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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 29, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor vol 50-no. 39 a a it adv kit sing under thl Nisi this Erato. As a. Nov Eric a for Sale cow it and heifers ing of miss Mcdonald. Academy notes. Work in music in the trades is be a reorganized under the direction of . Leland mias Chapman and Barton Vermont wednesday. September 29, 1920 single copies 5 cents. R let weeks old gifts. 38-39 King Whitcher 22sthe us a a a it Glover. To my Fel or tent Irelle Quot is ski Quot Quot Quot a a Hutchinson tiie immediate Rel the hide was attired in a Recita i Prown of embroidered voile tons were Given by Mamie Sheltra Eil and carried a Bou Lena Garey Ward Mudgett and Stan out of Pink carnations. The rooms the juniors and seniors Are pre Reg their recitations to give before the school in Chapel this term. Each student of the High school is to recite a fore the school at least once during the year. The Pho More class conducted s5l in a official vote in county vanes but slightly from unofficial figures in our election edition the canvassing Board for Orleans county has made the official report the primary vote in the county. This does not materially change the vote As Given out in the express and Standard election edition. The official canvass of the senatorial vote gives w. W. Blodgett 3,037 Urban w. Brown 873 m. E Calkins 1257 Roscoe m. Cowles 2094. The canvass for assistant judges lyceum course opens october 14 As formerly announced the Barton improvement club has engaged a splendid lot of Talent for the season of 1920-1921, and the opening Date is set for thursday october 14, when the american concert grand quintette will appear. Or. Newell Dwight Hillis thursday november 11. Crawford Adams company thursday december 10. Frank Dixon Friday february 25. The Bostonia sex Tette tuesday March 15. The canvass for the Sale of seats Lai. May v. a earlier by a so the he a Ewsey a sly co St al i will be. A do of ,�?o4 the has a Quot a fear Rev. Huj0hin�, a be. Very meter a r s4ee?. Lff a a .>�?T�.<�?o?>� a a Barton Leatine talk to the school in Chapel a al a a a a is 1498. And Grade a it Quot i a by . King is a graduate of Barton i 1 ilex a. I. Red it pullets. Mrs. R.1 39-40 i a head lumber Wagon. Lilliar. Brooks bar 37-39p Gram sep a k Urr. Orleans. R. R 38-39 a Cen so Vork horse. Quot in. 1. Owen. Bar 38ti jr., mor us Iari and Register Glover. 20tf lows county senators William w. Blodgett 3037 Urbin a a re Cal ?4? l�lnne3trs�?~� be scum a Quot they kairis4dcwa? in Ira a mar Maude and Jam rhubarb peach student at Barton Academe i at Brown 878 m. E. Calkins 1267 and Pear marmalade. Present is associated a aft his Quot a hts a a a co a a a. Rev. Toner will give a talk to the 0n a farm. Their Many friends wish assistant judges pupils of the school some Day this them much happiness and Prosperity a 7oak �7 a a week. As they go to their new Home. Chase 1345 Wallace d. Miller 1854 Fred l. Parlin. 1348 Amasa pm Sweet 810 Frank w. Tenney 1498. Sheriff at a meeting of the athletic citation Roy Valley was chosen Basket Ball manager for 1920-1921. Practice will soon be started out doors and when the weather fails the team will practice in seavers Hall. Much curiosity has been aroused among the students since last thursday by the following notice on the Board a the yacht a Pep will make a three hour cruise on thursday even congregational Church Noten. Rev. Hutchinson pastor. Look Church rally All week. Thursday prayer meeting. Subject a the Friday afternoon the ladies society will meet in the Church parlor. It will to a Worth while meeting. Light a september 30th. Tickets Are on refreshments served lie at 7.00 p 17, f Oit sunday is the big Day of All. Promptly at 7.30 make reservations. Lumber on or before monday. September 10.30 preaching service. Top buggy. 