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Bathurst Free Press And Mining Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 1

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Bathurst, New South Wales Bani casing and Butcher Supply co. ,. S ib3se Street Darling hair tour Sydneyj and Chicago. Manufacturers of sausage skins dealers in butchers machine and supplies. Of-.? ?. ? a a ? Antiseptic preservingp0wde1 i ? the Best Powali known in any part of the world for curing i Ziats of All description. a i Iii incl in tin of a Llis i mid t lbs. Direct Ink on tins. 112. _ a Timber tar nil general in rom. A. Ii 1 1 1 1 1 i ? 1 1 1 k Myrd we a a of a a a. Mani. Komold Lufi skirt ? Kew Jwj it Una Lemd thai iau1i Timber compact la cited i Obj Many Tor Yanli Blok Watt Bay i i to Al it Al fto1t Oil Thomson i1tio8., j Moori str i i Iii Iii a i quotation Gimp Lor a nor Titus ? i ? 1 ? w v i Wool. Wool. Wool. The australasian mortgage agencyco., h. X the i 3? b x. . X Jubral advances i ado of Stock or station Sec unities and on Wool. Auction a a sales of Wood and khkrp8k1n8 held throughout the year. Hobbs Oen Tkal wharf. Office Exchange Corner 69 Pitt stubby. I 1 Hebbert Luningham manager. Timber in who Fri itly i re com. If 3totj w a itt to builders & buyers in the country. Large and White loaf Baltic flooring lining Aud weather boards to Roan shelving and Cloar Pine. Redwood rpm an q invt Pinr it lumber. Doors sashes skirts Architraves i pfc male & incl Nuble Oregon lumber flooring and laths. In Titi t rftlloi1 Al Iilah Iho heaped Placo in Sydney to order All kinds of cd Lolly lev la Tel Luul building materials from _ ? ? _ ? a. Burns. Wholes e Timber Yards i or. Ballio Whit i Market Street or 82 Erskine by t a ii a treat Helney. G pfc i .?4% a a a Pill v Kliick if a ? a n y a nil Murray a unman a Micro to 17t of twins liver t j y p a p a kidneys j a %.%? i tsp ? j Ball a Bond London. J a met full Hiss ? co. Soli locally by a. W.avery.ohkmibj1. 1 1 a a a a a a a a a a ?.�� a dressmaking. Fish and Oyster Saloon. Mrs. . White Kun Henlly of Kop Iol a Root ,. _ _ Ijes to in Mialo to Hor numerous Riendau and James Thomas a a a hugs to intimate that Liu has now. Opened a dress and Mantle maker fish and Oyster Saloon. A .�?z., ,. ,. 153 Pitt blk but Redfern which vill be carried on in the Tsi Ylo adopted by ,.,.the Best saloons in Sydney. Whore till order from Hor country Wil ? meet with prompt attention. , specially Ough de j. Mykles for Ovora. ? n year Oil Loyld in the Buth Goodwn ref Ano Kmer a i Jiuu s Saloon a Aud is now pc paid la Supply Ottlo co stewed oysters carried oysters feed oysters Fin Morofs Fried fish prawns & lobsters a a n a a at Hie Fol Luwin i i Blob ? a #1 # 1 of if Yah Lerbs. P or finite.1 slews jurries Anil Fries i a i i Al a per plate and Evora thing else at Sydney Pnoebe ? a fresh supplies daily. ? of fac of in b a customers leaving order during the Day i or 1 will have the fish cleaned and Dohve Tod ready for ? m a looking. A Ayak ? lbs Homas Timber. Timber. Timber. \?yzx$2z Mem Mil a of. ?-4---k---4---4� 0���4��2 v Havu now for Sale la Gla Jjo w Pum -p.0�o facet And o. Okyoon flooring a a.6 �7uj.��� Jubi arrived. Sollib cheap Cairn. Cross Mellow j 50 000 feet of Ash l0osi now in Blly a ,�?zw nos Jim ? 100,000 feet 4, 3, and 1 Inch Aud g. Bal to ? 12 . And o. Colonial Pink 4 x 1, b x 1, a a a a of a a a a a and 4 x a to and g Sun d .,.