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Bathurst Free Press And Mining Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 3

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Bathurst, New South Wales Round every Day l had a customer named u Cosgrove i and mrs. Joseph Godfrey Junior i1 made the entries in the Day Book at his dictation a mrs. Godfrey account shows a indebtedness of /41 6s the entries. In Cosgrove s account Are ? made from the Day Book and her account shows a indebtedness of 18s 6d mrs. Morgan s lick Burnens of iis3d when i sent out is accous t i in de Cember she paid 5s on account had sent accounts to the different parties by Pri Soner he left me before 1 found put any Deal cations. ? a i Ito or. Heydon i discharged him be Ca use he came late one morning he left and i asked him to come Back since he left he made a complaint that late because 1 had played a capital joke upon him by putting Jalopy in Uii Suea this complaint was not True he used to sell on Cash and credit he paid me sometimes in the Yava i did not keep any record of the meat he took out nor of the amount he paid Rne when he Canie Back prisoner has not paid any Money on these accounts but 5s i kept my father s accounts before i opened business myself sometimes mis takes were made but this was not always my fault As moneys were paid Over the counter in my absence and not accounted for we never had any disagreement Over it but he. Had told me. To be More parti Cular in the future on he spent a Sli Illing bit his Banc account and he told me of it i heard he had some in Tention of entering a action against me a its. Mcloughlin. Ordered ome meat and it was never sent r possible that i sent an account to jag Smith tier it bad Beeri pair me most Mcreery of Kelso has disputed accounts sent to her byte �8�1 Van. I ? ? a ? to a juror prisoner would never take a Book although wished him to do so. To or. Heydon i went occasionally but ievers Todoki m Book Al entered the amounts when i returned. To .to.ajuror, Woulla take it As a Correct thing1 or an employee tit to take a Book and enter the amounts when he came Back i checked the amount of meat a join out and coming Back. Lilly Golf Rev with of George Godfrey Raglan deposed i used to take meat from Uris once every time lie came round in Ryan s cart always paid Lii Rin for Soni times once other times twice and three times a week when prisoner left Al owed ids arid Liis i paid to another Man for Ryan i always told him not to Book As i intended to pay ready Cash. To or. Heydon the 10s that was owing when he left was for Mear taken the week previously. J Martin Cosgrove of Raglan deposed that he always paid prisoner for the meat be delivered to or. Heydon my wife Soni equines Ompok the meat. _. J a mrs. Morgan deposed to buying meat k from prisoner for which she paid never received a Bill from Ryan while accused was there and she never paid Hiilis on account of a debt due of 10s she did not. Remember what separate amounts she had paid. ? John p., Ryan re called said made out the accounts to be delivered by prisoner after he left these accounts were posted and it was then that the discrepancies were discovered. 1 to or Heydon a Man named Tennis has been on that run since prisoner left and business was carried out in the same Way As it was when prisoner was there he used to keep a Book an entry in Gar land s account was an error it should have been to another customer it is not carried out i had Laid an information against prisoner for embezzling a sum from Garland but this was withdrawn. Or. Heydon Tor Tho defence addressed his Honor to show there was no Case to go to the jury. He agreed that mistakes in accounts was not embezzlement. It must be shown that prisoner had appropriated the Money to his own use but this had not been done. There had been no proof that in the amounts of Cash paid on reach time he returned the accounts from cars. Godfrey and others were not included. No books were kept and no record made of tie amount of mean sent put nor returned 5 Neuer was there any Book kept of the amount of Cash received a and it was possible that in these amounts paid ? was included these payments. The Crown i had failed to prove thai prisoner had riot made these payments Elfr or. Ryan had taken the Ordinary Means