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Bath Independent (Newspaper) - January 15, 1881, Bath, Maine 1 Uwi \ it  a a a a ssi .r1 in movie Vita. Com. 1. The night waned slowly in the East the Light grow stronger As to stars Palo overhead grow Stfort Lugt hokum Amintia Uuie a 1 the my loud maybes. Uns hed grow Golden Bright Ami Light was Denu. The year draw slowly to its rounded close. With feeble footsteps tottering to the goal Anitas it passed the new born year arose and Onward stole. In. Within a darkened room a Mother Lay Aud clasped her Torst born to her fainting a moment thus and then cold arms of Claytheo baby pressed. The Pilot s Story. F 4 r we had grown up together As it were Mollie and i our parents being near neighbors and which does not always follow firm friends As Well. They were poor and i suspect that fact had much to do with their Friendship for opportunities Weso always turning up for helping one another and i have often no voiced that when near neighbors Are Well off and have no need for Mutual help there is Seldom any Friendship Between them there is More Apt to be jealousy and Competition. Our parents being such Good friends it naturally resulted that Mollie and i followed their example. We went to to school together read together played together and somehow when Mollie was 18 and i 20, we agreed to travel to Gether All our lives and1-were very Happy in that arrangement .iu.faet, no other would have seemed right or natural either to us or our parents. S from the earliest Days of my boyhood i had a fondness for the water haunting the palatial steamboats that floated on the great Mississippi River on whose Banks nestled the City in which we dwelt and at the period to which i am about to refer i had just secured a position As. Pilot on to Small freight Steamer. It was not much of a position to be sure nor was there much of a salary by Small a it was Mollie and i decided that we could make it ans wer for two people neither of them extravagant or unreasonable1 besides which i had Hopes of better times to w come As i had received words of commendation from my employers and Promise of speedy promotion. So Early one Bright morning having obtained a Days leave of absence Mollie and i were married and stepping into a Carriage i had hired for the occasion we started off having decided on a Clay s excursion to a celebrated Cave nearby this being All the wedding trip we could allow ourselves not that we card in the least however we were too Happy to be disturbed by any shortcomings of sum or purse. We had scarcely driven beyond our on Street when we were brought to a halt. A messenger whom i recognized As belonging to ony Steamboat company hailed me Here is a nolo for you from the superintendent.11 thus it ran am sorry to recall your leave Tor today but you must immediately go on Board the Mobil in which is ready to stun up the River. The Pilot is too ill to attend to duty and Yon Are appointed to take his place Lor the present there goes our wedding trip All to. Smash11 said i to Mollie As she read the order. Why sop1 she Asl Jed.  you see i must go into the Pilot Bouse of the Mobilia very Well she replied. Just go up the River instead of to the drive on Rob let s go Down to Rose and passed Down in the lower Cabin to get a drink of water she whispered to me As she passed but i suspected it was really to prevent the bursting of the Thunder Cloud she saw gathering on my brow. I saw the insolent Fellows made no attempt to follow my dear one so i gave myself up to my own Happy thoughts and looking out on the. Far Distant River Over whose Placid bosom we were moving so swiftly there from my heart a glad silent hymn of rejoicing. But suddenly a cry broke Forth from the Cabin behind me that effectually changed the current of my thoughts fire fire fire a horrible cry at All times but most horrible of All when it rings Forth in the midst of Gay unsuspicious hundreds floating in fancied Security in the midst of the Waters. An instant s Awe struck silence succeeded that awful cry and then three Hundred voices of men women and children United in fearful heart rending shrieks for help. Fire fire fire Aye there was no mistake about it nor false alarm. No one could Tell How it had commenced but there it was creeping along the roof of the upper Cabin with the deadly flames greedily lapping up every scrip of awning and curtain they could find upon their Way Ever and anon darting Long tongues of flame Down to the floor to clasp the Light chairs and tables and settees in their fiery embrace. As Well seek with a Seive to scoop up the Waters of the great River on which the Mobilia floated As to try to subdue the roaring devouring enemy that had seized upon the ill fated Steamer. The people darted Down from the blazing upper Cabin to the Forward deck be Low where As yet the foe had made but Little headway and there our Brave Captain who was that Rara Avis the right Man in the right place succeeded impartially