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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 15, 1920, Barton, VermontThe Monitor. September 15, 1020 Page tvo business direct we have Binder twine lots of it the Standard Deerin twine. Gippin Hunt & company inc. A rulers and publishers with a county government which shall be easily amenable to Rural needs would help solve the problem of the Rural town. American red Gross to give Rural help Rev. Obiora Davis at Newport. The following is from the new port news the people of the City were privileged on sunday morn info to listen to a stirring address by Rev. Of Ora Davis. D president of the e Chica go University and a prominent Manin the Church world of today. In beginning or. Davis spoke a few personal words to those who had gathered in the congregational Church auditorium to hear him in appreciation of the hospitality with which he was welcomed to our City Jervah & Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds phones j. J. Corkins 153- 2 f. A. Jervah 18 or. E. H. Hills veterinary office and Hospital East main Street tel 43, Newport or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary College phone 13s-1 1 Davis livery stable metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent Lane s blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete or a equipment Hospital unit l. H. Mciver. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by mail or phone for the examination of the eyes for glasses. Orleans county Monitor Barton Vermont issued every wednesday and entered by the Postance in Barton As second Cla a matter North Troy palladium leased of a h. Butterfield w. Al Sawyer local manage North Troy Yena ont issued every thursday and entered at the Post office in no rth Troy As second Clas s matter. The Newport news e f. Homphrey local mans per 57 main Street. Newport Yena ont ass Ned every Liday and entered at the Postof Sce in Newport As second class matter. Subscriptions any paper $2.00 per year 6 months turn a subscriptions payable in Advance and All papers discontinued when time expires advertising cards of thanks 50c resolutions fl00. Reading notices 15c per line per insertion. Classified advertising terms at top of classified column. These rates apply to any paper. Display advertising rates for any paper upon application. The census while census reports for the Dif Ferent counties of the state Hare been coming in and showing losses thai paper has repeatedly stated that it believed Orleans county would show i m. Gam in popu Atic a Ana according to the returns now Given out and printed elsewhere in this paper the con Tention was right Orleans county May take seme Pride in its gain be cause Only Sis of the 14 counties Are Barton it 1 special attention diseases of the Niv to tra tithe Nuttin of Glae Syo ?.d thl key sunday and by Spagg c. A. Cramton set. Saw to i 1 i a t ict1v s. To. A x a l or Throat. Of office. Off st. N appointments for exam Nat a 5in of Telephone and be by Lef Harry Dickens insurance and anti office phone 62- 3. Reside Orleans Vermont f. R. Hastings m. Barton it. ? returned from medical service t was september lit " i g. S. Courser licensed auctioneer umber Esti South Albany Vermac Josiah a. Pearson i Barton. It. Ophir a wed i to Sioux. M. A Batchelder cottage Hospital i Lakeview Avenue tel. No. 44- 4 Bartonee stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular of a mail orders attended to prom misses Trudeau and the 77. Main st Newport it r. J. Beeman ? licensed auctioneer East hard Wick Vera Daisy White f teacher of violin and express graduate of mount Ida suck Newton mass i studio 783 East main st Newi t e. H. Howe successor to Howe & Star. Real estate Newport ? tel 175 Root s Block ? n. H. Drew so. Walden licensed aug Moneeb satisfaction guaranteed f Cey Back without s Salve fails in treatment of itch dec zen ringworm Tetter other i Chiok skin Diseff v 1 Ujj try 73 cent i mob. Fred. Pierce Barton Vert Able to report an increase the other tftros2 its. I a Parry eight showing losses some As Hajj w0 Overton threes i per Cen and making a loss for or for a filing trip the state As a whole the first state be left his car near the Villa be and in the Union thus far reported to j Ripen returning from the Brook he no show a decrease in population and the 5 raced that a spar tire fastened to the optical supplies of All kinds and re pairs made. Phone 332- 2renihan Block Newport it. A. C. Farmer. V. M. Veterinarian office at Newport Vermont Buck s feed stable protect your cows by spraying them with Cura bos perfection Ryer guaranteed to kill the flies or Money refunded. Have the Whiz automobile greases Axle grease binding twine or. Lesure s and or. Law yer s vet Inary remedies