to keep his books All this evidence a would have been supplied Blit the evidence could riot be Given on supposition it was not for the prisoner by paid Over these a Mauritsi but for Ali Crown to prove that i he Hadnot. Done so. The onus of proof was on the Crown Yard the had left this wide Peh Kat Vej arid jihad Ynot prayed Liat Ryan was Al Boref Man by is by prisoner s action. The had proved that his books were wrong but this was not an indictable offer icel it would be very Dah Gerbus if Fth s kind of. Thing . T said that he considered there incas a Case to go to the jury. ? the1 prisoner then made his statement to the jury which was to the effect Liat every Penny he had received he paid to or a ? i a i of. A or t a Patrick to Nelly Butcher deposed i a a was in or. Ryan s employ when prisoner was there i used to go about 5 of clock andr prisoner came a Little later Ryan used Hini the neat Supi Clinies 1 prised 6fteritobe away with Niy orders before prisoner came have been 1 there when prisoner returned have never seen the Vica weighed ,1, am Alii Liu Ryan s employ. A a to the Crown pros ecu tar have heard prisoner a giving his Uii Trieste Ryan and have seen Ryan enter them in a Book. Barnet Mcguire deposed 1 have been in Ryan s employ never remember seeing Ryan weigh the meat which was sent out in the cart it was sent out from All parts of the shop Uever weighed after my brother s return. To the Crown prosecutor it is pos sible my brother started sometimes before i arrived at the shop if in Ever did it was not More tharr on e re ? George Alfred Thompson Tanner of Kelso ? deposed that prisoner had worked in his Yard for a time he was in a Posi. Don of Trust and 1 had always found him upright and honest Ojha be trusted him with hundreds of pounds. I ? ? a w ?-.-? ? a George Hayward and William Ingersolli deposed to haying known and ? pm t played prisoner. Haa always found him honest and straightforward. A Williamp Rockliffe teacher of the pub Lic school at Kelso had known him for four years As honest and straightforward. John Ryan re called in answer to the jury said that of the receipted Bills corresponded with the amounts in the Ledger. Or. Heydon addressed the jury. His Honor summed up and the jury without. Leaving the Box returned a a verdict of not guilty. Prisoner was then discharged. Cattle stealing. Richard Reynolds and John Kelly were indicted for that they on the 12th March 1890, did steal one cow Lilje property of James Cartwright. A second count charged prisoners with receiving same knowing it to have been stolen. Plea not guilty prisoner was defended by or. Heydon instructed by or. A. G. Thompson. Case proceeding Bathurst District court. Before his Honor or. District court judge Docker his Honor took his scat 011 the Bench at to . ? ? the bar was represented by or. Butter the local attorneys Weru present. C. Jones and co. V. F. 84 3s 6d, goods verdict for plaintiff for amount claimed. Or. Kenny appeared for plaintiff. It was stated that defendant had become bankrupt i r. Williams and another v. W. claim for13 16s.�? work clone. Postponed by consent until next court. H. Prior y. �25 16s 6d. Dishonoured pro. verdict for plaintiff for whom or. Thompson appeared. Be Pendant did not appear John Fleming v. Same a �36 is cd dishonoured pro. defendant offered Al per month and plaintiff accepted the offer. A verdict for plaintiff for whom or. Thompson . Mcphillamy Jun. V. Patrick Sewell �19 is cd. Dishonoured pro. Note. A postponed by consent. ? ? and co. V.1�? Waugh j. B. Delhunty Garn slice so 3s 6d. A ver dict by consent with costs to be deducted from the judgment debtor s claim. A or. S. W. Webb appeared for plaintiffs. Same v. Same w. I Brook Garnis Liee. A �9 is 2d, g6pds sold. Verdict for Plain tiffs for whom or. S. W. Webb appeared. Ashworth a. claim for a to 10s. A defendant offered i to pay a i per month and this offer with costs was accepted by plaintiff for whom or. Thompson appeared. I ?.