quelling the panic. Keep quiet he ordered keep quiet and stay just where you Are. Or i will not answer for the lives of any of you the Steward will provide every one of you with life preservers but there is no reason for any person to go overboard not yet awhile at any rate unless suicide is desired. Keep quiet i say Pilot head her straight for the land half a mile we were at least twice that distance from the main �4  4 we will Cave. Wharf in state a tent you can t go into the Pilot House a with me Little of course not but i can sit on the deck outside laughed Mollie and we can cast languishing glances at each i and so it came to pass that i took Possession of the Pilot House of the to j Biliet my heart glowing with love and Pride with love for there just below me on the Little Forward deck sat my Sweet Bride with Pride because the Obilia was one of the finest of the Beautiful floating palaces of the Mississippi and to Pilot such a one had for years been Tbs height of my ambition. The Steamer was fitted up with a double Cabin one above the other the per. One opening upon a Small deck aching out toward the Bow near the enter of which on a raised platform Jas placed the Pilot House. This deck vols always occupied by passengers and Tia morning it was particularly crowd r the boat was heavily Laden with do taking advantage of the Beauty a Cather to make an excursion up land on either Shore Engineer put on All steam crowd Heron we will run a race wit i the foul fiend who has boarded the there was an instant s pause and then with a groan and a surge with the timbers creaking and straining and tiie windows rattling As though in mortal terror the Mobilia gathered herself up to run her last race. Each passing moment the flames crept on and on and on never pausing in their terrible March. Fortunately they leaped upward rather than downward so that there was As yet but Little danger to the panic stricken crowd on the lower deck. J3ut the Pilot House was directly in the track of the flames and already their Advance guard was beginning to surround me singing my hair and eyebrows. Suddenly there was a murmur among the people below and the next instant a Light form flew up the ladder leading to the Little deck by the Pilot House and before i could say a word my precious Mollie had thrown open the door and closing it again stood at my Side. Mollie Mollie i cried. For Don t devoted Darling stood calmly at my Side watching the flames that were creeping closer and closer upon us leaping around the Pilot House like hungry demons impatient for their prey. T j Thorne shouted the Captain come Down. Lower her and yourself Over the rail. Well catch you. You cannot stay there any longer. We Are very Ner the Shore now and the rest Well Tak r our chances j a a it was an awful temptation. T knew that did i follow the Captain s advice both Mollie and i a uld be Safe for i was a Good swimmer and should the r boat not reach the Shore i could save her and myself but then if i did this would i not deliberately expose every one of the 300 souls on Board to destruction True the boat might keep to her course during the Short space remaining to be passed merely from the rapid impetus of her approach but again she might not Aud then i looked at my dear wife inquiringly. Stick to your Post Rob she said. No sir i shouted Back i shall stick to my Post i shall stay Here till i run her Clear on the Shore or die my Brave Rob my Noble Rob murmured Mollie. But alas for my devoted Mollie alas for me not the Pilot House Only but the entire deck around it was now sur r rounded by flames. It was to late to lower ourselves to the deck below the railing was All ablaze. My arms released from their guardianship Over the wheel clasped Mollie close to my heart but my eyes and brain were Busy seeking for some Mode of escape from death that seemed each instant More certain. All at once my eyes rested on the paddle Box. It had not taken fire yet the flying Spray had saved it. I had Only to dash across the flame swept deck and fling open a Little door in its Side which afforded ready Access to the wheels to lower my precious charge to beneath in safety no sooner thought of than done. Take my hand Mollie i said and run with me. We shall be saved after All. Wrap your shawl across your Mouth. Now now run leaping Down on the deck we sped hand in hand to the paddle Box. I dashed open the Little door and pushing Mollie inside passed in myself and Drew the door close again shutting out the eager flames whose angry Roar pursued us As we dropped gently Down into the shallow water and crept out from beneath the wheel. Of the world on our wedding trip. From Pilot i have come to be Captain and part owner of one of those Beautiful floating palaces that used so to excite my envy but never do i pass without a sickening shudder the Little Island where the Mobilia won the stakes in the last race a race of lire against steam of life against death. Now year s Calls. Mks. Spoo Pendyke