Northstar woo fat Royal Gall cure harnesses whips blankets and All kinds of strap work for Sale at the Glover harness shop m. W. Johnson prop., successor to a. B. Speir Glover Vermont insurance of All kinds May s insurance Agency Barton Vermont Cool nights make us have a and to the pulpit. He said that sew port was dear to him because he had been Here so often. At one time his parents lived Here and he frequently visited them. When a student at st. Johnsbury Academy he had visited the town to take part in some musical entertainment and later had Given memorial address from our band stand against the Racket of the pass ing trains. So or. Davis is not a stranger to the people of endeavoured to answer a ques Ness Tolx n07hi1 us live what does it mean to be a j Christian t he Basea Nis works of a text from Paul s letter to the Philipian a the Seeband chapter fifth verse let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.". What does it mean to be a Chris Tian is a religious Man always Christian is it easy to be religious every Man has some sort of religion. There Are those who be Lieve in the first communion and the corresponding beliefs. There Are those who can not be found in Church kit n Cave a religion and there will be found occasionally an atheist. J Thev All realize that nature didst. Just simply happen they All know and the giver of All Good. That is what is one distinct characteristic of the Christian religion this is a question that the College student always asks and which he returns in every such discussion borne say the Man who believes in creeds and in theology is a Christian. He is a re Titian when he has said yes to All the ideas set Forth in creeds and theol off. A Kern arises trom mis one can believe too Little and one can also believe too much. It is possible to believe a lot intellectually and yet not live up to these beliefs. To really believe it is necessary to build life Mon those beliefs. The test of a Creed is the conduct produced. Our conduct is shaped by our Reeh some say that the emotional response made to god is the test we Are More perfectly represented by our feelings than by our minds. Veneer More love warmth kindness Good Rita . We come to the heart More by the feelings than by the mind. That is we give More wive than through the intellectual processes. That is Why Jesus says blessed Are the pure m near Nohr in blessed Are those who reason but feelings quickly pass. It is necessary to go deeper than this. Ratti or. If Vou belong to an institution you Are a Christian if Yotti Bao Tiseo. Your name is Toh Norfi Roll s and Vou worship in a certain manner we must have institutions. Every idea gathers it t in Jeromea a Church. There is always a Good Deal of criticism of the Church let it every Curca e abolished today there would be More Rvin Rhes within a week. Because men Are Christian and they have to express themselves in Leisio snip. This makes institutions and churches. But this is not an infallible test. All of these May be in the general idea of christianity but none Are essential one test of christianity is whether we act in a Christian Way and live up to the teachings of the Sermon on tha mount the Golden Rule the ten commandments and the beatitudes. This is nearer the truth but it is Nec Starr to in still further in oar Karph Paul said let this mind be in you which was also in Christ this Means to live a life regulated by Noble motives. When we have the same attitude and live up to the same set of rules and motives that Jesus Christ did then we Are cited with him and Are christians. We Are Good in spots but we allow the set of motives which inspire and shape our lives however Good often driven out by wrong motives. To be christians we must make our mastering motives those motives Wincn mastered Jesus Christ habitually. We must control those motives and keep them our habitual masters. From what we know of Jesus we find in his life three motives by which he habitually lived. The first was the consciousness of god the reality of god his love and care. To this he sacrificed All else. We find god with in ourselves about ourselves every where nearer than second motive was his respect for the Worth in Mankind the value of life. A serious aspect in our life to Day is contempt of life. Belief in men is harder than belief in god. We need belief and the world looks to christianity to bring it. The world today is in such an upset condition unable to recover from the effects of our recent strife. Legislation actually comes More from the smallest town than from the City we must plead for a renewal of Faith in god the builder of a new world. A pretty fair test of our religion is our belief in humanity and what Wedo for it. The soul is the noblest and most fascinating