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Bathurst National Advocate Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1941, Page 1

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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - January 14, 1941, Bathurst, New South Wales National advocate payable in Advance posted to any address outside the City or Bathurst. Twelve months ? 3fl/. Six months ? 14/ i three months ? 1/0 in a nutshell news and notes sultry and Cloudy weather. Bathurst ans should remember thai officials from the Small arms factory la How will be in Bathurst Tomor now at the town shall to interview applicants for work at the Bathurst munitions factory. The officials will in attendance from 10 . To 4 . Anci will Deal with All applicant whose names begin with the Ini Iii letter from a to m. It will be use less for any applicants whose name Bryns with any letter outside those quoted. Their turn will come on the Luli Owma wednesday. Or. J. B. Chifley . Lor Mac Quarle is to be commended on Nis a non in inducing the authorities to visit Bathurst and thus save applicants the and the inconvenience of visiting Lithgow. It is nearly time we had some rain. It is now four Days since rain fell Here Piid already Many Are fearful that we me in Lor another drought. The Mac Quarle Kiver at Bathurst is bid Stream. Of those Good old Days. In Mon s Issue was published an article Irum the National advocate 50 year Tujo in which the Public leaders of local thought were aghast at the Iasi that a local hotel keeper had been elected to the committee of the Bathurst Liri club. ? them were the Days must of the common people Hau a Lako on their hat to the Gentry and Pic employees of the various business Iii lies had to leave everything and i Iii out into the not mme Uia Cir one of the carriages of the society Huple Crew up. Further on Bath How Days a certain portion of uie Lawn in front of the grandstand was reserved for the society people at certain dances a Chalk Mark was drawn across the floor to Separ ate the sheep from the goats. The National advocate ridiculed the actions which the journal characterised a the Merino pen to such effect that snobbery was killed at least in \ connection with Public a unctions. Of / course there Are still relics of that \ Oldt me priggish Ness and snobbery but most people treat it with contempt. ? it is Only recently that a select dance club was formed in Bathurst and which was dominated by a local a Elicitor a blow in and who later on left Many Bathurst ans sadly Lam enting the wife of another blow in noted for her nauseating snob is. Decreed that the sons and daughters of business people As Well As their employees should not be admitted As members. The club has died a lingering death. Eucalyptus Trees can be kept alive of or being bled says a scientific Jour so can taxpayers. A farm hand was getting tired of pitching Hay on to the stack which As steadily growing higher. Viu cockles Are always growling about the middleman he said but i wish 1 had one Here now men who Don t play Golf Don t know what they Are missing. There Are others who play Golf and know per Fel i Wel what they Are missing but they still can t hit the darned thing. ? just to Are hearing quite a lot about the new order alter the War and when All men will be More or less equal. What u wrong about introducing the new order right now after the War it will be too late for the men who Are to Day talking so much about the new Ore or will note nearly so much interested As they would like to believe to Day. The great majority of people will never understand How it u that the r mils sooner who fixed the prices continues to allow the big monopolies to escape the effect of the increased taxation by passing the whole amount. To cases a Little More on to the Shoul Ders of the people. Surely the share holders in the tobacco other big companies should at least be comp exec. To Bear their fair share of the Burden with regard to both Beer and tobacco h would appear that the greater the taxation the greater the profits. A correspondent u informed the matter of the limitation of taxi cab licenses in Bathurst is a Nuci entirely for the Bathurst Council and that the move is being a f f restriction by the transport author ties however the aldermen should be. Warned in time not to do a Yuing that Lead to a monopoly. Already Australia has too Many boards and too Many monopolies. At its last meeting the Young Council refused to restrict the number of taxi licenses. The annual noxious weeds Confer ence will open at the Experiment farm Bathurst. To Day. Delegates will be i present from All parts of the stole. I to Morrow an Orchard Field Day win i be held at the farm. I although there is a plague of grass hoppers in the Taralga so. One of the Rabbit inspectors of the Young i of Board or Alf. Vincent re \ ports that that u i the pest. A few eggs were hatched ? out earlier in the season but the hop. Pers were killed by the heat Ragga. Like Goul bunk is to lose t ? and considerable Public feeling has been aroused in the Kiv Erina hmm. When the announcement. A a made a strongly worded Telegram of protest was sent to the ill Tarj authorities through the member ii Hume or. T. J. Collins. Most Bathurst hotels Are Well conducted with the exception of five cases lintels in Bathurst licensing District Art will conducted. In the of lick five rates they Are reason ably