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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Sep 8 1920, Page 3

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 8, 1920, Barton, VermontPage two the Monitor. September 8. 1920 a ii k o r a publican and the candidate for lieu Bloid not a Tompary ulc. Tenant governor is a Democrat. Now printers and publishers it is natural for Newport people to county Bartotto Vena mox Nob want to Honor both men but such a thing is simply impossible under the a primary Law As it now stands. In the primaries a voter cannot ballot Jtb. Barton second class matter North Trot palladium leased of a. H. Batter Fileki Lawyd i North Troy. Vera Toat based every thursday and entered count. Either or. Emery for governor or or. Root for lieutenant governor will have to be left without Oxire complimentary votes. If both Are complimented neither will receive press cupping pouts in Essex county. Stanstead. P. Q. Journal Essex county is having a Little excitement Over the election of county senator Luther a. Cobb president of the Island Pond National Bank was the first in the Field and c. A Powell an attorney has come reason nor commonsense if he thinks he must go to Washington to save from cruel persecution people who make a right and proper use of a Cei lawful of such indispensable As dandelion wine Elderberry wine cider bitters and Raspberry Shub. He can do a Heap More Good by sum a a Brattleboro and attending strictly to those criminal cases which come to his attention As states attorney or probate courts special sessions of the probate co flu a a held at the office of f. Bat wih. In ont he and and fourth Fred Tho afternoon of the third be judge in Advance that he May take that the probate office at open every Day. Except sundays and holidays but those coming from a distance. _ an also a sets i Oul Loose comi Ulf l i Viat o Windham county and Are traceable possible should make special appoint id generous imbibing of a lome ments with the oort in Adan second class matter. Any Benefit. Since or. Root is sure eral of his no position. The Field to liven matters up. Or. Powell is going after the banking interests a Hammer and his chief argument is. That there Are Sev a bulk men seeking office this a 10 generous imbibing of lome Orew. Hon. John w. Gordon of Barre an Sno Ery in Ursuy mums re nomination there being no of a year. We have Alwais supposed that a the Povur see m Novitt Tioy a a Aon it Rood Wem win to vote j the Legal Profe in were More or less Given to the habit of office hold it a the re Publ column Only. Or. Bankers have always been a a do a a a the Newport news e f. Humphrey. Local manager �7 Mau Street. Newport. Termott Ikue every Friday and entered at Post office in Newport As Clas i matter Emery has opposition and every vote. Accused of being a tight wads a too will count for him. I much so. To be interested in the my i if cent ? compensations follow it ing in the Wake of the average ver Agana a Barton speech was As full Mont office. If Powell is As Good Atje a of holes As an old Skimmer. In his Candida tag for office As in dating ethos Ian for. Little Beer or. Agon Selgh Quot be i completely lost himself in. Flat conf a Ccu of a Tny i tradition he first stated that there Small town and he also made one of subscriptions More liquor now sold in Vemont the Best state Bank commissions ver any paper 2.00 per year. 6 months Han there was under local option Mont Ever had. He was born on a r k. A a he is she be All sub options Jmya Blem adv woman in Bennington who died business men in politics it would a fid All papers i a trued when influenza because no liquor what seem that or. Cobb is scripture i Ever could be found. He did not exp in measure for the. Job and we wonder Imber he. As governor. Would d. A a it a a 1 i change the present status of things. A _ time expires advertising cards of thanks 50c. Resolution a Bijj he did not state that the gov . Reading tic.,15cpe.l. Nothing whatsoever other candidate for Congress from this District does not appear to and too clearly understood in re re to his attitude towards organized labor and there is a vague suspicion that he is rather More of a Union a than would be altogether desirable in a congressman. In the published statement of his views he covers a capital and Labory in a smoothly written paragraph which does not commit him to either Side and yet does not unmistakably establish his neutrality. So far neither of his opponents have placed any Obsta Les Worth mention ii in the Way of Hon. To Rio Ion org it him to the Isa commissioners notice estate