thing in the world but we must live with it to under stand it. The third purpose in which Jesus lived was his Confidence in the try Marjh of god s will for the moral world. The wrong a will lose and the i Start your gasoline engine with a Columbia hot shot Battery if you want Long and reliable cry top pm ca1 ref trips 40 t. 11. I Wilkz sell of Ariouse t Oik it will pay for itself in time and labor saved during the harvesting season. . Whitcher Barton it. Build your future in six months Start september 1- 15 e a emd up a it m i e o n the civil service school Albany. H. V. Probate courts special sessions of the probate court willbe held at the office of f. W. Baidwin. I Barton on the second and fourth Friday of each month in the afternoon and at therace of k. A. Cook. A Orleans Moha afternoon of the third Friday of each month. Parties desiring to transact probate business at Barton or Orleans Sonald not Flthe Jadre in Advance that he May take to necessary probate Solce at Newport will be open every Day. Except sundays and holi Days Bat those coming from a distance astar As possible should make special appoint meats with the court in . J. Smith. Judge. Commissioners notice estate of Nora Holmes the undersigned having been appointed by the honorable probate court for the District of Orleans. Commissioners to receive examine and adjust the claims an demands of All persons against the estate of Nora Holmes late of Glover to said District deceased and All claims exhibited to offset thereto hereby give notice that we will meet for the Deroose aforesaid at the office of f. O. Fleetwood in the town of Morristown la said District the 30thday of september and Mutti Day of january Exi Rora 7 Ovi oct p. M until 5 o clock . On each of said Days and that six months from the 1 it h Day of july a. D.19s0.is the time limited by said court for said Credi ors to present their claims to us for examination and at Morristown this 1st Day of ser tember. A. D. Ito. W. M. Sargent a. A. La Fountain. Commissioners. Estate of Annel Corley state of Vermot i strict of Orleans. honorable probate court for the District of All persons interested in the estate Pfann e. Corley late of Albany in said District deceased. Greeting at a probate court Holden at Barton. Within and for said District on the eth Day of Aurum. In an instrument purporting to Bethe last will and testament of Ann e. Corle late of Albany in said District deceased mas presented to the court aforesaid it is ordered by said court that the ctn aay or isept., 1sw. At office Barton at 2 o clock p. My e assigned for proving said instrument an that notice thereof be Given to All persons concerned by publishing this order three Welics successively in the Orleans count Monitor a newspaper circulating in that Vicinity. In said District previous to the time , you Are hereby noticed to appear Deidre said court at the time anyplace aforesaid and to contest the Oronat of Saia win. I you Nave under my hand at Newport. In said District. This 2sth Day of August. 120.w- a Al. S Poon e a Register. Estate of Evaline l. Caswell state of Vermont a strict of Orleans honorable probate court for the All Oer Soa interested in the Nanto of k Valine l. Caswell late of Greensboro in Saia Lei maj of Orleans. Greeting at a probate co Art Holden at Kir within and for Ald District on the 10th Dar of sept Eraser. 1 instrument. An. . A 1 or ii r l. Caswell late of Greensboro in said District deceased was presented to the court Ai Orsaio Lor or ornate. And it is ordered by said Foo not that theut Day of october. Isl at the probate Oace in said Newport at 2 o clock p. 111. Be assigned for proving Weald instrument an that notice thereof be Given to All persons concerned by publishing this order three v sets successively in the Orleans a newspaper circulating in that Vicinity in said District previous to the hereby notified to at the time and place aforesaid. And contest the probate of said will. If you have under my hand at Newport in said District this 11th Day of september i . 3. Smith. Judge commissioners notice estate of David Peel the undersigned having been Anpo iad by the honorable probate court for the District of Orleans. Commission j Krs to receive examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons a Aln the estate of David Peel late of Greensboro in said a Triet. Deceased and All claims exhibited thereto hereby arive nn.,t4 e that we w 111 get for the Purpo Afore a mrs truck Rune in the town of Greensboro in Aid i. The entry of woman into the Field of politics has made immediate changes in the situation and the Wisest politicians of the past admit they do not know where they Are from town representative to president the woman in politics is this paper believes a new