�?z. An. 50,000 of Jlko colonial i Ine Anu Uduak British & foreign Bible society. A or a _ _ _ 70,000 fee1 hawn Sydney uak Dauod Ncik Soviv in and u junk. Cut into any Buou. Some old stoc Tat Low prices Cement and plaster of Paris ? a first Claybu Blip Cut just to hand Beautiful Faulk bibles a a a a a is. A a a so tfx. I i very Oskal. Felloes Naves a. And Ull Al liar Dusar options of material Maud in Norai not Niit Bull Dmn Trado at ?8froby,-, Al Alexander Kethel co 8 Lade s music depot steam 8aw 4 joinery Mills. Lilt i Ajo Eltah Stile auatuubh1., us thu uak a Ltd a ? a a a a a by this Rel. Premier drugstore William and Keppel streets1, Ivri Iunisi flite left Getil i and most kith sively Moo x. Pharmacy of new South Wales. Stocked a a Beati Quality of Drin a. Freely Ini Poi patents. Civility Aud with Model charges is the Pitini of the proprietor. No cheap drug Recd i Che i i Mudiman is ban rims i us Kweon uent1st Only or. Bennett 1 185, late demo us Tralor of the j Philadelphia dental collage. Hospital of Oral Surger ? i and Deposit Bank j thl . 79 Eliza la a the St. a tire Vii maw i Ana from the Bayaney. Tart that Kaiui Iichi Vii a our Lar of a i zoo it a tji 1 \ Century. ? i i la Fri ? . Lb., flu it ? m oath Neil. Nil j i ,l.tbu.ru.r.nu.,i -4j i Shari a rtt allow lbs 7rtl,. re of int tout he tto a re. in m�i1�on to Phi poo ,k i Turt to Pirint. ,.nhu Iwitha a fit Lavt Athl a n 6 ? a cynic Giyik Ike Caks is Trio i s - and ii a Malm at fall i 6 a ,. T i s a a ? i a Mem Ortw a �mwa�0mbff the Mutual provident land investing i and j building society limited. 248a Pitt St near Park St Sydney. Established 1882, Trio following Bates of into inst Are allowed on fx3cs3d deposits for 12 Montoliu. Koht por cent. L or c Mon per cent. At Jill. Five por font. Interest payable yearly Hall yearly or quarterly. E. , maim or. Ibe British Niv Sontz we la in trat & find ii co acct limited. Lucor ii fico l under companies not 1074, i authorised capital. £250,000, by one y office 246 Pitts beet. Bills discount cd and imbued into daily. Country Liroi pully attended to. The following Bates of in Terest Are allowed for fixed deposits a 8 year ? 10 per cent 13 Mon Tui ? 9 a a i month .1 8 a to Eithfl. 7 a a ill a Kuaron Loo Bonus on Keno Wals of 18 month and Over. By order of thu Board n to nil Tab v Annn my colonial Deposit and discount Bank e2 King Street. Radvano Ermade on All approved soon Ritzou at Oioi Lorato Ratti and easy terms. J depot its uti Seivi Del interest i. A12 to Oulu 9 for ont t i Mont a 8 por sent in 3 months 6 per font. I i special Rateb Fob Lono Isyk Peb Odh. lube addressed to n Likely. I manager Phoenix free office ofor Jondrok Unm Mitko i Tahim blab Liehe 1782. Annual income i Zueda. £800, Jeapea paid Eileed. £14,000,00 fir e r i ski of every description Offe eled at lowest Kolte i so debt of Rio us w. H. Iffa Oak nazi k and 0 Tomii out Cau Nusl Boki a Tbs to. T Lias j. I , Jurner of Hent Inok 4 Keppel a Teeth Ino iral agent for a Hurstii Patriot. Heid tand Tomb 3to-es. John u u Linh Stone Dudl Wjk s o Msj hit text ua1huhst. \ 411 arrear prompt or exec two waste paper. The abuse can to had lug re uni Attr Akk Bea vis Bro s., away ski 2 8pecial prizes Orange show Fob Baths but Wouk special pbi2 1 Job traits and special Fob views no second prizes awarded we exhibit no Sydney work Ith a Baths kor show 6 f1u&t and 2 special prizes. Eti biros., a a Hotdog Talliere i we can Send you a package of really Good Tea either Indian or China and a liver the a and Carriage paid to any up my station or port h n. S. Wale. To a. Ond 4c-fb. Chests at r of h a 2�. . In nil or p90 a Yoou Singh package at wholesale ton Price and Weiby guarantee satisfaction Iii 1 1 1it Ray Mitt acts order. In poll f vhf Itma will min prompt and can Toul i of Resly the London 9 Sydney Tea co. Linin l8? cure ice t., Syoney. Till if a ? a com Dow. I w. H. Murrell . Nerc fir tilt or Nicohl olt Atup and he companllib1 act. 1874, ii ii Al .�oo,o0 no Mem Miurca. Of i at i. Head office York and Market streets Sydney. In Rune a it a London 110, Cannon this Kex . 