of Nora Holmes the having been appoint by the honorable probate Zouri for the do a Porter h. Dales return to the National Hall of representatives. A strict of Orleans. . To a delve. Examine and adjust the claims and demands of All persons a Aalst the estate of Nora Holmes late of Glover in saw District deceased and All claims exhibited in offset thereto hereby Firtle notice that we will meet for the Parps be aforesaid at the office of f. G. Fleetwood in the town of Morristown in said District the Ash Day of september and 14th Day of january next from 5 Povlock p. M., until 5 o clock p. A. On each of said Days and months from the 14th Day of july a. D. 19�. Is the time limited by said court for so creditors to present their claims to us for sometimes opportunities seem to be everywhere except in the place you Are looking for them. Itiat is More pathetic than a Rich old Man who imagines the Young girl is marrying him for love a clothes done to make the Price of the nearly unmake him. Creditors to present examination and allowance. Dated at morals torn this 1st Day of Seigt tember. A. D. Ito Sargent. D a.lafoustai��. Commissioners. Commissioners notice estate of Eliza s. Eaton the unders lined having been appoint nes own 1, the Man. But. By the honorable probate court for the of Nils Rhth instruct of Orleans . To of them some Mes mighty receive examine and adjust the claims a by unmake him. And demands of ail persons against the est a tat of Olixa s. Katon lat of Barton in said District deceased and All claims sex 11 r i a j or he bleed a offset thereto hereby give notice a c Nave Dinder 1 w me l that we win meet for to purple aforesaid. At the Central savings Bank Trust co. In a Emor can Nave nothing what soccer True it a every word of ilex a int Quot top of classified Cohnn. To do about it. The Law is a National a r a these rates apply to any paper. A Law and a the governors of a the the in Bndier-nera.,a display advertising rates for any states could not make it less or More a ois of 11, ujan Mph Aon. Uffe it. With regard to Road he a a a has some Goot ideas but he asked de states army a Row pm Frt blur personal rights and objected to the command of a Gade in the first the paries neat to new May a Start it ouf vet Vith a Columbia governor. The office is important. I. Al a j the al lug of District on the the stun Gore so a the Day of Srun Day of december next from 1 o clock p. Until s o clock p. Tov Titi look Vitwo vat. M., on sch of said Days. And that a department of the unit i dec ring 1 which. A a a i de states army and transferred to a gasoline months from the Sard Day of Only. A. 1wa>. Is be time limited by said court for said creditors to present Ihler claims to us for examination and aug dance. Dated at Orleans. It. This itch Day of August. A. A. Issa and there Are several candidates for have the state build the trunk line i highways Laking the matter entirely ican expeditionary forces during the to. Ruji. A it 4 height of the world War i was j Liot Ohot l5attt? \ of n. But there Are reasons conceded that brigadier de thoroughly believes Why wards has done Good service As thew int Pih Tih reliable Tsion particularly during those stages i when the division was being Sevelen. Sed for service abroad a a it loss of population in Sute of ver thought by the Public that he was red Seal batteries Good service As he or North .40 the position. This paper to urdu i or ,. C. S. Emery of Newport Sla Ould Momina de for governor. Among the = reasons Are briefly these 1. He is a native vermonter a Sale me sell Vou a Mont Industry and the religious i made by the census Bureau at Transfer was merry one of nose i Lei me Seil it of 3 Fork it will pay fenced a varied career al touching minus 1 Ner cell i brigadier to neral Edwards has labor save a during the estate of Peter Durocher Vermont affairs and Vermont men. He knows Vermont As few men know 2. His nomination would be a great Triumph for the poor Man in polities and a telling blow to the e population of Vermont e it was 85,425. The census of 1800 gave a land As be endeared Vermont 154.465, an increase in the a the boys of the 26th division and ten years of 69,040 or 80.8 per cent i 1810, 217395, an increase of 63.430, a duty i 1 be of Deen re or 41 per cent 1820. 235366. An in 7 cd thro Frh Region. 