27th. Capt. R. D. Merrill. Rev. L a. Edwads of Nevort will in Hurt twp \ a i 1,0 extra music by the choir. Extra crowd wanted. Shropshire i that there Are to be deck sports in 11.45 sunday school. I in. Entertainments in the different cabir.= special exercises and promotions our r. D. 1 and the Steerage and pro menacing on for the Junior grades. The deck. Decorations of the ship for. G Sqq Christian Endeavor. 34-1 ves one Guara a. Suck. 37tf Delaval second hand 0. Miles bar the evening have already begun. Every member be present. Conse Everett j. Hill 3862 Herbert Moulton 1. High Bailiff Solon e. Gray 3573. States attorney Albert w. Farman 1947 Hubert s. Pierce 18u6 Frank Thompson 1 will Heath 1 Aaron Grout 1. Judge of probate Ephraim j. Smith 3651. The canvass of the democratic vote for county senators gives Eugene a. Pike 171 William Pike 162. Assistant judges John h. Morrill 154 Dennis Sheehan 150. Sheriff Roy p. Skinner 152. High Bailiff. In Many years. A glance at the Talent soon convinces one of that fact. Course tickets remain the same Price however. Therefore be sure and secure your seats at the time of the canvass and get your reservations at the time of the drawing. Many have been disappointed in the past few years in thinking that they might be Able to get Good scats after the drawing. This May be possible but it is not probable especially this year. District i. O. O. F. Meeting held at Island Pond last week thursday evening. The annual District meeting of the depended District no. 5, was held at Island Independent order of Odd Fellows Pond tuesday evening sept., 21. The weather for the occasion was Ideal and the roads were never in better condition. The gathering was attended by one Hundred members of the order including visiting members from lodges under the Canadian jurisdiction and grand officers of the grand Lodge of Vermont. The meeting was called to order at 8 25 p. M., with the officers of Essex Lodge of Island Pond in the chairs. The following grand officers and suite were escorted into the Lodge room and introduced and received the Honor of the order h. T. Brown of Ludlow grand master Frank w. Metli Odist episcopal Church notes Rev. A a. Turner pastor Calendar for october. Preaching service 10.30. Sunday school 11.45. Epworth league 6.00 p. Preaching 7.00 p. Prayer meeting on thursday evenings. October 5, the woman a foreign missionary society meets with . Turner. October 7, e. L. Business meeting after prayer meeting. October 10, promotion sunday in sunday school. October 15, woman a Alliance hash supper. October 29, e. L. Halloween social. October 31, Junior league and Jackson of Barre grand Secretary j. R. Applebee of Island Pond d. D. G. A l. F. Jones Island Pond p. Cration. Remember your obligation j a Herbert Moi ton 182. Judge of 1 a heralds meeting i visitors welcomed. Probate Amos p. Bean 176. Barton George m. Gorham is on the sick 7.00 p. Union meeting of both Liat. Protestant churches. Therefore All i a a a.11 a a protestants Are invited. Rev. A. C. E. Sisco is seriously ill at this Burner preacher assisted by Rev. L g. R. E. E. Jenne Newport p. G. A j. W. Thurston Islan Pond d. W. Thurston p. G. Of Essex Lodge of Island Pond gave a very cordial Welcome to the visiting Broth ers which was responded to for the District by d. R. Stetson p. G. Of evening Star Lodge of Newport. Or. Stetson made some very Fine remarks upon Odd Fellowship and spoke words of appreciation for the lodges in the District for the very cordial Welcome received and kindness shown to the visiting Brothers. His remarks were interspersed with Good stories that kept to in Brothers in Good spirits. The response for the grand officers which was Given by h. T. Brown g. Was greatly enjoyed and was listened to with much interest by All. The rendering of the unwritten work was done letter perfect by grand Secretary Frank w. Jackson. The reports from the