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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1920, Page 4

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 15, 1920, Barton, VermontPage two the Monitor. September is 1920 n i. A county govern in it which Shau Huni Flimel or Lah Naoy 1k. Be easy amenable to Royal needs. I would help solve the problem of the Prmt and Puld Ahen. \ Oral town. Osl bans county Mont toe a Bartok. Yarm vat the entry of woman into the Field med every wednesday and entered of politics has made immediate changed the Post office in Barton As second is in the situation and the Wisest pol North Troy palladium Lem i of a. H. Botte Beld w. E Sawyer. Local manager North Troy. Yeni oat mined every thursday and entered at the poat4fice in North Troy a second class matter. The Newport news e f. Hamphrey. Local manager 17 Maia Streat Newport. Term oat Masaed every Friday and entered at tha Post office i Newport is second class matter. Subscriptions a my paper $2.00 per year 6 months $l00 and All itkins of the past admit they do not know a where they Are from town representative to president the woman in politics is this paper believes. A new and potent Factor for better things. Hundreds of women in Orleans county have interested themselves in matters political to the extent of registering and Are casting their first ballots. As the years go by they will become educated in the ways of politics will seek office and win a hold positions with Honor and credit. To this paper the vote of the woman is welcomed. _ a Mehigan red Cross to give Rural nop program for Public health and Community welfare is now Weil under Way. A Lubber options payable in a a pop discontinued when time expires Ady Tising cards of thanks. 50c. Resh Timis. Cral communities and towns of less than 8,000 popular Loo Benefit in a very Large part by the Public Bealts and Community welfare work of the american red Crosa. Almost All of the 8.000 red Cross chapters have Soroe it Oral sections in their territory. Therefore the red Cross Rural service. Briefly the purpose of Rural service is to assist people to get out of life More health wealth and happiness. In this purpose Public health a and general Edo cat onal Progress of a both children and adult play a no a. Pwt this paper is sorry to have Mik b. J recreation to found to be one of the Hiu Egas state a it missioner of Edu in "�1111 a 1 r of. Tit tto min Lack of sufficient play use for the cell cation. Leav Ermont. Or. A cd modal use for the adults is a Man who inspires Ltd in. Panics pageants debating dubs whose heart has been m his baseball leagues Community singing whose program for the educational and other social events which bring interests of the state has been pro the people of surrounding communities Rev. Omro Davis at Newport. The fou owing is from the Newport news the people of the City were i legend on sunday morning to i to a stirring address by Rev. Xora Irivin listen Davis. D. Do a president of the Chica go University and a prominent Man in the Church world of today. In beginning or. Davis spoke a few personal words to those who had a a _ congregational Church auditorium to hear him in a. With we have Binder twine lots of it the Standard Deering twine. Start your gasoline engine with a Columbia hot shot Battery if you want Long and reliable gathered in the Church auditorium to. Precia Tion of the hospitality which he was welcomed to our City and to the pulpit. He said that new Cervice port was dear to him because he had been Here so often. At one time his parents lived Here and he frequently qom i a visited them. When a student at St. Ivel of amp a Obix calms Johnsbury Academy he had visited the town to take part in some musical entertainment and later had Given a memorial address from our band. Stand against the Racket us a pass horse Fork it will pay ing trains. So or. Davis is not a let me sell you a stranger to the peo he endeavoured u Isle of Newport to answer a ques for itself in time and labor saved during the. Cation which a is harvesting season. Certainty of tiie world in which we live a what does it mean to be a. Christian Quot he based his words on a text from Paul s letter to the Phu Ipi ans. These it find chapter verse a let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.�?�. What does it mean to be a cons Gressie but not Radical it will be together have been organised and car a Tian is a religious Man always difficult to find a who win better red on under the guidance of red 1 Christian m it easy to be Eligi cards of thanks. 