1 crease of 18.071 or 83 per cent 1830.1 a a ing that the to wishes of the politics and a Tel ing blow to the crease of 18.071 or 83 per cent ii of. Huge expenditure a of Money in can of Lille to signs who so often be to Cor 4.120 a a a mrs. Edwards wherever tuition. Men who seek office should be measured by their ability and not i the amount of Money they Are willing to bid in seeking position. S. Or. Emery deserves consideration for his great Public service. Dur my the period of the War when other candidates were making Large sums of Money As a result of War prices or. Emery was serving his state and nation with his time talents and Money without stint. 4 or. Emery stands for the con a to tuition and for Law and order. The 18th and 19th amendments have enacted into the fundamental Laws of per gain of 22,172, or 7.5 per cent i860, 315.098, a gain of 978, a gain of three Tentou per cent 1870, 3351, a gain of 13.453. Or 4.9 per cent 1880. 332, i a 7? 286. A gain of 1735. Or five tenths per a a a a of cent 1890, 332,422, a gain of 132&Quot<>� ��1 that Genei Edv or it 1900 1641 9 �t9=ii of 11319 or 33 More or less of a father to heir Ner �ent�?Tl910. 355356, a gain of 12,-j oys while the the dips on War un-315, or 3.6 per cent. For the first a cd they Tion May Call them <3ov. Coc Edge expressed the sentiment of the people of Vermont As Well As the Wycie of Vear in 130 years the 920 figures Fow the kindness Sho to hem Hon. A cd their m such exhibit Ina of find show a loss in population. By consideration. West rotund a Ter guilty. Found not William Dwyer one of the listers of the town of West Rutland Gibson wet Gordon close Law Man i _ Springfield reporter Cape e. W. Gibson of Brattleboro harvesting season. F. S. Whitcher Barton it. your cows by spraying them with Cora bos perfection Kilker the flies re itt pm the contest for a seat m con yer a \ Eti Narv remedies it Ity by jury Torday 1 press As the member from the second Vry re str Roval tall f charge of malfeasance Vermont District with a Dand Euon u c ing to list at its proper stuck in he helmet and he Unce tilt a harnesses whips blankets found not guilt evening of the cd the land principles which or. Emery a i office by failing has advocated and stood for during Kab years of Public life. Certain other candidates oppose some of these constitutional Laws. 5. Or. Emery b Orleans country candidate. He has lived a Laboured and a Orvec among us for years. He b a ruin who knows he friends and neighbors High or Low morning or night. Al 2 Man. But became he is the Man Dom air. Or denied As a rewire Rise Quot Rehi Battory ii �5 for governor and a county Man is -j�?-3 it a is. A a a. Reason enough for supporting him. 6. Or. Emery a experience would Zzz a j a carry to the executive chair an Intelli Wes Rutland tit the Vermon Quot liar ble company controlled the votes of guaranteed to kill Money refunded. Have the Whiz automobile greases Axle grease binding twine or. Lesure a and or. Law North cure and of Vermont District of Orleans a. The honorable probate court. For the District aforesaid to ail persons interested in the estate of Peter i Hirochek late of Glover. In said District. Deceased. . Application in writ info Bath been made to this court by the executor Pra Tnp for License and authority to sell All of real estate of said deceased to wit the Home farm of a Aid deceased and being All and the same land and premises deeded the cd Peter Durocher and Albert Durocher by Ella 9. Johnson by a Era Ranty deed dated Lane Letb. La it and recorded in insurance of All kinds May s insurance. Agency Barton Vermont Jervah amp Corkins building construction remodelling and repair work of All kinds phones j. J. Workins 153-2 f. A. Jervah 18 j m Blake. I Barton it or. E. H. Nills veterinary c. A. Cramton m vex 0 rc9 and Hospital East main Street Tel 43, Newport office. Office hours 9 nov Telephone. Advance by or. Edwin l. Miller veterinary surgeon graduate of Ontario veterinary ollege phone 138-11 Dave very stable office phone62- resist metropolitan life ins. Co. Branch office Newport it. Henry w. Bernard dept. Supt. Cleon w. Seaver agent. Harry e. Drown agent lanes blk. Rufus w. Spear general insurance Agency assistance in probate matters including preparation of probate accounts or. Harry f. Hamilton dental surgery Gilman Block Newport it. Complete a Ray equipment Hospital unit l. H. Mciver d. O. S. Specialist in optometry appointments can be made by mail or phone for the examination of the a a eyes for glasses. Optical supplies of All kinds and repairs made. Phone 332-2 Renihan Han Block Newport it. Book it. Page is of Glover land records a a a id land and premises located in Glover in said District court that it would be Beu Mecial to the heirs and All persons interested in the estate of said de a to sell real estate and convert the a. C. Farmer. D. V. Veterinarian office at Newport. Vermont Back s