout t in last Winter not Only throughout the nights. One who had not Learned of this Bliss of married life rudely suggested that the husbands perhaps should Send letters of thanks to tiie committee. Or Meagher s suggest was not adopted. Or. Donald me Hail of Wubbo aged 46 years died at the coast Hospital. His remains were interned in the methodist cemetery at Lookwood. James the infant son of William and the late mrs. Ogilvie of Dubbo died at Tho residence of ills grand Mother at Sydney. Tiie remains were taken to Dumbo for burial. At the Melbourne police court George Bell Printer and publisher of the Melbourne Argus was lined �12-10/ with ten guineas costs Oil each of two information Laid under Section s3 of the Commonwealth arbitration a by Alexander Stewart registrar of tiie Commonwealth arbitration court. The charges were Laid in connect Ion with the publication of certain information in Tho Argus on april 10 1920, concerning or. Justice Ilig Gius As president of tiie arbitration court. Invalid soldiers Outing tribute to a Westerner. It would surely have been a re Pouch to Sydney if in Thor nightly carnivals of Brilliant Light its peo ple had forgotten the soldiers lying of their Beds at the Randwick Hospi Tal says the daily Telegraph but somebody remembered in time and last night 300 invalid fighters were taken from their dim lit Hospital and plunged for a hour into the dazzle inc Beau to of the City s illum Iua ions. The idea originated with or. P. U. E. O Halloran . For the Eastern suburbs. He mentioned it to the Preni Ien a and the result Vas that Over 60 cars were ready by c.30 yesterday. They were state cars mostly. Or. Storey made available every car that could be commissioned from the various government departments and helped considerably in the organisation arrangements. The City Council contributed its quota and the few private motorists who were approached fell in with the scheme. Had there been More time and had additional tars been available. Or. O Halloran said after the trip to had no doubt that Many private inti crisis a juju it a k their cars. As it was there was a few who had attended on Short no Tice. Kor instance or. Tom Murray a Cano Indra Grazier jumped at the Opportunity As soon As Tho idea was mentioned and was Well to the front in the procession. Kwh close you hair its a yet trople re Fth for a or Mau him Rvl a 7 la a fam Minimi Ideal weather obtains or May 8 views yesterday regarding Tho District conditions or r. G. May manager of Tho Batau Rbt experimental farm stated that Tho break ing of Tho Long drought has been Fol Lowed by Tho most favourable Sot of conditions that could Havo occurred has been mild and Tho rainfall though just sufficient for Tho time has been i so distributed thai Tho Stock and i crops Havo not Felt any severe re sults. Tinero is no doubt that had Tho drought broken with heavy Rains Stock losses in the District would Havo been considerable. So far Tho grazing conditions Havo not improved sufficiently to Obj into the necessity of continuing scrub Cut ting and hand feeding and it will be three or four weeks yet in is Opin Ion before the growth will be sufficient to dispense with these drought time operations the acreage of cultivated land being pii1. Under crop in the Bathurst District this year is quite up to if not a Little above the average. Numerous applications Javo been made for seed wheat from the hural industries Board but the Only varied available is federation. The crops at the farm arc making Good growth and demonstrate Tho value of seasonable cultivation and sowing. One paddock of Barley. Has already grown to a height of about 11 inches w Yieh is very satisfactory considering Tho conditions of the past season. A number of very interesting trials Are being carried out at the farm with various results. Areas of differ ent Vurie Tlam of la old peas Bokhara Clover Lucerne seeding unseen Etc have been arranged and should re Celivo the attention of Farmers. The water Supply of tiie la Rich has been improved to such an of Lent As to do away with Tho necessity of Tho cartage of water for different require ments. Though the rainfall has not been enough to cause a Good surface run. And till Tho dams in Lac Orchards pruning is Well in hand though la year s growth was so Light that the ainu of of pruning necessary is nut so great As would be the Case in Normal seasons. The Winter ploughing i the Orchards is also Well under Way. True say to a horse teamster fined �2. Patrick Lavell was charged at the Bathurst police court with cruelty to a horse at Kelso on Friday last. Mounted cons Tabic Wiles stated that lie horse