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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 15, 1920, Barton, VermontCost Patjon a completely reared m. Bryant i i Zierski St Morjana with constipation a i can remember As a %3s Subjec to distressing of Aai pm it my left Side. P for to or three Days a Var Vemont of the bowels. J r. A a about a fruit. Papers and to a use pc it or months Zix men 1 hive been free cil Rhes. My bowels have Ani Iron the use of Altes o Fri a Tives i feel _ real Benei i have derived re it pronouncing them a of True and exceptional Otis in. Bey ant. trial sie25c. To a times n. Y. Newport Hospital in Spring. At the annual meeting of the hos pit association held in saw tuesday evening the officers of the a year were reflected to serve for the ensuing year and Are u follows Pesi St clerk. Or. Harry Ham ton treasurer Earle Brown. Or. And mrs. F. D Flint and or George Frost were elected Sis Mem Bers of the executive Board. The follows president mrs John lowing members col c. S. Emery a is now Choumk sed of the Fol mrs. James Mccarten mrs. Walter him or. Charles drown sex. Gov. Josiah Grout Oral John Young or. Earl Brown and or. Harry Hamilton. Although there was not a very great attendance there was much enthusiasm shown. The business men Are showing a Lively interest and the association feels confident the erection of the Hospital will be commenced the coming Spring. A canvass is to be made among the business men and later a general canvass jul be made through Newport and the surrounding towns. With $47,500 to the credit of the fund there is Assurance of such an institution As this for the City next year. There has been at the present time the nearly $25,000 sub bribed to the building fund and the income on More than that is available for maintenance when it is built the movement is one that is of interest to All and now that it is a sure thing every me ought to be willing to help in a financial Way. As Long As the movement has behind it the kind of men and women who have pledged themselves to carry it on it will grow rapidly and show results. When the Hospital is actually built the people will be proud of it and will support it gladly. The Mon nor september in 1920 Snake eaters non mention Quot Page Quot three North Africa must be a re. Pul Elve slant. Alter a lapse of five years the annual convention of the Snake eaters of Northern Africa has lately been held Enteen of the most renowned rep me Consumers from various parts of Imda and Algeria took part an extraordinary feature of the convention waa that most of the Snake eaters served in the French army during the War. Many of them wearing the medals they won in France. More than four Hundred Small snakes of various Slies were carefully a ured and distributed to the competitors. A score be my watched each Man. And the spectators cheered the eaters Quot at the top of their voices. A Nie eating Quot a molsted of forcing a Snake into the Mouth As quickly As possible but no bunching or rolling no of the reptiles was allowed. The Snake had to be forced in head first and As soon As the Tail had disappeared who Ltd it Nunally did with extraordinary rapidity the competitor quickly snatched it out of his Mouth and inserted another. The Man who finished Bis 24 snakes first was adjudged the win no and was presented with a prise consisting of a round Ball studded with brass nails and Hung with brass chains to wiil Ltd were attached Silver and Gold coins. Frait it contractors will be prosecuted government to clean up War contract a metro verses 324 on list better dead by Burden when the body Wuh pain. Everything and the victim be Cozens a and Down hearted. To bacs the suns me take cold med. To or adv of How Jand foe of or 3 r a =y of All pains rec i crrr7 and uric acid amounts a 4l a my gifts Tiree sizes. Coid m�u1 of a a is a Blue Amberos records and Ambrolas Edison Agena at of frs shoe store Maio Street Vermont prosecution of 324 contractors making the beginning of a move the government to clean up its War contract controversies has been ordered by the department of Justice. The proceedings will include both criminal and Civ action and involve millions of practically All of the cases embraced by the prosecution order were Tum Over by the War department but there were indications that similar cases would be received from other government departments. The shipping Board is understood to be planning to request criminal prosecution in half a Dosen cases in addition to those already in the hands of the attorney general. The a tracts on which action will be pressed were said to involve Hunts a ranging from a few thousand to a few million they include agreements for the furnishing of supplies of nearly every commodity which the Gove ziment purchased for War purposes As Well cams Toction of Camps Cantonment and warehouses and other facilities Tor the training of the army. Officials express the let Elief that although the or department had failed to reach an agreement Many of the controversies would be filed out of court. With a respect to a score of More the contract settlements in despite there was the belief that a honest mistakes had been made by the contractor and that an investigation of records would produce grounds on which adjustment of the matters could be easily made. It was said that in other cases however a Plain fraud and conspiracy a had bin proved 80 clearly