prepares a Nice list Polt Heit husband. Jar Allyn Kage now my dear said or. Spoo pen Dyke let me see a list of the ladies you want me to Call on. I really Don t care about going around much but a Man ought to do what a Man wants him to do on new year s Day. Where s the list?1 Here it is said mrs. Spoo Pendyck fluttering around with her hair in her Mouth. I wrote them nil out with the addresses for you so you would t have any what makes you put old sister Lamb at the head of the list growled or. Spoo Pendyck. She s got a wart on her Chin the size of a fire Bell and she can t talk about anything but the advantages of egg Over stove Coal for heating the sunday but she belongs to the Church and i Don t believe anybody else will Call on her reasoned mrs. Spoo Pendyke. Shell be tickled to death to see what do you think i m starting out for demanded or. Spoo Pendyke fiercely. Got an idea i m going around like a missionary to carry the gospel to people everybody else is afraid of who s this what s this second name hero who s mrs. She Libertov that s mrs. Wolverton. I promised her you would Call. Never mind mrs. Lamb but you ought to Call on mrs. what for what has she got in common with me except that her Bonus Are hollow she Don t know the Diffor ence Between a Guinea pig and the burning of Jerusalem. Always wants to know if i Don t think that Sodom and x gomorrah were parables. Is that the kind of a list you be made ont want me to run around among the old monuments who s miss Swash that s mrs. Smith the Little widow. You know she s interested in sending Shell lock s funeral thirty years you did to you never did proclaimed mrs. Spoo Pendyke thoroughly aroused. That in t her name either. It s miss Schofield and she is the Best Friend i be got. I Only want i know what you want hissed or. Spoo Pendyke. You want a few More acquaintances and a map to be a guide Book to ancient Troy. Think i m going to Call on that old Monolith got anything Here belongs to modern times know anybody who has been dug up within six or eight centuries who s that Black eyed girl in the Bible class Don t she hang out a Flag to Day i would t look at her sniffed mrs. Spoo Pendyke i would t have you go there for worlds. Beside she Don t re awfully ii Voly philosophy. A few Days ago a Boston girl who Hail pm 1/ " passing thoroughly the fun and gum drops that made up their education in \ a Civ cd what s this demanded or. Spoo Pendyke. What s mrs. got to do with it what cemetery will t find her in that s mrs. Willoughby explained mrs. Spoo Pendyke complacently. She s the Young widow who recently joined lie "1 Don t mind culling on her said or. Spoo Pendyck. She was t born More n four thousand rears before the Christian Era. Got move like her does this measly list contain anybody else who was t the Mother of the chinese Empire grave stones that tapes worn off no replied coldly and now. Ivr t it t r 14 " think of any More Haven t had the Chi women out West to get husbands. Shell make i it Iff 1 a a Pugh Fellows jostled it Oniris Rafter whiles m m heaven s Sake go Back go Back you see How the flames Are creeping toward us Here go go my Dearest my own True wife Don t unman me by making me fear for you. Go Down where i can feel that you have a Chance of Rob Thorne a she exclaimed with her eyes looking bravely straight into mine am i your Wifod surely surely thank god tired. But go go my Post is Here just As much As yours is she answered firmly. I will stay Here Rob and if you die i will die too. We will make our wedding trip together my dear husband even if it be into the next world. Keep to your duty and never mind me Rob. There is Hope Abr us yet and if it comes to the worst Why and a Brave Sweet smile crept round her lips we Are still together dear love11 i saw it was of no use to urge her any move und besides something swelled in my Throat so that i could not utter a word so i just gripped the wheel hard and looked right ahead though everything poked very dim just la pop and my our appearance was hailed with a shout of Delight and Relief for All had Given us up As lost and we must have been but for the heaven inspired thought of the wheel House. Now that the danger was Over poor Little Mollie fainted and no wonder. But she soon came out All right and As the people began to find out that the Brave Little girl As they called her was really a Bride of Only a few hours and that we were on our wedding trip there was a regular ovation followed up by nine deafening cheers. The Island upon which the Mobilia had been beached was Low Sandy and uninhabited altogether not an inviting place for 300 people without a particle of shelter to pass half a Day upon yet even in this plight there were few grumbles in our midst. There was no room in our hearts for any feeling but that of thankfulness for our preservation from a fearful death and after the peril of the Hist hour or too it seemed a Small matter to wait patiently for the coming of the Relief boats that we knew