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Bathurst Free Press And Mining Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 4

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Bathurst, New South Wales ? a a ? a chapter continued v the Progress Clover s convalescence was slow arid tedious owing the absence aught build her strength. Haying taken the Domestic management again into her hands she steadily econ miked As concerned herself she was 1 quite dismayed find lib Small items swelled the tradesmen s accounts. Hut at last she Felt herself equal her work painting an fervent Hopes filled her heart As she took her Brush continue Sunrise which she justly considered her club a oeuvre. R that very afternoon Sydney came Home from school reporting incidentally that had gone Home with a Chap whose Little sister had scar Latina Clover made him use Sone disinfectant Ere had Tea and thought More the matter. But during the night Sydney called her in a 1 frightened tone and she went this room where she found his Throat was very painful and knew Felt and queer ? she knew what it was before . Dudley said scar Latina it Vas Only a. Mild Case but required much care and nursing As prevent a draught from injuring the who proved a very trying patient. ? ? i say doctor cried must. Come Friday it s our Examina Tion i ? ?. ? a will leave your room ten twelve Days my lad ,. Said the doctor decisively unless intend commit suicide Clover came with a from the poor child. Clover Felt him much that she cried As Well. And she had cause her tears. She knew her nursing would preclude attention her painting and the examination Day Drew nearer. 1 chapter iv.,1 and last. Just As Sydney bade Good Bye the doctor. And came Down stars daily Well wrapped from the draughts trouble from another Quarter fell upon the Searles. One morning mrs. Ferber who had greatly1 exasperated at receiving notice from hard working Biddy threw open the parlor door and tossed her rent Book the table . \ i. A 41 i glad see the. Color your Nione i . Scarle she said rudely i Ain a going wait longer. I had an offer tie rooms this very Day pay turn out ? a Sydney dozing slightly the sofa started and opened his eyes with a look alarm Clover grew quite indignant when she saw his sudden right and the trem bling agitation her father i forget yourself mrs. Ferber she said quietly., i dressed doll i an honest woman As pays her Way and a powdered Hussy As walks an even ing with strange London gentlemen. A a Hiss did know As my Charley spied a kissing and a hugging in the Woods 1?.- ? ? ? a get out cried Sydney fiercely. A dare insult my sister re drunk. 1 believe a i seen drunk Beforesydney Darling Pray wins pored Clover whose face was very Pale. Then she turned mrs Ferber Ami Iii do ? have nothing i.0 with our private affair Sas regards the rent aware the arrears Are caused All the illness which Lias detained me from the pottery. I see . Owe five pounds father must let mrs. Ferber have the two pounds from the Bank monday ? i promised next month s Money the bake Clover interrupted the old Man helplessly a a going Stop your bread is said mrs. Ferber and i Ain put off More than him i Hope return the pottery monday said Clover and will then ask the. Cashier Advance me two three pounds i know will a and when 1 am working again i Skall soon discharge. The rest Youria account p. \ u ? ? i i wait a Day screamed the woman a some will taken your Beds again and make an excuse your work. What s come the Money your picture ? know As Well As i mrs. Fer Ber that i was unable Complete the work Iri time i. J ? y. I i ? \ a Well All the Idle chits i should ashamed Intuit was calling your selves gentle folks occupy decent lodgings and yet Hain nothing in your pockets but i. Says my Charley this morning i m. Tired the and want see their backs j3ay, me first thing Morrow in full mind out neck and crop. But i detains your boxes till re out my debt. And i Hope give your doctor your new address i want him coming Here after re gone plaguing his bill.1 in v ? ? with Giese words and a violent slam the Dobr mrs Ferber 1 withdrew abuse Biddy in the Kitchen. ? . Scarle Rose hastily and retired Hii own room and Sydney cried himself into a deep sleep. Clove deep in. Sorrowful reflections Pale tired Wistful face her Little hands did hear the door reopen was she conscious that Charles Gerber Lia entered till called her softly Clover then she flushed like a Rose and sprang scornfully. ? 