-, i ? a. Harding a mrs �12 2s Lyd dishonoured pro. . Kenny for plaintiff for whom a verdict for the amount was Given. John Knapp v. L. to Money alleged to be due for services rendered and costs incurred in recovering debts. A or. Webb for plaintiff and or. Thomp son for defendant plaintiff a commis Sion agent deposed that defendant had laced several debts in his hands for col Lection and upon plaintiff representing that some of the debts were not Worth proceeding against. Two were picked jut and defendant said if plaintiff was out of pocket by the proceedings he would pay to. The parties were sued and judg ment obtained but the parties went insolvent and nothing was recovered plaintiff was �13 Odd out of pocket by the transaction he had made repeated appeals to defendant who replied that plaintiff had done everything at his own risk. A to or. Thompson the first arrangement was that i would receive 33 per cent of the debts recovered did not Tell or. Mcphil Lamy anything about this i would pay the costs out of my pocket 1 had to pay the costs to or. Mcphillamy who was my lawyer 1 told defendant i would go to him rather than to his lawyer. A for the defence Louis Edgley deposed it was not True that he offered �10 if plaintiff was out of pocket he gave defendant a list of debts to collect at 33 per cent commission but if lie had to sue any of the. Parties he must pay his own costs in the matter ? witness had rib knowledge that the parties were sued until he received notice to attend court a a witness lie was positive that he had never said any thing about giving /10 for expenses in Case of loss. To or. Webb soon after the. Cases were settled the account was sent to me but 1 wrote Back saying that i had nothing to do with it i received 10 from another debtor whom plaintiff had sued and i paid him the 33 com Mission upon that 1 was acting for Plain Tiff in giving evidence in the Casehis Honor gave a verdict for defendant with one witness 10s 6d. ? Georg Hayton v. James �50 claimed for breach of for plaintiff or. Thompson for defendant. George Hay ton deposed that he made an. Agreement with or. Smith to cart some Iron Ore at 5s per ton went later on arid purchased some Ore at 3s per ton and v told the men that or. Smili would cart this Smith said he would live the Ore at the station next Day,1 arid Plain Tiff then ordered two trucks at the station to carry the Ore a Way or. Smith did riot Send Onu this Day to claw the Ore and i have not seen him since sent a letter about ii and his son replied saw the son latest on and he said i iwas Worth 7s per ton to cart saw two other men and told them to cart it but they have to Cross or. Smith s ground to get to the mine and Smith would not let them plaintiff considered he had lost a so by or. Smith s action might have made 2s 6d per ton on the John Wardman a Miner working for or. Hayton heard Conversa Tion Between plaintiff and or. Smith heard Smith say he would Send one team to the diggings the next Day and also Send the other team when it returned. A Farmer deposed that he saw or. George Smith in reference to drawing some Ore from the diggings told Hayton that he would Liell Smili to draw the i James i Smith Farmer and Grazier living at Newbridge said he Hail never entered into any agreement j j with plaintiff had a conversation with plaintiff and told him that he would get his son working on his own a count to do. The workout Wade no agreement did not Promise to Send two teams to the diggings two men ? came later on and asked could they pass through my land with rebut i refused them met Hayton to Newbridge next i Day and he said nothing at All about the affair. A George Smith son of defendant deposed that plaintiff asked him to draw some Ironstone Hayton Cariie. Again next Day and asked him if he intended to draw it witness said he would do so on condition that he got his Money from below or else got paid for every Load As it was drawn or. Hayton then went away with out any ? agreement being Ben Jamin employed at Newbridge station knew plaintiff saw him and Young Smith talking together onor about the 20th Jan. Or. Heyton asked 1 Smith in witness presence i whether he would draw the Ore Smili asked what Price he would give and Hay Toh said 5s Smith then said this was not enough they came to no agree ment then. A his Honor summed up and found a verdict Lor defendant with costs. Meyers arid wife y. John this was a claim for Tso. For injuries. A the plaint set Forth that plaintiffs sued the defendant for that tie defendant on t he 25th Day of january 1891, by the violence of his conduct and language so frightened. The female plaintiff that she