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Bathurst National Advocate Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 1

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Bathurst National Advocate (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Bathurst, New South Wales 20/ paid in Advance win Purchase a Dally copy at the National advocate Bati Kukst for one year. Posted to any address the City if a Thant in a nutshell of cos and notes warm weather. With record entries record we expected at the Bathurst turf club s meeting 011 february 16 and 17 a thursday and Friday of next week. Hie Bathurst trotting club s meet \ ing on saturday next promises to be i most successful. All tie la St Trot 1 tors in the West will be engaged. The Western horse re verde. Will be a Ninner in the Ascot Handicap to Rno Itow. Re verde is a slow beginner but All the the aged gelding is not without .1 . The War scare mongers Are last a laying themselves out. The japanese Boble is being worn threadbare. If millions must be spent on the de Fence of Australia then it would be for better to spend them on securing supplies of wheat. Is suggested than expending them 011 armaments which would prove inadequate and further which will be manufactured abroad. The More Money expends locally on defence the better it will be for All concerned. The bomb outrages Are keeping the London police Busy. The government says a cynic has to work uni d to solve the problems Thi t the country would t have i it were not for the government a Reader admits that when he comes Home late his wife does t mind a scrap. We can Only Hope the right does t Wake the children. Smash and grab raiders removed the whole of a dance band s instruments from a suburban store the other Day. Yes and what thanks do Jou think they la get. A vicar complains of girls with letter Box lips. But in t that the very idea for catching the males Lithgow has Lone held an Excel Lent record in respect to the re i serious crime but police court Hap pening since the beginning of the year might temporarily at any rate alter the position. Since january 1 there have been nine committal cases for trial at Bat Hurst Quarter ses Sions in addition to a committal by the Coroner Imp. B Amber on a charge of manslaughter. A Lithgow Mercury the ill effects suffered by an 18 months old baby after it Hod Swal Lowed it is believed a of iodine at its parents residence in North Goulburn. Were remarkably Light. Ian Guthrie infant son of or. T. R. Guthrie of Chantry St., it is stated secured a bottle of iodine from tile top of a meat Safe where it has been temporarily left after an other member had treated a sore leg. Fortunately mrs. Guthrie walked into the room a few Seco Ivla a Ter and saw what the child had done. An sex in nation of the bottle showed that an amount equivalent to about two Teaspoons had Boon either upset or drunk. Hie ambut Nee was Siun Mon de and the child who was Given an immediate emetic was taken to the District Hospital where it was fur ther treated then allowed to re turn Home. Or. George Thompson Clarke who died in Lithgow Hospital it the age of 91 was Lor Many years associate with the old coaching firm of Cobb and co. At Bathurst. He was in its employ As a Blacksmith. Or. Clarke was a native of Tasmania and went to Bathurst at the ago of 17. He lived there until 12 years ago when he came to Lithgow to be with members of his family. His wife died years ago. But he is survived by three daughters and a son. Thev Are. Mes Dancs j Wilkinson and j. Jones Lithgow and Wilson Rea Bathurst. And or. Bert Clarke King Strok. Lithgow. When railway of Licals entered the Brake Van of a Cootamundra bound tr.?in at Goulburn yesterday they Dis covered that three Rattler junipers had calmly taken Possession of it the men were ordered to leave the Van and were arrested for wilful tres pass on railway property but in the meantime the train s scheduled time of Ducj virture was upset and further delay occurred on the run to Cootamundra j owing to the fact that it missed Crossings due to its late running. I these facts were revealed at the go album police court when three i strangers Victor Ross 20 Thorn Joseph 31, and Thomas Henry Slater. 