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Bathurst National Advocate Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1941, Page 49

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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - January 14, 1941, Bathurst, New South Wales Ascot. Races acc i tacks i of to Mohow ? i two yaks of Irani Cap. 5jf i to Sian a 1.30 . I i Brue along 9 0 drifter 7 8 5 i Marco Clian 8 2 Westminster 7 4 2 7 Beline 8 0 doomsday 7 2 9 w Pagan 7.12 posit 7 0 4 1 St. 7 10 14.2 Handicap of. Ito Mart at 2 . Milij -0 7 i Acly Patricia 7 0 miss 2 Armidale 8 11 Tommy 7 Mac 7 0 Kentucky i 5 3 1 Cost cola 7 0 lady 14 la Marci 7 7 10 Var i i ii Handicap of. First division Ito Start tit 2.30 . Grand Coy 0 0 of Venseen 7 11 2 10 slur. On a ii m a poppy 7 9 12 5 King dung la al 7 Pyrrhus k 4 4 9 lady Marconi Coor Wong i 2 Bram 7 7 8 3 tyrannus 7 12 Koo Meluck 7 7 11 1 vein Brook 7 11 ii Fala 7 7 10 7 second division to Start a 3 . Pen name 8 10 overjoyed 7 11 10 6 shot Gin 8 8 lady Netth 7 9 7 3 grand Billy 8 4 Pic Aroon 7 7 4 9 Aren t we Jomjo 7 7 All 8 0 5 i,8 can March 7 7 heroic 7 11 u u St. Elmo 7 7 2 jumpers1 Flat race. 7f. To Start at 3.30 . guardsman 9 10 ? Post 10 7 10 5 lord Mab k boy 10 4 Balmore 9 7 11. 8 water British 9 5 Wagon 10 4 9 2 trek Ster f 5 Heracles 10 2 6 3 lasting 9 5 sir 7 Leighton 8 12 Golden 1 scholar 9 0 4 trial stakes in. To Start at 4 . Lady Dunno Carmita 7,11 tar 0 2 8 5 Electra 7 9 article ? .9 0 -9 2 Warr Awid l Minond -84 gee 74 13 3 edifice ii 0 Jose Leta 7 2 -7 1 Heron to Blue fire 7 0 i 8 Lucky Eland ? Omen 7 11 Princess 7 0 4 12 flying. Experiment. 7 0 colors 7 al v u u0 Ascot Handicap. Of. ? 50yds. It Start at 4.30 . River the Elk 8 2 Nonoi 0 0 cd it. Consonance 8 0 Alan verde h 12 7 8 Irak ? 7 12 i Unanua u h 5 9 Val Eaton 7 12 red Bruce 8 4 3 i.2 ? Uchow 7 12 tips Ivy to itrel attn years ocl Breu Gulong mar Covelia incline. Fourteen two Kentucky miss Dale lady limit Rich. Fivens wind Rook. King . Tyrannus. Keck and div Aren t we All. Shot own pen no Trio. Jumpers plat Heracles. Mab a Hoy sir Lei gluon. Trial elect in lady Dunno tar article. Macli Piip red Bruce. River Nam ii. Consonance. Country week Tennis Semi final games Sydney. My Nav. At the country week Tennis Carol Viil of Day in the men s b Rade so Ini final. Quoin Bryan beat Forbes St. Lawrence by g ets 44 Janies to 2 games 32 games. Tataru Bent. Mudce Shenstone is 45 games to j sets 32 Barnes. The new 1/6 size is the most economies. Rosehill races weights for saturday Maiden Irani lira. 7f Trade Mark 9 0 pox track 7 111 red Pete 8 12 Royal canvasser 8 11 Laddie 7 i Innisfail 8 8 drava 7 lil Haridell 8 7 path King 7 u casket kit i pen 7 9 Tritaik 8 4 Bunga Ribee 7 9 veiled c 7 9 Beauty 8 3 Colleen Dionne h 3 Bawn 7 9 River real Gem 7 8 Valley 8 2 All 7 8 eager Fox 8 1 7 8 Crown 1 0 Day Star 7 8 air link 8 0 Caprice 7 8 Bonny col 8 0 a Ulica 7 8 pc tasks 7 13 Blackberry 7 7 7 12 Gay o raked 7 12 Romero 7 5 Ronde a 7 12 tie 7 5 Rich Gormly 7 5 Duchess 7 12 line. 7 5 Connette 7 11 a Ami 7 5 Saga 7 11 the chef 7 5 Saga 7 11 King thais 7 0 Charlotte a Puri 7 0 Greenwood ill Val bed 7 0 Street Arab 7 11 Niheu and 7 0 Quality Nursery Handicap 6f. Tanda 9 0 owl s rest 7 10 Gold Rook 8 1 two. Colonel company 7 8 Post 8 2 Sil Verelda -7 g prepare 8 0 Novice Handicap pm. If. Monte Carlo 9 0 Sun Streak 7 7 a Tricia. 