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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 8, 1920, Barton, VermontOrleans county Monitor a 50-no. 35 0 on Lemoon pm a a i. The. By on in pro ent club a a 2�. Or and by rum course for the coming Barton Vermont wednesday september 8, 1920 single copies 5 cents. Mcthia of cod total slow tag. Strong Talent engaged. �?~-2 i mrs. Hairy Paige of Willoughby Quot in a a consist of the tir Timof a shooting Accident Bostonia sex Tette club in its or 1 when the Bluet from a revolver in 20th animal tour tired his head. The Little Chap it Quot Ewell Dwight Tiuis a return end iced for a Short ume but died soon Gage it of one of americans most be a after the arrival of a physician. Powerful orators. S most a Quot he Wasum except Nally Bright and Crawford Adams and his company lifers child and his loss will be a they need no introduction after air 32tf a very severe blow to his parents and several seasons of popularity Eider brother. Clifford the Chil prank Dixon pub Cist and lecture i Dren being inseparable. Or. Or. Dixon has appeared Over a a funeral was held tuesday of soon times before the american peo Trenton. Rev j. J. Hutchinson office ple. This season be brings a Mes is a by and the Many friends pres so be of great importance to the Citi iras the sincere sympathy of a ens of the Republic. Twp friends of the family and the sorrow the american concert grand Quin of Puy mates. Tette to finest singing male Quad mor Jet in America. Orleans county census returns show slight gain. Barton loses. Orleans gains. U. S. Census returns for Orleans county have been Given out and Orleans county is one of the six in Vermont to show an increase in population. Our increase is Only 2.59� or from 23.337 in 1910 to 23.913 in 1920. The figures available Are Only for the incorporated villages and the City of Newport. Orleans Derby line and North Troy each show a splendid gain while Barton shows a Consi Barrows addresses womb i to Barton women a your privilege of suffrage now Complete carries with it immediate duties of which you Are no doubt aware. Every woman who can qualify should see to it that she appears before the proper authorities and gets her name on the Check list. I congratulate you upon having receive letters from the people Sabbath Observance. Or. Editor i am somewhat surprised that no one has anything to say on the subject of Sabbath Observance As you invited them to do in your Issue of August 18. It seems to me that Sabbath desecration is the greatest de the vote and while i have not the sin of age and the one time or disposition to make a can Quot Vass of the Many new women voters in the interests of my candidacy for town representative i would never e greatest thing that durable loss. The first official census Heles appreciate Yoi support of Newport cite Sho the Popula i believe it is your duty to qualify to be Only 24 Short of 5000. Here a a other reason than Are the figures of incorporated places Orleans county s candidate Barton local notes miss Ina Paige who has been quite. Lot just ill is improving. Quot j c. King is driving the order team a for c. -a.nute. miss Hala Shedd is a Ari i school in Springfield mass. R. D. 1 a More Complete announcement Jas Given out and dates will be Given later. Church notch. Rev. J. J. Hutchinson pastor. 10.30 preaching service attending. Subject of Sermon a the burning Bush. 11.45 sunday school 6.00 Christian Endeavor. 7.00 evening preaching service. Short Sermon. All Welcome. By a. Or. Collier of Lexington mass. Occupied the pulpit sunday morning preaching a splendid ser a w. B Proctor and family visited Mon. Or. Collier owns a cottage i relatives in the first of the Crystal Lake Grove and has spent several Summers Here. Miss Marion Carter substituted in cottage i be High school last week. M c. B. Joy and family were visitors a Montpelier the first of the week. Walter Goodro of Springfield Albany. Barton. Derby Center Derby line Glover. Newport Center Newport. North Troy Orleans. West Glover truck f mass., is visiting relatives in town r i. Week. I a a Rod Jer Harold Coapland from Concord n. T of a. Cows a amps a recent visitor at j. A. A 33tfi a daughter was bom to or. And mrs a. F. Blouin of High Street wed n farm near mesday. R a a. Bertha Davis of Greensboro visit 1 an. Farm a pm mrs. J. A. Smith the 34 week. Miss Nellie Davis of Lyndonville is Era farm m South spend Nir the week with or. And mrs. Jmartin. A a miss belie Butler has finished Woik 1920152 1,187274640 209 274 4,976. 