that no other course was ten to the government deft it. Might be carried too far physician could hardly be expected to rejoice in Pat Lens expo Eltion of imagination. Perkins was feeling decidedly queer be get on with his work he do anything. To he decided to pay a visit to the doctor. A i done to feel up to the Mark Quot he Bald to the Man of Medicine. Can you give me a Good tool ctr with pursed ups the doctor aur Reed him for a moment or two and rising from Hia chair remarked a has it Ever occurred to you that there a a great Deal in imagination. Or. Perkins r a certainly doctor Quot answered per Konx then go out of this surgery and imagine that there a nothing the matter with you. Home Back in a week and let me know How you Freir the patient went doctored himself and returned to the physician at the appointed time. A. said the doctor. Quot you Are feeling better now i can see. Did no to i Tell you there was a great Deal in imagination Quot that a said Perkins. A what is your Dirge Quot a five Duars. Said the doctor. A Owen imagine you be got it i Quot said a it bits. Proud of their climate Rule Meta of Leutem Shora of Mary land relate pretty legend in con. Necton with it. 1 int Over to Baltimore to speak to a methodist conference some time ago. I met there a splendid looking Naan with a Long flowing White Beard and i said to him. A do Yon preach in is Section of the country r he said Tes. Sir i come from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Have you Ever been on the Eastern Shorer West Burke mrs. M. M. Coe was in so Johns Bury last week. Mrs. W. F. Hill was in St. Johns Bury last saturday. R. P. Porter of Brattleboro was in town last saturday. Miss Lila Coe is working in the Peerless factory at Barton. Mrs. Nettie Mccoy went to her school in Woodsville a. H., this week. Miss Alice Townsend returned to her teaching in new York last sat urday. I said. To Lam so a say that i have seen every Otho to burp Otu to i ttx6lm&, visited in Pirn int by sufi Syby bib Jerk new Sosaia offi i Ostrich feathers and Ostrich i Feather novelties 1 have seen every other Beauty spot in this country. I be eve but i never have seen that Quot a Well a he said to me Quot we love that Cox try. I have been preach in there for sixty sex Vears. We Are a strange people and we have some strange leg ends and one of them is that a Long Long time ago when Adam and eve lived in the Garden of Eden they fell sick and the lord was very much disturbed about them and he called a Council of his Angels and wanted to know where they should be taken for a change of air. So that they might improve. A the Angel Gable in guested that they should be Tak two the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the lord said a no. No that would not be sufficient change a a Franklin k. Lane in the National geographic Magazine. Napkins not just suitable but Man meant Weil and fortunately the teachers had a senae of humor. Only would be instituted would x Given every Opportunity to straighten out controversies before the matter was thrown into litigate of. The contracts represent practically every Section of the country and court action will be sought in local jurisdiction. The parents of the pupils of a Large Indiana Ward school decided to glee the teachers a Surprise dinner party. Accordingly they took charge of the by idling one evening herded the teachers in one room and made ready the table for the dinner. But just As everybody was about ready they found that they had forgotten napkins one of the hostesses accordingly telephoned her husband who worked in a department store. A the colors Are Pink and White so bring something appropriate Quot she to cred him. bought them Pink and White. But when they were opened they displayed St was Bolding in their months the time honoured new babies. The hostesses were horror str Ltd in but the teachers. Ready to grasp the awkwardness of the situation led in laughter. But that Man says that he will move out of that school District before there is another banquet for news. Recently. Mrs. Viola Sleeper and son Clyde visited relatives in Montreal p. Q., last week. Mrs. Lucian Chappell has been spending a few Days with her daughter in Sheffield. Rank Kittredge of Woodsville n. H., spent the week end with his Cousin. Mrs. Aldrich. Or. And mrs. Leroy Bugbee have been visiting in Hartford Conn., for the past two weeks or. And mrs. Alvin drown of win Chandon mass., were visitors in town during the past week. Or. And mrs. W. S. Wheeler have been spending the past week with their son in Ira org. Mrs. B. D. Buggies and mrs. C. C. Batchelder have returned from their summer in Denver col mrs. Carrie Flint of Pepperell mass., was the guest of her sister in Law mrs. J. F. Buggies during the past week. Miss Dorothy Newman is teaching one of the Rural schools in St. Johns Bury and miss Alice Gallagher has returned to her school in Mooretown. Or. And mrs. O. A Woodruff have moved into miss Alice Townsend a House for the present and the Gil mourns who have purchased the Woodruff property have taken Possession of their new Home. Miss Mavis Batchelder has gone to Denver col where she expects to remain for the coming four years As a College student in that City. Her brother. Willow accompanied her and has already found a Good position we fit Fife parisian milliners is an accepted fact the american woman of fashion is now deeply interested in Ostrich