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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 29, 1920, Barton, VermontPage two the Monitor september 29, 1920 Gilpin Hunt amp company be. Printers and publishers Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont issued every wednesday and entered at the Posto Fluce in Barton As second class matter North Troy palladium leased of a. H. Butterfield w. E. Sawyer local manager North Troy Vermont issued every thursday and entered at the Post office in North Troy As second class matter the Newport new s e. F. Humphrey local manager 57 main Street Newport Vermont issued every tuesday and entered at the Post office in Newport As second class matter subscriptions any paper $2.00 per year 6 months $1.00 All subscriptions payable in Advance and All papers discontinued when time expires and rising cards of thanks 50c. Resolutions $1.00. Reading notices 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified column. These rates apply to any paper. Display advertising rates for any paper upon application. Prosperous Orleans county from an Industrial standpoint probably Orleans county never looked Forward to such Industrial expansion As she now contemplates. Just what effect the break in certain markets will have upon these developments is not known but it is Safe to say that whatever a verses May come they will be Only temporary and that there is a Bright and prosperous future for this county. One can speak with More than general terms about the situation for several of our centers have developments in the Progress which augur Well for Industrial growth. Probably the largest single development is in Derby line where a Quarter of a million dollars is being expended in a Plant of the Butterfield co., on the american Side. This great Plant Means the employment of several Hundred men and the further growth of that Village already one of the largest in the county. Probably the next largest single development is in Barton where a $65,-000 Plant is being built for a new York concern which will add considerably to the Industrial growth of Barton. One or two other new industries of a smaller nature but with unlimited future possibilities have also begun business in Barton. The Blair veneer company of North Troy is spending thousands of dollars in enlarging and developing its business there. Norch Troy was one of the most rapid a growing villages in the county in the past ten years due largely to the expansion of this concern and their present plans mean Futi ire growth for North Troy. Several concerns of a smaller nature Are beginning business in Newport. No less than four Small manufacturing concerns have already begun business in Newport or will begin in the very near future any one of which holds prospects of very great development. The aggregate of these developments mean something already and will mean More with each months growth. Orleans is already growing industrially. The Parker Young company if Carroll Smalley Page were assured of As easy a time two years hence As William Paul Dillingham had this year said Carroll Smalley Page would no doubt be a most Happy individual. But there May be no need to worry for opposition May Peter out As it did in the Case of Dillingham when it came to a real showdown. A Barre times this paper wonders what would happen to Carroll Smalley if Porter h. Dale could be induced to enter the senatorial Field in two years. Figured on the Cost basis c. S. Emery led All the other candidates by wide margins in the votes received for the Money expended. According to Campaign expenses filed and official returns of the vote Emery a votes Cost him 14 cents each Agana a 40 cents. Babbitts 60 cents and Hartness $1.60, for every vote he received. This last figure is just about the per capita amount Cox says the republicans in the nation planned to spend which charge the republicans hasten to deny and denounce. It is a wrong principle that allows a Man to spend $38,000 for a Job which pays $6,000 in salary for the entire term of office. Hartness is a splendid Man but the plan and principle upon which he is being made governor is wrong. This papers discussion of the question of sunday sport and Observance and inviting contributions on the subject is taking Root. But there must be others who have opinions Worth publishing. If so Send them along to the editor. The question of Laws governing our Sabbath will most assuredly come up at the next session of the legislature. One of the fundamental questions is whether we individually and All the people have a religious duty to perform or not if we have is not a fairly Good old fashioned sunday Observance a More Likely method of