1,072. 1358 99 i for governor your support 1910 the 1 meeting of the civil Board a will be held sati widay evening sep-1330 tember 11, at the town clerks office. Come and qualify. 390 yours truly c. A. Barrows. 771 1,131 or. And mrs. Charles Spoor of a Burlington Are spending this week in j town with friends a the population of Vermont is 352,-121. This is a loss of 3.535. Or 1.0 Jer cent Over the population of 1910. When the i population was 355.956. A Ermont is the first state in the Union bus far counted to show a decrease. Eight of the 14 counties show a ailing off in in duration and the a n the other six was Small except i he Case of Windsor county where he incr a was 9.8 per cent. Grand lists of Orleans county towns the following table giving the into As ords in the office of the state tax Corn grand fists of tie various towns of Orleans county As shown by the rec missioner at Montpelier As Puryj building real estate transfers. A cd or. Architas of ply a a Quot Tran for i now occur. Store of this will make permanent Home for his business there is a tenement and or. Baldwin s Law offices on the second floor. Mrs. F. H. Gilman has sold the Gil Block opposite the passenger Mouth n h., Are guests of his Broth or Stanley Archibald. Mrs. Pearl Brock and two children of St. Johnsbury Are guests of or. Polite the Post office. The and mrs. W. B. Proctor. A or. Perley a splendid a. All a Home for his business. Place in Barton. H g. Perley has w. Baldwin pied by the perk miss Beatrice auard underwent an operation last week for the removal of tonsils and adenoids. Albany Barton Brownington Charleston. Coventry. Craftsbury Derby. Glover. Greensboro. Holland. Irasburg. Jay. Lowell. Holland. Morgan. Newport City. Newport town Troy. Westfield. Westmore a. 6335.18 22,844.05 4,123.91 7,422.39 5387.07. 6.508.77 19,70035 5,517.36 7,251.14 1.545.w 7,169.13 1.845.76 5,419.64 4,545.05 3.362.67 35.42139 a. 73-23.57 12,71930 2390.90 2,687.06 3168,675.69 will bring ruin to this nation. Gods command a remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy a is to this generation just As much As it was to the israelite and is no less a command than a thou Shalt not kill or a thou Shalt not Why do Christian people a Church members think it a dreadful thing to break the sixth so Venth or eighth commandments and continually from week to week deliberately break the fourth instead of thinking of the Sabbath As a Day of quiet rest and Worsh they Are planning All through the week what excursion to take what friends to invite to accompany them where to Stop for dinner Etc. Is this keeping gods Day holy and what about the children who will be in Wiir places of worship in the nest generation ? there is much food for thought in this subject. Let us study the downfall of those nations that a forgot god and then meditate upon the words found in Isa. 58 13-14. W. Orleans county a official ballot list democrats have candidate for All officers except states attorney 1ucwn was Hue Jajw a Las. I Cir with e Cotric spent the car. Sreng water Chauncey. Race. C. H. Simball o p 1 x. Glover the civil Board will meet in the _. ,. At Lyn a a returned to mrs. Cornelius Buckley a re Man Block Opi Ite the past turned from Bright Laok Hospital i station to 1 c. Gates who has taken a a a nth my Dpi id a where she went for Treater heat. Possession. The plans of the new rare Tacor As the miss Shirley Smith of Raport a. I owners Are not fully known but the Zzz the week end with or. And mrs. Mclara is who has been a a u arranged for a restau town Hall Satu a 11, at Aii Wey Smith. Quot cd Sohlie Mort her r. P. W cd Ter was in Boston last a a 20tl in the interests of the Barton mrs. Ines Bona mov from y t7 it t a a tenement m the Hutchins Block to other business. A its Che to it run a Baldwin Bouse on High Street. A. H. Degolyer of Boston has Alice Dexter Friday evening at the ick. Aso one Blais miss Etta Folsom left Mon a Tor i it a a a a w bought the Drew shop of w. H. Chap Home of mrs. P. E. Buck. Miss Dex Chuck Cen St. Johnsbury where she will teach at this Transfer pre go import Ter received Many useful gifts for re. P. W. Law the coming year. A a of mind adv i development As the follow her new Home consisting of Many the w c. T u win meet with examined adv. Of i the state papers win Kitchen utensils. Dainty refresh a Mil r it str two of tuesday after Robert Smith of Somerville mass., show ments of Lemon