14 dare presume sir use my Christian name ? leave the room before i Call my father 1. has gone out doors my dear girl that would useless. Come gentle Wake the Clover glanced at her brother who had forgotten his Farrow . In Bleep she Wab indeed anxious awaken him Ontl her tones crud though her looks took an added dignity. May 1 ask your business in our parlor ? your parlor come but 1 Launt miss Scarle let the Best friends a business Here is pay a Little visit 1 hurried Over my dinner Pur pose. Niy word that Violet ribbon in mighty becoming a remarkable cure. Immensely popular. ? ?. This was such a remarkable sudden recovery that the the id Ter was led continue hib investigations. Accordingly visited Mutli drug Sture 2s2, strict which . Johns Glover is the proprietor. . overstated that St. Jacobs Oil was one the most popular turned ies that the demand was immense and continually inc revising that everyone spoke highly its Power conquer pain . Glover further said that his Jonii social knowledge a great Many wonderful cures had Huen wrought the use it Tiu Oil ii inc which i 0 mentioned that mrs. Linker wife . Him y maker Baker Aud co., the Well known maim tuners the celebrated rubber Typo. . Bank i bin tvs in answer the reporter inquiry that after having tried All the called rheumatic a medics without receiving any Benefit his wife was cured rheumatism in twin arms and shoulders eleven months standing. . Maker also Stii Tud that himself Ami his children Hill lieu cured . Severe Lay this Sanin remedy Imd that they \ were never without it. Jacobs Oil a a Truet from article in who old Maui ban dad. ? Waterbury watches at the world s fair. ? ? in the Kate Jim s Camp. . D. Ujj London who is manager the Waterbury watch . S exhibit informed me that is bulling an ave rugs watches a Day in the Industrial suction the children s Palace where the Waterbury is also display and i was info cd it water L�ry Headquarters in the Hue Montinne Tiu where a store the. Snip Waterbury watches exclusively has been Jami Cornu time that the watches Inch liked. Lay the Krency Popple and the sales rapidly increasing. Chamu Eburne in the Jerbi a ,.? the. Local agents the Waterbury in Tab a Desha the attention would Lee Pui chasers genuine wat Orbury watches. the fact that Tho d Vaie Bury in Small letters and also the interwoven letters . Co., appear the dial once every watch company. This Cai Tiou is unfortunately crud necessary from the fact that it Lins ii under notice hint Nuu Turous persons have i huh their Boon deceived into buying watches is water Bury which wore More a Iturbury Watchus thai ii the Moon Check a. The agents Tho company will glad have Anfu ure cars such in posit promptly brought Uii Dei Iligir notice. .7 i exhibition 1888 and ,1883,Singer sewing machines were awarded first. Prize. We have been awarded. First prize Over 300 times at the leading exhibitions the world. Our new vibrating shuttle machine is perfection. wheels is Light run Ning and noiseless easy work easy learn easy buy and hard Wear out. We never sacrifice Utility strength and durability Mere show. Our machines Are made their work and it Well and are1 varnished arid gilded Over hide defects. The Cabinet work is solid Walnut Wood. The great advantage in buying from a1 manufacturing Pany is that can replace any part any Singer sewing machine Ever made.1 there Are eight millions Singer machines in use. We have five