aiding toward the duty than an open sunday if there is still a creative god and a Savior has Man any duty to perform toward his creator or his Savior and if he has is a sunday in which one is Given a Chance to meditate and worship uninterrupted and without distraction i Good thing Well lets hear from our readers. Press cupping Candy for the women Brattleboro reformer the successful candidate for representative of the town of Newport sets a Pace for others to follow and adds to Campaign expenses a hitherto unknown item by presenting Candy to the women As Well As cigars to the men voters. Off year for lawyers Montpelier Argus there Are but two lawyers among the state Republican senatorial nominees which is considerable of a slump. The number of lawyers in the state Senate two years ago was fourteen. However there Are five doctors among this years Republican candidates for the Senate. In political paragraphs. Rutland Herald expressed in percentages or. Hart ass carried the largest Home support receiving 93.1 per cent. Or. Emery received 83.7 per cent of the vote in his Home town or. Agan 67 per cent and or. Babbitt 55 per cent. Col. Emery a showing in Orleans Orange and Washington counties where he is Best known should give him about All the satisfaction that would have come from a Complete Victory. He got the endorsement of his friends and neighbors without the responsibility that would have followed elec Lection. Vermont dry four to one. Bellows Falls times last weeks primary clearly demonstrated that the people of Vermont ire not opposed to the 18th Amend Campaign expenses High. Hartness spent nearly $40,000. Ery less than $2000. Pm the four candidates for the Republican nomination for governor have filed their Campara expense accounts in accordance with the Law As have other candidates for office. Hartness spent More than twice As much Money As All the other candidates for All the offices in the state combined and reaches the huge total of $39,260.99. The items As Given Are As follows St. Albexis messenger co. Paper envelopes Etc Hays advertising Agency salaries to assistants postage. Telephone and Telegraph printing other than bulletins. Photographs. Travelling. Paid to Hartness club Telephone and Telegraph printing. Clerical assistance $10,685.85 19,155.80 1,191.70 65.82 187.00 41.65 98.47 384.75 86.85 826.81 2,775.95 1,123.41 614.14 1,022.79 h. Bab several minor employees of labor have a growing business which continually places that enterprising Village to the front. Several places located from the Railroad Are also experiencing some Industrial growth. Westfield and Lowell have new Wood industries and several other places like Irasburg have lumber industries. Development and growth of summer business is almost forced upon the county because of its Many natural advantages. Agriculturally Orleans county is Well organized with its farm Bureau and Farmers Exchange. Orleans county Banks never contained As much Money As they now hold though Loans Are in demand beyond the ability of the Banks to Supply. Orleans county schools never contained so Many scholars. From a material standpoint Orleans county is exceedingly prosperous with every reason to expect great development in the years ahead. If Mason s. Stone could forget politics Long enough to attend strictly to duties pertaining to the office of the Vermont commissioner of education he would make quite an acceptable Man for the position. With 42 divorce cases on the court docket Orleans county takes no Back seat when it comes to Domestic Trou Blas. Chittenden Rutland and Washington counties and places with Large centers of population have seemed to Lead in divorce cases in the past but Orleans county is bound to take inferior position no longer. There must be a bit of satisfaction in the vote Secretary of state Harry a. Black received in the recent primaries. He was Given the largest vote of any Man on the state ticket by More than 1300. This May or May not be taken As a vote of Confidence and Sanction of his rigorous handling of the automobile Laws but this paper in rather inclined to believe it is in some measure a Register of approval of his Good work in office. Postage and express. Buttons. Seals and signs. The statement of Frederick Bitt of Bellows Falls shows his total to be $6,942.94, of which the largest single item was $2,010 for postage. His Telephone Bill was $287.60. C. S. Emery a expense account was As follows 3,367 Miles travel by automobile owned and driven by himself 404.04 282.00 577.05 250.00 158.00 127.00 cuts. Campaign buttons. Postage. Telephone Telegraph and other incidental expenses Totel $1,798.09 the expenses of f. W. Agan As previously Given were $5,059.52. In