sherbet and Angel la i stopping for a time with his grand a the National conf toners a Mandan. September la parents or. And mrs. J. A. Smith a Chinery co a of Barton has filed Arti. Hould c. A a a Cju of Quot or might he transformed Fot Schech list. Business. A Kitchen Shower a. H. A Lyer of Boston has Alice Dexter Friday f a a a Ortii about three v e. R. Sid in f n Export $830 everyone Vance to to _ list is saturday Nigga a Cour Chi to if a name on the Check by Quot tary of state for the purpose of Tif. Sat night. Duct tog. . To a. _ the. Ford Road a Volc starter 1 these St is saturday night a a acting a business m tax in. Inc a a a River Massi goodspeed. $50,000 and Are signed and John Rossi of fab. Rosi mrs. Anna Smith and daughter by Carl p. Ford and Clarence Wil 2 i a Esther of Hartford conn., visited lard of barter and a. H. Degolyer and sister. Mrs. Liona. V a a i. a their Cousin e. W. Barron last week. Of Tod App a i vict. Good House pm bar Road. Good ? a i erty. Also 180 pasture. J. M. In left miss Margaret eme has gone to Craftsbury where be Coventry buildings bum. Tog the Tunmer m Wurm Gaby Uke. Boud Toge of E. Miner on the a a re. Ahe is a or. And mrs. A. P. Underwood est Hill in Coventry was struck by no Bave been enjoying a weeks Automo lightning tuesday afternoon and to student m the Academy. Bile trip visiting boat on and Cap tally destroyed by fire together with miss Ruby Campbell of new York Point. About 50 tos of Hay. With help from City is spending a month with her r Hutchins a returned Volage and assistance of the sir. Mrs. F. A Huna a Newport chemical Enone. And Force mrs. W. cake were served by the hostesses mrs. Lyon and mrs. Buck. Glover Community Church pastor. Rev. John Kimball morning worship. 11 a. M. Sunday school at 12 m. Or. Ozora Davis occupied the pulpit of the Community Church last sunday giving a wonderful Sermon on the theme a a file vacant May. R. A. Spending her vacation during her absence. \ a a Beach i or. And mrs. O. A a White. Maude Chapman has returned 1 i e d Bickford of Waverly. Mass., Home in St. Johns p. After a Iii town or. Bickford was for a a in a with her Cousma. I a Oerly of by ton and Glover. Ling two weeks with her Cousin j a iss Grace Proctor. A led. The property was tartly Cov ered by insurance. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a l-rttotoot20�?~i of Lyof my a Roe. I of a Nat or hissing so on Madam Shaw of mrs. Ella Alla who been a _ speech of acceptance 4 Newport a _ of lumber is tto a a is visiting at the Home of Ber son a Rex for several weeks of or. And Rodney saw of Park Street j mrs. Holli Allard has returned Toi her borne in Illinois. Wanted ices of casters. This wanted live poultry. New , and win go to Ston later to the Larto. A resume his school work. To it Good con i wanted a experienced teacher the weather for the Hivzi z floor for View school in West Moi been Fine most of the i Sriri o. E. Lyon Orleans 3otf approach of the fair a re i pledge Fidelity to our coun 4 4 try and to god and accept the 4george Carter has gone to Alison nomination of the Republican 4 a a a p1<l�ney of the. A Quot the human al conent come 4 the weather for the past week by and i want the employer in 4 a me. However Rainy 4 Industry to understand the a pm 4wanted at once laundry and threatening weather prevails. 14 ration the conviction the. Or. And mrs. A. R. Webster and 4. Family Are guests of or. A Steris father a. A. Webster we his the or r. P. Webster and mrs. F. A Tower. 14. Or. And mrs. A. I. Dextor of Bir. 4. Wanted to hire or rent Small a Ming a a Uncle we 4 in Zzz a a 00.0., some Morse 10_, cousins of mrs. A 4. And credit a depreciate the acre. 2cucovr farm woman work All done by Machi by. A in crud Valley ouse Orleans. 1 wante hand Pinie by a 4. Bay dolls Paitl Posa A Gay bar Bau dance ? ton and i , yearning of million of american wage Quot the Constitution contemplate no Cla and recognize no group. It broadly include 11 the people with specific recognition for a we approve collective bar i r private in Pew meth. Real Esz i a in a kind of Vito Moth at the it Lasu. W. K next sunday the topic of the ser Mon will be a the history and geography of All of the women of the Community Church who Are interested in the coming fair Are invited to meet with mrs. George Anderson next Friday even e. V. Stevens of North 01m-Stead, Ohio who preached in town a number of years ago called on friends in town last sunday. West gl0\er the w. R. C. Will hold their