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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Sep 29 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 29, 1920, Barton, VermontF. Hartwel. Sci "7 a Mont. Oro i began to food soured a a. I. Monitor septem Bop m Century in retrospect a 29. 1920. By Edw Etc Lum Phi Orleans. Rouege Provost of Middle but part two Page three Caledonia county two instalments. Continued from last week Stimson came from Melbour Canada and worked that season for capt. Peck. The cantan went any on a whaling voyage and was killed by a whale to son took emplo3rment in a Brick Yard which a a 100 Leet South Oate first meeting House near the present congregational Church. Or. Stimson next made a Purchase of real estate on the Brownington Road but in 1838 sold this my went to the farm up the nver which he kept Many years. The Cooke the was purchased by cd Nous Elton Adio came to the Landing about 1840 and became not Only the largest farm owner but one of the most motive business men of the place. He lived in the John Bart Lett Home he built the grist Mill in 1841 at the Falls near us and the Sawmill now a paint shop which still stands on the opposite Side of the Fec ii a pull a to Loci evict by stretching the near this Road a fe4�r Tel Iwer Thrah Quot 1?� building which was built in by Elli Stafford a Quot 8t�md fire est a River Bank one Ruto belch a Stream. Quot ice stones of the old grist 1 a uld come to a the icy Itono sore a bum with a around their toll for Many years a Ere Wilder Parker As la Tor he a a a we a fore the build my was transformed Parker did business and the my i had Short action of my of secretions and Good for. Oat a fruit Lusenda t7 ill turn remedies i rinse and. Ement and rut a Tives Tveith the made me before the building was transformed Parker did business and the for a a a la i a. A a in Little Tum Buu company one Quot of a the and a in to sub i came a a told pleasant memories of my boyhood is Quot Quot de i. A the periodical trip i took to this Mill for a bag of Graham and a bag of com meal which i Drew Home in a Little four wheeled cart made for me by a Uncle Daniel twombly. I have heard and Sung about the Miller of the Dee but my Ideal Miller will al ways be Henr business with genial gentleman who said Little but Ciucci. Pine. A l _ or of Joni Tow ���?o�?~1 =�e.next, and a Little a a log Cabin was still stand my across what is now the Park ii we a a a a a of that welter store where in 1842 hams Smith then hotel keeper. Al it were hop pads and somewhere hereabouts a Tannery mentioned in a deed of 1841 m belonging to Philander Reed. South St of the hotel on the East Side of the River was the Brick Yard where the congregational Church now farther up the Road the or. Stevens House with a similar Structure opposite and an liked Small boys. I am glad to pay this tribute to his memory. Cyrus Eaton a building activities continued he presently built a two Story budding on the site now occupied by the Dwinell company and there ran a grocery and dry goods store an important addition to the place although some years Umi an a store had been opened by Abram i of Quot Ere the Baird House stands. Smith in the South end of the old a pub ably there were several log cab Heber Parker House on the West Side it is. A Brook crossed the Square and of Maple Street on the site occupied run la Side the Road in the open ditch now by Fred Parker a Home. I be River near the Brick Yard. Fzli 1 m i building began on the West Side of Tupling toward the Willoughby at the Barton River shortly after 1830. The or. Stevens place one would then a a be in 1833 a House was built by Martin to Josiah Deans and to the i Pomeroy and later occupied by Josephw. R Wight is place. This is now Stafford near a die present Railroad by mrs. Glenn Dodge. It is Bridge where s. B. Parker a place now use occupy for Many years by stands. Another Frame House prob Stimson after he removed from Banon Vermou in it Joe pm Stoy Are he the Dunham Pfay a a South Sarthe Sathit it i Wilson the druggist was occupied the old Indian a Pioneer Landing p it 513. Let Ingrati Gate genre Smith by Cyren had lost its importance and the old in of citizens. Join in sit is Joad thither be a to fall into disuse. To the remodelled and used by the Eldris the Villa neigh company. A schoolhouse was by a it hut scan Way sketched m the Litan rely on in 1s?6. On the site of the place now j f settlement of