Well conducted. This statement was made yesterday in the Bathurst quarterly licensing court. The licensing inspector. Sergeant c. , presented the licensing report. He Salt that the premises on the whole were in Good order and Only minor work was required to be done. Or w. S. Bromhead licensing magistrate i soc that hotels were Well conducted with five exceptions which were Only fairly Well conducted. Sergeant the conduct generally Good. Or. Bromhead accepted the report. Businessmen have plan to build ships Sydney. Monday. Plans for building merchant ships in Sydney with an ultimate output of 30 ships of 10,000 tons each in two years will be placed before the Commonwealth government by a Troup of australian businessmen. The plan provides for pre fabrication of the ships at other places and their Assembly in the Slipway in Sydney. They also that skilled labor should be transferred from Bri Tain to Australia if there is any Short age of shipbuilding labor in Australia. Australian Plant for other lands Melbourne. Monday. Prospects of using australian Plant for production in other countries East of Suez Are being investigated by four members of the British Supply mis Sion. Which arrived in Melbourne yesterday. It w As recognised its spokesman said today that most favourable Aid Australia could give was to achieve at a due Date impressive production schedules worked out by the ministry of munitions. Thy Wera impressed by the manner in which Large companies in Australia had placed their resources behind the War Effort. Tbsp considered australian trades men had achieved a Standard compar Able with that of overseas workers. The Mission will make a comprehensive tour of aircraft works and munitions factories. Bathurst police truck Driver is Man of parts first class Constable John Bradley Hunter of Bathurst police Road patrol is a Man of parts. He was questioned in a traffic cast at Bathurst police court yester Day regarding his qualifications to talk about motor car traffic breaches and Proco Eill to Tell them. He told the court that he was a Marine Engineer having St Roc. His time in Denny s shipyards. Scotland he was employed in various scottish engineering works As Marine Engineer and also As a motor Mechanic. In Australia he worked a.5 a motor Mechanic in various big Sydney Gar Ages and workshops and qualified a a a Leyland Mechanic. He was a police Driver for 11 years of which two and a half years were As one of the experts at the Public safety Bureau. He had been a be rally engaged in the Type of work for Lour and a half years. We in passing he dropped the in formation that his police i Peri ends included some time in the police Force in England. Queensland labor men to have opposition Brisbane. Monday. A although Only Cne of the 10 state ministers is being opposed for selection As a labor candidate at the coming Queensland elections the right of Many of the sitting private members to continue their representation is being challenged. The minister for lands or. Walsh is the one member of the Cabinet with an opponent but the latter s name was not disclosed by the party returning officer for Mirani. For Kelvin Grove a City seat which was lest by of Al Ciao labor at the last election there Are seven aspirants including the former member or. F. J. Waters. Or. Stephen Theodore recently elected member for Herbert and n brother of or. E. G. Theodore Foner Premier of . \ be ing Opp Osri by sever Ether nominees. Printed and published by Maririo clones 523 Lambert Street for the Bathurst National advocate newspaper printing and publish ing co., at their Chambers rus sell Street Bathurst. I cd a Juo i rash brings Oil huh a Rhi indigestion de Witt a antacid powder brings instant Relief and it acts so quickly and surely because it tackles your stomach trouble in three ways. First it neutralizes excess acid then it soothes and protects the inflamed stomach lining finally it actually helps to digest your food and so relieves the weakened stomach. Start de Witt s antacid powder now and you la soon be eating and enjoying whatever you like. Antacid powder Tor indigestion acid stomach heartburn. Castritis flatulence. 2/71. Giant size 4 8. Including sales tax. Drunken Driver must have had two buckets said Bathurst sergeant when William Albert Martin told sergeant Newlands of Bathurst pc ice on the o c Otwell pud on the afternoon of january 8. He had Only two drinks. Sergeant new lands so d they must have been buckets the reason for this remark said sergeant. Newlan Ris in the Bathurst police court , was that mar tin was at the time driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor. Martin pleaded guilty to the charge. Sergeant Newlands said that he saw de Pendant Del Viig a motor vehicle along he o Cormell Road about p in. On january 8. At a Speed of 10 Miles an hour. The car was zigzagging ant proceed Lily erratically. I pulled him up and told Hon that he was not in a condition to drive with safety to the Public said sergeant Newlands. I asked him How Many Clr irks he had had and he said to i Saki they must have been buckets the sergeant went on that while being taken to the police station mar tin wanted to fight him. When they got out of the car Martin staggered and would have fallen had not the Eggeart caught him. Coing through the door he fell and the sergeant barely saved him hitting his head or. The Concrete floor. I was informed by a Constable tha he had a previous conviction for a similar offence. But it cannot be Frimd in the records said sergeant Nev cards. Defendant who had nothing to say. Tinoco �10 and his licence suspended for 12 Man is. 998 aliens lose radio licences-900 in . Canberra. nine Hun dred and ninety eight alien of whom 900 Ivo in ., have had their radio licences cancelled since i was illegal for them to hold them the director general of Post and to of \ pcs mix. Mcvey said to Day. A l that we ensured was that own Ial. Working parts of the machines were removed he said. The aliens wore not forced to sell these part.