812 Jasper 7 7 Penn wisc 8 12 Mickey Enderby 8 10 Rooney 7 7 brawn red Pete 7 g Boxer 8 7 Silver pan 7 6 to 8 0 Fay b. 7 5 melor do 8 3 quite Good 7 4 wet woo 8 3 Geld Earth 7 4 Parral to Rumbol 7 3 Marlon 8 1 go Luppia 7 3 wee 7 13 be Friendly 7 3 linger Haledon 7 2 Hugh 7 11 River al Kenny 7 9 Valley 1 2 Royal land 7 8 real Gem 7 0 Warra widget 7 7 Mabonga 7 0 roller dec elea 7 0 Glide 7 7 Altitude 7 0 artist s Fay Are 7 0 Model 7 7 Dame the Winger 7 7 Pauline 7 0 flying Handicap 7f. rival Chiel 7 4 Knight 9 3 Victorine 7 4 Ife Truchio 9 1 veiled ses Ion 9 0 threat 7 3 Rathling 8 6 Leif 7 3 Many ways 8 g Beaucaire 7 3 Novice 8 3 Vestal 7 2 lord Happy lass 7 0 Veremond 8 0 insignia 7 0 Rodrigo 7 9 Owen 7 0 table talk 7 8 miss heroic 7 0 sir regal 7 7 god Sal i h 7 7 morning 7 0 Clorious 7 g Irak 7 0 Rosehill Handicap univ yours truly 9 0 Australasia 7 6 Lockray 8 9 7 6 s Oneel 8 9 Burmond 7 2 Tuc Kerbox .8 4 edible 7 2 Kurr Awid 7 1.1 reunion 7 0 sigh 7 9 Stalin 7 0 Mainlaw 7 9 four All 7 0 ill Tapha 7 9 Val Eaton -7 ? 0 the Kite 7 7 Carling Ford mile Sione i 10 0 Rylstone 8 7 Bra Mol 9 9 rival chief 8 4 Bourbon 9 13 Buck Hee 8 3 Spear Dale 9 6 Eranui i 3 As Nozu 9 3 a eau Caire 8 2 bes Fop 9 3 miss heroic 8 1 River aussie Bee 8 1 namoi 9 0 consonance 8 a masterpiece 9 0 Jan Baz 8 0 Dawn Mary 8 10 Kestrel 8 0 Mainlaw 8 9 Russ Joy 8 0 Pierce 8 9 repress 8 0 latest scratchings . Anniversary Handicap severs , veiled threat. Challenge stakes Jarbeau. For Ward. Weeds inspectors arrive for Bathurst conference Twenty five noxious weeds inspectors arrived in Bathurst last Niphol to attend a conference at the Experiment farm which will extend Over five Days. A civic Welcome will be extended to the visitors today by the mayor Aid. A. J. Griffin. The visitors were Given an inform al dinner at the Experiment farm night and were welcomed by the manager of the farm or. R. O. May 1. Or. K. Q. Cam Chier weeds in Spector of the department of Agri culture later gave a Short address on wheat in new South Wales the weeds inspectors come from nil the Inland centres of the state. They will give lectures and addresses at the farm during the next five Days. Lectures and addresses will also be Given by or. Cam or. May a. T. B. Taylor of thei soil conservation service or. J. T. Monaghan. Lenl adviser to the local government department and other speakers. Annual Farmers Day the annual Farmers Day for Settnek. Pastures Orchard and vegetables will be held at1 the Experiment far tomorrow commencing at 10.30 n. In. The time table arranged is 10.30 . To 11. -30 ., pastures. B. D. Ament. 11.30 . To 12.30 . Vegetables w. P. Whan. 2 . To 3 ., sheep and fat lambs j. M. Holcman. 3 . To 4.30 . Veterinary subjects c. J. King. It is anticipated that or. M. Henry. Chief division of animal Industry or. Parry lecturer in veterinary Medicine Sydney University and or. C. J. King District veterinary officer Orange will foe pre sent in connection with the Stock and veterinary interests. Turf tattle River namoi s trial Sydney. Monriva. River namoi showed that he is maintaining his form by running seven furlongs in pleasing style at Rose cry this morning. River namoi worked alone on the Middle grass track and strode out freely to Register 1.34 he maintained an even Pace throughout and was running on Well at the finish. Ila Theon and Tommy Macl were on terms for half a mile in 51i. Time which was equalled by score been. Brug along and lady Neith were sent together for a useful five fur Longs in 1.7j. C. O Rourke s horses maintain their condition. Lady Lamarch was the smartest on the b grass at Randwick running half a mile without being pressed in 52j. Lady Lamarch car ried Only a Light boy but worked Well. Another any miss Armidale