the 1850 a but in the of Quot non r\trmsrr4 Tkv v eth Xavior it was later 1 Little House that had the a it a a a a it a a a it a it while a i i let Thi Ltd i toc it Komiotis inti Iii a that Chat i testimony a has disappeared in Ricento years under a of Jjck did not a the quote a is Ltd prove the developments at that Corar. In Home were 19 he a -�?o7 a Houre was. Built by be Nomma a a a a do a Quot �9 a a a a a ihteh�am.2�5 tie Mon a Ivy a a a a a a a a world Wir Rentria Bihl a a a a it a a a al Tvr pm it a in ally accept-4. U a Granite Monument memory 1 a permanent memorial Shaft in Honor of the world War veterans. Raised in his Garden summer a pump a that measured the Lone was 62 inches and 52 inches the other Way weighing 60 pounds. A wednesday night and thursday morning of last week burgers broke into the office of a. L. Bragg lumber co., in St. Johnsbury a sacked the desk and Safe and made off with More than $1,000 Worth of goo including stocks notes. Liberty Bonds and a Small amount of Cash. Frederick w. Glover of Groton a Veteran of the civil War was found dead wednesday evening of last week at his Home at the East part of the Village. Or. I. N. Eastman who was called pronounced the cause heart failure and it was thought death occurred the evening before. Or. Glover had lived alone since the death of his wife a year ago last january. A Trust deed made by Alexander Dunnett May 12, 1920, has been filed of crease in both tuition and Board and room Over last year Middlebury College opened its 121st year with the largest freshman class the largest total attendance and the largest net gain in its history. To Date 433 students have been registered a gain of 72 Over the 361 of the opening Day a year ago. The freshman class num every available room in the four dormitories five cottages uses and the Mal occupied and Many students Are quartered in the Villa three fraternity House a and the a occupied. Son Francaise is occur when registration is completed to. Attendance will be about 450, As compared with 389 last year. This year eight new instructors join the teaching staff which now numbers 34. Sun diary a�., Utts Tomeu Iii a. It provides for the distribution of his estate. All of his property excepting the St. Johnsbury property is placed in the names of two trustees c. A. Shields and d. S. Conant of St. Johnsbury. They have charge of the property and will provide mrs. Dunnett with sufficient Means. After her death the residue of the property will be disposed of and the net proceeds distributed one fourth of which will go to George Dunnett brother of the deceased. And the rest to his nephews and nieces or their heirs. His Law business is sold to the trustees. Sheffield Arthur Dunton visited in Springfield mass., last week. Visited Randall sunday. Edith Gay of Lyndonville her sister mrs. F i a Brand new Purchase s Fri i of Serge dresses you won t have to Send away for All Wool Serge dress s Ges. We have them from $15.75 up. S g we did not Mark our goods up and so do not have to a Mark them Down. M one persons Dollar is As Good As another. Mass new millinery new dresses for saturday is Barton the Hutchins store wrong Side of the Square Vermont Psi i Fez n c5t a. Ent of a 1837 a nouse was Oulu out Iraq put it for schoo Iho a 3 water Lar was an inviting dumping j a a Fig Ris when i was a a. About inor i mor. Water Lar was _ a re hsm.?h a a a a ordered built on that aide the River. This is inescapable to the -.-�n. A a re mar v pm Ine same time a Diack Sini a Anop who brought their. And the Little i sore a i found it j _ _ 1�-.�?o kidneys the old hop House. ,. T Grav a Ere the Lar Jando ers of Jat Jay cemetery a Good state of i sorrow and the Little cemetery on a i a to m the picture Maple str to began to show its quaint it i Booklet the building beyond it beg the stones marking the i Graves of Jesse Kiok and Paul my�?aa5 Beer permanent and = a Decommer l Doans for in a me feel like a differ 1 Irasburg 1 in a a it All dealers. Don t Lior a kidney remedy get e��7 pills the same that Foster Mil bum Buffalo n. Y. _ mental picture a Ami a a a i of too Nuu Aea Maui a have named you John Bartlett and in a must have been struck by the Simi owned land across the Stream to the 1 architectural design. Land incl dog i wit i hardly an exception even to a 1846 Richarf Newton wlm a owned the land trompe Mon to Northern new England single foot of water Hill sold a plot of gory or Story and a half with