the congressional Campaign John w. Gordon of Barre spent $802.67, the most of which was for printing circulars and travelling expenses including hotels Porter h. Dale of Island Pond $1,785.49 Ernest w. Gibson of Brattleboro $494.94. Where there were no contests the expenses were very Light some of the figures being As follows Frank c. Archibald candidate for attorney general paid $1.34, of which 36 Cento was for warfare Between Montpelier and Barre and the remainder postage on nomination petitions. Benjamin Gates of Montpelier Candise for state auditor spent $2.85 and Harry a. Black of Newport candidate for Secretary $11.40. Witters woefully wet har w. Witters an attorney of St. Sansbury the democratic nominee for confess will contend for the elec fan in this District against Porter h. Platform a on the fou owing a a believing that the will of the people should govern to personal Liberty is the very foundation upon which the greatness of the in Jed states is founded and that local self government is the most efficient Safe and satisfactory if elected your congressman i would work and fight for a a first. An amendment to the Constitution of the United states provid ing that no further amendments be de thereto without being submitted to the direct vote of the people in every state. A second. The repeal and submission to the people of the prohibition amendment upon the ratification of which the people never had an Opportunity to vote and which was forced upon the country by a minority while Over two million men were in France fighting for Freedom and while the peat majority of those at Home were bending every Effort toward the of the War and were not watch lobby at Washington. I third. The immediate Modifica Tion of the volstead act to permit the manufacture and Sale of Beer Light i wine and cider and to provide for the eatable Ament of agencies where medicinal purposes May be to ment and Are not opposed to the volstead act. All opposition to either of these measures was buried deep. There Are in Vermont about 12,000 votes which can always be corralled for any candidate labelled wet. Clement got them two years ago and Agan this year. The opposition to this combination has at least four times As Many votes. Hartness and Emery were absolutely dry and their combined vote was three times that of Agan. Babbitts Plank for a modification of the volstead act under the circumstances As they developed did not help him. Gibson also wanted the volstead act liberalized and Gordon was not opposed yet Dale dry As a Pine Chip trimmed them both Good and plenty. There is no escaping the conclusion that the people of Vermont Are four to one for both the amendment and the act that limits alcohol in beverage to one half per cent. Build your future in six months Start september 1-15 probate courts special sessions of be held at the office of f. W. Xxi mar. In a a a it Teri a of the third of the judge in Advance that he May take the a a so probs a office at Newport will be open every Day except sundays a of Holl h. Jod. Vermont forests Brattleboro Phoenix in an interview Sute forester w. G. Hastings says there Are approximately 4,000,000 acres of land in Vermont that is not adapted to agriculture that half of this land is Good Forest land supporting a satisfactory stand of Timber that there Are about 1.000.000 acres on which practice of forestry for lumbering is impracticable or impossible. The remaining million acres has been Cut Over or burned Over that is not coming Back naturally to Forest Trees of desirable spa a ies. To reforest this area he estimates will require the planting of 40.000.000 Trees for a period of 25 years. Half of this work would be divided Between 25,000 farms. He also estimates that the growth of Timber in Vermont is about equal to the annual cutting. It is reassuring to know that the Timber Supply of the state is not being Over Cut or that the immense amount of 200,000,000 Board feet and 1,000,-000 cords of Timber Are grown in the state each year. This 000,000 acres of land and shows a growth of 100 Board feet and one half Cord per acre. The statement that this growth is Only 25 per cent As Large As it should be shows the Opportunity of developing Timber growth on the Best Timber lands of the state. These lands Are largely owned by lumbermen and they should develop the Timber thereon. To make the Timber growth and Harvest of the state four times As Large As it now is would greatly increase the annual production of wealth in the state. Apparently the lumbermen in the state should in their own interests improve the growth of Timber on the Good Timber lands of the state. The state forester shows the Folly of removing sugar Maples from land