and potent Factor for better things. Hundreds of women in Orleans county have interested themselves in matters political to the extent of registering and Are casting their first ballots. As the years go by they will become educated in the ways of politics will seek office and will hold positions with Honor and credit. To this paper the vote of the woman is welcomed. This paper is sorry to have Milo b. I vegas state commissioner of Edu cation leave Vermont. Or. Hillegas is a n who inspires Confidence whose heart has been in his work whose program for the educational interests of the state ha3 been progressive but not Radical. It will be difficult to find a Man who will better serve the interests of the most important department the state has under its direction but it is firmly believed the state Board of education will use great care in selecting a Man to take or. Hillegas place and that someone will be found whose administration of our educational department will spell still further Progress. This paper has great Confidence in the members of the state Board of education and their soundness of judgment. What Ever the Cost our department of Edu cation must go Forward. Says mosquitoes punctured tire. The biggest big Mosquito Story of the season is credited to Fred Zavat to a m up i he to. New Tori and rear of the car As literally covered with giant they All seemed to be in wetting order too be cause Wynea Zavatkay had to use the new tire to replace a Flat Esse on the Way borne he declared the found it had been punctured by the huge Moe quite a. Bird Awe woodchuck. The Dolmen slots of an intruder were not considered at All by sir Ruby says it. L Brasher writing of a humming Bird. A cat Lary Wood Chuck sitting upright on his Hind legs calmly chewing a Riig of leaves and in rounded by a. Admiring Circle of leghorn was inf wed in no Uncer Tain manner that he was outside of his Domain. He returned to his proper territory with an abruptness which scattered the hens in a wild flurry of cackling per Caps the Sud Den change from lethargy to action aroused the suspicion that he was a Fox in groundhog1 fur boy s life. Rabbit drives in Washington. Jack rabbits to the number of s5.000 Lave sacrificed their lives in the drives recently undertakes in Eastern Wash legion under the supervision of the biological Survey. The demand for the meat in the larger cities of the North West proved to be Good. White table rabbits brought $2so a dozen and the Black table variety sold for about $2. Preference was shown for those which had been shot Ratier than harried and clubbed. The Cam asses to be scalable should be drawn As soon As possible after they Are Coo Al. It is pointed out. An Extension of the Campaign is planned. Radical notions. I Heern Iii Gap Johnson of rumpus Ridge upon h s return from the county seat. Tit they Are Figger in g on putting a Yipe Organ into the Church in Weil. It May b Ell right for them that likes it that Otway. " severely re turned mrs. Johnson but As for me run Plum agin smoking in Church f Kansas City Star. Sure sign. Wife started housecleaning Yett guess so. She s begun Tellon the neighbors that to not a bit of use round the Detroit free press. After Yua eat always take atomic t tor your and stomach 1 ri8fa.rit3y relieves heartburn. Bloated Gassy feeling. Stops food souring repeating and a stomach appetite. End Moa Mortweet sad Strong Lacre Aea vitality and Pep. Eatonl ii the beet remedy. Tea of thou Sands wonder oily benefited. Cly Costa meet or two a Day to sait. Positively guarantee to Pica leg we will refund Mcagy. Get a Baggao today. Yoasi Raee. Fred. Pierce. Barton. Vermont commissioners notice estate of Marv s. Ertl vat j 1 list let of Orleans. Com Missio reps t Delunis Boose of w. m the Al Ollof Orlean. In said District october on the in a r r Fand i5ih day1 o clock p. I. Ontic n m on it Komaji Winouer. Program for Public health and Community welfare is now Well under Way. Rural communities and towns of less than s.0co population Benefit in a very Large part by the Public health and Community welfare work of the Ameri can bed Cross. Almost All of the 3,000 bed Cross chapters have some Rural sections in their territory. There fore the red Cross Rural service. Briefly the purpose of Rural serv ice is to assist people to get out of life mor health wealth and happiness. In this purpose Public health instruction and general educational Progress of both children and adults play a big part. Recreation is found to be one of the biggest needs in Rural life. There is Lack of Suffle Eisot play of e for the Chil Dren and social life for the adults. Picnics pageants debating dubs baseball leagues Community singing end other social events which bring the people of surrounding communities