was one of a team of four and had a sore on its shoulder four inches by half an Inch and which was being chafed by the Harn Ess. Walter m. Cross a veterinary Surg non a Tail Flint my Sorn Wim a Tim nov a sweat boil and could be covered with a Penny. In reply to or. Crane witness and defendant stated that the horse was 01 present suffering from fever caused through a excessive feed of wheat and could not be brought from Kelso. Or. Crane stated that he would accept the statements of the veterinary surgeon and tiie accused and would Only Fine defendant a nominal amount. It was quite evident however that the horse should not be used till was quite better. Defendant was Lind �2 with g costs in default of 14 Day s hard lab or. The line was paid. Or. 8. Nice dolls Eulogy at it. Victoria. A future labor Centre. At the fortnightly meeting of the it. Victoria Branch of the a.l.p., the member for Macquarre or. Sam Nicholls was present. After being introduced to the Branch he us accorded a Welcome. The president or. G. B. Lindsay referred to campaigns fought Ami won by or. Nich Olls laying stress on the fact of the difference Between the votes received at both elections significant of the Confidence reposed in him by the elec tors. Since the close or the great War. F ? the president also referred to Tho opening up of Tho it. Victoria Coal minus now in their primitive state and also the possibility of a great labor Centre becoming established Here. Or. Nicholls. During in hour s Ora Tion dealt with several matters now engaging the minds of Federal Mem Bers. At the conclusion of or. Nicholls address he was accorded a Hearty vote of thanks carried by acclamation. Big haul of soft goods. Sydney monday. The Bon Marsh scores at the Corner of George Street West and Harris Street were broken into Between sat urday night and this morning and about �1000 Worth of Stock was stolen Tho goods comprised silk furs Serges blouses costumes etc., f to a Krets no Choice fodder. Maize at 8g 6d a Bushel. Points of the Market Sydney tuesday. Quiet conditions controlled Trade in All distributing centres in Sussex Street to Day and Lato Ann rates were maintained generally on account of the Scarcity of supplies. Butter was scarce and again Gro cers orders Wero curtailed by fifty per cent while hams and new cheese wore not available. There was a fair Supply of Bacon and matured cheese. Suburban now Laid hen eggs were steady at from 2s 8d to 2s 9d, Liilo Duck eggs were offered at 2s 6d, per dozen. Country eggs were Dull of Sale though offered at easier figures the prices asked ranging from 2s 2d to 2� 3d por dozen. Task Timian potatoes were solidly supported at �17 per ton for red skins and Brownell while Clarence River Winter crop realised �10 per ton. Maize was fairly supported at 8s 6d per Bushel for prime dry White and yellow but soft Grait was offered at 7s of per Bushel. Interstate oaten and wheaten chaff sold Well at a a 10s and �15 per ton. Onions realised �14 10s to �13 per ton. Tiie produce Market. The Yarding at Alexandria Sale Yards thin Mornini was thru smallest since the present shortage made itself Felt. The Quality of Tho consign ments wag not up to the Standard and Tho Market showed a falling off. Wheaten chaff realised �14 10s per ton at auction while Bales were hard to dispose of on account of the inferior Grade. A truck of fair Quality chaff was quickly snapped up at �15 10s per ton under private treaty. Both Lucerne and oaten Hay failed to real i Iso at auction the figures which hold ers demanded and they were treat two truck of onions brought �15 5s per ton. The consignments manifested and in position were 17 trucks of forage of Grain and 3 of vegetables while 70 trucks of forage. 8 of Grain and 13 of vegetables were outstanding. Yesterday 39 trucks loads of produce vere Tryc cons Gneil i-0 country fund suburban stations. The Fulling prices were wheaten chaff medium Lis 6d, inferior 13s 4d, oaten chaff Good Luis go. Mcd cum 13s 9d. Onions Good Brown Spanish 15s 3d per cwt. The vegetable Market. Good supplies of Green vegetables were in position at the municipal markets but As Tho demand was Dull prices lowered. Choice Yorkshire heros peas brought 14s go per Bushel while Choice american wonders sold at 17s. Northern River Beans were quoted at from Fis to 12s per Bushel according to Quality. Cabbages ranged from is go to 1-s per dozen. Choice cauliflower again brought iss Pel while medium and inferior were hard to dispose of. Late rates were maintained for Bunch vegetables. Sewerage connections first prosecutions nominal penalties tiie first prosecutions for til email ing to connect