next meeting saturday september 11th. Mrs. Bert Woodard of Northfield mass., is spending some time with mrs. Fred Miles. Allen Ticehurst Ruth bean and Ruth Baker attended Sherbrooke fair last week. A. C. Cheney hag commenced work on the South Albany Road near Hartwell Pond. Mrs. Nettie Baler has returned from Sherbrooke whee she has been for some time. Work is being done on a Section of Road on the East Side of Parker Pond. S. T. Vance is in charge. E. W. Ticehurst of St. Johnsbury 1 at w. O. Kings for a few Days while looking after his farm. Miss Clara Colbum and miss Katherine Wilcox of new y Ork visited mrs. L. L. Hastings last week. Or. And mrs. Lyman Barber were in St. Johnsbury with their daughter mrs. Guy Garvin Over labor Day. Mrs. W. Learned of Jeffersonville and Katherine Rogers of Burlington have been visiting their brother Richard Rogers. Or. And mrs. R. O. Buchanan and family who have been at the Home of his father for the summer have returned to Burlington. Gladys Cameron has returned to Attleboro. Mass., and Alice Dutton to Shelboune Faus mass., for the opening of the school year. C. M. Borland and m. H. Lyman and families made an automobile Tnp of several Day Sherbrooke fair and the White mountains. The civil Board will meet in the it Umcil Kye vice pre i. Town Hall saturday september in at Cal of re 4 1 o clock for the purpose of allowing Dent second vet their names on. The 4 4 saturday Forenoon Henry Barbera a i it i Erk was thrown from the car and was barter. 9l Cou of mrs. 4 and credit a Koepre Ciasco inc in Quot i wanted fresh eggs and Pool of a e a Rte is tool a a a of a a a empt Intelli i s Ovbie Oart tr7mosyris� 1 4 gent and . Noble Clark try mondays at 35-36r> . E. S. Kelley Orleans i7tf i Barton. At sometime sunday evening the i i. At sometime Oulu a 4 fair Wantt a Geol Lor a a on front re a tir Renfo tyrant. No Cooke a. A re. Probably from a a it 4. In a a _ to gtd a. 36tf i carelessly tossed noon la burning a a a when Competition a natural fair impelling Competition a i whether a Law compact or conspiracy we halt the a toil and rth 4 March of. Progre. Hence the 4 Daniel a a wanted jul buy yearlings a the Wood where the a a is at 4 t Twoy sliders and fall co cached to the building. The Blaze was 4 the w.11 for Ach Leemena 4 a w e. A son Barton. Discovered in time to save a fire. 4 a i Promise you formal and of 4 Jeffords advocates Emery. Or. Editor in the presentation of his Side of the question in the governorship Issue col. Emery voiced the sentiment of a Large part of his audience by a concise truthful and logical statement As to his attitude on the different platforms of the four candidates for governor of Vermont at Enos Burg Falls two weeks ago. Candidate Hartness would build up the mechanical industries of the state at the expense of her agricultural Industry. Candidate Babbitt would have one end of his platform dry and the other end wet a Tilting platform. Candidate Agan would have an All wet Plank platform and a huge tax levied upon the tax payers of Vermont to build trunk lines of highways in the most expensive and elaborate methods conceivable. While he Emery would have the mechanical and agricultural development of her industries go hand in hand and the strict enforcement of the volstead act. The writer would like to submit to the voters of Vermont which is the Ideal platform to stand on in consideration of the different principles embodied therein and which one can Appeal to All classes women As Well As men at the state primaries to be Holden on the 14th Day of september 1920. It is not a question of ethics alone but one of common sense and progression As Well. We. H. Jeffords. East Berkshire vt., september 3, 1920 Orleans county voters will go to the polls tuesday september 14 and place in nomination a county ticket which is As Good As an election. The democrats have filed a Complete county ticket with the exception of a candidate for state attorney. Their ticket is As follows for senator Eugene a. Pike Irasburg and William Pike Derby. For assistant judges John Morrill Newport and Dennis Sheenaa. Troy. For judge bean Glover. For sheriff Roy p. Skinner Newport. For High Bailiff g. Herbert Moulton Barton. In the Republican Camp there Are three contests. For the two Senatin there Are four contestants As follows w. W. Blodgett Newport Urban Wbrown Westmore m. E. Talking Westmore and Roscoe m. Cowles Albany. For the two places As assistant us there Are five candidates a of