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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Batavia Daily News (Newspaper) - January 22, 1881, Batavia, New York Vol Iii whole number 798 Batavia n. A saturday evening january 22, 1881. Price two cents tub 8 Zohari. Great d am age in n new if or it to lie w a Toru Luuloa Lons Galen la new Jer by. N Ewy Ork Jan. A x a severe storm has prevailed Here to Day the rain freezing As it fell. Travel is interrupted. T h e weight of the ice broke the branches of Trees. T ele � graph wires Are Down in All directions blocking the streets. T he damage to the Telegraph interests is almost unprecedented in this Vicin Ity. T h e Western o Nion s loss is placed As High As half a million. The Telegraph service m s at a stand still causing great inconvenience to business men. Business at the various exchanges was almost sus Pended owing to the Stock. Considerable damage was also done in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge was encased in ice to Day. A sudden vibration sent masses of ice thundering Down on a ferry boat breaking the win Dows and frightening the Posen Jers nobody was seriously Hurt. The storm worked terrible havoc Vith the wires through n new Jersey. The m ails arriving Kere Are greatly delayed humid reds of wires Are broken in the City. Telegraphic communication with the rest of the country is completely interrupted. Despatches from Washington and Philadelphia reach Elizabeth n. J and Are forwarded thither j by train. Several left this evening for Williams Bridge where it was hoped communication might be established with Points North East and West. Cable com m Unica tion has not been interrupted. It will require a Day or two to put the lines leading from the City in work ing order. Long b ranch Jan. 2 1 the entire Southern coast of new Jersey w Assw up full Day by a terrible Gale accompanied by rain and sleet. There is but Little abatement of the storm to night. Marine disasters Are feared. Asst try Park a . 2 1 a Mammoth hotel h i the course of erection also a cottage were demolished by the Gale this afternoon loss $7 ,000. Considerable other damage is reported. M new paper Cable schemes. N new y o r Kjan. 2 1 t h e Jour Nal of Commerce in View o f the Pool ing of the Cable companies favors laying a Cable by newspapers and says it is perfectly feasible and if undertaken by a few responsible papers will be hailed with enthusiasm and overflowing subscriptions from the entire american press. La Kibiuk to d notes. W Ash in tongan. 2 1. Secretary Sherman has returned. The Popula Ion o f Nevada is 62, 265, of Wyoming 20,788. S e u l c u c c d f o r l i f e. Thomaston me Jan. 21. John Farr convicted o f lire murder of his wife was sentenced for life. Tie fire Accord. N new y o r Kjan 21. T he build ing in College place occupied by the major & Knapp engraving c o m � Pany and others was damaged by fire $60,000. A new order. T he following or not so. An item appeared in the n e w s a few Days ago to the effect that the City fathers had prohibited racing on East main Street. That we were misinformed in regard to the matter it is Verv evident for mayor Ham in ton told a n e w s reporter yesterday that those who wished to race could do so As much As they liked and the trustees would not interfere. It is nothing More Orles than couple of hours sport each Day and if a Little care is exercised there is not the least bit of danger of any person getting injured. 4-0-p a Proa Kuikit part. Last evening a party of Batavia is Young gentlemen and their ladies to the number of fifty assembled in Ellicott Hall and spent the evening in a social dance. Refreshments which had been provided by the ladies were served under the management of prof deerhound who has no equal in his line of business. The party broke u p at an Early hour All expressing themselves As having been handsomely entertained. M u s in a l a n d b a m a � 1 c. The new opera Olivette has i been a great Success at the Bijou opera House new York Harry c. Ferren is negotiating for one performance Here by Doyly Cartes pirates of miss Kittie Tyrrell Sang with the philharmonic society at the Aca Demy of m usic in Rochester on thursday evening. H i henrys Premium minstrels and brass band will give one performance at the opera House thurs Day evening Jan. 27th. Or. William Courtney the Tenor soloist in the m out of olives by Beethoven and Mozart is r a Quiem with the Boston Handel & Hayden society on the 3u h inst. T h ish to f will be Sung on the 4-fh and 9th of february by the a Pollo club of Boston. The Soprano part