lodges were favourable. Essex Louge Nav aug pc membership of about 120 on Jan. 1st, evening Star 224, Orleans 112, and county court the regular september session of the county court was duly opened monday afternoon of last week judge Frank fish of Vergennes presiding f. W. Tenney of Albany and w. D. Miller of Troy assistant judges and miss Mabel Spencer of St. Johnsbury court stenographer. The session was open by prayer by Rev. A a. Edwards. Monday afternoon was occupied in going Over the docket. The first Case set for trial tuesday morning at 9 of clock was the Case of Leroy p. Russell v. William e. Brock tort. W. Contr Ressman second District a District meeting. O. E. S., october 7. Thi?ys7.csfc��l??s congressman second District the District meeting of District no. Not represented and no report Dale 15,422, Gibson 8,362, Gordon j 7, o. E. S., will be held with inter a a ale i Quot 4 37tf writing. A. Edwards. Sunday is rally Day at the con a he annual meeting of the women s missionary society of the con 5,814. Jersey relational Church. To Tine ones Yiirs. 1. O. _. R. F. D. 38-40p Are stopping at f. A try j t Campbell and daughter 1 Gregat ional Church was held with 1 1 be Loii Owma is a Nix 01 me repro by by . 1. Am Roeii Ana a g Seaver tuesday after-1 incan nominees for the state Senate and work following the opening at state senators the following is a list of the re pub Vale chapter no. 61, o. E. S., at Orleans thursday october 7, opening with a school of instruction at 2.30 . There will be a banquet at 6 of clock noon. The following officers were a from the several counties . Virgin of Orl is was elected for the coming year presi-1 Addison motor Gas recently a guest at the May Home. Dent . E. W. Barron vice presi-1 burs. Walter r. White of Panton. I a Burn a r. E. Walkman is assisting his 8�-41p , a. K. Wakeman i. Aea Aon. . I . A a r . Theodore a right is spend Init f a. Baldwin . C. F. Cut Caledonia on divan Couch also the week with friends m East al j. A. Pearson lamp an one parlor Bany. A Ira it Cay new. Mrs. C. A rata. A 8 of clock a w. N. Cady of Middle grand officers Are expected and by North Star chapter officers Are expected there will be addresses by them. Dent . E. W. Barron vice presi i Bur Walter r. White of in Dent . George Gorham treasurer i Bennington Walton i. Andrew a Call is signed by d. Mrs. George King Secretary . Of Manchester Harlow a. Bottum of of Island Pond and d. D. G. P. Roy Skinner of Orleans. Frank t. Taylor of Hardwick William p. Russell of Kirby. Man e strut of inv . Ellen Williams of pass ump Rev. And . Junius Meade of Chittenden Martin s. \ Ilas of Bur Street Teleai visiting her sister . L. P Pittsburg. N. Y., have been guests in ton w. B Mckillip of burling Page. Of or. And . O. A. White. They ton. Or. I. Colum of Milton s. R. I Whitcomb of Richmond. Essex Luther a. Cobb of Island Page. J of Isaf horse harness and miss Ursula Wakeman. A the trip by Auto r or �160. Seven year old of Barton Academy is teaching Mand . Homer Smith of St. I 1/. 850 lbs., sound Berkshire. Johnsbury were called Hen by a act prank Lin s. Carl Carpenter of i a Tood Driver. A Mifflen Mildred Lang spent part of sickness and death of . Smitn s a. Chafey of Sheldon. Used two seasons visiting relatives in greens-14i3ter. Mrs. Elliott. And Isle or. Branch of a us or rest my a a of tsp a it and a a a it i�1 a a a tons Ery Nebo pro Morrisville f 7 ver tillage known As the weather continues. A i equipped with electric ctr not Brooks of St. Mrs. Fred Cloutier was in St. Johns ii and Spring water or and . Ott bus of to visit her sister a. C. Kimbau Jobi Bury Are visit my tir pare Morancy who is recover 20ti a or. And . Joseph Brooks. Operation. To a a . Lottie Corruth of West Burke j i ton Lane has returned to 10-year-old has returned borne after so Nim position in Boston with the cop sound Good week with . Della Willson. Ley Square