probate Amos Wallace d. Mia Ler Troy Fred l. Parlin Charleston Amasa p. Sweet Lowell and Frank w. Tenney of Albany. For judge of probate e. J. Smith the present incumbent is the Only name appearing on the ballot. Another contest is on for states attorney Albert w. Farman and Herbert s. Pierce both of Newport being the contestants. E. J. Hill is the Only name filed in the Republican column for sheriff and Solon e. Gray the Only name for High Bailiff. Done to let Vermont go to seed. Or editor did it ver occur to you that our officials in this state Are elected not because of any special principle that they stand for nor in Many cases be of and special fitness of the candidate for the office which he seeks if he has been a life Long Republican has been an Active worker in their caucuses and helped to elect ipod some other Republican of Good party standing he office. Next tue Tajon sat a , for a u Solo non. We to St Barton. with men and worn Inin whose names do not App Quot in a id at 5 per with boat room and sundry. Executive to 4 a i can hear the Call of con 4 insistent voice for 4 clan $55 per thou fail Many name of Job 4 largely reduced armament 4 tenants Sato do. In have Alry 1 4 throughout the a al note Ena Boston Prospect is that there will a 4 a a our vision include More than in Wom vote in Barton a a executive. We believe inthe Advent of or and mrs. Char 4.cabinet of highest capacity ital Terrt to it attn nurses and at Check list should qualify at that to4. Ence an wanted in Nurs without fail Many name of 4 largely re address state Hospital help wanted men for ban Squires of Worcester mass., who 4. Equal to the doing lumber manufacture a bo�8, others of their Tommy 4. Which our by tem contemplate piano parts and Van a. Stored the 6-45 to 5.18. One hour Tor and Stop saturday off. Voo rho a by upon 26tf piano parts and Van a. Stored through whose to Uncle Ahe Vloe Preel a m8. One to and Stopp Here to locates afternoon off. Of the Birthplace of or. A qom 5, Pend upon the ability of Call to the minds of some of the old a night fireman wanted any citizens the time when her father Pate. Me a Lorene t ajl Beautiful and a Plendl thins. Blue Waves whitened on a Cus. Cut Moln Are that Sway and a ins l s. To Rena in al of one night fireman note 7 citizens the time a s4a 2?e tote a a for Wujs Quot rms in Der vol St to Ovyle to a i wanted Man a a a prs los that she As a a _ Rahte grocery adjuster Etc., salary $35 weedy. Sender on the first train that came m Barte re by or. Six a image from Lyndon ble. A a and suit or woman to act As collector Ewe found a of employment in Eddith on to Tor Lorenem to Eena ing Loet their al a a number of these ice Sec like a curve of sold unfortunate soldiers Are without arms cent of Pine tree in the rain or legs several Geni de i _33i>p Andros of adverting a a a and or i these consists of a utile pocket Tot a t. 930 and i about augut Isth Home t try and a Brit encircling the cd White singin hour of peace and containing Small Needle. The count Many a year of a Tiu Well lost 9-3� and found about aug Tery and Taij cover with White spot of a have same by Pomr cart a Quot of a the White got vice plays a record that causes a torrent Needle to prick tote of. Letter 35tf and of the Blind Nat Reada breath of ecstasy give a you have been or could be. Tora Tea a la. Quite seriously injured but i More Ccu portable at this writing. Secretary of state Black arrived at the scene of the Accident a be after it occurred and investigated the affair. Willoughby Rev. J. J. Hutchinson of Barton will preach at the schoolhouse Here at 3 o clock sunday afternoon. Everyone i invited travel my Salesman dream time when he will be wealthy hotel that will be in turn be elected to every of a tin enough to own built right. A Uruu Tadaji 99mm.o 9%\ Oai Suadda be Jabaji to Lus desna y is this representative government is there any particular incentive for an Independent thinking voter to go to the polls and vote for candidates nominated and elected in this manner How much better it would be for our state to have two equally Strong political factions each one giving the other something to work for. Our state is no better off than Alabama for instance which is just As conservatively democratic As Vermont is conservatively Republican. Because of these political methods our old state is going to seed. It is time we changed this farce of election and saw to it that men who deserved the office were elected not because of being