had seed in Reserve throughout her Hall mile in 53. Miss Armidale is at the top of her form. Yours truly was sent on the Tun for an easy half mile in 59j, while the hurdler Walter wag gon did Well to record the same time. Portal pleased by leading tyrannus at the end of a smartly run three furlongs on the course proper Ai Kensington in 39. Portal s recent form has been Only moderate but his work this morning indicated an Early win. Brunswick Joy could not be faulted in a sprint Over half a mile on the Tan in 51, while red relish concluded his work on the same track with a dash Over two furlongs in 261,. Partisan proved Superior to Lucky Omen in a smartly run half mile 30 meet out on the Middle grass at Victoria Park. Partisan vigorously Ridden by r. Parsons went away from her companion Over the concluding stages to Register 50. Miss Pippy also galloped Well for the same distance. Without being unduly pressed she recorded 507. Sweet Bolero and red Bruce made separate efforts Ever three furlongs red Bruce recording slightly faster time of 38. Sweet Bolero. However appeared to have Speed in Reserve. Cable lee1. Aren t we All at the end of five furlongs in 1.6?. Cable has done Well since winning at men Angle and More victories should come his Way. Harold Park trots Derby Lodge wins Handicap Sydney monday. Second favorite for the race a Laven easily won the Harold Park Handicap main event decided at the Hawly Park Tiottin-3 meeting to Day. Call Aga n and Young Bob both Well supp red filled the minor places. Burglar the 5/2 on favorite for the Olebe in hopped Trotters Handicap was narrowly beaten by the 16/1 Chance red Barry while May Wilbur was in third place. Results divided Handicap lim., first division Dixie Lawn scr j. D. Watts 1 Mark Robert scr s. Mcmillan 2 Dainty d Xie 12 yes bad a. Ritchie 3. Others Lowah Var Ayr Billy Blue. Globes quest Carmalyn King Walla Danny Doo Lan Cessnock. Betting 7m on Dixie Lawn. 4 v King Walla 6 Mark Robert. 10 Dainty Dixie 10 20 others. Length three lengths. Time. 3.26 2/5. Glebe Uyi Hopt led trotters1 Hon Ducap. 2m. Red Barky scr is. Mcmillan a burglar. 12 yes bad w. Picken. Jar 2 May Wilbur 60 cd. Bad j. H. 3. Oth ers master key Bill red Ord Minton s Rupee Don Whipps Biddy Guy. Beckwood great Cross. Bet Ling 5/2 on burglar 10 v May Wil Bur. 15 red Barry. 10/33 others. Half a length two lengths. Time 4.49 15. Divided Handicap. Second Divi Sion Beau rogue 12 yes bad l. Chant 1 Louis desire 12 yes bad s. M. Ball 2 sporting silk scr cd. Ritchie 3. Others Silver Royal Nan s Marvel Royal Pronto Brilliant spot. Toby a Hope. Betty Rob erts. Betting 10/9 of Louis de sire. 2 Beau rogue. 6 Betty Rob erts 8 Brilliant spot 15 sporting silk 10/20 others. Two lengths two lengths. . 3.29 2/5. Divided Handicap third division prudent King 24 yes bad f. Heath 1 Gresford. Scr f. Aur Isch 2 Jack Globe 12yds./hfj is. Mcmillan 3. Others Bay Marie purple Globe Ayress Wollon doly Billy Bland layaway Solitka real ribbons. Betting pruent King 2 layaway 8 Jack Globe. 15 Gresford 10/33 others. Length and a half two lengths. Time 3.20 i/5. Of esl Hent i1 in hopped Hiluid Curt 2m. Derby Lodge 12 yes bad l. Chant 1 Ray Rock 24 yes bad s. Barnes 2 Linda steel. 