together have been organised and car ried on under the guidance of red Cross Rural workers to great advantage. In Many instances solving recreational problems and getting people together proves to be the Awakening of the Community to other conditions which May he improved by United action. " As a result of Community Organiza Tion townships in which there had been neither plans nor interest in Community Progress have been organized to work together with the uned purpose of bringing their Community up to the most enlightened standards. Lecture and musical entertainment courses have been started As a result of Community meetings As Well As circulating libraries. Red Cross schools of instruction in Home nursing. Care of i the sick and first Aid. In the larger j towns the need for restrooms and pub Lic Comfort stations is being met. Play grounds for the children have been established and recreational activities worked out for the year. In order that there May be concerted Effort in carrying on the programs of the various welfare agencies la the Rural districts. Red Cross Rural serv ice helps the organizations already on the ground. The main object of the service is to lend a hand everywhere and take the Lead Only where Neces sary. Junior red Cross Active in Europe Garden seeds for polish orphans milk for anaemic greek babies car Penters tools for Czecho slovak an cripples these Are Only a few of the gifts that Young americans Are Send ing to the War crushed children of the old world through the Junior red Cross the boys and girls of the in red states Are giving a fresh Start in life to Little War orphans scattered All Over Europe. They have set up orphans Homes in France school colonies in Belgium and Montenegro and Day schools in Al Bania. They Are sending dozens of Young syrians montenegrin and albanians to american colleges in constantinople and Beirut and maintaining More than a Hundred orphans of French soldiers at colleges and Trade schools. In orphanages and farm schools up an Down the Peninsula of Italy there Are nearly 500 wards of american juniors. Last Winter a. Thousand French Chil Dren from the inadequate shelters of 1 the divested regions were sent by the Junior red Cross to Send the mid months in warmer parts of the same time five thousand Little belgians were having a hot lunch every Day at Junior red Cross school can teens. American school children have Al ready raised something like a million dollars for these enterprises and they Are still hard Al China through campaigns of education the Junior red Cross is help ing to combat widely prevalent Blind Ness and cholera. Red Cross Relief in Central Europe but for timely assistance of the american bed Cross during the last year a Large proportion of the 20.000.-00 0 population of the Balkan states might have starved or perished fro disease or exposure. Six million Dol lars Worth of food clothing and medi Cal supplies have been sent to the bal kans Roumania Bulgaria Albania Montenegro Serbia Bosnia and Greece since the beginning of bed Cross re Lief operations in Central Europe while millions of dollars Worth of food alone has been sent to the needy i these states. The Money expended by the bed Cross in this stricken portion of Europe has been used to set up hospitals orphanages dispensaries Mobile medi Cal units and to help in the general re construction of devastated areas Amer Ilca n tractors and other farming implements have been sent to the agricultural regions where Aid has been Given in blowing the land. By the last of this year probably All american red Cross Gendes administering Relief in Central Europe will have withdrawn. By that time itis believed the people will have approached a Normal state of living and will be Able through their own agencies which the bed Cross has helped set up to provide for themselves. How s this we offer one Hundred dollars Reward for any Case of Catarrh that cannot be ctr red by Hall s Catarrh s Catarrh Medicine has been taken by Catarrh sufferers for the past thirty by Eyears and has become known As the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall Catarrh Medicine Acta thru the blood oaten mucous surfaces expelling the pol so from the blood and Healine the Dis eased portions. ,.ate5 too Nave taken Hall s Catarrh Medicine for a Short time you will see ajl1? improvement in your Genera health. Start taking Hall s Catarrh medi Cine at once and Jet rid of Catarrh. Sendi Mimms. Rec. Think of Oil Heaters we f Dandy for f $5.65 just look at our Maytag Multi Moto r j Washer washes and wrings the Little gasoline a engine attached does the trick. S Why not get ready for Winter now while j it is warm we have about any size window Glass Putty Black ant White roofing roof paint Brick sheathing