-, but could store them at the Homes of friends until after the War. So long1 As officials of the Post master general s department were assured that the friends would not return them prematurely and that the were completely useless Only a Rose but an expensive one Sydney monday. A for stealing a a Csc. Valued at 2s, from the botanic gardens yesterday James Edgar mor Gan 65engineer was fined �3, and for stealing 11 roses valued at 5s. In the gardens on saturday Herbert Lane i0-, Laberer was fined �5 by or. Atkinson ., in the Central police co off to Day. The superintendent of the botanic gardens or. David Frame said that the stealing of Flowers had become prevalent lately. Youth charged with violent robbery Sydney alleged to be one of four men who entered a Randwick shop on Friday and assaulted and robbed the occupants Victor Parsons 19. Labourer was remanded at the Central police court to Day on �100 Ball. The police sergeant o Brien said that two of the men who entered the shop were masked. The value of goods and Money stolen was �36 favouritism lady Blamey s trip stirs Federal a . Sydney. Monday. Members of the Federal Parlia ments Tro higly criticised to Day the action of the War Council in Al lowing Blarney to leave Australia and join her Liu Semiul Lickte Ninf go neral sir Thomas Blarney general officer command ii b lie . In in Middle East. They Irr outspoken. Or Marr u a a. N declared that the gym should a 1. Make fish of of cd lowly another but should to a Xith private and funeral alike. Bunmei is logo. Yet the army department norms me a woman i know we Soldier a band i. a Blind i a -. Egyptian Hospital has no Chan of Gottini to him sir Clarles added. I have not seen tiie minister for the army or. Spend a about her Case yet i intend to him when lie returns from egy ii week but Thi army department says that she has no Lioe of getting permission to go though her husband a ill in Blind for at least two months not exceptional sir Charles said he oppose i any exceptions being made to ii Rule about officers wives save in pc fictional Cir cumstance.1, and to had no reason to believe that there were exceptional circumstances connected with lady Blarney s visit abroad. The Leader of then a communist labor party or. Bonsley said he would pro against this preferential treatment extended to the old school tie at the next meeting or the War Council of which he is a Mem be. He had always believed that preferential treatment existed in the army organisation. But this was the first time it Hac come out into the open. Amusing it is amusing to read the published reason for this lady s visit to her Hus band to take charge of huts for the ., said or. Beasley those on top Are never Short of a reason for break in a Rule but they never hesitate to refuse applications on More serious grounds if the application is made by those of lower rank. My View is that if it is not regarded by the authorities As in the Best interests of the service to allow wives to join their Soldier husbands overseas then the Rule should apply to those on top Well As to those in the ranks. Commanders should set an exam ple to their men by observing their own regulations. You can t blame the men for feeling dissatisfied if they Don to other . Members also indicated their a it mint. And it is Likely that they will criticise the government for its action w in they get an Opportunity. Stupid favouritism i Don t like sniping at the government but Yoi can take it for granted that my attitude is one of Rompc the ant Ngonyi a to this stupid favouritism which will Only arouse resentment a and with some justification a among our so .dier.s. Said one Menzies silent Melbourne monday. Army officers said to Day they were not in opposition to lady Blarney s proposed visit to the Middle East As she prox exec to concern herself with the leave standards for the . In the Middle ea.=t, As was suggested in Sydney. They protested however against the Way in which lady Blarney s trip was announced. The prime minister so far has re fused to comment on the matter stole clothing from motor cars in Early hours of morn a seventeen years old youth appeared before the Bathurst children s court yesterday on Rivi charges of stealing three charges of malicious damage and one of having goods in custody. He pleaded to All charges and did not Ive any reason Lor committing the offences. Or. W. S. Bromhead. . Committed the Youtie to an institution for an Dixie finite period. Asked if he had anything to say when sentence passed. The youth merely Shook his head. In evidence it was alleged that the youth removed goods from motor cars in front of a Willi Iun Street hotel during the Early hours of the morning it was further alleged that when the youth found the car doors locked ice forced them open. He admitted t o stealer goods mostly clothing