thousand shops eleven thousand waggons seventeen thousand horses and employ., fifty thousand people the Singer is known All Over the civilised world. Oil Needles ? and duplicate parts always in Stock. A trial any machine Given if required satisfaction guaranteed. Price list Gratis. Ii Struc i .tions.l? inspection invited. District office Howick Street Bat burst. A ? ,. I ?. A Carpanter Plane which antiquarians Issert Over 1,500 years old has been found in the old roman City Silchester. Let a along a the Squire having a visitor ? business,11 was very 1 much annoyed interrupted his wife who came ask Jim what wanted i inn Ergo away Jet alone replied the Squire impatiently.1 business detained his Friend till dinner time and the Squire urged him remain ? the Squire was a generous provider Al proud his table and complacently escorted him a seat. But the Surprise both they saw nothing the Board but a huge dish salad which the Good housewife began quietly serve . My dear said the Squire where Are the meats Liege Are none Day replied his lady meats i what in the name poverty i the vegetables then ? Why have the vegetables brought in ?. did order any vegetables order i did order anything said the amazed Squire. forget coolly answered the House wife 1 asked what should have and said lettuce alone Here it Isth Friend burst into a laugh and the Squire after looking lurid and lug Liborious fora moment joined Himor wife i give it i owe one Here is the Nishey War fed that carpet which i denied i . let s have and some dinner the Good Warrian pocketed the Money rang the Bell. And a sumptuous repast fish poultry and vegetables including pea was brought in. M Hudson & .-?.,i. 1 Naveo Hanx a a Larce Ilij cheap Assor mehr my Kino timbers a Well selected Stock i 3st 2& 1st e y ? agent s Bucko machines a Clyde office. Kief Feli Street is Vii ukat. Caution Ward. All riot Sony a Booby Laming my Linlor Forini with Tho Yoube 1 Itol a Hleb m town fur which have Juuti if. Notus. A 11ewa11u will Given Lun Dizik Trio Uuno Iliou any i Piton breaking Tho windows Otbo Wiso damaging Ian Tiu Iron Sobing upon Tho promises. White Boot helps m the sportsman s arms Ais. Kelso ? a. ? Kieton / Guod camping ground a a Awit Zdanok water teams plentiful Supply 61 , chaff Ito Tel Way band. ? n portrait. & landscape photographers it Koliai. . Lomp Carei Notos. Eve key sir piety and Novelty in the Buu Eun at our studio., our ? Uhi Jiuu Kenlar Gouvei the i Cluin Mailo Faniro any photograph and Cauti fully i Iund in Uci lil und Plush �3 3s. And in 5a. Our i Ucil in sunny new South Wales Cruz Sopic views in Hirm variety oily 10s. Lid. Per Doss. Send list. Qiric Sirius views 9ft Ull fib quote Alt Init framing i vef 10uh choose front Only 15s.perelo7.cn. Albums special series made order. ?. Is Intel thu want our country client much is possible Sendon the slur test i notice a competent operator execute orders photographing stations Stock landscapes and groups at Syndey prices. Liivi Isth. d9, Beckett graduate Biln Coli dental Collejo and Hospital Oral surgery dentist. 205 May Qumbie St Ket Sydney. Tisl ii phone 1240. I . A Tho Podbor native treat Nikont the Namuia. ans primary coins duration.? ? i 1 Ortii pivoted crowned and nil the i Zubi modern in . Teeth permanently slopped with Gold a. Artificial i Oeth upon Gold . ? 1 i painless extractions the Aid nitrous Onida was and other Ann theties.? . T. Beckett will Iuit bal Hurt from the Ltd the Lolly May when Dan Baltod at Hurley s hotel. All intending. Patients Are re Cju osted 1 Tonako their Airpoint Meutz Al an Early Dato with . Thou bbl. ,.