orchestra. will also u Jane Mcfarlane was a week i continue his studies in optometry \ Waterman Willoughby her daughter . Room. Eno guest us ---1 wish to announce. Yuu xxix a a a i varies a. A anti us Laura Mcfarlane and grandchildren. Harrison Avenue for Windham George l. Ducharn of a Arnold Chauncey. Was born dress making. Call and see me. Brattleboro or. F. L. Osgood of sax 37tf _ Lau cords about True 1 a son. Arnold Chauncey. Was ooh to i wish to announce you will fid or. W. T. Slayton j. C. Sherburne of ran Orange Dolph. Orleans w. W. Blodgett of new port r. Cowles of Albany. Rutland h. R. Kingsley of Rutland w. W. Nichols of Rutland Benjamin Williams of Proctor e. Foster of Sudbury. A a. Washington j. B. Estee of Montpelier h. Farnham of Montpelier Ouarles h. Dana of Woodbury. Naturalization court. Naturalization court was held sat-1 urday in the county court rooms before judges Wallace d. Miller and Frank Quot a. Tenny. Those taking out final papers were we. Charles Hommel Frederick Alexander Linquist Thomas Lewis Fields we. David Hunter Oscar Walter Hanson we. Roy Newport i Theodore Quintin Newport Center of Elwin Wheeler Charles Lawson a Douglass Elmer Norrie Orleans Alfred Cecil Rollins Philip Sheridan Rollins Barton John Arthur Mcdonald Derby Joseph George Ross Derby line Benjamin Mcrae East Charleston. Annie Wright. Tons River. About three i a son atomx�., v Conga Tulaba. I i Ludlow by be on of Sto i a a Pyotr Quot a amp 44 h. A. Clark of Woodstock. October 19th Kovs at it la in Cir a few. A the Chicken pie supper in Conn Dohn of key four a a to were in Tim the Chaoi , held thursday Evenmo Netom ? ind Quot a a 39tfacquaintances. A a a i s on the m. Tend p. Degrees. First of the week calling on acquaintances. I. Sale or water act est More Road. Good property. Also 180 and pasture. 16tf i Furnace with. Rooms. We can. On farm but this reason for wanted and bricked at any time. Elliott died saturday once a pastry Cook or. D. A Valley House. Orieans-3 4 a of wanted live Larton. Poultry. Elrick Day. The funeral was 18tf 1 Elliott Home on High Street Osier particulars will be Given 38tf feet of lumber about 100 4-lighted a a Tel Quot a 1�� Bunches of a casings. This a Ken from the pills a is m Good con a Hardwood floor at $50 per a is Barton. 34tf a Scella Vaneous wanted everyone to read a Quot a a Vitoft 1&Quot Ance. Light served. J.,society of Conan. _ i Export. 38tf wanted at once Laundr National a Hurch t social afternoon Days with relatives entertainment. The Mission Circle will meet with . Amy bean tuesday october 5. West Glover . Addie Scott has had a piano placed in herbs me. Mrs. Giffin is visiting her sister . Hermon Prescott. Murray Cameron has returned to his school in Randolph. N Pelland has purchased a new seven passenger Hudson automobile. Miss Eunice Stevens left sunday to take up a physical training course in Boston. Mrs. Reuben Stevens spent a few with relatives in Norwich re it is hoped each member auction Sale on Brennan Orleans. Wanted pullets of All especially White la horns Kelley a phone 123-13 kinds. E. Orleans. 39tf Effort to get a Good attend and f. T Miles. Refreshments will be Harriet Borland who has been i visiting in this place returned to Glover i Barton thursday West orb . Fletcher Griffin and Little child Are boarding at Isa rashes. Barbara and Malcolm Pickel began school at the Village tuesday. Rally Day next sunday. Let everyone try to come to sunday school. George bean of Franconia n. H., visited at m. E. Calkins wednesday. Mrs. Mamie Switzer is caring for her daughter . Ethel Lyon in her illness. School has opened on the West Side with . Gladys ome Griffin As teacher. George Conley is building state Road from the Berwick farm toward the Lake. Stannard Campbell of Springfield mass., was a visitor at e. Wheelers recently. U. I. Switzer who has been working at Albany the past three months has returned Home. An