became very seriously ill was confined to her bed her life placed in very great danger and her infant child s health was rendered precarious and delicate whereby the female plaintiff was put to great expense Cost and suffering and was other Wise greatly injured in Siirid and body and prevented from following her usual and Ordinary occupation. And the male plaintiff was thereby put to great Cost and expense was prevented from following his usual occupation and was caused great trouble of mind arid loss of Money or. Webb appeared for plaintiffs and or. Thompson for Meyers wife of John Meyers deposed As to the birth of the child and that for Days after this defendant came and kicked up an awful Row at the door and then came and put 1 his head in at. The open window and used violent j language saying i Liat if he caught my son he would tear him from limb to limb witness said that this con duct of Hall s caused her to be Laid up for six weeks and to lose All nourishment Fot the child the doctor was attending wit Ness for three weeks. A John Meyers de posed was called Home froth work on 23rd january and have lost several Days Worl through having to attend to my wife in consequence of her / being ill through this ? ? fright a i went to Hall on the sunday and ask cd him Why he a Deslich a disturbance and he said he did not know mrs. Myers was so ill told him that if he had had any complaint to make against my son he should have waited until my return Home ? Hugh Kirkland deposed mrs. Myers attended her during her confinement she went on very Well until the 22ad when i was sent for in a hurry found her in a very bad state she was delirious1 was told that this was caused by a fright one effect was the natural nourishment for the child was stopped the child fell off considerably and the the woman was hindered very much a fright would cause this to take place and soother cause was apparent which would have produced these results. A Annie Myers daughter of plaintiff deposed know Hall in january last a in the House when Hall came to the House cursing and swearing told Hall that Mother was very ill he Shook his fist in my face and i shut the door he then went to the window put his head in and used very bad language told him i would Send for the police and he said to Send for them and i d see what they would do was there for three or four minutes my Mother went out of her mind and 1 went for the nurse who came and sent for the doctor Mother was in bed three weeks or a fortnight after that. A to or. Thompson he came to the Kitchen first and complained that my brother had thrown a rope round his son s neck and t said i would have Hini punished when my father came Back he Saidi la not wait for that i la kill him i la murder him i la from limb i have never told my Mother what took place or that could say to Day. A mrs. Mahony midwife deposed that she attended mrs. Myers 1 during her sickness she was getting on very Well until after the disturbance after which she was hysterical calling out that the Man be etting1thrbugh the window to murder her and her children witness had to attend her several Days longer than than . Annie Thomas Der posed that she saw. Defendant at plaintiffs House and heard him using bad language through the window. A for the defence Jno Hall denied that he used any bad language when at House he went to has Back door to complain a bout a lad of his being Lasso oed by plaintiff soon when the two girls called him names he did. Not create any disturbance but said that if they did not come Dawn and see How his boy had been injured he would summons the lad he did not. Put his head in the window for it beyond his reach he had never seen plaintiff s wife be fore theople Ningon this court he summoned the boy for injury to his William Mcnaulty deposed that be lived opposite plaintiff s House and saw defendant go there and Tell them about the boy lie did not conduct himself in a i violent manner he could not have put his head in Folie window without a fitness seeing him and he was positive he did not put his head in heard the girls Call defendant an old fool.tp defendant was on the Footpath All the time and did not go into the Yard at All. To his Honor a May have lost sight of him for a moment i saw him walk Down from his House and Stop at the Gate 1 