1 26, were each fined �1. Or two Davs. For wilful trespass. It was stated the men were ins to reach Cootamundra in order to draw the Dole. Lithgow Council has decided to seek extended Powers with a View to applying regulations relating to the keeping of greyhounds or racing dogs. In a report the health inspector or. H. J. stated i would re Comperti that Council place Flie following before the local govern ment association Xor consideration As an ordinance to control the keeping of dogs. This clause a Hall apply Only to the keeping of greyhounds or Rac ing dogs the owner of any Yard wherein any dogs Are kept shall Caus the is me to be paved with Materia impervious to moisture. The Yard tall be properly graded and drained and where the sewer is available shall be connected to . Yards shall be cleaned out daily and All excretions shall be removed and conveyed to an appointed sanitary or garbage depot for disposal. No Putrescible matter shall be kept on the premises. Bones or other refuse shall not be kept or stores but shall be removed from the premises doily. No person shall erect a dog Yard without first having obtained the approval of Council. No dog shall be kept nearer than 50 feet from any dwelling school shop office fac tory. Workshop Church or any premises used for the manufacture preparation or storage of food Here is the latest Snake Story Hie Story of a struggle of a dog and a Snake in a dam of water is told by or. Jock Mccormack of Blind Creek. Scott says he was in one of or. Bob Stewart s pad docks near Murrumburrah when his wee Doggie went to the Loch for a drink of water and whilst drinking a Snake coiled itself round the dog body. Both were soon splashing about in the water. The Snake tried to bite uie dog but the movements of the dog sent it under water. Scotty says a Snake can t bite when it s Mouth is full of water so every time it made the attempt on his wee Doggie it nearly choked. After a remarkable struggle the dog was dragged from the dam almost exhausted. The Snake was not feeling too Good either and a Handy stick soon despatched indigestion i first dose gives a instant Relief if you hav sulfsted with Indi a fiction you know Only too writ the Nii Ircy nil pain that it Rauser. Tint u no no a to la or it a tit t daily torture i Arfik ration k you Only want to know i the Iii ? / cd Terf i richly ? Ami Tot thu Dity Hytla ? trouble that to to Livim in m a Nuht Elf Anrit Start b with a Witt t an tacit a nov i or it Iii tint to Ilay Elf or Are til fam Jik we d Witt Antario powder Over roars Ilik Mir Ili Oil i a in o a Lonk-4taniliiik and cur Mic Navue. The Ruick artion re my by a Jim f�1ir f a Cati 1. It at once neutralizes the a our acid stomach. 2. It colloidal kaolin Content soothes and protects the stomach lining. 3. It actually digest a portion of your food. 4. You eat what you like enjoy it Anu know that you food is keeping you tit and doing you real Good. Gilt a to apply of Dewitt % Aula id pow Vifor indigestion to Day and prevent the Vrlic pm no it Morr Ter Loas forms of Andiff Stion de Witt s antacid powder to Quick action remedy for indigestion arid stomach flatulence Dysep Psi. Palpitation heart Burn jct Iriti and All to Mailer affection. Of chem Nuland i Torr Iper everywhere proc 2/6 Burlington theatre too hot to 1iandi.k Finai. to night a the theatre to night will a the final screening of the cur real programme with too hot to handle the principal attraction. This is a metro Goldwyn Mayer production featuring two of the screen s Best kno a n i. . Clark Gable and Myrna 1 /. Who brim to us the Best picture of its kind ver shown with plenty of action thrills and Cumi by Romance. Others in the cast include Walter Pidgeon. Walter con Nolly and Leo Carrillo. Life begins with love a Gay comedy Romance featuring Jean Par Ker and Douglass Montgomery. Is the supporting attraction. Fox aus to. Lian and Universal newsreels con Taining Many interesting items com plete the programme. Commencing at the matinee on wednesday is smashing the i tack to ,1 thundering pulsating drama of How an sex German cracks Down on i rime breaking gang that runs the t Vii. Chester Morris is the irid ing player supported by Bruce Cabot ind i ances a crier. The Oiler Pic Ture Carven to Complete the pro to Mfume is swing your Uuie. Force comedy dealing with life among the of the . Me ustain count Ira. And featuring Humphrey Bogart. Loul fax Enda Nat Pendleton. To night at 7.45 for the 1 St screen in of too hot to handle How inner cleanliness safeguards health the la a of fresh . The crowding of people at indoor