plumage and trimming. Whatever she prefers in Ostrich feathers fancy feathers or Flowers we have the goods to please her. A Nice line of All the up it to the minute shapes Are to be seen in our show rooms. M Barton the Hutchins store or it my Side of the Square Vermont s s visiting in Vermont when a fell at the Home of her Niece mrs Curtis Stoddard in St. Johnsbury and was taken at once to the Hospital. She lived several Days but was unconscious most of the time. She will be pleasantly remembered by the Many West Burke friends and neighbors. Slats diary i inn tag ind enlarging amateurs photographic to Craft shop twp or Vermont Bollino Bael in Oil Cincinnati to one of Atz place to the it Jred where steel to strengthened by being bound in Oll at a Plant to c5ar-Thage. A steel Shaft weighing 90,000 pounds the largest piece Ever subjected to the new method went through the process of being strengthened. It was a a hollow bored Tumbler Shaft Quot for action Loo bring to use in dredging Gold in fall for la. Cost action 1 s17.000. The great Shaft was first suspended in an sprit Furnace until heated to just Btu of the melting Point. A Crane then picked it up and dropped it into a huge Well of on where it boiled and sputtered throwing out rinds of Ouy Musl a excepting definite a a the indictment of the Law violator Robert t. Scott assistant to attorney general said it would the policy of the government not to Deal leniently with the fraud cases. explained however that co Tutor against whom civil proceedings boys and girls of ten states to compete for championships a Lent look like police. Sport is making great strides in France but the police occasionally make strange mistakes when they see a Long line of runners sprinting along the roads and across country. Not Long ago at Vincennes a number of Young athletes from the military school of sport were indulging in s paper Chase through the Woods when they were arrested by gendarmes for being improperly dressed. They were All in White vests and running Short the gendarmes however had a Jar entry not heard of such article of attire or of the military school of sport. Protests Trade by the colonel in a cd Mand had no effect a few Days later however when the local gendarmes made a fresh haul of a dozen athletes they realized their error for the Leader explained that he was an inspector of police and that the runners behind him were All Paris policemen enjoying a fortnights the com Tifental edition of the London mall while visiting her Nephew w. B. Eastman of St. Johnsbury mrs. Kate Fowle had the misfortune to fall and break her hip. She is now at the St. Johnsbury Hospital and is said to be As comfortable As can be expected. She is an aged lady and her recovery will be very slow. The social event of the past week was the District meeting of the d. Of al which was held Here on tuesday. A tempting banquet was served at 6 of clock which about 140 people enjoyed. A the tables were prettily decorated with Mountain Ash berries and asters and the supper was excellent. The work was done in a very creditable manner by St. Johnsbury Lodge and mrs. Myrtie Hall of West Burke the presiding officer conducted the affairs of the meeting in a very pleasing Way. Mrs. Gertrude Jewell state president and mass Emma Gattes grand Secretary were present. The funeral of mrs. John Cole was held Here at the methodist Church on saturday afternoon and interment was in Hillside cemetery. Mrs. Cole was 82 years of age and was for Many years a resident of this Village. Since the death of her husband however As Quot Ler health was feeble she has lived with her sister mrs. Mountain in Waterbury Conn. She was hear me relate my per fences. A sed i Musset go Down and go a swimming so i went. Amp Cut my foot on a stun. Tuesday the sunday Stool had a Picknick today. Had a sore foot and had to stay at Home that my Luck. The Only Dav in the year when they is any fun about a Sun. Stool amp the Batto stay at Home All the other kids have went. I feel As lonesome As a Goat with nothing to but at. A sed it serves me rite for disobedient to her cumans. Wednesday they was a Man in town who sed you cud Blindfold him amp he Wood find Enny thing. I Wood like to see him play Golf and find the Golf balls. I believe he is a lire. Thursday went to see about a to Sis Hun As a offis boy but the manager sed Yore not big snuff. So i replied amp sed All rite ill cum Back next thursday he Lafferd. If i dont get a Job i will Hafto go Back to Sokool that Meks me shiver saw Jane she was smiling. But i dont thing she seen me. Friday a and a including me 2 of my Cuzzens went to Jaxon Squair to a in Liikal meeting. They Sung the Star spangled Banner amp a amp a gentleman was taking amp when the singing seized they did Dent not is it amp a was a Yelling out loud so every 1 could hear you Only need 2 Rasins sum people Lafferd. Except a. Saturday we Are getting Reddy to Back Home Agen Tonitte Are visit is Ben Verry Plesant to the majority of the family. A sed he Wood Hafto ask for a weak off when he got Home to rest up from his vacation met a Little Orfan kid amp give him a dime he had never new the love of a a amp a them having died before he was bom. 1 seen a lots of sad incidents when 1 is travelling on a trip like this 1. Sunday this is a Good Day to be on a trip not having to go to any Chirch or sunday Stool. A is getting ust to Riding on a Sleeper now Only a was