turned to look if mrs. Thomas was. At. Her door listening to the Conversa Tion i Don t think he could have gone to the backdoor without my seeing him. A ,1 wife of last witness de Posea that defendant went into the Yard and then came out to the Gate saying he would take Means to have the boys corrected he did hot Iise bad language the window was shut and he did not put his head in he did not stand outside the Gate talking a to tar. Webb ,1, did not say to Hall is boy that she saw his father at the window and it was not right. A this was the Case for the or. Webb called Annie Myers in reply and she stated that she heard mrs. Mcnaulty Tell Hall s boy that she had seen his father at the window and it was not. Right that was on monday morning. To or. Thompson i sent my sons to school that morning As usual. A his Honor in summing up said he Felt bound to believe that Hall had committed the trespass and also frightened mrs. Myers and therefore found a verdict for plaintiff in. The sum of �30. A i of court Lefi sitting .1 Juh today s telegrams from our own correspondent ? Sydney monday. Another fire. Hackshall s. Biscuit factory in Forest Lodge was destroyed by fire yesterday the 3000. ? ? the t ,.of. postmaster general has1 ordered a strict enquiry to a Einarc into the reported forgery of postage Stamps. Latest cablegram. from so Nev papers i 4. I London in Day Britain and Portugal. Ii lord salisbury1 has demanded that Portugal shall immediately allow Fredoph of Trade for the British ships in Zambesi territory otherwise England will take forcible measures. An american Jack the Ripper. A murder 1 took t place in new York on Friday night under circumstances similar to those of the London tragedies. It is attributed to Jack the Ripper v police april 27th 1.891. Of be of the police magistrate riotous language Martin Kenny was charged with be having in riotous manner and with using obscene language in George-Street.he pleaded guilty to the behaviour but said lie did not remember anything about the Constable Greenaway deposed that he arrested prisoner at j o clock on saturday evening for fighting at the same time he used some filthy languagej�? George Craig a stranger deposed that prisoner was stripped to the Waist want ing to fight everybody and when the police went to arrest Jim four or i rushed infiried �5 or two months in gaol v v2 in & i.-\. F to d Edward Edwards was similarly charged. He had been fighting with Keniry. A fined up Rijs rites in ? i Drujnkennessadani Pendlebury was discharged for drunkenness. K 3iv? i4 a of a --.-. J Phillip a Bremier was charged j with Beha ving a riotous Annet in Georgc s tree on saturday Rii Ghl of he pleaded guilty but As the police said Lic generally bore a Good character he was admonished and discharged. I ?.?- of Money goes out. The Austral sailed on saturday arid took �60,000 sovereigns from the Bank of new zealand for the Condori office. The Tanais from Noumea brought the Captain and Crew of the German ship recently wrecked in the new hebrides1 the shearers r. Two Mei Zibers of the Queensland de. Fence Force have been dismissed for mis conduct during the shearing troubles. I Atalit on the Kail Avi a gatekeeper named Jno Coffey was killed on the North Melbourne railway on saturday night. His Betly was terribly mutilated.? -.? a ? ? Reid. And 1 Arklis. Later. ? or. George Reid intends replying to sir Henry Park Sand or. Barton on Mon Day Ruxi on the federation question. A dishonest ofkjcial.1 a Young Man Narried a Vii Chapi iian was brought up at the police court this morning on a charge of stealing a bag containing a Quantity of jewellery the property of the railway commissioners accused was Post arid Telegraph operator . ? a death of von. von Moltke died suddenly in Berlin on saturday from Syncope he was in his Gist year. La Imp thei remains of von Moltke will be interred in the family vault at presian with great military pomp. / ? the mutinous artillery four leaders of the artillerymen who recently ? mutineer in Gosport Barracks England have Bee teach sentenced to two years imprisonment., the charges of. Immorality it has been proved that Captain Verney m. P., charged with immoral practices i identical with Wilson who was implicated in the Cleveland Street scandal. Billiards. At the billiard match in Bridon