promises with lie sew Ergo system wore instituted at the Bathurst police court the fines in each Caso being �1 with costs ii con ii i0n that tiie owners immediately commenced operations for the connection. Or. I \ a. C. Crane s.m., occupied the Lienchi. Clara Boyd was proceeded against by inspector Evans for failing to Liao a property in Rankin Street connected. Or. John Boyd gave the Assurance that tiie work would to proceeded wit i immediately. In Tho Cuse against . Halvroson or. John me Hiramy explained that i present or. Harrison was away but that the work could to commen ced within a for Niglis in Spector Bvans slated tint the i defendant had been summonsed be fore but i Lio summons was with Rawn. A payment of costs and. Tho Assurance that t in work would be carted out. Or. Crane asked inspector Evans if lie desired heavy penalties ill tile cases and or. Evans reviled hat he if i lint hut t i i r rim 111111.11 wus nil Clous to have Tho sewerage Tonucci de. It Ivas four years now since the sewerage system had been installed in Baths in and there were still a number of places not connected. Or. Crane i wanted to give the defendants a Chance of making a de finite Promise to commence actual operations. As after i have lined them once they will he liable to a line of �5 a Day for every Day s delay. A Clergyman s letter to Clements tonic a further endorsement of a really Fine Medicine \ which is specially suitable for 1 australian pro pub. I Clements tonic Ltd. Somehow the writer would never Honvo anything to do Irith medicines p of Rcpt tin description having a decided prejudice against any that Wero s largely advertised. J. A bottle of your remedy however was placed in Ray hands and out of Courtesy to my Friend who had a interest in my welfare i ventured to take it As advised. A with pleasure i write you that since taking Clements Tonio my system is braced up and my general health much improved. In such a calling As Mino the nervous tension is always High and i assure you that it i Good to find something that really Benefit. A Good thing is always Worth passing on. R. I am sits yours sincerely signed h. Is. Smith i formerly pastor of Leichhardt Baptist Church Sydney . A Ilmar caulk Kim key Whin used consistently for weak nerves brain fag or want it sleep. Professional persons should never be without a it. Invaluable for sick headache poor Liloon constipation indigestion of f sluggish liver and depressed spirit. All chemists and stores sell it in City and country towns. Get ii it to Day and get health at the time. A menu tonic Ltd., re Kllc . Personal Art miss Moss Bailey daughter of or and mrs will Bailey. Isa it present Biol Luying with her aunt mrs William Brown at Newcastle. Or Meany Reg Latrac at the Bath urst Experiment farm has returned to duty a Fitch spending three weeks i Holiday in Tho Metropolis. His Hou us Jwuc Buh Wiuf a Oujini i ii a Iii attack of influenza. Horace Archer Tho 10 year old Sou of the Lato or Hercules Archor and mrs Archer late of Bathurst and now of ers Kinville. Sustained a compound fratt ure of the leg As a result of being run Over by a cart. The Many Bathurst for scuds of the Archer family will wish Tho lad a speedy recovery. Or. Henry Alfred Wallace son of i or. And mrs. John Wallace of Silver j Hoe Forbes passer away at St Vin j cent s Hospital Sydney. In the Cath j Olie cemetery at Lookwood on Mon Day a Vernoon his remains were Laid to rest. Tiie estate of the Valentine Cleaton of Randwick produce merchant who died on june 11. Has been valued for probate purposes at �4g,915-6-g. Of which x 15091 was represented As reality. Amongst a number of be quests was �100 for the Convent of mercy at Bathurst. Or. H. Paul Hon treasurer at the winding up meeting of Tho Bath Tentou to the absence of mrs m. Clines. He stated that with mrs am Brose mrs. Clines had been one of most attentive and effective workers of the committee since its inception and now Sho is engaged nursing. Her husband. Or. Maurice Clines who was recovering from a serious illness he moved that a letter should to sent to mrs Clines expressing pleas ure at the recovery of or. Clines and thanking her for. Her untiring efforts in the a. In seconding the Mot Ion. Or. M. Meagher stated that he was very pleased to hear that or. Clines was now convalescing. They All knew the wonderful work mrs. Clines had done for the committee and the poor of Bathurst and they regretted Tia she had to finish up the term by nursing her husband through such a serious illness. The Rev. W. Pendleton Stewart also spoke highly of the work done by mrs. Clines. The motion was carried in nimm ulv. The