were sure to arrive before Many hours were past. Though some Miles from any Large City we knew that the burning Steamer must thave been seen from the farmhouses scattered sparsely along the River Bank and that from these notices of the disaster would be sent to the nearest town. And so it was. Before Nightfall several Small steamboats arrived r and after that but a few hours elapsed before we found ourselves safely at Home and our adventurous wedding trip at an end. But its results were not ended by any Means. The terrible nervous Strain i had endured combined with the severe Burns on my face and hands threw me prostrate on a bed of sickness. When i was Able to report for duty again two weeks later. I Learned that a Noble gift from the Mobilia s grateful passengers no less a sum than 82,000 Lay in the Bank awaiting my order. Not Only this but the Steamboat company had voted me a Gold medal and the appointment of Pilot of the finest Steamer on their line. Years Hawe gone by since my Brave wife and i had to nearly journeyed opt she s a Little chit of a thing. Amuse you. She will if she sees me. Me laugh like a Hyena if she gets one Eye on me. Who s that Vellow headed girl that sits two pews in front of us i d Call on her now 1 you Don t want to run after those Young people a Man of your age what s the reason i Don to howled or. Spoo Pendyke. Got an idea that i Only care for the Tough old people Haven t you think i m a sort of Plymouth Rock Don t you got any More landmarks that need inspection i Don t care remonstrated mrs. Spoo Pendyke indignantly they re Nice people and i like to cultivate them. They May be along in life but they can t help " cultivate pm if you want too growled or. Spoo Pendyke but if you think i m going hoeing around among pm on the first of january you re left. What d be want to cultivate pm for with your friends and ideas you Only need weekly prayers and alarm of fire to be an old woman s Home. Who else mrs. Spoo Pendyke l remember mrs. Willoughby receives tails with friends in Dod gust your Dod wasted list howled or. Spoo Pendyke dancing on the unhappy document. What d be think i am a Ghoul s pose i m going to prance around among All the measly old ghosts in Brooklyn s pose i m going to Swash around and eat cake and drink lemonade with a lot of illustrations of the silurian period think i m going to spend the Day with a lot of articulated old skeletons just because they belong to the same Church that i do and or. Spoo Pendyke popped out of the House like a Bung and went next door to see if his Friend Tor Tor thumb knew any mummies of whose history there was some tradition. I Den t care said mrs. Spoo Bendyke As she whirled around two or three times to practice kicking her train if he Don t Call on the Church people they Lyle hopping mad and if he does he won t have much of a time so hell wish he was dead either Way and mrs. Spoo Pendyck bustled into the parlor to assure a Sandy haired Young Man with a stiff neck that it was awful Good of him to come and to learn that he had t come far of his volition but had Slid most of the Way. Fresh. Slang. Have you got Here mrs. Fliggi Spratt mrs. Ropte Slough miss Kemp of you Don t read them right at All complained mrs. Spoo Pendyke. That s mrs. Silver spoon and mrs. Worthington and miss Heminway. They Are just As Nice As they can Are they the three old worthies who howl in the choir asked or. Spoo pen Dyke sternly. They be got a grandson old enough to be my they Haven to sobbed mrs. Spoo Pendyke. You know Well most of pm have. What d be want me to Call on them for got any More old almanacs expecting me where s the Sphinx you Haven t got the Sphinx Down hero nor the Tower of Babel who re these other pyramids who s mrs. Upside Down that s mrs. Edgarton. She sent you the Jelly when you were sick and you said she was the Best woman in Brook you la have to Call on her for said St Lou its Ajic Tutor quite a lot of new Slang has been opened up for the fall Trade. This is nearly altogether family Slang for the ladies and if they wish to be abreast of of the times they will take out their pencils and tablets and note Down the specimens. Ca touche is a very new word and Means Nice Sweet pleasant. Coffee for instance May be Ca touche so May John Henry or Eliza Jane. When a girl is flick she is knowing when she is fancy she is quite the reverse of knowing. If you wish to convey to your heart s idol the idea that you adore her transcendent Beauty just Tell her she is a Johnny boy is a new variety of the Genus Homo who knows How to dance like an Angel supposing that Angels would so far forget themselves As to dance who wears Good clothes and is an idiot in every other respect. The feminine equivalent of the Johnny boy is generally called if you disapprove of a place or a person or a part Tou May either refer to As a snide Gummy or excessive admiration wrecks itself upon expressions in such glosses As Balmy harmonious Gul Tive seems to mean a Good Many things. It is a sort of non committal word which can be used to fill up a sentence or express a doubtful opinion. The scat of learning at which thoiv"cttvly".