-. Health. Health health. Gibson s wonderful pills euro Al Lead Stu and Niyor complaints wind Billioux Tiesh Tooti Vonolia tic Toothache gout Chi in . Have Sands and will cure ? sold retail 11 1 3d Percox preen und Smith still ii nun and Craig Willie i Street Bottrill snit i Lynch and Barnett Georgo Street 1 Cothren Durha i is Root Tromaine lamp Ell and Hall and Brown Keppell a treat a. Hall and Trezise Jthn Winuk a Trout Aud Kirkpatrick Milltown ? and wholesale from Tho household manufacturing Pauy Baths Rel. ? agents wanted ?. I ladies. Ladies. Uso the australian household Haking powder and Eug powder. It. Is tie Best mounded the highest Otbo Ierio a d purity. Packed in a ? Jauchl lib Tius and warranted full weight powder with out Ipa Kago. Compar invited with any make in the world. Once used always used hold input Respa table store 1 keep Bra. Beo hand in hand Brand whole Aalo from Tho Tho Woholo Mauu featuring company Bathurst. just published. ?,.-,and i ?-.i All the batn1 St booksellers Vigo life. Yin /. South Wales Vandiemen s land. 1. & a r Weitig a reprint in Book Korni,1 the first two parts Early australian history recently pub Lish cil in the Bathurst daily pm pre namely part i a the Story the ten governors. Part ii the 8tory the convicts. The Book contains 700 pages sensational Inci Lents facts taken from official records and Illus i Rativo every phase the Viet system a Liili a Ras in operation during ? the Irav sixty years 6i a Australia ,1, j / ? Paob 3�, 6ij Post ? 11av Beirad Ipsom i. Messes. A a. Jones m in Jan ii Trecle. Mrs. Norwood Wiliam Garect i i -.? ? ?. ? ? ?.? . T. K. . A Smith George Street Mali m.1 kill one George Street c. Joseph Howick Street . L. D. Marshall Howick-8trcct� a a Book has yet been published in which tha ii Cit victims has been Ileal with haunt Cly As in convict like Ami As thu Kincid Multi therein recorded a re Abul my try it will form a Tii Luaulu n.8ent axiom Olsi Danu in a nil m their friends in the old country. A a Fotr liver Al x and kidnsy3 n ? mud a a cd in a it i a is per 1 1 it ill Lay jul Ohmi 1 v,bh1 Art Mutt rust a if run a Fri printed. Forms. V i a 1 Uili dec Ipili i in ii Ali form distr the Warran Amite Obi Winnd in a Ingle pm in 1 Rahoi at Tki paper ii 11 1 1 1 1 business directory. Rows fest Dan Detloph bitters Avery w., Jho Mist. William ? ?. We re commend there nit tech Uken two three Atkins b., bricklayer Koppel Strett ? ? ? ? Timica a Day a Wieglus an adult Small out nth Bliss j., in Krakor Russell oct Oti debility dyspepsia Rich Nattam and Contan runner train store William St Toub affections. A a a ,. Horham j., Rutcher Corner Goorge & i Iper the action Dand , a Ciau ? Apo ii a a Beaver. C. .m.p. Build ii Wiliams. Is Jesu hrs rss ? Brinn run k., uric maker Kelso re reins suffering from Shin i cease Mil find there bitten1 Bidden fencer Morrissitt St inra Luhlo. Bray tailor Gcorge at. Luik actions use.,. Dennett . Furniture dealer Cornet Ltd Skull and our Wilif Klawit two Oliree Lime a Day after Mehls i Luzj bestir my Ste will 8�ule Audi Tity Vator. Young people about Lull aks?,Wil,Iau,St. Is lionnur.c., dealer Corgo Street Heb what a medical gentleman says about rates j., George a Trout -.? ? tube. ? Beruty H., Small debts court Bailiff Mitre so. Mesara. E and co. C Bathurst Hoap works Howick a treat with links Fuai a ass at Hunt Newa Agency Koppel Street ? ? ? Sistos. . at i Taj Presy tried. Emiti ii. A Painter. A Pipor St ?. ? y hs1srii fe1ite8 Curtis Hopeman J., architect. Piper Bree .--.? a. Bound. Market hotel Corner William and port Adelaide october 30, 1880. I i. Cobb & co., coach Dull Oil Willham it ? with liver complaint and Icen under several doctors it Curtis co., jewellery a Howick St without an curative Levault. I. Have Only taken two bottle c00ij., Baucic i a a complaint iry Wem. xrpj0un ., Caffery thou Avill Rinkor sic wart it ? Tain Worth air jul Al. 18t s Cole j., Dairyman bound houses Orange Quad Paadin . A a a a a a l8s7 Curley f., Dairyman etc., Morr Sbott i Boru. K. undo ? Raiff 11. A. Grocer a William & Pipier rets Tricaso Send me at if. A i a . s Campbell j., Baker a George and Keppel streets lao Teton Betteb pm is Crapo k., National roller flour Mills i n.bort-81 Rel .?c0 Yves pro Ray Ever healthy i Soehren j., general stores Durham Street him very glad fir the Sake society. 