paper nails hinges Etc. First census return in More than 100 years to show an actual decrease in population in Vermont. A bit of study of the figures a3 they concern Orleans county May be interesting and beneficial. The most outstanding feature of the returns is the fact that the strictly Rural towns made the greatest losses. In percentage of loss Jay outranks All the other towns with a decrease of 23 per cent. A percentages Are figured approximately. Morgan and Westfield rank second and third with a 20 per cent loss in each town and Westmore stands fourth with a 13 per cent loss. On the other hand the gains Are made in the Railroad towns. The town of Troy shows the greatest gain while Coventry and Barton stand second and third. The Only other towns in the county to make a gain were new port town and Irasburg. The in crease in Newport City and the loss in Derby town Are difficult to figure be aau be of the changes made when Newport City was organized. Pro Iab by both places have gained but in this mention of the census both places Are omitted from calculations be cause of the uncertainties encountered in the incorporated villages de byline shows the greatest percentage of increase or 64 per cent while North Troy ranks second with a 40 per cent increase and Orleans shows an increase of 20 per cent. Derby Center and Barton Village each show a facing off Derby of 7 per cent a Dbarton of 10 per cent. Other incorporated villages have no census pre thus my i is Noiea mat in population Barton and Orleans have virtually changed places in the past13 years. Barton experienced a considerable loss in population following be burning of its tub shop several years a but has new industries now coir Riig to it which will shortly More than offset the temporary loss it has sustained. On the whole except for the towns mentioned above losses were very rap Amie most of the Gaines were Ery substantial which happily gives the county an increase on the whole 576, a 2.v. Per cent increase. Westmore remains the smallest town in the county As to population while Jay and Morgan Are tied for a second place and Westfield is of Newport City Barton is the largest political unit with Derby second Troy third and Newport Tow fourth. Other towns with More than 1000 population Are Craftsbury and lower while Irasburg lacks Only one person of having an even thousand souls. Of the incorporated places outside the City of Newport Orleans ranks first Barton second and North Troy third and Derby line fourth while West Glover Village is the smallest incorporated Village the population Leisoff Only 99. " the speculation of the new City of Newport is surprisingly close to the estimate of 5000 made when the City charter was granted the actual Fig ures being 4376. This is the first facial census of the new City and there is every reason to believe that Newport in another decade will show an increase of substantial proportions. The returns emphasize the need of change in conditions which will if Ewing about a reverse of population Cen or there will Yoou be no Rural towns capable of sustaining them selves say nothing of being feeders Forks centers of population. This paper of live Orinion thu bit based upon county lines perhaps. H. T. Seaver Barton it. Ism -1 i neither desk nor Bureau is a Safe place for storing valuables. Moralities will Rise Ynn Side will always w n eventually Ana appear before said court. Have absolute Protection when deposited in our fire and burglar proof vault. Safe Deposit boxes for rent $2.50 and up per year they g & 6 is s to of ourselves winners we Luau Yut. Ourselves on gods Side. To be christians we must keep these three purposes which guided Jesus life As our constant guides Al ways before us. Or. Davis met about 60 of the men in the Church parlor sunday after noon and spoke to them on Community life and the building of a Chris Tian he Laid before them a set of propositions answered their questions and conducted a Dis Cussion on matters relating to the subject. Nis a?r1rprf were Munct inspiring fore our Doole a set of ideas which arc liable in our daily life. Chinese taught Courtesy. Every chinese chill Rich or Roor. 1 carefully taught How to address his parents his superiors. A is Fallows an til inferiors with fitting Rorty. Barton savings Bank & Trust co. Tract. On the 2nd Day of october and 2sth Day of february next from 2 o clock p. M. Until4 o clock p. In., on each of Aid nay Sand that six months Fram the 5th Day Faugust a. 1. I is the time limited by said Enort for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allow Antt. Dated at Greensboro this Ith Day of september. A. D. 1520.c. B. . W. Campbell it i . Barton Vermont j33essjsjsjssjs1se

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