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Barton Orleans County Monitor Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1920, Page 5

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Barton Orleans County Monitor (Newspaper) - September 1, 1920, Barton, VermontLime is tuition by 30,00a Farmers a Stem a Tipsi quest for analysis. Do not wait a a fwd of is a a a a Caledonia country Page three Hardwick ing a of 264, or 16 or want a population of Concord is 360, showing an increase of 21. Or 6 per yes Syracuse x. Y., of Juk superintendent of St. Schools. has been an inspector of pre-1 mumps. And a superintendent a teacher Elmer e. Towne of St. Johns Burr a has just received a Check for 335s6. I Sion for service in the Spanish american War. Or. Towne 160 Clough and his a mrs. Anna Hayford were at Mcfarland s sunday. Rank w. Agan i his a Hittle daughter Vas Oon to i Gray. August 22. A he Edge began Mon Pearl Robinson will teach and mrs. Re to a m in aay. Miss Pearl Robinson a Iii this year. Her. B. Fairbanks and family were Given a Farewell re patios thu do evening. Or. Fairbanks people moving to their new Home in Barton. West Burke Mark Jill is ent Naining the a i it Erht Howard spent a part of last week in Barr. In al Ofa is of of More r.5. I am opposed to the Rule of any minority the eighteenth amendment for volstead enforcement act volstead enforcement act a a get a Tours. Clara Ross of Sheffield sent t forms of i provide la St week visiting friends in town. A Florence in been x. In the service six months his relatives in Danville and Cam experience covered Only weeks As five months a or. Kendrick and family have been a a a a a a a a a Slars diary Friday my Unkel on his Truk Down in the country amp showed me to a Chappel where sum Ita Lyun Piepul goes to Chirch. It was a Tiney Little place amp Unkle Hen sed it Wood hold about 50 Fokes Only it never got a Chance in hot wether. They was a Ole lady a setting there very Kwiet amp we stood there amp listened to her think for about a our amp i any further funds waste of Public Patchwork Road making. A a period of four weeks As Nve months Menarick and family have been Iii a Lor a oui a our cd i were spent in a to spill. A camping at Seymour Lake during the it Home amp eat a water i Salvo p. , a pay he a by the a Quot g a Derw. Co., inc. And r. C. Holland or Fanny Sargent spent the past a embalmer for the Calderwood under Eek in Lyndon Iii taking in the a Keg establishment in St. Johnsbury a Chautauqua. A a had a narrow escape from death re Xavie 3\ts\ Greylock Linen the Best writing Page or on the Market at moderate Price. If you have not used it before try a Pound or a Box and we Are sure you will be a steady customer. School supplies Waterman a Ideal pens $2.50 and up Sal Bro pen at $1.75 the Salz at 51.00 All of them guaranteed Waterman a Ideal Ink Carters Ink Stafford sink tablets note books pencils Etc the Hutchins store wrong Side of the Square a 1 a g s a saturday a fleshing today if nominated and elected. I will do All i can to further these ends. His fitness Quot n is a self made Man. His Par j Plain folks poor like most Vermont. Him common schooling. went went to work. a manufacturer inventor of improved 9�o�<. Employer of Well paid satisfied labor end to it Ter and Benefactor faithful Public it. Champion of the local option Law student Illarion and Road making opponent of minority a amp a. Friend of the people. Ail Imean will make a Good and successful 15 As he has made a Good and successful its Man and citizen. His Campaign w. Acan s Campaign is All in the open. has 51 3 finer it. Political rafters no underground or ran his speaking Campaign he has made v v5 by his Plain straightforward statements t for. In Brief he stands for scr re he Peoples right to self government voted better highways by changing the system of building Rural districts by restoring District schools a roads b i5 . Or hods in state affairs fewer commissions. A a Tiea Diers or schools Money for roads by equalizing tax on Automo More Money for schools by shortening state pay Roll Money in it Lotical campaigns ii a Iii ple program. Does it seem Worth trying -ir.ess? if so he would like your vote. His opponents candidates entered the Field before Frank w. Pc gtd men. One is an out and out prohibitionist a n an Industrial a form and one is out to get i any one of them had stood for the Peoples local a hair right to run their own business and con a t. Government Frank w Agan would never the contest. T a Babet order or. Agana a opponents stand As Fok or l or. Babbitt stands for local option in wet towns and Jan in dry towns. has wet workers work he is trying to straddle the Issue and get Emery stands for town prohibition state prohibit i ional prohibition. is drier than a covered h Back to old prohibition Days when rum every town of the state and the violation of Law scandal do Yon want any More of that sort a Portland sire to Taki Nir off part of the i a j a Pia. The two men received Only j miss Florence Humphrey is in bos bruises and cuts the car was wrecked Dies week buying her fall and k and the occupants of the three Tene i Vinter millinery. A. Ment House were i the morning in k it fashion. Or. Calderwood lost his i 1 License. An airman on his Way from Sher a Brooke p. A. To Morrisville to rive res a ii Earl Howard and family of Pior-�-�?