will be Sung by miss Hattie Sims and the baritone by or. Winch. Miss Prescott who made a Suc Cess As Josephine in a Verlys pin Afore company is spending a Short t me at her Home in Buffalo pre Vious to her appearance in the n e r opera o Livette at Haverly s fourteenth Street theater n e r York. Miss Mary Howard who has been studying with the Emin it pianists b. Mills for the past six months will resume her position As organist and director o f the presbyterian choir to Morrow. The position has been very acceptably filled by or. We. Howard during her absence. William Courtney who has been spending a week with Harry c Ferren has returned to his Home in new York. W e Are pleased to state that the Courtney were so favor ably impressed with Batavia and the people that they have decided to spend the sum m or Here and expect to com e about june first. T h e Many friends of j. H. Ryle will be a eased to learn that he is meeting with great Success in his original representation of major general Siany in Gilbert & Sulli Van s comic opera the pirates of Penzance. Or. Ryley is an actor and Singer of great european reputation anal his Success in Giett Britain led messes. Gilbert & Sulli Van to select 11 i to sustain the prominent pan to plays m Admir ably in their comic opera. Death of Allrn. U a u be l Lyl Cool. S p o r t i n g n o t e s. T h e unexpected intelligence 0� the death o f mrs. Daniel m Cool has brought profound grief to the very wide Circle of the Young lady a friends. On the 20th of last North or. M Cool was married to m s s Clara j. Dudley daughter of the late Joseph d. Dudley of this City. On the following wednesday they sailed from new Yolk intending to make a tour of Europe when two Days out the lady was taken ill with rheumatic fever. She suffered the entire passage and on arriving at Liverpool was too ill to proceed further. T he intelligence of her sickness was brought Home by tie returning Steamer and her Mother prepared immediately to join her but at new York received news that she was better. It seems however that the Young wife experienced a relapse and the next word that came announced her death which occurred in Liverpool last monday. The remains will be brought to this City for interment. Buffalo e x � press 4 at the close of the legislative reception tendered to Grant in Albany wednesday general Grant a com � pained by the governor proceeded to the fort Orange club rooms where he was presented to the m pm � Bers and invited guests. Many prominent citizens greeted the g eneral. Subsequently he dined with sex judge Amassa j. Parker. 4 � Sunshine and Shadow by John b. Gough for Sale at t Ryon s93 falsetto is is be trained for the Coney Island cup and other races. Boston is out with a $10,000 purse free for All stallions to be Trot ted fur sept. 15, in Beacon Park. Jagged wire fences in the West Are cutting and maiming valuable live Stock to a dangerous extent. The go As you please craze has struck victims in new South Wales 1 Tasmania new zealand and v into Ria. Yale and Princeton each claims the foot Ball championship through a Long correspondence in the turf Field and farm a t a recent Sale of greyhounds in England ten brought $3.555, the highest being sold for $2,000, and the lowest for $50, or. E. H. Pritchard of Indianapolis has a Trotter 19 hands High and Well proportioned. He is 7 ears old. Time 2 28. It is reported that d r Hubbell of Jefferson n. Y cured the broken leg of a Trotter by encasing it in a plaster of Paris Mould. Or. P. Lorillard s Wallenstein mistake Dakota Iroquois Seneca and nereid Are exercising in six Furlong canters at Newmarket. T he National association o Ama Leur oarsmen has disqualified George Gaisel and expelled William Mur n y or mixing in crooked races. Negotiations Are in Progress through the turn Field and farm r a $10,000 trotting match be tween or. M aka yes sweetheart and or. Conley s dictator. A skating race o f 100 Miles sweepstakes with a Champion Belt #100 Entrance open to All is on the cards for next month in the Westchester Polo grounds. W Illiam Trickett who possesses the enormous reach Peculiar to All. The Tricket fam ily. Was lately defeat e d a sculling race at Sydney by Michael Rush. Track Etta As great favorite in the race. T h e largest consignment o f race horses Ever made for America is expected to arrive in new York about the 25th inst in the Steamer France. The lot includes stallions Brood mares Colts and fillies. They will be sold under the Hammer. Or. D. Odowd of Springfield mass., is entitled to Samsons Belt i son left one. H e is credited he a committee