Taylor made the unprecedented break of 1467 Titi spot was barred. Another death. Or. Norwood chairman of the India docks company London is dead. Affairs in Chili. A chilian torpedo boat has destroyed one of the insurgent ironclads at Valparaiso with great loss of life. Portugal is sending Large quantities of Gunpowder to the scene of the difficulty in connection with the Willoughby expedition a Brief mention. ? v ? freights Between san Franciaco have Boer further reduced is so a ton. Tho Deniliquin Borough Council Hope that federation will he adopted As a Means whereby the grievances affect aug All the Border districts will be abolished. ?. ?. The race Botwe ii m lean Aud Stanbury for Tho sculling championship ? of the world and �400 is to come off of the Parramatta Eiver on tuesday next. ,1.?.- j the president of the Newcastle chamber of Commerce Hopes that. Australian federation will soon be realised when Newcastle would become the brim no hat of the Southern seas. A ? the russian government Are Reno Wing their1 claim to certain sealing rights in the Bohring so pc ?v1 ? .?., i In consequence of the recent arbitrary action of the Portu Kose authorities in South Africa the British nov frument Are dispatch three gun Bonts to Delagoa . A it is alleged that one half of the members pc Ritly returned to the Canadina House of commons obtained their seats by Means of corruption sir John m Donald and or. 0h. Tupper inc ludo., .,-?1 i. Tho 1 Irish Soce Dors Havu Ciul logged or. Parnell to release the funds lodged Iuo Anks in Paris to Tho credit of the Irish National league ? defects Liao Boon discovered in the a tubes and torpedo tubes of the australian Cruiser Mildura and her trial trip hat been postpone in in consequence. ? j the Price of Silver in the London Market i steady. ? 1. Bulgaria asks Tho Porto to rec Guiso Piinuu Fordi Viand us ruler oth Orwine the of Tho country will by declared. \ ? ? numbers of tho1 Pennsylvania miners of Latriko Bavo Beoh evicted from their Homos a. Pit Hod Battle took place when Tho Sor Vicos of the militia Woro utilised and Many inc curb ii Jurod. ?., ,i--.-.vii7 a / u i Tho Lvov. Mark Guy Pearso thu popular Webb you minister will o accorded in we Duomo to now South Wales it the Cote diary a All howl Friday 0.1 of no. a. . F it he visits week a in ? \ death of father Janet of the Catholic Inis Nion at Yule Island. A announced i ?.?.? j i. Nei irly 100,000a of land , applied for under i Refal Llasos on Behan. Fields Tasa iania11 ploughing has Hoeu Somme used i the Low lying localities in t the Tumut District ? ? ? Eun Balong oud Ellivo and other put Icsis an Uoo Poi rating w Ith i bar Modman ? in the ?. Agi Tut for11 ? railway Fri in Temora to Hillstom 1 via . A. _ ?. Ithe opt error of West Australia Haa abandoned hib visiting Eri Glaud. Thu1 Wesley in Church at mount Flea Sun in the Gudding District was burst opon last wok and the cutouts were Damulis hed or distr Range d. The i so att Wero broken or turned upside Down Tho uha Dolier smashed and a part of it forced Bottoe Utho rafters. Tho legs ? of thu tables were broken arid the collection Plato twi Tod and rolled up. ,., a ? the trial of John for Tho. Murder of Rose Summers was conc Liridad in Melbourn you Friday the jury found a verdict of guilty witha Strong recommendation to mercy. To was sentenced to death ? ? a destructive Firo scoured at bairns Dule Vic flu Friday coming to the room Mercial h tool and a Block of buildings attached in main and Bailey streets were destroyed.? a Tho Man Davidson who attempted to commit suicide at Tinti Gallogy station Wilcannia District by shooting himself was conveyed by tie it Nurser hero to the local Hospital. The cart Ridge was charge with about 34 ? 