�2 i a a a a. A a a a of at d. C. Howard s snort time ago. Ending mrs. Fanny Sargent is month with her Niece mrs. Springfield mass. Spen Knight in k exhibition flights landed on the w. Heatley farm thursday in hard Wick he came Down to get his Bear a ing an old schoolmate Arthur Paton g. A. Jamieson has been entertain in the of Newark n. J. Engaged Captain Stickney of a die la Ings before going on his Way. Us management of the Morrisville fair a Gnu opened this week school will not begin. Antil september 7th. Mrs. Pear Densmore Jenn sprig fiend. Mass., was the guest of Fayette Squadrilli for wednesday and thursday but disappointed them at the last minute and they got in communication with the Sherbrooke a air Man. Who reluctantly promised to miss Marjorie Hall last week come. started and in his flight s j Down in following the Railroad he he son of came confused not having on his map Johnsbury were visitors at l. G. Tithe Hardwick a Woodbury line of during the past week. J Railroad and in circling the Village miss Katherine Donaldson of port a. I decided to land on the Long Flat fled land. Me., was in town not Long ago i opposite the Heagey farm in Dis visiting relatives and old friends. If strict no. 10. declared that Field a a o be the Best Landing Field he had and mrs. Peter Paul of win Ever stopped on. made a perfect guests of get away and Rose Maje apically to Zickerman last week quite a height then set sail for mor the misses Helen and Alice Beck Rosville following the River. With of Somerville mass., Are spend _ gang their vacation at n. S. Colby a. Was unfit to go Las Nite he was an is Barton Vermont a with him. says now it was All i a a a a my fault. I Spose so. His watch. Stopped amp he blamed that onto me to. A just because i had Tuk out a Cupply a ted. They was fussing he sed he accrues. Was a going to get his Ole trunk amp accrues. Sunday a wanted to get a Segar but did Dent have the 10 cts. In Small change. I sed i Wood Taik his $ Bill and get it changed for him. But he sed o never mind i can Wate. is us Spichuk Here of lately he wont even Trust a safety pin. I guess he dissent enjoy ring his vac Ashun. Monday went Back to new Orleans today slip out by myself to see sum Sites saw a Man amp a woman go. She sed Yure in the Center of Yure trunk rite now amp when you Button up Yure Vest the trunk is locked up. Wednesday i met a nother Nice Little girl today amp we got very Sosha Bel. We eat ice Cream amp she Lent me her chewing gum. I like her she seems to ditto i sed i dont see How s swell gurl like you can care for Boob like me. She answered amp reply de yes it is quare aint it. Shes a bully gurl. If Jane new this they Wood be sum Wrubbel i bet. Webby Ink to. Tuesday Wile i was walking up Saint Chas St a lady cum to the Dore of a House amp sed Hay. I turned amp she sed o i was mistaken i was looking for a Nice Little boy but i thursday me amp my Cuzzen got guess you mite do. I sed i will do. J in Wrubbel with the Gro cronian for nothing of the kind amp went on Dii calling him the champian Lite wait Whitch Musta Ben Man amp wife because a gently. I guess i left her a few. kicked me. Pretty near. J Elbert and Urban Fowle who have been spending the summer Here Jive i returned to their Home in Bro Okim Gray was married last i or. And mrs. Frank Hicks and a daughter Mema of Ashuelot n. H., Berton Brown has been fishing at Are the guests of or. And mrs. Cor North Troy. Has Page. Who sheff told mrs. Harry Davis is very poorly. I Gladys t week. X Marguerite Holtom is at Home for mrs. Of of and miss King w via few weeks. Guests of or. And m la Lew weeks. Returned to new pc a Harry Quimby has returned from Ion saturday amp Devens. Work by Quimby has returned irom on a saturday. Camp Devens. J daughter Charlie Dwyer visited friends in of Clarent n. H., spent a few Days a a a �?o5. Orcutt at Wil a Brownington last week. Anna Mitcheu visited her son Samuel in Lyndon Iii last week. With prof. And Wiloughby Lake recently. Warner drown has sold his place r us a a a a _ on the Lyndon Road to Dwight Cheney Gofton Niles has moved to Lyndon Johnsbury who expects to take a Ville where he has employment. Possession in about two months. Or. Simp on of . P. Simpson. A a Anto trip to it Effie Dane and son visited her their former Home in Rochester n. Brother in new Hampshire last week. H., the latter part of the week. I Louise Lue Fri of West 3, Skinner and daughter x Burke recently visited friends miss Elsie and will Aldrich of x or and mrs. Irving Brown recent Brownington have been spending the ? by visited her parents in North Troy past week at Edward alexanders. A or. And mrs. Andrew Roberts of one of the Little Walter twins died x St. Johnsbury visited relatives Here tuesday of last week and the Fux last week neral took place thursday. The child x or and mrs. Bert Sheldon of ran was a get quite two years old and had 1 Dolph at Charles Sheldon a never been Normal x last week. Or. And mrs. Leroy Stanley and a s a Jones has returned from bos or. And mrs. Sheperd of Bridge 1 a ton after a weeks visit with his port conn., were in town recently to a no her Doris. Visit mrs. Stanley a father and Broth Frank Farr and is my a of new Jer in. Sey have been visiting at Frank. Mrs. 3�?Taurice Porter and Little son. Next week next week n Ifred who have been spending the Itig Paul a and Harry Bluey a a. A Irry of Riv Quot be al �?