to the value of e2j and damaging property to the extent of �7/10. The appearance of the youth in court followed a number of com plaints of Riv some cur owners of property Taein stolen from and damage to their vehicles. Bathurst assault wife kissed him Good Bye and was gone when James Wanless Johnson left for work one morning in december last his wife in. Johnson kissed him Good Bye. When he got Home she was Bone. Days later a her at the Home of Jos pm a. Squires at the common. What happened then re Suuna in John son being Ron Vic Tittl ill Sall Hlll 1 court yesterday of assault on Squires Anil mrs. Johnson. Or. W. S. Drumhead. ., did not impose a penalty but bound Johnson Over in his own recognizance to keep the i each towards the two plaintiffs. The plaintiffs cases had been heard during december. Yesterday the evid ence for the defence was heard. Or. R. G. Baillie appeared for the two plaintiffs and or. F. Kenny for defendant. Defendant who gave his address As Bathurst Experiment farm said that he had been a Steward at the farm for about 20 months. On the Day that his wife left him she kissed him Good Bye when he went to work at 5.30 . And when he returnee1 Home at 2 . She was gone. That was on a Friday. He saw her next on the following tuesday. Later he went to a place to see if his wife was there. It was on sunday december 8. I went up to the common about 8 o clock said defendant. I went to Squires s daughter s place and Learned she was up at Squires s place so i went up to see if she was there. The door was open and she and Squires were playing crib. ? i walked in the door and Squires said. What do you want i said i have come to see my wife she said. What do you want Johnson went. On. I said that i wanted to see if she was carrying on with Squires and Liv ing with him As Man and wife give state nent Johnson said that his wife then said.a11 Rig Ike will give you a statement but Don t come about any More. I wll never live with you again Johnson said that Squires then said get out of my place or i la shot you out he rushed at me and we fell on the floor of the Kitchen said John son. We got up again and i rushed Over to my wife and said what about that statement Squires hit me on the Eye and dropped Nie on the floor. He then picked me up and threw me clean outside. He got me by the and said come off my property he took me outside the Fence. I was dazed and there was blood streamir.j1 from my Eye and head. I said to my wife go and get my hat she and got. It. But Squires said. Don t give him the ? ha1. That is evidence he was in my place Johnson said that he had receiver bruises on. The head and forehead a Black Eye and a skinned hand. He never saw the stick produced in court at the previous hearing. The Only tick that he saw at Squires s place was a piece off the top of a Box. He picked it up but Squires took it from him Johnson also denied striking wife. He also denied that he had torn his wife s dress in the manner alleged. He said that the dress had been torn a fortnight before the incident because his wife had shown if to him. He said that he had seen his wife s overcoat hanging in Squires s bedroom and her Chest of drawers standing in Squires s bedroom. There was no bed on the Verandah and the Only bed in the place was a three Quarter bed in the bedroom. Kos wife was living with Squires at present. Or. Baillie How Long have Jou been married a six year. During that time you have been continually drinking a no. At one stage you were drinking methylated spirit a no. Johnson further Cross examined de Nied that or. Brooke Moore had been called in to see my and had refused to have anything to do with him while he was drinking. He also denied that he had ill treated his wife and snid that they had lived on Good terms for about three years until certain things happened. She had left him three times. Or. Baillie she told you that she left you on account of your drinking habits and cruelty a she told me no thins of the sort. I nut it to yen that you knew did t know. Why did she kiss me cod Bye do you remember knocking one of her front Teeth out with your fist a no i turned round and my Elbow struck her and Cut her la. It did Knock her troth out. No Vou remember assaulting her an 1 rutting her Cleek a yes. But she did t toll you Why. Overheard plans i la Tel you Why Johnson went on. I gave her n Backhander. She and a Friend won sitting in the House when i Wen out he Back. They Hought i had Rone out the b i k and t heard them planning to take my fortnight s Money. Rny compensation Money and other fellow s Money a about �23 a and to away together i went in and round he had i hand on her knee. I said Cut that on 1 this is nire. Planning to to away on my Money. Eh1 the Man got up and clearer i and i rave her a Backhander Johnson denied that his wife had Slid thai lie had l Ren 1151 their Home. She did Sny that she would die feet before she would live with him again. Johnson denied having assaulted his i wife but said that he had just caught her by the . J he could not Sny if 1km1 dross was torn when he went to Smilari s s line set i he Elk not know that his wife had in in Vii i to a Job. Or. K Riny we liar heard about von his your wife. What part did of Piny a she hit. Me or to the head with a stick while i was Down. She Iii assist ing ?�? yes. That concluded the Cli Runco and without comment or. W. 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