132 yes bad j. Kelly 3. Others double Cross red Hill Royal Domino Ili cargo. Betting 9/4 on Linda steel 5/2 v Derby Lodge 6 Ray Rock 20/33 others. Half a length two lengths. Time 4.38. Harold Park Handicap Lam Salaven 24 yes bad j. D. Watts 1, Call again 12 yes bad o. Wilkins 2 Young Bob 72 yid bad h. J. Cohen 3. Others mind Glen. Peter King magic Wood min ton s Choice War chief Darby Kelly Lucy s notion minion rib Bons Mcgee. Betting 2 Young Bob 5/2 Salaven 3 Call again 8 War chief 1020 others. Two lengths and a half length. Time 3.20 3/5. Queensland worried at infantile paralysis Brisbane monday. The outbreak of infantile Pra Alyi is in Queensland will be discussed by a special medical conference which will open in Brisbane this week. Since november there have been 53 cases of which 2t occurred in Bris Bane. Storekeepers an accept prospector Gold fears by Tver al country store keepers in the Bathurst d strict that they May be proceeded against for handling Small parcels of Gold from prospectors have been allayed. Or. J. B a Lifley . For Mac Quario. Following representations from two storekeepers made inquiries from the Commonwealth Bank of austra Lia. Yesterday or. Chifley received the following reply from the assistant actuary or. S. A. Bryson in the circumstances set out. It appears that or. Hart and mrs. Ireland Are mediums by which for the Sake of convenience the prospectors de liver their Gold to the Commonwealth Bank. In these circumstances so Long As their operations Are confined to handling Small parcels of Gold which Are delivered promptly to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia the matter would not appear to Call for action on our part Good rainfall in it. David District prom our correspondent it. David to monday. Following the Good Falls of rain in november and december Excel Lent Falls throughout the District registering 490 Points for the first week in this month have transformed the whole country Side which is now carrying in abundance of grass. Old hands say that they have never seer to much Green fee. At this time of the year. The local Branch of the red Cross has gone into recess Over the school holidays. The president mrs. R. P. Burchert and the Secretary mrs. W. Press Are at present holidaying in Sydney. The last meeting presided Over by mrs. A. E. Knight vice president was Well attended. As a Christmas Ges Ture afternoon ten was provided for the members. Miss k. Arrow is arranging a dance for the red Crucy in the vocal Hall of january .17. Miss j. Howard is also arranging a dance for the fund to take place on february 7, in or. Penman s woodshed at Tudd s Creek. Or. And mrs. A. Hackney and family and miss Marie Roughley have been paying a visit to or. And mrs. A. E. Knight of Riverview visitors on the River Over Christmas were messes. E. Jacki on and or. Clarke of Orange and or. And mrs. Fitzgerald of Sydney. Mrs. Glazier daughter and Friend have recently been on a visit to or. And mrs. D. Arrow. Correspondence pet Bot rationing and Farmers to the Vii atari sir the letter by or. N. B. Meek of Gilgandra givei1 me an opening to explain my views also those of my co garage men to make my Case Plain on drum trading. The a motor Trade does not object to primary producers obtaining sup plies of benzine if those users Are burning the benzine to produce not to Hoard it for pleasure driving. The Farmer should show Why it is necessary to buy Drums to carry on. It is High time the Man on the land proved this Issue. His trac tors Aro driven by kerosene not petrol. He Only needs petrol to Start one gallon to 44 Gallons of kerosene should suffuse if the motor is property tuned. Pumping plants should not use quantities to warrant drum trading Crutch in perhaps twice and the shearing is done onre a year Quantity is negligible for these engines As when you have More than two stands your engine should be converted to crude in. Or. Meek