feed stable same into Money. And Rinir Lafr into court the consent and approbation in writes. Of All the heirs to said estate residing in this Statland stung Forth the situation of the real estate. said court appointed and assigned the 9th Day of sept. 19sidistrict at 3 o clock p. Clde upon said application and ordered that Public notice thereof to be Given to All persons interested therein. This order three Sucre trively in the Orleans county Monitor. A newspaper published at Barton which circulates in the neighbourhood 1 Thi those persons interested therein All of which publication i shall be previous to the time appointed for bearing. Before said court at the time and a plus aforesaid then and there in said court. Object to the granting of such License if you see cause. Given under my hand at Newport. In said la Street this 90th Day of aug. 1990. Al state of Ann e Corley state or Vermot do tract of Orleans is. The honorable probate court for the District of Orleans. To All persons interested in the estate of Ann e. Corley late of Albany Inwald District deceased. At a probate court Bolden a i tront with nand for said a Striction the 57th Day of proper stuck in he helmet and his Lance tilt. A value personal pro try belonging to de at that local optic n wind til. The All kinds of strap work for Sale at the Glover harness shop Ury was out omy an hour and a has of seems to be Over what he Tern a a i Johnson prop., it a a presented to the court aforesaid for after in tuning to evidence for three household necessity a otherwise Suc Ceazor to a. B. Speir up Abate. Dandelion wine a Home brew in Over the state introduced evidence whose indispensability increases with to show that or. Der and he Asso its alcoholic Content. Almost any cites on the to l. P. Holt and Camuy can worry along without. The Frederick Lanthier had made Ristl concoction if it contains about half Vermont . And it is ordered by said court that the sept., i9a>, at f. W. Baldwin s office. Barton at 2 o clock to he b honest Earnest and Loy by More than a million dollars of one per cent of alcohol by. The m not simply because he b a coun a to the trouble b it contains More it b in a a a Kre Kly it a k tit it for Taxa direct violation of the enc Ine Nan. By. Because he is the Man sir. Dwyer denied Tom and a measure of the Orosi Behory Law and so denied that he had said when in the Home Brewers Are in danger of conversation with a representative of prosecution the Captain is fret the state tax commissioners office Ting along lines which Are neither Feltch a a a signed for proving said instrument Quot and ther Given to All persons that notice 1 build your future in six months Start september 1-15 business direct opeol4list. Ere Aharry Dickens k��i1 t a 2>iuence Orleans. Vermont f. R. Hastings m. Barton it. Returned from medical Eric a eat september it g. S. Courser a abcs Onur umber est ii South Albany Vei notice inside and outside pan paper hanging Bell phone 13-1 p. J. Cue d jo8iah a. Pearson run list Barton. It Owens Block. L. Batchelder cottage Hospital Lakeview Avenue Tel. No. 44.4 Barton a the stitching we Hemstitch in All the popular Ali mail orders attended to r., misses Trudeau and a i 77 main so Newport J. Beeman Censed auctioneer East Hardwick Daisy White teacher of violin and Espres graduate of mount Ida Newton mass studio 783 East main St be e. H. Howe successor to Hove amp is re al estate Newpor Tel 175 roots Block chisel vice school. Alba it n. T. N. H. Drew so. Wameli licensed satisfaction guaranteed. ? Orleans c county Monitor a newspaper la that District Prev ohs to the Huiras Salve us a the Xref Ttoe it of itch. By Zama. . Tetter or other it Dag Ekla i scam. Try a 75 cd a Boa at Oor artak. Vicinity in said time appointed. Ther Pfohe. Gence of the states affairs a Diplo Fred d. Pierce Barton. Yermont place aforesaid and to contest the probate of said will. If you have cans. Pro Oaie Given under my band at Newport. In said do strict. This 28th Day of August. 