entertainments limited opportunities for doing outdoor exercise and the eating of heavy clogging foods Are tiv main causes of most ills. The a Seguard against Dan Gers of health acid fitness is inner cleanliness. When the system kept free from lowering toxic waste and he internal organs act efficiently bodily re stance to infection remains it a maximum. Hearne s Brown Eti is will help you in this direction. One or two Browne us taken regularly at bed time not Only keep the food passage Sweet and clean but also act beneficially on the stomach liver Bowel. And kidneys. Browne ties do the work of Calomel without the dangers of Calomel and Are purely vegetable in . Brownetter Are London made because London is the greatest drug Market in the world and there you get the Best pro curable. Insist on Brown ettes there is no Pill just the or just As Good. Price i 3 myth r or direct from Frederick Hearne chemist Bathurst a phone 41 Send for a Sample the bombings j Scotland Yard preparations fires at Coventry j London sunday. As ? result of the bombings Scot land Yard has been organised on n War time a is. Week end leave has been Stop cd and a thousand police men have b in distributed in Lon Don s City i i a mile. Fires broke in Coventry shops i due to nitric a d in rubber balloons placed in envelopes coming into con tact with Migne Jum paper. Tills an intense Blaze. A found a Home made bomb in the electrical general 1 thu station in Titchfield Street refugee children a big increase Paris sunday e International Chili refugee committee is increasing the a Tunteri of children be i from 00,000 to 600,000. Sweden has Given �75,000, and nor Way and Denmark other i re . The United states is sending 3.000. Inns bushels of wheat. ? j Empire defence j iian dear of Money London. Sunday Ltd Chatfield. The minister for the co ordination of in an inter View Emp Hasl a he desire Toi make All defence Strong and inter reliant not Only in Britain but j throughout the Empire. He added that the dominions must a Strong enough to defend themselves. There was no doubt / bout the Wil . ?--.coropcrat but the great Handicap was finance. Indian unrest \ Tim Tom to Britain London. Sunday. T a he Ngn Congress passed a rest Lytic n urging the All India Congress j to Send an ult Matiun to Britain seek 1 my a categorical answer within six month of India s nation. 1 demand for the right to form its own Constitution by constituting an Assembly. The Congress reiterated the uncompromising xxx Sitison of the federa Tion and reserved the right to take All necessary action to enforce the de Mand f Britain does not reply or if the reply is unsatisfactory. Uniform cars j innovation in Gek Manv j Berlin. Sunday. Colonel von Schell the transport commissioner announced that 270 of the 335 Tyx a of motor vehicles manufactured in Germany will go out of production at the end of the year. He declared that civil and military requirements dem red uniform pro due Ion refugees permits strictest investigations Canberra monday. While Landing permits for 1736 refugees were approved during the final of last year More than 40,000 european refugees had applied for per mits to enter Australia in recent years. Mid the Secretary of the department of the Interior Imp. Carrolis to Day. He declared the government was making the strictest investigations and permits were issued Only to desirable characters who were Likely to result in the introduction of new industries. Or. Carrodus said that the policy of admitting 15,000 refugees Over three years did not become effective until the i. Ginning of this year. Princess Elizabeth land Surprise claim by . Canberra. Monday. A claim by Lincoln Ellsworth that Princess Elizabeth land belong to the United states has caused a sur prise to officials of the department of the Interior. They Point out that Australia claims sovereignty Over the area and it was discovered by sir Dou left Mawson s expedition in 1028 and it is part of the australian sector of the Antarctic. Prices soar r i Sydney vegetable Market ? j three times last year s j level j Sydney. Moi Lav. A shipment of Tasmania n potatoes w is made available to Day. Totalling slightly More than 181,000 bags but agents had no difficulty in disposing of to Lvi shipment at �25 a ton. In in 1 err is. Of �5 on last week s rates. Prices ruling to by Are three j times As great As those prevailing in j fun Mary last Many