50c, pc solution interests of the most import crop Rural workers to great adv tin Lous every Man has some sort of Floo. Reading notices 15c per Ina a Tage. In Many instances solving rec f ret Gion. There Are those who per insertion. Classified advert Reg depart to the radon al prowess and getting people Lieve in the first communion and the inns at top of classified Cohnn. Its direction but it is firmly Beu eved proves to be the Awakening corresponding beliefs. These rates apply to any papa. State Board of education will use Community to other conditions i a it it a it can not be found m Church a i it a Hiu Egas place and tha someone action. Realize that nature did no to will be found whose administration of is a result of Community Organiza simply happen they All know a the census our educational department will spell a Ltd a townships in which there had relation us while for a . This . Oor a Cir of Good. F. S. Whitcher Bartok it build your future in six months Start september 1-15 e Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds phones j. J. Workins 153-2 f. A. Jervah. 18 or. H. Hills veterinary office and Hospital. East main Street Tel 43, Newport or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 138-11 Davis very stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office new Tel it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent. Lanes blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts f own Uncan a ii Ion. I Ferent counties of the state have great Confidence in me Mem work together with the in lied what is one distinct character Mic a been coming in a Tih showing losses. State Board of education and purpose of bringing Belr Community of the Christian religion ? that a 1 t this paper has repeatedly stated that soundness of judgment. What up to the Roost enlightened standards a question that the College student j would show Ever the Cost our department of Edu lecture and musical always As ��1 it believed Orleans county would show. A gain in population. And according to a cation must go Forward. The returns now Given out and print. Red elsewhere in this paper the con says Hoeq Ottoes punctured tire Tention was right. Orleans county a the biggest big Mosquito Story of a Lay Mke some Pride in its gain be the season is credited to feed Zavat courses have been started As a result of Community meetings As Well As circulating Libr Trees. Red Croes schools of every such discussion. Some say a a the Man who believes in creeds and y is a Christian. He is a As per cent and making a loss for gig trip the Stato As a whole the first state. Left his car near the Village and in the Union thus far reported to Apoc returning from the Brook be no-�10w a decrease in population and the alced that a spare tire fastened to the first census return in More than 100 rear of the car was literally covered worked out for the year. By believe it is necessary in order that there May be concerted a on is life upon those beliefs Cuoung Imra nes. Ked Cross so books or Ltd a a i ves to Forth in creeds and the sick and first Aja in the larger a peril arises from this. A a restrooms and pub one can believe too Little and one can to use Only six of the 14 counties Are employed by the grew for Ana Comfort stations is being met. Play believe too much. It is possible Able report an increase the other Haven Railroad company at win grounds for the children have been to believe a lot intellectually and yet a Eire show a losses some As Hie a i friends be established and recreational activities not live up to these beliefs. To real 1 High. los. Some As High in his car to Riverton three worked out for the year. By believe it is Necess to by the due the various welfare agencies in the reral dust Rlyta red Croas Rural serv the emotional re a help. Tool Zatlo by to god is the test. We the ground. The main object of the More perfectly represented by our service is to lend a hand everywhere feelings than by our minds. We need and take tha Lead Only were Necea not Ore love warmth kindness Good a Ary. Helpfulness. We come to the heart More by the feelings than by the mind. That is we give More confessed Creed. Years to show an actual decrease in population in Vermont. With giant they a seemed to be in working order too. Be a bit of study of the figures As avs Ray a to use the conc Norlean. Cd nne. B. J a been punctured by the huge Moa interesting and beneficial the most outstanding feature of the returns is the fact that the strictly Rural towns made the greatest losses. In percentage of loss Jay outranks All the a ther towns with a decrease of 28 per cent. All percentages Are figured a Uii mately. Morgan and Westfield rank second and third with a 20 per cent loss in each town and Westmore stands fourth with a 13 per cent loss. On the other hand the gains Are made in the Railroad towns. The town of Troy shows the greatest gain while Coventry and Barton stand second and third. The Only other towns in the county to make a gain were Newport town and Irasburg. The increase in Newport City and the loss in Derby town Are difficult to figure because of the changes made when Newport City was organized. Probably both places have gained but in tills mention of the census both places Are omitted from calculations because of the uncertainties encountered in the incorporated villages Derby line shows the greatest percentage of increase or 64 per cent while North Troy ranks second with a 40 per cent increase and Orleans shows an increase of 20 per cent Derby Center and Barton Village each show a falling off Derby of 7 per cent and Barton of 