eight and a half Pound daughter arrived at the Home of or. And . G. A. Gilman on tuesday afternoon. Or. And . James Fassett and son have closed their cottage and returned to their Home in new Hampshire. Or. And . E. Kilbride who have been stopping at g. C. Myers returned to their Home in Bridgeport conn., Friday. Was presented. The balance of the evening session was thoroughly enjoyed by listening to remarks from grand master Brown and grand Secretary of we. Jackson. Brother Brown said that they were making some changes in the programs of the District meetings this year one of which was doing away with the conferring of degrees which had been the custom in the past this was being tried out this this year to solve the question if it would prove More satisfactory and the time used in doing degree work be devoted to social lines. talked for some length about the great gathering of the Sovereign grand Lodge which is to be held in Boston the coming week it being the first time it has been held in the new England states for 20 years and that Vermont lodges should do their share in assisting in entertaining same. Massachusetts with her 240 lodges had voted $8000 to assist in the work. Hotel Belvue in Boston was to be the Headquarters for vermonters. 40,000 Odd Fallows Are expected to be in the line on the Day of the Parade. White Felt hats with bands in Green with Gold letters would be on Sale at $1.25 for All vermonters upon their arrival in Boston. A Large delegation from the state will attend. Or. Brown also spoke upon the Gill Odd Fellows Home at Ludlow and urged All to visit it that much interest was being manifested in its welfare and the members who Are enjoying its pleasures in their declining years. G. Brown said that he thought he had the Honor of stating that he was the first grand master who Ever visited every Lodge in the state. The remarks of the grand Secretary was along the line of information of the Workings of the Vermont lodges and the Good work of Odd Fellowship throughout the entire jurisdiction. $8,000,000 paid out last year in benefits 17,000 lodges under the Sovereign Gand Lodge with 2,324,000 members in All its branches. Vermont having gained 400 new members since Jan. 1st, and that Lar gains in membership was being made All Over the country As never before. After the District meeting was closed by Essex Lodge the 100 present repaired to the dining room where the Rebekah had arranged a spread for the inner Man consisting of Oyster Stew crackers Rolls butter pickles assorted cakes Coffee and doughnuts. The Way it was devoured should not appear in print but the Quality was excellent and there was no limit to the Quantity after the banquet l. F. Jones acted in the capacity of Toast master in a very Able manner calling upon the following Brothers who made Short and interesting remarks Gary Heath George Burton Harold you h. A. Bartlett d. P. Mckenzie e. Cleary attorney for plantiff and f. Thompson for defendant. It appeared in this Case that or. Brock had purchased a vim truck of George Newick who was acting agent. It later developed that Leroy p. Russell had furnished Newick with the trucks and claimed to hold a claim on this truck for $387 for which he brought suit against Brock who was ordered to have the truck in Newport on the morning of the opening of the Case which he did and upon examination of same it was found the number on the truck did not correspond to the one in question and the Case was discontinued Tion and the Case was discontinued costs. The next Case for trial was Mary b. Martin v. Dan Bowen and e. A. Bowen tort. The afternoon of tuesday was used in a panelling the jury As follows f. Briggs Nev report town j. A. Calkins Morgan l. Collins Greensboro Austin Hall Charleston a. C. Harris Barton j. R. Kirkpatrick Newport City Lee r. Miller Westfield e. G. Moulton Holland d. B. Nelson Albany we. F. Pike Derby