that will not produce Merchantable Timber and his warning should be heeded. His statement also shows there is about a million acres of nonproductive land in the state that might be profitably planted to Timber Trees. The foresters statement presents to the people of Vermont the Opportunity of developing the wealth and Industry of the state in a practical and inexpensive Way. It remains to be seen How generally they will accept the Opportunity and begin the construction of a big. N the a a a school Alsand. . A Friday oct. 8th, 1920 is Delaval service Day at my store come Early and avoid delays. Tell your neighbor for the Benefit of users of de Laval Cream separators we have arranged a de Laval service Day we urge that every de Laval user brings his Complete separator to our store for a careful inspection which will be made free of charge. Should any part due to unusual Wear or Accident need to be replaced this we ill be done the Only charge being for the Price of the new parts used no charge for service. A de Laval service expert will be with us to assist with this important work. Bring in your separator Complete on the Date mentioned and get the Benefit of his advice on the care and operation of your separator As Well As the free service. It is our wish and that of the de Laval company that every de Laval separator give the Best satisfaction at the least Cost and we urge you to take advantage of this free and useful service. F. S. Whitcher Barton it. Remember october 8th, 1920 commissioners notice estate of Joseph m. Valley the Bavler been appointed by Tho honorable probate oort Lor the us strict of Orleans. mi8sioner8. To receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons a Aalst the estate of Joseph m. Valley late of Barton in said to strict. Deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby rive notice that we will meet for the purpose aforesaid at the k. W. Arron of. Store in the Vucure of Barton. In said District on the a the a it of oct Olier and s9tn Day of january next from 1 o clock p. Until 4 o clock p. My a on each of said . And that six months from the filth Day of . A. 19s0. Is the time limited by said court Tor said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at Orleans. It. This Soth Day of september. A. Do a w0. O. E. . E. W. Bakkon. A8-4> . Women made Young Bright eyes a Clear skin and a body full of Touth and health May be i yours if you will keep your system in order by regt Early taking cold medal tha worlds Standard ready for Idun Allvar bladder and uric acid trouble the amiss of Lua and looks. In use sine 1696. All druggists three Sixes. Or. E. H. Nill5 veterinary office and Hospital Eaxt main Street Tel. 43, Newport estate of Evaline l. Caswell state of Vermont District of Orleans. 88. The honorable probate court for the Duall persons interested in the estate of eve Ellne i. Caswell late of Greensboro in a Reetika at a Proli Ato court Holden at Newport we than and for a Aid District ont be of it the Day of september. I82�i an instrument purport air tul get till last will and to Tamon of k Valine 1�?z cart Well Lute of Green so it Oro in said District deceased was presented to the a Kurt of Oresund. For i route. And it is ordered by said flour that the 1st Day of a Tober. By at the probate office in said Newport at 2 o Cioc k p. Be for prove no said instrument and that notice thereof be riven to All persons concerned by Publ Uhlir this order thro weeks successively in the county Monitor a newspaper in that icon Ltd. In said District pre dons to the time appointed. The Lefoke Ymmer hereby notified to appear before sold court at the time and place aforesaid and contest the probate of said will. If Yon have cause. Even under my hand at Newport in said District this Letb Day of september. 1u20. 87-� . Smith. Judge state of Vermont District of Orleans is. The honorable probate court for the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the estate of Gilbert a. Malcolm e. And Keith j. Gross whereas application hath been made to this court in Wal tour. By the guardian of said minors for License to sell the real estate Twenty five acres of Timber land. Belur in lot no. 104 and twelve and one half acres of Timber land All located in said Brown Lur ton. Represent Lur that the Sale thereof for the purpose of Pitt Lar the proceeds of such Sale at interest or invest or the same in stocks or other real estate or Usler the avails thereof for the Benefit of said wards As the Law directs would be beneficial for said wards. said oort appointed and ass rued the 1st Day of october to hear and decide upon said application and ordered Public notice thereof Tobe riven to All Persona interested therein by publish Lar this order three weeks Succes Savoly in the Orleans county Monitor a of those persons interested therein All of which publications shall be previous to the time appointed for the a Earlnor. Therefore you Are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid then and there in said court to object to Tho Grant Liiro such License. If you so a cause. Given under my baud at said District this sixth Day of kept Ember. 