1 can hone Auy vouch Cornwell P., Grosor �o., Keppel Street ? Fui thunk far. I _ _ Carson corporation works William a Sade Kliott. A Tibet ? ? ? r ?. A ? a ? ? a ? Campbell & fall general Sorou Kappll Striet Sruv m Large ska cell croaker 0., lib Cotor Sale Yard a Stewart ? a Mem a Durack a lib Sidy & croaker.,auction car a. ? v i ? a 50ip5 Duely t., Engineer in Charlotte Street g cd Elsm Dowar asen., brio Malier Durham Street. Ddts Twy Gartrell Painter ., Keppol Burcet. Bsinffii9uibllto a Oronan l., Carpenter Piper a tract \. Feb i i Shvili i Fli fib Mil Owilliam c criterion hotel Stanken & Kuppu uth. Kix s7 Gorman t., Cabman Rankon strict ,. Hso i i Grant 1, Tanner i Morriszett Street ? vib i run grart.iw., Tanner. A Kan Ken Street thy it fokuhbdmati8m. ? Hud Boni wih.tco., merchants Bentinck Usk Burns and scan ill 1 Kennel and Pii trouts try a Olid Sorks. Hodge. A., Burdor Tekor Bentinck and pipe used stiffness jo1ntk. Hallid�8 tinned a Hubbell Street. ? a kll0w8 Ito vb1i1� it Mvi a hobbs.j., bricklayer Stewart strict established 8o hulks g.,, Piper Street. /. I a ? Arn Ari an in ii Rny Iii adv i Hurley a Hoyal hotol.wiliia.sl. Eimm Only Ward an. Com1any.hansard A., Louie decorator Llu Boll a tract Josephson s Powell & Green auctioneers &c., Market Bitil Ding Anet valian ? aim Wnm Kkt Hine j.,1 architect Gcorge so ? ? ? ? ? ? Illus a Liall Thiehl. Lodge s., Q. B. Stores. Piper & Bentinck its.? 1 v ? Koyal letters tent. Hutchinson j., bricklayer it Carling Ford it text rhe most useful ointment d the world Bajt Hardy a violinist 4p,. Howick Street womb ? Inglis Inglis William Street ,. A Premier. Ointment in the Southern Hemi Johnsen,w.,,1c, George a sir a is Susz Jones w., Carpenter Crockott St. That there a such an article a Josephson a ointment Jaye pc ? Freeman tinsmith in tec Bentinck and purely the production the Colony composed wild Nln Nta i ? ? the country and nowhere Pine the principal Ames a pm cordial manufacturer c.morrissetthli.theetjoai,, amed throughout & Totlis . And a., Tati nors a Wilhm St 1. Josephbon1 ointment in purely Vemta ble and outran Jacobs Chapman watchmaker & jeweller William teed free from Alm ois Nouh qualms no .1 Btrim ? i ? ? artificial Coloruno a Tho Green Clorin eat rated juwell1v.at.furnitoro dealer o.,geor8e.btreot i /. the pure Green Plant which defy Imi ution. Jewell w., Painter a Durham Stree who Liu Buffer Flom a ?. When one application will relieve i Kolk & co., drapers Willii Iii St. ?. ? i ? ? ? Kilborne m. read Mir a better big try Yoors Alveh. K re land pcian1 surgeon Keppel pig set a ir11 Tif Suffis k0ii& Ashman Georgo Street it Liberty use this if Iceldia posed i Kunnedy 0., Din lorb Castlo William Stroot. ?-,?.? ? 1img ?t1ss5v ,1 ,.- Kirkpatrick mrs., Armoor a Iloo Kutt Havannah Sta ? i a. Bolo Mahb office ,1 Bricklayer Pool ? air. E. . I Kelly a Dairyman Midas Street i Surbir a i beg add my Traub buy. the wonder Tel _ ?. I. A a 1 a i1?curative. Powers Era Ellison ointment.1 my Yoti tirces Maui Erynn o., daunt and suffered a conned Erble period from Whit in Lee i mun., overseer Goveri Mont contracts cum Motily called Boro head Tho Scalp being atom Raof 1. I prurient Poilu the Tuut irritation being very Irrett and at Hubbell Street ,. 1 Al kit. Front the obit Iii the head Mould in Caiung Iri Mclntosh a solicitors Georgo St i Oreaner Puin and frequently the nigh thresh was covered Vith a my Jcj no &-i., Wick treatment Carbou adj without any effect reveral Martin a Whoeler Iglitz a Durham at my friends advised me. try the australian ointment it ,8i Duke hotel William 4 Wickst ? which i laughed Elev inf in its Virtues at taut i Mill Iiran viral in arct inn William. At ? i i applied it myself and am pleased thus publicly 1., tint a Nugget inn Wii am . I a that the furl App Micati m gave almost in stint reef. Macha Uii phy8icmn.goorg�-, 1 i Tho held had a Good night s sleep the first time Many Marmion a., general storekeeper Trunkey. Previous weeks and in a few Days my great astonishment Tyro Adair Yamtin poor Man s hollow tmh.ea1d, ouse a a i im3y a a Fco a a a a a ? a 3�� think proper Mugridge Builder Buwen Onset ? Thiell Ray a Trul Nicholas Weeke chemist. 