of four with having lifted 1,317 pounds of pig Iron. This beats the Best previous dead weight record More than 100 pounds. Members of the athletic clubs express sympathy Over the crushing of pop Whit takers Arm it will be some time before his stentorian voice will be heard again giving the result of contests. It now looks As i Daniel o Leary s prediction might be verified that the re would be sixty entries at $ too each for his new Belt the race for which is to begin Jan. 24, in new York City. Fresh blood May bring Forth a Man who will break Rowells record of 566 Miles Champion belts Are not the easiest things to Wear in this world. I f the Winner of one unfortunately loses in his next match half the men who bet on the Champion accuse him of Selling out. In Australia a mob destroyed to Ricketts property on hear ing that Hanlan had Defeated him. Or. Carver has entered to shoot fur the new championship of the world Challenge cup at Hendon England on the grounds of the Union club in february. The Cap is valued at $500. The competitors Are to shoot at too pigeons 30 Yards Rise from five traps. I f or Carver should win the cup there will be a Chance to Stop the Wordy warfare be tween capt Bogardus and the Doc Tor. The cup must be held against All challengers for two years two months allowed Between each Chal Lenge. S i a t m a vets. A c o Lle c Tio n o f in the re s tin g note p rom a la q Tartera. T he ice House of Webb & c o at Buffalo was burned thursday. The loss is $8,000. General Howard appointed s u � per intendant at West Point arrived there thursday afternoon. A brakeman named Fowler while engaged in coupling cars at West Albany wednesday evening had his leg crushed it is not known As yet whether the party of English bicycle riders who Are coming Over in the Spring Are amateurs or professionals. The common Council of Troy thursday night unanimously invited the woman suffrage state com m it tee to hold the next state Conven tion there. The widow Holdsworth of Boyls ton Oswego county fell downstairs with a lighted 1-Imp wedne.,Jay night and set her clothing on fire and was badly burned. Martin Minot of bloc Kurt at tempted to collect rent of one o f his fathers tenants in that Village when the tenant Drew a. Revolver on him and asked him to leave. Pie left. Mrs. Caroline Allen charged with cruelly treating Mary Hammel a half demented woman at Flushing Lucking her up to starve has disappeared. She is believed to be in View York City but cannot be bund. John w. Alvord and George Burns of Oswego were arrested on wednesday night about twelve of clock charged with Highway Rob Bery on the person of Levi m. Samp son o f Hannibal from whom they to k about Twenty six dollars. A Large Grindstone we going 700 pounds burst in the Auburn manufacturing works wednesday and a piece weighing 200 pounds went through a window taking the Sash with it falling about three rods away. Fortunately no one was injured. A Man registered at the Brackett House Rochester thursday As George Rogers Toronto mail in the evening he attempted to steal a. Gold Chain in Wolters jewelry store when he was detected and searched and the Chain found on his person. H e was locked up. John Bice convicted of indecent assaults on Little girls at Cohoes and sentenced to one year in the Penitentiary and a line of $100, has been released on the ground of improper conviction. Judge Westbrook regretted the fact that the Law compel de him to make this ruling As the fellow was undoubtedly guilty. The can tracts for building thir teen Iron Bridges on the Erie canal were awarded thursday to Thom As Leighton o f Rochester for about $26,000. Contracts for two More were awarded to Melvin Nash for about Good. Two bids for same amount were made for the Bridge at Schenectady and the contract will be awarded hereafter. Two of the above Bridges Are to be built at Buffalo one at Rome and one at Mace Don. A to g Ether to severe. For the past few Days our Tele graphic columns have contained Brief accounts o f the trial of Edward Simmons an inmate of the Elm Ira reformatory who killed a keeper named m Kelvey the fore part of May. The Case has excited consid Erable interest on account of the theory adv tired by the defense that Simmons was brutally treated at the hands of officers in charge. It is very evident that the Pristin ers do not receive the Best of treat ment As a Rochester Man and a former inmate of the reformatory now makes a statement to the effect that the prisoners Are unjustly dealt with and in some cases to such an extent As to make them insane. Subscribe for the d a ily n a a b ;