takes the wrong stand relative to the Purchase Price. The fact is we Are at War and the government is trying by rationing to conserve the output yet within a few m Lea from or. Meek a Home town a Man on the land has 70 Drums stored. Again. Just outside Peak Hill a Man. On the land has two years Supply. This is Why the government should Stop drum trading and Only Tell supplies which would be a drum at a time to be Glt Nate primary producers. There Are Many holders of tickets who should nol have these. I should advise or. Meek to read the poem Australia own which i will ask the advocate to publish 1. This will explain the hard times of the primary producer. I Trust he will see Why my association Wanti restrictions placed on the drum trading As it. Now exists. Yours Etc. A. T. Tipping. Keep regular and keep Well this Favourite Medicine relieves constipation clears out the system to look and eel Bright dear eyed full a i Imp Tad Energy All Day every by you Mutt have Dean bowels a Talthy stomach Good digestion and regularity. Nature sometimes needs a Little help and or. Mort i Indian Root pills Supply this help without the use of harsh habit forming drug. I backed by Many years of satisfaction this dependable remedy with its special vegetable ingredient clears away impurities key Flthe system right am regular. Hector Lup piano tuner pianos it Ayers and Organ tuned adjusted a be Feltt phone 878. A St want my Man the markets High prices Fob cabbages Sydney monday. The following quotations prevailed on the Sydney produce fruit and vegetable markets today produce butter 161/2. Cheese lord to 1/2. Eggs Board prices new Laid Hen 1/4 Case lid. Honey 4d to bid. Beeswax 1/9 to 1/10. Potatoes tasmanian �13/10/ to �16. Onions victorian �20 to �30. Maize 6/ to 6/6. Wheaten chaff 4/6 to 6 6. Oaten Chan 6/6 to 8/6. Lucerne chaff 5/3 to 7/. Lucerne Hay 5/ to 7/. Fruit a moderate volume of business was transacted for fruit at the municipal Market. Choice apples were scarce and very few pears were available. Valencia oranges sold slowly. About 1800 cases of pineapples were Forward and met a Good demand at advanced rates. Mangoes were lightly supplied and also realised higher prices. Apples 4/ to 12/. Peaches n.6.w. 3/ to 6/ victorian 10/ to 14/. Oranges local. 4/ to 11/. Nectarines 4/ to 9/. Apricots victorian 4/ to 8. Plums . 1/6 to 7/ victorian 8/ to 14/. Pineapples 5/ to 14/. Grapefruit 6/ to 12/. Cherries 5/ to 7/. Gooseberries 3/ to 5/. Oranges local. 4/ to 10/. Lemons 7/ to 16/. Watermelons 5/ to 15/. Grapes 14/ to 16/. Passion fruit 3/ to 8/. Strawberries local 4/ to 12/. Paw paws 8/ to 12/. Mangoes 10/ 10 13/. Pineapples 9/ to 17/. Rock melons Queensland,8/ to 12/ local 4/ to 6/. Pigs 4/ to 5/. Apples Carrington . 3/ to 10 local cookers 4/ to 10/. Williams of verite 6/ to 12 \ vegetables the demand for cabbages at the vegetable Market was Good and higher prices ruled. Over 3500 bags of peas were on offer but a Large proportion was damaged by rain. Choice lines were in request while a Large Quan Tity of other grades was sold to the canneries. The Market for Beans opened firmly but inquiry was not maintained and at closely the rates were easier. Tomatoes met a steady Sale. Marketing Bureau quotations peas 2/ to Ai Choice 6 to 7/. Beans 1/ to 5,. Carrots local 2/ to 4/. Cabbages 3/ to 10/. Tomatoes North coast 3/ to 8/ Loal 4 to 10/ victorian 6/ to 10/. Pumpkins 12/ to. 18/. Onions . White 18/ to 28/. Brown 24/ to 34/ pumpkins 8/ to 14/. Marrows 6d to 21. Swedes . 