e. N. Robinson Brownington f. Sears Irasburg. The jury were taken to the scene of the Accident and the trial began wednesday morning. The Case is one for damages brought by the plaintiff Mary Martin of Nev port City against Dan Bowen and son d. L. Bowen of Newport Center for injuries claimed to have been received in a team and Auto mix up which occurred on Coventry Street aug. 9, 1919. The Accident happened on saturday evening when the Street was crowded with autos and Many people were going and coming from the Premier theatre. Mrs. Martin accompanied by her daughter . Maurice Avery who lived on the East Side had driven on to Coventry Street and stopped near the Bedell property . Martin remaining in the Wagon while Avery was doing some shipping at the Atlantic amp Pacific grocery store d. L. Bowen Driver of a Ford car had been to the Lawson garage to get some Oil for the Auto was returning up Coventry Street to main when the car hit the Wagon in which . Martin was sitting showing her out causing the horse to run away but was soon stopped near the Blake Market. The Wagon which was a Light rubber tire make suffered badly and . Martin was badly frightened and taken by Auto to her Home. The first witness in the Case was d. L. Bowen the Driver of the car in the Accident. was examined on the stand for some length rehearsing the incidents As he saw them in connection with the Accident. The next witness was the plantiff Mary Martin. Or. G. F. Adams who attended . Martin was the next witness. Wednesday afternoon . Maurice Avery e. E. Flanders Jack Smith Frank Burns Effie Lockart were on the witness stand. The Case was resumed thursday and . Laura Hildreth Dan Bowen i. C. Bryant or. B. A Longe or. Allen p. W. Lawson c. B. Parker h. L. Pudvah . Martin and or. Adams were witnesses examined. The attorney for plaintiff is David s. Conant of Dunnett Shields amp Conant St. Johnsbury. The attorneys for the defendants Are Walter s. Cleary o. Annis and e. A. Cook. The taking of evidence closed thursday afternoon and attorney Conant made the opening plea for the plaintiff. E. A. Caak made the plea for the defendants finishing his a Gurment Friday Forenoon followed by the closing plea for the plaintiff and the Case was Given to the jury. The jury on the Martin is. Bowen $10,000 damage suit brought in a verdict Friday afternoon at 2 40 for the plaintiff to recover $300 for personal i r Isi my f. T. Miles and son i family . Ann spender or. And . N. Davis of Montpelier is Lylian Woodard vis a . Jolt Spencer and family took a visitor in town. Smith. Steady Job for right w. Redington Barton. 58-11 is a wanted to hire or a farm by experienced Man i Morse Box 267, Barton. 38-40 i pairs on his House it i g r. Chandler is visiting rent Small Newport this week. J trip to Franconia n. H., saturday w. B. Stile has Cio,Eftis,.camp a i _ the meant born it or. Or. And . E. Calkin and a most successful gathering came to an end. Pach i Indef Dank a Rirs a. In a or a us Ike to Tacq Attr a youth Flud the body was buried thursday in Lowell mass., . Nellie Prouty and or natives in i Newton a p Buchanan and son i new cemetery. Daughter Eleanor of Newport were Myron Ati Miles Timve re i a few Days with friends new Cem e Hancock a sunday 35tf turned from their wedding trip. Of se3sand tools Etc. Try mondays _ 38-39 lace a i callers at Hollis Hancock a sunday it so Ith shafts Bury recen. I Truman i Glover school took their Irasburg wednesday sep fresh eggs and Poul a a bean had the misfortune to the Quot a est Glover school a j married at Irasburg a it Eune Suay Sepa to new tuesdays at or if quite badly one Day last thursday of last week and 22, by Rev. Edward Wood. As Henry Goss was driving to h�?T4 in thir Quot a a Etc.,a Quot Quot Anress station e. Kelley this g had a com roast at Parker Pond. They will live in Joseph wills House port saturday evening a a a a a �_____17tf-Cek p. Bean have it and ., and ,._j., this Winter. Congratulations. A7rl saturday from and real is Phi a sure h a a a Taw that ving Vil a t7xft,xw7 a to sell Call Barton. 