10 per cent other incorporated villages have no census previous to 1920. It is noted that in population Barton and Orleans have virtually changed places in the past in years. Barton experienced a con a Merhle loss in population following humping of its tub shop several years ago but has new industries now Enning to a a which will shortly More than offset the temporary loss it has stained. On the whyde except for the towns mentioned above losses were very a Man whee most of the Gaines were very substantial which happily gives the Cotty an increase on the whole of 576, a 2% per cent increase. Westmore remains the smallest to in the county As to population Ile Jay and Morgan Are tied for a second place and Westfield is third. Outside of Newport City. Barton is the largest political unit with Derby Troy third and Newport town fourth. Other towns with More Tea r 1000 population Are Craftsbury and Lowell while Irasburg lacks Only one person of having an even thousand souls. Of the incorporated places outside of the City of Newport Orleans ranks Quito first. Barton second and North Troy third and Derby line fourth while West Glover Village is the smallest Iseo prorated Village the population being Eidy 99. The population of the new City of Merport is surprisingly close to the a Timte of 5000 made when the City Tii Artur was granted the actual Fig being 4976. This is the first him Nln Bird woo woodchuck. The do Orensio a a of an intruder were not considered at All by sir Ruby Quot says e l Brasher writing of a humming Bird. �?o-4 Fiat Lazy Wood Junior red Cross so by al to a he see Lect al processes. That is Why Jerm j says a blessed Are the pure in heart. Active in Europe Smow mix mix a a a a rather than a blessed Are those a Garden seeds for polish orphans reason but feelings Quick Muk for anaemic greek Hables car i by pass. It is necessary to go deep Penters tools for a Secco slovak lao or than this. Cripple a these Are Only a few of the i some say. A if you Long to a a Chuck sitting upright on Bis Hind leg Bifia that Young americans Are Send j it Stutton you Are a calmly chewing a sprig of leaves Anding to the wajm3usb�l cd Ladrea of Tbs Ora hip in a surrounded by an admiring circe of old world. Mph be in leg horus. Was informed in no Uncer through Tbs Junior bed Croas Tbs off ask a. Every idea gathers Fol talk manner that be was outside of boys and Girts of Tbs a noted states Lowers and becomes a Church. There Elfi Domain. He returned to Hla Are it Vang a fresh Start in life to Little a i always s Good Deal of criticism of proper territory Rutth an abruptness War Orphana scan ered All Over Europe i the Church. Yet if every Church were Hldi scattered the hens in a wild they have set up orphans Homes in abolished today there would be More flurry of cackling perhaps the Sud a France Stdio of colonies in Belgium and i churches within a week. Because Den change from lethargy to action aroused the sup Talon that be was s Fox in groundhogs fifi re Ebay s life Rabbit drives in Washington. Mon Megro. And Day achoo in Albania. They Are sending dozens of Young syrians. Monteo Gertna. And albanians to american men Are Christian and they have to express themselves in Fellowship. This makes institutions and churches but this is not an infallible test. All or. Harry f. Hamilton dental sur Srery Gilman Block Newport al Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by mail phone for the examination of the Lasset. Applies of All kinds and repairs made. Phone 332-2 Renihan Block Newport al a. C. , d. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont backs feed stable flu school. Probate courts special a Lions of the probate court wll be held at the office of f. Or. Baz Dix. In Bartolon the second and fourth Fri dark of each Nam the in the afternoon and at the office of k. A. Cola. Okle aks. In the afternoon of the third Fred a of each month. Parties de Sprinc to t Sansaet probate bus Leas at Barton or Orleans should notify the Jodge in Advance that be mar take the to be pros office at Newport will be car As possible a booed o of chair tip Uty. Bot non. A. E.,� Jack Rabbit to the number of 35.000 a Beirut and maintaining More than Lave sacrificed their lives in the drive a bundred orphans of French soldiers in test of christianity is whether recently under Akop in Eastern was a Liege and Trade achoo la in or we act in a Christian Way and live in ton tinder the supervision of theft pm achoo la of Aud up to the teachings of the Sermon on biological Surrey. The demand for the it Peninsula of Italy there Are the mount the 3olden Rule the ten meat in the larger Ritie of the North f Arobert juniors i Minan dents and a a rive to Bond Winter a thousand French cell this is nearer the truth but it is Nec a Ltd for about 2. I a a to shot he red a Quot a a a i Quot preference was shown for those which if Frai 1 which was also in Christ Tim had been shot Ratier than harried and i Means to live a life regulated by clubbed. The Carta Asea to be scalable. Noble motives. When we be the should be drawn As soon As possible a a a a a a