regularly republicans nor regularly democrats but because they Are men who Are working for the Best interests of the state Ardless of party. A Lect men who stand for progressive principles and Are not bound by by party ties. Lets have our candidates declare Penly what they stand for and win Beir elections on their respective merits. You have recently seen a Clear example of he our one sided political policy works in this state. We had a governor who was apparently trustworthy efficient popular and respected until he was tried and found guilty in our own courts of embezzling state funds. He was found guilty because there was no other Way out. The facts were there Aid no amount of whitewashing could cover them up. He a not yet been punished nor will he be. Yet he was the Republican nominee and of course should be elected. Is this situation to continue until eternity you Don t want to acis grand old state to go to seed. Let s Wake up and put Vermont on the map As a Propes Siye a Tate that the rest of the Union will look up to not a plodding hide bound Commonwealth but a real live Forward looking state setting the Pace for the rest of the Union. The time is Ripe to build up state a democratic party please to abolish these old worn out method and put real life into the political Campaign and make our election Worth while make them worthy of the state of Vermont a Commonwealth in the United state. C. E. Jenkin. Orleans _ Pomona Grange meet. Prospect Pomona Grange Ito. 25, will meet with Glover Grange thursday sept. 16. All the member Are urged to be present. The question for discussion u. A How can a town s meeting of historical society. After being postponed on account of bad weather the annual meeting and picnic of the Orleans county historical society Vas held tues Ady August 24, in Brownington of the grounds of the old Stone hous the property of the society a Good sized crowd ass about where the Iron Kettle a swung and where plenty of Good hot Coffee awaited All who cared for it. After All had been served and lunch baskets were put aside the following it program was carried Oua G. Erley of Barton was in charge of the music and mrs. R. A. Dutton of Brownington was organism All joined in singing patriotic songs and familiar hymns f. W. Baldwin president presided. Rev. M. A. Turner pastor of the methodist Church of Barton offered prayer. The Secretary b. R. Buchanan not being Able to be present of. A Locke a of Videans was appointed Secretary Protem. A. C. Chase of Greensboro r. A. Dutton and mrs. James Young were appointed committee to present a list of officers for the ensuing year. A Call was made for any prese a who attended under Rev a. L. Twilight or the children of those who so attended mrs. Ellen Ferrin of Brownington aged 84 responded to the first and a Large number to the second class. A list of about the applied for membership and were a ily elected. The president delivered an address upon Orleans county court 1799 to 1816 Brownington and Craftsbury half Shires. The nominating committee reported the following list of officer for the ensuing year president f. W. Baldwin Barton vice president. Col. A s. Ewer i Newport Secretary Bruce r Buch a Nan. West Glover treasurer g. J. Gross Orleans c. D. French Orleans we. Davies Brownington Bacon girls Aub boy and girls of Orleans Coli a this is your new club Leader. I name is Milo r. Bacon and he come from Down in Massachusetts he hag however been in the state of Vermont several time before and plan to make his Home up Here. Went to grammar school and High school in the town of Leominster. Mass., and last june graduated from Massachusetts a a aggie at am a while in College he studied the wok of helping the boys and girls m club work under the farm Bureau and Extension service cooperating. He has Good plans ahead for you boys and girls and he want to should look to him to help you w to that calf and that pig hens and. Even the cooking Canna a it Gressie movement m this just drop him a line about state a democratic party if you troubles or your successes for that x. Xuy Jiey .11 All be by and by. Farm Bureau office won t they remember watch Tor the boys and girls Lart ment in the next Issue of the Arm Bureau news. Everybody gossips but nobody like anybody else Brand of it. Cultivate activity the time a coming when you won t have to captivate repose. Where you find a Man who d a from overwork you la find a Hundred a i i

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