10/ to 16/. .8/ to 14/. Tomatoes North coast 3/ to 8/ local 4/ to 12/ i Torian 8/ to 12/ Flemington sales sheep Market dropped by 1/ to 2/ Sydney. Monday. Although Only 23,000 sheep and jambs were penned at the Fleming ton Sale Yards today Only fair in Quiry prevailed and lower values were accepted. The Market for sheep dropped a while lambs were 1/ to 2/ below last thursday s Rul ing rates. The general Quality was Only fair. Buyers operated steadily for the 2137 head carded in the cattle Sec Tion and the Market generally was firm at Ian to Sale Day s Best figures. The Quality was on the medium Side. Quotations a sheep Wethers 14/ to 23/, ewes 12/ to 20/. Lambs 16/ to 38/. Cattle Bullocks �8 to �23, cows �6 to �16, Best beef 53/, Good qual Ity 48/. Medium 45/, others 42/. Amusements the Mikado a picture that must Appeal to All audiences is the super musical the Mikado which commences at the Burlington matinee tomorrow wednesday afternoon. Produced in glorious natural technicolor it brn is to the screen the first Gilbert and Sullivan opera and introduces the Wiful Romance and enthralling beauties of old Japan Gay Sweet and Beautiful. The a Young Tenor of Ata Elcan screen and radio Fame kenny1 Baker portrays the leading role and is supported by Jean Colin and Martyn Green. The associate feature Woll be Jean Hersholt in or. Christian meet the women a Story loaded with laughs com Ance and excitement. There is a Good supporting cast headed by Dor Othy Lovett and Edgar Kennedy. Fox International news will com plete the programme. To night is the final. Screening of Brian Don Levy in Down Wen my taty and Jane Withers in youth will be served Why suffer foot troubles ? miss Kathleen Purcal a . Wilt Lam Street Baths but Only the latest and most Modem methods of banishing foot troubles. Xlephons11 thousands of. Sufferers from this distressing affliction have found Suick Relief by the use of Rexonna intent. The soothing Medica ments reduce the inflammation and provided a course of laxative it taken with the Rexonna treatment a Complete cure will result except in such rare cases As require surgical interference. How to treat piles of barn . Inf Henf with . Ship which Coquina Ibi in medicament m the Olin mint. Apply Rexonna ointment Een Routly maintaining la in Contact with the affected pan. Take a Courie of laxative to avoid straining and Cit a much a Poi Lilc. Pile grow rapidly a one with neglect but if Given attention in the Early Atadea triv will readily to the exons treatment. store now a extra urge . A a a ehhmhlhhra9 Sssw-91 pm Burlington theatre the Mikado or. Christian meets the women in response to innumerable re quests the management of the Bur Lington theatre has been successful in securing the greatest musical the screen Bias Ever seen the Mikado which will have its initial screening at the Matine on wednesday. This is theirs t time a Gilbert and Sulli Van opera has been screened and film goers who. Have not Boscn fortunate enough to see this famous opera on the stage will be introduced to the celebrated town of Titi up. Magnificently produced in Glor teus technicolor in keeping with the exquisite Oriental settings the Mikado is filled with lilting melodies rom Antic sentiment and cheerful patriotism and has As its featured play ers Kermy Baker of american screen and radio Fame together with Jean Colin and Martyn Green. The supporting attraction will be or. Christian meets the woman pro Viding a swiftly paced blend of drama Kate action delightful Romance heart touching pathos arid rollicking comedy starring Jean Hersholt ind Dorothy Lovett. Pox British news will also be