etude and live up to Ftp same after did he Are with Sion of the Campaign isomer Tran school children have al a him and Are Christiana. We Are Good i ready raised am ethnic like a million in spots but we allow the set of to dollars for these enterprises and they Tives which inspire and shape our Radica not Iona. I Are still hard of work j lives however Good to be often div i Heem Sif. Gap Johnson of China through ramp aligns of de wrong motives. To rumpus Ridge upon has return from a oration the Junior Heo crop is help a evil motive which the county seat a a a hot they Are Figuei Blind j Ifred Jissi a Rio a habitually. We no on put Tang a it i be Organ to the i a �<3 cholera. Control those motives and keep new can Rob in a Well it May by Sll right for Tbs a that likes it severely returned mrs. Johnson a but As for me pm Plum agon smoking in Church Quot a Kansas City Star. Red Cross Relief in Central Europe but for timely sail stance of the american red Crosa dts ring the last j year a Large proper too of the 20.000. Them our habitual masters. From what we know of Jesus Yre find in his life three motives by which he habitual by lived. The first we the consciousness of Sod. The reality of Sod his kit be and care. To this he sacrificed All else. We find Sod within ourselves about ourselves everywhere nearer than self. A wife started House Leining yet Quot i Balkan state a a pc to we i respect for guess so. She a begun Tetlin the Ltd a perished from fee Worth in Mankind the value of Neihbors that pm not a bit of around the free Tress. Disease or exposure. Six Quilon Dol i life. A serious As Ecta in our life Tolar Worth of food nothing and Medl i Day is contempt of life. Belief in j Cal supplies have been sent to the bal a men is harder the belief in god. We kans Roumania. Bulgaria. Albania. A end belief and the world icons to Montenegro Serbia. Bosnia and Greece christianity to bring it. The world i a Lance the beginning of red oops re a a such an upset edition. Lief operations in it a try a Europe. I a Quot a recover from fee effects of who million of Aoler. Worth of so a Lone by of a the. A a a a pity a Murt of a these states. Plead for a renewal a Aith in god after Yoa eat always take Atonic instant relieves heart bom. A Gaa we few. Stops food touring re my. And in Stom miseries a wee sad ets ods. Fred d. Pierce. Barton. Permam commissioners notice estate of Nora Holmes the undersigned having been appointed by the to Tumble probate court for the diet dict of Orleane. . To re delve. Examine and Adjoe the Claing and deman it of All person Agatna the estate of Nora Holmes late of Glover in Aid dlr Trolet. Deceased. And All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet Forte a office f. O. 1 of Morristown in Day of september am. Next from Sovick p. A. Nutu 6 o clock p. A. On each of said Days and that six month from the a today of july a. D. 1w>. 1 to time umsted by said court for said cred Lions to present their claims to a for exam nation and a Lowance. Rated at moral town Tai 1st Day of september. A. D. It. W. M. Sargent. D. . A age Coro mass loners. Protect your cows by spraying them with Cora bos perfection by Kier guaranteed to kill the flies or Money refunded. Have the Whiz automobile greases Axle grease binding twine or. Lesure a and or. Lawyers vet Inary remedies North Star woo fat Royal Gall cure harnesses whips blankets and All kinds of strap work for Sale at the Glover harness shop m. W. Johnson prop., Sac Czmor to a b. Speir Glover Vermont insurance of All kinds May a insurance Agency Barton Vermont business dire j. M. Blake m. Barton it 1 special attention iriva.,. J office hours 11 a c a. Cramton it Lep on a to Dicken insurance and Anco office phone 62-3. Resident Orleans Vermont f. R. Hastings Tim Barton it. J returned from medical ervice j seas september it g. S. Courser lie eased auctioneer Elmber Esti South Albany Veid Quot j08iah a.peab80n, m. L. Batchelde cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44-4 Barton i a them stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular a May orders attended to Proa misses Trudeau and who 77. Main St. Newport r. J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick veil Daisy White teacher of violin and expire graduate of mount Ida Sci Newton mass studio 783 East main St Nei e. H. Howe successor to Howe amp real estate .