1890. 7-� b. Hot Kijner. Real ser. Or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 138-11 Davis very stable metropolitan life in. Co. Branch office Newport al Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent. Lanes blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit Harry Dickens in Surany and an Tobice phone 62-s. Residence i Orleans Vermont l. H. Mciver d. O. S. in optometry appointments can he made by mail or phone for the examination of the eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and repairs made. A phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport al a. C. Farmer d. V. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Bockus food stable insurance of All kinds May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont state of Vermont District of Orleans a. The he Morable probate court for the District aforesaid to All persons interested in the estate of Martin a. Bean. Insane of Glover la said District. Greeting whereas. Apply Matlob Bath been made to this court in write or. By the guardian of a Aid Martin a. Big an for License to sell the real estate of said Ward vex Imil san undivided half interest in one Timber lot con no slur of sixty acres. Belner lot no. 19 in second Ranse of lots la said Glover. Represent in that the Sale thereof for the purpose of putting the Pixie eds of such Sale at inter eat. Or invest or the same in stocks or other real estate or slur the avails thereof for the Liene flt of said Ward As the Law directs would be beneficial for said Ward. Whereupon the said court appointed and assumed the 8th Day of oct. 18�. At f. W. Baldwin s office in Barton in said District. At to clock p. A. To hear and decide upon a Aid application and ordered Public notice thereof to be riven to All persons interested therein by publish Lar this order three weeks successively in the Orleans cd aunty Monitor a news papa it a published at Barton which circulates in the near boor Hood of those persons interested therein All which pubic cations shall be previous to All which pubic cations shall be pret the time appointed for the b s Lar. The Lefoke you Are hereby notified to appear before said court. At the time and place aforesaid then and there in said court to object to the or Autler License. If you see cause. Quot a Given under my band at Newport. In said a a Xhu Day o september. 1890. Spooner. Re later. Protect your cows by spraying them with Cura bos perfection by Kier guaranteed to kill the files or Money refunded. Have the Whiz automobile greases Axle grease binding twine or. Lesure a and or. Lawyers vet Inary remedies North Star woo fat Royal Gall cure harnesses whips blankets and All kinds of strap work for Sale at the Glover harness shop m. W. Johnson prop., Suc Ceazor to a. B. Speir Glover. Vermont business director 4081 a a. Par Nib off cd a m. Blakem a Barton it special attention stiff a t diseases of the Eye ear the fitting of glasses to Riti a Proa office Hocks i a sunday and by spec Laia no c. A. Cramton. M so. _ a Calist. Ett a Throat. Office office. Office Hoory f appointments for can 1 Nide in a Telephone. F. R. Hastings Barton it. Returned from medical service 0 a was september it g. S. Courser. Licensed auctioneer Lymber Eutimi South Albany Versoi m. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Barton. 1 Tel no. 44-4 a them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular s All mail orders attended to prom misses Trudeau and whee 77 main so Newport it r. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick Mem Daisy White teacher of violin and express graduate of mount Ida sch Newton mass studio 783 East main St new e. H. Howe successor to Howe amp Sto real estate net tort Tel 175 roots Block if Mir s Salve Fielx a Tbs treat met of itch by Zama. Ringworm Tetter or Ottar Taddac Akin a tar a n on bos at Fred d. Pierce Barton Vimont n. H. Drew so. Walden Censed aug Moneeb satisfaction guaranteed. Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair a wok of kinds a a a 1. J. Cortas 163-2 f. A Jervah 18 commissioners notice estate of Mary s. Joslyn the undersigned having been appointed by the honorable Prole a the t ourt for the data tract of Orleans. A com Mission Kirk. To receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons against the estate of Mary s. Joslyn late of Barton. In said District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet for the purpose Afore Ald. At the Dwel lug House of w. S. Joslyn in the Village of Orleans in said District on the 1st Day of october and 16th Day of feb. , Jinai 1 o clock p. M., until 4 o clock p. A. On each of �u1 Days and that six months from the a the Day of aug. A. A. I�ai>l8 the to no a limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. O. W. Look _ g. J. Gross. 87-8� commissioners. Lumber Industry. Jigger and better to regulate their own habits and Mode of living and to the state of Vermont and every other state the right to govern itself. Upon the foregoing platform your support of my candidacy for congressman from the second District is respectfully Harry w. Witters. St. Johnsbury vt., sept. 25, 1920. Vermont notes Cyrus Brown of Vergennes recently killed a Diamond Black Rattlesnake with nine rattles near the Mouth of the Otter Creek. The Fern picking Industry is now at its height in the District around Chittenden Sherburne and Mendon and some of the pickers Are earning $13 a Day. Rev. F. H. Hazen who for a num a of years has been pastor of the congregational Church in Johnson has resigned his pastorate there and gone to Richmond. At a Farewell reception last week Rev. And mrs. Hazen were presented with about $250 in Money and an electric lamp. Austin Cary one of the most noted foresters and Timber experts in the country last week made an inspection trip Over the Battell Forest in mid with the greatly impressed a Fine Quality of the old growth medicinal purposes May 1 and economically obtained inese measures would restore the people personal Liberty the Rig red Spruce on the College lands. There is very Little Spruce of like Quality re Eastern United states and in or. Cary s opinion it May be cd Lawes Tew years of almost inc a commissioners notice estate of David Peel the undersigned having been a Polauf a by the honorable probate oort for the District of Orleans oommi8sion-ers. To receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons against the estate of David Peel. Late of Greensboro in said District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give y tace that we will meet for the purpose fore raid at the the Home of mrs. Florence de i Brune in the town of Greensboro in a Lddys and enlarging until for amateurs a everything photo graphics photo Craft shop 37 main Street Newport. Vermont Ana Inai six in Onins from the �6th Day of August a. D. 19�. Is bet me limited by said court for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Rat snap kills rats and mice dries them up and leaves no smell. Batteries Columbia igniter hot hot Flash Light batteries if you Are going to paint anything see us about it. A can do you Good. We Are Selling the sharpies Moto Milker just the thing for dairies up to 20 cows. H. T. Seaver Barton. Vols . Oom missioners. Edison Blue Amberos records and Ambrolas Edison Agency estate of Gertrude Alder 8tte of Vermont District of Orleans is. Trot of a waifs a a a court for the die toll Gerrans interested in the estate of Gertrude Alden late of Stanstead. Quebec to wit of Barton Inwald District deceased. A at a probate court Holden a Ewis it Olty. Within Andorra old 16th Day of september. 18� an instrument Pur Imit Longto to the last will and testament of Gertrude Alden late of Stanstead Quebec to wit of Barton in said District deceased was presented to the oort aforesaid for probate. A Quot and it is ordered by said court that the. 8th of october. 19�.at 10 o clock a. A. At the probate office in said Newport Olty. Let a aligned for proving said instrument and that notice thereof be Given to All persons concerned by publishing this order three weeks successively in the Orleans county Vicinity in raid District or a a a i tothe time appointed. Therefore you Are hereby notified to at wr1ght�?�s shoe store weeks successively in the Orleans county Monitor a newspaper circulating in that a District i. A Are hereby Appeal before raid court at the time and place aforesaid and to contest the probate of raid will. If you have onus -. Given under my band at Newport. In said District this 15th Day of september. 19�. . Smith. Judge. Right musical instruments. The results of classified advertising in this paper Are often beyond expectations. Many times an expenditure of a few cents jul sell "7 al Newport Vermont Well managed and equipped the Barton savings Bank amp Trust company is conservatively but progressively managed and it is thoroughly equipped to serve the people to the Best possible advantage. amp twist a l

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