39tf a twit it Nebraska. Restaurant. No Barton. Cooking. 36�?o i . Hip Norton Coventry Charlie Hyland has been quite a Vhoid sawdust at the Barton in a on a its. W. E. 26tf rent wanted a Calfskin. And . a Norton of Lyn and horse hides a Soab All present for the oct Quot a Quot ver Community Church pastor. Rev. John Kimball. L Solomon. Water St. Barton. To phones. Wanted to Purchase a Glt a i pm a to Bort Woods Vic n. 38-39 wanted monday. To a 4th Barton. Box 236. X steam heated 38tf wanted. It we cd work on a urm. Reasonable butter supplied and a Rea Toto right Man. G. A. Adams. Passumpsic it. Wage 39-40 a in birth a i ssh to a Impf Tver Kirthi Quot Cru met. Jinn of Massa u a ,? the is of tic Jay Teet a a after Visi ung Maurice Wright has been a guest the past week at Lee porters. Mrs. Jane Carbee and granddaughter Ruth Knox Are visiting relatives in Maine. Miss Mildred Ware returned Home from Burlington Friday where she i a pleasant event of the week was been the guest of her aunt . Mabel Ware. Morning worship. a. Sunday school at 12 m. Pastors Sermon next sunday Mil be on a Tihe Man from Macedonia. Next sunday morning rimmed Mutl by in a gifts anyone having a Little it in China will please bring it. Ind attest fair in Spring Field mass. The Chicken pie supper held in the Ball Friday evening was a great a Mancial Success. The net proceeds were tvs $50. A social time was enjoyed by All. A pleasant event of the week was the i am be of Walter King to miss Doris Whitcher of Barton at her Home wednesday evening. Congratulations and Best wishes of their Many friends will follow them to their Home. Rij uries and costs. The next Case to come on trial was Calendar Case no 3400, Albert Lumbra is. Harry Locke both of Barton. Albert Lumbra brings suit against Locke for $3000, for the alienation of his wife a affections. In pm panelling the jury it required the drawing of several salesmen from Newport City. The jury finally selected Are l. L. Allen Craftsbury w. A. Blak Lowell c. C. Davis Newport deeds Buck Newport c. B. Goodnough Newport a. R. Miles Albany l. Mclver. Newport o. G. Stone Newport j. B. Silver Een Sboro a. C. Sleeper Newport o. E. Williams Newport Homer thrasher Newport. The attorneys in the Case Are w. W. Reirden assisted by e. A. Cook for Tolfe plaintiff a. Grout assisted by Frank Thompson for the defendant. The Only two witnesses on the Case Friday afternoon was the defendant Locke and plaintiff Lum line struck or. Goss Carriage a Bra . Like being first to Moliff ii a a the wheel breaking the Ness. Saturday morning at 9 o clock harness and frightening the horse or. Lumbra took the stand for Cross which ran tipping the Carriage or examination by Thompson. The other and throwing out or. Goss. The i witnesses that were on the stand for horse cleared herself from the Wagon the plaintiff saturday were Reba and ran leaving or. Goss beside the. Lumbra 16 years of age daughter of Road where he was found by or. Be plaintiff Homer Hitchcock legacy who was passing and carried . Hitchcock or. And . Home by him and or. Templeton was a Hitchcock or. And . O. B. Called. The shoulder was found to be of joint and his face and body Case is still on trial Many were badly bruised. The occupants Parton persons being summoned As of the automobile which caused this witnesses. Lewis Kahlstrom has sold his farm to parties from Irasburg. We Are very glad or. Kahlstrom a people Are coming to the Village to live. Accident did not Stop to see damage was caused. What a four flusher is a hero until his hand is called. Notice. On account of necessary repairs to the electric line the current will be a hopeless thing about a gossip is shut off from 12 to one noon on a

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