\ewp0rt Tel. 175 roots Block n. H. Drew. So. Walden Censed Auono Teebi satisfaction guaranteed. \ Monty Back with a if Hunts Sale in w a a a a Thor itching skin a 75 cent boat our Fred d. Pierce. Barton Ven estate of Ann e Corley St.4teof Vermot id strict of Orleans. So. The honorable probate court for the District of Orleans. Toll Perns interested in the estate of Ann e. Corley lat of Albany in said District deceased. Greeting at a probate oort Bolden at Barton Sulthin and for said ots Tracton the z7th Day of August. I9x� an instrument Pur port ing to be the last will and testament of Ann e. Corley late of Albany in said District deceased was presented to the court aforesaid for probate. And it is ordered by said court that the nth Day of sept. 19�. At f. W. Baldwin s office Barton at 2 o clock p. A. Be assigned for proving said instrument and that notice thereof be Given to All persons concerned by Publ Labling this order three Quot vely in the Orleans county a paper Dracula ten in Street a therefore you Are hereby noticed to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid and to o Dos let. Thu 2�tb Day of Augustl a pm. Spooner. Register. Estate of Evaline l. Casseu state of Vermont in strict of Orleans is. The honorable probate court Tor the District aforesaid. I to All person interested in the estate greeting at a probate court Bolden at Newport within and for said District on the 10th Day of a Temner. Ifs an instrument purporting la a i the last w 111 and testament of k Valine Cool nights make us think of Oil Heaters have a Dandy for $5.65 just look at our Maytag Multi motor Washer washes and wrings the Little gasoline a engine attached does the trick. Why not get ready for Winter now while it is warm we have about any size window Glass Putty Black Anco White. Roofing roof j paint Brick sheathing paper nails hinges Etc. H. T. Seaver Barton al commissioner. Notice a estate of Mary s. Job Lyn official census of the new City and j by there is every reason to believe that commissioners. Every reason to believe that Newport in another decade will show in increase of substantial proportions. The returns emphasize the need of a change in conditions which will iring about a reverse of population a rend or there will soon be no Rural towns capable of sustaining them a elves say nothing of being feeders for toe centers of popu action. This paper to of. The _ opinion that a larger tax a a it based upon county Linea perhaps. The 1\ a the 4a, of sep the Mon expended by the red the builder of a new world. Cross id this stricken portion of eur a pretty fair test of our religion is rope has been used to set up hospitals. I our beef in humanity and what we orphanage dispensaries Mobile Medl i to for it. The soul is the noblest and Cal Unita and to help in the general re most fascinating thing in the world construction of devastated areas. Amer a under my a lab a tn7to a fird purpose in which Jesus that a Home thereof be Given to a., persons ments Nave been sent to the Agricula i r. Confidence in the i con red. By publishing this order three a a ids w�o1 for the Moil j Enid blowing the land. World. The wrong will lose and the Vicinity m said District previous to the by the last of this year probably moralities will Rise a thwarted. God s All american red Cross agencies and Side will always win eventually and appear before court at the time ministering Relief in Central Europe to be ourselves winners we must put contest the probate of gods Side. J a a a Rte a to la do my Uhl no oaf Newport in said is believed the i it eople will have a to be christians we must keep District this nth Day off tember. L�30. Preached a Normal state of living and these three purposes which guided will be Able through their own age Ociea life As our constant guides al which the red Cross has helped set ways before us. Ai it to provide for themselves or. Davis met about 60 of the men in the Church parlor sunday after a co How a this l. Caswell late of Greensboro in said �3�-Trlct. Deceased was presented to the court aforesaid for probate. And it is ordered by said oort that the it Day of october. Itto at the probate office in said Newport at 2 o clock p. M. Be assigned for proving said instrument and that notice thereof be Given to All persons Ilner Quot e. J. Smith. Judge commissioners notice noon and spoke to them on a a common estate of David Peel Ity life and the building of a Chris the undersigned has ing been a Tian Community a he Laid before pointed by the honorable Prol ate court a offer one Hundred Etollar Reward i set of proposition answer Essl to receive examine and Jusi the Tor any Case of Catarrh that cannot be a their questions and conducted a Dis claims and demands of All persons again a try Catarrh sufferers for the Najita Hii be Sud act. _ a bib Ltd in offset thereto hereby give no years and has become known As the addresses were most inspiring pure sea fore in placing be blood on fore our Noole a set of ideas which tract. On the 2nd Day of october and 2sth Day Rne Muon. Of Debruy next from 2o clock p. M. Until arc liable in our daily life. Aud that six months from the 25th Day of August a. N. 1w��j. Is the time limited by said court for said creditors to present Belr a a a Asj Kuru ii k>1000 of exp Long the Poi Sld Healing the Dos Catarrh Quot to a a c re a Arm. W he a Quot Pfow. Health. Start taking Halls Catarrh Medl every it Lynese . Rich or poor. Is a Quot Quot Catarrh. Send carefully taught How to address his a a a a a . Quot neither desk nor Bureau i is a Safe place for storing valuables. The have absolute Protection when deposited in j our fire and burglar proof vault. Safe Deposit boxes for rent $2.50 and up per year Barton savings Bank amp Trust co Barton Vermont

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