1 met Lugo a i Dairyman Lambert Street ? pm Rry Mantta. 711. 1 is .i .\�y�w. I a1 $%$3�$fthi-0st.p0fdxar a in the Colont a Norman j., contractor Koppel 1 i i it im7 Fea i Naylor 0. William professor music Wuhl ,ii�,r in a1. 1a i Iliili Edingb i Polvi pm \ pc i i 1 1? get v i Oaks Aw., auutioiiuuib.4o., Iso Hool arts a a a. My i.�, 9 i a 8 i i ly�%.i torn Vulio Rii it. 1. ?O Connor .u66tnitilcuri it Outino Howick a . Read Tho Lownik Ulin Nical examination ? 1 a i n Ii a 1 a ? ? ? nil at onto Velnoe their parity a i uros., painters. &c., Piper Street ear ,. Laboratory. ? probb1 z . Am copy Vercial school i Sis 3$$ is ssh a a Toigo buiwing8,dontinckr8t a Edward an.company and find it romarkabtfusj1 Pitt Ondrish w., ,.o., Bentinck St Tanbin flavour containing about 16 per cent a very Nan h ? slum inv a willium at alcohol and holding in oltion n dear Liol Cumio tire bum Vann ? air l�owh1�ii Meihs 1 bitter Oonah Lnch with a faulty ploy Arema. I considers Rayno u., co., Alit town. Bitter n very Superior Arriolo. Preen and Smith it ochre and ironmongers Wil. We. Johnson. Liam . I. Mjili \ ? ? Ovorn nut analytical Cli Omert. 1 itt Endrigh g., a contractor pcrt., a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Lony Are Paterson d., Rathur Academy Stewart . ? bitter shows they Are Superior All others and a qualm Parker Jobiah Cholst and druggist Glasmire Vic. M. Pfahl h., pm into a Howick Sweet ? facts break loader , player j., House and commie Parenti Georgo . A a i a ii yjijis03 5sljta?S�in Aiumu a Kewa Erel a a 1 Roberts mrs Farmers arms Vale Road. That 1 feel it Inlet blown Trio in Hiliu Tontalo that i Liaw Rivotto bro�., wheelwrlpht8, c. Kelso ? been one ring Many a from waa Knopsn Trio St Maou Ito Nhill it Plum line piimr., ? i ? id called Uye icon in. Land have been cured my swi iss so. Kussen St. lha Bookard H., pawnbroker Igeorge-�lreet. 1. Ilium complaint will . Spencer Phi Bician Kernel ,. A feed . Hewitt i Sawyer w.,Jun. Undertaker \villiam-al1 a wlm i at 18,1881, Rem Bambrook J., bricklayer Keppel St i i ? is Kiwi . Huh Dumoit Simmons w., bricklayer Stanken . ? a. ,.?. ? a i a ? Asta pc , contractors fetch Wick it .-., ,. Tm\�yv.is Kkt set a Snider w., fencer near Ilai Way a Niue shod a Aarau and Iii inc Atli Vulant children it Smith A shilling gift depot Geol st1 ? Al a Nii Dott Syi items without prod St. Stanislaus College Bentinck St. Of spirit cannot better the Nitako ? ? a a Hcrman jno., cordial manufacturer Morr Ibbott a ? ? Bara w., fru Torer Coorg Cstreet read certificate re8pectino Are Puritt. Stair Cj.fruiterers a Keppel in William its. Viii carefully examined a Bottlo rows bnuu1 Stretton j., City Mis..Ry, George Street is Ftp is is Susz Troviso w., general scores Bentinck it from being perfectly free from any Inja Looi a Homobona. G., ,lit %s%ti��3kffisi Thompsn. A., Groat Western 1 Annery Keno ? 1 signed John a Kurop Anant. Tromain.rv., Victoria Mills Kiniel . december 28, Lagg ? ? Tremain k., Victoria stores Kenol ,. A a a a a. A my ? a Thomas j., Kru Itoro Wilham Kows it Kalb a lab. Taylor Auctioneer a William Street. Has aug a Cauca Many peons from the cd uuello Naseo Farden Muon mrs., ladies Tureo Morrissett Streetv v hib. Wjk Wood and. Coal Mero Hinta Ini Auty. It Wulin Assfy Tho cravings Natur Creato a and forwarding age Georgo bar out �iroforfuocll-iiiu�idotdrlnk.,Asan anti Rebelle is Nan Raimo Vine Oul j., Aua Trallis Arras George 4 Durham Sta. Try them.1.wmtatatr0? Nve a Lff Muster geor8fl-8t Mainu a thred Vale ptoj5 tors Whit Law a. Dentist Ilham a Aedward and ii. ? White bros., House and estate agents free Ptim George Stroei Worth. Fuci Goorge St ? ?.