slant by eighty to to Deniton St or roofed Chambers and an Ell at for $400. This comprised the site of i running longitudinally in a Lowr transversely to the main situated the present Parker Young Yards and a Alldre Niove Nieyes and its h for them klute Onder conditions of la. Cleanliness and in a tothe Nln or Laleve a sanitary package. Fi2s the craving for to aids digestion Sweet allays thirst and Teeth clean. Little benefits much. Still 5c everywhere Ely to building. In the Ell were the Kitchen and not infrequently the shed. When the Frame houses at the Landing were built stoves had come into use sufficiently to Debar them from one of the most interesting features of Pioneer Homes the a great fireplaces. The first Cabins were Ide with a single fireplace however. In such a Hamlet Industry went on apace in the 60�?Ts and 60�?Ts. Joseph Colley was the first Shoemaker peddled tinware and later ran the tavern before retiring to his farm. The i Blacksmith shop was conducted by Amasa Bigelow. Eben Willson maintained a woodworking a entry shop. Judge Samuel Willard was first Post master keeping the of in what is now Hugh Buchanan a House. His official duties must have been Light in comparison with those of the present office. Mails came by stage. Madison Dean son of Josiah came to the Landing in 1842 and ran the Sawmill. Lewis Stimson turned his knowledge of brie making to go account on his new farm where Clay and Sand of excellent Quality were abundant. This Yard begun about 1859 was run for Many years although no residences of Buck were constructed in this Vicinity. Parties of Voung people in my time used to go up to the Yard to see the burning of the kilns. After living on the Home farm Fer half a Century or. Stimson came to the Landing to reside and was still a very Active and denial Man in my youth. His son Nat a Stimson is the oldest living native of the Landing and has lived Pratti Fly All his life Here. Another son Lorenzo was one of the first to go to College from this place. Religious meeting were held m the schoolhouse previous to the building of the first methodist Church in 1858 the present methodist Church was built in 1874, and shortly after the congregational site secured the Fay Sisters from Peacham visited mrs. David Roberts last week. Grifton Niles has been obliged to move Back Home because he could not find rent. Mrs. Samuel Ruggles of Lemdon is helping with the work at the Home of her parents. Raymond Davis met with an Accident the first of the week by falling from his bicycle. Willie Gray and d. C. Green and family of Lyndon were sunday visitors at a. O. Gray a. Archie Fitzpatrick and Walter Friday Friday May be an in Luck Dav but they is 1 thing in its favor amp that is the nex Day is saturday got in Wrubbel with pug a Little we was playing Ball amp i called him a lire when i seen him comeing for me i a i Ola sized amp he sed All rite if you take i it All Back. Amp just As i turned round he handed me 1 on the Nob. I sed what you mean amp be replied amp sed that just to show you what i Wood of done if you had Dent of Tuk Back what you sed. I was a getting mad. Saturday Unkle Clarence amp ant Ada cum with there Darter amp we went a fishing Whitch was a warm _ autum Day. Cuzzen Roberta cried when i was a fishing cause she sed i it was Crule in me to around the poor Little firms All the time her Igno rants is reely stimulating on out Dore sports and Etc. Sunday went to s. Stool. Tore my pants got a Licking red a Story j monday Unkle Clarence As got a dog Whitch nods his tale up and Down instead of Side ways he says it be cause they live inside of a Small Flat amp there dissent room for him to nod it Side ways. Tuesday i Brot Home my books to study but did Dent have any Success As they is a Guy nex Dore Whitch thinks he is learning to play a trombone. So i slip up to Jakes amp we drawer pictures amp eat grapes webby we will be to sick to go to Stool to Morro. I ast a what the writers Meen when they say the love Lite in her eyes he sed just watch Yure a when she looks in the Winda at the new fall dresses. Wednesday Jake and me found Ashow Bill which sed fat Arbuckle was to be at the show supported by miss sum thing. Jakes a wooden big Money from your Maple Trees prices for Sagar and sym the confine season Are sure to exceed even the his figures of the last crop. A with Maple syrup at a Gabon Maple Snear at 45c a Pound fancy cake sugar 60e to 8�c Pound no Farmer