�3�? Eddie Sheldon and family in com j 1 v v Pany with or. And mrs. Perry Barber Arthur Berry and family have been visted in Randolph last week. Taking an vacation in their car and tent. They visited Many inter Estta pots indoor with her aunt Hannah Dwyer. There will be a social Friday after cop. -rlr.apd.bnpcj-. Tent. Own state and spent some time in Massachusetts and among the Adirondacks. The Grange picnic at Willoughby toil. A Herti sewing to to a Sheldon has return a Fredonia. N. Y., the National master. Hart Ness is advocating a Industrial ii s Quot r we done to need help on the fan. Its he to become an Industrial Center. can h he is governor or not. It int j 7 to elect or. Hartness to try or. Harness plan h r Good plan hell work it out and towns that want l Cave i. His proposition to the voter is it and Square choices no to you or. It oter a promises no Peanut politics no prejudice or Plain old fashioned horse sense Between men need political Bosses to Teu them How to vote. 7 can Trust a Man who changes poetics every utile for or. Babbitt. A satisfied with present conditions if you i in clout ought to be governed by Oklahoma or Ala for 3ir. Emery. I Vermont needs an Industrial Genius for j if you be eve in repopulating our Rural districts i -�?~"mr.iurtness. A believe that some a ii has voted away if you want better roads and school i less people on the state pay Roll in you j p Servo vote 4 a i to Northfield. A. Or Martin i it of Plainfield state master has been visiting his brother Herbert. G Jeffrey of Mon Lier a and mrs. Frank Barber and the speakers we mrs. Bertha Ora j or and Ira Harley Mon vis a Dorf of North Carolina was the Solo item in Portsmouth n. H., last week. Is Fred Stone was sentence i Rev. W. F. Hill has been in Boston less than one year or More than three the Liast the weeks attending to Windsor in the municipal court at summer school for Rural Pastora at St. Sturday. Boston University no services have a Traron been held Dunn he absence but they Sutin herein next sunday when we hop to Aisha Quimby will teach m j to gee the Church filled. Come out the g l. Gordon District. Land give the pastor the encourage a Guy Stork and Chujiro from in Ament of your promnc., Field. N. H., Are visiting relatives m. Givnan eldest son of mrs. Town. Mattie Gilman i at his Home Here c a. Norris of bar Friday August 2wh. a friends in. Veara of age and had in m Good a. Or. And mrs j ton spent sunday 4> town. Withe until a few months ago when h. A. Coburn of St. A sized minorities vote a should meet the Chr boar Chestra numbers and violin solos by wms your protest and a. You. Serve notice on organized minorities Agan. Hew you a Good governor. It Agan club of Ludlow la i a. Ernest Buck and Durwood Mcshane on the state Road. A or. And mrs. N. A. And Roiner Ana Vii of a Johnsbury spent sunday with rela 1 a sed in the Home. The in x Tives in town. Incr al took place sunday mrs Anna Auen of Burington has and the Bunal was in the North Ridge de to teach the Highland school. Cemetery at Sutton. Beside his Moth retired a a a he leaves a younger brother Ray a m another year. A mond and a sister mrs. Lilia Austin. Or. And mrs. At of la on. F a to a sinday. The concert Given by mrs. Field attend last week was something to be re 5 leans a id sunday. A is Sid with plea re by ,11 log a a it Maude Storey and daughters music. Seldom does our Little vol a of Lowell mass., Are Visi her Parso a a voice in Ite midst. A inti a and mrs. F. B. Nos. A Short tune and her Sig 5 ends or. Ana a Tara de tog was indeed a wonderful treat. Shi j and was any accompanied by her Daugh a from his a Tion a tue it. Pleas my duets a preached to St. Johnsbury sunday. Milt Ruth Leach All udies Wisong to two Zzz Orleans county fair roaring Brook Park Barton it. September 7-8-9 wednesday and thursday two big Days wednesday 10 00 of clock a. M. Baseball Lyndon Iii is. Barton. Band concerts. Exhibition of Premium Stock vaudeville acts horse racing three aeroplane exhibition flights passengers carried. Something doing every minute thursday 10 of clock a. M. Baseball Sherbrooke is. Barton racing Parade of Premium Stock band concerts three aeroplane exhibition flights and passenger carrying. Big vaudeville acts. Not a Dull moment All Day. Tuesday is a get ready All entries must be made and judged nearly 35 horse shave been entered for the races. Leriger exhibits of a lock Are expected them before. Fast be Iseball teens have been secured. This is your fair. Fill the car and see the crowd. 3 Sutton North Ridge % e. E. Curtis has returned from old Orchard me. Avery r Curtis spent Sunda to Tom Fobia Canada. And greatly rough on the old lady. San Mego Tribune the Bandit was pointing the Revoire at him. When a alb seeded up his in her and in Ltd de the robber it a a Ostopo Traub Kripl a a

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