Green vegetable j were Chea per n Sydney to Day. But prices arc still beyond the purse of Many House wives. Beans were quoted at 12s to 20s a Bushel and peas from 10s to 13s. Spinach retailed to Day at 8d to is a Bunch the prices practically to kilns it Oft the Market. The wholesale Price of swede tur was �22 a ton compared with �9 this time last year. In War time plans for storing fruit i Sydney monday. I a important coherence to discuss the Supply and storage of fruit for australian and British consumption in the event of War has been called by the Minuter for Commerce sir Earle Page. The conference will take place in Melbourne next Man Day. Representatives of All commodity Export control boards have been invite to attend. It is expected that one of the first tips to be taken will be a Survey of the storage space available in austra Lia. And obtaining vast storage full cities in Inland areas having regard to the risk of store destruction or damage near the coast. Or. Thorby return to Cabinet j Harrison remains at Post Hobart. Monday. I the prime minister or. Lyons a annoy Nice i to Day that or. E. J. Har Rison. . Will resume uie duties of the minister for civil aviation. He will replace or. Thorby. Inc Ailse of 1 the in iter s illness. Opinion is Gen among ministers that thurby u unlikely to resume any min a Lster Ial career. J 1 hey regard his ill six no due o oven Crk. J it is believed Cabin to favor.-, tier ,.� because of the need for Vig ? Ous Iid ministration and Elar think my in civil aviation. 1 there Are Many needing Annir Diate attention Wlinich c not be postponed until or. Thorby s recovery. I or. Norb is belie cd to -.? Siu Fering from malaria. I or. Thorby is now recovering in a private Hospital in Melbourne and Hopes to return toe in a new Days. Mrs. Thorby said to Day that a change of food and we a in the East \ had contributed to the illness. J slum scandal or. Curtin demands action j or. Lyons s cheap Promise Canberra. Monday. I Complete co operation Between the Commonwealth and state govern ments for the total abolition of slums was advocated to Day by tie Federal Leader of the labor party or. Cur tin in a statement issued at can Berra or. Curtin declared the shun boil Tion would involve additional work for unemployed and would also Aid in creating the country s lest defence a Happy contented people. J he Adso accused the prime minister or. Lyons of failing to keep has Promise toe abolish slums made in i 1934, he added the government used the housing and shun conditions i As a political staking course for a 1 Petty party gain wine licences growers urge Extension i of cafes Sydney monday. The request that special licenses de grafted to reputable restaurants and cafes to serve australian natural wines until 9 . Was made to the minister for Justice or Martin to Day by a deputation representing wine growers. Wine makers and merchants. Or. Martin said he could not com Mit Cabinet but would place the re quest before the Mills ers this Werk or next. ? in promising to place the inquest before Cabinet or. Martin said any alteration of the liquor Laws were a difficult matter. Commonwealth loan 8h millions to be raised j launched by Federal t treasurer j borrowing in Australia j i Sydney. Monday. I or. Caj by the Federal treasurer. Speaking Over the National stations to night said the loan of the com j mouse huh and the Stato government opening tomorrow of �8,500 000 at �3 17. G per cent interest the As that of the recent big conversion loan which was a outstanding Success. I no becomes net ussury to turn our. Attention to raising Money in order that the usual works require for a country like ours to be provided i for. Tic development of our re sour j Ces and the of Public Tulli Tolci involves an expend Urc beyond the reasonable capacity of taxation. No i body can very Well quarrel with a Bor 1 rowing policy if the loan Money is wisely expended on developmental work and interest for a sinking fund adequately provided out of Revenue. We have Only to look around and note the railways and other transport tation postal facilities water sewer age works to realist that monies Bor rowed by Australia in the past mean in the developing of the country at the rate which otherwise would not have been achieved. Formerly the prac Tice fas to borrow abroad for expenditure for developmental works in a Thalia the policy of the australian