Verry angry at him when he Clum out of his shelf this morning amp stuck his foot in her face. Monday Home Agen this dissent such a bad Ole town after All. All the kids and my dog 4� anxious to Coventry Little Sylvia Smith died sunday coming in Orleans Hospital. George Brennan and family spent sunday at Lowell with relatives. Mrs. Mary Kerr and daughter Putney Are guests of mrs. Clara mor Rill friends from Lexington mass., visited or. And mrs. Ira Wheelock last week. James Kidder is Home from the Hospital and boarding at mrs. Jane Carbee a. Miss Lillian Crawford of Cambridge mass., is a guest at the Home of or. And mrs. C. Cleveland. Or. Taylor who drives a truck for i. P. Trudeau has moved his family into the rooms vacated by or. Fisher. Mrs. Clara Morrill has been quite ill the past week. Her Daugh mrs. Ella Vance of new it Ort is Carmi for her. Bay Wilder motored to East Middlebury saturday to carry Hany Grant one of the truck Drivers both spending sunday at the Grant Home. Worth wailing for h 1 Chud pc �8irliscro�, ii Rit is Quot Back i Exa should have made at it mover. D. 0. S. And opt Dmn Aew Jam it. And . Of Camp display activities in pageant before 5oj�00 persons. As carried out by the state a Boages of sericulture and the u. 8. Of agriculture under the Pra ions of the Federal Extension owners and is is Ohaski Indian Aluag on the Banks of the j�2 Ita in Indian lore will be the do Sion end noted. Ere a ing the entire expo Itlan officials and Eastern states. But a Nerv teed by Jamee e. West chief Ecol a new York and competent the tillage will be erected and maintained by Indian style and they will cd Wal tons in first Aid service Demontra sons Camp life ceremonies. Ass a Giris from the Quiri scout. I Irrol Sicily Cluba y m. Cla v w c. A. And Public schools a Fol is jute Lage their Headquarters. Exhibits in production meroe. Trades and Home is and Industrial centers win be in this department Contento and demonstrations will be of making repairing. Mech Mica in hat making Etc it we be the first show of 1 kind Ever conducted in conjunct pm it to a trite but True a when the boys calf Fly cow son left Hon it to in Pra sent Long the benefits of Agri Taral life in their Moat attract to tsar is the Junior department it of the East states exposition exercises its Gre air at the animal Fau of in Springfield. Mass. From it. To Eastern championships. O. A. Inn. Formerly with the Federal depart Sec Ultra win �55 a a intend enl under i dare a has been divided into the and unique div Islona. They Wlsh be known As Camp Vall Mohawk Indian Village mid Industrial achievement will be great versa of exhibits demonstrations Camp a Tittle exhibition with Mals and poultry show How have transformed rams idleness into production waste Tod acts into wealth tin can Conven is Toto toy and Utu to shops com Tsig into interesting in Ertsin men Camp Van to the Side whisker Back in London. The London exquisite is doing his Best to cultivate Side whiskers a fashion that was somewhat frowned upon a few years ago when lord Rock Sav age attempted its resurrection. But that was in the Days before the War i and probably it is As a change from the regulation military Mustache of the last five or six years that British Young men of today Are growing Tufts j of hair in front of their ears with most hideous result. The Earl of Lonsdale and his Broth the Hon. Lancelot Lowther. Have j always been famous in the fashionable i world for wearing a sideboards Quot but in this hirsute face fitting they Are usually credited with a desire to suggest the a atmosphere in which they Are generally to be found. A passing Jess we should have thought of this joke before but even yet if we hurry a gentle Reader Here and there jul know what we Are talking about. Reg a Tou might not think it to look at him. But there is a great Deal in that Young Man. A it log no he carries it we but i ameled it on his breath. Is no to make knife handles. The Scarcity of camphor the output of which is controlled by Japan. I having a serious effect on the cutlery Trade in Sheffield. England. For camphor to an essential ingredient of celluloid and the cutlers find it impossible to get enough of this for knife handles. To my 1� Ever con Nucie a i a a a soon. A Paradox. It to the vote that does the yes and they say it is the Allea vote american. Experience teaches. Teachers a Jimmy give an example of minority Jimmy a Rvl to in there to a baby in the life. Average duration of Ulfo. Good authorities give the average duration of human life Asthri Vears. One Quarter of the be Shn stealth die before the of a half before the age of so in and Only about one each 100 bom lives to the a a a the deaths Are calculated at say an a Ute a Day and a year. Births Are calculated at about seventy a minute 100,800 a Day and 36.7�2,000 a year. V a a a a a. Ermont state Fairi sept.28-29-30 oct a u-4 a a a a in s a a a 5 Selx a a s �4 4 a 44-.4 s 4 White River Junction Vermont new England a Best fair besides a greatly augmented general program in every Branch of this Mammoth exposition you la want to see the great racing program $10,000 for the Winner Morgan horse show string Ever in new England see the aeroplanes ride in them see the stunt flying to ice daily record exhibits�?$20,000 premiums poultry. Cattle horses sheep Swine Etc. For Premium Addre. F. L. Davi. Sec. White River Jet

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