screening. Commencing at 8 . Tonight is the final screen ing of Down went Mcginty with Brian Donlevy Akim Tamiroff and Muriel Angelus and Jane Withers in youth will be served a Fox Short subject and an interesting Issue of pox australian Gazette Complete the programme. City theatre Andy Hardy meets Debutante metro Goldwyn Mayer currently presents at the City theatre. The latest of the Hardy family series Andy Hardy meets Debutante co i tarring Mickey Roo Neji and Judy Garland. It is a humorous Story of incidents in the life of a typical american Tamny. Muckey Rooney As Andy Hardy is the Central Fig ure. Lewis Stone Fay Holden. Cecilia Parker and Sara had Eft. All familiar players add considerable to the general entertainment value of the film. Andy s efforts to make Good to his friends in Carvell his boast of Friendship with new York i most glamorous Debutante prove much More hilarious than any Previ us predicament in which he has been found. But Judy Garland cast As the daughter of a famous musical comedy Star helps him adjust his problem. In the course of the film Judy sings As Only she can. I m nobody s baby now and alone to sum up this film is considered by. Many the happiest Hardy family Enyedy. Slightly tempted proves a really outstand ing portion of hilarity. The adventures of Ace comedian Hugh her Bert As a Quick witted Nimb Lefing ered Confidence Man. Provides a to continuous Juroe of laughter. Peggy Moran and Johnny Downs Are als a featured. The latest news review and an our gang Featurette goin1 fishing Complete the programme. Bathurst team to play uth Gow the Bathurst District team to play a Alt uth Gow at Lith go a Anniv Ewart do a a january 21 was announced jut night. A a a scarce us Guowa and d. Of borne schools Are included the team is a j. Howard a a no in shewing it. Auth of act Tyre 12th. An interesting social al Tai be tween Thoj Bathurst oar Rueff and the Par Ramatu gaol stall a be played at Bathurst on an Trann the Bathurst Saoi Zeaim Peggie s Pride chapter 32 what proposition can you possible want to make to me Peggie demanded. She had picked up her to on and clasped him in her . Over the child she stared steadily at Stan Evans. You need t be so suspicious my dear he grinned. I be never harmed you have i in fact m go further and say that if you d treated me in a More Friendly Way i d have been willing to help you quite a lot i think you forget i m a married woman said Peggie quietly. I Don t need any help except from my husband a fat lot of help Kenneth Ster s been to you said. Stan Evans jeer singly. He left you did t he be cause he said you weren t Good enough to be his wife when you turned up Here with your baby he was quite willing for you and yours to scrape along on your own. Now he s so Low in the world that he needs a woman who la Cook and clean for him without wages he s picked up with you again you should t fall or that even with your kid Ycu can do much better and what do you think i could do asked Peggie. Behind the seeming innocence of the Brown eyes she lifted to his there lurked something dangerous some thing wild which ought to have put 8tanley Evans on his guard. But he was too conceited by nature to be impressed by Peggie s menacing quietness. That s better. Now you re be Gin Long to show some sense said Stan coming closer to her and laying his hand on her . I like you Peggie poster. Ever since the first Day you came to Arlingham i be had a fancy to know you better. How about coming Back to work at the Mill my dear ill 6ee you get a Nice easy Job. We a an keep Hubby a