governments during thelast six or Sci i. Years hos been to air talk the Money m Australia. The gov in mints believe that it is better to borrow from our own people for our own needs than to increase the debt in the other Side of the world. The principal task ahead was de Fence providing or. Casey said that Here at the time we must not for get the Norm j i developmental needs of Australia. Defence was not Only a matter of armaments but we have to show the world our determination to develop and exploit our own country to the full. Plenty of people in other countries were too willing to believe we were Sling Down in our own tracks and had not been few people of our great country wore doing Little or Noth ing to develop it. We know that to a untrue but a have to prove to the world that it is untrue. As treasurer oth a loan Council and on behalf of the australian governments. I ask you to invest part of your savings in this loan the loan i backed by Banks and other financial institutions whose Taige subscriptions Weie of great importance. I Hope however that the loan will be subscribed to by the Small inv a or. All Small subscriptions will Welcome to furnished Concrete Evi dare of the Confidence of the people generally. Every Lender desires to be absolutely satisfied with the Security i Lefoi e lending and this loan meets j lie Security ust with flying color bad ked by every government with Pron and interest. We guarantee no l belter Security and the terms of loan Are fair both to the investor As w eras the taxpayer. The loan we. Paid in i9fi5. The treasurer reserving the right to repay in 1953 and giving three months notice. The very real Point is the ready convertibility of of oud inn Cash through the Stock broker or the Bank. Applications Mav a lodged at an Bank savings Bank Money or Post of Tirc or stockbroker. Every assistance win be Given to make an behalf of the australian loan Council representing All governments. I commend this loan and ask you to subscribe whatever you can even �10. F believe it will have the wholehearted co operation m making the loan a , so As to give the world proof of our determination to make the most of our own country Australia. Hired ruffians s married magistrate indignant Sydney monday. I Ouart nothing More nor less h n hired . You went to is House an a before any opposition was shown you Conan ended to Man handle tills Man and his wife. Had ill ice of them suffered any serious injury i would have had no hesitation in sentencing each of you to Sll non this hard labor this comment was made by or. O. Hardwick s.m., at the Parramatta court to Day when he convict cd Wil Liam Morris 1 3-1prank Adams 321 and Richard Dodd 381, agents on a charge of having assaulted Jack Green aug his wife robbed them of a Wal let containing �2. And damaged a pair of curtains and two ornaments. On the assault charge each defend ant was lined �20. On the charge of stealing Morris was fined �5. And on the charge of causing damage each was fined �2. According to evidence Given by Green and his wife the defendants called at their Home to repossess a radio set and attacked them immediately. A ? Gre a to n6s Art All j two gladder f or a couple of a Libys Kir a Hon old meet 4 spot or two of Gilbey t is o no Turol sequence the sensible of Well of the sociable drink for Oil times and occasions. Now costs no Ordinary guilty but did t do it in plea in Katie St court Dik Fici i Iii Var heard of the jux he allege Al 1 a having difficulty in getting a ? Man to plead guilty but i never have liner such Difili Cully in getting a a Uuie to plead not guilty smilingly remarked or. W. S. Liro Milead. H. . I the Bathurst police court yesterday when an extra. Ordinary situation developed As a result of the determination of Norman Purchase alias gel cart. 26. To Phi guilty to a charge of a theft which he suited from the Dock he did not intentionally commit. no was treated on w or at y. The a gaol where he is n a a tence tor event hotel bedroom theft in . W is at length or Vail i ujan by or brom to Rev term he put a Aid was re Mai ii d to another court. Chr a of a s uni Foni valid a at �6.10 the pro Perty o the Suel works band c m in a at Wolynn ? ont on a pet Klyr 30 . Pond a Utility without hesitation when Callol to answer Heliar a. Sri meant Iwon Tavos Ide Rux tiv t a i in had Iven employed at tiie a work and a member of the hand he interviewed Purchase