- can Ojito Liick aug glue and a Pelt merchants through Oil will Tui x. W., watchmaker . the Colony ?.? . A solicitor in Wulliam St. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? a Point j., burial artist Etimet ? ? 1 ? ? ils 9 via de bros., Louin Grigors Rankin Street. R.,. A a via Williams Ason retry Starr Bowkett Howick . It. Cab a Tki is. 13 sltri1ti a a 0 Whalan g., Printer . ? Olav Ltd a Iii Wlliams co., drillers a Depp Cliteal ? a. A a,.r ?. % a St ? Webb t., Boot Abker Chi wet Bomati i Jaisli a Van a Ruwa. ? notice subscribers. Subscribers in town county who. May receive their copies the bib i regularly Are requested Rommuno irate. Without delay with the Propri Elorn in Ordor that any Rais takes May boat once remedied. C. S. White proprietors. ?.? a it a. A this Trad. I Ofca coat ? i hftr1 in the world. 1 1 a St air Len. I reliable seeds fruit Trees bulbs a farm Garden and Flower seeds. ? ? Best sorts. C ? in null a Lull qty. Pm Cutah in. Ujj Kalanii ri.9.1 it. 4qui. 3s9d i alive . Lam ? is a . A. At. . Is m uck.6josm. A i . I ? pm pm a. ? ? samples Forir Ardad Fri application. 4hohton a Champion purple 3wi� Tulp. Aliu Zirel were Al i arg Borui. La. 61. Potato Early Bose and str a oru. A can splendid samples a Ham Laiitani-rrihbd.oapariarlar. Nir Lyrian Oats Traa vat ohm Clow what. A Inu Hunter rarer Leewu stud. A mgr took 0 ill agricultural seeds. ? Flower seeds was smile did collucl., Post Frt. a. Fruit Trees sssh1 25 n the oat . Large . seeds Tab Ted before Bei Mouht a at All order most Jib a Hemasa Otty nf�fno3. Ports Nail Parnot i per . E. Horton & co., hat1m4bkb1 seed stores. Hay Street ? Hay Myket ? Sydney. Juar Authony Cordara . Siai Tii i manufacturers and importers Veky d18ck1pti0n 02,3 George Street Sydney 3 doors South Hunter Street. A Leahj spills. The greatest remedy the 19th Century liver kidneys.,Puel Ahod from dandelion and not1 a Trace Mercury Mineral simply culled from Dun nature s oar done have been taken. Succes full. In the Colonia and India the list 20 Yearb a and Aro admitted Tho Sarida the safest a Only genuine pimps All that May nip with Linkk and kidnky8, with Ila Nevi table consequences Bilio incan indigestion tend ache sickness shoulder pains Hurt Borni and Kulatti Lewico ? ? i1 ? Ijar i i a. Viv. Of All forme Medicine an per Lieut fun queues the Rua test Caro Upil twin Jiu Blic nliould1 tie sat arled that Wlms Trihy unite1 in Ijo Iii Jade simply a Pil indefinite position acid wit i oar changeable Pliny Etc Aura Ham s Nixb will at ence Kab Licy Loiseb Adan pipes Over ail the i pills and potion that re Cirini Tantle before hero i those suffer in from dyspepsia and the thousand tort turns a stomach order whether the Cana. Be cold excess eating Ilrine kit fatigue Oft body mind Active Bedo Tarj life Abi Nauam Pills rivalled. As an ape Rient edmo i they also unequalled Bel a Jivise Thoy weaken a result hitherto obtained although great importance those residing in tropical in Sale these pills has caused dangerous imitations. sure and ask Abraham s pills1 a Safe Medici my ladies the reason is they Are Piir Cly u Euble position dandelion and Cip Romly suited the Constitution and requirements women. This cup clips the great Success and Golden opinion which follow their use thousands say. They say All trouble effectually remove All impurities the i beautify the complexion headache no. Pain Flushing giddiness anxiety they make work a pleasure and existence a . -0 ? sep Bioh ant other know Lum feud sure video melted Iby misrepresentations. In a Rahab fills and explain anon Souci Talo induce take a substitute1 i sold ,it Iii As and i pc Rex i in ? prop Only Jim. By a. S a i Rainia 1 Jar tub Laboi Touy i. I 434 .orrje-Street, sit i hat1iuh8t. L Linti Siml with and cell Oatkin seaihb1 with i soft Propri Lara it the co Trio i Aihui i Rrt ? ? front Mil tining ,1 Corgi . In attn Ris i ? Tai the ii a ii in wuss in i. ? Fife i ,fi3tf-/ Jim
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