Mouth shut by letting him have the use of the. Cottage rent free again and. When his Back s turned we can have a quiet bit of fun together is that All said Peggie with coquettish sweetness. If you re Nice to me there la be a lot More to come my dear Stan murmured tightening his grasp on her . And trying to pull her closer to him. What do you say to a string of pearls for that pretty neck of yours real pearls 1 mean not cheap imitation stuff maybe you d like a new frock or a fur coat. You vey to be Lising and there s no Njo what you can coax out of me. Before the week s out i shall be master of Arlingham a and i la dip my hands As deep As i please into the old Man s Money bags is that All said Ope Gale once More. In t that enough queried Stan his grinning face within tempting reach of Peggie s hand. She shifted the drowsy baby to a More convenient Angle on Ner . It s enough and More than enough she said sharply. I be led you on because i wanted to see just How far you would go. I be heard enough to convince me that in taking you As her husband Greta Garling Ham has had a worse Deal than even her hard heart deserved. You owe everything you possess to the fact that miss Greba was silly enough to fall for you. You dare to cast up my husband s past against me com pared to you Kenneth Foster is the cleanest and most decent lad that Ever stepped. He fell because he was tempted too much. But you you Don t need tempting Here s my answer to you a proportion. Take it fro mme and every other decent Lancashire girl she gave Stanley a stinging slap on his Sallow Cheek her hand Leav ing a Scarlet imprint. With a howl of rage. He staggered Back while Peggie turned away Ana went Back up the path. I la have the Law on you for this. You mad creature Etan Evani spluttered after her. Take me to the courts if you dare said Peggie. Turning Bock coolly. There Are decent Folk left in Lanca sure yet. Thank god. You d get Little sympathy from the magistrate once they heard the Story i have to Tell Stan Evans knew one spoke the truth. I la be even with you yet he growled. That Fine gentleman Hus band of yours will have reason to curse you some Day for your Cheeky impertinence to his master the worst you can do to my Hus band is to sack him from the Mill Peggie retorted. And that would be an advantage for he could get a three times better wage if Only he Ere free of his Promise to stay on at Arlingham s As they Sot Over their frugal Din Ner Kenneth listened to what Peg j in had to Tell him or affairs at the great House. I Don t like the sound of Stan a vacs s boasting he said with a troubled frown. _ the Man s a Crook if Ever there was one and orc seems to have sacrificed any Teeling for her father she s wrapped i up in her husband. I think i la go 1 up and have a word with the doctor today. After All or. Arlingham not Only he patient but his Friend. I it teems Goly right that the doctor i would be two we idea of what i Iota �5.� i Ait when Ken found himself in Tut i Factor Mir Fery be got Little Comfort. I the old Nan listened rather colder i to what he of had to by. I when a old As i and j Young Toa you will have discover i the adv Yawit of minding your own i said. After All or. I of Aruachan a the hands of i i daughter and her husband the Poplo i o a Bart �mb0k to take Elm Rel i of the a al my x for one see no 1 Reauie of Fatafe Enott ? 1 to bit. Hcetor i Hare reason to sue ? pert that Stanley Tkv a a to trying a i wok him a to a urn Rhiw his i crests in to flu . ? to by Oon timed 1

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