233, Colllns Stit knt baht. Hui Suanks Edwalton mid Elizabeth str hits. N k Wasl let \7, j i unto a butt Mot. J. I. Jio woj esq., . A. A a. Oji airman. it Oiin if Silviu a loud Uroic h. Ii own. Hon. Vusky fitj5gjsmald.johnjiiowaltd a Fly. O thu cum Nuiya is Tirc Phird to adv uni Money on All Danaus of unproved Secu Nelna for ii Maul term of Cony Abl by instalments. Intercut i Otu i on ii Ioka iut 12 months 8 Pur Cunt aii1. ?. ?.,. ? f a ? 6 a a fice in a Lihi a Liol a rss Iho ii Vireno Ilu Larcil Foi Trio Init Uii Dini june .10 in now i to Liiv Flor a i a it Mill Tii Nobui of he lakes no now out Uiol for in thu Tolono a 5h i,.m Elianic in up plication 5s per Shaio on Lillutt Neil Mill Trio bulimic Luigi jul Licille nut a tou Linn 2s Dor share us interval i of not Lovi thin three Monalu. Jho whole of the uti Pitula Dun veil com a Iii Uulu hit 0-Jnipiiiyfh Bruihl Korthof Upp Luul tou Balanca a cuts mid Otho c to out Nuriu 1 f Lorn Tiu Mirml Iii com of the company or it any other by inches. T.\, Miller a ii ii a ill ,1 Aua or. Australia s fish Supply i ? ?. J a Phi w Fusell food a ice co135 King-St., mid u Iovu now a Iii Init let i Cherub an Bun Annta of Hub nixes Biry Urli Olu of int my by Imd lit i i i. I pw0es. Hie successful of their l Renzini Pruc Ucb of Buloh i heir la Tiuch on uie by duty Market and All Pait of Trio Luu utry Tho Choi Utal Fiah of Trio Abib Tralins Colonno lieu Luisini cj./i., the Suonio of the australian fish. To Coull Ainuu j Ulii Iyub country slut Ulm and others resident lie of Outry this will meet a souk Folt Wunt. Country orders will re ulivo Hii Euial Atte Uliuli. Our i ack Inguid stewing Franr Smoats Are to Ruot established 18441,. E ? rtt the ? and mining journal. Publisher daily. Riei i a i of 3absoription, Pur Quarter in Advance i. 6s. Of 1 a a a a if booked 7s. Id. I i a i ? scale of of Tergei or \ single inch... 83.1 d. Each Hico Kedmy look ? is. 6d. Advertisements not Exoo Ding fourteen to words t a. Of ,11 1 ? Iii 1? 11 a ? 11 a Liborn discount of the above Bonsib is made in to Caus of Inge Rio d for a Quarter. 7 he bal Hurst Siree press in ump of till 1 1,1/1/ oldest established papers 1 1 oui or a Tso Bolis a 1 1 1 1 11 and Ciroulo Tea extensively throughout the whole of the a we Stib Endi strict to also through the principal Townsand cities of news our a Wiles and the adjoining colonies it contain a till latest telegraphic and general news and in an admin Abms advertising medium. Agent Bathurst or. U. Ii. 1 Almer news Agency Keppol Pitrea Mussara. J. 11. And a Jones William Aroet ? mrs. Nohwo0d, Wilham Batroot ? t / 1 or. W. A Smith Yoork Ostroot or. F. A. Jew kill go oreo Stroot or. L. D. Ma11suall, or. C. Joseph i Howick Stre of. Sydney Muhuri. Loudon a uotci1, 357 to org a treat c. It. Austin Fox Hungo porno a 63 Pitt Treel my born 1. T. Zimblis .co., Bau Eizen 1/ a Bank 36 a and 373, Goorge at reel l Dekal adv Euti Ino Agency 89i ?-.? n uproot / Iii Miil Bourne Mubara. Gordon & Ontoh Collins Street Brisbane oo8rbgoudon&aotoh 1 j ? ? ? ? i Loncon Mcheik. St Ket a co., 30cornhill ufos hrs gu11d0n a Gotoff sit. Finde i a Titor. F. Algal 11 1 i to Sara. Clark son a i late by Groua Ehu Roli. A treat i 11 1 _ us sirs. Batch Hendy & 00mud Loray the Job printing departmen1 1 in one or tar Best furnished in the Colony inh contains 1uk newest designs of type1 and thr1 test improved Mach Tieri so that every Deaon Tion of la Ihno dual of in tub 110m the smallest card to Thi Lake Obi Sheet can be turned out in the beat form. Are Given for any kind of i Rin Tinc and lie mrk will to guaranteed As Noat and us Ohuafi oat from any of Flint in Tho Colony. C. & g. S. White proprietors
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