owning a dozen or More Maple Trees can afford to be without a Bellows Fallk Monarch sugaring outfit suitable for shallow or deep boiling they make All of your sap into the finest must marketable product. Prepare now for the next sugaring season by getting your order in Early. Quot write for Catalon and prices. See our new sap spout. Send for free Sample. Vermont farm Mac Fine corp., Bellows Falls Vermont. U Pata drown dug 90 bushels of potatoes on let him go she sed if a great big Fella saturday from 9 of clock until even like him ing with the Aid of one person in the sent Point. Afternoon to pick up. W e would likening Jake go to see him. So we Hook a 4.u apples and plaid with the dog Whitch treed a cat. Thursday of my hand Hurt today As i was fixing a pin in my Rule to reach under the seat amp stick Elsie Whitch sets in front of me. I had it already amp it was then that what happened did. I had filed to Notis the Teecher in Back and she landed a stick saturday from 9 of clock until even a like him a cant support Hiis Vlf she is. In Burrage him by Lettino to to be another pair or Trio for that matter beat this record. The Community was shocked and saddened saturday when Alice Hall Davis was called from her earthly Home to a Home from a which none return. She had taken her bed Only two months previous and her Many where suffering pain and Ltd res Are Kep me m a a a a unknown. She was about 39 years it. Lot of sympathy i get. A smiled of age and leaves a husband one son wisely and one daughter also two Brothers to mourn her loss besides a Large Circle of friends. She was Active in All the relations of life. She was a Rong worker for the Church had held the office of state councillor m the d. Of l. She was also a god Active member of the Grange and an officer at the time of her death in the Pomona Range. Words fail to express the Heartfelt sympathy of her Many friends in their sad hour. Funeral services were held at the Home wednesday. West Burke mrs. Lottie George is visiting in Manchester n. H. Or. And mrs. E. J. Warren visited Springfield and Ludlow last week. Mrs. Lilia Dow of Passumpsic was a week end guest of mrs. M. M. Coe. Or. And mrs. Luther Murray and Mother mrs. Virginia Murray Are visiting in Richford. Or. And mrs. L. G. 5"�ndy spent several Days in Springfield mass., during the past week. Or. And mrs. B. H. Marshall have mrs Emily Uttin who has been air walk about a Little with crutches. Quite a delegation from West Burke enjoyed the excellent Chicken Pic is Pei it Sutton last Friday even mrs. Belle Johnson who has been boarding at c. M. Bruces during the summer returned to Newark last sunday. Glen hears a it Worcester mrs if visiting his father Albert Mears we a Mpa Nied him to Morgan and Morrisville. Miss Myrtie Aldrich has been ill with the shingles and miss Octa Gallagher is taking her place in the Telephone office. Or. And mrs. B. A. Hawley Are visiting relatives m West Bazuin n. Rupirisrtn�?~�?~�7t Teuy. Shii lir unto ask re Nenad a u�?T2? 1859 Dean Rogers came from Hrcek and for Many years made ? he was at one time Post site ugh Lif he Gers place a where he died. In continued on Page six. J Worth took the River but i a a Terpay al a Saeed a of a a res a Leah it Vermont notes Brattleboro was almost enveloped one afternoon last week in a Cloud of insects that to All pea Rances were tiny winged ants. They came in such numbers As they swarmed on the sidewalks that their glistening wings resembled Snow and pedestrians and persons in vehicles were kept Busy Ashing them from hands faces and clothing. It was possible in some places to sweep them up in Little piles. The visitation was the subject of much comment. Notwithstanding a 50 per cent in cold with Cascara q�oin1ne for colds coughs and la Grippe neglected colds Are dangerous take no chances. Keep this Standard remedy Handy for the first sneeze. Breaks no a cold in 24 hours a relieves Grippe in 3 Days excellent for headache quinine in this form does not affect the head Cascara is Best tonic laxatives no opiate in Hills. All druggists sell it use the Monitor for results Job printing a specially we Trust to Luck i baking Ciet a Glenwood and be sure a Modem Glenwood Range gives wonderful suits with the smallest possible amount of fuel. Call and see them and you will once Why a Glt Awood Range a makes cooking easy h. T. Seaver w Whipple Converse co. Birton a Orleans

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