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Wlizlo Boklo depot 38 Paddington Road Joudon england1 in the divorce court. ? a chinaman named Kloch Young gee residing in Balarat East has commenced Legal proceedings with the View of obtain ing a divorce from his wife Tessie a Laroch Yungi i a 1joknhy s i petition is based rnai Rily Dri the ground of desertion Jessica absconded with. A. Hindoo some time ago a but there isl Aii Adden Durn in the original document whichr1 As or spared by a celestial interpreter charges the woman with Tod Muc Riey talked with neigh Bors too Niu Clie a paint face and Eye brows of Runchey drink Yuledean Blandy too Nutchey fight too Muchey snore in sleep of in jockey say Killum husband,1 and of Muchey Iio Good ? i Elf Karl Ivull mrs. ? tiie of a simple a remedy by which a a Piete. Tun of emf nut and \ noun in the he a of tort a Kalis. Standing has just been effected will be sent Kek to any tie who applies to j. H. Nichol. Son w6 in a Street Melbourne ?. ? a analyst s Laboratory \ to 138 Bath Street Glasgow september 23rd, 18s6. I. Analysis of a Sample of sunlight Soa received on the 20th inst., from Ilessa ,br6s., War Righton a this soap is a Abri hid i Quai ii. It does not contain n a Trace of either free Alkali or tree Katty j acid to and j consequently cannot ? inc by Thi skin ,0tt kauu1c. I con Sidh it a Soai both As regards it i clime goal composition and the results Wilio Evrit gives in practice. A to baht it. Tatlock k�.s.e., f.c.s., Publio analyst Lor the City of Glasgow. A adv. J wanted a Small Koopsman Jamks Apps Bathurst meat mart.llk.,t / i 7 Anxelia Bood Ujj ii Mujal servant. Vav mrs White Piper Street. Wanted agents for a Good. Selling sex Oan earn Good ilnoomeiapp1y Early As Only a limited number is required. Novelty i Pom ing00.,.bo� 5 76, o.p.o., Sydney n.8.w., ?F 1o tihol1 and pm Mises in Williatt x ? Strobe recently occupied by a. Harding. Apply White Subosi George Street it in a ? n.i5vek it thu Murat Beautiful win tilt orap Kuy Duea a mat Kraals. Usu Mii Juney Burn Iru curable Atli a Aiu new us arid of ?.?/ ,i.ijvib Ibik Krak ii to lab / ? Vyan Ted 1,1 / 0 ? 10,009 Liakus Ani io6op haul ii of,.? ? Ujj j5i . A ? i Rise a Dolivo Rud u Tiu Ite Funi Kris Hoy Statius. ? ? b b Abbitt ? ? a a a ? ? t1 further particulars apply in w. Fugazi food Aud Lukco. Ltd. / int. It. Tvs Antecol Leslear Bathurst x. Sheep proof add tick to 2000mii Al. Lis Heep. ? apply in Bourke i1, ? of k Tayloir it ii i. I i a i j ? / a \ -?-.-. Auctioneers rate burst. Raul annual meeting of ahojuatuub8 r x 1 you by hold in Tom town Fiill Aii Tok suit Al eur Foon Tiu a Blu Vitant at 8 o Solodk f. T6 Fead Rupurt of thu past year and to Rool Folio Era Tor tha a Pming year., All Tia Charity Are Imit Aalund to to lund1n �?z.,. ,.,. A a i pm Tot i l. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? lion thou retry to builders contractors arid. ,. A a ?. Ottlie Rii ?,., Ai bust Waii wooo Doii Vernid at Eliatu Ulm railway station at 12s id por 100 foul Supol i apply1? ? i ? ii. ?.--i1 ,., ,.,a. Paxon 7,. A. Zenolan saw Millu ? upper mount Vittorin. I ,3zb b i n tailor ladies a Oke Ahab Takku. ? ? cafe pcs surplice and Routans ?.,. I 1 lie made to order. ? i ? m in u n i Vui Victoria 31 Ink pc Tel to. A i 1sbethat1you get the bb4ki. A .80pe kaktlt�7 ii a im-rpambrqn.qpm\1,v uridi�9troet, Sydney. A. 1? a Dan web Roet icy w e in Esda y n ova pril ?29 i 891,0 ? \lsbkoollo1aitsittaii .1i Mih. Sii Veip Star minstrels ? .i1 if 1 1 ? to ? i a 5i-.-/ guano of Nevelt to tie widow and j Olyph a is of the i h at or. . Side splitting it fares coir in nig Ert spoon Alitia i. Loag shoe Yunc of amur Ioan Cloffa a Sand jiyu., Tho Bathur St distr la to band ,. .1a Fly or to ver so by icon a 1orous of in 7.15 l a. Ou11ta1n at 8 a Jajio in is ?. I or in a he ill a ,pklpliltl3h, 28.hud la., Luj. ? ?j.1 it a Tisinai Ai Nousi a 1 us in. La. A or. In ?. If. J n.1j.�?a .11 As us vill Titke 1jihouiiiiimtjiutf a a Flur tins . To a Iiii Dini miss Acker Nann s Farewell Lect ires. ? in a Una or a ?.-Ai. I Vijil w a mesday & thursday 29 i women of Asra ,1 1 .-.?p. I.1 a l r i 1 Plewka the Jand Feuu. Dress of riqiel/q.1 b Joey Oij Al Al i .1/i1., d00k3 Oak n Alf i, to Pommie Frnak at a Cleme its Mctear Liyi 1 ? Nathurst . W. ? a. Auction Mars Hwo be Hubai. In Kos ? evaluators i Saleh of .1 fat Stock mondays and. ? thu Days at ithe i Yobp ovation Hale Yard. A.i-. Store Stock 8alks, Yobp oration Sale Yards every wednesday Salks of farm and other Proddia As hhqo1red, atthk1k Salk rooms , a Btu Karimo out balks As Beau Indian two Indian clerks and servants have been taken prisoners at Manipur by the rebels. The commander of the rebels is organising further resistance to the British. ?. -.?.?. ? a -., jul Gil is Slavin and Mitchell the English Chani Pion will fight in new York. ? i
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