funeral of the late mrs Fagan which took place yesterday was one of the largest and most represent i live in the history of the Man drama and Carcoar districts. In the morning requiem mass was celebrated in ithe late residence of the deceased at Sunnyside. Menu drama by the item father o Keefe of Carcoar. In the afternoon the remains encased in a handsome Oak coffin were conveyed to their last resting place in la a i Annm Lam. To a t7i%t fathers d. Kennedy of Cowra and o Keefe Carcoar officiating at the grave Side. The cortege was very lengthy and included in it were residents from All parts. A /.hiirst, Carcoar Lynch Tirol Blayney Cowra. And Orange. The deceased was 7g years of age and was a native of the rocks near Bathurst. Her Dei Ith caused profound sympathy throughout the District in which mrs Fagan was recognised As one of the most lovable and most charitably Dis posed. I never heard her say a unkind work to anybody remarked one of her oldest and most intimate a friends yesterday a Eulogy which is endorsed by every person acquainted with her. Mke mrs j. Ii. Stewart of mount pleasant mrs Fagan by her Christian acts and Loving disposition had earned the esteem and respect of the general Community and her death leaves a vacancy which it will indeed be hard to fill. She is sur Vived by two sons. Or John Fagan or Guiyan Cowra and mruck Lagan of Sunnyside menu drama. The Many Bathurst friends of mrs. Malvina Mansell of Leamington Avenue Newtown will be grieved to Hoar of her death which occurred after a Long and painful illness on monday afternoon. The deceased who was 6g years of age was the i relict of the Lato or. H. S. Mansell once a Well known resident of Bath urst. She spent the major portion of her life in Bathurst whore up to a few years ago when she loft t j take up her residence in Sydney mrs. Mansell was Well known Anil highly respected. Ller husband Pru deceased her by 17 years. Sho is survived by a family of three sous and three daughters which includes or. H. Mansell a former editor of the National advocate Bud now of the literary staff of the Sydney daily Telegraph to the bereaved family the greatest sympathy will be extended in their great loss j or. Henry Ewor a highly respect j de resident of George s Plains died at the Bathurst District Hospital of i monday afternoon after an illness of ? Only a fortnight. Deceased was 50 years of age and had spent half his life in the per Way Branch of Tho rail Way department j5 years of which he was stationed at Georgo s Plains he is survived by his wife and Throo Young children to whom the greatest sympathy will to extended. You Oro Sar loudly Handicap pot at court without an advocate and you Aro just no seriously do Floront in your know logo of Tho world o doings if you Don t Flot o copy of Tho National advocate. Once morning s0o. Paid in Advance will Purchase a Dally copy of Tho National advocate for Ono your. Posted to any add Coa out Oldo the City. Rector London times and United service cables. Pare r and of Mcintosh j to Fly Over Bathurst in reply to a message conveying congratulations and Hopes for Suc Cess. Sent As a result of a Resolution at the re Union of St. Stau Slaus col logo old boys at the Collauo during easter. Lieut. Purer and Mclntosh who Are Hying from England to Australia. Have cabled As follows to Ihu principal for. Lowe of the College Singapore. A thanks for encourage lug Cable. We Hope to pass Over Bathurst. Kindest regards father Lowe and Hall Sydney s illuminations viewed by incapacitated soldiers Sydney monday. The illuminations in Honor of Tho princes visit Wero continued to night and Large crowds paraded the streets. The soldiers twin a Landwich military Hospital work taken round the Stree s to night ill motor cars to View the ill Vina Ion i. The turf Rosch la scratching Sydney. Monday. J the following scratch rings Wero Mado to Day for Tho. Rose Lii races on saturday All engagements saponin wars plot mom Ghr Dunlock fluency Wang Nul Granville stakes Julia Gray Sod Almern mile Uaima Cool , Kipcak. Juvonal c stakes Moutis pox Hunter. Hurdle race Angl form graph one breastworks. Rose Lii Handicap Angl form flying Handicap Cool stimulants. Sydney tuesday. Ell Cromwell Bugby a returned Soldier was found at double Bay this morning with a Bullet wound through Tho heart. The police wore sent for and Tho body was Takon in the City morgue. Deceased had been worry ing because be could not got work. Pm my 1 it to use cystic Ira to Clear your skin for Tua Itta from by trl Krew. It. A tent # a. Tj4��r. ? bold Turo unbent Ihu voted. M in it
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