at the . Gaol on january 17 and a to a he v our a to d guilty Purchase him he left the uniform it the Doc of the when me a. Wollongong it had r t Var bm recovered b. Tile band. The magistrate a to defendants any to you plead guilty of this charge baling if your Story is that Yon Eft to there after a ? Well. I Ould a v. Returned the uniform. I the no a strato again defined the if and Askov. One More for Nir Chari pm a a . In reply said he a pcs for time on the Day mention i he took a train from Bull to do a shift at the steel works ind -.? n Little rime to c4itch a train Foi Sydne. Which was the reason h de a a sited the in Fonn out de tiv i . Til. Magistrate if you returned l o he h -1 of your Bulto. You were a no inv of stealing it. No answer Hie mails tract in j a s Ion twice More while defendant signs of hard thinking. Purcima i plead guilty. I sign ii for the uniform when 1 got it. An i i Iii i have signed when 1 left it. La magistrate i can t Force von. Iter your plea do you stip a ish to plead guilty Purchase vat r another pals no Tut . How do you plead. Pureham1 vol. I did not Sto 1 it. But ? the magistrate ?.smiling i think had better it it stand Over for s week. Purchase i plead not guilty. The police prosecutor sergeant then ask cd that the Case be remanded to the court at Wollongong where the witnesses . And this granted. Chinese attacked Wol Ndeki by meat chopper Melbourne monday. Dteti.u la 7otl.hv 1234, a a -3 la two chinese i Den and Ahlum who were attacked allegedly Ullh n meat chop Xiv in the chinese Quarter in Melbourne Early to Day were reported to be out of danger. It is alleged that both were attacked by a county hmm who then wounded himself with a razor. Do you want up to Date printing ? if so till National advocate quote Oil circular letterheads bust no cards menu cards off Heads concert Tickham Label Etc. Mysterious fires victorian foundling Hospital Youny woman questioned Melbourne. Monday. A Yout j. Woman inmate of Broadmeadows. Pounding Hospital was questioned to Day by detectives who a a investigating a of mys Floit tires which occurred there. In1. , in took place on Jan t v �4. When a wooden playroom not far from the boiler House was burned. A fire on saturday night destroyed the mothers quarters the nurses Dor Pitary. And the rec action room Many having in be rushed out to Saf Ety. In turned to Day also thai a mysterious broke out in the grounds of the institution three weeks ago. Mystery trippers Prince visits Sydney Sydney. Monday. The dutch liner new Holland arrived m Sydney to Day with two mysterious p i sengers. Who were known aboard As or. And mrs x no inkling of their identity could be obtained from the time they embarked at sing pore they dined of themselves danced by themselves and spoke in italian. German and French from scraps of conversation they overheard Passen Gers a the liner were convinced that the mysterious Man was a Prince. The woman was to be exceptionally wealthy. Aborigines flee Krahs of Mission station to one a Kestel Sydney. Monday. Alarmed by a that their child a wore to be taken from them the Snorey they e a Tull would be taken by to government and that their Hornet would Bee me a closed compound but 70 aborigines ? have fled from abort renal station Eto a i the Murray River into Vic ?. An a origines who addressed Meme s of the compound has been or de Rind Hargos with Hwong induced them to leave the . Flush out 15 Miles of kidney tubes wis sack. Vifor. In medical Nuttli Orlton twin that your Ltd Nisi Outlin 15 of to nor tuu or full Tara to Lilli help to purify the blood and a a up you a filthy. If you lust trouble Ului too frequent but 4�r a with act qty amount Ca Slac burning Ami discomfort tin is Miles of Ladner lubes Neil flush wins it to Iii Dasher Ilc Nal May be the Ltd Nolos of nac Glat tick a , Lee Palma of jeep and Energy get tint tit , Luis Tobago Avro Lleo of Hud 4ikles, Pulli ifs the to Fri Rby Uay my Palm and Rizz Neu. It kill Neon Don t i of Ity 3 Plata a Day my rid of Tore Dun s pounds of wait a after your body will talc up Tbs a Potoni Luj Tif serious trouble. Don t wait. Ask your Ilter Alst for loan s Bac Kambi kid Nin j . Had successful or the world Over by Init Lam of Poolt. They tvs Quick Rel Ltd Ait l flu Btl to flu Ali out to 13 Hilks of Kirin y tube. Let Doan 8 Bac Kacul it pain i Llor at your Chelst

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