-. Scholastic efforts were made the Brook 1 al Lyn girl began to inquire into Tiro nature of the Concord entertainments. And so you Are taking lessons in philosophy. How do you like it of it s perfectly Lovely. It s about science you know and we All just dote on it must be Nice. What is it about it s about molecules As much As anything else and molecules Are just too awfully Nice for anything. If there s anything i really enjoy it s molecule i Tell to about them my dear. What Are molecule up of molecules. They Are Little wee things and Itta Esever so Many of them they Are splendid things do you know there Ain t anything but what s got molecules in it and or. Cook is just As Sweet As he can be and or. Emerson too. They explain everything so How i d like to go there said the Brooklyn girl you d enjoy it very much. They teach protoplasm too and if there is one thing perfectly heavenly it s protoplasm. 1 really Don t know which i like Best r protoplasm or Tell me about protoplasm. I know i should adore deed you would. It s just too Sweet to live. You know it about How things get started or something of that kind. You ought to hear or. Emerson Tell about it. It would stir your very soul the first time he explained about protoplasm there was t a dry Eye i the House. We named our hats after him., there is an Emerson hat. You see the ribbon is. Drawn Over the Crown an3 caught with u buckle and a Bunch of Flowers. Then you turn up the Side with  a Spray of forget me not. Ain t it just too Sweet them w or r How it exquisitely Lovely Tell some Fibre of i almost forgot about the differentiation. I am really truly and positive in in love with differentiation. It s Dif r from molecules and protoplasm but it every bit As Nice. About or. Cook you should hear him go on about it i really believe he s perfectly bound up in it. This Scarf is a Cook Scarf. All the girls Wear them and we named them after him just on account of the interest he bikes in what is it anyway this is mull trimmed with Languedoc lace i Don t mean that the other of differentiation Ain t it Sweet 1 a. Is ,1 i f j h 1 Sot r i 1 a r j j t All the girls in school have me 1 -.1 Jit w a a 1 it s got something to do with species. It s the Way you Tell one hat from another so you la know which is becoming. And we learn All about ascidians too. I m also if i they Are the divines things lately enraptured with ascidians. Only had an Ascidian of my own i would t ask anything else in the what do they look like dear did you Ever see one asked the Brooklyn girl deeply interested. Oil no nobody Ever saw one except or. Cook and or. Emerson but they Are something like an Oyster with a reticule Hung on its Belt. I think they Are just do you learn anything else of yes. We learn about common a philosophy and logic and these common things like metaphysics but the girls Don t care anything about those. We Are just in ecstasies Over differentiation and molecules and or. Cook protoplasm and ascidians and or. Emerson and i really Don t see Why they put in those vulvar branches. If anybody besides or. Cook and or. Emerson bad done it we would have told him to his face that he was too terribly awfully and the Brooklyn girl went to bed that night in the dumps because Fortune had not vouchsafed her advantages enjoyed by her Friend.  Sarah Bernhardt s motto. Mrs. Spoo Pendyke Lyn. Politeness severely. I won t either shouted or Spoo Pendyke. The Jelly was sour and she made me pay a Dollar toward a plaster of Jaris Angel for a starving family out in Flatbush. Who s this other nurse of George Washington s p Here this is a mistake i went to old miss chums thousands saved Fiora the Brink of the Grove and the pm of a filiation turned to one of happiness by using Tho Lumous Wyo Nike u bipod brain and Norge Lood. In nervous brain and heart tit locations Bro in Down Constitution etc., Wyo Moke has cured when nil other remedies have failed. Sold by All druggists it $1., 8 1.50 and #3. Baby saved. We Are so Tom Natul that our baby was permanently cured of a dangerous and protracted irregularity of the bowels by the use of hop bitters by its Mother which at the same Lime restored her to perfect health and strength. The parents Rochester $7. Y. See other exp Rua j  Cleveland Leader Sarah Bernhardt s motto que paid Meme referred to in an associated press dispatch in yesterday s Leader has set persons to conning their French dictionaries. A subscriber writes us that he has found the two words As Given in the dictionary to mean when and even or same and asks what such a motto Means. The fact is that one will find it very difficulty to learn the Naea Ningon this motto from a dictionary. The two words form an idiom and As used in the Moizio May be liberally translated is $ meaning Well a Bat Are do about or

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