1920. A a b. Spoon be. Register. Lev a rigid Economy and a spirit of West Rutland. Progress not found in Vermont a chief i _. ,. A j i a Erro ont that the state authorities several pm have brought criminal proceedings of Abajy or. Emery is a a Winstian Gen against a la Ter for aseged failure j. <ajt�aiaa3w a a Tieman Waco be Grace and dignity i to do he duty. Wold Honor any occasion. I. Spite of the failure to convict j aaa s>#4vc vex Xii uni w i Nicl Man Best suite for the office and a who presided in the Case that juries there b no reason Why Orleans Conn j would be empanelled in the near Fuff a Kold not support my almost to i to try the Holt and Lanthier a vote. I the b fair week. Milo the women vote. B. Hillegas resigns office _ Milo Hillegas who has been state "7 i commissioner of education since 1916 should Reg Lster and has presented he resignation to the a members of the state Board of Edu cation to be effective not Beer than i october 1 or As much earlier As he for. Can be relieved of the duties of the a we a. A 9. A l. 1____ cast your primary ballot a Porter h. Dale for ingress. Or i a a order that he May take up Balas experience he ability he Fine a Btian character he beef in pro i Columb b University. No one has yet and rigid enforcement shebeen selected to succeed him although to lion already attained in Congress a Board has the names of several is acquaintance with the people and a a a a tors under a i ration. Fee Dir it. Uhte. Cut As a i cd pro s�?T�?.?t to tsp a a Lan who represent us in Side Rabie Advance in salary Over what a Washington vote for Porter h. State of Ermont has been paying dab of Island Pond. K i i Erst that the toward would liked to have retained i his a aces at a subset anti i some prices Are High but just a minute six years ago w e a Ere compelled to you More dollars for a gasoline Batter equipped engine than we can sell you a ask line or kerosene engine today equipped wit Magneto. The he spark delivered from the oscillating a Neto assures you of better running engine therefore Takin every thing into consideration an engine purchased today does Cost Over one half what it did six years ago let us figure with you. S. Cow Sevva h so xer Moul _4-36-13-2t putting it up to men who know Babbitt As a Factor f Urey were saying Himl b easy shipping. This b reported a a a a various sections of the state by investigation of Ermo eds Babbitt supporters. Emery and Hart tonal conditions and of wed by its =3 Are coming to the front but How recommend tons As to congas that Hartness it a. A Affine 1 the problems of the milk prop a tsp More experts Cut to on the Ducer a ind the milk distributor Are of incite detail from country by their sup it a vision Homes a highly perish it of sanitation and we a mme of Ness can be considered seriously in effect later. Or. Hillegas. He by. Re in a. ,. A a wvr9.ra amp Eon me system. At Azacs m the past As to ignore town the time Fie was an instr or 1 Able food product must be handled with maximum care and min Mem loss. A a Hood Bias become a household word a Standard of Qiu Dity for nearly three quarters of a Century. A at co 1 a ice legs but of a sudden finds it Nec a a. In. 1916 he came Quot a gain to to spend a Fortune to making up the work of the perchance be made governor Riddle yet unsolved but for Hart instituted Many ideas of his a Esse tremendous expenditure of Mon educational system of a is a in in foundation advice Ltd he Hart also Misti tuned Many ideas of he m this care Ign he Woald be out the of the Runng entirely. If we want will be a distinct loss to vers a a Kivney to tax and to talk loud in poli tics and gain a still stronger strangle men of science of careful training a skilled chemists of expert judgment give their labor and thought to the intricate problems of purity and safety. With constant Experiment test and re West a they search for new uses of by products As a preventive of waste. With continuous Hack and re Check of operations a they strive for More economical methods of Manu a Wetth a no to everything of coarse on Vermont to Fitko Hartness is a was been said so often but then Man whose example Points that a poverty. -__1 i the Root of in the a oratory of its Boston distributing a Abon h. P. Hood amps it is requires the services of fifteen chemists. With Microscope and retort test tubes and chemicals All a material is daily Analysed. In other torture and a Deanor purer safer product. It is a wonderful work they do but by the business it handles h. P. Hood amp sons is enabled to m9i�i-Fn a tiny department at a Cost of but a very Small Frac Tio Nofa cent per Dollar of sales. The results ache prove it not an expense but an Newport res a candidate for both try Cavera or and lieutenant Kokemor Bat the gibe material candidate u a be bapj2i Tih a heavily it on those who �1> in the Root of neb h. P. Hood amp sons a a ook 5o\oara. We with a steady Eye and cheerful heart or it has Many Good things in store for you if you improve your opportunities 3.nd prepare wisely by depositing regularly with the Barton savings Bank amp Trust company 4% interest paid on savings account Barton savings Bank amp Trust cd Barton Vermont

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